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The Everlasting Gospel

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:29 We are there and what I mean by "there" is
00:32 we have stepped out of the beasts...
00:35 the arena of the beasts...
00:37 and we've moved into what the Bible calls here
00:40 in Revelation 14, "the everlasting gospel"
00:43 the everlasting gospel...
00:44 and I think that we should spend a whole session
00:47 justifying this "everlasting gospel"
00:49 because it's kind of like an island...
00:51 it's kind of like a safe haven,
00:52 it's kind of like the place that we need to be...
00:55 when we follow the Lamb,
00:57 He's bringing us to this everlasting gospel.
00:59 This is the message that is going to be given
01:02 declared to the world
01:03 in contrast with the message to worship the beast
01:06 and receive his mark.
01:07 This is the message that's going to counteract the counterfeit,
01:11 counteract the counterfeit,
01:12 it's part of what we call the Three Angels' Messages
01:15 and I think it's really appropriate,
01:17 you know, Dare to Dream, 3ABN,
01:18 Three Angels Broadcasting Network
01:20 counteract the counterfeit... this is the message
01:23 so we really want... we don't want to rush
01:24 these next few studies together,
01:27 we want to make sure we take our time
01:29 to move through every aspect of this message...
01:32 this everlasting gospel message
01:33 and we're going to start with the everlasting gospel,
01:35 of course, we're going to start with prayer
01:37 but we're going to start with the everlasting gospel
01:38 and we're just going to define that
01:40 from every angle that we can and make it really clear
01:42 and that will build a foundation for what follows...
01:45 help us to understand where we need to be.
01:48 Ivor, would you pray for us?
01:50 Let's pray, "Heavenly Father,
01:52 we want to ask that you would guide us
01:53 as we continue to study your Word.
01:56 We pray that you would give us wisdom,
01:58 we pray that you would give us understanding,
01:59 Father, open our eyes
02:01 that we may behold wondrous things out of your Law
02:04 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
02:06 All: "Amen. "
02:07 So we see a connection right away, Revelation 14:1-5,
02:11 we talked about the character of God's people here
02:15 it says in the first verse,
02:18 that they have the name of God written in their foreheads...
02:20 the name of the Lamb written in their foreheads...
02:22 it says in the third verse, "they sing a song
02:25 that no man can learn
02:27 but the hundred and forty four thousand,
02:28 that were redeemed from the...
02:29 they were redeemed from the earth. "
02:31 It says in the fourth verse
02:32 that they are not defiled with women for they're virgins
02:35 and that... according to 2nd Corinthians chapter 11
02:38 verses 2 and 3 means that they are doctrinally pure,
02:42 they have the pure doctrine of the gospel,
02:44 the Spirit of God, the gospel of God,
02:46 the gospel of Jesus Christ and then it says
02:48 that they follow the Lamb wherever He goes
02:50 and they've been redeemed from among men,
02:52 they are first fruits unto God and to the Lamb
02:54 and that means they're born again
02:55 according to James chapter 1 verses 17 and 18
02:58 "And in their mouth was found no guile:
03:00 for they are without fault before the throne of God. "
03:03 Jude 23 and 24 tells us that Christ is the One
03:06 that can present us faultless before the throne of God.
03:08 These people are connected with Jesus,
03:11 these people love Jesus
03:12 and I believe that those people are the ones
03:15 that are described in Revelation 14 and verse 6
03:19 as the angel that flies in the midst of heaven
03:21 giving the everlasting gospel to the world,
03:24 I mean, I don't think this is necessarily a literal angel
03:27 I think it's talking about messengers...
03:29 that's what the word means, messengers for God.
03:32 People who've been on the Mount with Jesus,
03:34 people who follow the Lamb wherever He goes,
03:36 people who have been born again,
03:38 people who are not defiled with the doctrine of false theology
03:42 with the wine of Babylon...
03:43 these are the people who trust in Christ
03:46 who presents them faultless,
03:47 these are the people who've been given a message,
03:49 the everlasting gospel... because it's not just here...
03:52 but it's here, it's in their hearts,
03:55 so they have in their hearts,
03:57 this relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord
04:01 and they want to proclaim it to the world
04:03 and that is the everlasting gospel.
04:05 Ivor: I think, two things we want to do, first,
04:07 we want to...we should remind our Viewers...
