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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:29 Okay, okay, we are almost finished
00:32 with the book of Revelation.
00:34 Wow! Wow.
00:35 We are almost done...
00:36 literally done... yeah...
00:38 we are in Revelation 19,
00:39 we're going to start in about verse 11
00:41 and then we have Revelation 20 and then 21 and 22.
00:44 So, probably just three or four more sessions
00:47 programs together and we're going to be done.
00:50 Revelation 19... the first part of it is basically
00:54 well, we didn't actually read verses 8 and 9
00:57 so we'll include those in this program
00:59 but this first part of it is just...
01:01 God's calling us to just rejoice
01:03 because evil has to come to an end
01:04 because He has brought justice to Babylon,
01:07 He's brought Babylon down
01:09 and all the wickedness that's inside...
01:11 it's become so bad that it's become the habitations of devils
01:14 and every unclean and hateful bird
01:16 and so God's brought it to an end
01:18 and heaven and earth are to rejoice over that,
01:19 at least God's people are to rejoice over that and we should.
01:22 We should be positive and happy
01:24 and rejoicing over the end of evil and sin
01:27 and pain and suffering
01:29 and then Revelation 19... we'll look at 8 and 9
01:32 but the rest of this chapter here is talking about our future
01:35 and talking about how Christ Himself is going to deliver us
01:39 in this battle of Armageddon
01:40 and so, we need to get into that.
01:42 Maybe we can start with a word of prayer
01:44 and we'll get right into the verse.
01:45 Jason, would you like to pray for us?
01:47 Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:49 we are finally almost at the end of Revelation,
01:53 we ask that you would help us
01:56 to recall everything that we have studied thus far,
01:59 that you would be with our Viewers,
02:00 help them to recall everything
02:02 and that you would continue to bless the rest of our study
02:07 and also when we go on to Daniel too
02:09 and in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
02:11 "Amen. "
02:12 Going into Daniel... you're ready for Daniel...
02:16 Can't even get out of Revelation... go to Daniel...
02:20 We're almost there.
02:22 Well, let's start, Yvonne, would you like to pick up for us
02:23 in Revelation chapter 19 and verse...
02:27 Ivor: Start with verse 7...
02:30 James: I was going to say seven too, all right, seven.
02:33 Okay, "Let us be glad and rejoice, and give him glory:
02:36 for the marriage of the Lamb has come,
02:38 and his wife has made herself ready.
02:40 And to her it was granted
02:42 that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright:
02:45 for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.
02:48 Then he said to me, Write, Blessed are those
02:51 who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
02:54 And he said to me,
02:55 These are the true sayings of God.
02:58 And I fell at his feet to worship him,
03:00 but he said to me, See that you do not do that:
03:02 I'm your fellow servant, and of your brethren
03:05 who have the testimony of Jesus worship God:
03:08 for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. "
03:11 Hmmm... you know,
03:13 there are a couple of points here that are really significant
03:17 and the one that I want us to look at first
03:20 is the one in the last verse, verse 10
03:22 which I think is really interesting.
03:24 It happens in another place also
03:26 and that is... is that John makes the mistake
03:30 of falling down to worship this being...
03:33 this heavenly being...
03:35 and the heavenly being responds
03:37 after all of this history that we denoted
03:41 especially in Job chapter 41,
03:43 it all began with pride and self-exaltation
03:46 and this heavenly being just recoils back
03:50 and I... it's not so much that the heavenly being says,
03:53 "You know, I'm not really God...
03:54 I'm not really worthy of your worship"
03:56 but it's more like,
03:57 "No way, I remember how this all began
04:01 and I'm not going to accept this"
04:02 because there was a being in heaven who actually accepted
04:05 that kind of adoration from angels in less-exalted positions
04:08 that looked up to him
04:09 and, therefore, he thought, "I should be equal with God,
04:12 these guys think I'm equal with God"
04:14 and he allowed himself to be thought of in that way
04:16 and this being is saying,
04:18 "No... I'm one of you, I'm your fellow servant
04:20 I'm just a created being, do not worship me,
04:23 I don't want anything to do with that,
04:25 I don't want this whole thing to start all over again. "
04:26 This might have even been one of the ones
04:28 that was leaning that way and was finally convinced,
04:31 if you know what I'm saying, it's a beautiful picture
04:34 the other thing... you... go ahead, Ivor.
