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The Marriage of the Lamb

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:29 Revelation chapter 20... whew!
00:32 basically, we are finished...
00:35 I mean we've got...
00:36 probably two or three more programs including this one
00:39 but just because we're almost done,
00:42 doesn't mean... we don't have some important significant
00:46 material here that we still need to cover,
00:48 and Revelation 20 is one of those chapters
00:50 well, it can take you in the wrong way or in the right way...
00:53 in the wrong direction or in the right direction,
00:55 it's a really important chapter to understand
00:57 because basically Revelation 20 is sewing everything up,
00:59 it's a further explanation
01:02 of something that we've read already in Revelation 19...
01:06 the Beast... the False Prophet thrown into the Lake of Fire
01:09 the Lake-of-Fire process is explained in Revelation 20.
01:12 It's not that Jesus just returns the second time...
01:14 and He takes His people home...
01:16 and throws those guys in the Lake of Fire,
01:17 there's a process that takes place
01:19 between the second coming of Jesus
01:21 and the Lake-of-Fire experience
01:23 and that process is described as the 1,000 years...
01:26 the 1,000 years and an investigation into the books
01:29 and that's what Revelation 20 tries to explain to us.
01:32 It's really a good chapter... it's really a good chapter
01:35 in helping us to understand how God closes all of this up.
01:37 God's going to give us some time to figure it all out,
01:40 1,000 years' worth of time
01:41 so, Yvonne, would you like to pray for us
01:43 and we'll get right into it.
01:45 Sure, "Lord God, we just thank you again
01:48 for just being such a great God
01:51 and so loving and kind and merciful
01:53 and we just pray right now for your Holy Spirit,
01:56 we pray that He will guide us into all truth
01:59 and that we will be able to apply the truth that we learned
02:04 in this Book, thank you Lord, in Jesus' name, amen. "
02:07 "Amen. "
02:08 So again, I just want to say that for our Viewers...
02:13 when we read here that Christ comes, in Revelation 19,
02:17 and it says, in verse 20, "And the beast was taken,
02:21 and with him the false prophet
02:22 that wrought miracles before him,
02:23 with which he deceived them
02:25 that had received the mark of the beast,
02:26 and them that worshipped his image,
02:27 These both were cast alive into a lake of fire
02:29 burning with brimstone. "
02:30 When we read that, sometimes people will ask me,
02:32 "Well, I thought that happened like... after the 1,000 years...
02:36 well, it does,
02:37 Revelation 19 is just taking us all the way down
02:40 past the 1,000 years
02:41 without an explanation of the 1,000 years.
02:43 Revelation does this often, Daniel does it also,
02:46 it goes all the way through the end and then backs up
02:49 and kind of gives us an enlargement
02:51 of some of the details that we just passed over.
02:53 So Revelation 20, now,
02:55 is the enlargement on the details that take place
02:58 from the 2nd coming of Christ
03:00 until the Lake-of-Fire experience
03:02 so Revelation 20 could be fit right in between these verses
03:05 back here in Revelation 19, verses 18 and 19,
03:07 you put this whole chapter right in there...
03:10 this is all going to take place
03:11 before the Beast and the False Prophet
03:13 are thrown into the Lake of Fire.
03:14 All right, let's start in Revelation 20 verse 1,
03:17 Jason, let's read
03:18 and let's read it all the way to verse 6.
03:22 Okay, "And I saw an angel come down from heaven,
03:25 having the key of the bottomless pit
03:26 and a great chain in his hand.
03:28 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent,
03:31 which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.
03:34 And cast him into the bottomless pit,
03:37 and shut him up, and set a seal upon him,
03:39 that he should deceive the nations no more,
03:41 till the thousand years should be fulfilled:
03:43 and after that he must be loosed a little season.
03:47 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them,
03:50 and judgment was given unto them:
03:51 and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded
03:54 for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God,
03:57 and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image,
04:00 neither had received his mark
04:02 upon their foreheads, or in their hands;
04:04 and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
04:07 But the rest of the dead lived not again
04:09 until the thousand years were finished.
04:12 This is the first resurrection.
04:13 Blessed and holy is he
04:17 that hath part in the first resurrection:
04:20 on such the second death hath no power,
04:22 but they shall be priests of God and of Christ
04:25 and shall reign with him a thousand years. "
04:27 Okay, we're going to start in verse 6
04:29 and we're going to work backwards...
