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Seven Last Plagues

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:30 So we are now in Revelation 15, we're just moving right along.
00:35 We just left one of the most amazing chapters
00:39 of the Book of Revelation, Revelation 14,
00:42 the 144,000...
00:44 that follow the Lamb wherever He goes...
00:46 the everlasting gospel that summarizes with those
00:49 who keep the gift of the commandments of God
00:52 and the faith of Jesus,
00:53 beautiful stuff and then harvest of the earth
00:56 so now in Revelation chapter 15
00:58 and we're going to be looking here
01:00 at some... I think some thoughts that are going to tie us
01:03 or take us right into Revelation 16
01:05 so 15 and 16 are kind of going to... kind of go together,
01:07 Ivor: 15 is the introductory vision of chapter 16,
01:12 yeah, basically.
01:13 James: Yes, and then there's a song of Moses and the Lamb.
01:15 it's kind of an aside but we still need to...
01:17 it's... the song of Moses the Lamb
01:19 is going to be kind of a summary
01:20 of the everlasting gospel
01:22 you'll see that connection real quick
01:23 so, Jason, pray for us and we'll jump right in...
01:26 Jason: Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:27 we ask that you would please send your Holy Spirit
01:30 to be with us... to lead and guide us into all truth,
01:33 be with our Viewers as well
01:34 as we partake in this wonderful study of your Word,
01:37 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:39 All: "Amen. "
01:40 So, Yvonne, can you read for us Revelation 15
01:43 verses 1 through... I'm going to say, verses 1 through 4.
01:49 Yvonne: Okay, "Then I saw another sign in heaven,
01:52 great and marvelous,
01:54 seven angels having the seven last plagues;
01:57 for in them the wrath of God is complete.
02:00 And I saw something like the sea of glass mingled with fire:
02:05 and those who have the victory over the beast,
02:07 over his image, and over his mark,
02:09 and over the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass,
02:13 having harps of God.
02:14 They sing the song of Moses the servant of God,
02:17 and the song of the Lamb,
02:19 saying, Great and marvelous are your works, Lord God Almighty;
02:23 just and true are your ways, O King of the saints.
02:26 Who shall not fear you, O Lord,
02:28 and glorify your name?
02:30 for you alone are holy:
02:31 for all nations shall come and worship before you;
02:34 for your judgments have been manifested. "
02:37 James: Okay, so,
02:38 first verse introduces the seven last plagues,
02:41 the wrath of God... the plagues of God...
02:43 which is going to be the subject of chapter 16,
02:45 but then there's an aside, there's a pause, if you will,
02:48 and then in verses 2, 3 and 4, John goes back now
02:53 and kind of summarizes this everlasting gospel
02:57 in the context of the song of Moses and the Lamb,
03:00 and the song of Moses and the Lamb is very specific
03:03 in relation to Revelation 14 verse 7,
03:06 now remember, Revelation 14 verse 7...
03:08 the message of the everlasting gospel is:
03:10 Fear God, give glory to Him,
03:13 the hour of His judgment is come and worship Him.
03:15 Now notice, those four things,
03:17 now notice those four things here in verse 4,
03:20 pause...
03:22 verse 3 says, "Who shall not... "
03:24 that they sing a song of Moses and the Lamb
03:26 and then in verse 4 it says, "Who shall not fear thee,
03:28 and glorify thy name?
03:30 for all nations shall come and worship you;
03:33 for your judgments are made manifest. "
03:36 Fear God... give glory to Him...
03:37 the hour of His judgment is come... and worship Him.
03:39 See that?
03:41 Ivor: And notice, back in verse 2
03:43 you have a few things.
03:45 James: Okay, bring that up, bring that up.
03:47 Ivor: You have those who got the victory over the beast,
03:49 his image, the mark... and the number of his name.
03:54 The four things that we related to the first four commandments.
03:57 James: Yes! Yvonne: Hmmm...
03:58 Ivor: It's like it's... it's just poetic, as it were,
04:02 picture... of those who are...
04:07 remember the last six commandments dealing with man...
04:11 but the first four... dealing with God,
04:13 you have these... these sets of four,
04:15 right, and this is what Moses...
04:18 and this is what John the Revelator is bringing out here
04:21 as he connects four... four...
04:26 those who overcome these four things
04:28 by doing these four things.
04:29 James: And just for our Viewers' sake, for those who...
