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00:37 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
00:40 Our Father in Heaven, we thank you
00:43 for the awesome privilege of living in a land
00:47 where we can open Your word freely
00:50 and hear Your voice and implement
00:53 Your council into our lives.
00:56 And, Father, we ask that as we open that word,
00:59 that Your Holy Spirit will be present here
01:02 and open minds and hearts to receive the seed of truth.
01:07 And, Father, I thank You
01:08 for hearing and for answering my prayer.
01:11 For I asketh in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.
01:17 In our study today, we are going to look
01:20 at the prophetic dimension of Matthew Chapter 24
01:25 particularly up to verse 17.
01:29 Now if you remember in our last study,
01:32 we did a historical study of this same passage.
01:37 We showed how all of these verses were fulfilled
01:41 in the destruction of Jerusalem,
01:43 the second destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70.
01:47 But you remember that this particular story
01:52 has a twofold application.
01:54 It was fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem
01:57 but it's going to be fulfilled again in conjunction
02:01 with the final destruction of the world.
02:03 And we know this because two questions
02:06 were asked by the disciples.
02:08 They said, "When will these things begin--
02:10 in others words, when will not one stone be left
02:14 upon another on the temple?
02:16 And what will be the sign of your coming
02:19 and of the end of the world?"
02:21 So two questions led Jesus to provide one mingled answer.
02:28 In other words, Jesus blended what was gonna happen
02:31 in the destruction of Jerusalem
02:33 with what is going to take place
02:35 in the final destruction of the world.
02:38 Now I would like to review the sequence of events
02:41 that we studied last time.
02:43 And I'm gonna go through this quickly.
02:45 We're not going to read verses
02:47 or dwell on these things
02:48 because we studied them in our last lecture.
02:51 You remember that first of all Jesus mentions
02:55 false Christs rising and deceiving many.
03:00 Then He mentions several disasters.
03:03 He mentions famines. And He mentions persecution.
03:07 And He mentions earthquakes.
03:09 And He mentions diseases, pestilence,
03:12 wars and rumors of wars, nation rising against nation,
03:16 and kingdom against kingdom.
03:19 And we noticed in our last study that Satan
03:21 has an agenda behind all of these things.
03:23 The agenda is ultimately to blame God's people
03:28 for what was happening.
03:30 Because Matthew 24:9 immediately after talking
03:35 about the wars and rumors of wars
03:38 and all of these disasters tells us,
03:40 "Then they will seek you out and persecute you."
03:45 Then we notice that as a result of persecution,
03:48 God's people would be led to stand before magistrates
03:52 and kings to give a witness for their faith.
03:57 And we noticed that when they went before magistrates
04:01 and councils that God was going to give them
04:05 a powerful message to speak and the Holy Spirit
04:08 was going to give them words to speak
04:11 when they appeared before these great men of the earth.
04:15 Then we notice that as a result of the persecution
04:18 that the love of many would grow cold.
04:22 And many would be offended at Jesus.
04:25 And we noticed that Jesus predicted
04:27 that fathers would rise against their children
04:30 and mothers against their children
04:32 and brothers against their sisters
04:35 and friends against friends
04:37 would persecute one another.
04:38 In other words, certain family members
04:40 would apostatize from the faith and they will become
04:43 enemies of their own families.
04:46 We notice also that in this context false prophets
04:50 were going to arise in the midst of Jerusalem.
04:54 We notice, therefore, that God's people needed
04:57 a special endurance or a special patience.
05:00 So if they would not be deceived by Satan's signs,
05:04 so that they would not give up
05:06 when they were persecuted,
05:07 so that their love would not wax cold or become cold,
05:11 they needed endurance.
05:14 And then we noticed that the gospel
05:16 would be preached to the whole world and then Jesus said,
05:20 "That the end would come."
05:22 But before the end, He spoke of the abomination of desolation
05:26 that would take place and the tribulation
05:29 that would occur before His coming.
05:32 And we noticed last time that the abomination of desolation
05:36 the abomination itself was the Roman standards
05:40 that had the eagle and the sunburst
05:42 and the eagle was facing right and had arrows in its talons.
05:46 And they put these in the ground,
05:48 the Roman army is dead, and they bowed down
05:51 and they worshipped them.
05:52 They were worshipping the sun god
05:54 represented by the eagle and by the golden wreath
05:57 which was a symbol of the sun.
06:00 And we notice that when this sign was seen,
06:03 God's people saw the sign and when the Roman armies retreated,
06:07 God's people fled from the city of Jerusalem.
06:11 And those who did not see the sign,
06:13 remained in the city.
06:14 And then the Romans came and you had
06:17 the destruction of the city, in other words desolation.
06:21 So this is the abomination of desolation.
06:25 And then Jesus speaks about His people fleeing
06:27 to the mountains because persecution
06:29 is gonna take place and He says,
06:31 "That the worst period of tribulation
06:33 in the history of the world
06:35 was going to come up till that time."
06:37 And when we read the description
06:39 about the terrible trials of the city of Jerusalem,
06:43 how parents, believe it or not, would eat their children.
06:47 How they would kill one another.
06:49 How they were earthquakes and famines and diseases.
06:53 Certainly, this was a terrible period of tribulation.
06:56 But God's people fled
06:58 and they were spared the destruction.
07:01 Now this, in a nutshell, is the sequence of events
07:03 that we studied last time.
07:05 Today, we are gonna study
07:07 the end time application of this prophecy.
07:10 We're going to notice the same sequence of events.
07:14 But we're going to notice that they're gonna be
07:16 fulfilled in the end time.
07:18 Instead of with literal Jerusalem,
07:21 they are going to be fulfilled
07:23 with spiritual Jerusalem which is the church.
07:28 And instead of these things being fulfilled
07:32 with literal Israel in a small location such as Jerusalem,
07:37 these things are gonna be fulfilled
07:39 on a worldwide scale with spiritual Israel
07:43 all over the world.
07:45 Now I want to tell you that I'm gonna read
07:46 several statements from the writings of Ellen White.
07:50 Ellen White, interestingly enough,
07:54 presents all of these things in their proper order.
07:59 And she describes the same thing happening in the end time
08:03 as happened in conjunction with the destruction of Jerusalem.
08:06 I don't think that she consciously did this.