04:10 or they might be joining us for the first time,
04:12 and they're like,
04:13 "Oh, good, they're in Revelation chapter 14,
04:15 I'm going to find out about the 144,000... "
04:17 we've covered that in previous studies
04:20 so, if you're joining us for the first time,
04:22 go back, look at our previous programs
04:26 and you'll be able to find the 144,000 there
04:29 now, we should kind of re-cap
04:32 everything that we have learned from the very beginning
04:34 right up to this point,
04:35 we can do that very quickly.
04:37 Ivor: Remember that we talked about
04:39 the structure of the Sanctuary that you have a Holy Place
04:42 which had the Table of Shewbread,
04:45 the Altar of Incense and the seven-branched Candlestick
04:48 then you have the Most Holy Place
04:49 and we have seen that the seven churches
04:52 unfold at the seven-branched candlestick,
04:54 the seven seals unfold at the Table of Shewbread
04:59 and the seven trumpets unfold at the Altar of Incense
05:02 this has been everything that we've covered from chapters...
05:04 Revelation chapter 1 all the way up to Revelation 11
05:08 and once we get to chapter 12... really the end of chapter 11,
05:12 now we are now introduced into the Most Holy Place...
05:15 James: This is the Ark of the Covenant.
05:16 Ivor: The Ark of the Covenant and this is why
05:18 the three angels' messages are found within the context
05:22 of the Most Holy Place
05:25 because it is the end-time message
05:27 okay, so now we know why this message is found where it is,
05:31 it is not necessarily found in the first 12 chapters
05:33 because the first have been
05:36 leading us to this particular time.
05:39 Yvonne: Hmmm...
05:40 Ivor: So, with that in mind,
05:43 before we actually jump into the three angels' messages,
05:47 there's a context that I want to set
05:49 that will really help us to understand just how important
05:52 this message is to God,
05:55 so, do that, I want to just take us back
05:58 to a verse in the book of Matthew chapter 18
06:01 let's go there, Matthew chapter 18
06:03 and hold your place in Revelation 14,
06:06 we'll go to Matthew chapter 18
06:08 and let's read from verse 15 to verse 17.
06:12 Yvonne: "Moreover if your brother sins against you,
06:16 go and tell him his fault between you and him alone:
06:20 if he hears you, you've gained your brother.
06:22 But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more,
06:26 that by the mouth of two or three witnesses
06:29 every word may be established. "
06:31 Ivor: Okay, go ahead and read further.
06:32 Yvonne: "And if he refuses to hear them,
06:34 tell it to the church:
06:36 but if he refuses even to hear the church
06:38 let him be to you as an heathen and a tax collector. "
06:41 Ivor: Okay, okay, so, powerful verse...
06:45 it's a verse about the process of... what?
06:49 Reconciliation... right,
06:51 and God says, "if you have an issue with someone... "
06:54 what do you do?
06:56 You go to them yourself, first, alone
06:58 and if they hear you, praise the Lord,
07:02 if they don't hear you, what should you do?
07:04 You should take... right... go back with...
07:06 then if they don't hear you, then... what do they do?
07:09 They take it to a church
07:11 and if they don't hear the church, then what?
07:13 That's it... right... that's it...
07:16 the process is done,
07:17 so, Christ gives us this example
07:20 and the question is, "Does Christ say,
07:24 'Do as I say not as I do?'"
07:27 Or does He actually do...
07:29 does He actually follow His own counsel?
07:31 James: He does what He does.
07:32 Ivor: He does what He does, right?
07:34 He does what He says, so, the question is,
07:38 "Did Christ have an issue with humanity?"
07:41 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Hmmm...
07:44 Ivor: He did... and so... what did He do?
07:47 All: He came...
07:49 Ivor: He came... He came... Yvonne: Wow!
07:52 Ivor: Revelation 12 verses 1 through 5,
07:55 there's a whole story of Christ coming to this earth... why?
07:58 Because He had an issue with mankind, okay,
08:01 there's a prophecy in the Old Testament
08:04 in the book Daniel... that talks about the coming of Christ
08:06 that's called: The 70-Week Prophecy
08:08 simply pointing to the fact that Christ would come
08:11 and the reason He came
08:12 was because He wanted to make...
08:14 He wanted to initiate reconciliation.
08:17 Yvonne: Hmmm...
08:18 Ivor: Okay, so how did we receive Him?
08:20 How did man receive Him?
