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The New Jerusalem

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley


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00:30 What a great journey it has been...
00:33 what a great journey it's been,
00:34 I think we got 70 Programs behind us in Revelation,
00:37 we've been talking about Daniel
00:38 and it's going to be a little different,
00:40 we've done this in about four sessions... 70 Programs...
00:44 but when we get Daniel going,
00:46 I think we're going to knock it out in a week,
00:48 maybe 20 Programs or less
00:50 because it's not as complicated... not as detailed
00:52 so, I want to just put that little plug-in for our Viewers
00:54 that Daniel is next and we're going to cover it soon
00:57 and it's not going to be... it's going to be...
00:59 it's going to become coming, it's going to be coming,
01:01 Daniel 11 is going to be a little bit challenging
01:03 but it's going to be coming.
01:05 And the Study Guides are coming,
01:07 I thought that they were going to be done
01:12 but we have some other things that have to be added to them,
01:15 when they're released,
01:17 we want them to be as comprehensive as possible
01:20 and so, it's... there's a little delay
01:23 but those are coming too just hold on.
01:26 I'll be studying those guides too.
01:28 I know... me too... me too.
01:30 That'll be good... that'll be good,
01:32 all right, so we're in Revelation chapter 21
01:34 and we just want to jump right in
01:36 and get going on this so Jason, will you pray for us?
01:39 Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:41 we thank you for bringing us this far in the study
01:44 we ask that you would continue to be with us,
01:46 that you would continue to pour out your Holy Spirit
01:48 that we may understand everything that we're reading
01:51 and please bring back to our remembrance
01:53 the things that we've studied in the past,
01:55 we thank you for revealing your love for us... to us...
02:01 and showing us that Revelation is truly a love story
02:06 thank you for hearing our prayer,
02:08 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
02:10 "Amen. "
02:11 And so this love story ends with a happy ending...
02:14 an incredible ending,
02:15 Revelation chapter 21 and I'm just tempted...
02:18 "Oh, let's just read the chapter let's read the chapter,"
02:20 and I think we should read it...
02:22 not all in one setting but I think we should read it
02:24 and then we'll just... we'll start with a few verses here
02:27 Yvonne, can you start us out... Revelation chapter 21
02:29 and just read verses 1 through 4.
02:32 Sure, "Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth:
02:35 for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away;
02:38 also there was no more sea.
02:40 Then I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem,
02:44 coming down out of heaven from God,
02:46 prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
02:49 And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying,
02:51 Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men,
02:54 and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people,
02:57 God himself will be with them, and be their God.
03:01 And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes;
03:04 there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying,
03:07 there shall be no more pain:
03:09 for the former things had passed away. "
03:13 Alleluia, alleluia, this is God's ideal,
03:16 it's always been God's ideal for us
03:18 so, whenever anyone asks the question,
03:21 "Why sin and suffering... why?"
03:23 My immediate answer is,
03:25 it wasn't part of God's original plan,
03:27 for whatever reason it's been allowed
03:29 and there are many,
03:30 for whatever reason God has had to allow
03:33 sin and suffering to continue, He's bringing it to an end
03:35 and we know that as we study the Bible
03:39 but we primarily see it right here in Revelation 21,
03:41 the primary mission of Revelation chapter 21 is...
03:44 it's over... all that pain, all that suffering,
03:48 all that evil has ended, God is going to be with us
03:51 and when God is with us, there's no pain,
03:52 there's no suffering, there's no evil,
03:54 all of that former stuff is gone
03:56 but the other message here that I really love,
03:59 it says here that John saw the Holy City...
04:02 the Holy City where God dwells coming down to Planet Earth
04:06 the one planet of rebellion in all this universe
04:10 is where he is going to place the center of the universe
04:14 because where God is, that's where the center is,
04:17 He says, "I'm coming to dwell with men
04:19 I'm going to dwell with them,
04:21 I'm going to be their God, they're going to be my people,
04:22 but the Holy City is coming down to this earth,
04:24 and it's going to land right here and be here...