08:09 She didn't sit down and say,
08:10 "Okay, I'm gonna write everything
08:12 about what happened in Jerusalem
08:13 and how it's parallel to the end time."
08:16 But when you read her writings, you gather that she comments
08:19 on all of these things in the same chronological sequence
08:23 as they appear in the destruction of Jerusalem.
08:27 So I'm gonna read several statements from her writings,
08:30 many of them from the book, "Desire of Ages,"
08:33 others from the book, "Great controversy,"
08:35 and a few from other sources.
08:38 I'd like to first of all read a statement about false Christs.
08:41 Do you remember that we read from Josephus
08:43 that many false Christs arose, many false Messiahs?
08:47 In the book, "The Desire of Ages" page 631,
08:51 Ellen White states this, "False prophets did rise,
08:56 deceiving the people,
08:58 and leading great numbers into the desert.
09:01 Magicians and sorcerers, claiming miraculous power
09:06 drew the people after them into the mountain solitudes."
09:11 And then she states this, "But this prophecy was spoken
09:15 also for the last days."
09:18 All you have to do is look out at the world
09:20 in the last 20 years and you'll see many individuals
09:24 who have arisen and claimed to be the Christ.
09:27 You know, I don't have to amplify this point.
09:29 You have for example David Koresh,
09:31 who called himself the "Sinful Messiah."
09:34 We have also before that Jim Jones,
09:37 you know, his story 900 people in his cult committed suicide.
09:41 And more recently, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda,
09:44 maybe you haven't heard of him, he's a fellow from Puerto Rico.
09:47 And he claims to be Christ on earth.
09:50 He claims that sin doesn't exist.
09:53 And by the way, lately, he's told all of his members
09:56 to wear T-shirts with the number 666.
10:00 That's very, very interesting.
10:02 And yet, he claims to be the Christ.
10:04 So many false Christs have risen
10:07 particularly in the last 20 years.
10:10 Now what about wars, pestilence, earthquakes, and hunger?
10:16 I want to read a couple of statements
10:17 once again from Ellen White
10:19 and we don't actually even have to read
10:20 from Ellen White because you know what's been happening.
10:23 You know, you have Katrina, you have the Tsunami,
10:26 you have several humongous earthquakes
10:29 that have taken place in the last 10 years.
10:31 But allow me to read you from the book,
10:33 "Last day Events" page 24.
10:37 "In the last scenes of this earth's history war will rage.
10:44 There will be pestilence, plague, and famine.
10:49 The waters of the deep will overflow their boundaries."
10:53 That's interesting in the light of Katrina.
10:55 "Property and life will be destroyed by fire and by flood."
11:02 In the book, "The Great Controversy"
11:03 which is a phenomenal book,
11:05 everybody needs to read this book
11:06 because it describes the history of Christianity
11:10 from the destruction of Jerusalem
11:12 all the way till the end of the millennium,
11:14 we find this significant statement.
11:17 Speaking about the devil she says,
11:19 "It is his object to incite the nations
11:23 to war against one another, for he can thus divert
11:27 the minds of the people from the work of preparation
11:30 to stand in the day of God.
11:33 While appearing to the children of men
11:36 as a great physician who can heal all their maladies,
11:41 Satan will bring disease and disaster,
11:45 until populous cities are reduced to ruin and desolation."
11:49 We saw that with New Orleans
11:50 but it's gonna happen more and more frequently.
11:53 She continues saying, "Even now he is at work.
11:57 In accidents and calamities by sea and by land,
12:01 in great conflagrations," that means wars,
12:04 "in fierce tornadoes."
12:06 Huh, tornadoes, have you heard about
12:10 that recently in the Midwest of the United States?
12:13 "And terrific hailstorms, in tempests,
12:16 floods, cyclones, tidal waves, and earthquakes,
12:21 in every place and in a thousand forms,
12:24 Satan is exercising his power.
12:27 He sweeps away the ripening harvest,
12:30 and famine and distress follow.
12:33 He imparts to the air a deadly taint,
12:36 and thousands perished by pestilence.
12:39 These visitations are to become
12:42 more and more frequent and disastrous."
12:47 And then immediately after this statement,
12:50 she says basically the same thing that Jesus said.
12:52 After He speaks about the disasters, he says,
12:54 "Then they will seek you out
12:56 and they will persecute you and they will kill you."
12:58 Notice the very next sentence that she mentions.
13:01 "Great Controversy" page 590.
13:04 "And then the great deceiver will persuade men
13:09 that those who serve God are causing these evils."
13:13 That's exactly what Matthew 24 is describing.
13:17 She continues saying, "The class that have provoked
13:20 the displeasure of Heaven will charge all their troubles
13:23 upon those whose obedience to God's commandments
13:27 is a perpetual reproof to transgressors."
13:32 And then she says that God's people are going
13:34 to have to stand before magistrates
13:37 and kings to give witness for their faith
13:40 in the midst of persecution.
13:43 Notice this statement in "Testimonies for the Church,"
13:45 volume 6, page 128, 129.
13:49 She's speaking to us in the last days.
13:52 "We shall have to stand before magistrates
13:56 to answer for our allegiance to the law of God,
14:01 to make known the reasons of our faith.
14:04 And the youth should understand these things."
14:08 In the book, "Fundaments of Christian Education,"
14:11 page 217, she says this,
14:14 "Many will have to stand in the legislative courts,
14:18 some will have to stand before kings
14:21 and before the learned of the earth,
14:23 to answer for their faith.
14:26 Those who have only a superficial understanding
14:29 of truth will not be able clearly
14:32 to expound the Scriptures,
14:34 and give definite reasons for their faith."
14:38 However, she says that when God's people appear
14:42 before these great leaders of the world,
14:44 the Holy Spirit is going to give His people wisdom to speak.
14:50 This is what the Bible calls the final outpouring
14:53 of the Holy Spirit of God.
14:54 It's called the "Loud Cry" in the book of Revelation.
14:58 Notice in the book, "Manuscript Releases,"
15:00 volume 8, 187 what she says about the moment
15:05 when God's people will have to appear
15:07 before the magistrates of the world.
15:09 She says this, "Those who receive Christ
15:12 as a personal Savior will stand
15:15 the test of trial in these last days.