04:32 who may not see the "four connection... "
04:34 in a previous program
04:35 we connected those four aspects of overcoming
04:38 to the first four commandments,
04:39 that was beautiful, powerful stuff.
04:41 Yvonne: So the song of Moses would be a song of deliverance
04:44 from bondage, is that...?
04:46 Ivor: Exactly, so when you think about the...
04:48 when did they sing the song of Moses
04:50 back in the Old Testament?
04:51 James: After they came through...
04:53 Ivor: After they came... after they were delivered
04:55 by the blood of the Lamb,
04:58 they crossed the Red Sea,
05:00 and when they get on the other side,
05:02 it's the song of Moses.
05:04 James: "I will sing unto the Lord,
05:05 for He has triumphed gloriously:
05:06 the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea. "
05:08 Yvonne: Hmmm...
05:10 Ivor: Yes, yeah, so, those who sing the song of Moses...
05:13 is really simple... are the ones that cross over.
05:17 When Jesus comes again, the skies part
05:21 just like the Red Sea parted and the "Divine Moses"
05:25 the Moses of Heaven... Jesus... the deliverer...
05:28 comes and He leads us through the skies,
05:32 we get to the other side, and we sing the song of Moses.
05:36 James: And He comes as the White Horse Rider...
05:39 and the three other horses of Revelation 6,
05:40 the black horse... the red horse of persecution...
05:43 the black horse of compromise
05:44 and the pale horse of death... destroying our faith
05:46 are all conquered by Christ.
05:47 Ivor: That's right... James: The white horse rider,
05:50 we're connected with the white horse so the rider...
05:52 the horse and its rider has been thrown into the sea
05:54 the multitudes and peoples and nations of this earth...
05:56 the seas that the whore sits on
05:58 and we'll talk about that a little bit more...
05:59 have been conquered by Christ.
06:01 Ivor: Yes. Yvonne: Amen.
06:02 James: So the picture is all there...
06:03 the song of Moses is all there...
06:05 the symbolism of that all comes down to our time
06:07 delivered by the blood of the Lamb.
06:08 Ivor: That's right.
06:10 James: It's a beautiful picture. Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
06:11 James: And so, as we get through now to Revelation chapter 15
06:15 and verses 5 through 8,
06:16 there's something that's taking place here,
06:18 Jason, can you read those verses for us?
06:19 Jason: Sure, "And after that I looked, and behold,
06:22 the temple of the tabernacle
06:23 of the testimony in heaven was opened:
06:25 And the seven angels came out of the temple,
06:28 having the seven plagues, clothed in pure and white linen,
06:31 and having their breasts girded with golden girdles.
06:35 And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels
06:38 seven golden vials full of the wrath of God,
06:41 who liveth for ever and ever. "
06:43 And you said to eight? James: Yes.
06:45 Jason: Okay, "And the temple was filled with smoke
06:48 from the glory of God, and from his power;
06:50 and no man was able to enter into the temple,
06:53 till the seen plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled. "
06:56 James: All right, so here is a more detailed picture
06:59 of the wrath of God
07:01 being prepared to be poured out on to the earth
07:04 and one of the key points here in relation to this
07:07 is that the temple is filled with smoke
07:09 and no man can enter into the temple,
07:12 Jesus Christ is in the heavenly temple right now,
07:15 He's in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary,
07:17 and He is mediating for us there
07:20 so, right now, according to Hebrews 4,
07:22 we can come with boldness to the throne of grace
07:26 where we can find grace and mercy in this time
07:29 and help in our time of need.
07:31 We can enter into the temple by faith
07:34 but when probation closes,
07:36 when the plagues begin to be poured out,
07:38 when there is no more mediation, when the gospel's gone,
07:42 everyone's made a decision and the earth is being harvested,
07:45 in that time, no man can enter into the temple
07:48 that's what this is referring to,
07:50 it's referring to a time when we no longer have an intercessor,
07:52 when we no longer can enter into that temple,
07:54 the High Priest has exited the temple
07:56 and He's returning for His people.
07:58 Ivor: Some good point-out, I want to add something to that
08:03 in a... this is a good verse that actually lets us know that
08:07 you know...
08:11 people don't die and go to heaven right now,
08:16 right, it is not until the plagues are poured out,
08:22 Jesus comes again to redeem His people
08:25 that, as a whole, humanity enters the temple,
08:27 we know that there are exceptions of course,
08:30 Jesus... the 24 Elders...