04:27 so to me, Revelation 21 is the ultimate message
04:31 of the grace of God. Hmmm...
04:32 See, the Bible is filled...
04:34 it's saturated with the grace of God
04:35 and here... it just doesn't end,
04:37 the grace of God doesn't end,
04:38 we're going to remember as we look at the presence of God
04:41 on Planet Earth, we're going to remember
04:42 grace, grace, grace, grace, grace,
04:45 so this picture is just beautiful.
04:47 You can take Revelation chapter 21
04:49 and just print it out into a tract form
04:52 and just hand it out to people...
04:54 hand it out to people,
04:56 "Hey, you want to know what God's like,
04:57 you want to know what God has for each one...
04:58 you want to know what the future holds?"
05:00 "Hey, you want to know about prophecy?
05:01 Revelation 21... here it is...
05:02 Revelation 21... here it is... here you go... "
05:05 You were talking about God dwelling with us,
05:09 when Jesus
05:11 left and went to heaven,
05:13 He said, "I'm going to come again
05:15 that where I am, there you may be also. "
05:19 And He's talking about,
05:20 "I'm going to bring you up to heaven. "
05:22 We've just seen that...
05:24 that is the whole millennium, right,
05:26 that's... we go to dwell with God
05:28 but at the end of the millennium, He says,
05:31 "Now, I'm coming to dwell with you. "
05:34 You see what I'm saying? "I'm coming to live with you. "
05:36 James: "I'm coming to your place. "
05:38 Ivor: I'm coming to your place. Yvonne: Hmmm...
05:39 James: We're like, "Wait a minute let me get it cleaned up"
05:41 Yvonne: Yeah, yeah, yeah...
05:42 He says, "I'm going to take care of that...
05:45 I'll clean it up for you"
05:47 so, "I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
05:49 for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away. "
05:52 That is because the fire has consumed
05:57 that old heaven and old earth.
05:59 And so now you've got this new Jerusalem
06:02 and it's a happy ending, you know,
06:04 it's... you know the bride is adorned...
06:10 the city is adorned as a bride
06:12 and that's very significant
06:13 because that actually plays right into the theme
06:16 we've been building the whole time... it's a love story,
06:19 this is the marriage finally happening
06:24 and what is a marriage?
06:25 A marriage is when two become one,
06:29 we may call it... "at-one-ment. "
06:32 It's a state of, "at-one-ment,"
06:35 which... "Hey, that reminds me of the word, 'Atonement'"
06:38 so you know what? That's what's going on.
06:41 So, remember in the Old Testament,
06:44 we saw that there was a yearly cycle
06:47 for the people of Israel, right,
06:49 that yearly cycle dealt with the process through which
06:54 God would rid His people from sin
06:57 and so, we saw that that process...
07:00 we found it in the book of Revelation, right,
07:03 you begin in the Holy Place,
07:06 seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets,
07:08 then you get to the Most Holy Place,
07:10 Revelation 11, onward... Most Holy Place,
07:13 right, this is where the day of atonement
07:16 symbolically begins to take place.
07:19 Now, at the end of the day of atonement,
07:22 you had the punishment of the wicked
07:24 that's Revelation chapter 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
07:27 and after that, the Day of Atonement is over
07:31 there was one feast left, there was a Feast of Tabernacles
07:35 it was a celebration...
07:37 Ah...
07:38 A tabernacle... this is what we're seeing here
07:41 in Revelation 21, 22...
07:42 the Tabernacle of God is with men, right,
07:45 this Feast of Tabernacles was like,
07:47 "Whew! we made it through the year!
07:49 You know, sin's been forgiven, the judgment has passed
07:53 and we celebrate... "
07:55 this is what's happening in Revelation 21,
07:57 sin has been removed and "at-one-ment" has taken place
08:02 so Revelation 1 all the way to Revelation 20
08:05 simply explains to us the process through which
08:08 God removed sin so that He and His people could be at one.