15:18 The Lord Jesus will give the disciples
15:21 a tongue and wisdom,"
15:23 notice she's quoting almost Matthew 24.
15:26 "The Lord Jesus will give the disciples a tongue and wisdom
15:30 that their adversaries can neither gainsay nor resist."
15:36 Those are the exact words from the gospel of Luke.
15:39 "Those who could not by reasoning
15:42 overcome Satanic delusions,
15:44 will bear an affirmative testimony
15:46 that will baffle supposedly learned men."
15:50 Imagine that God's people appearing
15:51 before the great men of the world
15:53 and baffling them with their arguments.
15:55 That's exactly what the disciples did
15:57 when they were persecuted.
15:59 She's continues saying, "Words will come from the lips
16:02 of the unlearned with such convincing power
16:06 and wisdom that conversions will be made to the truth.
16:11 Thousands will be converted under their testimony."
16:16 Interesting that she's following the same sequence of events
16:20 that we have in Matthew Chapter 24.
16:22 But instead of being just a handful of Christians
16:25 in the literal city of Jerusalem,
16:27 she's talking about the church of God,
16:30 the remnant church on a worldwide scale
16:33 that is proclaiming God's message to the world.
16:36 By the way, do you remember
16:38 that when they appeared before magistrates
16:40 and kings and persecution came
16:42 that according to Matthew 24, many were going to be offended
16:47 in their connection with Jesus
16:49 and they were going to forsake their walk with the Lord?
16:54 That's what Matthew Chapter 24 says.
16:56 Now notice this statement
16:58 from the "Great Controversy," page 608.
17:02 "As the storm approaches, a large class
17:06 who have professed faith in the third angel's message,
17:10 but have not been sanctified
17:12 through obedience to the truth,
17:15 abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition."
17:20 What are they going to do?
17:22 "Abandon their position
17:24 and join the ranks of the opposition.
17:27 Men of talent and pleasing address,
17:31 who once rejoiced in the truth,
17:33 employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls.
17:38 They become the most bitter enemies
17:41 of their former brethren."
17:42 Is that said in Matthew Chapter 24?
17:44 It most certainly is.
17:46 "When Sabbath keepers are brought before the courts
17:49 to answer for their faith," see once again
17:51 the idea of being brought before courts
17:53 to answer for their faith.
17:55 "These apostates are the most efficient agents of Satan
18:00 to misrepresent and accuse them,
18:03 and by false reports and insinuations
18:06 to stir up the rulers against them."
18:11 Now what about friends and family
18:13 turning against their friends and their family?
18:17 Notice this interesting statement
18:18 in "Last Day Events," pages 150, 151.
18:23 "Friends will prove themselves treacherous
18:29 and will betray us.
18:31 Relatives, deceived by the enemy,
18:35 will think they do God service in opposing us
18:39 and putting forth the utmost efforts
18:42 to bring us into hard places, hoping we will deny our faith."
18:48 And in the book, "Prophets and Kings,"
18:49 page 588, we find these words.
18:53 "Those who are true to God will be menaced,
18:57 denounced, proscribed.
19:00 They will be-- and now she quotes,
19:02 "They will be 'betrayed both by parents,
19:05 and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends,'
19:09 even unto death." Luke 21:16.
19:14 You see there's nothing new under the sun.
19:17 Matthew Chapter 24 makes it very clear
19:19 that this chapter has a double application.
19:22 It applies to the events that led up
19:24 to the destruction of Jerusalem.
19:26 But it also applies to the events
19:28 that will lead up to the final destruction of the world.
19:31 And what happened with Jerusalem
19:33 during the period of the Roman siege
19:35 becomes a symbol of what is gonna happen
19:38 at the end of time when the world
19:41 is suffocated by false doctrine
19:44 and by satanic deceptions and by terrible persecutions.
19:49 Now you remember that in Matthew Chapter 24 it said,
19:53 "That because of the increase of iniquity,
19:56 the love of many would grow cold," interesting.
20:01 It must mean that at one time they love the Lord, right?
20:04 If their love is going to grow cold,
20:07 they must have had hot love before.
20:09 Now notice this statement
20:11 from "Last Day Events," page 173.
20:15 "There will be a shaking of the sieve.
20:18 The chaff must in time be separated from the wheat.
20:23 Because iniquity abounds, the love of many waxes cold.
20:29 It is the very time when the genuine will be the strongest."
20:35 In another very significant statement
20:37 in the devotional book, "Lift Him Up,"
20:39 page 310, we find these words.
20:43 "The Lord Jesus, on the Mount of Olives,"
20:46 notice she's going back to Matthew 24.
20:48 "The Lord Jesus, on the Mount of Olives,
20:50 plainly stated that 'because iniquity shall abound,
20:55 the love of many shall wax cold."'
20:59 Who is Jesus talking about when He says,
21:01 "The love of many will wax cold?"
21:04 Is she talking about the world links
21:05 or is she talking about professed Christians?
21:08 Notice what she continues saying,
21:10 "He" that is Jesus "speaks of a class
21:15 who have fallen from a high state of spirituality."
21:20 So did they have a high state of spirituality?
21:23 Yes. She says, "He speaks of a class
21:26 who have fallen from a high state of spirituality.
21:29 Let such utterances as these come home with solemn,
21:34 searching power to our hearts.
21:36 Where is the fervor," she asks.
21:39 "The devotion to God that corresponds
21:41 to the greatness of the truth which we claim to believe?
21:45 The love of the world, the love of some darling sin,
21:49 has weaned the heart from the love of prayer
21:53 and of meditation on sacred things.
21:56 A formal round of religious services is kept up,
22:00 but where is the love of Jesus?"
22:03 She says, "Spirituality is dying."
22:09 Do you think she is describing pretty accurately
22:11 what's happening in the Christian world today?
22:14 You know, you look at the divorce rate
22:16 in the Christian world it's practically
22:19 identical to what it is in the church.
22:23 You look at the problem of pornography,
22:26 is just as much a problem in the church
22:28 as it is outside the church.
22:30 You look for the issue of entertainment.
22:33 Christians entertain themselves with the same things
22:36 that the world entertains themselves with.
22:38 And yet, you know, people go to church.
