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The Seven Kings

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:30 So we are still in Revelation 17
00:31 I think it will be good for us
00:33 to just pick up where we left off
00:35 and summarize and identify the seven kings.
00:37 So we'll summarize
00:39 what we've learned about these seven kings
00:41 "that is... and is not... and yet is... "
00:43 and then we'll look at where there was and is not
00:46 and then we'll look at the identification... finish this up
00:49 and then, we're going to move right into 18...
00:51 remember now, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19...
00:54 all about the judgments, the plagues... the wrath of God
00:58 but explaining in more detail why, why, why, why, why...
01:02 and when we started Revelation 17
01:04 we looked at one of the reasons why
01:06 the blood of martyrs... the blood of saints...
01:08 the cup of fornication...
01:10 of the kings of the earth and the abominations...
01:12 the terrible things that this System has been involved in
01:16 is the reason why...
01:17 and God just says, "We're done with that...
01:20 that's got to go... there's a consequence to this evil,
01:23 I'm going to allow that consequence to come
01:25 and finish... that's what we're seeing...
01:27 the big picture of what we're seeing here in relation to God
01:30 and God's character is on the line...
01:32 is it okay for Him to deal with evil and take it out?
01:34 Are we okay with that?
01:35 You know God's love, God's mercy
01:38 is justice part of that love and mercy
01:40 and I think what the Bible is telling us is, "yes... "
01:42 the angels of heaven are saying, "yes"
01:44 and He wants us to say, "Yes" also.
01:46 All right, let's pray together, Yvonne, would you pray for us?
01:48 Sure, "Father God, what a privilege it is
01:51 to study your Word and to learn about the Plan of Salvation
01:55 through the book of Revelation.
01:57 We're just so grateful that you've given us this
02:00 so we pray that your Spirit would just enlighten us
02:03 and illuminate this information for us
02:06 and help us to not only be hearers...
02:09 but doers of the Word as well
02:10 we pray in Jesus' name, amen. "
02:12 "Amen. "
02:13 I think in a sense Daniel 2 helps us with this
02:17 in Revelation 17 there's a summary
02:20 really... of history... of powers that have cumulated
02:24 and given their... they've lost their military might
02:28 but they've given their... their... their culture...
02:31 they've passed their culture on.
02:33 When Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 talk about
02:35 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome...
02:37 all these ancient powers... kingdoms...
02:40 it talks about how their military might was taken away
02:42 but their lives were prolonged for a season and a time...
02:45 and so, in Daniel chapter 2,
02:48 when the stone which represents Christ
02:50 hits the image at the feet, it brings down the entire image
02:53 which includes Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome,
02:56 and that's the 2nd coming of Jesus
02:57 and I think that's what we're talking about here,
02:59 that picture will help us with identifying these seven kings.
03:02 I think that picture will help us.
03:04 Pause...
03:06 So, let's... let's... go back to Revelation 17
03:11 and we're going to pick it right up in verse 8,
03:16 Revelation 17 verse 8 so Jason,
03:21 would you go ahead and read verse 8 again please?
03:25 Sure, "The beast that thou sawest was, and is not;
03:29 and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit,
03:31 and go into perdition:
03:32 and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder,
03:35 whose names were not written in the book of life
03:38 from the foundation of the world,
03:39 when they behold the beast
03:41 that was, and is not, and yet is. "
03:43 Okay, so from our last Program, we saw that this beast
03:47 is the same as the one found in Revelation chapter 13,
03:52 right, the Bible talks about Revelation 13 verse 3
03:56 that one of his heads was wounded to death
03:59 and the deadly wound was healed,
04:00 we recognized that as the Papal power.
04:02 In 1798, it receives a deadly wound...
04:04 it still existed
04:06 although it did not have authority
04:08 to persecute as it did in the Dark Ages.
04:11 "So it was... is not...
04:19 and yet is... "
04:23 in other words, it is... and yet...
04:25 we're talking about the ... System right,
04:28 "it isn't and yet is... " right?
04:31 So, this is the beast in its wounded state
04:34 and then it shall ascend,
04:37 its wound will be healed
04:40 and it's healed when we have this three-fold union
04:43 of Dragon, Beast, False Prophet,
04:46 so when we see in Revelation 17:8,
04:48 that it was... is not... and is to... or shall ascend...