08:15 And you know, I really like that because
08:17 when we look at this picture here
08:19 and we look at the Feast of Tabernacles,
08:20 they would make these little booths to dwell in
08:24 and when you brought up that Scripture in John 14,
08:27 where Christ says,
08:28 "I'm going to prepare a place for you"
08:31 and that's what the book of Revelation
08:34 or Chapter 21 of Revelation reveals,
08:36 there's this new Jerusalem City and this new Jerusalem City
08:40 right here it has 12 gates three gates on the east
08:45 and three gates on the north and three gates on the south,
08:47 three gates on the west, I love that song.
08:48 Yvonne: Yeah, me too.
08:50 James: And the names above the gates
08:52 are the names of the twelve tribes of Israel,
08:54 a 144,000... the redeemed...
08:56 that means, every one of us goes through one of those gates,
09:00 every one of us has a place in the City,
09:02 everyone has a place to "tabernacle" in the City
09:05 because we're going to have our own place
09:07 out in the country somewhere
09:08 but when we come to worship God,
09:09 we're checking into our Condo,
09:11 we're checking into our place, in the City
09:13 and so, this Feast of Tabernacles
09:16 reminds us that God has this place...
09:19 this special place for us decorated and set up
09:24 in relation to us, I mean,
09:26 there are places that I've gone
09:28 and I've walked into a room and it's just like,
09:33 "Wow! I like this, this is me... this is me... "
09:37 you know what I'm saying? Yvonne: Yeah.
09:38 James: But that Decorator had no idea what my tastes were
09:43 but the Heavenly Decorator... He knows exactly what we like.
09:48 Yvonne: Yeah.
09:49 James: He knows things that we like
09:50 that we don't even know we like.
09:52 You know what I mean?
09:53 And He's like,
09:54 "Ah, I'm preparing a place for you
09:56 and you're just going to love this place,
09:57 this is going to be you... "
09:59 and so, we're going to...
10:00 I know we're going to spend some of our time...
10:01 "Hey, Ivor, you got to come check out my place... "
10:03 "Woooo... you got to come check out my place!"
10:06 and I'm going to look at Ivor and...
10:07 "I didn't know that about you till I saw your face,
10:10 I didn't know that's about you... "
10:12 so you... "that's... whoa... Ivor, Man!"
10:14 Ivor: Beautiful Places, yeah, yeah.
10:17 James: It's a beautiful picture really
10:19 because when you look at Revelation chapter 21,
10:22 you're seeing here a picture of God's care,
10:26 He hasn't forgotten the tribes, their names are over the gates,
10:31 He hasn't forgotten the apostles,
10:33 their names are on the foundation
10:34 and the city is just incredible, it's like streets of gold,
10:38 it's like gates of pearl and one pearl is a gate,
10:42 it's not like pearls... it's like pearl...
10:45 and yet when you realize that... and all these precious stones...
10:49 you realize, "that's secondary to God...
10:52 that's building material to God"
10:54 we don't build with gold,
10:56 we wear gold, we put it in a vault,
10:58 we might put it on ourselves in order to...
11:03 for... to decorate ourselves but it's precious stuff...
11:06 in heaven, it's building material...
11:08 it's building material, you know.
11:11 We think of wood and we think of stone...
11:13 but in heaven... streets of gold that's like blacktop
11:16 because that's all secondary
11:18 what's the most important thing is the people,
11:21 the humans... the souls... that's what God is focusing on.
11:25 I think that's a powerful thought because
11:28 if you go back to the Old Testament
11:30 God instructed the children of Israel
11:33 to make Him a Sanctuary
11:36 and if you read Exodus 25,
11:38 it tells of all the things the Sanctuary is to be made of...
11:41 gold and silver and all these different...
11:44 you know it's... yeah... and...
11:46 so remember the children of Israel...
11:48 when they make this appeal
11:50 they bring all this gold and silver...
11:54 all the stuff to make the... to make the tabernacle
11:57 but the weird thing is... "Well, wait a minute...
12:00 these are... these were just... they were just slaves...
12:04 what are they doing with all this gold and silver... where?"
12:07 Well, the question is, "Where did they get it from?"
12:10 Well, guess where they got it from?
