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A Blueprint Of End Time Events

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00:41 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
00:44 Our Father in heaven,
00:45 what a joy it is to be in Your presence.
00:48 We thank You Father for giving us Your word.
00:51 And we ask that as we study Your blueprint
00:54 of end time events that Your Holy Spirit
00:57 will be with us to instruct us.
00:59 We thank You Father for hearing and answering our prayer,
01:02 for we ask it in the precious name
01:04 of Your beloved Son Jesus. Amen.
01:09 As I mentioned in my prayer,
01:11 we are going to study this evening the topic,
01:15 "The Blueprint of End Time Events."
01:20 And perhaps many of you are wondering
01:23 why we're dedicating so much time
01:25 to the abomination of desolation.
01:29 The reason is that the abomination of desolation
01:32 as it was fulfilled in the past
01:33 is going to be fulfilled in the future.
01:36 And in Matthew Chapter 24, this event
01:40 is an extremely important event.
01:42 It is at the very center
01:45 of the prophecy of Matthew Chapter 24.
01:48 Allow me to review just very briefly
01:50 what we've studied concerning the abomination of desolation.
01:54 First of all, we studied about the Eagles of Rome
01:58 coming and being set up outside the city of Jerusalem.
02:03 On those standards was an eagle
02:06 and also a golden wreath representing the sun.
02:11 Then we went on to study the abomination of desolation
02:14 as it applies prophetically.
02:17 And we noticed that a nation
02:19 whose emblem is the eagle, the United States,
02:22 eventually some day is going to impose by force of law
02:28 the observance of the day of the sun as the day of rest.
02:33 Now some people might be thinking
02:36 is such a thing possible in the United States?
02:40 And our answer last time, it's definitely yes.
02:44 Because it happened once before
02:47 that a National Sunday law was proposed
02:51 and very seriously talked about
02:54 by Protestants united with Catholics
02:57 back in the 1880s.
03:00 So this scenario is not just a possibility,
03:03 it has already taken place once
03:06 in the history of the United States.
03:09 Now this evening, we are going to study
03:11 "The Blueprint of End Time Events."
03:16 And we're going to notice
03:18 that the scenario that we're going to study
03:20 is very similar to that which we've studied last time.
03:25 We're going to notice that in the future,
03:27 the same type of things are going to happen
03:30 as took place with the National Reform Movement.
03:33 There's going to be a desire to unite church and state
03:37 to declare this a Christian nation.
03:39 There is going to be also an attempt
03:42 to change or amend the constitution
03:45 to propose a National Sunday law.
03:47 Now we're gonna talk about that in our next subject,
03:50 but today we want to just notice
03:52 how end time events are going to transpire.
03:56 And then in our next lecture,
03:58 I'm going to talk to you about
04:00 what's happening in the churches of the United States today,
04:04 not only the Protestant churches
04:06 but also the Roman Catholic church,
04:09 which is fulfilling what we've studied last time
04:11 and what we are going to study this evening.
04:16 Now somebody might ask,
04:17 why wasn't a National Sunday law
04:20 actually enacted in the year 1888?
04:24 I believe there are two reasons.
04:26 Reason number one has to do with the church.
04:31 And secondly, the second reason has to do
04:34 with the condition of the world.
04:37 You see the church was not ready
04:39 for a National Sunday law to be given
04:42 and the world was not ready either
04:45 because they were certain prophetic events
04:47 that needed to transpire before a National Sunday law
04:52 could be enacted in the United States.
04:55 Now allow me to mention,
04:57 first of all a very important event
04:59 that many perhaps have never heard of.
05:02 In the year 1888, specifically October 17
05:06 through November 4 of that year
05:09 in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota,
05:13 a very important session of the General Conference
05:17 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church took place.
05:22 It's interesting that true pastors
05:24 spearheaded the preaching at that conference.
05:28 Their names were Pastors Jones and Waggoner.
05:33 It's interesting to notice that Ellen White
05:36 who was present there at that congress
05:40 actually said that the latter rain began to fall
05:44 there at the Minneapolis Conference in 1888.
05:47 She also says that the loud cry of the third angel
05:52 which is mentioned in Revelation 18
05:54 began to be heard there with the message
05:57 that was proclaimed in 1888.
06:01 And yet, what began was not carried on to fruition.
06:08 In fact, God was planning to bring about the great,
06:11 greatest revival in the history of the church
06:14 within the Seventh-day Adventist Church at that time.
06:17 But unfortunately, the church was not prepared,
06:21 was not ready to receive the latter rain
06:25 and to proclaim the loud cry with great power.
06:30 I would also like to mention
06:31 that events in the world at that time
06:35 were not ripe for the fulfillment
06:37 of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in their fullness.