04:30 so verse 6, the reason why I want to start there
04:32 is because verse 6 identifies for us
04:35 that this is the first resurrection
04:37 and we know the first resurrection takes place
04:39 at the second coming of Jesus...
04:40 So this event now, again, is building on Revelation 19,
04:45 it's taking us to the second coming of Jesus
04:47 and it's telling us that the first resurrection
04:49 is going to take place then and those who are...
04:51 who partake in the first resurrection,
04:53 are blessed and holy
04:55 and the second death
04:56 which is the death of the Lake of Fire
04:59 the second death will have no power over them,
05:01 they will live and reign with Christ though for a 1,000 years
05:05 so before the second death...
05:07 before the Lake of Fire takes place,
05:08 a thousand years is going to go by,
05:10 there's going to be a thousand years,
05:12 now we know that during that 1,000-year period
05:15 God's people are going to be in heaven...
05:17 that's where they're going to be with Christ... with God
05:19 and we also know from verse 4
05:22 because we're going backwards now,
05:23 we also know from verse... well verse 5
05:26 that the rest of the dead... that is...
05:28 those who do not partake of the
05:30 second resurrection... they're dead...
05:32 they don't live again until the thousand years are finished.
05:34 So, in 2nd Thessalonians it says
05:37 that they're consumed by the brightness of His coming.
05:38 So the rest of the dead are dead...
05:41 those who are in the first resurrection...
05:44 those who are the saints of God,
05:46 those who didn't worship the beast or his image
05:48 according to verse 5... verse 4...
05:49 they live and reign with Christ for a thousand years
05:52 and they live and reign with Christ
05:53 and they also are given thrones of judgment.
05:56 Now, what that means is... they get an opportunity
06:00 to figure out... in a thousand years
06:03 why certain people aren't there.
06:07 What's going on...
06:08 they get to sit in judgment with Christ
06:10 and they can figure out...
06:11 "Well, how come so and so is not there?"
06:13 and how come you decided this and how come you decided that
06:16 and what is it... they get to look at all of the evidence
06:19 during that thousand years
06:20 so they get all their questions answered
06:22 for example, I have a question
06:24 that I want to find out about and that is
06:26 we know that this war... this conflict began in heaven
06:30 it began before it came to this earth with Lucifer.
06:33 Well, what did God do to try to convince him that he was wrong?
06:38 How did God interact with him and like, "Hey, wait a minute...
06:42 what about this... what about...?"
06:44 I want to see all that, I want to see how God relates...
06:46 because I don't think God was like, "ah... "
06:48 I think God was like, "Wait a minute... "
06:49 and tried to show... "Don't, no, don't do that...
06:52 don't do it... " you know what I'm saying?
06:53 Because sometimes we think,
06:54 "Well, why can't Lucifer be saved?"
06:56 "Why can't the devil be saved?"
06:57 Well, there's got to be a reason, we know.
06:59 Ivor: We get to review the evidence in heaven.
07:00 James: Yes!
07:02 Ivor: Sounds like there was a tape running
07:04 and in heaven we get to see the tape.
07:05 "Oh, this was all caught on camera, by-the-way. "
07:08 So, we're in heaven... and the books...
07:11 He's showing us the evidence of all that happened,
07:14 we get to see it, our questions are answered
07:17 why are some people not here and...
07:20 why are some people here?
07:21 Hmmm... Hmmm...
07:23 "What is he doing here?" Right?
07:27 That's what Stephen is going to say about Paul, right?
07:30 Yes. "How did he get here?"
07:32 That's right.
07:33 "Whoa, Nebuchadnezzar, what's he doing here?"
07:36 Kings of Judah might be wondering about that.
07:38 Yeah.
07:40 Some of God's people. Yeah, yep.
07:41 So, that's what this judgment is about,
07:44 right, it's God opening the record to show...
07:47 and He does this for a reason.
07:50 See, in the book of Daniel chapter 8... and...
07:54 maybe we should cover...
07:55 at least touch on this a little bit.
07:57 Daniel 8... the Bible says that a judgment was set
08:01 and the books were opened, okay, so...
08:03 James: Daniel 7...
08:04 Ivor: Daniel 7... Daniel 7...
08:06 judgment was set... books were opened
08:08 and it says that there were thousand...
08:10 thousands around the throne of God.
08:12 Well, these aren't saints because
08:14 that judgment is something that occurred
08:16 at a very specific time before the second coming of Jesus.
