Salvation in Symbols and Signs

The Glorious Finale

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Participants: Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis


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00:29 We are here... we are here,
00:31 we have landed in Revelation chapter 22
00:34 and basically... this is a close...
00:37 it's... we have those four prophetic cycles,
00:39 do you remember those?
00:40 It started with an introduction
00:42 and then started with the seven churches
00:44 that was Prophetic Cycle number 1,
00:45 that ended in Revelation 3
00:47 and then we pick up in Revelation 4
00:49 with the seven seals that ended in Revelation 8
00:52 and then we picked up in Revelation 8
00:54 with the seven trumpets
00:55 and that took us to Revelation 11
00:57 and then in Revelation 12, we have the last prophetic cycle
01:01 which was the seven vials
01:02 and that takes you all the way
01:04 to Revelation chapter 22 and verse 7 and then in verse 8...
01:09 Ivor: Chapter 15... seven vials...
01:11 James: Yeah... Ivor: Chapter 15...
01:13 James: But it starts in chapter 12...
01:15 Ivor: Okay... the 12 includes this.
01:17 James: Yeah, because 12 and 13
01:18 are kind of this summary and then boom!
01:20 bring us to the end of time and then the vials are...
01:22 Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
01:24 James: And then in Revelation chapter 22 verse 8
01:27 John is closing out...
01:29 "And I John saw these things...
01:30 I John saw these things and I heard them... "
01:32 so that's where we're landing there
01:34 so what we want to do is just kind of... look at these verses
01:37 how is John closing this out, maybe do a little bit of summary
01:40 and just bring it all together. Yvonne: Yes...
01:43 James: That's what we want to do so... it's been a good journey,
01:44 it's kind of reluctant to end it you know.
01:46 Yvonne: I know... I know.
01:48 Jason: You guys can stick around for a while...
01:52 we'll just knock out Daniel, you know.
01:54 James: Hey, there you go... I didn't think about that.
01:56 Laughter...
01:58 Jason, will you pray for us as we get started?
02:01 Sure, "Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you so much
02:03 for being with us throughout our journey
02:06 through the book of Revelation,
02:07 this is a book that is deemed by many to be very confusing
02:12 but it's been presented as a love story
02:17 which it truly is
02:19 as we've seen over the course of this program,
02:21 as with any program that we do Lord,
02:24 we ask that your Holy Spirit would be with us,
02:28 that He would lead and guide us into all truth
02:31 and help us to retain the information that we're studying,
02:36 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
02:37 "Amen. "
02:39 Okay, Revelation 22...
02:41 let's just begin by reading some of these verses,
02:43 let's start in verse 8...
02:45 there are some interesting things that happen here,
02:48 if you could just read those first two verses, verses 8 and 9
02:50 Yvonne, would you like to read those for us?
02:54 Sure, "Now, I John saw and heard these things,
02:57 And when I heard and saw,
02:58 I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel
03:01 who showed me these things.
03:03 Then he said to me, See that you do not do that:
03:06 for I am your fellow servant,
03:08 and of your brethren the prophets,
03:11 and of those who keep the words of this book: worship God. "
03:14 Wow! just hold there for just a second,
03:16 what do you think about this?
03:18 We talked about this a little bit in the previous program
03:20 but I really want us to nail it here,
03:21 what's going on right here in these two verses?
03:26 John mistakenly goes to worship a created being.
03:30 James: Yes, and how does that created being respond?
03:34 Yvonne: Get up...
03:35 Jason: Let's not do this again.
03:38 James: I like that, "Let's not do this again...
03:40 let's not do this again... "
03:42 and then what does the angel say?
03:44 Worship God... worship God,
03:47 you know,
03:48 John is an older disciple,
03:53 I mean, this is in his later years,
03:56 he's sanctified and dedicated to God,
03:59 obviously, God has come to Patmos
04:02 and given him the vision of the book of Revelation
04:05 and they tried to kill John before this time
04:08 and God preserved His life.
04:09 so, we know that John is just this...
04:12 dedicated all-out follower of Jesus,
04:15 but he's inclined... he inclines to worship this angel.
04:20 In our fallen humanity,
04:24 we have these things that's hard to get rid of,
04:26 or they're just our natural tendency and I think that...
04:30 that we are... we are created to worship God
04:34 but we have inclinations to worship stars...