04:54 you know we're talking about the same power,
04:55 we also know that because right when this happens...
04:58 it says, "all the world... "
04:59 those who were not written in the Lamb's book of life
05:01 wondering... "Ah man, we go to Revelation chapter 13
05:04 verse 3... and right after the deadly wound is healed,
05:07 James: Everyone is wondering...
05:09 Ivor: actually in verse 4 what does it say
05:11 right after the wound is healed, "they worshipped the... " who?
05:14 "the dragon... " who were they worshipping?
05:18 The dragon... hey, the dragon, they worshipped the dragon
05:23 remember in Revelation 12 verse 11 and verse 12 or 13...
05:28 around there... we talked about
05:29 how the dragon has come down unto you
05:31 knowing he has but a short time...
05:33 so we're seeing these events line up...
05:37 God is showing us... like from Revelation 12 onward,
05:40 He's showing us, "Hey, I just want you to know
05:42 by-the-way, the dragon is going to appear.
05:44 He's coming... when this happens
05:46 the whole world is going to wonder,
05:48 when this happens... He has but a what time?
05:50 A short time.
05:52 Another thing there too, I think it's really important
05:54 because what we're doing is... we're identifying the 7th...
05:56 the 7th king... as a three-fold union...
05:59 so, Ivor is bringing out in Revelation 13,
06:02 that when they worship the beast they're worshipping the dragon
06:04 and also, the 2nd beast that comes out of the earth...
06:07 makes an image to the first beast and commands
06:10 that the whole world should worship the first beast,
06:12 the image to the first beast is to worship the first beast,
06:14 but it's done through this land beast...
06:17 so you have the land beast, America, United States...
06:20 you have the Papacy... the sea beast
06:22 and then you have the dragon
06:23 together it's a three-fold union in Revelation 13...
06:26 Revelation 17 is just summarizing that
06:28 so the seventh head... that ascends out
06:31 is going to be ascending up
06:32 because it has the support of the dragon
06:34 and it has the support of the land beast.
06:36 It's one power in that seventh head.
06:38 That's right and remember how we talked about
06:40 how the beast was and is... it was... is not... yet is...
06:45 and is to come...
06:46 that Jesus... that phrase, was... is... and is to come...
06:51 is directly related to Jesus Christ,
06:53 so what we see here is the fact that this beast
06:56 is actually counterfeiting the movement of Christ,
07:00 right, who was... and is... and is to come...
07:03 all right... so... we looked at those things to identify.
07:07 James: One more thing... Ivor: Go ahead.
07:08 James: One more thing... so... just to give our Viewers
07:11 a little bit more Biblical evidence for this...
07:16 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2
07:17 and this verse just came to me.
07:19 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2, same thing...
07:20 you have the man of sin, right,
07:22 what is he trying to do?
07:24 Well, in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2,
07:27 it says here, that... in verse 4...
07:29 "He opposes and exalts himself
07:31 above all that is called God, or that is worshipped;
07:34 so that he as God sits in the temple of God
07:38 shewing himself that he is God. "
07:40 Hmmm... hmmm... Yes, yes...
07:41 So, it's really important for us to recognize this...
07:44 this is a counterfeit of God... it's counterfeit of Christ...
07:46 Ivor: Yeah, hey, would you...
07:47 what does the verse right before it say?
07:49 James: The verse before it says, "Let no man deceive you... "
07:52 Ivor: Yeah.
07:53 James: Okay, "by any means: for that day shall not come,
07:55 except there be a falling away first,
07:57 and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition... "
07:59 Ivor: Okay, so that word...
08:01 we talked about that before... that word, "revealed"
08:03 "apokalupto" it means: the apocalypse
08:06 which is the very name of the book of Revelation
08:08 which points to the coming
08:10 or the revelation of Jesus Christ's second coming
08:13 so, what is... what is this power going to do?
08:16 It's going to seek to impersonate
08:18 the 2nd coming of Christ,
08:20 this is the thing that causes the whole world
08:23 to wonder, right, after the beast.
08:25 In fact, Jesus said it this way,
08:29 "when you see the abomination of desolation
08:32 standing in the Holy Place... "
08:34 right, "then know... that it's time for you to run. "
08:39 He ends that whole discourse about
08:43 "when you see the abomination of desolation"
08:45 which we understand to be the very same thing...