08:21 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Didn't...
08:22 Ivor: "No, we're not hearing you... "
08:24 James: That didn't work.
08:25 Ivor: Yeah, so Jesus says, "Okay...
08:27 well, if you don't hear me, what am I going to do?"
08:28 I'm going to bring some witnesses...
08:31 Revelation chapter 11 talks about two witnesses...
08:36 Yvonne: Oh! come on now, look at that!
08:39 Ivor: And these two witnesses
08:40 are the Old and the New Testament
08:43 and how long do they witness for?
08:46 1,260 years...
08:49 there's another prophecy in the book of Daniel...
08:51 the 1,260-Year Prophecy
08:53 Yvonne: Wow!
08:55 Ivor: These two witnesses... which the Bible calls,
08:56 "The Olive Trees"
08:58 so someone asked the question, one of our questions was,
09:00 "What are the two olive trees?"
09:01 They are the Old and New Testament,
09:04 the Bible calls it in Revelation 11... the Olive trees
09:07 and the branch... and the candlesticks
09:09 that's because... from the Bible we receive the Holy Spirit,
09:13 from the Bible, we receive the light of truth
09:15 that's how we get access by reading the Word of God
09:18 and instructing us, so... anyway He sends two witnesses
09:21 and what happens?
09:24 Do we hear the two witnesses?
09:26 No, no, no, no, no, the two witnesses are rejected
09:29 all right, so, if you reject the two witnesses,
09:32 what is the last...
09:34 Yvonne: Go to the church.
09:36 Ivor: Take it to the church...
09:38 put it into the hands of the church
09:41 and if they fail to hear the church,
09:43 then it's over,
09:45 do you know what the three angels' messages are?
09:49 It is given to the church as the last attempt
09:53 for reconciliation between God and a sinful world.
09:57 There's a prophecy that points us to
10:00 the rising of God's end-time movement
10:02 which you will probably get into at some other time
10:05 it's called the 2,300-Day Prophecy
10:06 which ended in 1844...
10:08 you might say ended or began in 1844...
10:11 and when this prophecy...
10:13 it's the rising of God's end-time message,
10:16 which is what we're going to see...
10:17 this is exactly when the first angel's message...
10:19 second angel's message... third angel's message...
10:21 begin to go forth around this time of 1844,
10:24 but the context is,
10:26 the three angels messages have not been given
10:29 for us to scare people to death, right,
10:33 it's not a message of, "Oh Man! but... "
10:36 it is a message of reconciliation,
10:39 it is God's last attempt to redeem mankind.
10:43 If they reject this message, what's the counsel?
10:48 Then, let them be
10:50 as a heathen, right,
10:52 there's nothing left that can be done.
10:54 This whole thing is God's process of reconciliation
10:58 and that's the context of the three angels' messages.
11:01 Yvonne: I never thought of it like that,
11:04 how beautiful is that!
11:05 I never thought of it like that, did you?
11:08 Jason: No, I definitely didn't.
11:10 James: That's good stuff
11:12 and it really lays a good foundation
11:15 as we get into this because
11:16 now we have a different perspective,
11:18 the message is not so much to hit and to hurt
11:21 but the message is to draw and to reconcile
11:24 and that will really help us to define the message itself,
11:27 the everlasting gospel
11:29 because just taking those two phrases
11:31 and putting them together is very unique for God.
11:34 You will not find that phrase anywhere else in the Bible,
11:37 "everlasting gospel"
11:39 not in the New Testament... it's not in the Old Testament.
11:41 So in a sense, God is using a unique phrase,
11:47 to reach the world for the last time
11:49 and it's a powerful phrase
11:52 because "everlasting gospel" what does it mean?
11:54 Well, the word "gospel" in the Greek means good news
11:57 or glad tidings, now, think about that because
11:59 this is a message that goes
12:02 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people,
12:03 obviously, this is going to people
12:06 who don't believe in Christ,
12:08 don't believe in the Lamb, let's say,
12:11 okay, but it's good news for them,
12:14 it's good news for them,
12:16 so, is the message we're communicating
12:18 and the way we're communicating good news for the world?
12:21 That's the first question we have to ask ourselves,
12:24 that's what it says here, it says,
12:26 "Good news for the world" everlasting good news,
12:29 now the good news is defined really clearly
12:33 in 1st Corinthians chapter 15,
12:36 I like these verses and I'll tell you why,
12:38 Jason, you want to read those for us,
12:40 1st Corinthians chapter 15 and just read
12:43 verses 1 through, I think, 4... just get there and see...
