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Everlasting Burning

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:30 Absolutely, I think this is great...
00:32 Revelation chapter 20... we are almost finished,
00:35 Revelation 20... then 21 and 22
00:37 and we've covered most of Revelation 20, if not all of it
00:40 but I think it would be good for us to revisit it
00:43 and just to summarize a little bit here
00:45 and share a new thought that kind of came to us
00:48 in the last, you know, few hours...
00:50 and just before we move into Revelation 21 and 22
00:53 and I think in 22, we're going to summarize...
00:56 we'll just kind of summarize everything we've learned...
00:59 bring it altogether... as well as we can
01:02 and just finish it up so we're almost finished.
01:04 Yvonne: Wow! what an amazing journey.
01:06 James: What's... that many programs or something, it has...
01:08 and we've been learning as we've been going
01:11 we'll talk about that after we have a word of prayer,
01:13 Yvonne, would you like to pray for us?
01:14 Sure, "Father God, this been such a wonderful journey
01:17 and we thank you so much for your Holy Spirit
01:20 that has led us, guided us through this book of Revelation
01:24 we just pray right now that you'll continue to do that
01:28 that we will have new, fresh insights
01:30 and that we will be able to... not just be hearers
01:33 but doers of the Word as well,
01:35 thank you for our teachers... our family... our 3ABN Family...
01:41 Dare to Dream Family, Lord,
01:43 and help us to all, one day, stand on the sea of glass
01:47 and see Your face,
01:48 we thank you Lord, in Jesus' name, amen. "
01:50 "Amen. "
01:51 So, this morning I woke up
01:54 a little bit dissatisfied from yesterday...
01:57 I was thinking about one of the verses we read
02:00 in Revelation chapter 20,
02:01 it's Revelation 20 and verse 10,
02:03 and it says, "And the devil that deceived them
02:05 was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone,
02:07 where the beast and the false prophet are,
02:09 and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. "
02:12 "Where the Beast and the False Prophet are... "
02:14 and then I remembered verse 20
02:18 of the previous chapter... chapter 19,
02:21 it says that when Christ comes "the beast was taken,
02:26 and with him the false prophet
02:27 that wrought miracles before him,
02:29 with which he deceived them
02:30 that had received the mark of the beast,
02:32 and them that worshipped his image.
02:34 These were both cast alive
02:35 into a lake burning with fire and brimstone... "
02:37 which is a little different from the rest of the people
02:39 who are slain... but these two entities...
02:44 these two powers are cast alive in the lake of burning fire
02:47 and then in chapter 20... after the thousand years...
02:50 after the resurrection of the wicked
02:52 when all the wicked surround the city,
02:54 this is after the saints have been in heaven with Christ
02:57 for a thousand years and the judgment has taken place
02:58 and the books have been opened,
03:00 they're resurrected, they surround the city
03:02 and the devil himself is taken, he's cast in the lake of fire
03:06 where the Beast and the False Prophet already are
03:08 and for years, I've struggled, people have asked me...
03:11 "Are they... how come they're...
03:12 why does this happen at the second coming"
03:14 and yesterday we talked about...
03:15 well, chapter 19 is kind of taking us
03:18 all the way down past the 1,000 years
03:20 and that was good but this morning I woke up
03:23 and God gave me a blessing,
03:25 I mean it was a blessing because I thought,
03:27 "Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute... "
03:28 and so, I asked Ivor, I said, "Ivor... "
03:29 this morning I said, "Ivor, what is the beast...
03:32 what is the beast?"
03:34 Ivor: It's a System.
03:35 James: It's a System... and what is this False Prophet?
03:38 Ivor: It's a System... James: It's a System...
03:39 because they line up with the beast...
03:41 the Papal System in Revelation 13...
03:43 the False Prophet...
03:44 the second beast that rises up out of the earth
03:46 in Revelation 13...
03:47 they line up with those two entities
03:50 so these Systems are actually thrown into the Lake of Fire,
03:53 they are burned up at the second coming of Jesus...
03:55 I was like, "Whoa, that just makes sense"
03:58 see, when Christ comes again there's...
04:01 He comes with flaming fire taking vengeance...
04:04 and the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of His coming
04:07 and they're going to be resurrected but they're not...