04:37 Ivor: I was going to...
04:39 well, you were about to say something so go ahead, Yvonne.
04:43 Yvonne: I was just going to say that this verse, verse 7...
04:47 it just... it... it...
04:50 everything that you have been teaching
04:54 has actually been leading up to this,
04:57 the marriage...
04:59 Ivor: I knew that's where you were going.
05:01 Yvonne: Did you? how did you know?
05:02 Ivor: Because that's where I was going,
05:04 that's why I said, "Why don't you read verse 7."
05:06 Yvonne: It's so beautiful... this is...
05:11 "the marriage of the Lamb has come... " it is here...
05:14 you know, when you're getting married
05:16 and you're having a wedding,
05:18 there's so much preparation that goes into that, right,
05:21 so you're preparing... preparing for one day...
05:23 the marriage of the Lamb has come
05:27 and this is what...
05:29 this... the whole Bible...
05:31 has been leading up to this one event
05:33 and it's here.
05:35 Ivor: Revelation 19:7...
05:38 Yvonne: Yes, yes.
05:39 Ivor: The bride has made herself ready.
05:41 Yvonne: Yes.
05:42 Ivor: So, hold your place there
05:44 because, you see the context of this is that
05:47 "Jesus is coming for His bride"
05:50 right... that's why... Revelation 19:9 onwards...
05:54 He's coming for His bride
05:55 right... but I want you to notice
05:57 let's go over to... there's a chapter in the book of Proverbs
06:00 that talks about... let's just turn there... Proverbs 31.
06:06 Oh yeah... Proverbs 31...
06:08 And I want you to notice how the Proverb begins.
06:12 Proverbs 31 and... whichever one of you finds that first,
06:19 go ahead and... and read.
06:21 Pause.
06:23 "The words of King Lemuel,
06:25 the prophecy that his mother taught him... "
06:28 Ivor: Okay, stop right there,
06:30 the "what" that his mother taught him?
06:31 The prophecy...
06:33 So Proverbs 31 is a... what?
06:34 It's a prophecy.
06:36 Isn't that interesting? It's a prophecy
06:39 and now... notice what it goes on to say,
06:42 "What, my son? and what, the son of my womb?
06:46 and what, the son of my vows?
06:47 Give not thy strength unto... " who?
06:49 "Women"
06:50 "nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.
06:53 It is not for kings, O Lemuel,
06:56 it is not for kings to drink... " what?
06:57 "Wine... "
06:59 "nor for princes strong drink:
07:01 Lest they drink... " and what?
07:03 "Forget the Law... "
07:05 Yvonne: Oh my!
07:07 Ivor: "and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted. "
07:10 You know... His children... His little ones,
07:13 pause...
07:15 Yvonne: Babylon is behaving...
07:17 Ivor: Yeah, so here you have... the Bible basically warning
07:20 "Don't give your strength unto women... "
07:22 now remember, in prophetic language
07:24 a woman represents a church.
07:27 James: And they're not defiled with women.
07:28 Ivor: These are not defiled with women... right,
07:30 these are these women these who are...
07:33 Yvonne: Oh, look at that!
07:34 Ivor: don't drink their wine lest they...
07:35 because if you drink their wine it will lead you to forget
07:38 what God said to remember.
07:40 James: The Law. Hmmm... hmmm...
07:41 Ivor: So what did God say to remember?
07:43 Right, His Law... His Sabbath,
07:44 drinking this wine leads you to forget the Law
07:47 and leads you to forget the Sabbath
07:49 now, He says all that, right, now.
07:50 James: Strong drink goes to those who perish.
07:52 Ivor: That's right.
07:53 James: "For God so loved the world He gave His only Son,
07:54 whoever believes in Him should not perish. "
07:56 Ivor: That's right. Yvonne: Wow!
07:57 Ivor: Now verse 10...
07:59 you're going to read that for me, Yvonne?
08:01 Yvonne: "Who can find a virtuous wife?
08:04 for her worth is far above rubies.
08:07 The heart of her husband safely trusts her,
08:09 so he will have no lack of gain.
08:12 She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.
08:15 She seeks wool, and flax,
08:17 and willingly works with her hands.
08:19 She's like the merchants' ships; she brings her food from afar.
08:23 She also rises while it is yet night...