08:32 but as a whole, we're talking about humanity
08:35 and we will be able to enter that temple
08:38 when Jesus comes again to deliver us from our sins,
08:42 okay, or deliver us from...
08:43 He's already delivered us from our sins
08:45 but to deliver us from our enemies
08:47 so, that's number one,
08:48 number two, these angels that come out of the tabernacle,
08:55 the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony,
08:58 meaning, they come out of the Most Holy Place.
09:01 Now that's significant... the seven plagues...
09:04 are... the angels of the seven plagues
09:07 are seen coming out of the Most Holy Place.
09:10 Why? well, it is because those people who receive the plagues,
09:19 are the ones that rejected the contents
09:22 of the Ark of the Covenant.
09:24 James: Okay, Gotcha...
09:25 Ivor: There's the Mercy Seat... there's the Law...
09:29 they rejected God's Law, they rejected God's mercy
09:32 and as a result of that
09:33 the curse is being poured out on them
09:36 written in the book...
09:37 and that's how it was in the Old Testament, you know,
09:39 God said, "Hey, if you don't follow these laws...
09:42 the curse that is written...
09:43 the curse that's written in the book
09:45 will be poured out upon you. " Yvonne: Hmmm...
09:46 Ivor: When we look at Revelation chapter 15,
09:48 where it's located... remember what we have covered
09:52 from Revelation 1 onward,
09:54 in Revelation chapters 1 through 11,
09:58 we have the seven churches, the seven seals,
10:00 the seven trumpets, where are they unfolding?
10:02 They're all unfolding in the Holy Place,
10:04 the Seven-branched Candlestick,
10:06 Table of Shewbread, Altar of Incense,
10:08 we get to Revelation 11:19,
10:10 we're brought into the Most Holy Place,
10:12 the temple is opened...
10:13 the temple being opened reflects the entering in, as it were,
10:21 the opening up of the Most Holy Place
10:23 now, the Most Holy Place was opened twice
10:25 on the Day of Atonement, two major times,
10:27 once when the High Priest entered
10:30 and once when he was exiting, right,
10:34 in other words, the exiting symbolized
10:37 the closing of his ministry on the Day of Atonement,
10:39 the entering signified the opening
10:41 so in Revelation 11:19, you have the opening,
10:45 in Revelation 15, He sees it opened one more time
10:48 this time, He's coming out okay,
10:52 and at the end of the Day of Atonement,
10:54 those who did not participate in the work...
10:56 in the Old Testament, those who did not participate
10:59 were cut off from the people, this is what's happening,
11:01 in other words, the entire book of Revelation
11:03 is following the pattern of the,
11:06 "Keep the Sanctuary service throughout the year... "
11:09 so towards the end of the year... Day of Atonement,
11:11 at the end of that day, the wicked were cut off,
11:14 this was happening in Revelation chapter 15
11:16 the angel comes out,
11:18 the angels come out of the Most Holy Place
11:20 having the plagues
11:21 and this is about to be the judgment
11:24 from 15 on... chapter 16... 17... 18... 19...
11:28 all you're seeing is judgment upon the wicked.
11:33 Yvonne: Hmmm... so at this point
11:35 everyone will have had an opportunity
11:39 to choose which side they're on
11:41 when probation closes,
11:44 that means that everyone has chosen,
11:47 is that correct? Ivor: Absolutely.
11:49 James: Yeah, in fact, let's look at a couple of verses on that
11:51 toward the end of the book because
11:52 what Ivor's just explaining is that really these chapters...
11:56 these next chapters that we're going to be reading
11:58 are all basically one message
11:59 and the one message that they're giving us
12:01 from different angles is justice... judgment...
12:04 plagues... wrath... and we need to define wrath...
12:08 we need to define justice because justice and judgment are
12:11 just as verily a manifestation of God's love
12:13 as is His mercy and His forgiveness,
12:16 so, if we look at this from the perspective of the
12:19 close of the book and I just want to...
12:21 us to fast forward here to Revelation 22
12:23 and look at a couple of verses
12:25 in relation to the question you asked,
12:28 "Has everyone had an opportunity, everyone had...?"
12:32 so Revelation chapter 22, Yvonne, read for us verse 11.
12:35 Yvonne: Okay...
12:38 James: 11 and 12...
12:40 Yvonne: Okay, ooops...