04:09 they're not given to the flames
04:10 but the Systems are given to the flames
04:12 and so... but Satan isn't... Satan is not given to the flames
04:16 he doesn't join them until after the thousand years.
04:18 And that's why in Jeremiah 4...
04:20 we read it in our last program where it's talking about
04:23 how when Christ comes again,
04:25 the earth is going to be desolate
04:27 but it's not a full end, right. James: Yes, right.
04:30 Ivor: So it's not a full end so what happens is...
04:32 He comes... He comes in fire...
04:34 fire's going to fall on the earth
04:35 but in a symbolic sense, the Beast and the False Prophet
04:39 which are symbols... right...
04:41 they are destroyed...
04:43 there's no more apostate Protestantism as a System
04:46 so even when we go back to Revelation chapter 13 verse 4
04:52 where it talks about "the deadly wound"
04:54 right, that deadly wound... right, verse 3...
04:57 it's a deadly wound, it was the System that was being wounded
05:02 right, it wasn't... everyone in the System
05:05 received the deadly wound...
05:06 the System itself was wounded...
05:07 James: Separated...
05:09 the Civil Power was separated from the Church State.
05:12 Ivor: Right, so it ceased "to be" but it "still was. "
05:15 right, so the same thing with what we're reading here
05:18 is that the beast as a System is destroyed
05:22 by the brightness of His coming.
05:24 James: Hmmm... hmmm... he's given to the flames...
05:25 burned up... and same with the False Prophet... that System,
05:29 but Satan himself is still alive for the 1,000 years
05:32 and he walks the earth looking at and beholding
05:36 the desolation... which is going to be torture to him
05:37 beholding the desolation of all of his work...
05:40 of all his genius.
05:41 Ivor: So, so, when the Bible says that he...
05:45 at the end of the 1,000 years he deceives the whole world
05:50 they're now called "Gog and Magog"
05:53 that's the title that's given to them
05:55 and Gog and Magog...
05:57 we didn't actually cover this in our last program
05:59 but Gog and Magog takes us back to the book of Ezekiel 28
06:03 and he uses these two nations that were basically
06:07 coming against God's people.
06:10 Gog and Magog is just a symbolic term...
06:13 people are like, "Well is Gog... is this Russia and China?"
06:15 "Is it...?" no, Gog and Magog...
06:17 when the Bible says that he went out to gather
06:20 these people from the four quarters of the earth...
06:24 four quarters make one whole,
06:28 so Gog and Magog is simply the symbolic name
06:31 for the whole wicked world, that come against God's people.
06:35 Exactly, so that's who they're facing at the end of time.
06:40 Gog and Magog... no longer...
06:42 the Beast and the False Prophet have been destroyed as a System
06:46 at the second coming of Christ.
06:48 So, I think it's really important here just to pause
06:52 and let our Viewers know that we don't know everything
06:56 and there are questions that you're going to have
06:59 when you read inside the book of Revelation like,
07:01 for example, I've been asked this question for years
07:04 about Revelation chapter 19, "Well how come the beast...
07:07 and... well... how does that work?"
07:09 And I didn't have a good answer
07:10 and even when we came to the program yesterday,
07:12 I was talking with Ivor and I said,
07:13 "Ivor, do you have a good answer for this because I don't really"
07:15 and then this morning it clicks...
07:17 which is a gift from God
07:19 because I don't have a good answer,
07:22 I've never had a good answer, so the Holy Spirit...
07:24 your spending that time with the Lord, and all of a sudden, boom!
07:26 the Holy Spirit just teaches you...
07:27 He's boom... this is...
07:28 but it has to line up with the Scriptures.
07:32 See, I can't just say, "Well, this is how it is... "
07:34 No, I know that because in the Bible
07:37 especially when it describes the second coming of Christ
07:40 over and over again, it says in 2nd Peter chapter 3
07:42 and 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2,
07:44 it says that when Christ comes He's coming with a flaming fire,
07:48 the fire is going to consume the earth,
07:50 the fire is... so I know that's going to happen
07:52 and so, taking that to Revelation,
07:54 "Oh, they're given to the flames they're given to the fire...
07:57 they're destroyed and what are they?"