22:40 They continue their round of ceremonies
22:42 but they look like they're alive to use the words of revelation
22:47 but they're actually dead in their spiritual experience.
22:52 Now you remember that in Matthew Chapter 24 Jesus says,
22:54 "You're gonna need patience when all of these things come."
22:57 In fact, He says, "We need patience for three reasons.
23:00 Number one, because of the deceptions of Satan.
23:02 Number two, because of the persecution.
23:04 And number three, because there's a tendency
23:07 for the love to wax cold."
23:09 So Jesus says, "You need to have patience."
23:11 And by the way the word, "patience"
23:13 there should better be translated endurance.
23:16 It's that Greek word "Hupomone."
23:19 It's different than the word that is translated
23:21 long suffering in the King James Version.
23:23 It's referring rather to being perseverant
23:28 in the face of tremendous trials.
23:31 And then you'll notice that Jesus speaks
23:34 about a final preaching of the gospel.
23:36 Now I want you to notice three elements
23:38 that Jesus mentions when He speaks
23:40 about the gospel going to all of the world back then.
23:44 Matthew 24: 14, "And this gospel of the kingdom
23:50 will be preached in all the world."
23:52 Now notice you have the gospel,
23:54 it's gonna be preached where?
23:56 "In all the world as a witness to all nations."
24:00 And then what? "And then the end will come."
24:02 I want you to notice three elements here.
24:04 "The gospel preached to all nations,
24:07 and then the end comes."
24:09 Does the Book of Revelation have something
24:11 very similar to this in the end time?
24:14 Notice Revelation 14: 6, 7. Revelation 14: 6, 7.
24:21 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
24:26 having the everlasting," what? Same word.
24:28 "The everlasting gospel to preach to those
24:31 who dwell on the earth, to every nation,
24:33 tribe, tongue, and people."
24:35 Is that the same thing that we found in Matthew
24:38 that it's going to go to all of the world? Yes.
24:40 But now I want you to notice that in Revelation,
24:43 you have something that explains what this gospel is verse 7.
24:50 "Saying with a loud voice, Fear God,
24:53 and give glory to Him,
24:55 for the hour of His judgment has come."
24:57 And now notice.
24:59 "And worship Him who made heaven,
25:01 and earth, the sea, and the springs of water."
25:05 What does this gospel call people to do?
25:07 It calls people to fear God, to give glory to God
25:12 because we're in the judgment
25:14 and to worship the what?
25:17 To worship the creator. Now let me ask you,
25:19 what is the sign of the creator according to scripture?
25:24 According to the Bible, God established a sign
25:26 at the very beginning to remind us of the creator
25:29 and that sign was His Holy Sabbath.
25:33 So when the gospel is preached to the whole world,
25:36 it's preached in the context of bringing honor
25:39 to the creator by keeping
25:41 His holy Sabbath in honor of Him.
25:44 And then if you continue reading the Three Angles' Messages,
25:47 later on you'll find Jesus sitting on a cloud
25:50 and He has a sickle in His hand and He's returning to the earth.
25:53 The end has come when the Three Angles' Messages
25:57 are proclaimed to the world.
26:00 I want to read a statement that we find
26:01 in "Desire of Ages," page 633.
26:05 "In the prophecy of Jerusalem's destruction Christ said,
26:10 'Because iniquity shall abound,
26:12 the love of many shall wax cold.
26:15 But he that shall endure unto the end,
26:18 the same shall be saved.
26:20 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
26:22 in all the world for a witness unto all nations,
26:25 and then shall the end come."'
26:27 She's quoting Matthew 24 and then she says this,
26:30 "This prophecy will again be fulfilled.
26:34 The abounding iniquity of that day
26:37 finds its counterpart in this generation.
26:41 So with the prediction in regard
26:43 to the preaching of the gospel.
26:45 Before the fall of Jerusalem, Paul,
26:48 writing by the Holy Spirit, declared
26:50 that the gospel was preached to 'every creature
26:53 which is under heaven.' So now"
26:56 she says, "before the coming of the Son of man,
26:58 the everlasting gospel is to be preached
27:02 'to every nation, kindred, and tongue, and people."'
27:07 So let me ask you, is the sequence of events
27:09 in the end time going to be the same
27:12 as the sequence of events
27:13 that led to the destruction of Jerusalem? Absolutely.
27:18 It is like a carbon copy except that in the end time,
27:22 these things are going to be fulfilled
27:24 not in a little region of the Middle East
27:27 but they're going to be fulfilled on a worldwide scale.
27:31 They're not gonna be fulfilled with literal Israel
27:33 who claim to be God's people
27:34 but they're gonna fulfilled with the Christian church
27:38 on a global scale.
27:40 Now we need to dedicate the rest of our time
27:43 together to talk about
27:44 the abomination of desolation in prophecy.
27:49 Now let me review what the abomination
27:52 was before the destruction of Jerusalem.
27:54 You remember that the Roman standards had an eagle.
27:58 The eagle was facing right.
28:00 There was a golden wreath around the eagle representing the sun.
28:06 And when the Roman armies came, they put these standards
28:10 in the ground and they worshipped their standards.
28:14 In this case, they were
28:15 worshipping the sun god, Mithras.
28:19 Now you say how in the world
28:21 could this be fulfilled in the end time?
28:23 I'm gonna share with you some very remarkable things
28:26 now about the United States of America.
28:31 I don't know if you have a $1 bill,
28:32 but if you have a $1 bill, you can take it out
28:35 and I am going to review some very interesting things
28:38 that we find on our $1 bill.
28:41 I don't know whether you've taken the time to really
28:43 take a look at what we have on the obverse
28:46 and on the reverse side.
28:48 And by the way after all of you have your $1 bill out,
28:51 we'll call the deacons forward and we'll pickup an offering.
28:55 This was actually a way for me to trick you
28:57 into getting an offering tonight.
28:59 No, I'm just kidding. Now I want you to notice
29:03 the $1 bill if you have one, you're gonna understand
29:06 a lot better what I'm gonna talk about.
29:09 Allow me to say something about
29:12 what is on the obverse side or the front side
29:15 of what is known as the Great Seal of the United States.
29:19 Before we look at the specific symbols
29:22 that we have on the $1bill, I'm gonna tell you a little bit
29:24 about the history of how this seal came into existence.