04:36 angels in the Bible were likened to stars.
04:39 We worship movie stars, we worship sports stars,
04:43 we worship music stars...
04:47 we worship people... created beings...
04:51 that's what John is doing here
04:52 or inclined to do here instead of God,
04:54 so I think it's... I think it's a revelation of his humanity,
04:57 it's a reminder to us... coming from the angels
05:00 and I imagine in my mind,
05:01 I don't know if this is true or not
05:03 because I don't know the name of this particular angel
05:05 it's going to be interesting when we get to heaven
05:07 to actually see if these angels have names...
05:10 like we know Gabriel does
05:11 but I wonder if this is one of the angels
05:14 that almost got deceived by... but didn't quite...
05:16 you know what I'm saying?
05:18 Like, not quite... and so he is very sensitive about this,
05:22 he is just like, "No way... no way John, don't do this,
05:27 worship God...
05:29 I don't want this to all start all over again. "
05:30 And you know what's so powerful about this is that
05:32 you think
05:34 when Satan and his angels appear,
05:36 they're appearing as angels of light...
05:38 and if John the Revelator, right,
05:41 who was like... bowing...
05:47 because he knew who God was, he knew who Jesus was,
05:52 and this "being" is so... this angel... he's still like...
05:57 so if John in his position... you know...
06:02 how much more do we need to understand
06:07 the gravity of what will happen at the end of time,
06:10 these are things we are not used to seeing
06:13 and the overwhelming sight that we face...
06:16 of what Revelation is trying to warn us about
06:19 I think, wow, this verse along with the one in Revelation 19
06:23 is in there for a reason,
06:25 God's saying, "Look, this is my servant,
06:28 I am showing him all this stuff and he's still like... bowing. "
06:32 James: Ivor, Ivor, we've got to connect these verses
06:35 back to Revelation 13. Ivor: Yes.
06:37 James: Whenever you share that, you've got to come back and say,
06:39 "Hey, we're talking about Revelation...
06:40 and by-the-way... just so you know how real this is,
06:43 let's just jump over to Revelation 22 real quick... "
06:45 Ivor: Yeah... Yvonne: Hmmm...
06:47 James: Even John... you think you're safe from this deception,
06:50 this delusion... this fire coming down from heaven,
06:51 even John...
06:53 so you could see why the whole world
06:54 would follow in one direction... wow!
06:56 Ivor: Yes... yes...
06:57 Jason: And with things today
06:59 with that whole New Age Movement and all that stuff
07:01 you see... in turn you were talking about
07:04 people worshiping stars and movies and... they're created...
07:07 a lot of times you hear people saying,
07:10 "Well, just put it in the universe...
07:12 the universe... give it to the universe... "
07:15 like, who do you think created the universe?
07:17 Why would you go to the created instead of the Creator?
07:20 God is the One that you need to go to,
07:24 not the trees, not the stars, not the...
07:28 that's something that just gets me...
07:31 the "put it in the universe thing" like it's...
07:34 I don't know...
07:36 All right, there are a couple of more thoughts here,
07:41 we've talked about it a little bit
07:43 but I just want us to...
07:45 to bring them back because they're really good,
07:47 if we can read, Yvonne, could you keep reading for us
07:50 in Revelation chapter 22 verses 10 through 12,
07:55 10 through 12?
07:56 Yes, "And he said to me,
07:58 Do not seal the words of the prophecy of this book:
08:00 for the time is at hand.
08:02 He who is unjust, let him be unjust still:
08:05 he who is filthy, let him be filthy still:
08:07 he who is righteous, let him be righteous still:
08:10 he who is holy, let him be holy still.
08:13 And, behold, I am coming quickly;
08:15 and my reward is with me,
08:17 to give every one according to his work. "
08:19 Now there are some nuggets in here
08:21 that I want us to just look at,
08:23 the first one is found in verse 10.
08:25 "Do not seal the prophecies of this book... "
08:27 this book is not sealed,
08:28 the book of Daniel was sealed
08:30 but the book of Revelation is not sealed,
08:32 it is an unsealed book...
08:34 the word Revelation means to uncover... to disclose...
08:38 it is a book that is open, it's symbolic but it's open,
08:42 it's never been sealed, "don't seal it up... "
08:44 people need to understand this, why?