08:19 Right, so you've got these angels
08:21 that are around the throne,
08:23 this judgment is for the angels
08:25 right, God is allowing the angels
08:27 who can't read the heart like God can.
08:30 Right, so He's allowing the angels...
08:33 I mean, just imagine, God's like,
08:35 "All right angels, I'm bringing those guys up here"
08:37 the angels are probably like,
08:38 "Whoa, so... we're sure about this Lord?
08:42 and we trust you, we trust you... "
08:44 God says, "I'm going to show you the books...
08:46 I'm going to allow you to see why those who are lost are lost
08:50 and why those who are saved are saved. "
08:52 Hmmm... hmmm...
08:53 At the end of that judgment, the angels are like,
08:56 "All right, just and true are thy ways O God, we're ready,
08:58 let's go get them... " right.
09:00 They know who to get because they're getting
09:02 everyone whose names are written in the books.
09:05 Okay, so that's the righteous... the angels,
09:07 in the millennium, he said,
09:11 "I'm going to take the saints through the same process,
09:12 I'm going to allow you now to see the books.
09:15 I'm going to allow you to see if I've made any mistakes. "
09:18 At the end of that judgment, what do they say?
09:21 "Just and true... we got you, Lord,
09:24 just and true are thy ways,
09:25 the people that you left out, you left out for a reason. "
09:28 We will find that when we get to the end of the millennium
09:31 the books are opened one more time.
09:34 This time... is for the wicked.
09:36 The wicked are going to look at the books
09:38 and guess what they're going to say?
09:39 "Just and true... "
09:41 all right, when everything is said and done
09:43 there'll be not one dissenting voice...
09:47 not even from Lucifer himself,
09:50 and it is this time that every knee bows...
09:53 and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord...
09:56 in all the universe... there's no...
09:57 "you're right, everyone agrees, everyone agrees...
10:00 we agree on the judgment,
10:01 we agree on the judgment, we agree on the... "
10:02 no one can every again in the future say,
10:05 "You know, maybe God was wrong" why?
10:08 Because they would have heard the confessions
10:11 of the wicked themselves... of Satan himself,
10:14 that's the purpose of it.
10:16 The judgment is designed to...
10:19 pause...
10:20 James: Clear the name of God.
10:22 Ivor: Clear the name of God
10:23 so that sin will not rise again a second time.
10:25 Yeah.
10:27 No one will be able to say,
10:28 "Maybe God didn't do enough to save
10:30 this person or that person"
10:31 no, it's going to be all seen
10:33 and God will be vindicated, yeah.
10:37 So what you have... in Revelation chapter 20
10:39 when you have this picture
10:41 in these last three verses that we read,
10:43 I'm seeing verses 6, 5 and 4,
10:45 going back now to verses 1, 2 and 3,
10:48 it fills out what's taking place here,
10:50 because what happens here is,
10:51 you have this symbolic representation,
10:54 you have an angel coming down from heaven
10:56 and it says that he has a key of the bottomless pit
11:00 and a great chain in his hand,
11:02 okay, and he lays hold of the dragon,
11:04 that old serpent which is the Devil and Satan
11:06 and bound him for a thousand years,
11:07 and cast him into the bottomless pit,
11:09 and shut him up, and set a seal upon him,
11:10 that he should deceive the nations no more,
11:12 till the thousand years should be fulfilled:
11:13 and after that he must be loosed a little season...
11:15 and you're like, "What, what does that all mean?"
11:17 that seems very strange,
11:21 see it's only as we understand the next three verses
11:23 that these first three verses can be understood,
11:25 because this isn't a literal chain.
11:27 There was a story in the gospels about a demon-possessed man,
11:31 and it says they had pieces of chains that they had broken...
11:34 you can't bind the devil with chains... with literal chains
11:38 so, this can't be literal chains,
11:40 this is a "chain of circumstances"
11:42 in other words, what's happening here is
11:45 when Jesus comes the second time,
11:47 remember, all the armies of the earth are gathered,
11:49 and the birds... the fowls of the earth
11:50 are called to feast on them, they all die,
11:52 they're all slain by the brightness of Christ's coming,
11:55 the righteous are resurrected and they're taken to heaven,
11:57 so this world becomes the habitation of devils, literally,
12:00 Babylon literally becomes the habitation of devils
12:03 the prison of... the cage...