08:26 and provides food for her household... "
08:28 Ivor: Pause right there... okay.
08:30 First, we're talking about, "don't be like these women,
08:32 don't follow these women... "
08:34 and then the chapter turns and says,
08:36 "Oh, by-the-way, let me describe to you
08:38 what a virtuous woman looks like. "
08:40 Hmmm...
08:41 "Who can find a virtuous woman?"
08:44 And then you begin to read all these descriptions
08:47 in prophetic language...
08:48 a woman who brings her goods from afar,
08:53 a woman who feeds her household,
08:55 what you're reading here is a description
08:59 of God's virtuous woman... His church
09:04 and now, now, just going on to the last couple of verses,
09:08 verse 30... verse 30... 29...
09:10 "Many daughters have done virtuously,
09:13 but thou excellest them all.
09:17 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain:
09:20 but a woman that feareth the LORD... "
09:23 we've been talking about that... "fear the Lord...
09:26 a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.
09:29 Give her of the fruit of her hands;
09:31 and let her own works praise her in the gates. "
09:33 What you have here is God saying,
09:35 "Look, at the end of time, I'm going to let it be known
09:37 who the true woman is...
09:39 who the true bride is... "
09:42 so, Revelation chapter 19... "all right... here she is.
09:45 She's made herself ready
09:48 and this is the woman that I'm coming back for,
09:50 not the other women...
09:52 the other women...
09:53 they've caused people to forget the Law,
09:57 this is the bride,
09:58 this is the true woman that I'm coming for. "
10:00 Hmmm... hmmm...
10:02 Yeah. Praise God.
10:03 Wow! There is a kind of a parallel here too
10:08 with Proverbs 31 and then Revelation 18 and 11
10:13 where the merchants of the earth... no I'm sorry...
10:17 yeah, well... "merchandise of gold and silver,
10:20 precious stones and pearls"
10:21 so she's been busy doing stuff too.
10:24 Yes... yes...
10:26 She's been merchandising things that are not good.
10:29 Right.
10:31 This false woman...
10:32 Right... Absolutely.
10:33 And she's caused
10:35 "them to drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication"
10:40 Hmmm... hmmm...
10:41 Well, the point of the virtuous woman is that
10:43 she gets all the stuff to give it to her household
10:45 to take care of her household.
10:47 The purpose of this woman is
10:48 that she gets all the stuff to deck herself...
10:51 gold, silver, pearls... all to deck herself...
10:53 Yvonne: Back to the pride. Ivor: Selfishness.
10:55 James: It's all to deck herself and to glorify herself
10:57 she's taking...
10:59 she's sacrificing and making slaves and souls of men
11:03 to deck herself... and make herself look good
11:06 whereas the virtuous woman
11:08 is actually getting into feed her house
11:09 and clothe her house and take care of her household.
11:11 Yes. Hmmm...
11:13 Different purpose...
11:14 one reflects God and one reflects Satan.
11:16 So, back in 19... we now know... yeah...
11:19 that's what it means... she's made herself ready.
11:21 Hmmm... hmmm... Yes.
11:22 Right, so now, Christ is about to come, right,
11:26 He's about to come to get the bride so we pick up... verse...
11:29 I wanted to make one more point here on verse 8
11:32 and that is... King James...
11:34 "To her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen,
11:36 clean and white:
11:38 for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. "
11:40 It is the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
11:44 So, we have righteous works that we do
11:47 because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ
11:49 because of His grace...
11:50 but it's not our righteousness that we're raiding...
11:54 we're raiding the righteousness of Jesus Christ
11:57 which parallels 12:1... "clothed with the sun"
12:00 that sun represents the righteousness of Jesus
12:02 according to Malachi 4:2,
12:04 "the Sun or righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings"
12:06 it's His righteousness... it always will be
12:09 we may be able to... so perfect Christian characters
12:14 that, as Enoch was,
12:16 we can be translated from this earth without seeing death
12:18 but that righteousness will never replace...
12:21 the way that we live will never replace
12:25 the gift of the righteousness of Jesus Christ,
12:27 that will always be our covering... it's perfect
12:29 and there's no imperfection in Christ's righteousness,
12:32 there is imperfection in ours
12:34 but there's no imperfection in His
12:35 and so that... I just want to emphasize that
12:37 because there is a little bit of a difference
12:39 in translation there with the King James
12:41 and some of the other translations of the Bible,
12:43 that it's Christ's righteousness.