12:48 yeah, verses 1 through 4.
12:50 Jason: Chapter 15 verses 1 through 4...
12:52 okay, "Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you
12:55 the gospel which I preached unto you,
12:57 which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;
12:59 By which also ye are saved,
13:02 if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you,
13:05 unless ye have believed in vain.
13:06 For I delivered unto you first of all
13:09 that which I also received,
13:11 how that Christ died for our sins
13:14 according to the scriptures;
13:15 And that he was buried,
13:17 and that he rose again the third day
13:19 according to the Scriptures... "
13:20 James: Okay, back to verse 1, just to get our perspective
13:25 "Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you... " what?
13:27 "the gospel... " okay,
13:29 we are going to bring the everlasting gospel
13:30 into the world so, Paul here is saying,
13:32 "I wanted to clear the gospel to you,
13:34 this is what I'm going to say to you,
13:36 I'm going to say the gospel, here's the gospel... "
13:37 and, by-the-way, you're saved by this gospel
13:41 if you keep this gospel, he says,
13:42 just a little bit of an aside...
13:44 and then he goes on to tell us what the gospel is,
13:45 "For I delivered unto you first of all... "
13:48 now, in my understanding... this Bible is the gospel
13:53 the whole Bible is the gospel
13:55 but there's a "first of all" to the gospel
13:56 you got to start somewhere, where are you going to start?
14:00 So he says, "Here's where I start,
14:02 I deliver unto you, first of all,
14:04 first of all... the first thing I want to tell you is what?
14:08 "Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures...
14:11 Christ died for our sins according to scriptures
14:14 that He was buried and He rose again the third day. "
14:16 Life, death and burial of Jesus Christ
14:18 is the "first of all" of the gospel,
14:21 that's the first thing we deliver to the world.
14:23 He died for our sins,
14:26 now the question you have to ask then
14:28 if this is good news for the world,
14:29 you have to ask the question,
14:30 "Well, whose sins did Christ die for?"
14:32 Who's the "our"?
14:34 Well, I know it's everyone who believes, right,
14:37 it's all the Christians, for sure,
14:38 is that it?
14:40 Jason: He died for everybody, every human being.
14:43 James: Give me a Bible verse on that
14:45 and I got to have a Bible verse on that.
14:46 Yvonne: John... it's in John...
14:48 James: Where does the Bible say that
14:49 that Christ died for everyone?
14:51 Yvonne: John 1... hey...
14:55 Jason: Let us search for it, search, search, search.
14:57 James: Find it... find it... because see...
15:00 this is the message that God is commanding
15:02 that will be proclaimed to the entire world...
15:04 "the everlasting gospel... " the good news
15:06 and Paul says, "the good news is that Christ died for our sins
15:10 according to Scriptures
15:12 and that He was buried and rose again. "
15:14 The life, death and burial of Jesus Christ is the good news.
15:17 So, I say... I ask the question,
15:19 "Well, whose sins did He die for?"
15:21 Who did He die for?
15:22 And the answer I got was, "For everyone... "
15:25 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm... the whole world...
15:27 the whole world...
15:29 even those that were persecuting Him.
15:31 Ivor: You mean He loved the whole world?
15:34 Ivor: You mean, "God so loved the whole world?"
15:37 Jason: John 3:16... "For God so loved the world... "
15:41 James: Bingo!
15:42 Jason: "that He gave His only begotten Son,
15:43 that whosever believeth in him
15:45 shall not perish but have everlasting life. "
15:46 James: That's the verse.
15:48 Yvonne: But, how about John 1:7?
15:49 "This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light,
15:52 that all through him might believe. "
15:54 James: Yeah, and then verse 9.
15:56 Yvonne: "That was the true Light,
15:58 which gives light to every man coming into the world. "
16:01 Jason: And then when you think about it,
16:03 I mean, He spared no expense... like,
16:05 if He didn't love and care about us,
16:07 He wouldn't have risked all of heaven,
16:09 He wouldn't have come down to this sinful world
16:13 and endured such pain and agony and suffering
16:18 and humiliation,
16:19 that was the worst way to die
16:23 and the most shameful,
16:25 you see a lot of movies where He had a little cloth on
16:28 or something... but they were naked, you know,
16:31 that's... James: It's brutal...