07:59 They're Systems that are destroyed when Christ comes
08:01 but Satan isn't destroyed, he's chained up
08:04 that's why he doesn't join them until after the 1,000 years
08:07 now, Revelation 19 verse 20
08:09 and Revelation 20 verse 10 make perfect sense...
08:14 they mesh together.
08:16 I think it's really important for our Viewers to understand
08:19 that when we came into this,
08:22 we came in like, "Okay, we... we got it...
08:25 well, at least we know what we're going to say... "
08:27 and through the programs we've come to a place
08:30 where we're like, "Ah... "
08:32 so we've been learning ourselves...
08:33 that's what we want our Viewers to understand
08:37 when you go to the book it's a learning process
08:41 and the more you study, the more you learn,
08:44 the more you're able to connect these pieces and
08:46 that's the most important thing...
08:48 so even if you're going through the Program
08:49 and you're like, "You know what?
08:50 I'm still not getting this particular point...
08:53 or that particular point," keep going over it,
08:56 it might take months, it might take years,
08:59 we've been doing this for years and we're still like,
09:02 "Ah... " the more we do it, it's the clearer it becomes
09:05 and so, just sharing a real moment like this
09:09 where we're like, "Yeah, you know what?
09:11 we have kind of struggled with this... "
09:13 I think, you know, would encourage our Viewers.
09:16 Yvonne: Absolutely!
09:18 Ivor: Yeah, it's okay to struggle.
09:19 Jason: It's comforting because I'm sitting here like,
09:21 "Man! these guys got it... "
09:22 and so it's comforting to know that there are things
09:27 that you guys are still figuring out too.
09:29 Yvonne: And it's also good to know
09:31 that the Holy Spirit just keeps He keeps giving...
09:34 if you hang in there and try to learn this,
09:38 He will give you fresh manna,
09:40 fresh manna.
09:42 Ivor: So, I think we should get into this ending
09:46 of Revelation chapter 20 which speaks about
09:49 the wicked being cast into the Lake of Fire
09:52 so let's go to Revelation 20 and verse 13 and 14,
09:59 actually let's read verse 13 through to 15.
10:03 Okay, "And the sea gave up the dead which were in it;
10:07 and death and hell delivered up the dead
10:09 which were in them: and they were judged
10:11 every man according to their works.
10:12 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.
10:15 This is the second death.
10:17 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life
10:20 was cast into the lake of fire.
10:21 Hmmm...
10:23 So this is the quote,
10:27 the final act of God and some- where in the book of Isaiah
10:32 it calls this act, "His strange act. "
10:36 Yvonne: Yes. James: Isaiah 29...
10:37 Ivor: Isaiah 29... He's... you know, the Bible says,
10:40 "I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked
10:42 turn yourselves and live. "
10:44 This is not something that God enjoys to do
10:48 in fact, there's a story in the Bible
10:53 that talks about a king named David
10:58 and how he had a son named Absalom
11:01 you remember Absalom was beautiful
11:04 but there was something else...
11:07 so here you have the story of a father and his son...
11:11 and his son is... the one that... he made the son
11:16 but this son turns against the one who made him
11:21 and what does he do?
11:23 He's standing at the gates, right,
11:24 if you read the story...
11:25 he stands at the gates and he's trying to...
11:28 he's trying to form a... this rebellion.
11:30 James: And draw the people to him.
11:31 Ivor: And draw the people to him.
11:32 "Man, I would be a better Leader and the one who leads you. "
11:35 James: "I'll answer your questions,
11:37 I'll take care of everything. "
11:38 Ivor: "I'll take care... " exactly.
11:40 And Man, what a picture!
11:41 This one who was beautiful,
11:42 it says, Absalom was just amazing to look at...
11:45 stunning to look at.
11:47 Hey Man! that reminds me of another story, Lucifer...
11:51 and so, look at this, when Absalom is doing this
11:54 getting these people to rebel against his father,
11:58 and his father is still like,
12:00 "No, don't destroy him, don't, don't, don't don't... "
12:02 and his soldiers are like, "We don't get this,
12:05 why do you want to...
12:06 we know he's your son but why do you...?
12:08 Well anyway, what happens is they end up killing Absalom
12:11 and David responds,
12:14 David's response is just mind-boggling
12:19 at least to his soldiers.