08:47 the healing of the deadly wound,
08:48 it's the same thing being explained in various ways.
08:52 The seventh king that is to come,
08:53 the healing of the deadly wound,
08:55 the abomination of desolation is there,
08:57 the man of sin sitting at the temple of God showing...
08:59 it's all the same thing
09:01 but in Matthew 24, He ends it by saying this,
09:05 "When you see the leaves of the fig tree growing
09:09 know... " He says, "know that,
09:11 understand the parable of the fig tree...
09:12 when you see the leaves of the fig tree coming to life,
09:15 know... you know that summer's nigh.
09:17 So, likewise... " He says,
09:20 "you will know that the end of all things is near...
09:23 when you... the generation that sees this,
09:25 this generation will not pass. "
09:26 Well, what happens to a tree in the winter?
09:30 It dies... supposedly... it goes dormant...
09:33 Yeah, it goes dormant right, it dies but it's not really dead
09:37 Hmmm... right, right, right. Come on now.
09:40 So when the leaves begin to come forth,
09:43 you see... oh life... yet... it's coming back to life...
09:48 right, He says, "the generation that sees this,
09:53 that generation is not going to pass. "
09:54 Couple more points here, Ivor, while we're here,
09:57 this is really incredible.
09:59 "The son perdition... " remember, goes into perdition...
10:02 goes into perdition... goes into perdition,
10:03 now check this verse out...
10:04 you've forgotten about this one but this is good.
10:06 it says, "Even him whose coming is after the working of Satan
10:11 with all power and signs and lying wonders. "
10:15 Okay, so you've got the man of sin here
10:18 and you've got Satan here okay
10:21 with signs and lying wonders
10:24 and then, I want to just read this because
10:26 this is what we talked about earlier
10:28 "he comes with all deceivableness
10:30 of unrighteousness in them that perish:
10:32 because they received not the love of the truth... "
10:33 And so God is going to do what?
10:35 "send strong delusion,
10:36 that they should believe a lie" because they...
10:38 "That they might be damned that believe not the truth,
10:40 but have pleasure in unrighteousness. "
10:42 Hmmm... That's right... that's right.
10:43 So, it's not that God is... is deceiving us...
10:47 it's see... we are deceived
10:49 because we refuse to love the truth,
10:51 we refuse to take ahold of righteousness
10:53 and therefore, the strong delusion takes us.
10:55 Yeah... Hmmm...
10:57 It's one or the other...
10:58 we have to make a choice for the truth
10:59 if not we're going to be deceived.
11:01 The strong delusion is the "wondering time"
11:04 let's call it that, "the wondering time"
11:07 when the whole world wonders, it's a strong delusion,
11:10 the "wondering time... " the short space...
11:13 the short time... God... the way that...
11:15 you know, in Math... we talked about this before,
11:17 in Math you can check your problem,
11:19 you know, you reverse it, you check...
11:20 that's what He's doing for us in the Scripture,
11:22 He's giving us these... different symbols
11:24 but talking about the very same event,
11:27 and He's saying, "If you get this right,
11:29 you'll see that all of this lines up. "
11:32 Right, so let's go back to Revelation 17
11:34 and we'll look at, now, verse 8, I'm sorry, verse 9
11:41 and verse 10.
11:44 Would you read that Yvonne? Hmmm... hmmm...
11:46 "Here is the mind which has wisdom.
11:48 The seven heads are seven mountains,
11:50 on which the woman sits.
11:52 There are also seven kings: five are fallen, and one is,
11:56 and the other has not yet come;
11:58 and when he comes, he must continue a short time. "
12:02 Okay, so here you have this,
12:04 okay, so now he's saying, "Hey, five are fallen... "
12:06 remember we talked about that's the "was...
12:09 one is... and the other is not yet come. "
12:12 So the one that's not yet come is Number seven.
12:14 Five... one is... six...
12:17 and seven is the one that is yet to come
12:20 right, we are waiting for the seventh king to come
12:24 in the meantime, we're in the time of the sixth king
12:27 right, and five have fallen.
12:29 So, what does this all mean?
12:31 Who were the five, the sixth and the seventh?