12:42 Jason: And by then...
12:46 by not making a decision, you've made your decision.
12:48 Ivor: Right. Yvonne: Right... right...
12:50 "He who is unjust, let him be unjust still:
12:53 he who is filthy, let him be filthy still:
12:56 he who is righteous, let him be righteous still:
12:58 he who is holy, let him be holy still.
13:01 And, behold, I'm coming quickly;
13:03 and my reward is with me, to give every man
13:06 according... to give every one
13:07 according to his work. "
13:09 James: Okay, now these are really key verses
13:11 to help us to understand what we're going to go back now
13:13 and look at... in Revelation 15, 16, 17, 18, 19...
13:17 so there are two things here that we need to grab ahold of
13:20 as this book closes out,
13:22 number one is, when Jesus looks out on the whole world,
13:25 in relation to the close of probation,
13:27 He says, "You know what?
13:29 It wouldn't matter if we continued
13:32 this message of mercy and love
13:35 for another year or another month or another week
13:37 or another day, or another hour,
13:39 he that is just... is going to be just still...
13:42 he's already made his decision, he's not switching,
13:45 he that is holy is going to be holy still...
13:46 he's already made his decision, he's not going to sway,
13:48 and those that are unjust are going to remain unjust still
13:51 they're not turning either, they're settled in their...
13:53 and those that are filthy are going to remain filthy still...
13:55 this is not a proclamation that Christ is making
13:58 in relation to His determination,
14:00 it is a proclamation He's making
14:02 in relation to our determination.
14:03 Yvonne: Hmmm...
14:05 James: A message has gone to the world
14:06 and it's lightened the whole world with its glory,
14:08 Revelation 18,
14:09 and we're going to look at that some more too
14:11 because that also boys up this idea,
14:13 that's why, in the middle of all these judgments,
14:15 God reminds us,
14:16 "Hey, remember, I lighten the whole earth with my glory,
14:19 I called everyone out of Babylon,
14:20 even my people were called out of Babylon,
14:23 everyone is making a decision for or against,
14:26 so "he that is holy still... " if I continue to...
14:29 and God will only close probation
14:30 when He can actually say this.
14:32 "It doesn't matter if I kept it open for another day,
14:35 another hour, another minute, another second,
14:36 these guys have made all their decisions,
14:38 these guys have made all their decisions,
14:39 nothing's going to change, might as well close it up. "
14:42 Yvonne: I never looked at it like that,
14:44 I thought that the Lord was saying,
14:47 "wherever you are... that's where... "
14:49 but what He's saying is,
14:51 "That's where you're going to be by your determination. "
14:54 James: Yes "and nothing's going to change,
14:55 so I'm going to come quickly now I'm coming quickly. "
14:57 And here's another way of looking at that,
14:59 God will not say this
15:00 until everyone has come to the place
15:02 where they've made a decision... that is irrevocable
15:05 but God is not going to say this see...
15:06 if there's one soul that has the opportunity to repent,
15:10 and this is 2nd Peter, which, by-the-way,
15:12 2nd Peter chapter 3 is a prophetic chapter,
15:15 it's an end-time chapter,
15:17 and in 2nd Peter, the question is asked,
15:19 "Where's the promise of your fathers?"
15:21 Or the promise of our fathers from the beginning... yeah,
15:24 how come it's taking so long? What... what...?
15:27 And the answer is given,
15:28 "The Lord is longsuffering toward us,
15:30 not willing that any would perish
15:32 but that all would come to repentance. "
15:34 So, a day with the Lord is like a year
15:36 and a thousand years is like a day
15:37 and a day is like a thousand years,
15:39 with the Lord... time is not an issue with the Lord,
15:41 so, "I come quickly... "
15:43 we say, "Oh, Christ has been gone for 2,000 years. "
15:46 Well, in heaven... in heavenly time,
15:47 He's been gone for two days...
15:49 just a couple of days because for Him,
15:51 time is not the issue, souls are the issue.
15:54 But when He can come to this place, where He can say,
15:57 "There's no one that's going to change...
15:58 then I'm coming, I'm just...
16:00 I'm not even holding back now,
16:02 I am out of here... I'm down there...
16:03 there's no reason for me to wait. "
16:05 Ivor: And what's interesting, James, is that,
16:06 in Daniel 12:2... 12:1...