08:46 because in the 12th verse and I'm just skipping number 11
08:51 but we'll get back to it, in the 12th verse it says,
08:52 "Behold, I come quickly... "
08:54 actually, let's just stay at verse 10,
08:57 the point I wanted to make here is in verse 10,
08:59 "For the time is at hand... "
09:00 how could he say, "the time is at hand?"
09:02 We're reading prophecies right now and studying prophecies
09:05 that we're applying to the future,
09:07 this was written 2,000 years ago
09:08 we got to remember that every one of these prophetic sections
09:12 began in John's time,
09:13 it began in John's time, "the time is at hand... "
09:15 so, remember the prophecies start with Christ
09:18 and they go through the Apostolic Age
09:21 and then to the pagan persecution
09:23 and then to the Dark Ages... you see what I'm saying?
09:25 It begins now so the time is at hand,
09:28 when you understand the prophetic cycles of Revelation,
09:30 that makes sense...
09:32 that makes sense.
09:34 And then... go ahead.
09:35 I had a question so if you wanted to emphasize...
09:41 So, there's something that's a little confusing here to me
09:46 because Revelation 22 verse 8, right,
09:51 the angel who showed him these things...
09:55 "And the angel said,
09:58 He who is unjust, let him be unjust still... "
10:00 but then in the next verse, it's Jesus talking...
10:03 "Behold I'm coming quickly"
10:05 so, if you don't know any differently...
10:09 James: It's verse 13 that clarifies
10:11 and we haven't got to it yet.
10:13 Yvonne: Okay.
10:15 James: Verse 13 is where we see...
10:16 see a transition is taking place here that we haven't seen
10:19 but verse 13 is where He says,
10:20 "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. "
10:21 Yvonne: Right. Ivor: Hmmm... hmmm...
10:23 James: So, many times in Revelation and also in Daniel,
10:26 Daniel 10 is notorious for this,
10:28 you're like, "Is that Christ or is that the angel?
10:32 Is that Christ or is that the angel?
10:33 Is that Christ or is that the angel?"
10:35 When we go back to Revelation chapter 1,
10:36 it says, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ,
10:38 which God gave unto him,
10:40 to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass;
10:42 and he sent and signified it by his angel
10:44 unto his servant John... "
10:45 so you have this interaction taking place
10:48 but then John sees Jesus... the Son of man
10:49 but then there's an angel and then there's...
10:51 so you have this interaction that's taking place here
10:53 and that's why the book of Revelation...
10:55 you can't just divide it up into chapters neatly
10:57 because the things that John sees,
10:59 "And I saw... and I saw... and I saw... "
11:01 sometimes those visions are including an angel
11:04 but sometimes they're directly a vision of Christ,
11:06 Christ is the One talking and many times what happens is
11:10 like we saw in the previous verse,
11:12 the angels says, "Hey, I'm an angel... "
11:13 and Christ says, "I'm the alpha and the omega"
11:16 John is seeing this and then he's seeing Christ
11:18 then he's going back to this and then he sees Christ
11:20 and usually it's clarified within the verses.
11:22 Yvonne: Yeah. James: Good question.
11:23 Jason: I like something that one of you said
11:27 in a previous program about
11:30 how we can't be selfish with prophecy,
11:32 a lot of times we have a tendency
11:33 to be selfish with prophecy
11:35 where we think it only applies to our... to the future
11:38 or it only applies to our time
11:41 but they had their prophecy too back then... back in the Bible.
11:44 James: "Surely the Lord God will do nothing
11:46 except He reveals His secrets unto His servants the prophets"
11:49 so God is working through prophecy, that's Amos 3:7
11:51 and He gives prophecy
11:54 so that He can tell His people what He's doing
11:56 and He's always cared about His people in every generation
11:59 therefore, He's given prophecy for every generation
12:01 and the benefit that we have...
12:04 in the final generation...
12:06 is not that we should greedily take all the prophecies
12:08 and apply to them
12:09 but that we could learn from all those prophecies
12:11 because they're our prophetic history
12:13 that bring us to where we are
12:14 because a lot of them are repeated...
12:16 not the prophecy itself
12:18 but the history of that prophecy is repeated.
12:20 We see the same principles, the same spirit,
12:22 the same manifestations of the character in the end of time
12:27 that took place back in that time.
12:28 This is why it's important to understand...
12:30 one of the first things...
12:32 in fact, our first program we opened up with
12:34 Preterism, Futurism and Historicism...