12:21 James: They can't comprehend it.
12:23 Ivor: They can't comprehend why...
12:25 "Why are you weeping over your son...
12:27 he was trying to... take you out. "
12:29 And I believe in that picture we kind of get a glimpse
12:33 of the heart of God towards the wicked.
12:35 Hmmm... hmmm...
12:36 You know, these people are trying to take Him out...
12:38 this is... God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked
12:42 and I think... even as He looks at the one that he created,
12:46 you know what I'm saying...
12:48 this was you who are closest in my presence
12:52 there's something in the heart of God that's like...
12:55 just like David... you know what I mean?
13:00 And so, first of all what we need to understand
13:03 is that this destruction of the wicked is not God like...
13:06 "Yes, ah ha! the moment I've been waiting for"
13:09 that's not who God is, that's not how He operates,
13:13 God is love and so as we begin to consider this idea
13:17 of God destroying the wicked in fire,
13:19 you know, one of the questions that people ask most often is...
13:23 "Okay, why does He do this?
13:25 because this is just... this sounds horrendous"
13:28 but there's something I want us to understand... so...
13:31 this Lake of Fire... what is it?
13:33 When we find this out,
13:35 it totally changes our picture of who God is.
13:38 In fact, to me... this is the greatest picture of love
13:41 that I find almost anywhere in the Bible.
13:44 Hebrews chapter 12,
13:46 let's go to Hebrews chapter 12 very quickly.
13:48 and verse 29.
13:50 Hebrews 12 verse 29, let's have someone read that.
13:55 "For our God is a consuming fire. "
13:58 Okay, the Bible says,
14:00 "Our God... is a consuming fire. "
14:03 there is something quite amazing about that verse,
14:06 can I have someone else go to Song of Solomon...
14:10 Song of Solomon... chapter 8 and verses 6 through 8.
14:13 So, God is a fire... why is God a fire?
14:16 That's what we're about to find out in this next verse
14:19 so, Song of Solomon chapter 8...
14:23 pause...
14:26 verses 6... actually verses 6 and 7.
14:35 "Set me as a seal upon thine heart,
14:40 as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death;
14:44 jealousy is cruel as the grave:
14:48 the coals thereof are coals of fire,
14:50 which has a most vehement flame. "
14:52 Ivor: Okay, so, "many waters... "
14:54 James: "Many waters cannot quench love,
14:56 neither can the floods drown it:
14:57 if a man would give all the substance of his house for love,
15:00 it would utterly be condemned. "
15:01 Ivor: So, check this out,
15:03 in the Bible, fire is a symbol of what?
15:06 Love.
15:08 Why does God manifest Himself as fire?
15:11 Because He's love.
15:12 Fire is heaven's "love language"
15:15 the reason why God appears as fire
15:18 is not because He's like, "Hey, I want to scare people away"
15:21 no, this is heaven, this is a symbol of love in heaven.
15:25 You've ever been in love?
15:27 Yeah, and it's interesting because people say,
15:33 "Oh, we got to rekindle the flame... "
15:36 Ivor: That's right... that's right.
15:38 Yvonne: Wow! James: Holy Spirit... fire...
15:41 presence of God in the burning bush... fire...
15:43 "I'm going to baptize you with fire... "
15:45 When you look at a fire... now, I love to camp...
15:48 I love to camp... so I go out camping on a lake
15:51 and at night time, we build a fire
15:54 and I can sit in front of that fire for hours...
15:57 when you look at a fire, it's warmth...
16:00 it's mesmerizing... it's just... it draws you...
16:03 you just look at the flame burning
16:04 and that's why in Revelation it says,
16:06 "His eyes are as the eyes of fire... "
16:08 burning like a fire... not because it's bad...
16:11 Ivor: That sounds scary, like, "I don't want to look... "
16:13 but what He's saying is,
16:15 "Man! the passion that I have for you...
16:17 I want you to see it in my eyes. "
16:20 James: And it's comforting... it's drawing...
16:21 and it's... you can just look in...
16:22 what I'm talking about right? Yvonne: Yeah.
16:24 James: You look into a fire and you're just...
16:25 "Oooh... " because... I've made...
