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The Harlot

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:29 So we left off in Revelation 16
00:31 we haven't quite finished it yet,
00:33 so we want to sew that up
00:35 and then we're going to jump
00:36 right into Revelation chapter 17.
00:37 Jason, you want to lead us in prayer?
00:39 Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for the opportunity
00:42 and privilege of studying your Word,
00:44 we ask that you would be with us
00:45 and help us to fully comprehend what we're studying
00:48 and to retain the information, in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
00:51 "Amen. "
00:52 So we've learned that the seven last plagues
00:55 are a revelation of the wrath of God... which...
00:58 God is not arbitrary in afflicting these plagues,
01:01 He's actually honoring the choices
01:04 that human beings have made.
01:05 They want to worship the sun,
01:07 they want to shed the blood of saints,
01:08 they want darkness rather than the light...
01:10 all of these... trust in the flesh...
01:12 all of these are the consequences
01:14 of the decisions that we made... the choices we've made
01:17 and remember Revelation chapter 22 reminds us
01:21 that God does not honor these choices to be lost
01:24 and to receive these plagues
01:25 until there's nothing else that He can do to save us.
01:28 Yeah.
01:29 Go ahead... go ahead... go ahead.
01:31 Sounds like every single human has made a decision
01:33 for or against Christ and He closes it all up.
01:35 Remember this also,
01:36 we actually addressed this earlier on
01:40 when we... in one of our first studies
01:44 but remember that... who is God's people on earth this time?
01:49 It's His bride... remember we talked about it?
01:51 Yeah, the bride of Christ.
01:53 Yeah the bride... these plagues are actually designed
01:55 to protect His bride right...
01:58 because remember, at this time,
02:00 what are the wicked trying to do?
02:03 Oh...
02:04 Right... they're trying to destroy God's people
02:07 and these plagues are basically God saying,
02:09 "Don't touch... my bride. "
02:14 Right...
02:15 Right, you will not touch my bride
02:17 and it's not a... like God is angry...
02:20 we've already said, "God is love"
02:21 but for those who have rejected Him...
02:24 at this point He's saying,
02:26 "Okay, you've made your decision...
02:28 but I'm not going to allow you, right,
02:29 to touch my bride... at this time...
02:32 him that is righteous... let him be righteous still
02:33 him that is filthy, let him be filthy still. "
02:35 There will be... none of His saints will die
02:37 from this point on... they are sealed
02:40 and He's saying,
02:41 "Hmmm... hmmm, don't touch them I'm protecting them. "
02:45 From the point of the plagues on...
02:49 there's no death of the saints, no martyrs...
02:52 No martyrs... That's right...
02:54 No martyrs... and a good verse for that is Daniel 12 verse 1,
02:57 because that depicts the same basic event in history
03:01 Michael stands up...
03:02 that's when Michael comes into His kingdom
03:05 and it says there's a time of trouble such as never was...
03:08 that's the seven last plagues.
03:09 It's time such as... trouble such as never was...
03:12 is the seven last plagues
03:13 "and thy people shall be delivered...
03:15 every one that shall be found written in the book... "
03:18 written in the Lamb's Book of Life...
03:19 you remember in Revelation 13,
03:21 everyone receives the Mark of the Beast...
03:22 worships the beast... follows the beast...
03:23 except for those who are written in the Lamb's Book of Life
03:26 and we're going to see that again
03:27 right here in Revelation 17 as we get into that
03:29 so the very last plague here, let's just read the verses...
03:33 Jason, can you read verses 17
03:36 all the way to the end of the chapter... verse 16?
03:39 Okay, "And the seventh angel
03:41 poured out his vial into the air;
03:43 and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven,
03:46 from the throne, saying, It is done.
03:49 And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings;
03:51 and there was a great earthquake,
03:53 such as was not since men were upon the earth,
03:58 so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
04:00 And the great city was divided into three parts,
04:03 and the cities of the nations fell:
04:05 and great Babylon came in remembrance before God,
04:09 to give unto her the cup of the wine
04:12 of the fierceness of his wrath.