12:11 They got it from the Egyptians,
12:13 God told them, "This is what I want you to do"
12:16 and the Egyptians gave them their stuff and so,
12:19 the people that had enslaved them...
12:22 the people that were their oppressors,
12:25 He said, "I want you to take their stuff
12:28 and that's what we're going to use... to make the temple. "
12:30 Okay, "that's what we're going to us to make the temple"
12:33 so, when you think about it, it's almost as if God is saying,
12:37 "Hey, the things that they treasured...
12:40 I'm going to give you the spoils of the enemy"
12:44 and the things that they treasured
12:46 is just going to be the street in heaven.
12:50 The things that you...
12:51 "Ah man! I wish I had their gold...
12:53 I wish I had their stuff... their silver... "
12:56 God's going to show... all that is secondary.
12:59 We're going to...
13:01 "The things that you missed out on in this life
13:04 is going to be like nothing
13:06 compared to what I have for you in heaven. "
13:09 And I love that, I love the picture too
13:11 of the fact that God recompensed their labors,
13:15 they were slaves... and the thing...
13:18 the reason why that's so important to us is because
13:20 we... many human beings in this life
13:23 are abused and taken advantage of
13:25 but God has a heavenly record,
13:27 He has a heavenly record
13:28 and we will be recompensed for every ounce of labor...
13:31 everything we've ever done will be recompensed to us,
13:35 you see it all through the Old Testament.
13:36 They left there wealthy... not because they got free stuff
13:40 they earned all of that
13:42 and God said, "You're going to be recompensed
13:43 for all those years of labor and slavery...
13:45 you're going to be recompensed"
13:46 and then it's interesting... He puts it in our hand.
13:48 I was reading a story recently about a guy who robbed a widow,
13:55 she was at the gravesite of her husband
13:58 and she was there mourning her husband
14:01 and the guy robbed her,
14:03 took her to her car, took her money... $700...
14:07 robbed her right there at the gravesite
14:08 and then they caught the guy
14:09 and they put him up on this "news" thing
14:13 and his son recognized... "That's my dad... "
14:17 now, he'd never been his dad so to speak...
14:20 he was an absent father but he had just given him $250...
14:24 the father had...
14:25 and the son said, "That's my dad
14:27 and I want nothing to do with that,
14:29 I... I... this is wrong, he never should have done that"
14:31 and this son went to the widow with the $250
14:35 that had been robbed...
14:36 set up a meeting with her and her family,
14:39 went to her, apologized on behalf of his dad
14:42 and gave her the $250 back, he gave it to her,
14:44 you know what she did?
14:46 She took the money,
14:48 she said, "This is my money right now,
14:50 you've returned it to me, thank you,
14:52 now I want to give it to you"
14:53 because he was going to use it to go on a band trip
14:56 with his school... "I want to give it back to you"
14:58 so, when you look at the story in the Bible,
15:02 God gives all the stuff... it's there... it's ours...
15:05 He gives it to us, you know what we do?
15:07 We give it back to God
15:09 and that is the ultimate... see,
15:12 everything that God is giving to us, we're giving back to Him,
15:14 it's the cycle... it's the circle of beneficence,
15:18 we have been freed now from selfishness... completely free,
15:21 our lives... our hearts... are given to God
15:24 He gives to us, we give to Him,
15:26 He's trying to renew us back to the thing where
15:28 it's not about holding on, it's not about keeping,
15:30 it's not about exalting, it's not about anything else,
15:33 it's just... you just give... and as you give, you get back
15:36 and the circle of beneficence just continues
15:39 throughout all eternity.
15:40 That's good because it's like, He's saying,
15:42 "Hey, everything that you've suffered in this life
15:46 I will make it up to you"
15:48 and heaven will be... it will be beyond what you suffered.
15:57 Yvonne: Yes.
15:58 Ivor: Right, it will be beyond...
16:00 "I'll recompense you... and more"
16:02 it will be... it will be... you know...
16:04 it will be like streets...