16:27 it's scary because we have a stove...
16:29 a wood stove in our house,
16:30 when I get up in the morning, I start a fire
16:32 and my problem is,
16:34 I can be sitting there looking at that fire...
16:35 I'm like, "No, I need to be doing my devotions...
16:37 I need to be... " you know...
16:38 because I'm just caught up looking at the fire.
16:40 Ivor: So fire... when you're in love...
16:44 you feel the fire in your heart,
16:46 right, so, I want you to think about this...
16:49 the Bible describes heaven as a city of fire
16:52 right, so there's a sea of glass mingled with... fire
16:56 who wants to stand on the sea of glass mingled with fire
16:58 James: Yeah, see...
17:00 Ivor: Wait... wait a minute, you know what I'm saying?
17:02 If you want to stand on the sea of glass mingled with fire,
17:04 you'd better be... "fire proof"
17:07 you'd better be able to stand in the fire and not be... what?
17:11 All: Burned... Ivor: not be consumed...
17:13 God says, "I will allow you to sit in my throne"
17:16 guess what? God's throne is a throne of fire
17:19 his wheels... as burning fire, his angels as ministering flames
17:23 so, heaven is this city of fire, why?
17:26 Because it's all love... it's love.
17:28 So, check this out, when God created Adam and Eve,
17:32 they had no sin on them,
17:34 they were able to stand in His burning presence
17:38 without being afraid...
17:39 they, you know, but when they sinned...
17:43 guess what? They became afraid of the fire.
17:46 So, when He comes to them in the garden...
17:49 what are they doing?
17:50 they're hiding themselves, why?
17:52 Because they're afraid of the fire.
17:54 So God's plan now
17:56 God is like... "Okay, we've got to find some way
17:59 to get mankind to the place
18:01 where he can again stand in my presence
18:04 and not be... what? Consumed.
18:06 So the burning bush...
18:08 Moses was like, "Wait a minute...
18:11 how is it that this bush burns but is not consumed?"
18:14 God was like, "Hey, Moses, I just want to let you know
18:17 this... this symbol of the burning bush...
18:19 I want you to understand that
18:21 this is my alternate goal for man.
18:22 I want man to be able to stand in my presence again
18:26 and not be afraid of the fire. "
18:27 James: When he came down from the mountain,
18:29 they couldn't even look at his face.
18:30 Ivor: They couldn't even look at his face.
18:31 James: They're like, "Awww... awww... "
18:33 Yvonne: That's right, that's right.
18:34 James: That's not God... that's someone
18:35 who's been in His presence. Yvonne: Right.
18:37 Ivor: Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
18:38 what happened to them?
18:40 James: That's what I was thinking about this whole time.
18:41 Ivor: Then they were cast...
18:43 James: Don't take too much... I'm coming back for that.
18:45 Ivor: Yeah, look, they were cast into this fiery furnace
18:51 and what happened?
18:52 What happened to the guys that threw them in?
18:54 Yvonne: They got consumed.
18:56 Ivor: They weren't... what? Fire proof...
18:59 Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego...
19:01 they were thrown into the fire
19:03 and it has no power over them... why?
19:05 Because the Son of God was in there with them.
19:09 So, when we take all this back to
19:13 what happens with the wicked at the end of time,
19:16 God is saying, "Listen, you can't...
19:19 I will not allow you into heaven
19:23 because I love you too much,
19:25 because if I let you into heaven,
19:28 you would be tormented forever.
19:32 You would be running from... it would be eternal torture"
19:37 what God is telling us is that it's not the wicked
19:43 that burn forever,
19:44 it's the righteous that burn forever.
19:49 Yvonne: Wow! I see...
19:51 Ivor: Look at Isaiah 33...
19:53 James: That's the one I was thinking of.
19:54 Ivor: Go check it out. Yvonne: Wow!
19:56 James: Isaiah 33... Yvonne: 33 what verse?
20:01 Ivor: Verse... ah... um... 14... I think.
20:07 James: I got it marked right here... it's verse 14.
20:08 Ivor: Yes, you want to read it.
20:10 Yvonne: Sure, "The sinners in Zion are afraid;
20:12 fearfulness has seized the hypocrites.
20:14 Who among us shall dwell with a devouring fire?