12:04 the prison of every unclean and hateful bird
12:06 so this becomes the prison house of Satan
12:08 so when it says, "he's cast into the pit... "
12:10 in... the word actually here is "abussos" the bottomless pit,
12:15 it means... it's the same word that's used in Genesis
12:17 to describe this world before
12:19 God added to it the birds and the trees
12:22 and the vegetation and made it beautiful...
12:24 it's the earth in a state of darkness and desolation
12:28 and that's... Yvonne: The abyss...
12:30 James: Yeah, the abyss... the earth in that state...
12:33 so Satan is imprisoned in the sense that verse 3 says,
12:37 "He's not going to be able to deceive the nations
12:39 until the thousand years are finished...
12:40 because the rest of the dead don't live again
12:41 until the thousand years are finished... "
12:43 he's imprisoned on this earth
12:44 in a state of darkness and confusion
12:47 with no one to tempt because the wicked are dead
12:49 and no one to tempt because the righteous are in heaven.
12:52 Ivor: Let's go to Jeremiah chapter 4, Jeremiah chapter 4
12:55 and verse 23... Jeremiah chapter 4 verse 23
13:01 beginning... yeah, beginning with 23...
13:03 James: 23 and 27... yeah.
13:06 Ivor: Yeah... I'll go ahead and read it.
13:09 Okay, so it says, "I beheld the earth,
13:12 and lo, it was without form and void... "
13:14 Man, that sounds just like Genesis, right?
13:17 Except, He's not talking about what happened in Genesis,
13:20 here's why... it says,
13:21 "and the heavens, they had no light.
13:23 I beheld the mountains... " wait a minute...
13:25 there were no mountains in the Genesis account right?
13:27 Hmmm... hmmm...
13:28 "I beheld the mountains, and lo, they trembled,
13:30 and all the hills moved lightly.
13:32 I beheld, and lo, there was no man,
13:35 and all the birds of the heavens were fled.
13:36 I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a... " what?
13:40 "wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down
13:43 at the presence of the LORD and by his fierce anger. "
13:46 James: There we go.
13:48 Ivor: "For thus saith the Lord...
13:49 for thus has the LORD said,
13:51 The whole land shall be desolate;
13:52 yet will I not make a... " what?
13:54 "Full end. "
13:56 Okay, so, this desolate place is a wilderness,
13:59 now, the reason why that's significant is because
14:01 let's go back and re-cap the entire book of Revelation,
14:04 okay, we saw that the book of Revelation
14:06 was based on the pattern of the Sanctuary.
14:09 Seven churches... first part of the book,
14:11 unfolding at the seven candlesticks.
14:13 The seven seals... unfolding at the Table of Shewbread.
14:16 The seven trumpets... unfolding at the Altar of Incense.
14:19 That's Revelation 1
14:21 all the way to Revelation 11 basically,
14:23 in 11, we have a veil that is opened... a door that is opened
14:29 that brings us into the Most Holy Place.
14:31 James: The Ark of the Covenant.
14:33 Ivor: That's right, The Ark of the Covenant,
14:34 that brings us to the Day of Atonement, so remember...
14:37 in the Old Testament... everyday people would sin...
14:39 people sinned... they would take their animal,
14:41 their lamb... they would lay hands on the head of the animal
14:45 okay, and confess the sins...
14:47 their sins over the head of the animal.
14:48 The animal was killed... the sins from that...
14:52 that they had committed would transfer to the animal,
14:55 that blood was transferred to the Sanctuary.
14:58 the Sanctuary was becoming defiled
15:01 by the sins of the people.
15:02 James: Through the blood that was transferred...
15:04 the blood represented the life that was given
15:07 in place of the sinner.
15:08 Ivor: Exactly, so on the Day of Atonement,
15:11 that's when the High Priest moved into the Most Holy Place
15:14 because he was going to do a work of atonement...
15:16 the final work of atonement
15:18 and so, I don't know if I've explained this before
15:21 maybe we have in this Program
15:23 but I think it's a good time to explain it.
15:26 The process of atonement in the Old Testament,
15:29 is... much... we go through that process
15:31 every week in our houses,
15:34 okay, when you want to clean your house, right,
15:37 because that's what God wants to do... He wants to cleanse us,
15:39 when you clean your house every day...
15:41 you get your stuff and...
15:43 "all right good my house is clean... "
15:45 you've clean the kitchen...
15:46 you take the garbage and what do you do?
15:48 Yvonne: Take it out. Ivor: You put it outside right?