29:29 By the way, the two circles are the front side
29:31 and the back side of the Great Seal.
29:34 The Great Seal or the state of arms of the United States
29:37 is the official emblem of our country.
29:41 It is placed on all judicial, legislative,
29:44 and executive proclamations.
29:47 It certifies and authenticates
29:50 all official acts of the United States Government.
29:54 And it is to be found as an official seal
29:56 on all of the laws and statutes of the United States.
30:02 Now this seal was created very early
30:06 in the history of our Republic.
30:07 In fact, on July 4, 1776,
30:10 the very day of the declaration of independence,
30:13 a committee of three men got together
30:15 to decide what seal to create
30:19 representing the authority of the United States.
30:22 The committee was composed of Benjamin Franklin,
30:25 Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams.
30:28 And, of course, you know, Benjamin Franklin
30:32 being the loving guy, that he was,
30:33 he wanted a turkey to represent the United States.
30:35 I'm glad that the others didn't listen to him.
30:38 But anyway, after this first meeting,
30:41 everything was tabled.
30:42 They didn't make a decision.
30:44 After three additional committee meetings,
30:47 finally, the seal that we have on our $1 bill
30:50 was adopted on June 28, 1872.
30:55 So this seal is not a recent innovation.
30:58 It goes back to the very routes
31:00 of the history of the United States.
31:03 Now let's take a look at what the obverse side
31:07 of the seal contains,
31:08 the obverse side means the front side.
31:11 You'll notice that the front side has an eagle, right?
31:16 Which direction is the eagle facing?
31:19 He's facing right. How are his wings?
31:24 They are outstretched.
31:26 What is above the head of the eagle?
31:30 A sunburst, the sun breaking through the clouds.
31:35 And what does the eagle have in his talon? Arrows.
31:41 Now does this sound very similar to the eagles of Rome?
31:47 It's almost identical to the eagles of Rome.
31:50 Then you say, why would the United States
31:52 adopt the eagle and the sunburst as its symbol?
31:57 Very significant that it's a sunburst,
31:59 an eagle and a sunburst.
32:01 And by the way, in the Bible, the eagle and the sun
32:04 are very closely related even in the Bible.
32:07 In Malachi 4:1 it speaks about
32:09 "The sun of righteousness will rise in with healing in its"
32:13 what? "With healing in its wings."
32:15 Notice the words of Whitney Smith,
32:18 who is an expert on world flags,
32:20 what he says about the eagle and the sun as an emblem.
32:26 He says, "In a large number of lands
32:29 the sun is associated not so much with independence
32:33 but with the promises it brings in the 'dawn of a new day.'"
32:38 It's interesting that after
32:40 the constitutional convention in 1787,
32:43 a special chair was prepared for George Washington
32:47 to sit in there and you can actually see the chair.
32:50 It's called the "Rising Sun Chair."
32:53 And on the back rest, at the very top,
32:56 you have this sun and you don't really know
32:58 whether it's rising or whether it's setting.
33:01 Benjamin Franklin who was present there
33:03 said this as he looked at this sun.
33:07 He said, "I have often looked at that sun
33:10 behind the president without being able to tell
33:14 whether it was rising or setting.
33:17 But now at length I have the happiness to know
33:20 that it is a rising and not a setting sun."
33:24 Because the constitutional convention had been successful,
33:27 he says, there's nothing but peace and prosperity
33:31 ahead for this new nation.
33:35 Interesting that Ellen White in the book "Great Controversy,"
33:38 Page 588 and 589, says that "In the end time,
33:43 the religious world will believe
33:45 that by the imposition of the day of the sun,
33:48 this will bring a new day
33:51 of peace and prosperity to the world.
33:54 Some people might say, "Well, Pastor Bohr,
33:56 but that's a coincidence,
33:57 that's a stretch to say that the seal,
33:59 the Great Seal of the United States,
34:01 is related to the standards of the Romans.
34:05 How can you make that connection?"
34:07 Well, the fact is that it's not coincidental.
34:11 Even though Rome and the United States
34:13 are separated in time, in culture,
34:16 in language, and in religion, we know for a fact,
34:20 that there is a definite connection
34:22 between the Roman standard
34:23 and the Great Seal of the United States.
34:26 And we know this for three reasons.
34:28 Number one, we already notice that Matthew 24
34:31 has a twofold application.
34:33 It applies to the Roman standards
34:36 when Jerusalem was gonna be destroyed
34:38 and it must have also an end time application.
34:42 Secondly, we're gonna notice that the United States
34:44 itself says that it got this symbol from Rome.
34:48 And, finally, we're gonna notice that Ellen White confirms
34:52 what we find from the testimony of the United States itself
34:55 and from the testimony of Matthew Chapter 24
34:58 that this emblem that the United States adopted
35:02 she borrowed directly from Rome.
35:05 Allow me to read you a statement from Whitney Smith
35:09 who is an expert on world flags.
35:12 In fact, he wrote in his book
35:13 "Flags through the Ages and Across the World"
35:16 page 314, this is what he says,
35:18 "The neo-classical spirit of America
35:22 at the end of the eighteenth century
35:25 looked to the ancient Roman Republic
35:28 for many symbols." What did the United States do?
35:32 It looked to the ancient Roman Republic
35:34 for many symbols, including
35:38 the name of the Upper Chamber of Congress."
35:43 Which by the way is the Senate.
35:44 Where does that name come from?
35:46 Rome. He continues saying,
35:49 "In Rome the eagle began as a republican symbol.
35:55 Hence Americans chose their native bald eagle
35:59 for the National Arms in 1782."
36:02 What Whitney Smith is saying
36:04 is that the founders of this country
36:07 when they establish the seal,
36:09 they were directly borrowing from the eagle
36:12 that was on the standards that the Rome legions had.
36:17 Now let's take a look at the reverse side of the Great Seal.
36:21 That's the other circle that you have on the $1 bill.
36:24 You'll notice that on the other side,
36:26 you have what is called a Saqqarat.
36:29 A Saqqarat is an unfinished pyramid.
36:32 And above the pyramid,
36:34 you have what is called the eye of providence.
36:37 And what is circling the eye of providence?
36:42 It is actually the rays of what?
36:45 The rays of the sun.
36:47 And by the way, you'll notice
36:48 that the pyramid has thirteen Strada.