16:09 it talks about Michael standing up,
16:11 like, okay, He's getting ready to come,
16:13 okay, but what is it that leads so many people
16:17 to make that irrevocable decision?
16:19 It's an over-mastering delusion,
16:22 it's something that totally convinces them
16:24 "yeah, this is it," you see what I'm saying?
16:27 and so that decision, in other words,
16:30 when we get put into that time
16:32 that is going to be like no other time,
16:34 the decision... the deception will be so great
16:38 that the whole world has made up their mind.
16:41 Those that are for it and those that are against it
16:44 and so, that's the reason why even in Daniel 2,
16:48 the stone that is cut out without hands...
16:50 it smites the image on the feet, that's why...
16:52 it doesn't smite it on the head,
16:54 it doesn't smite...
16:55 it's something that occurs
16:57 within the feet of Daniel chapter 2,
17:00 that says, "Okay, stone, it's time that you are...
17:03 you are sent... "
17:05 we'll go more through that when we get into the book of Daniel
17:08 but, you kind of begin to pull all... and begin to see...
17:11 "Hmmm... that's why the stone is cut out,
17:14 aaah, that's why Michael stands up... "
17:16 because of what happens just before...
17:19 the counterfeit comes before the genuine.
17:22 James: And as we were talking about this
17:24 in the program that we thought should have been taped
17:26 in our conversation here,
17:28 we were talking about how even though that's the case,
17:31 it's our little decisions today that lead up to that
17:34 so, in 2nd Thessalonians, another prophetic chapter,
17:37 it says that the reason why we're going to be deceived
17:40 is because we don't receive the love of the truth
17:41 that we might be saved,
17:43 therefore, strong delusion comes and when it says...
17:45 it says, "God sends strong delusions,"
17:47 it's not talking about God being the One...
17:48 it's talking about God allowing...
17:50 because Satan has a certain space
17:53 that he's allowed to operate in, God allows that
17:55 and the only reason we're deceived by this deception
17:57 is because we receive not the love of the truth
17:59 that we might be saved
18:01 so, that's where in our personal lives,
18:03 day by day, when the truth comes to us,
18:06 when light comes to us,
18:07 in fact, that takes us right into Revelation 16.
18:10 In Revelation 16, there's one of the plagues...
18:12 I'm going to jump forward to this plague
18:14 and I'm going to back up,
18:15 but there's one of the plagues here... that is darkness...
18:17 now I want us to read, Jason, can you read for us
18:19 Revelation chapter 16 and look at...
18:23 read verses... verse 10.
18:26 Jason: Verse 10, "And the fifth angel poured out
18:29 his vial upon the seat of the beast;
18:31 and his kingdom was full of darkness;
18:34 and they gnawed their tongues for pain... "
18:36 James: Now, quickly, the wrath of God is not necessarily
18:40 God arbitrarily inflicting but He's pulling back...
18:44 and He's allowing us to reap the consequences
18:46 it looks like God is doing it
18:48 but that's because God's angels are holding back the four winds
18:51 in Revelation 7, so we see this...
18:54 as we understand what's happening right here...
18:57 for example,
18:58 the kingdom of the beast is immersed in darkness
19:02 and it's so dark that they gnaw their tongues for pain,
19:05 well, what's this darkness all about?
19:07 Well, go back to John chapter 3 and verse 16
19:10 and this is the most precious verse of the Bible,
19:14 John 3:16, and people are familiar with it
19:17 but we want to read a little bit further on from John 3:16,
19:21 we want to read verses 17 and go all the way down
19:26 in John 3 to verse... let's see... verse 20...
19:31 so let's read verse 17 onward.
19:34 Yvonne, can you read those for us?
19:36 "For God did not send his Son into the world
19:39 to condemn the world;
19:40 but that the world through him might be saved.
19:41 He who believes in him is not condemned:
19:44 but he who does not believe is condemned already,
19:48 because he has not believed
19:49 in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
19:51 And this is the condemnation,
19:54 that light has come into the world,
19:56 and men loved darkness rather than light,
19:58 because their deeds were evil.
20:00 For every one practicing evil hates the light,
20:03 and doesn't come to the light,
20:05 lest his deeds should be exposed. "
20:08 James: And verse 21.
20:10 Yvonne: "But he who does the truth comes to the light,
20:13 that his deeds may be clearly seen,
20:15 that they have been done in God. "
20:17 James: Okay, so there's this picture
20:19 that Jesus is giving to us...