16:05 you're talking about... gold... the streets in heaven
16:09 gold is a dirt... that whole idea of God saying,
16:13 "Hey, I've seen every slight against you,
16:15 I've seen every tear, we're going to make that up,
16:21 you will be recompensed and more"
16:23 and so, just the idea of understanding,
16:26 "You know what? This is what heaven...
16:29 God does in heaven, everything will be worth it,
16:32 it will be cheap enough"
16:33 and it just... it comforts us so that we know,
16:42 "Hey, I may be suffering now,"
16:44 you may be going through trials now...
16:46 but remember, remember, remember,
16:48 the things that you suffer now, God is going to make it up.
16:52 It reminds me of a verse in Romans 8,
16:54 we should read this, it's Romans,
16:55 Jason, can you find this for me? Romans 8 and verse 18.
17:00 Paul is talking here
17:02 and you know... Paul went through some tremendous...
17:04 I mean, horrendous stuff,
17:06 I mean, the guy was beaten three times with stripes,
17:09 40 stripes except for one, actually five times,
17:13 so, 195 stripes...
17:15 he was stoned to death, he was shipwrecked...
17:17 and he had this attitude and this experience
17:20 that was just amazing
17:21 and in Romans 8:18, if you got it there,
17:23 here is what he says.
17:25 "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time
17:28 are not worthy to be compared
17:29 with the glory which shall be revealed in us. "
17:31 What? Not worthy to be compared...
17:34 the sufferings are not worthy to be compared with the glory.
17:37 So we're like, "Yeah, you know,
17:39 we were going to suffer...
17:41 and we were going to go through some things...
17:42 and people are going to tell you about it
17:44 but God's going to recompense us...
17:45 He's going to give... you know... He's going to... "
17:47 no... no He's not...
17:48 it's not... you can't... you can't even compare...
17:51 it's not even what...
17:53 the worst stuff you're going on the planet... isn't even worthy,
17:55 you can't even say, "Hey God,
17:56 I went through some bad stuff down here,
17:57 so yeah... obviously... "
17:59 No... what God is going to give to us
18:01 is like way beyond...
18:03 it's kind of like this whole experience
18:05 where you're just like,
18:06 "Um, let me try to pay you back... "
18:09 no, no, no, no... no, not even close...
18:11 God is going to go over the top
18:14 and here's the deal,
18:15 and I'm just thinking about it in relation to
18:17 the context of what Paul is saying,
18:19 I'm just thinking about... in relation to eternal life...
18:20 because, when I was a kid,
18:22 I mean, I just wanted to get old,
18:25 I wanted to be ten... I wanted to be ten, you know,
18:29 double digits... ten... it took forever to get to ten,
18:34 I don't know if you remember,
18:35 then I wanted to be 15 and a half
18:37 because that's when you get your Driver's Permit,
18:39 and 16... man! Driver's License
18:41 and 18... I'm legal now, 21... hooo...
18:44 when I got to 21... you know what?
18:46 I just kind of wanted to put on the brakes.
18:49 Let's slow this down, you know what I mean?
18:52 21 to 30... went like that...
18:54 I was like, "Wait a minute...
18:56 when I was a kid... it took a lot longer,
18:58 how come it's going so fast?"
19:00 40... 50... hooo! yesterday... I cannot believe it
19:07 you know what I mean?
19:09 When I'm a kid I'm like,
19:10 "I'm five and a half... "
19:11 I don't tell people, "I'm 54 and a half"
19:18 you know what I mean?
19:20 "I'm 54 and three quarters"
19:21 but you know, one day,
19:23 I'm going to be a 1,054 years old
19:27 and then I'm going to be a million and 54 years old
19:29 and then I'm going to be a billion and 54 years old
19:32 and then I'm going to be a billion and 54 years old.
19:34 Yvonne: Come on... come on...
19:36 James: And then I'm going to be a trillion. Yvonne: Yes.
19:37 James: When I'm a trillion and 54... you know...
19:39 and Adam's a trillion and a 1,000... he lived 900 years,
19:45 we're going to be about the same age,
19:47 what's the difference when you're a trillion years old
19:50 you know what I mean? Who cares...