04:14 And every island fled away,
04:16 and the mountains were not found.
04:18 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven,
04:22 every stone about the weight of a talent:
04:24 and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail;
04:28 for the plague thereof was exceeding great. "
04:30 Okay, a couple of points I want to make here
04:33 before we go any further,
04:34 "men blaspheming God... "
04:35 that's the point that's made right here
04:38 when you go back to verse 9 and the sun scorching men,
04:42 it says that they blasphemed the name of God
04:46 but they repented not to give Him glory
04:49 and when you go back also to verse... where is it?
04:54 Anyway, the point I want to make here in these two verses
05:00 is that it's obvious at this point
05:02 that even though the plagues are falling upon men,
05:05 they're not repenting... they're not turning back...
05:08 and that's just confirmation... for us it's confirmation
05:11 that even though men are receiving these plagues,
05:14 they still are against God... they're blaspheming God...
05:16 and they're not repenting and turning away from their deeds,
05:18 it's confirmation...
05:19 they are settled in their rejection of the gospel.
05:21 Hmmm... Hmmm.
05:22 It's a good point that... this is not God saying,
05:26 "I'm not giving you anymore chance to repent... "
05:29 it's really showing that
05:32 the human heart has settled in on its own.
05:37 So it's not like people... there won't be people who are like,
05:39 "Man, if I could change my mind I would...
05:41 but God is not allowing me"
05:43 because that's not who God is right,
05:45 these people have made their minds up
05:47 and are settled of their own free will... yeah.
05:51 And then we have this division in verse 19...
05:54 "the great city was divided into three parts... "
05:57 why is the city divided into three parts?
05:59 Well, we've noticed in the previous verses
06:02 that there are three unclean spirits like frogs,
06:04 you've got the beast... you've got the dragon...
06:06 and you've got the false prophet.
06:08 So Babylon is a symbol
06:09 of this rebellion against heaven... if you will...
06:12 the city of the Tower of Babel where it all began
06:15 was a rebellion against heaven...
06:16 a rebellion against God... God's decrees...
06:18 and this rebellion against heaven
06:20 is divided into three basic powers...
06:22 the beast... the dragon and the false prophet
06:24 so the division of the city into three parts...
06:27 as it receives recompense for its rebellion
06:30 is designating these three powers
06:32 that have come against God and come against heaven.
06:34 Hmmm...
06:35 That's right... that's right.
06:38 So we move into Revelation 17.
06:41 Do we want to cover Revelation, the 6th plague
06:48 speaking of the support of Babylon?
06:51 Yes... yes... let's talk about that.
06:53 So, verse 12... "And the sixth angel
06:55 poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates;
06:57 and the water thereof was dried up,
06:58 that the ways of the kings of the east might be prepared. "
07:00 And we... Ivor took us to the Old Testament
07:03 the waters of... the literal waters of Babylon...
07:07 the Euphrates River was the support base for Babylon
07:11 and when Cyrus came to conquer that city... Babylon...
07:15 there was no way he could have been able to get in
07:18 because they had support through the waters for food for years
07:22 the walls were thick enough to race chariots side by side
07:26 what he had to do was...
07:28 he had to divert the Euphrates River
07:30 and when he diverted the Euphrates River
07:31 and the riverbed dried up,
07:33 he was able to take his men
07:35 through the gates that were unlocked
07:38 underneath the foundations of the city
07:40 and into the city to conquer it.
07:42 So, Revelation is borrowing from that story...
07:44 Cyrus is a type of Christ... God's anointed...
07:47 coming to deliver... we talked about Isaiah 44 and 45
07:52 coming to deliver His people bringing them...
07:54 the captives to Jerusalem
07:55 so that they can go back and rebuild Jerusalem... okay...
07:57 in this picture right here...
08:00 the rivers of the waters represent peoples, nations
08:03 multitudes and tongues according to Revelation 17:15
08:06 the fact that they're dried up...
08:07 is indicating that their support for Babylon is drying up.