12:33 Well, what James mentioned earlier
12:35 about the book of Daniel helping us,
12:38 is that... in the prophecy of Daniel
12:40 we're very specifically told
12:42 that these four beasts that Daniel sees,
12:47 the angel says, "these four beasts are four kings. "
12:51 Daniel 7:17... and 23...
12:53 Yes, so that's Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome...
12:56 okay, so man! we got four of the seven down,
12:59 we know... these are four kings.
13:01 And we know that they apply to Revelation 17 because
13:04 the image in Daniel 2 is still standing
13:06 when the stone hits it at the 2nd coming of Jesus
13:09 so we know these kingdoms are still part of
13:11 the picture... part of the puzzle right here.
13:12 Absolutely, absolutely,
13:14 so you've got four kings down, right?
13:15 So, who is the king that comes after Rome? Okay.
13:20 Well, we know that because we've been studying that all along,
13:24 what power rose out of Rome? It is Papal Rome, right,
13:29 the Little Horn...
13:32 but we're actually told that the Little Horn is a King.
13:34 Yes, go over to Daniel chapter 8
13:37 just hold your place here we'll look at Daniel 8...
13:39 let's read... I believe it is verse 23...
13:44 Daniel 8 verse 23.
13:47 Pause...
13:49 "And in the latter time of their kingdom,
13:52 when the transgressors are come to the full,
13:54 a king of fierce countenance,
13:56 and understanding dark sentences,
13:58 shall stand up. "
13:59 Verse 24, "And his power shall be mighty,
14:01 but not by his own power:
14:03 and he shall destroy wonderfully,
14:04 and shall prosper and practice,
14:06 and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. "
14:08 So, here's what we begin to do now,
14:10 when we read this stuff... you should be like...
14:12 "Ah... this is the woman of Revelation 17... "
14:15 you see what I'm saying?
14:17 The more connecting points you have,
14:19 the easier it becomes to understand.
14:22 "Oh, this is the little horn of Daniel 7."
14:24 "Oh, this is the first beast of Revelation 13... "
14:27 "Oh, this is the woman of Revelation 17... "
14:30 You're having more points of understanding.
14:33 You see what I'm saying?
14:34 You're seeing it from these different angles.
14:35 Yeah, verse 25, "He magnifies himself in his heart... "
14:38 and then in 2nd Thessalonians,
14:40 he stands up against the prince of princes,
14:42 counterfeits Christ, mediator, priest... it's all there.
14:45 The point is, he's called the king...
14:47 the point is, he's called the king.
14:49 Exactly, so now we've got five kings
14:51 and we know what happens to this fifth king.
14:55 He receives a deadly wound, right, from Atheism.
15:00 Okay, so now we've got five kings that have fallen,
15:04 right, or that were... we know, who is to come...
15:07 so, right now, we're in the time of the sixth king.
15:11 right, we're in the time of the sixth king,
15:13 now, the question is, "Who is the sixth king?"
15:15 and there is some debate about this
15:18 but I think there is a reasonable space
15:20 to conclude that
15:22 it can be one of...
15:24 any one of these two kings.
15:26 But we know it is the time of Atheism.
15:27 We know it is the time of Atheism.
15:28 Right, so... to make it plain, to make it very simple,
15:32 when the French Revolution occurred,
15:35 which... we're going to tell our readers this
15:38 but... "readers" our Viewers this
15:41 but we're asking you to just
15:43 kind of go with us on this
15:46 because we're going to cover it in the book of Daniel
15:48 in more detail by the grace of God, okay,
15:51 but in Daniel chapter 11
15:52 which is the calculus chapter of Daniel,
15:56 okay, that's the... yeah, that's the...
15:59 what is he talking about, right?
16:02 Daniel 11 is Revelation chapter 17.
16:05 Okay, but in Daniel 11, Atheism is described by a title,
16:13 "King of the South" okay,
16:16 it's called the King of the South
16:18 or the King of Egypt.
16:20 We know that in Revelation 11, Egypt is described
16:24 as the power out of which this...
16:26 I mean, the place out of which this power...
16:28 it is a power... right... which was France...
16:30 symbolically France.
16:32 And Exodus 5:2 also says, "Who is God that I should obey
16:36 to let His people go?"
16:37 It's an Atheistic principle and Atheistic power.