19:52 but then, you go on to decillion and nonillion...
19:56 and the highest number, this is what they call it,
19:59 googolplex... because it's so...
20:02 it's so high that it googles the mind...
20:04 it's like... "Ah... "
20:06 and then... and that's... eternity is just beginning.
20:08 I reckon that the suffering in this world
20:11 is not worthy to be compared with the glory,
20:14 just the glory...
20:15 just the fact that we're going to live for eternity,
20:17 just that alone is not worthy to be compared.
20:19 Jason: Plus when you look at the sacrifice of Christ,
20:22 what Christ endured when He was on this earth
20:24 and then you look at what you are going through,
20:25 take a look at the cross... focus...
20:28 keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus
20:30 and what He did for us
20:32 and look at your life,
20:34 the trials and the tribulations that you're going through
20:38 and think about just what He gave up... what He risked...
20:43 we don't even fully understand
20:44 everything that He gave up... the risk... coming down...
20:48 and He's got our flesh.
20:51 James: And not only the death but the life...
20:54 He lived a perfect life.
20:56 I think about living a perfect life...
20:57 like, every single moment of every single day was perfect,
21:01 perfect... we can't get out of here with just the cross,
21:05 we need the life... we're saved by His life...
21:08 and justified by His death.
21:09 We need all of it, He did that... day after day...
21:13 week after week, month after month,
21:15 year after year... He lived in total obedience to God
21:17 and He gives it to us as a gift...
21:19 here's yours... here's yours... here's yours...
21:20 fulfilled all righteousness,
21:22 yeah, when you think about this, and here's the thing,
21:26 Revelation chapter 22 and I just want us to look at this,
21:29 in the context of what we were talking about
21:31 in the last... in our last program together,
21:34 Yvonne, can you read Revelation 22
21:38 verses 1, 2, 3 and 4?
21:42 Yes, "And he shewed me a pure river of water of life,
21:46 clear as crystal,
21:47 proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb.
21:50 In the middle of the street and on either side of the river
21:53 was the tree of life which bore 12 fruits,
21:56 each tree yielding it's fruit every month:
21:59 the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
22:02 And there shall be no more curse:
22:05 but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it;
22:07 and his servants shall serve him:
22:10 They shall see his face;
22:11 and his name shall be on their foreheads. "
22:14 What? what? what will they see?
22:17 All: His face...
22:19 Have you ever wondered what the face of Christ looks like?
22:25 Yvonne: Oh yeah. Jason: Absolutely.
22:26 James: The face of God looks...
22:28 And I'm not even talking about necessarily, like, the features
22:31 but like the expression on His face.
22:33 Hmmm...
22:34 What kind of expression is going to be on the face of God?
22:38 This is the way I picture it.
22:39 I think all of us are going to get an embrace from God
22:44 an embrace... and He's going to embrace us
22:47 and in that embrace He's going to whisper in our ear
22:51 and He's going to say something like this,
22:53 "I'm so glad you're here. "
22:55 Hmmm... Hmmm.
22:56 "I'm so glad you're here,
22:58 eternity wouldn't be the same without you"
23:03 and we're going to feel, I think because He says,
23:05 He's going to wipe away our tears from our eyes,
23:07 we're going to feel His tears trickling down on our shoulder
23:14 on our faces and we're not sure,
23:18 because you know how that is... when you hug someone,
23:19 you're not sure how long you hold...
23:20 and so we're... and He's just holding on to us
23:24 He's like, "I'm so glad you're here"
23:25 and He's just holding us, holding us... holding us...
23:27 "I'm so glad you're here"
23:29 and His face is going to be filled
23:32 with this expression of love and satisfaction
23:36 and, "You're home... you're home... you're home"
23:39 I mean like, "I don't want to let go of you,
23:42 now that I've got you, I don't want to let go of you. "
23:44 That's what I sense when we see His face.
23:46 That's just this incredible picture...
23:49 Yvonne: It puts tears in my eyes because you can see...
23:52 when you think about Christ... for me...