15:51 Outside of the house or whatever...
15:53 is your house clean now?
15:54 James: You take your dirty clothes
15:55 and you put them in the laundry hamper...
15:57 get lots of soap...
15:59 Ivor: Yeah, yeah, so everything is clean,
16:00 now, is your house clean? James: No...
16:02 Ivor: When you think about it, is your house clean?
16:04 James: Well, it's clean... it's clean but...
16:06 Ivor: But... is the garbage still...
16:08 it's still there, it's still there...
16:10 James: Your dirty clothes are still there in the wash...
16:13 Ivor: Or the garbage bags are still outside,
16:16 you're like, "Okay, my house is clean... "
16:19 when the sinner went to confess his sins,
16:22 guess what? His sins were forgiven
16:24 but in a sense...
16:25 they were kind of like... still there
16:28 because they had been transferred
16:31 but not completely taken away,
16:34 so, one day of the week comes that day...
16:38 where the garbage truck is going to come
16:43 and if you don't get all your garbage out
16:46 to the front of the house, what will happen?
16:50 You are stuck with the garbage.
16:53 James: With the smelly, stinky garbage.
16:55 Ivor: But praise God because of that divine garbage...
16:58 I mean the garbage truck comes, right,
17:02 and takes that garbage out into a desolate place
17:07 and once that's done, guess what?
17:09 You never think about that garbage again,
17:11 ever... you're not like...
17:13 "You know, I remember... "
17:14 no, the memory of it is forgotten
17:16 before that, you're remembering, right,
17:18 same thing with this process.
17:19 James: Perfect illustration.
17:21 Ivor: On the Day of Atonement, Christ says...
17:23 because every other day... "Okay, my sins are forgiven"
17:25 but you know what? They're just...
17:27 they're piling up in the Sanctuary,
17:29 on the Day of Atonement,
17:30 the High Priest goes into the Most Holy Place
17:32 and he does the final work of cleansing
17:34 what he does... is he gathers all the sins
17:37 and he exits the Sanctuary
17:39 and he lays hold on this animal called the scapegoat,
17:44 he transfers the sins to that animal
17:47 and that animal is sent out into the wilderness...
17:51 into a desolate place, what's happening?
17:54 That animal will now bear the sins of God's people
17:58 out into a place uninhabited.
18:01 that's what the Bible says
18:03 and here's what I love about it,
18:05 you see, Jesus said that He's...
18:07 He will take our sins and cast them... where?
18:11 Into the depths of the sea
18:13 well, guess how they're going to get there?
18:14 Somebody's taking them there.
18:17 Hmmm... Hmmm.
18:18 Somebody's taking them there,
18:19 when He comes out of that Most Holy Place
18:21 and lays hold on the dragon
18:24 guess what's being transferred to him?
18:26 All the sins of His people... and those sins
18:32 Satan's going to take them right into the sea...
18:37 James: The deeps... Ivor: The deeps.
18:39 James: I think it's really important, though,
18:40 to remember that in the Day of Atonement,
18:42 before the scapegoat, there was the Lord's goat.
18:44 Ivor: That's right.
18:45 James: And you see, the scapegoat didn't shed any blood
18:47 because the Bible says,
18:49 "without the shedding of blood there's no remission of sin... "
18:51 so the Lord's goat will come through first and be sacrificed
18:55 and that made the "blood atonement"
18:57 that was actually the atonement that was for the sin.
19:00 Ivor: Yes.
19:01 James: Everything that we're talking about right now
19:03 was experienced by Christ,
19:04 Christ took our sins into the depths...
19:06 into the deeps first...
19:08 so he actually makes the atonement...
19:10 the final atonement was first typified by the Lord's goat
19:14 and then the responsibility for all of those sins
19:17 was placed upon the scapegoat,
19:19 now, the scapegoat doesn't shed any blood.
19:21 Ivor: Yeah, and so Satan is not making an atonement for us...
19:23 James: Right, very important. Ivor: He's simply...
19:25 James: Bearing responsibility... Ivor: Exactly.
19:27 James: Yeah, that's why the scapegoat never...
19:29 his blood was never shed...
19:31 because there's no atonement without shedding of blood,
19:33 that's what Hebrews 9 tells us,
19:35 "there's no atonement without shedding of blood"
19:37 and so, his blood was never shed but he is responsible
19:40 and that's what's taking place in Revelation 20,
19:42 he is... he is going to bear responsibility
19:46 for all the sins that he's caused...