12:44 Hmmm... Amen.
12:45 So, verse 11, and I love this whole thing
12:51 it's interesting isn't it, the saints have been rejoicing
12:57 as evil comes to an end
13:00 and then they hear this call to the wedding,
13:02 the wife's made herself ready
13:03 so now that the wife is ready, the next thing...
13:06 Revelation 19:11 onward... He's coming.
13:08 He's coming to get her because He knows...
13:10 and check this out, He knows that now that the wife is ready
13:14 and everything's done,
13:15 He knows that there's going to be a little bit of a conflict
13:18 that's going to take place,
13:20 because... there's going to be a power...
13:22 and I'm just looking at it here in verse 19,
13:24 "And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth,
13:26 and their armies, gathered together
13:27 to make war against him that sat on the horse,
13:29 and against his army. "
13:30 And so, even back here, let me see...
13:35 oh... no, it was in the previous chapter
13:40 verse 14 of chapter 17,
13:43 "These shall make war with the Lamb,
13:45 and the Lamb shall overcome them:
13:46 for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings:
13:48 and they that are with him are called, and chosen and faithful"
13:50 in other words, here's the picture,
13:51 the wife's ready... evil's coming to an end...
13:54 Babylon has been judged... so Jesus is coming, why?
13:57 because one last thing Satan can do is try to get that bride
14:00 try to get that bride... "I'm going to harm her"
14:03 like you said earlier,
14:04 Jesus is going to come and rescue us
14:06 because he's making war against the Lamb
14:08 and against those that follow Him...
14:09 the dragon is... the devil is...
14:11 and those powers are
14:13 and so Christ is coming to rescue us
14:15 from that last attempt of Satan to destroy us,
14:19 that's what's... he's exposed...
14:21 Yeah, and the picture is... I mean...
14:22 we bring this... all we've been talking about
14:25 it's mind boggling...
14:27 because that attack on the bride at the end of time
14:31 is... you know... you're the woman of Revelation 18
14:34 you see what I'm saying?
14:36 This whole role reversal, you're the one in Revelation 18,
14:39 this is the real Jesus,
14:41 so imagine when the real Jesus...
14:44 the deceived are going to be like,
14:47 "Wait, wait a minute...
14:49 well, if that's Jesus, who are you?"
14:53 James: Yeah, exactly.
14:55 Ivor: "Oh man! I mean... talk about the... "
15:00 James: And then, there's also I think
15:02 the real bride and a counterfeit bride.
15:04 Ivor: That's right.
15:06 James: "This is the real church, well if that's the real church
15:08 then who... what church... who is that bride?"
15:11 And that's going to be an awakening also.
15:13 Let's read these verses,
15:15 I think there's a lot in these verses,
15:16 Revelation 19,
15:18 Jason, can you pick up with verse 11 for us
15:20 and read all the way through to verse 16?
15:23 Okay, "And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse;
15:28 and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True,
15:32 and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
15:35 His eyes were as a flame of fire,
15:37 and on his head were many crowns;
15:39 and he had a name written,
15:41 that no man knew, but he himself.
15:43 And he was clothed with a vesture
15:46 dipped in blood:
15:47 and his name is called The Word of God.
15:50 And the armies which were in heaven
15:52 followed him upon white horses,
15:54 clothed in fine linen, white and clean.
15:57 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword,
16:00 that with it he should smite the nations:
16:03 and he shall rule them with a rod of iron:
16:06 and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness
16:10 and wrath of Almighty God.
16:12 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written,
16:18 Hmmm... what a picture!
16:20 So, you see this picture of Christ coming...
16:23 in the context of all of this, it says,
16:26 there's an emphasis on the fact
16:28 that He has a name written that no man knows
16:32 and that name is later described as...
16:35 His name is called, "The Word of God"
16:37 and it really comes home to me
16:39 as we've been studying the book of Revelation,
16:41 no man knows... no man knows, yeah,
16:44 it's not easy to know but He knows.
16:47 This battle centers around the word of God
16:51 it really does... it centers around the Word of God.