16:33 Jason: There's no greater love
16:35 than the love that Christ has for us.
16:37 James: We see Jesus, Hebrews 2 says,
16:41 Hebrews 2:9 says, "who died for every...
16:44 tasted death for every man... for everyone. "
16:46 He's given life and breath to all... Acts 17 tells us,
16:50 He gives a measure of faith to all... Romans 12:3 tells us
16:54 so, all through the Bible, verse after verse after verse,
16:59 we see God is all inclusive,
17:00 the gospel is all inclusive, even the Old Testament,
17:04 where's... where's the... so, this phrase now,
17:08 "everlasting gospel" everlasting...
17:11 why that phrase... "everlasting gospel"?
17:13 Why "everlasting"?
17:15 Jason: Because it's timeless... it's forever...
17:19 James: From the foundation of the world,
17:21 so, do you think that God was dealing with a specific issue
17:24 that we're dealing with today?
17:26 For example, you go door to door,
17:27 you're knocking on someone's door,
17:29 you're offering Bible Studies,
17:31 "Who are you?" "Oh, we're Adventists. "
17:32 "Adventists... you guys are legalists... "
17:33 "Well, what do you mean?"
17:35 You guys believe in keeping the Law...
17:37 we're not saved by the Law... we're saved by grace,
17:40 we're under the New Covenant"
17:42 and a lot of times, we try to defend that whole idea
17:47 by saying, "But, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute,
17:48 we need to keep the Law... the Law, the Law,
17:50 the Law, the Law, the Law, the Law, the Law, the Law"
17:51 but the question we really need to ask is this,
17:54 "Well, are you suggesting
17:56 that since we're under the New Covenant
17:58 that there is a time somewhere in our history of the world
18:03 where people were saved by keeping the Law
18:05 and now we're saved by grace?"
18:07 "Yeah, that's right, in the Old Testament
18:09 they were saved by keeping the Law
18:10 but now we're saved by grace. "
18:11 "Does the Bible actually teach that?
18:14 Is there somewhere in the Bible that teaches
18:16 that people are actually saved by keeping the Law
18:18 and now we're saved by grace?"
18:19 No, Revelation 14 says, this is the everlasting gospel.
18:24 It's always ever been the way everyone has ever been saved.
18:30 Yvonne: Ah... James: Always...
18:31 that's why you have Hebrews 11, the faith chapter,
18:34 "By faith Abraham... by faith Moses...
18:37 by faith Jacob... by faith... "
18:39 It's always ever been everlasting gospel...
18:43 though, when we're dealing with this message
18:46 and taking it to the world,
18:47 God put this special unique phrase in there,
18:49 "the everlasting gospel" to remind us, to remind them
18:52 that it's always been... there has never been a time
18:55 when anyone has ever been saved by obedience to the Law,
18:58 we're not saved by obedience to the Law
19:00 there's no way that
19:01 "Law obedience" can ever save anybody
19:03 there's no way "Law obedience" has ever saved anyone
19:06 it's always ever been the everlasting gospel.
19:08 Jason: We can't keep the Law with our own strength, yeah.
19:09 James: It's always been the everlasting gospel.
19:10 Ivor: Let's go to...
19:13 did you have another verse you were going to...
19:15 James: No. Ivor: Let's go to Hebrews 13...
19:17 I want to show something here, Hebrews 13...
19:19 James: I mean, I have other verses...
19:22 you take it... take the thought here
19:24 and then we'll... I can get back to another verse on this
19:27 that I think will work.
19:28 Ivor: Hebrews 13 verse 20
19:29 pause...
19:31 and... and... um...
19:35 why don't you find...
19:39 Romans chapter 8 verse 29, Jason.
19:43 Romans chapter 8 verse 29,
19:45 do you want to read Hebrews 13 verse 20?
19:47 Yvonne: Sure, "Now may the God of peace,
19:49 who brought up our Lord Jesus, from the dead,
19:52 that great shepherd of the sheep,
19:53 through the blood of the everlasting covenant,
19:55 Make you complete in every good work to do his will,
19:59 working in you what is well pleasing in his sight,
20:02 through Jesus Christ;
20:04 to whom be glory for ever and ever. "
20:06 Ivor: Okay, so, here you have the everlasting covenant,
20:09 okay, what is a covenant?