20:21 the condemnation is the rejection of light
20:23 and the embracing of darkness
20:25 so when the wrath of God is manifest,
20:28 Romans 1 says, "God... " three times it says,
20:30 God gives us up, God gives us up...
20:32 God gives us over...
20:34 so God gives us over to the things that we've chosen,
20:37 God is honoring our choice in the end,
20:39 right now He's unwilling to do that,
20:41 He's not willing that any would perish
20:43 and so He's... He's... He's pleading with us
20:45 kind of like we do with our kids,
20:47 like, oh we're praying and pleading
20:49 and pleading and praying because we want them to come...
20:52 you know what I'm saying? You can relate to that?
20:53 Parents... grandparents...
20:55 and so, but eventually when my kids get to a certain age,
20:59 I have to honor them, they're adults,
21:01 "Dad, I'm an adult... and I can make my own decisions"
21:04 and... and so I have to...
21:07 and God comes to the place where He honors our decision
21:09 He can't force us into heaven
21:11 and so, they've embraced darkness.
21:13 They didn't want the light, and so... when they back...
21:15 Ivor: They get darkness... James: They get darkness...
21:17 okay...
21:19 Ivor: In Revelation 16:2... the first plague
21:22 it actually speaks of... it says,
21:26 "The first angel went out
21:29 and poured out his vial upon the earth;
21:30 and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men
21:33 which had the mark of the beast,
21:34 and upon them which worshipped the image. "
21:36 So, they're receiving this plague in their flesh
21:40 all right, it's almost as if God is saying,
21:42 "All right, you desire the flesh...
21:44 pause...
21:46 you desire the flesh...
21:47 this is the consequence of trusting in the flesh,
21:50 right, so, fifth plague...
21:53 "You wanted darkness... okay, here's darkness... "
21:56 first plague, "You wanted flesh...
21:58 you trusted in the flesh...
21:59 this is the result of trusting in the flesh
22:02 each of these plagues we see go through...
22:05 in fact... one of them... I think is plague number 3,
22:10 let's read it, yeah.
22:12 James: All right Jason, read verses... verse 8... 8 and 9...
22:18 "And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun;
22:21 and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
22:25 And men were scorched with great heat,
22:27 and blasphemed the name of God,
22:29 which hath power over these plagues:
22:31 and they repented not to give him glory. "
22:34 James: All right, what does that what is that telling you?
22:35 The sun...
22:37 Ivor: The sun...
22:38 James: What did men want? Yvonne: Hmmm...
22:40 Ivor: What were they worshipping?
22:41 Yvonne: The sun...
22:43 Ivor: They were worshipping the sun...
22:44 James: Sun worship... Sunday.
22:45 Ivor: Yeah, "Here's the sun... " All: Hmmm...
22:47 James: So we're given as... God's giving you over...
22:49 you got the plague on the waters
22:51 and on the rivers... the turning into blood...
22:54 Ivor: "You spill the blood of the prophets... "
22:56 James: God is giving them blood to drink...
22:58 Ivor: Yeah, verse 5... "I heard the angel of the waters say,
23:01 Thou art righteous, O Lord,
23:02 which art, and wast, and shall be... "
23:04 remember that term...
23:06 "because thou has judged thus.
23:10 For they have shed the blood of the saints and prophets,
23:13 and thou has given them blood to drink; for they are worthy. "
23:15 This is the plague
23:16 where the drinking waters are turned to blood.
23:18 James: It's consequential... these plagues are consequential
23:21 in other words, they're not arbitrary...
23:23 God is simply handing us over to things we've chosen,
23:25 He's honoring our choices,
23:27 "We want darkness, we want sun worship,
23:28 we want to spill other people's blood,
23:30 we want to trust in the flesh... "
23:31 here are the consequences of all of that.
23:33 Yvonne: Wow! James: Yeah... Ivor: Yeah.
23:34 James: So it's really important
23:36 for us to understand this principle
23:37 when it comes to the wrath of God
23:38 because sometimes we look at God in an arbitrary sense,
23:42 we don't look at Him as... as...
23:44 now, recognize this though this is still punishment
23:47 God could just... He could just make all of this go away,
23:51 but He doesn't... He treats us as human beings
23:53 not as animals...
23:55 He recognizes that we do have choice
23:57 that we have made choices and He honors those choices
23:59 and that's to treat us as human beings with free choice.