16:54 The whole system of apostasy, the Sabbath, the Law of God,
16:58 even the gospel itself,
17:00 the salvation that's wrought out through Jesus Christ,
17:02 all of it... the reason we believe what we believe in,
17:05 the reason we stand where we stand
17:06 and the reason we go in the direction we're going in
17:08 and the reason why we are in our understanding
17:11 in the book of Revelation, in this place and this time
17:14 is because of the Word of God.
17:15 If we took the Word... if we took the Manual out...
17:18 if God left us without a Manual,
17:19 okay, would we even be sitting here right now?
17:21 No... I don't know where we would be.
17:24 And even the twisting of the Word of God,
17:27 you know, that whole scenario of...
17:29 "wait, well if that's... you guys have misread the Bible,
17:32 you don't understand... "
17:34 No, it's... it's...
17:35 "Well what does the Word of God really say?"
17:37 You see what I'm saying?
17:38 The whole conflict is
17:40 what does the Word of God say?
17:42 So, going back to the faith of Jesus,
17:45 when we see the Word of God coming,
17:47 you know, that...
17:50 that is when... true faith will meet true sight
17:55 you see what I'm saying?
17:57 That's what it... "Yes, we have not believed
18:00 cunningly devised fables"
18:02 because that's what Satan's going to tempt with.
18:04 "Man, you guys will believe...
18:05 you... you wrongly divided the word of truth... "
18:09 James: You're still saying it's a faith venture right,
18:10 now it's still a faith venture. Ivor: Absolutely.
18:12 James: To some degree it's a faith venture.
18:13 Ivor: Absolutely,
18:15 you know, until that moment that we see Christ,
18:17 and faith meets sight,
18:18 hmmm... we were right... but the challenge will be so great
18:24 and that's why, I think,
18:25 it's the blessing of that title when He comes again,
18:29 "The Word of God"
18:30 He's saying, "This is truth. " Truth is coming...
18:33 I am coming to set everything in its right light.
18:36 James: And that Word is like a sword,
18:38 it says here that He is going to smite the nations
18:41 with a sword that comes out of his mouth.
18:43 So, the Word of God... it's not a literal sword...
18:46 the Word of God is going to be like a sword
18:48 that divides and we know that now
18:50 because the Word of God is like a sword to us now,
18:52 we can accept that now
18:54 and allow it to divide and to take sin out of us right now
18:58 and to bring us to Christ
19:00 but in a time where there's no mediation...
19:02 at a time when there's no mercy,
19:03 that sword is going to just cut to pieces...
19:05 the Word of God is going to cut to pieces
19:07 that's coming out of His mouth.
19:09 Now, let's read verses 17 all the way through 21,
19:14 there's some difficulty here that I want us to look at
19:16 in understanding what's going on here.
19:18 Yvonne: Can I ask one question before we do that?
19:21 James: Sure. Yvonne: Verse 15... it says,
19:25 "He Himself treads the winepress
19:27 of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. "
19:29 "Winepress" keeps coming up
19:31 what is the significance of the winepress?
19:35 James: Well, in Revelation 14,
19:37 the harvest of people are likened to grapes
19:40 so winepress is where the grapes are squished
19:44 and the juice comes out, okay, so,
19:46 so "treading the winepress"
19:48 is bringing that harvest to its full end
19:52 and so what you see taking place here
19:55 is bringing the harvest to its full end
19:57 which actually leads us to the verses that are following
20:00 because what happens here in chapter 19 is...
20:03 we go all the way to the very end...
20:05 I mean, to the very end
20:06 but there's no explanation of how it all actually happens.
20:08 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
20:10 James: It's just this picture
20:11 of these guys being thrown into the Lake of Fire,
20:12 boom... that's it... but there's something that takes place
20:15 between the time when Christ comes to deliver His bride
20:18 and the time when that Lake of Fire takes place
20:21 that's explained to us... I think it more
20:22 in Revelation chapter 20,
20:24 I really want us to get this.
20:26 What's happening is, Yvonne,
20:28 this is really the question you asked...
20:30 you have this winepress that's trod...
20:33 what does that mean?
20:35 Well, there's an explanation that's given a little bit more
20:37 in these verses... but what do those verses mean?
20:39 Well, then there's a fuller explanation given
20:41 in Revelation chapter 20
20:42 and that's the way Revelation works sometimes,
20:44 remember these cycles?
20:45 The Churches, the Seals, the Trumpets, the Vials...