36:52 Thirteen is a very significant number
36:55 in the world of the occult.
36:57 In fact, it's a Masonic symbol.
37:00 And the idea of the unfinished pyramid is the idea,
37:03 you know, the Freemasons begin
37:06 actually in the times of Solomon,
37:08 they claim to come into existence at the time of Solomon
37:12 when Solomon's temple was built.
37:14 And so the unfinished pyramid is actually a Masonic symbol.
37:17 The eye of providence is actually the eye of Lucifer.
37:22 I don't have time to get into that.
37:23 And the rays of the sun are coming
37:26 from the eye providence.
37:30 Now it's interesting that Henry Wallace
37:33 who was vice president under Franklin Roosevelt
37:36 suggested that the Great Seal be placed on a coin.
37:40 But Roosevelt said, "No, we shouldn't place it on a coin.
37:45 We should place it on the $1 bill."
37:47 And by the way, Henry Wallace and Franklin Roosevelt
37:52 were both Thirty-Second Degree Masons.
37:54 In case you didn't know that.
37:56 And it's interesting that from 1935 on,
38:01 this emblem was actually placed on the $1 bill
38:05 instead of placing it on a coin.
38:07 Now you'll notice another connection with Rome
38:10 between this seal and what we find
38:13 with the ancient Roman Empire.
38:14 Have you noticed the three inscriptions on the seal?
38:19 You have three inscriptions and what language are they in?
38:23 Why aren't they in English?
38:24 This is the United States of America.
38:27 They're all in Latin. You have Novus Ordo Seclorum
38:31 which means a new world order incidentally.
38:33 You thought that George Bush,
38:35 the first George Bush coined that one?
38:37 No, it's on our Great Seal.
38:40 The second one is Annuit Coeptis,
38:42 which means "He has favored our undertaking."
38:45 And the third is E Pluribus Unum,
38:47 out of the many one.
38:50 Let me ask you, which Empire of Antiquity
38:52 had Latin as its language? Rome.
38:55 Also, under the pyramid,
38:57 is the date 1776 in Roman numerals?
39:02 How many of you have ever visited Washington, D.C.?
39:05 What kind of architecture do you have in Washington, D.C.?
39:09 It's Roman architecture.
39:12 And it's filled with monuments just like Ancient Rome
39:17 was filled with monuments.
39:19 Many of the inscriptions on the monuments are in Latin
39:22 and dates are placed with Roman numerals.
39:26 Interestingly enough, the upper chamber of congress
39:30 is called the senate.
39:31 And those who serve in there are called senators.
39:35 Where does that come from? It comes from Rome.
39:38 In fact, do you know
39:40 that in the early history of the United States Republic,
39:43 they didn't wanna call the armed forces, armies?
39:47 It was distasteful to call them armies.
39:49 And so early they called them legions.
39:53 Do you know that originally
39:55 the armies of the United States were called legions?
39:56 By the way, we still have
39:58 the American legion that comes from this?
40:00 Where did they get that terminology from, legions,
40:04 the armies of the United States?
40:05 They got it from Rome.
40:07 By the way, in the early constitutional period
40:10 of the history of the United States,
40:12 many flags were made that were very interesting.
40:16 In fact, there was one flag that was never made.
40:18 Allow me to tell you first of all about that one.
40:20 General Knoxx suggested that a flag be made
40:24 with a life-sized eagle on it.
40:27 And it would be called the standard of the legion.
40:30 The flag was never made but a few years later in 1791,
40:35 a flag was made which was similar to the one
40:37 which General Knoxx suggested that should be made.
40:40 The name of that flag in 1791 was the Standard of the Eagle.
40:47 Now was that interesting or what?
40:48 The standard of the eagle.
40:51 Believe it or not, I have pictures of this.
40:53 On this flag, there is an eagle.
40:55 He's facing right. He has arrows in his talons.
40:59 His wings are outspread
41:02 and there is a huge sunburst above his head.
41:07 There are dozens of flags
41:09 in the early constitutional period of the United States
41:12 that have this phenomenon.
41:15 You say, "Well, Pastor Bohr,
41:17 okay, there is this connection between the Roman standard
41:22 and The Great Seal of the United States."
41:26 What does that have to say--
41:27 have to do with the fulfillment of prophecy?
41:30 Allow me to go through it as quickly as I can.
41:34 There is a direct transmission of apostate religion
41:41 from ancient Babylon
41:45 to the United States of America today.
41:49 And I want to go through that.
41:50 By the way, this is all documented historically.
41:53 If anybody is interested in the specific documentation,
41:56 I can share it with you.
41:59 You see, in ancient Babylon,
42:00 the God that was worshipped was the sun god.
42:02 His name was Marduk.
42:03 In fact, the image that Nebuchadnezzar
42:05 raised up was made all of gold.
42:07 The ancients called gold the dew of the sun.
42:10 In another words, when everybody there
42:13 bowed before the image of Nebuchadnezzar,
42:14 they were bowing before the sun god Marduk.
42:18 Now when Babylon fell on the night
42:21 that Belteshazzar was killed,
42:24 Babylon came under the leadership of Medo-Persia.
42:28 And there were several of the Priests of Babylon
42:31 who remained in Babylon,
42:33 but several kings of the Persian kingdom
42:36 were unhappy with this religion
42:38 that Babylon had because it was polytheistic.
42:40 In other words, they believed in many Gods.
42:42 The Persians believed only in one good God.
42:45 And so two of the kings, Darius and Xerxes
42:50 massacred these religious leaders of Babylon
42:53 and they fled, they all fled,
42:55 the ones that were remaining,
42:56 to the city of Pergamum in Asia Minor.
43:00 Now you say why is that significant
43:02 that they fled to Pergamum in Asia Minor?
43:05 For the simple reason that in the year 63 BC,
43:09 the great Roman General Pompey
43:11 led a military campaign to Asia Minor to Pergamum.
43:16 And while he was in Pergamum,
43:18 he adopted the eagle
43:20 as the official emblem of the Roman armies.
43:24 And he also adopted the god that was worshipped there
43:28 which was the God Mithras, the sun god.
43:31 But that sun god Mithras actually came from Babylon
43:35 when the priests fled to Pergamum,
43:37 so that they would not be slaughtered.