20:12 It's an agreement between... between two parties...
20:19 okay, so, who is this agreement between?
20:21 Yvonne: Man and God?
20:24 Ivor: Well, our promises are like...
20:27 James: Ropes of sand.
20:29 Ivor: Yeah, so really this promise
20:31 is between the Father and His Son.
20:33 Yvonne: Ohhhh...
20:35 Ivor: That's where the...
20:37 that's where the plan to redeem mankind
20:41 was formed... between the Father and the Son,
20:45 okay, read Romans 8 verse 29...
20:49 pause...
20:54 Jason: "For whom he did foreknow,
20:56 he also did predestinate
20:58 to be conformed to the image of his Son,
21:01 that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. "
21:05 Ivor: Okay, so, "whom he did foreknow... "
21:07 how long ago did He "foreknow" us?
21:09 James: Before the foundation of the world.
21:10 Ivor: Before the foundation of the world.
21:12 Was there a time that He did not "foreknow" us?
21:14 Yvonne: No.
21:16 Ivor: No, so ever since God is... He's "foreknown" us
21:19 ever since He is... He had us in His mind...
21:22 and ever since He is... right,
21:25 His ideal for us... was to be in the image of His Son.
21:30 If you've ever thought about this, God did not...
21:33 the Plan of Salvation... it is said somewhere...
21:36 was not an "afterthought" it's not an afterthought...
21:41 it was in the heart of God... as long as God was...
21:45 there has never been a time that the everlasting covenant
21:47 has not been existing.
21:49 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
21:50 Ivor: The everlasting covenant is a part of His DNA
21:53 it's not something that He, "Okay, man sinned and now...
21:58 we're going to do something... "
22:00 no, no, no, no, no... it is who He is...
22:04 the reason why Jesus Christ
22:06 is called the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,
22:10 is because it was already decided way back in eternity,
22:15 it was already there... way back in eternity
22:17 of what He was going to...
22:19 "this is how man is going to be saved
22:20 not by works... but by grace"
22:23 and so, when you think about...
22:26 I don't know if you've ever thought about this but
22:28 Jesus Christ... was He... was He... Christ in heaven?
22:30 He was Christ in heaven, right?
22:33 But the word "Christ" means Anointed One... Messiah...
22:37 so I just want you to imagine,
22:39 imagine Lucifer looking at Jesus...
22:43 and going, "Why are you called Jesus?"
22:47 "Why is your name... why are you Christ, I don't... "
22:51 Lucifer did not understand Jesus' position in heaven,
22:55 he didn't understand his... how are you the Son of God?
22:58 "Son of God... for what?
23:00 And Christ... Savior... from what?"
23:03 Yvonne: Was He called "Michael" in heaven?
23:05 Ivor: He was called "Michael" in heaven
23:07 John 17 verse 3 says,
23:09 "He had sent Jesus Christ into the world"
23:12 Daniel 9 talks about the Messiah...
23:14 in Daniel 4... Nebuchadnezzar sees him...
23:17 and identifies Him as "the Son of God"
23:20 so you've got all these titles
23:22 that relate to the salvation of mankind
23:25 to what Christ would do in the flesh...
23:27 "Well, why is He this?"
23:29 The reason why is because
23:30 the Plan of Salvation was not an afterthought.
23:33 It is from everlasting to everlasting
23:36 and the thought that God loves us
23:39 not just... oh when we say, "No, when He created us... "
23:42 but that this plan has been from eternity past...
23:46 makes us go... "What kind of a love is that...
23:50 what kind of love is that?"
23:52 That long ago... He had us on His mind
23:57 and that long ago, He made the provisions for us
24:00 necessary to be saved
24:01 so, it's not like, one plan here...
24:02 and then another plan...
24:04 it has always been the same plan from time eternity up until now.
24:10 Yvonne: Wow! James: Hmmm... hmmm...
24:12 yeah it's beautiful and the picture that you get
24:15 about this plan is
24:16 that it definitely wasn't a New Testament...
24:19 a new thing that took place after the cross...
24:22 in the Old Testament, they looked forward to it,
24:25 I mean, when you... when you define it
24:29 as the everlasting gospel, you have to ask the question,
24:31 "Well, where is the gospel in the Old Testament..
24:33 I know where it is in the New Testament...
24:34 where is it in the Old Testament?"