20:49 you get an understanding here
20:51 and that fills out a little bit more here,
20:53 and that fills out a little bit more here
20:55 and it really fills out right here
20:56 and Daniel 2 is the same way
20:58 and that's still happening in the book of Revelation.
21:00 This whole thing about the wrath of God...
21:02 seven last plagues... boom!
21:04 but then, no, wait a minute, this is how it works,
21:06 God reveals His light that lightens everyone...
21:09 okay, okay that helps us to understand a little bit,
21:11 God isn't just saying,
21:13 "You're lost, you're saved, it's over... "
21:14 and then, it fills out even more,
21:16 you have all these iniquities that are exposed
21:20 and this is why God brings...
21:21 and then you have it filled out a little bit more
21:24 God actually has books and He opens those books
21:26 and He has a long record of the detailed history
21:31 of every individual in those books.
21:33 and everyone faces that record and, of course,
21:35 we're getting ahead now but I'm just saying,
21:37 this is where we're getting to,
21:40 judgment isn't just something that God arbitrarily decides
21:42 it's like... when I was a young dad
21:47 I don't mean "young" in my age
21:49 because I'm still very young
21:50 but when my kids were young,
21:52 when my son wasn't 24... my daughter wasn't 19...
21:54 and I'd be at work and my wife was at home
21:57 I would come home sometimes
21:59 and there was some discipline that I had to do
22:02 but I just couldn't come home and discipline my kids...
22:04 you see what I'm saying?
22:05 I mean, some parents could do that, okay,
22:07 you come home, and mom says to dad,
22:09 "Johnny's been bad and you need to spank him,"
22:11 and so he takes him to the room and spanks him
22:13 and that's kind of like the way Revelation 15 and 16 reads,
22:17 okay, they just got... they got the wrath of God
22:19 but, when I come home and I need to discipline my kids
22:24 I say to my wife, "Well, what happened?"
22:26 And we sit down together
22:27 and we talk about everything that happened,
22:29 so now, I get an explanation.
22:31 Then I go to my children and say,
22:33 "Hey, I heard that this happened today,
22:35 tell me about it" and I see...
22:37 are they repentant or are they... Ummmm?
22:42 Well, in Revelation we're told
22:44 that they're not repentant at all,
22:46 they're Urrrrr...
22:48 and so, that's what God is saying,
22:50 He's saying, "I'm finding out from here
22:52 and I'm talking to you about it
22:53 and I'm trying to understand what your attitude is,
22:56 how you respond to this,
22:57 that's what Revelation's last chapters are bringing out for us
23:00 there's no repentance, no change...
23:02 in fact, these guys are so hardened
23:05 that they're going to go after the bride
23:07 even though she's ready and it's all over,
23:08 they're going to go after her
23:10 and Jesus has to come and rescue you and the bride,
23:12 this is how bad these guys are,
23:14 they're going to go after the City.
23:15 Ivor: Not only that, when they see God,
23:16 they're like, "Oh, let's go after Him. "
23:18 James: Yeah. Yvonne: Right.
23:19 Ivor: They gather together to war against the Lamb.
23:22 James: Fighting against the Lamb...
23:24 Yvonne: That's just wrong.
23:26 "Baa... "
23:27 Ivor: Yeah.
23:29 James: So this is how hard they've become
23:32 and God wants us to see this.
23:33 Ivor: Yeah.
23:34 Yvonne: The Word says that
23:36 Satan knows that he has but a short time,
23:37 the fact that he is going to try to attack the city though
23:43 says... "Is he so delusional that he thinks he can beat God"
23:48 he actually thinks he's going to defeat... wow!
23:50 James: Yes, that's self-deceit, that's self-deceit...
23:52 he thinks he can do it. Ivor: Yeah.
23:54 James: That's how bad it gets
23:55 when we turn away light when we turn away from truth,
23:59 when we become deluded... it gets that bad.
24:02 Yvonne: Hmmm... wow! Ivor: It's crazy. James: It is.
24:06 Ivor: Let's look at verse 17 and really get that...
24:10 kind of see what's going on here,
24:13 that sets us up for chapter 20,
24:15 so in 17 it says,
24:16 "And I saw an angel standing in the sun;
24:18 and he cried with a loud voice,
24:20 saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven
24:22 Come and gather yourselves together
24:24 unto the supper of the great God... "
24:25 Verse 18... "That ye may eat the flesh of the kings,
24:28 and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men,
24:31 and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them,
24:34 and the flesh of all men, both free and bond,
24:37 both small and great.