12:38 and Idealism
12:39 and we talked about how Preterism
12:42 says all the prophecies related to one time in the past...
12:45 Futurism says, "it's all in the future"
12:47 Historicism takes it age by age, step by step...
12:52 every generation of people... generation of Christians
12:57 have been able to look at the road map using Historicism
13:01 and say, "Okay, you are now here... you are here. "
13:06 Right, at every stage, "You are here, you are here,"
13:09 God is always telling us where we are
13:11 and so, now, we know where we are
13:14 versus where they were in the time of...
13:16 you know... the Dark Ages
13:18 this is why that kind of prophecy...
13:22 Historicism is so important because it helps us to
13:26 not only look back and see, "Okay, where we came from
13:29 but we look forward... all that is true...
13:32 right, then, we know where we're going,
13:34 yeah, we're on the right track. "
13:36 Yvonne: Hmmm... it's good.
13:37 James: So when you get lost, you're like,
13:39 "Yeah, I don't know where it is
13:41 but I know that I've passed the landmark
13:43 that I was supposed to pass so far,
13:44 so from this point on, I know...
13:46 I just need to get back to where the last landmark was
13:48 and then go forward from there,
13:49 maybe I took a left too soon and I need to go a little further. "
13:51 Ivor: You have a point of reference.
13:52 James: You have a point of reference.
13:54 Ivor: What makes the book of Revelation so difficult
13:56 for so many people
13:58 is that they have no point of reference.
13:59 It's just like, "When is this?"
14:01 We have no clue... is this after we leave,
14:03 is this... there's no point of reference
14:05 and so most people just pretty much stay away from the book,
14:08 or they're all over the place.
14:10 Jason: So, Historicism then encompasses all the other
14:12 Futurism, Preterism, Idealism and just brings it all together.
14:19 James: Yes, it's all inclusive it's like the whole grain.
14:23 Here's Preterism and Historicism that's past...
14:25 there's Futurism and Historicism there's future.
14:28 There's Idealism and Historicism there are principles there
14:31 that apply all through the ages,
14:33 Idealism is saying, "Oh, these are just principles that apply,
14:35 these are powers and principles
14:37 there's no real history...
14:38 you don't have to nail this down to a day... "
14:39 well, Idealism is also there
14:41 because there are principles that apply that are...
14:44 that are... that go beyond dates and years etc.
14:46 So, we... this has been a great journey
14:50 because what we've seen here is a book that really makes sense,
14:55 it's a book that has... it's a masterpiece.
14:57 It's a book that was written by Divine origin
15:00 and the reason why we don't have
15:02 every answer to every question is because we're not God...
15:05 but God has the answers
15:06 and God can bring those answers to us as we need to see them
15:10 and there are some things that won't be clear
15:13 until they actually unfold...
15:14 some prophecies won't be completely clear
15:17 I mean, we have the ideas... the general ideas
15:19 but they're not completely clear until they unfold.
15:20 Hmmm... hmmm...
15:22 So we talked about this next verse here, verse 11,
15:25 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
15:27 and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still:
15:28 and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
15:30 and he that is holy, let him be holy still. "
15:31 We talked about that
15:33 in relation to not being an arbitrary decree of God
15:37 God is not fixing people's destinies,
15:40 we fix our own destiny, we decide...
15:43 but God has brought the whole world to a place of decision...
15:47 He's lightened the earth with His glory
15:49 and He looks out in the world and He says,
15:51 "You know what? Everyone's made a decision
15:53 if I let this go for another year or another month
15:57 or another week or another day, it wouldn't make any difference
15:59 he that his holy is going to be holy still
16:00 and he that is righteous is going to be righteous still
16:01 and he that is filthy is going to be filthy still
16:03 and he that is unjust is going to be unjust still
16:04 I'm going to come... I'm going to go... "
16:06 everyone's made a decision and no one's changed
16:07 and that picture of God is vital in our understanding
16:11 because God is longsuffering He doesn't want anyone to perish
16:14 so He'll hold out... He's holding out... for one more
16:17 but He's bringing the world to a place
16:19 where they're finally going to make a decision
16:20 and He can bring this to an end
16:22 and He comes quickly and we think, 2,000 years...
16:24 but remember... a day with God is like a thousand years
16:28 and a thousand years is like a day
16:29 so for heaven... for eternity...