08:10 They're receiving these plagues,
08:12 and they're realizing we've been deceived
08:14 and so, they're turning on to one another...
08:16 they're turning against the woman,
08:17 we're going to see that in Revelation 17...
08:19 the support base for Babylon is drying up
08:20 and that's preparing the ways of the kings of the east
08:23 and the kings of the east would be Christ and His Father...
08:26 they're coming... and when they come
08:28 eventually every tongue will confess...
08:31 everyone's going to acknowledge that God and Christ...
08:33 that this is... they are the... He is the true God
08:35 and Christ is the true Messiah
08:37 and they're going to acknowledge that every knee is going to bow
08:39 according to Philippians chapter 2
08:41 so, receiving the consequences of our sins...
08:45 receiving the consequences of our rejection of a lie
08:47 helps us to realize... God was right after all.
08:49 Hmmm...
08:50 God was right after all. Hmmm... hmmm...
08:52 And that acknowledgment will be made by everyone.
08:53 Now, Revelation 17 continues on really with what we're...
08:58 see, when you look at Revelation 15 and 16,
09:01 let's be honest... these are pretty horrendous judgments
09:04 that God is allowing to come to those who are lost.
09:07 So what basically... what John is receiving in 17 and 18 and 19
09:12 he's receiving a fuller explanation...
09:16 why has God allowed this to come
09:18 so in Revelation chapter 17,
09:20 let's just open up there and read a few verses now,
09:22 I think you'll get this.
09:23 Revelation 17, Yvonne, would you read for us
09:26 verses 1 all the way through verse 6.
09:30 Hmmm... hmmm...
09:32 "Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls
09:35 came and talked with me saying to me,
09:37 Come... I will show you the judgment of the great harlot
09:40 who sits on many waters with whom the kings of the earth
09:44 committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth
09:46 have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
09:50 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness:
09:53 and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast,
09:56 which was full of names of blasphemy,
09:58 having seven heads and ten horns.
10:00 This woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet
10:03 and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
10:06 having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations
10:10 and the filthiness of her fornication:
10:12 And on her forehead a name was written,
10:20 I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints,
10:23 and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:
10:25 and when I saw her,
10:27 I marveled with great amazement. "
10:29 Okay, so... start to get the picture here,
10:32 we're overwhelmed with the seven last plagues
10:35 and so one of the carriers
10:37 of the vials of the seven last plagues comes to John and says,
10:39 "I'm going to show you why this is...
10:41 why this is happening"
10:43 and he shows a woman that is filled with blasphemous names
10:48 and has this wine cup filled with abominations
10:51 and has committed fornication...
10:54 unfaithfulness to God with the kings of the earth
10:57 and out of her comes all of this pain and suffering
11:01 so much so
11:02 that this woman is drunk with the blood of the saints...
11:05 with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus,
11:07 I mean... it's so...
11:09 the picture is so incredible that John says,
11:11 "Wow," he just wondered about this... this woman is wealthy,
11:14 she's decked with pearls and gold
11:16 and yet, she's doing these abominable things
11:19 and she's bringing all this pain and suffering
11:21 especially upon God's people and the followers of Jesus.
11:24 So it's... when we get a picture of this...
11:26 so, we're looking at God and we're going...
11:27 "hmmm... " by the way, the angels aren't doing that.
11:30 When the plagues are poured out the angels are saying,
11:33 "Righteous and just are your ways, O LORD of hosts"
11:35 see... because they've seen all this...
11:37 the angels in heaven... they've seen all this
11:39 but we haven't seen it so what we see is...
11:42 we see a woman... a church that's wealthy
11:45 and it looks... "Oh yeah, look... wow... "
11:47 we're taken in by that
11:48 but the angel takes us one step further,
11:51 we know how she's wealthy,
11:52 she's drunk with the blood of the saints
11:54 and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus,
11:55 she has committed fornications with the kings of the earth...
11:58 she's got... she is the mother of abominations,
12:01 can you imagine?
12:02 The source of the abominations of the world...