24:39 And I saw the beast,
24:40 and the kings of the earth, and their armies,
24:43 gathered together to make war against him
24:45 that sat on the horse, and against his army.
24:47 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet
24:50 that wrought miracles before him,
24:52 with which he had deceived them
24:55 that had received the mark of the beast,
24:57 and them that worshipped his image.
24:59 These both were cast alive into a lake of fire
25:02 burning with brimstone.
25:03 And the remnant were slain
25:05 with the sword of him that sat upon the horse,
25:08 with a sword which proceeded out of his mouth:
25:11 and all the fowls were filled with their flesh. "
25:14 Hmmm... hmmm...
25:15 So this is kind of confusing because it seems like,
25:17 "Okay, when Jesus comes again,
25:18 they're cast into the Lake of Fire"
25:20 but when we read Revelation 20,
25:22 we'll see that the wicked are not actually cast
25:24 into the lake of fire until the end of the millennium.
25:27 What Revelation 19 is doing
25:29 is... it's spanning a thousand years
25:31 between the first coming of Christ,
25:34 and taking us all the way down to the...
25:36 I'm sorry... the 2nd coming of Christ...
25:38 and taking us all the way down to the third coming of Christ.
25:42 The book of Daniel chapter 2 does this very thing,
25:45 you know, Daniel 2, there's an image...
25:47 head of gold... chest of silver...
25:49 it goes all the way down to the toes of iron and clay
25:51 the stone that is cut out without hands
25:54 smites the image on its feet
25:56 right, and the image shatters and then a mountain grows
26:00 that mountain is Mount Zion
26:03 well we know that Mount Zion
26:05 does not take over the whole earth
26:07 until at the end of the Millennium... right,
26:10 so that stone being cut out without hands
26:12 and the mountain growing
26:14 is a picture of the entire millennium...
26:17 it's not just the first coming of Christ...
26:20 in fact, the image really isn't even
26:24 really, really fully destroyed
26:25 until at the end of the 1,000 years.
26:27 Guess what happens at the end of 1,000 years?
26:29 like, when Jesus comes again the 2nd come,
26:32 Babylon is not present,
26:33 it's already fallen off the scene,
26:35 those people are dead, Medo-Persia... you know...
26:37 at the end of the millennium,
26:38 all the people of all those kingdoms are alive at one time,
26:42 the entire image is destroyed Daniel says,
26:46 "together... " right?
26:48 So, this is a picture of
26:50 not only what will happen at the 2nd coming,
26:52 but also with the third,
26:54 that's what Revelation chapter 19 is doing.
26:56 James: Taking us all the way down to the end. Ivor: Exactly.
26:58 James: In Revelation 20, we'll double back
27:01 and explain to us the details that take place
27:03 before the beast and the false prophet
27:04 are thrown into the Lake of Fire.
27:06 Ivor: Yes. James: You see that? Yvonne: Hmmm... hmmm...
27:07 James: So, now we've got...
27:08 we've come all the way down to the end
27:10 and now we're going to double back and give more details...
27:11 just like we did in Revelation 18... more details
27:13 in Revelation 17, more details...
27:15 well, how did this happen?
27:16 How is it they end up in the Lake of Fire?
27:18 Well, here's how...
27:19 the books were opened and no place was found
27:21 and we'll go through all of that there
27:22 as we study it more.
27:24 What about questions?
27:26 Jason: With all the stuff that we've covered,
27:28 people are definitely going to have questions.
27:30 They should send them to sss@3abn. org
27:33 James: sss@3abn. org
27:35 so, what we're going to do next
27:37 is we're going to move into Revelation chapter 20
27:39 and again, connect it to the previous chapters
27:42 and show how it expands out and gives us more detail
27:45 about the final judgment that's going to take place
27:48 after to the thousand years,
27:49 and what's going to happen during the thousand years
27:51 because we have some questions that we need to ask God
27:52 about who is there and who isn't there.
27:55 Yvonne: Hmmm... good.
27:56 James: Yeah, it's going to be good right.
27:58 Yvonne: Good stuff.


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