16:39 And it is that Atheistic power
16:41 that brought about the deadly wound
16:44 right, of the Papacy.
16:46 So, the reason that the Papacy is not...
16:49 is because this King of the South
16:52 took it down. Hmmm...
16:54 James: That's the sixth king.
16:56 Ivor: You see what I'm saying? Hmmm...
16:57 The sixth king involved the time where the woman is not...
17:01 James: Right... she is...
17:03 she's alive but she's not reigning.
17:05 Ivor: That's right and she's not reigning because Atheism
17:08 has taken her down.
17:09 Yvonne: Okay.
17:10 James: But she will be... she'll ascend out of that pit.
17:12 Ivor: She's going to ascend...
17:13 Atheism arose out of that bottomless pit,
17:15 Atheism... witness... the woman will come back...
17:19 right, but she's coming back with even more...
17:22 James: Hmmm... hmmm... three-fold Power...
17:24 Ivor: If she had power... think about the power...
17:27 the persecution she was able to do during the Dark Ages,
17:29 she's coming back with three-fold power.
17:31 James: And the horns...
17:33 the ten horns fully supporting her.
17:35 Ivor: Exactly, so the world wonders...
17:37 this is the 7th king that comes up,
17:40 let's go back to Revelation chapter 17, so now...
17:43 James: In fact, she has so much power
17:44 that she's going to make war with the Lamb.
17:45 Ivor: That's right.
17:47 James: We're going to get to that in a minute,
17:48 that's how much power she has.
17:50 Ivor: That's right, Revelation 17 and...
17:51 James: So we got six kings...
17:52 Ivor: Six kings and now, verse 10, let me read it again,
17:57 so there are seven kings:
17:58 five are fallen... who were the five?
18:01 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.
18:04 Okay, and the fifth?
18:06 The fifth one was...
18:07 Who comes after pagan Rome?
18:10 Oh, Papal Rome.
18:11 And then the sixth... what is that?
18:15 At least the time period we know is where
18:17 Atheism as the king of the south
18:20 has taken down the Papacy.
18:23 Right...
18:24 So, the Papacy is... but it is not...
18:27 it's wounded...
18:28 it still exists...
18:30 but not in the state of power that it had.
18:32 Right...
18:33 Well, we know the deadly wound is going to be... what?
18:34 Yvonne: Healed...
18:36 Ivor: Healed and he will come again.
18:37 He will come...
18:40 "He will come again" isn't that what Jesus does?
18:44 Jesus comes again, right?
18:47 He will ascend and come again
18:49 counterfeiting the second coming.
18:52 In fact, it is a second coming, because he came once before,
18:57 he's coming again
18:58 but this time with more power...
19:00 with more authority
19:02 because he's coming with a...
19:03 he's coming: Dragon, Beast, False Prophet...
19:07 three-fold power.
19:08 Okay, now, notice end of verse 11,
19:12 "The beast that was... "
19:15 oh I'm sorry... verse... we just read verse 10.
19:20 "when he cometh... " end of verse 10...
19:21 "when he cometh, he must continue a... " what?
19:24 "a short space. "
19:25 That's going to be that time of trouble
19:30 that short time that the dragon knows that he has.
19:36 That's going to be... yeah... "fig leaves"
19:39 fig leaves... okay...
19:42 so, now we get over... verse 11,
19:44 "And the beast that was, and is not,
19:46 even he is the eighth, and is of the seven,
19:50 and goeth into perdition. "
19:51 Okay, now what does this mean? "Eighth. "
19:53 James: There is no eighth...
19:54 there's only seven... there's only seven.
19:55 Ivor: Seven... but eighth? Huh?
19:59 So...
20:01 James: It's explained here because it says there,
20:03 "he is the eighth... and is one of the seven"
20:05 or comes out of the seven...
20:06 this is a unique power...
20:08 that's why it's identified as an eighth
20:10 but he's really one of the seven.
20:11 Ivor: Yeah, so the question is, "How is he the eight?"
20:16 Well, it says he goes into perdition
20:19 so what does that mean? "Goes into perdition?"
20:21 Yvonne: Destruction?
20:23 Ivor: Yeah, so what happens when Jesus comes again?
20:25 We're told that Satan is actually cast into where?
20:30 James: Lake of fire...