43:40 The interesting thing is that Rome
43:43 then adopted this apostate religion
43:46 that was transferred from Babylon to Pergamum.
43:50 Now the early church fathers,
43:52 and when I talk about the early church fathers, I'm talking
43:54 about the second and third century of the Christian Church,
43:58 began to celebrate Sunday in honor of the resurrection.
44:03 In fact, they celebrated sunrise services
44:07 in honor of the resurrection.
44:10 Now in the fourth century,
44:11 a man by the name of Constantine
44:13 the great was a worshipper of Mithras.
44:16 He called this god Deus Sol Invictus
44:20 which is the invincible sun.
44:24 And he noticed that Christians celebrated
44:27 early Sunday morning services
44:29 in honor of the resurrection of their God.
44:31 And he said, "You know,
44:32 we could kill two birds with one stone here.
44:34 You know, we could have the Romans honor
44:38 the first day of the week
44:40 because of their god Mithras
44:42 and we could have the Christians honor their God
44:45 because he resurrected on the first day of the week.
44:48 And in this way, we can unite the Roman Empire."
44:52 In other words, Constantine was a shrewd politician
44:55 and he saw in this observance of the day of the sun
45:00 a way of uniting the empire.
45:02 And so in the year 321 AD, Constantine gave a Sunday Law,
45:09 and in that Sunday Law,
45:11 he said that everyone was supposed to rest
45:14 on the venerable day of the sun.
45:19 Now that was mainly a civil observance.
45:21 But later on in the council of Constantinople in 381,
45:26 we find a definite decree given by the emperor
45:30 that Sunday was to be kept
45:32 as a day of rest, religiously speaking.
45:36 Now interestingly enough, the day of the sun
45:39 was then picked up by the Roman Catholic papacy.
45:43 It was continued throughout the middle ages.
45:45 In fact, the Bible speaks about this
45:47 when it says that the little horn
45:49 thought that he could change what?
45:50 That he could change the times and the law.
45:54 In other words it was imbibed
45:55 from ancient Rome via Constantine.
45:59 By the way, it's the church of Pergamum also in Revelation
46:03 that is the transitional church spiritually speaking.
46:06 And so was transferred to the papacy
46:08 and in the 16th century,
46:10 Protestants were born from the Catholic Church.
46:14 And they felt that this custom of keeping the day of the sun
46:18 was too entrenched in Christianity
46:21 to be able to change it.
46:22 There were so many reformers
46:24 that believed that the Sabbath was the day
46:25 that you're supposed to keep.
46:27 But it was so entrenched in Christianity, that they believed
46:30 that it would be impossible to change it.
46:31 And so Protestantism continued the practice
46:35 of keeping Sunday in honor of the resurrection of Christ
46:39 instead of keeping the Holy Sabbath.
46:43 So what I'm saying is that this practice of sun worship
46:50 or worshipping on the day of the sun
46:52 was transferred from Babylon to Pergamum to Rome
46:57 through Constantine to papal Rome
46:59 and then it was transferred to Protestantism.
47:02 And by the way, when the Puritans
47:04 came to the United States,
47:06 they brought this practice to the United States of America
47:10 and they actually imposed Sunday.
47:12 They are known as blue laws in Colonial America
47:16 because they have brought this from Europe.
47:20 Now what I'm saying is that in the end time,
47:23 this country represented by the eagle and the sun,
47:27 that acquired its emblems from ancient Rome
47:32 is going to repudiate its constitution
47:36 and is going to impose a National Sunday Law.
47:40 And you say, Pastor Bohr,
47:42 what you're saying is absolutely ridiculous.
47:45 Well, if you think it's so ridiculous,
47:47 I invite you to come to our next lecture
47:50 because do you know that in 1888
47:53 in these United States of America,
47:56 a National Sunday Law was almost enacted?
48:00 Did you know that people went to jail
48:04 and people were punished with fines
48:07 in different places of the United States
48:09 because they did not observe the day of the sun
48:12 as the day of worship in the United States?
48:16 And many of the things that happened around 1888
48:19 are happening in the Protestant world today
48:21 particularly among conservative Protestants.
48:24 So don't think that this is just something wild.
48:26 You know, this could never happen.
48:28 This is the land of the free and the home of the brave,
48:31 everything is gonna be fine.
48:33 This has been attempted once before
48:35 and it is going to be attempted once again.
48:41 Now allow me to read you some interesting statements
48:43 from Ellen White on this point.
48:45 Are you seeing the connection between the eagle and the sun
48:48 and ancient Rome and the United States
48:50 and the day of the sun etcetera?
48:52 Notice in the Book "Maranatha" page 179
48:55 this remarkable statement.
48:58 When the land, speaking of the United States.
49:01 "When the land which the Lord provided
49:03 as an asylum for His people,
49:05 that they might worship Him
49:07 according to the dictates of their own consciences,
49:10 the land over which for long years
49:13 the shield of Omnipotence has been spread,"
49:17 see this country, God has had his shield
49:19 of Omnipotence upon this country.
49:22 "The land which God has favored
49:24 by making it the depository of the pure religion of Christ--
49:28 when that land shall through its legislators,
49:33 abjure" that is abandon,
49:35 "the principles of Protestantism,
49:37 and give countenance to Romish apostasy
49:41 in tampering with God's law--
49:43 it is then that the final work
49:46 of the man of sin will be revealed.
49:49 Protestants will throw their whole influence
49:52 and strength on the side of the Papacy,
49:55 by a national act" what is a national act?
49:59 It has to be done by whom?
50:01 By congress, that's right.
50:02 "By a national act enforcing the false Sabbath,"
50:05 see there is where you have the standards with the eagle
50:08 and the sun and by the way this law will be sealed
50:11 with this Great Seal of the United States.
50:14 She says "By a national act enforcing the false Sabbath,
50:17 they will give life and vigor to the corrupt faith of Rome,
50:21 reviving her tyranny and oppression of conscience.
50:25 Then it will be time for God to work in mighty power
50:29 for the vindication of His truth."
50:32 In another statement "Testimonies for the Church"
50:34 Volume 5 page 451 she says this
50:38 "By the decree enforcing the institution of the papacy
50:42 in violation of the law of God,
50:45 our nation will disconnect herself
50:47 fully from righteousness."