06:42 There were certain prophetic events
06:44 which we're going to notice in our study today
06:46 that needed to transpire before this National Sunday law
06:52 could be written and enacted in the United States of America.
06:57 Allow me first of all to read you a couple of statements
07:00 from the writings of Ellen White
07:02 where she speaks about what happened in Minneapolis.
07:05 You see the message in Minneapolis
07:06 was rejected by the church.
07:09 And that's the reason why the latter rain which began
07:13 could not finish its work
07:15 and the loud cry which started to be given
07:19 could not come to its fullest power.
07:22 In Testimonies to Ministers, pages 91 and 92,
07:26 we find this very interesting statement.
07:29 "The Lord in His great mercy
07:33 sent a most precious message to His people
07:37 through Elders Waggoner and Jones.
07:41 This message was to bring more prominently
07:44 before the world the uplifted Savoir,
07:48 the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world.
07:51 It presented justification through faith in the Surety,
07:56 it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ."
08:00 Now notice this, this is important.
08:03 "It invited the people to receive
08:05 the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest
08:10 in obedience to all the commandments of God."
08:15 Receiving the righteousness of Jesus
08:18 which is made manifest which is seen
08:20 in observance of all the commandments of God.
08:24 Then she continues to say, "This is the message that God
08:29 commanded to be given to the world.
08:31 It is the third angel's message,
08:35 which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice,
08:38 and attended with the outpouring
08:40 of His Spirit in a large measure."
08:44 So the message of the loud cry was proclaimed in 1888.
08:49 But the church to a great degree was unprepared to receive it.
08:55 In another statement that we find in
08:57 Volume 1 of Selected Messages page 363,
09:01 Ellen White says this about that Minneapolis Conference.
09:05 "The time of test is just upon us,
09:09 for the loud cry of the third angel
09:12 has already begun
09:15 in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ,
09:19 the sin-pardoning Redeemer.
09:22 This is the beginning of the light of the angel
09:25 whose glory shall fill the whole earth."
09:29 God was expecting to do something tremendous
09:33 for His church and through His church in 1888.
09:37 I believe that the events in the world could have matured
09:40 and could have taken place in rapid succession,
09:43 so that we would already be in the kingdom
09:46 if the church had simply accepted this message.
09:50 In the book Last Day Events, page 201,
09:54 we find this statement about what took place in Minneapolis.
09:58 "As the third message swells to a loud cry
10:02 and as great power and glory attend the closing work,
10:07 the faithful people of God will partake of that glory.
10:11 It is the latter rain which revives
10:14 and strengthens them to pass through the time of trouble."
10:20 God had amazing things prepared for His people
10:23 but His people were unprepared to receive the message.
10:27 In fact, those who have studied the history
10:29 of what happened in Minneapolis will notice the sad story
10:33 of how the messages of Jones and Waggoner
10:36 were rejected to a great degree in the church.
10:39 And so God had to put the outpouring of His Spirit
10:43 and the proclamation of the loud cry on hold
10:47 and the events in the world
10:49 were also put on hold for a season.
10:53 Now I would like to share with you
10:55 Ellen White's scenario of End Time Events
10:58 and I'm going to also mention
11:00 several biblical concepts to go along
11:04 with Ellen White's presentation of end time scenario.
11:08 And I'm going to mention several points
11:11 that she says are going to transpire
11:14 as we near the end of time.
11:17 First of all, she says very clearly
11:20 that the United States will embrace
11:23 Roman Catholic principles by uniting church and state.
11:29 This is what Revelation Chapter 13 is talking about.
11:32 It speaks about a first beast
11:35 which we believe to be the papacy.
11:37 Then there's a second beast that rises from the earth
11:40 which is a symbol of the United States
11:42 and that second beast, a symbol of the United States
11:46 will actually imposed by force of law,
11:49 the religious principles of that first beast
11:53 which represents the Roman Catholic papacy.
11:56 So Ellen White drawing on Revelation Chapter 13
11:59 has made it very clear that in the end time,
12:02 the United States will embrace the idea,
12:05 the Roman Catholic idea of uniting church and state
12:09 to impose religious observances.
12:12 Another thing which Ellen White mentions
12:14 and which is contained as well in scripture
12:18 is the fact that the Protestant churches
12:20 of the United States will unite
12:23 on points of doctrine which they have in common.
12:27 In fact, the Book of Revelation makes it clear
12:29 that all of the religious organizations
12:31 are going to unite.
12:33 They're not going to form in one church,
12:34 but they're actually going to unite
12:36 on the points that they have in common.
12:39 They're gonna have a common agenda
12:40 on what they agree on.
12:43 And so Ellen White is very clear that Protestantism
12:46 is going to unite in the United States.
12:50 Another point which she mentions
12:52 is that there is going to be great
12:54 social turmoil in the United States.
12:58 Natural disasters, social unrest, problems, crime,
13:06 you know, things, problems like with drugs
13:08 and alcohol and so on.