16:31 2,000 years... that was two days ago.
16:33 God can wait a couple of days for one more sinner to be saved
16:37 He'll wait a couple of days...
16:39 and when we get to heaven, we'll figure that out.
16:40 "Oh yeah, it was just a couple of days... yeah, it's over... "
16:43 it's like... it's kind of like,
16:45 it's kind of like our session... our 72 sessions
16:47 "Wow, you know, one session... oh!
16:50 we've got to get two sessions, oh!
16:52 oh, we're only at Revelation 12 after three sessions... oh!"
16:55 and then we get to the end we're like,
16:56 "Oh, it's over... oh!"
16:59 Jason: It's like growing up.
17:00 Ivor: 6 years old... oh Man! I want to be 11.
17:04 Laughter... Yeah.
17:05 James: And then, we want to go a little bit further here,
17:10 we've looked at verse 13,
17:13 "I'm alpha and omega, the beginning and the end"
17:15 verse 14...
17:17 Ivor: "Blessed are they that do his commandments,
17:18 that they may have right to the tree of life,
17:20 and may enter in through the gates into the city. "
17:23 This is what I like about this verse...
17:24 James: Hmmm...
17:26 Ivor: That...
17:27 the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 12 says, let's read it.
17:32 James: Let's hear the conclusion of the whole matter...
17:36 Ivor: Yeah, it's kind of like, I can almost hear us go,
17:39 "Why do we need to study the whole book of Revelation?"
17:43 But let's look at it anyway, you want to quote it?
17:45 James: "Let's hear the conclusion of the whole matter... "
17:47 Ivor: But first it says, "Of study of many books,
17:49 there is great weariness of flesh... "
17:52 oh, anybody weary over this long study of Revelation?
17:55 Right, but then,
17:57 "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter
18:00 fear God and keep His commandments:
18:02 for this is the whole duty of man. "
18:04 Ivor: "For God shall bring every work into judgment,
18:05 with every secret thing,
18:06 whether it be good or whether it be evil. "
18:08 God says, "Okay, look, we could be writing books...
18:09 James: We can wear our flesh out.
18:12 Ivor: Yes. James: But...
18:14 Ivor: In case... in case...
18:16 you've missed everything we've just done
18:18 in the book of Revelation, let's sum it up for you,
18:20 last chapter of the book... he closes with those words...
18:24 "Blessed are they that do His commandments
18:28 that they may have right to the Tree of Life. "
18:31 Why was Lucifer cast out of heaven?
18:33 Because of lawlessness.
18:35 Why were Adam and Eve put out of the garden?
18:37 Because of lawlessness.
18:39 How do we get back in? Commandments of God...
18:42 faith of Jesus...
18:43 believing in Christ...
18:45 and "if you love me, keep my commandments. "
18:48 So He says, "Look, in case you got confused,
18:51 in case there was something you missed,
18:53 let me just summarize it for you...
18:55 blessed are they that do His commandments
18:58 that they may have right to the Tree of Life...
19:00 I've just summarized the whole thing for you. "
19:03 So, we are without excuse right,
19:06 He says, "In case it was too wearisome...
19:09 I couldn't follow those half-an-hour programs,
19:11 it lost me in the head... "
19:13 well, we could have just told you this in the beginning
19:15 but we wanted you to watch the program
19:17 but now that you've watched the program,
19:19 we're just summarizing it by saying,
19:22 "Keep His commandments... keep His commandments. "
19:25 He says, "If you love me, keep my commandments. "
19:28 James: And Matthew 22, puts the topping on that...
19:30 brings it all together in a sense... Jesus said,
19:32 because He was asked the question, verse 36...
19:34 "Master, which is the great commandment in the law?"
19:36 And what does He say?
19:38 "Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God
19:41 with all thy heart, and with all thy soul,
19:42 and with all thy strength, with all thy mind,
19:44 and this is the first and great commandment.
19:46 And the second is like unto it,
19:48 Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
19:49 On these two commands
19:51 hang all the law and the prophets. "
19:52 "Keeping my commandments... is love... it's love... "
19:55 so we don't want our Viewers to see these as separate...
19:58 Ivor: Right.
20:00 James: Love and commandment-keeping
20:01 is one and the same thing
20:02 and God... in the book of Revelation
20:04 has finally brought them back together
20:05 see, because they've been separated...