19:48 all of the people of the entire world ever to commit
19:51 and that's what we're seeing
19:53 when we're seeing these books opened,
19:54 so, he's laid hold of... like the Day of Atonement...
19:57 scapegoat was laid hold of
19:58 he's sent into this desolate place
20:01 and for a thousand years he's in the agony and torture
20:04 just contemplating everything he's done
20:07 without being able to do his favorite thing
20:09 and that is... tempt people to sin
20:11 and to get back at God...
20:13 he can't do anything to get back at God
20:15 and then that thousand years ends
20:17 and when that thousand years ends,
20:18 you have, what we call...
20:20 what the Bible calls, "the second resurrection"
20:21 see, there are two resurrections,
20:23 there's a resurrection of the righteous
20:26 and then there's a resurrection of the unrighteous
20:28 and so, verse 7... Jason, can you read that for us,
20:30 verse 7... and let's read all the way down here to verse 10.
20:35 Okay, "And when the thousand years are expired,
20:39 Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
20:41 And shall go out to deceive the nations
20:43 which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog,
20:46 to gather them together to battle:
20:50 the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.
20:53 And they went up on the breadth of the earth,
20:57 and compassed the camp of the saints about,
21:01 and the beloved city:
21:02 And fire came down from God out of heaven,
21:05 and devoured them. "
21:07 Ivor: Let us pause right here. James: Okay...
21:08 Ivor: Because... two things...
21:10 first of all, what's happening here
21:11 is... at the end of the thousand years,
21:13 the reason why Satan is loosed out of his prison
21:16 is because... the righteous... I'm sorry, the wicked
21:20 are brought back to life.
21:21 "The rest of the dead live not again... "
21:23 so now they've come back to life, so,
21:25 people think, "Oh it's going to be...
21:27 a thousand years of peace on the earth
21:29 because the nations are not going to be deceived by Satan. "
21:31 The nations are not deceived by Satan because
21:34 the nations of the righteous are in heaven,
21:36 the nations of the wicked are dead on earth,
21:39 that's why there's a thousand years of peace
21:42 so when this resurrection happened,
21:44 happens... Satan is again able to gather them
21:49 under his deception, probably like,
21:51 "I rose you from the dead" but he gathers them
21:55 and now what's happening... this is kind of because...
21:58 this is again like, from verse 8...
22:01 it's kind of going kind of chronologically... and then...
22:05 James: It stops... and goes back again...
22:08 and now explains to us again...
22:10 so it's just like what we read in 19... in verses...
22:13 in verse 7, 8 and 9,
22:14 you have the resurrection... thousand years expired...
22:17 Satan goes out to deceive those who have been resurrected
22:20 gathers them together against the city of God...
22:24 they go up on the breadth of the earth...
22:26 they compassed the...
22:27 they surround the camp of the saints... the New Jerusalem
22:30 Ivor: So the question is, wait a minute...
22:32 where did the New Jerusalem come from?
22:34 right, how did this...
22:35 we have to go to Revelation 21 right,
22:39 just go over to Revelation 21 and look at verse 2.
22:43 It says, "I John saw the holy city,
22:46 new Jerusalem... " doing what?
22:49 "coming down from God out of heaven... "
22:51 okay, so, we just got that piece...
22:52 so let's go back to chapter 20
22:54 and so now we know that at the end of the millennium,
22:57 as the wicked are resurrected at the same time
23:02 the new Jerusalem is coming down from heaven,
23:07 right, to earth...
23:09 by-the-way, that new Jerusalem is Mount Zion
23:12 "on the sides of the north"
23:13 remember what Lucifer's thing was?
23:16 "I will ascend... "
23:18 "they went up on the breadth of the earth... "
23:19 "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
23:21 I will be like the most High"
23:23 he wanted... this is his final attack, if you will,
23:26 on the sides... against the sides of the north.
23:29 James: And that's Hebrews chapter 12 verses 22 and 23,
23:34 just for reference for that.
23:35 Ivor: Yes... yes.
23:37 James: So, it's coming down and then stop...
23:40 verse 10 describes that they come around
23:43 and that the fire from heaven, verse 9 and 10
23:45 devoured them... but then, verse 11 goes back,
23:48 verse 11 describes more details again,
23:52 so he starts in verse 11, in the first phrase there,
23:56 "And I saw... " so Jason read verse...