23:55 I think about His eyes and what His eyes must look like
23:58 and the love that I'm going to see
24:01 coming to me from those eyes
24:03 and I picture myself like, holding on to His feet...
24:07 He's trying to shake me off... "Okay Child, you can get up now"
24:13 but it's just so...
24:14 it's so beautiful to think that He is going to personally...
24:19 and I do believe that too,
24:20 that He's going to welcome each one of us.
24:22 Ivor: Yeah, I think...
24:25 I remember before I became a Christian
24:27 and the thought of heaven was actually scary to me
24:31 because I was like,
24:33 "Man! do I want to be in a cloud forever and ever
24:37 with just nothingness for all eternity with a harp?"
24:40 Because Hollywood had painted this picture of heaven
24:44 as this just... nothingness... you know
24:48 you're just like this little light... floating around,
24:50 I'm like, "A little light floating around
24:54 forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...
24:57 and ever... what if I get tired of that?
24:59 You mean, I have to live forever?"
25:01 and so the Revelation 21
25:04 lets us know that heaven is a real place.
25:06 You know what I'm saying?
25:08 It's not something that we're like
25:09 "Man! I'm going to be bored" it's a real, real, real place,
25:15 real people... God... Jesus... He's really going to embrace
25:20 and it just paints a totally different picture
25:24 than what is out there in the public eye.
25:26 Who wants to be a little white light floating around?
25:30 James: Buildings, rivers, trees,
25:33 land, earth, heaven, houses...
25:37 getting together... hanging out...
25:40 I mean, it's just the reality...
25:41 Ivor: Flying to different planets.
25:43 James: You have all the time.
25:44 Ivor: You have all the time to go to Escron.
25:48 I've never been to Escron, Man!
25:49 James: I just made that up...
25:51 if God's going to let him have that, then that's well enough.
25:53 laughter...
25:55 Yvonne: What a day that will be!
25:56 James: You know how we always say,
25:58 "Man! if I have more time, I can visit... I could do this"
25:59 and I'm just like, "Yeah... "
26:02 and not only that, not only that...
26:04 there's no night there.
26:06 And not only that, "you shall run and not be weary,
26:11 you shall walk and not be faint"
26:13 there's no need for sleep, there's no need for night,
26:15 there's... you have tireless energy... you don't get tired,
26:21 you don't lie down and take a nap,
26:22 you're just going from one adventure to the next...
26:25 to the next... what?
26:26 That's what God wanted for us,
26:30 He has always wanted that for us...
26:31 this eternal happiness and joy
26:35 never ending, never ceasing, never interrupted,
26:38 the one thing that's just going to be heaven for me
26:41 no more worry about my kids,
26:44 no more worry about the people that I love and what's going on,
26:49 no more angst because of the latest news report...
26:51 the latest misery, the latest sin, the latest evil,
26:54 the latest, you know...
26:55 Ivor: Yeah, because nothing that defiles will enter there.
26:59 God has a vetting process and everyone...
27:04 whoever gets into heaven...
27:05 it's because they had the love of Jesus,
27:09 they followed His commandments and so, those who...
27:12 in heaven we will not have to worry
27:15 about sin rising again a second time.
27:18 Yes...
27:20 People of every nation, kindred, tongue and people
27:23 will enter that place and we will live...
27:25 like the love stories says, "Happily ever after. "
27:29 Yvonne: Yes.
27:31 Jason: Selfless love... not selfish... but selfless...
27:34 that's going to be there.
27:35 James: It's cool because there's one verse here
27:37 that kind of says it all in that sense...
27:39 verse 25 of chapter 21...
27:41 "The gates shall not be shut by day
27:44 and there shall be no night there. "
27:46 You know, we go home... we lock our doors.
27:47 Jason: Hmmm... Yvonne: That's right.
27:49 James: We lock our car doors... the gates shall not be shut.
27:50 Yvonne: That's right.
27:51 James: No fear... nothing...
27:53 we're just... we're there... we're home.
27:55 Praise God.
27:56 Yvonne: Hallelujah!


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