20:32 Ivor: Not lake of fire yet... to a bottomless pit
20:34 right? and so, they go down,
20:38 that whole power... the beast... the...
20:40 everyone dies... right?
20:42 but there's some... is that the end of them?
20:44 James: No...
20:45 Ivor: Is that the end of King Seven?
20:47 No, because King Seven is coming back, isn't he?
20:50 When does King Seven come back on the scene?
20:52 James: After the 1,000 years.
20:55 Ivor: At the end of the 1,000 years what happens to Satan?
20:58 He is loosed from his prison...
21:01 the Beast and the False Prophet come back to life
21:06 because that now represents the whole world.
21:09 Right?
21:10 All the wicked...
21:12 where are the righteous? They're in heaven, right,
21:15 they're in Mount Zion...
21:16 What happens at the end of the 1,000 years?
21:18 Mount Zion which is on the sides of the north...
21:22 is coming down... Satan is let out of his...
21:27 and he is the...
21:28 he is the... the Dragon, Beast, False Prophet reunite
21:32 at the end of the 1,000 years to launch their final assault
21:36 on the sides of the north.
21:38 Hmmm...
21:40 So, it's not an eighth king... it's the same seventh king
21:44 but he rises up once more for that final assault.
21:48 James: Good... he's one of the seven
21:50 but it's another assault so it's the eighth.
21:53 Absolutely.
21:54 Does that make sense? Yeah... yeah...
21:55 The Seven take place before the 1,000 years...
21:57 the eighth takes place after...
21:58 After the 1,000 years.
22:00 Yvonne: But it's the same, isn't it?
22:01 James: It's the same power. Yvonne: Wow!
22:02 Ivor: And what did he try to do in heaven?
22:04 He wanted to sit on the sides of the north.
22:05 What does he try to do on earth?
22:06 He wanted to sit on the sides of the north.
22:09 At the end of the millennium, what's he trying to do?
22:13 He's trying one last time to take the sides of the north.
22:17 Hmmm... hmmm...
22:20 Hmmm... wow!
22:22 "And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings,
22:24 which have received no kingdom as yet;
22:25 but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. "
22:28 Short time... Yes...
22:29 God does not allowed this to go very long.
22:31 Yes.
22:32 It's a short time... because it's overwhelming
22:34 but it brings everyone to a point of decision
22:36 and then it says, "These have one mind... "
22:39 verse 13...
22:40 "they give their power and strength unto the beast. "
22:42 Now, notice this, read verse 14 for us, Jason.
22:44 All right, verse 14...
22:47 "These shall make war with the Lamb,
22:49 and the Lamb shall overcome them:
22:51 for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings:
22:53 and they that are with him are called,
22:55 and chosen, and faithful. "
22:57 Can you imagine that?
22:58 Can you imagine the audacity,
23:02 he's going to make war with the Lamb...
23:04 he's making war with God...
23:05 he is making war with the King of the universe
23:09 but the Lamb will overcome them.
23:12 The Lamb will overcome them.
23:14 How does a Lamb overcome these kinds of powers?
23:17 See, here... right here we're talking about
23:20 the Lamb as in the Cross.
23:21 We're talking about the Lamb as in Calvary,
23:23 we're talking about the principles of unselfish love...
23:26 of other-centered love...
23:27 overcoming these powers
23:29 and that's the only way we can overcome.
23:31 Focus has to be on those principles... love...
23:33 believes all things... hopes all things...
23:36 endures all things... love never fails.
23:38 Even prophecy will fail but love will never fail.
23:41 So, when I was in the world, I was a Martial Artist,
23:44 Hmmm... hmmm... ditto...
23:45 We used to do all kinds of fighting styles right,
23:47 and what's interesting is that in the Martial Arts,
23:50 fighting styles are usually named after animals...
23:52 Hmmm... hmmm...
23:53 So, dragon style...
23:55 many of us fight dragon style right?
23:57 We shouldn't be fighting dragon style,
24:00 but we fight dragon style...
24:02 we follow the pattern of the dragon
24:03 and so, when you think about it,
24:05 whoa... this final conflict...
24:07 it's dragon style versus Lamb style
24:11 and we're like... "Wait a minute... can a... "
24:14 James: "Can a Lamb beat the dragon?"
24:16 Ivor: Master, can Lamb beat the dragon?"