20:07 he's... "Oh, I love God... "
20:09 "Oh, that's legalism... keeping the commandments is legalism. "
20:11 No... no it's not...
20:13 because the whole law is fulfilled in this... love...
20:16 love is the fulfilling of the law.
20:19 Ivor: The wedding vows... the wedding vows...
20:20 James: That's right, that's such a good illustration.
20:23 Ivor: But it's quite amazing because... think about it...
20:25 this very moment of entering into the gates of heaven,
20:28 Jesus Himself says, at the end of time,
20:31 He will stand... He's going to put the goats on one side,
20:33 the sheep on the other...
20:34 He's going to say, "Come in sheep...
20:37 because I was naked and you fed me,
20:39 I was hungry...
20:41 naked and you clothed me...
20:42 I was hungry and you fed me...
20:44 I mean, He goes down this list,
20:45 I was thirsty and you gave me water to drink,
20:47 I was in prison... you visited me. "
20:48 "When did we do that?
20:50 Wait a minute... I don't remember... "
20:53 Yeah, they are so selfless that they're like,
20:57 "Okay, what are you... what are you talking about?"
21:00 Right, and He says,
21:02 "Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these,
21:04 you have done it unto me. "
21:06 That was love, right,
21:08 then, to the others... "You didn't feed me...
21:11 you didn't visit me... you didn't clothe me... "
21:14 "But Lord, we knew how you were coming...
21:16 we knew your feet weren't going to touch the ground... "
21:18 right, "we understood prophecy. "
21:23 Yvonne: Hmmm... hmm...
21:24 Ivor: Love will determine where we end up, yeah... yeah...
21:31 James: Hmmm... hmmm.. destiny... it's destiny...
21:33 and that's why in the very next verse it says,
21:36 "For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers,
21:39 and murderers, and idolaters,
21:40 and whoever loves and makes a lie. "
21:43 Whoever loves and makes a lie...
21:45 and it starts early... lying starts early.
21:48 I ask... when I do a class or two
21:51 with some of our RICE students
21:54 we go through some basic questions
21:58 and I ask them, one of the questions I ask is,
22:00 "Do you ever lie... do you ever lie?"
22:03 "Honey, you look great today!"
22:04 "How do I look?" "You look good. "
22:06 "Do you ever lie?"
22:08 Because... because
22:10 sometimes lying is the greatest form of pride
22:14 we want to be liked, we want to be...
22:17 so we say things that aren't really true
22:20 to people and about people,
22:23 we say things that aren't really true
22:24 and we fall into this natural tendency to lie.
22:27 I think that if we look at our political world,
22:30 it's just all caught up in that
22:32 and I really don't think that these guys even realize...
22:34 these people even realize how much they're lying.
22:38 To them, it's just the way the world operates,
22:42 this is the way the world operates,
22:43 and it is hard because you have to take...
22:45 and you have to think about this...
22:47 you have to take a certain amount of responsibility
22:50 in order to always tell the truth.
22:51 You have to... there's a certain amount of...
22:54 yeah, there's a certain amount of pressure
22:56 that's going to come upon you to tell the truth all the time
22:59 and there's a consequence to that
23:00 and so, ultimately I think, this is going to be...
23:03 that's why it says here, "Whoever loves... "
23:04 like, we're summarizing "the saved"
23:07 as those who keep the commandments of God and love God
23:09 we're summarizing "the lost" as those who lie,
23:11 who love a lie and believe a lie.
23:13 Phew... that's pretty big when you think about it
23:17 because I can tell you honestly
23:20 that lying is something that I struggle with... on that level.
23:24 Not on the level of just... you know...
23:25 but on the level of wanting myself to look good
23:28 or wanting to come across in a way
23:30 that isn't "hurting someone" or whatever,
23:32 and we really need to be honest with people
23:35 and we can be honest with people
23:36 if we have the love of God in our hearts...
23:37 we can be honest with people.
23:39 You know, when Peter was filled with the Spirit and they said,
23:42 "Don't preach anymore in the name of Jesus Christ,
23:43 we're going to kill you and put you in prison. "
23:47 He could have said, "Well, you know" but he didn't
23:50 he said, "Hey, whether it's good or not... you judge...
23:54 but I am going to be preaching Christ
23:55 I'm just going to be... I'm not... I'm not even... "
23:59 but at the trial of Jesus... "I don't know Him...