12:05 now, this is... this is one picture...
12:08 when you get to Revelation 18, it gets even worse,
12:11 I wanted to show you what she's really involved with
12:13 and what it says there... that Babylon is involved with is
12:16 all the merchandising
12:18 and the selling and the buying of the souls of men...
12:21 it's just incredible... the iniquity that is in this System
12:26 and what God is saying is, "This System has to go... "
12:30 in Revelation 18... it clarifies that...
12:33 "And I'm calling my people out of it...
12:35 if you don't come out of it, you're going with it
12:36 because this System is going down. "
12:39 One interpretation... and I don't know
12:42 where you stand on this so I'd be interested in seeing,
12:45 is that... this is the same woman of Revelation 12
12:49 that she has now become apostate... what do you think?
12:54 Totally disagree...
12:56 So that view... yeah, the woman of Revelation 12...
13:00 we've already seen her history...
13:03 so, this answers the question.
13:05 Where is John taken when he...
13:08 do you remember where the Bible says that he was taken?
13:11 Revelation 17... just look at it in verse 2.
13:13 Hmmm... hmmm...
13:16 I'm sorry... verse 3... verse 3,
13:18 "So he carried me away in the spirit into the... "
13:20 where? Wilderness...
13:22 Wilderness... okay... so let's think... wilderness...
13:24 wilderness... "Oh hey, wait a minute...
13:26 if we go back to Revelation 12, we see that the woman fled...
13:31 where? "Into the wilderness. "
13:33 So, what is her condition in the wilderness in Revelation 12?
13:37 She's being fed of God... she's being nourished...
13:41 but she's also being persecuted... for how long?
13:44 1260 years...
13:46 okay, so, we see this power chasing her into the wilderness
13:51 right, sending out waters of flood
13:54 after her in the wilderness.
13:55 John in Revelation 17 is taken back into the wilderness
14:00 and now he's shown another woman...
14:02 this woman is drunk with the blood of the saints...
14:06 oh! so this is another woman, this is not the devil's bride...
14:11 this is not Jesus' bride... this is the devil's girlfriend.
14:15 Ah...
14:16 This is the woman that was
14:17 chasing the other woman in the wilderness...
14:19 persecuting the other woman raining the blood of the saints
14:22 there's a contrast... and in fact, in Revelation 12
14:25 there's a remnant of the woman
14:28 that keep the commandments of God and keep the faith of Jesus
14:29 the testimony of Jesus...
14:31 so how could that woman be the woman in Revelation 17?
14:33 Exactly.
14:34 And the woman of Revelation 17
14:35 is existing at the same time as the woman in Revelation 12
14:37 and the wilderness journey is the same period...
14:41 so it has to be two different women...
14:42 it has to be two different women.
14:44 So that brings us... that we now know who that woman is,
14:49 that woman is Mystery Babylon,
14:50 that woman is the same power
14:52 that persecuted the people of God during the Dark Ages
14:54 it's the Papal Power...
14:56 so we've identified who the woman is... right,
15:01 this brings us down to verse 7 which is where...
15:05 or rather... verse 8...
15:07 did we read verse 7?
15:08 We did read verse 7 so it starts at verse 7...
15:10 Yeah, let's go ahead and read that,
15:11 we'll read verse 7 and verse 8.
15:14 and get ready for a brain twister.
15:16 Okay, chapter 17...
15:18 "And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel?
15:22 I will tell thee the mystery of the woman,
15:25 and of the beast that carrieth her,
15:27 which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
15:31 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not;
15:34 and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit,
15:37 and go into perdition: and they that dwelleth on the earth
15:40 shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life
15:44 from the foundation of the world
15:46 when they behold the beast that was,
15:48 and is not, and yet is. "
15:50 Okay, how do you feel?
15:52 Confused.
15:54 Yeah, what in the world? The beast that was and is not...
15:59 and yet is...
16:00 So, this is what... from verse 8 down to about verse 11,
16:05 you've got this... in fact,
16:06 we may as well just go ahead and read it...