24:36 Where is it in the Old Testament?
24:37 Well, here is a surprising place that it is,
24:39 Exodus chapter 20
24:41 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
24:43 James: Exodus chapter 20 is where we find
24:44 the Ten Commandments,
24:45 yeah and it's really interesting I did it once...
24:49 I was an Adventist church and there was a big plaque behind me
24:54 of the Ten Commandments and I said to the Church...
24:57 I said... based on that plaque behind me, I said,
25:00 "Adventists have done to God's Commandments
25:03 the same thing that the Papacy has done to the Commandments"
25:06 and they were shocked...
25:08 and I said, "We've changed them...
25:09 we have actually changed them... "
25:11 and they said, "What do you mean by that?"
25:12 And I said, "Well, why don't you open your Bibles
25:14 to Exodus chapter 20
25:16 and I want you to read the first commandment. "
25:17 And so, they opened their Bibles to Exodus chapter 20
25:20 and they... and I said,
25:22 "First of all, I want you to look on this plaque
25:23 and see what the first commandment says...
25:25 you know what the first commandment says on the plaque?
25:26 Yvonne: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me. "
25:28 James: Exactly, I said, "Now I want you to go... "
25:30 and then I do this with Catholics,
25:31 I have said, "I want you to read...
25:33 here's what the Catechism says and here's what the Bible says"
25:35 so I said, "Now, I want... I want you to go to the Bible
25:37 I want you to read what the first commandment...
25:38 what does it say?" What does Exodus chapter 20...
25:40 Jason read for us Exodus chapter 20 verses 1 and 2
25:42 Jason: "And God spake all these words, saying,
25:45 I am the LORD thy God,
25:46 which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt,
25:48 out of the house of bondage. "
25:50 James: That's right... that's where the commandments begin,
25:53 now what is that talking about?
25:55 "I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land"
25:57 how did God bring them out of Egypt?
25:59 How did He do it?
26:01 He used Moses and there were plagues, right?
26:03 James: What was the tenth plague?
26:05 Yvonne: The death of the oldest... the firstborn.
26:09 James: And how were they saved from that...
26:11 how did God's people... Yvonne: Passover...
26:12 James: Passover... of...
26:15 Yvonne: The blood of the Lamb over the door.
26:17 Jason: The doorpost, yeah.
26:19 James: The blood of the Lamb, the blood of the...
26:21 "I delivered you out of Egypt by the blood of the Lamb
26:23 therefore, have no other gods before me. "
26:25 See, the gospel comes before...
26:27 "What I did for you through Jesus... "
26:29 comes before the "thou shalt nots... "
26:32 because it's what motivates for the "thou shalt nots. "
26:35 Ivor: So, Babylon has a false gospel
26:39 and it's called "false wine"
26:42 wine is a symbol of blood,
26:45 so Babylon is pushing a counterfeit covenant
26:48 a counterfeit blood...
26:50 it says, "No, drink this blood this... "
26:53 but there's the blood of the Lamb
26:55 is way different from the blood... or the wine of Babylon
26:59 so Christ... at the Last Supper...
27:01 "this is the blood of my covenant"
27:03 it was wine... unfermented pure grape juice...
27:06 so, what you have here is a presentation
27:10 of a counterfeit gospel that Babylon pushes.
27:12 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Hmmm...
27:13 James: And it's really... it's really interesting because
27:15 right in the Ten Commandments
27:17 you have this gospel being proclaimed before
27:20 the "thou shalt nots" come along
27:21 and that's the difference between Babylon and God.
27:26 Christ is always presented first
27:28 because He's the motivation.
27:30 Ivor: "Keep these because I delivered you by the blood. "
27:33 James: "If you love me, keep my commandments. "
27:35 You see, the love comes first and so God has delivered
27:39 and He wants to deliver us out of bondage
27:41 and when He delivers us out of bondage,
27:43 that is... frees us from our sins...
27:45 forgives us for our sins, takes away our guilt,
27:47 then the motivation comes, "I don't condemn you... "
27:50 then we go and sin no more...
27:52 and that's the same thing we see in Revelation 14...
27:54 we're out of time but...
27:56 first we have the everlasting Gospel
27:57 and then we have a people who keep the commandments of God.
27:58 James: We're going to get into this more...
28:00 Yvonne: Praise the Lord. Jason: Yes.


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