50:49 Is that what happened to Israel when Jerusalem was destroyed?
50:52 Did they disconnect themselves fully from righteousness? Yes.
50:56 She continues saying "When Protestantism
50:59 shall stretch her hand across the gulf
51:01 to grasp the hand of the Roman power,
51:04 when she shall reach over the abyss
51:06 to clasp hands with spiritualism,
51:09 when, under the influence of this threefold union,
51:12 our country shall repudiate
51:15 every principle of its Constitution
51:17 as a Protestant and republican government,
51:20 and shall make provision for the propagation
51:23 of papal falsehoods and delusions,
51:26 then we may know that the time has come
51:28 for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near.
51:32 And now notice the comparison she makes.
51:36 "As the approach of the Roman armies
51:39 was a sign to the disciples
51:42 of the impending destruction of Jerusalem,
51:44 so may this apostasy."
51:47 She's speaking about the day of the sun, the day of worship.
51:50 "So may this apostasy be a sign to us
51:54 that the limit of God's forbearance is reached,
51:57 that the measure of our nation's iniquity is full,
52:00 and that the angel of mercy
52:01 is about to take her flight, never to return."
52:04 You remember, when Jesus left the temple said
52:07 "Your house is left unto you desolate."
52:10 She says "The people of God will then be plunged
52:12 into those scenes of affliction and distress
52:15 which the prophets have described
52:17 as the time of Jacob's trouble."
52:18 Notice that immediately after
52:20 she speaks about this Sunday Law,
52:23 the day of the sun imposed by law in the United States
52:26 following the example of Rome,
52:28 where it was gotten from,
52:30 she speaks about the time of trouble.
52:31 Have you ever read in Matthew Chapter 24
52:33 immediately after it speaks
52:34 about the abomination of desolation,
52:36 it says, "Then those who are in Judea what?
52:39 Flee to the mountains, now comes the tribulations
52:42 such as never has been seen."
52:44 Now I wanna read one other statement
52:45 "Testimonies for the Church" Volume 5 pages 464 and 465.
52:51 This is a very significant one.
52:54 She says "The time is not far distant,
52:56 when, like the early disciples,
52:59 we shall be forced to seek a refuge
53:01 in desolate and solitary places.
53:04 As the siege of Jerusalem by the Roman armies
53:09 was the signal for flight to the Judean Christians,
53:13 so the assumption of power on the part of our nation
53:18 in the decree enforcing the papal Sabbath
53:21 will be a warning to us."
53:22 Do you see the connection that she's making here?
53:25 The siege by the Roman armies represents what?
53:29 It represents the moment where the United States
53:32 shall enforce the papal Sabbath which is the day of the what?
53:35 The day of the sun.
53:37 Then she says "It will then be time to leave the large cities,
53:41 preparatory to leaving the smaller ones
53:44 for retired homes in secluded places among the mountains."
53:50 And thus national apostasy will need to national ruin.
53:54 Notice "Last Day Events" page 133.
53:57 She says "The people of the United States
53:59 have been a favored people,
54:02 but when they restrict religious liberty,
54:05 surrender Protestantism, and give countenance to popery,"
54:10 that's a term that was used
54:11 for the papacy in her day and age.
54:15 "The measure of their guilt of the United Sates
54:19 will be full, and the "national apostasy"
54:24 will be registered in the books of heaven."
54:27 "Last Day Events" 133 and 134,
54:30 she says "When our nation, in its legislative councils,
54:34 shall enact laws to bind the consciences of men
54:38 in regard to their religious privileges,
54:41 enforcing Sunday observance,
54:43 and bringing oppressive power to bear
54:46 against those who keep the seventh-day Sabbath,
54:48 the law of God will, to all intents
54:51 and purposes be made void in our land,
54:55 and national apostasy will be followed by national ruin."
54:59 That's another way of saying
55:01 abomination will be followed by what?
55:04 By desolation.
55:05 Let me ask you God's people who flee,
55:07 which day are they gonna be keeping?
55:10 Pray that your flight might not be
55:14 in the winter or on the what?
55:17 Or on the Sabbath Day.
55:18 Interesting, that back then
55:21 God's people who fled were keeping the Sabbath.
55:24 How about in the end time,
55:25 what day are God's people gonna be keeping?
55:27 The Sabbath.
55:29 And then like Matthew 24 describes this time of trouble
55:33 such as never was since there was a nation.
55:35 And it said, Jesus says,
55:37 "There that if these days are not cut short,
55:39 no flesh would be left alive."
55:41 Allow me to read you one final statement
55:43 "Great Controversy" page 614,
55:45 where Ellen White describes
55:47 what the world is gonna be like after probation closes.
55:50 She says, "When He leaves the sanctuary,
55:52 darkness covers the inhabitants of the earth.
55:55 In that fearful time the righteous must live
55:58 in the sight of a holy God without a mediator.
56:01 The restraint which has been upon the wicked is removed,
56:05 and Satan has entire control of the finally impenitent."
56:09 That's what happened in Jerusalem.
56:12 God withdrew His presence.
56:14 And Jerusalem she says that the people became satanic.
56:17 She continues saying, "God's long-suffering has ended.
56:21 The world has rejected His mercy,
56:23 despised His love, and trampled upon His law.
56:27 The wicked have passed the boundary of their probation,
56:30 the Spirit of God, persistently resisted,
56:34 has been at last withdrawn.
56:36 Unsheltered by divine grace,"
56:39 that's quite an expression "unsheltered by divine grace,
56:42 they have no protection from the wicked one.
56:45 Satan will then plunge the inhabitants of the earth
56:48 into one great, final trouble.
56:52 As the angels of God cease to hold
56:54 in check the fierce winds of human passion,
56:57 all the elements of strife will be let loose.
57:02 The whole world will be involved in a ruin more terrible
57:07 than that which came upon Jerusalem of old."
57:12 Do you see how she's comparing what's gonna happen at the end
57:14 with what happened to Jerusalem of old?
57:17 That's why, folks, we need to make a decision
57:19 that we're going to obey the Lord,
57:20 all of the law of the Lord because we love Him,
57:23 including the Sabbath.
57:24 That's why He calls the end time
57:26 generation to worship the Creator.


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