23:58 Ivor: Wait a minute, before you do that,
24:00 just look at verse 9
24:02 and I want you to notice this because we're putting...
24:04 we're these pieces together, "And the devil... "
24:06 so, give me another name for the devil
24:08 in the book of Revelation.
24:10 James: Satan... the dragon...
24:11 Ivor: The dragon... right
24:12 "the devil that deceived them
24:14 was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone,
24:15 where the beast and the false prophet are,
24:17 and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. "
24:20 We've discussed, "forever" but I want you to notice
24:22 the three powers that are destroyed together,
24:25 the Dragon, the Beast, the False Prophet.
24:29 Remember, remember the 7th king?
24:31 This is the same king that goes into perdition,
24:34 and the same... he's now... here is the 8th...
24:38 Hmmm...
24:40 See, here they are again... Dragon, Beast, False Prophet...
24:42 they all come back together
24:44 and God says now, they all go into the fire.
24:46 Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
24:49 Okay, verse 11.
24:50 So, verse 11, " And I saw... "
24:52 we're going now to Revelation
24:53 where God is opening and expanding to us
24:56 the details that took place or take place
24:59 between the time the city comes down
25:02 and the time the fire devours.
25:03 So, between that time...
25:05 the city comes down and then we read verse 11.
25:08 Jason, read verse 11 and 12.
25:09 "And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it,
25:13 from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away;
25:16 and there was found no place for them.
25:18 And I saw the dead, small and great,
25:20 stand before God; and the books were opened:
25:22 and another book was opened,
25:24 which is the book of life:
25:25 and the dead were judged out of those things
25:28 which were written in the books, according to their works. "
25:30 James: And verse 13...
25:31 Jason: "and the sea gave up the dead which were in it;
25:34 and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them:
25:37 and they were judged every man according to their works. "
25:40 So, these verses now are giving us all the details,
25:43 it's talking about the second resurrection...
25:44 everyone is resurrected from the sea, from the earth,
25:46 from wherever they are, the grave...
25:48 "hell" is actually...
25:50 that word there in Hebrews is actually "the grave"
25:52 it's not actually... like a burning place
25:54 because they're cast into the Lake of burning Fire...
25:56 which is... you know... hell...
25:57 and it says the books were opened and no place was found...
26:00 and the Book of Life was opened.
26:01 Hmmm...
26:03 Now we talk here... in the Bible
26:05 we're talking about books but we know in our day and age
26:08 that most good books are turned into DVDs or movies.
26:11 This is God's way of explaining to us... this is a video,
26:14 this is... the cameras are rolling...
26:17 and so you have this video of the Plan of Salvation
26:21 that culminates in the cross
26:22 and in that contrast to that video
26:24 you have the history...
26:26 the exact history of every single person in the human race
26:29 except for those who put their trust in Christ
26:32 because their sins have gone beforehand to the judgment
26:34 and they've been blotted out.
26:35 So our lives are pictured in this video reproduction
26:39 just like they are in Hebrews 11.
26:41 In Hebrews 11 you have a record of the saints of faith...
26:45 and there are no mistakes revealed.
26:48 Read Hebrews 11 sometime, it talks about Abraham, Moses...
26:50 it never mentions their missteps...
26:53 Ivor: It's DD TV... Divine Definition Television.
26:59 James: If we have faith in Christ,
27:01 our sins are covered...
27:03 but this... their sins cannot be covered
27:05 and when they see their lives in contrast with the Lamb,
27:08 the torment is overwhelming
27:10 and then it culminates with this fire,
27:13 what we have here is
27:15 we have the ultimate consequences of sin,
27:16 there's a punishment for sin
27:18 and each one is punished according to their works
27:21 so, we'll talk about that a little bit more
27:23 when we come back we'll look at...
27:25 we'll contrast this with Romans chapter 2.
27:27 Romans chapter 2
27:29 really helps us to explain these verses right here and how it is
27:32 that each one receives according to their works.
27:34 There's a punishment that's in harmony with...
27:36 there's the "wages of sin"
27:39 is basically what we're talking about here.
27:41 We're not going to have time to finish all this right now
27:43 because we're running out of time
27:44 but we really do need to finish this up
27:46 because this is a really important part
27:47 of the big picture
27:48 and then we'll just have a couple more
27:50 sessions where we...
27:52 where we'll close out with Revelation chapters 21 and 22.
27:54 That sounds good.
27:56 So we're almost done.
27:57 Whew!


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