24:02 Ivor: Now I'll tell you, the sixth plague
24:05 is, to me, one of the best plagues ever
24:08 and let me tell you why.
24:10 James: Yeah, please do...
24:12 Yvonne: That's an oxymoron, right, that's an oxymoron.
24:15 Ivor: I love this plague... so Revelation 16:12, right,
24:18 says, "The sixth angel poured out his vial
24:23 upon the great river Euphrates;
24:24 and the water thereof was dried up,
24:26 that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared. "
24:29 James: Hmmm...
24:31 Ivor: So, we have to go back to the Old Testament
24:32 to figure out what's going on here, right,
24:35 and this is the story of Cyrus, right,
24:37 who dried up the river Euphrates
24:41 and the purpose of the river's drying up,
24:46 God's purpose was to set the captives free.
24:49 James: I love it.
24:52 Ivor: Okay, so, this is so interesting...
24:54 the Bible says that Cyrus would descend into the deep
24:59 so, Isaiah 44 verse 16, I believe it is,
25:04 he would descend into the deep and he would open the gates
25:07 and the gates would not be shut,
25:10 end of Isaiah 44, beginning of Isaiah 45...
25:12 you know what Jesus did on the cross?
25:14 He descended into the deep and opened the gates of the grave
25:20 to provide a way of escape from death,
25:23 so this 6th plague is actually a plague on death.
25:27 Yvonne: Hmmm... James: Hmmm... hmmm...
25:31 Ivor: It's a plague on death, in fact, in Hosea
25:33 chapter 13, let's find that very quickly,
25:39 Hosea chapter 13 verse 14.
25:40 James: And as you're going there,
25:42 "Thus saith of Cyrus, He is my shepherd,
25:46 he'll perform all my pleasure: even saying to Jerusalem,
25:49 Thou shalt be built; and to the temple,
25:51 Thy foundation shall be laid. "
25:52 James: Jerusalem is the heavenly Jerusalem,
25:54 it's got... it includes God's people
25:56 so Cyrus has come to deliver us to build us.
25:59 Ivor: Not only that,
26:01 but he is the one that allowed the Jews to go to Jerusalem.
26:06 Guess what Jesus is coming to do?
26:09 He's drying up the deep,
26:10 He's opening the gates of the graves,
26:13 to set His people free
26:16 so that they can go to the heavenly Jerusalem.
26:18 Look at Hosea 13 verse 14.
26:20 Jason: Okay, "I will ransom them from the power of the grave;
26:25 I will redeem them from death:
26:27 O death, I will be thy plagues;
26:29 O grave, I will be thy destruction:
26:32 repentance shall be hid from mine yes. "
26:35 Ivor: Yes, yes, yes, yes, this is... this is God
26:38 because the very next plague, the seventh plague, it is done,
26:41 right, so this plague, you know,
26:43 it's the plague on death itself. James: I love it.
26:48 Ivor: It's a plague on death itself.
26:50 Is it your favorite plague? Yes...
26:52 the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.
26:56 James: Which verse? Ivor: 1st Corinthians...
27:00 Yvonne: So each of these plagues addresses an enemy.
27:02 Ivor: That's right.
27:04 Yvonne: Huh, so, when it talks about the wrath of God
27:08 and the winepress, back in... Revelation 14:19.
27:13 Ivor: Oh, by-the-way, I'm sorry,
27:15 let me add this in here because I know we're running out of time
27:17 remember how we talked about
27:19 the three unclean spirits like frogs,
27:22 they're counterfeiting the plague...
27:24 they're counterfeiting this resurrection
27:27 so that's why it comes right after...
27:30 John says, "I saw three unclean spirits. "
27:32 They're about to counterfeit this miracle.
27:34 Yvonne: Wow! we got to pick this up in our next program.
27:36 Ivor: Yeah.
27:37 James: We are running out of time. Ivor: Yes.
27:39 James: You need to let our Viewers know
27:40 how they can get ahold of us if they have any questions.
27:43 Jason: They should send their questions to: sss@3abn. org
27:47 James: sss@3abn. org
27:49 yeah, this is... we'll pick up where we left off here
27:51 because we'll just finish this chapter
27:53 and then we'll jump into Revelation chapter 17,
27:56 it's going to be a good one.
27:57 Yvonne: Hmmm... yeah. James: Good.


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