16:08 why don't you go ahead and keep reading... verse 9, 10 and 11.
16:12 "And here is the mind which hath wisdom.
16:14 The seven heads are seven mountains
16:17 on which the woman sitteth.
16:18 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is,
16:22 and the other is not yet come;
16:24 and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
16:27 And the beast that was, and is not,
16:30 even he is the eight, and is of the seven,
16:33 and goeth into perdition. "
16:35 What are you following now? How do you feel now?
16:40 Oh... okay...
16:42 So, this is... James and I were talking
16:45 and we agreed,
16:46 this is probably the most brain-twisting part
16:48 of the book of Revelation
16:49 and there are a lot of opinions out there
16:53 and James and I were talking... we just... phew...
16:55 I mean... it's by the grace of God we were able to say,
17:00 "Yeah, we think this... this is what it is... "
17:02 from our study of the Scripture so it is confusing
17:05 but there are certain key phrases in here that
17:09 really take out the confusion and help us to realize,
17:12 "Ah, this is what we're talking about here. "
17:15 So let's go back up and look at verse 8 again...
17:18 "The beast that thou sawest was... " and what?
17:21 "And shall do" what?
17:24 "ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into perdition"
17:27 okay, so all right... we don't know what that is
17:29 but check out the next part of that verse.
17:30 This is key...
17:32 Okay, what does it say?
17:33 "Those who dwell on the earth will marvel,
17:35 whose names are not written in the book of life
17:38 from the foundation of the world,
17:40 when they see the beast that was,
17:42 and is not, and yet is. "
17:44 Okay.
17:45 You recognize that phrase from anywhere else in Revelation?
17:47 That's the question we have to ask,
17:49 and the answer is, "Yes... "
17:50 that phrase is found in Revelation 13.
17:53 Notice this, Revelation chapter 13...
17:56 and just read here... Revelation chapter 13...
17:59 pause...
18:02 verse 3 and then verse 8,
18:06 now, we'll start with verse 3,
18:08 it's talking about the Papal System again... as a beast
18:11 "I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death;
18:14 and his deadly wound was healed:
18:17 and all the world wondered after the beast. "
18:19 Verse 8, "They that dwell upon the earth shall worship him,
18:22 whose names are not written
18:24 in the book of life of the Lamb slain
18:25 from the foundation of the world. "
18:27 Now I want to go back to Revelation 17,
18:29 "and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder,
18:31 whose names were not written in the book of life...
18:34 from the foundation of the world,
18:37 whose names were not written in the book of life
18:39 from the foundation of the world...
18:41 when they behold the beast that was,
18:42 and is not, and yet is. "
18:44 Was in power...
18:46 is not in power because it received the deadly wound
18:48 and yet is... it's still alive...
18:49 Hmmm... You see...
18:50 Okay... Yes...
18:52 So, we've identified this beast
18:53 in connection with Revelation chapter 13.
18:55 Yeah. Okay...
18:56 So now we know... okay... so the beast that was...
18:58 and is not... and yet is...
19:00 is the same power in Revelation 13
19:03 that reigned for 1260 years, received the deadly wound
19:08 "is not... but still was...
19:11 but shall do... " what?
19:13 "shall ascend... "
19:15 all right, so notice in Revelation 17:8,
19:18 it says, "when they behold"
19:20 what does it mean, "to behold?"
19:22 See...
19:24 all right, so what is that talking about?
19:25 Your senses...
19:27 You see with your eyes...
19:28 When they see something,
19:30 the whole world wonders when they see this.
19:34 What is that thing that they see?
19:36 We've already said,
19:38 "the healing of the deadly wound is this three-fold union
19:42 of Satan himself... appearing as Christ...
19:46 the Papacy... and the False Prophet...
19:49 apostate Protestantism...
19:50 when these three come together,
19:52 so now we're seeing... whoa...
19:54 we're seeing this connection here
19:56 and it's very interesting because
20:00 if you look at verse... verse 8...
20:03 I'm sorry... verse 10... verse 10...
20:08 the Bible says here... let's see...