20:17 Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?
20:20 He who walks righteously... "
20:22 Ivor: Okay, wait... wait... wait... wait... wait...
20:24 Yvonne: Wow!
20:25 Ivor: What? hold on... hold on...
20:27 wait a minute... hold on...
20:30 James: "In the presence of the holy angels
20:32 and in the presence of the Lamb. "
20:33 Ivor: Wait a minute... I thought it's the wicked
20:35 that are going to dwell with everlasting burnings.
20:37 Wait, what? The Bible just said, what?
20:39 That it's the righteous?
20:41 James: It doesn't say that yet because you said,
20:44 "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... "
20:48 so far the question is being asked...
20:50 now Yvonne is going to tell us who...
20:52 Yvonne: "He who walks righteously
20:54 and speaks uprightly,
20:55 he who despises the gain of oppressions,
20:58 who gestures with his hands refusing bribes,
21:01 who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed
21:03 and shuts his eyes from seeing evil;
21:06 he will dwell on high:
21:09 his place of defense would be the fortress of rocks:
21:12 bread will be given him; his waters will be sure. "
21:15 Ivor: So it's the righteous who stand in the presence of...
21:19 James: Verse 17 though...
21:20 Yvonne: "Your eye will see the king in his beauty:
21:24 they will see the land that is very far off. "
21:27 James: The King in His beauty is dwelling
21:28 in the everlasting flames. Ivor: Exactly...
21:30 James: the King in His beauty
21:31 is dwelling in the everlasting flames.
21:33 they will see the land that is very far off.
21:35 Ivor: In... I believe it's Isaiah, I'm sorry... Ezekiel
21:39 where Ezekiel catches a vision of God,
21:42 and he says, "Fire was coming forth from Him... "
21:46 a stream of fire, right, so, for the righteous,
21:50 oh man! this is beautiful, right,
21:54 but the wicked... they were not prepared for fire... why?
21:58 This is the reason why God wants to baptize us with fire
22:01 because if He baptizes us with fire, now...
22:04 yeah, we're ready for fire when He comes.
22:07 So I always give this example, when my son was little,
22:12 Joshua, he wanted to dress just like me.
22:16 Anytime he looked like me... he dressed like me,
22:19 he lost his mind... lost...
22:22 "Dad, you're wearing jeans and I'm wearing jeans,
22:25 you've got on a T-shirt and I've got on a T-shirt... "
22:29 and he would just be like... I mean...
22:31 he would just... he wanted to look just like his dad, right,
22:35 so guess what?
22:36 Jesus baptizes with fire
22:40 because He wants us to look like the Father.
22:44 Yvonne: Come on now, come on now.
22:45 Ivor: So when Jesus comes in the clouds,
22:47 and we see Him... we'll be like...
22:50 fire... fire...
22:56 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Wow!
22:57 Ivor: God is trying to get us on fire now,
23:00 so that we can stand in His presence then.
23:03 So when the wicked... remember at the end of the millennium,
23:06 when the wicked see the righteous standing
23:09 in the city of glory,
23:11 they're going to be like, "Wait a minute...
23:13 how is it that they stand in that... and are not... " what?
23:18 James: Consumed. Ivor: Consumed.
23:19 And God is going to have to explain to them,
23:22 "Listen, if I were to let you into heaven,
23:24 it would be eternal torment for you. "
23:26 And so, you know what He does?
23:28 I like to say it this way,
23:30 "With His great big arms of fire,
23:32 He embraces the wicked one final time... "
23:36 and in that embrace, the wicked will feel...
23:39 this is not God saying, "I hate you... "
23:42 This is God saying,
23:44 "This is what heaven would be like
23:47 if you were in my presence"
23:49 and so the wicked will feel the fire... it's real...
23:53 they will feel... they will pay for their sins...
23:56 however long that may be, we can talk about that
24:00 but in that punishment, they will feel,
24:02 "Yes, yes, I get it now,
24:04 if I were to enter that place, forever,
24:07 this is what I would experience, 'Lord put me out... please... '"
24:10 and He does the merciful thing
24:11 after they have suffered for their sins,
24:15 He allows them to become ashes.
24:18 James: Hmmm... hmmm... Yvonne: Hmmm...