24:02 I don't know Him... I don't know Him. "
24:04 See how easy it was for him to fall into the lie
24:06 to protect himself.
24:07 I think that's part of the dilemma
24:09 that we're dealing with here
24:11 you know, in the end of time.
24:12 You also look at what Lucifer did in heaven,
24:15 he was... the Bible says,
24:17 "By the multitude of your merchandise... "
24:19 called him "a trafficker"
24:22 what was he trafficking? He was trafficking lies...
24:24 What was he merchandising?
24:26 He was merchandising lies and the angels bought it.
24:30 So they bought his merchandise, right?
24:32 The message for us today is, "Don't buy it... "
24:36 right, don't buy his lies,
24:38 don't buy his merchandising,
24:40 and that's part of what the false gospel is,
24:44 the false gospel is a picture of God that is a lie.
24:47 It's a picture of Christ that is a lie
24:50 and much of that has to do with the doctrines,
24:53 "God burns people forever and ever... "
24:56 "You want to be forgiven? You have to pay God. "
24:58 Right, "you have to pay... indulgences"
25:01 Yvonne: Purgatory... indulgences...
25:04 Ivor: Yeah, you know, all these different teachings
25:07 that reflect something that is not true
25:11 about the character of God
25:12 which again is one of the main reasons
25:14 why people turn away from God, and then,
25:17 people love that lie, people like...
25:20 think about the Atheist who may be like,
25:22 "Ah, this is who God is"
25:24 and they are intent on making God to be someone that He's not,
25:28 right, but they're looking at it through faulty eyes.
25:31 So, this is why it's so important for God's people
25:35 at the end of time to show the truth about God's character
25:39 because in Him is truth... in Him there is no lie.
25:42 It goes right back to Satan and the first deception,
25:45 read John chapter 8 verse 44 for us,
25:47 this is really a powerful verse.
25:50 "Ye are of your father the devil,
25:53 and the lusts of your father ye will do.
25:55 He was a murderer from the beginning,
25:57 and abode not in the truth,
25:58 because there is no truth in him.
26:00 When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own:
26:02 for he is a liar, and the father of it. "
26:04 Wow! this is taking about Satan,
26:06 the reason why this is such a big deal here
26:08 in Revelation's close is because Satan is the father of lies,
26:12 he's the father of deception,
26:13 we need to walk... we need to pull away...
26:16 have you ever heard of a white lie?
26:17 Yvonne: Oh yeah.
26:18 James: What is that? An acceptable one?
26:21 Yvonne: Yeah, right...
26:22 James: It's okay... no... Yvonne: Harmless...
26:25 James: he's the father... yeah, he's the father of it.
26:27 So in a sense... and I love it because it's a contrast...
26:31 "Here are they that keep the commandments of God"
26:33 and when we're filled with the love of God,
26:34 we're going to be okay... we're going to be okay.
26:36 Ivor: And it's beautiful because the book ends,
26:39 after he says... you know... warns...
26:41 "Don't take any words out of this book or add any to it... "
26:43 and then it just ends with the encouragement,
26:47 He's coming quickly
26:49 and in that last verse,
26:50 "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all...
26:53 the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. "
26:56 James: But, I like this verse... and I want to share it,
26:58 it's so powerful... verse 17,
27:00 "And the Spirit and the bride say, Come.
27:03 And let him that hears Come.
27:07 And let him that is athirst come.
27:09 And... not only those that hear, not only those that are thirsty
27:13 but whoever will... whoever will...
27:16 I just want to say to all of our Viewers,
27:18 whoever will... come...
27:22 take of the water of life freely...
27:25 freely...
27:26 Yvonne: And He will in no wise cast you out.
27:28 James: Yes...
27:29 Yvonne: Come... He will in no wise cast you out.
27:31 Ivor: Have you ever missed a family reunion?
27:35 Man! that's the worst... "You weren't there?"
27:39 "No, Man! I couldn't make it. "
27:40 This is the fact...
27:42 God is inviting us to an eternal family reunion,
27:45 and that's how He closes the book, "Come... "
27:48 Yvonne: Yes.
27:49 Ivor: "Here's your invitation... will you be there?"
27:52 James: If we only had one promise, that would be enough,
27:54 "and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. "
27:57 Beautiful... beautiful... beautiful closing.


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