20:12 no, no, no... let's stay here for just for a moment
20:15 because this verse in verse 8 says,
20:18 "it shall ascend out of the bottomless pit... "
20:21 let's talk about that for a moment...
20:22 so James and I were talking and we're like,
20:24 "You know what? there are two beasts that...
20:26 there is a beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit
20:29 and that beast is specifically Revelation 11,
20:31 so, is this the beast that is rising up out of Revelation 11
20:34 because if we go with
20:36 "ascending out of the bottomless pit... "
20:38 then, Man! that would mean
20:39 that this is the French revolution,
20:41 this is Atheism... which we described in Revelation 11
20:44 but, "was and is not... and yet is... "
20:46 and this is what you do when you study the book of Revelation,
20:49 you work these things out, you're looking at...
20:51 "well, it could be here... but ah!
20:53 I just don't know because...
20:55 is there some other definition of this bottomless pit?"
20:59 Hmmm... hmmm...
21:00 And this is actually very, very interesting
21:02 because as we were looking at this...
21:04 when we happen to go over to the book of Romans chapter 10
21:09 because Romans chapter 10
21:11 tells us something very, very interesting,
21:13 Romans 10 and verse 7, Romans chapter 10 verse 7, now,
21:17 while you're going there, the Bible says that this beast
21:21 "was... " and what else?
21:24 "is... or is not... " and... or "is to come... "
21:30 "was... is not... shall ascend"
21:35 that very phrase is used four different times
21:38 in the book of Revelation.
21:39 Guess who it points to?
21:41 It points to Jesus.
21:43 Hmmm... Hmmm.
21:44 "Who was... and is... and is to come... "
21:49 right... that's talking about His identity...
21:55 "He was... is... is to come"
21:57 "was... is... is to come... "
21:58 He died... was buried... resurrected...
22:01 four times He's described once... "the One who was
22:05 and is... and is to come... "
22:07 so, hmmm... I wonder if this beast
22:10 that was... and is... and yet is not... but is to come
22:15 is a counterfeit of Jesus Christ.
22:19 Ah...
22:20 "Deadly wound... " was... comes back to life...
22:24 "and is to come" so look at Romans 10...
22:28 read Romans 10 verse 7.
22:29 "Or, Who shall descend into the deep?
22:33 that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead. "
22:35 Okay, simple verse but...
22:38 the word here for deep is the same Greek word
22:42 used to describe the abyss back in the book of Revelation.
22:47 Okay, "or the bottomless pit"
22:50 but here it's talking about bringing Christ up from the...
22:54 from the dead...
22:55 what happened to the beast in Revelation chapter 13?
23:01 He was wounded unto death but comes up out of death...
23:07 in other words... this term,
23:09 "he ascends out of the bottomless pit... "
23:12 refers to him coming back from the dead.
23:15 And it's important because he receives the wound from Atheism
23:18 and Atheism is the beast that ascends
23:19 out of the bottomless pit.
23:21 That's right...
23:22 So he receives the wound from Atheism
23:24 so we know this is the timeframe when he's wounded...
23:25 by Atheism... and he ascends out of that...
23:27 he recovers from that wound by Atheism.
23:29 Yes.
23:30 That's why we have the bottomless pit...
23:32 ascending out of the bottomless pit
23:33 correlating with the power of Atheism in Revelation 11.
23:36 So when he ascends... he's this...
23:39 well, we're going to... let's go ahead and go over
23:44 verse 8 of Revelation... I'm sorry Revelation 10...
23:49 Revelation 17 verse 10...
23:51 and I want to just focus on another thing here,
23:53 let's go ahead and read verse 10.
23:55 "There are also seven kings... "
23:57 You know what? I'm sorry...
23:59 go back to verse 9 and then... verse 10.
24:01 "Here is the mind which has wisdom.
24:04 The seven heads are seven mountains,
24:06 on which the woman sits.
24:08 Here are also seven kings: five are fallen, one is,
24:13 and the other has not yet come;
24:14 and when he comes, he must continue a short time. "
24:18 Okay, so, just hold your thought here,
24:20 so now we got these seven kings, right...