24:19 Yes... the Lamb will beat the dragon.
24:22 we need to learn... "Lamb style. "
24:26 Yes... oh it's good.
24:28 Lamb style...
24:30 "He said unto me, The waters which you saw,
24:31 where the whore sits,
24:33 are peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues. "
24:35 This is a verse we refer to many times
24:38 and it's just a clarification for us,
24:39 this is talking about people,
24:41 it's not talking... the symbols here need to be broken down.
24:43 "And the ten horns which you saw upon the beast,
24:46 these will hate the whore...
24:47 will make her desolate and naked,
24:49 and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
24:51 For God has put in their hearts to fulfil his will,
24:54 and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast,
24:56 until the words of God shall be fulfilled. "
24:58 So, you have these powers of the earth giving their support
25:02 but then... drying up...
25:04 that's what we read in Revelation 16.
25:05 They support... the waters support Babylon
25:09 but then they dry up...
25:10 they dry up when they realize they've been deceived,
25:12 they dry up when they realize,
25:13 "Whoa, we have been completely taken
25:16 into this deception and this woman...
25:19 this System has led us to perdition"
25:22 and they get angry,
25:23 they manifest the natural consequences of their...
25:28 of the deception they've received.
25:30 So, God is putting it out here...
25:31 He's telling us... "this is... "
25:33 it says, "God has put this in their hearts... "
25:35 it means God...
25:36 we make decisions and choices against God
25:38 but God can still use us to fulfill His will.
25:41 Pharaoh was still used of God
25:43 even though he totally rejected God,
25:44 he was still used of God to fulfill God's will
25:46 and as an instrument...
25:49 where God could manifest His glory
25:51 and deliver His people out of Egypt
25:52 and then it says, and I'm just...
25:54 I'm moving through this because we've got two minutes left,
25:56 "And the woman which thou sawest is that great city,
26:00 which reigns over the kings of the earth. "
26:02 So the woman is that great city.
26:04 That was split up... it was divided into three parts,
26:08 Dragon, Beast, False Prophet.
26:11 So, basically, Revelation chapter 17,
26:14 is an explanation of why God is bringing these plagues,
26:19 why God is bringing these judgments
26:21 and the explanation takes us all the way back to Babylon,
26:24 Medo Persia, Greece, Rome...
26:26 what it's telling us... is that God has been longsuffering
26:30 toward thee in grace... and we haven't changed...
26:32 we're still selfish, we're still self-seeking,
26:34 we're still self-exalting, we're still magnifying ourselves
26:37 that's why we support the dragon and the beast,
26:40 we say, "Satan wants to sit on the sides of the north... "
26:43 we do... Hmmm...
26:44 We say, "Satan's the one that wants to take God's place"
26:47 but Adam and Eve were tempted and...
26:48 "You'll be like Gods... " so we bit into it.
26:51 That has been instilled in us from the fall
26:54 and God wants to remove it
26:55 because to be like God
26:57 is not to be self-seeking and self-exalting,
26:59 to be like God is to be selfless... other-centered
27:02 and so God is seeking to restore us to that eventual image.
27:05 Daniel 2... you know... in Daniel 2...
27:07 when a stone is cut out without hands
27:09 and strikes the image on the feet, we're not told why.
27:11 We're just like... "that's strange... "
27:14 everything from Daniel 2 onward...
27:17 the prophetic chapters... is answering that question,
27:19 this is why... the...
27:21 Daniel 7... "Oh... a little horn"
27:24 Daniel 8... "Oh, he does what?"
27:27 Daniel 11... and you go on...
27:30 Revelation... a whole book of Revelation...
27:31 is just showing, "Hey, let me show you why
27:33 that stone comes... "
27:34 Yeah, all these chapters on judgment...
27:37 we think, "Why... why so many chapters on judgment?
27:39 Is God really mad?" No...
27:40 every one of them unfolds a different perspective
27:42 of why it is... these judgments are coming.
27:45 It gives us another insight to the reasons.
27:47 I know people are going to have questions,
27:50 this is a tough chapter.
27:51 And that's exactly why they should send it to:
27:53 sss@3abn. org
27:55 Amen, so send your questions in...
27:57 we look forward to our next Program together,
27:59 Revelation 18 next.


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