24:21 James: And Isaiah 28 brings this out...
24:23 that's a verse that we don't have a lot of time to go into...
24:27 but that's a verse that will help our Viewers
24:28 to understand what it means
24:30 when it says in Revelation 20 it says in verse 13,
24:33 "And the sea gave up the dead which were in it;
24:36 and death and hell... "
24:38 that word "hell" means Hades or the grave...
24:39 Ivor: It's not a burning place.
24:42 James: Right, "delivered up the dead which were in them... "
24:43 and then they're cast into this Lake of Fire
24:45 which you just described...
24:46 "They were judged... "
24:47 and that word "judged" means punished... in the Greek,
24:49 they were punished every man according to their works
24:51 because, according to Isaiah 28 and it would start here with
24:57 verse 14 and you'd read all the way through
25:01 to verse 21... which describes this as a "strange act,"
25:05 according to Isaiah 28, the foundation stone is Jesus
25:09 and everyone is... their agreement with death
25:13 and the grave is annulled,
25:14 they are resurrected from the grave... Isaiah 28 is saying
25:16 and they see this report and the report is
25:19 the Plan of Salvation, the books are opened,
25:21 the Lamb's Book of Life is opened,
25:23 and their record is opened and according to Romans chapter 2,
25:25 they'd been treasuring up wrath against this day of wrath
25:28 in the righteous revelation of the judgment of God
25:31 so God gives this righteous revelation of His love,
25:33 which embraces him
25:35 because the cross is an embrace of the whole world in love
25:39 but that embrace has been rejected
25:42 and they feel uncomfortable and it burns... it hurts...
25:45 and so, this embrace hurts
25:47 because in contrast to this embrace
25:50 that God reveals to them through the Plan of Salvation
25:52 that includes everyone,
25:54 they see their works,
25:55 they see their unrighteousness, they see their rejection...
25:58 and so, that contrast is just tearing them up...
26:03 it's torturing them... they can't believe that they...
26:05 why didn't they? How come?
26:07 And yet, at the same time they don't want... they can't...
26:10 and they recognize this as Ivor said,
26:11 I love the way you said that,
26:13 they recognize that God is indeed being merciful
26:16 in ending their lives
26:18 because they would be tortured for eternity
26:22 if they were to be in that City.
26:23 Ivor: Yeah, it's important to make this point,
26:25 that it's the fire that is everlasting... not the wicked...
26:29 James: Not the punishment.
26:30 Ivor: In other words, the wicked don't... yeah...
26:32 the wicked don't...
26:34 what's everlasting is the fire
26:36 so when we read all those verses about everlasting fire,
26:39 it's not "everlasting wicked" it's "everlasting fire"
26:42 God is the "everlasting fire. "
26:43 James: God is immortal. Ivor: God is immortal.
26:45 The Lake of Fire is the presence of God
26:49 consuming the earth.
26:50 so the wicked aren't... they're not "fire proof"
26:53 they get burnt up to ashes.
26:55 The righteous are "fire proof" so who wants to burn forever?
26:58 Ivor: Raises his right hand.
27:02 Right, they that turn many to righteousness shall do what?
27:04 "Shine as the stars forever. "
27:08 Hmmm... hmmm... Yes...
27:09 Yvonne: Ah! this is beautiful...
27:11 James: It is... it's a beautiful picture
27:13 and I love this whole idea of the fire representing God
27:16 and God is love and that is unselfish love
27:18 and so, there's a manifestation on unselfishness
27:21 that repels the wicked... but draws the righteous
27:23 because we bathe ourselves in it,
27:25 we finally come to the place, in our lives, in our choices
27:28 and the way we live, the way we eat...
27:30 things we watch... everything we do,
27:32 is unselfish love toward God...
27:34 it's unselfish worship toward God.
27:36 Ivor: We got to get on fire, now.
27:38 James: Yeah, amen, so that wraps up Revelation chapter 20
27:43 and again, I just want to emphasize
27:44 that this is a powerful chapter because it reveals punishment
27:48 but it reveals... and justice...
27:49 but it reveals it in the context of God's love
27:52 and that's the bottom line
27:54 for everything we've studied here...
27:55 is the love of God, so praise God.


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