24:22 which are mentioned as the seven mountains
24:25 or with the seven mountains,
24:26 but we can, again, simplify... "five were... "
24:30 that's the what? "that was... " right,
24:35 "one is... and the other is... to come... "
24:40 it's the same thing... "was... " the beast that was...
24:43 "is... and is to come... "
24:45 but five... we're not going to cover this in this Program,
24:49 I think, but I want you to notice about this, "is to come"
24:54 when the seventh one comes,
24:56 that's the one that ascends out of the bottomless pit,
24:59 notice what it says, "he must continue a... " what?
25:03 "a short space... "
25:04 remember how we talked about in the last couple of Programs,
25:06 remember the short time?
25:08 Hmmm... hmmm... Hmmm... hmmm.
25:09 In Revelation 12, when it says,
25:10 "the dragon is come down unto you...
25:12 because he knows he has but a
25:13 short time... "
25:15 do you know what it's talking about?
25:16 Put it all together...
25:18 wow... they wonder when they see this.
25:20 Hmmm... hmmm...
25:22 Power... rising up... out of the abyss...
25:25 "the dragon has come down unto you
25:27 knowing he has but a short time."
25:29 This time period... all the world wondered...
25:33 this is all relating to the same time...
25:36 the seventh king who is yet to come...
25:39 is the dragon... Satan himself...
25:42 combined with the Papacy and...
25:45 in other words... it's what we would call the three-fold union
25:48 of the dragon, beast and false prophet...
25:51 that causes the whole world to wonder
25:53 when they "behold this beast. "
25:58 Hmmm... hmmm...
26:00 Yeah, and that is... clearly what is taking place right here
26:05 because this... then unfolds...
26:07 it incorporates all of the horns...
26:10 which is what is left of the beast to be identified,
26:14 it says in verse 12...
26:16 "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings,
26:18 which have received no kingdom as yet;
26:20 but receive their power as kings one hour with the beast. "
26:22 Or again, for a short time, they have one mind...
26:24 and they give their power and their strength
26:26 unto the beast and they make war with the lamb...
26:29 so this miracle and this unity that takes place
26:32 between these two, three powers causes the entire world
26:35 to give their power to the beast.
26:37 All of the kings that have received no kingdom as yet...
26:40 we know that these ten horns
26:42 are different from the ten horns of Revelation 13,
26:44 those ten horns are pointing back to Daniel...
26:45 they have crowns...
26:47 these ones haven't received a kingdom as yet
26:48 so this is definitely future.
26:50 What this is pointing us to is the time
26:52 when the wound is healed,
26:54 the book of Revelation, chapter 13 talks about
26:57 how the lamb-beast gives it's power to the sea-beast...
27:01 so they become one...
27:02 he makes an image to the beast, they become one...
27:04 and the dragon, of course,
27:05 has already given its seat and power to this beast
27:07 so it's one...
27:08 so what Ivor's bringing out here is this is a three-fold union...
27:11 that's taking place right here
27:13 which is a counterfeit of the three-fold union of heaven.
27:15 There's a three-fold union
27:16 and it gains the support of the entire world...
27:18 all the kings of the earth...
27:20 the entire world give their support
27:21 to this three-fold union.
27:23 And James, the only way the entire world comes together,
27:25 it would have to take a miracle...
27:27 with our divided world... it would have to take a miracle
27:30 to bring the whole world together
27:32 and that's exactly what we see happening...
27:34 this is why they give their power to this beast.
27:37 And it takes place... they come out of the bottomless pit,
27:39 the bottomless pit is a place of darkness and confusion,
27:42 that's what our world looks like today.
27:43 So the contrast...
27:44 of the darkness and confusion of this world,
27:46 the alienation... the strife... the war...
27:48 the bloodshed... the division...
27:49 and then this unity coming out, this power coming out...
27:52 miracles coming forth...
27:53 just draws the whole world together in its grip.
27:59 That's right.


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