13:11 And she says that these things
13:13 are going to lead the powers that be
13:16 to blame God's remnant people for the maladies of society.
13:21 This isn't anything new, it's found in the Bible.
13:24 In Elijah's day, Elijah was blamed for the problems.
13:28 When Nero burned the city of Rome,
13:31 he blamed the Christians.
13:33 We notice also that in Matthew Chapter 24
13:37 after mentioning wars and rumors of wars,
13:39 disasters, pestilence, hunger, we're told that then
13:45 God's people were going to be persecuted
13:47 as those who were causing these evils.
13:50 And so Ellen White is simply agreeing with scripture
13:53 that God's people are going to be blamed
13:55 for what is happening in the world.
13:58 Another thing which Ellen White mentions
14:01 is that the legislators of the United States,
14:05 in order to gain the favor of the populous,
14:09 the favor of the people, are going to support
14:12 a National Sunday law even though they might not agree
14:17 with that Sunday law.
14:19 In other words, they will be afraid
14:21 that if they don't support this Sunday law,
14:24 they will be voted out of office.
14:26 In fact, Ellen White says that this should be
14:29 our first consideration when we decide
14:31 who we're going to vote for in an election
14:33 is how that candidate looks upon the idea
14:36 of church and state and religious liberty.
14:40 She actually even says that when we place individuals
14:44 in office who will take away and respect religious liberty,
14:48 we become guilty of the sins that they commit
14:52 while they are in office.
14:54 Now back in the 1880s,
14:56 the problem was with the Democratic Party,
15:00 the problem today is with the right wing
15:03 of the Republican Party
15:04 and we're going to notice that a lot more in detail
15:08 in our next study together.
15:10 Another aspect that Ellen White mentions
15:13 is that the leaders of this movement
15:16 in the end time for a National Sunday law
15:20 don't actually know where this idea is coming from.
15:25 It's actually coming from beneath.
15:27 It's coming from the evil powers.
15:30 It's coming from Satan and his angels,
15:32 but they don't realize it.
15:33 They actually feel that this is something good.
15:37 And she says that they don't even dream
15:39 what the consequences of a National Sunday law
15:43 will be either.
15:45 In fact, the same story that took place
15:47 in the days of Esther is gonna take place again.
15:50 You know Haman came to the king
15:53 and he said to the king, "There's a people
15:54 who are dangerous to have around,
15:56 they don't obey your laws and if you keep them around,
15:59 your society's gonna fall apart."
16:01 And so the king without reflection he says,
16:03 "Hey, if they're menace, go ahead
16:05 and give a law to get rid of them."
16:07 The same is going to happen
16:09 with the politicians in the end time.
16:11 They're going to listen to the religious leaders
16:13 and the religious leaders are gonna say,
16:15 "These people who keep the commandments of God,
16:18 who keep the Sabbath, they're menace to society.
16:21 If we let them exist, the whole nation
16:23 will fall apart and will disappear."
16:26 The same argument was used by Caiaphas, do you remember?
16:29 He said, it's necessary for this man to die
16:32 and not that the whole nation should disappear.
16:35 There is nothing new really under the sun.
16:38 In fact, we find in the writings of Ellen White
16:41 as well as in the Bible
16:43 that the political rulers of the world
16:46 will all unite to persecute God's people
16:50 instigated by the religious powers of the world.
16:54 Ellen White also mentions as well as the Bible
16:57 that there will be an attempt to change or amend
17:02 the constitution of the United States.
17:05 In other words, what today
17:07 would be considered unconstitutional
17:10 will actually be declared to be constitutional.
17:14 You know, I've often wondered how it's possible
17:17 for anyone to believe that National Sunday law
17:20 could be constitutional.
17:22 When clearly the first amendment says,
17:25 that the congress shall make no law
17:27 respecting on establishment of religion.
17:31 Now if a National Sunday law is not an establishment
17:33 of religion, I don't know what an establishment of religion is,
17:37 and yet Ellen White says, that somehow
17:40 they're going to bypass the constitution
17:43 amending it, changing it or overruling it,
17:47 so that a National Sunday law will be given
17:50 and it will be declared constitutional
17:54 probably by the Supreme Court of the United States.
17:58 Ellen White also mentions
18:00 that Protestants will unite with Roman Catholics.
18:04 In fact, she goes one step further.
18:07 She says that instead of Catholics
18:11 trying to secure the cooperation of Protestants,
18:14 Protestants will actually
18:16 offer their services to Roman Catholics.
18:19 In other words, the overture would not be made
18:21 by Roman Catholics to Protestants,
18:24 but the overtures would be made by Protestants to Catholics.
18:27 And by the way, this is in Revelation Chapter 13
18:31 where it says that the second beast
18:33 makes an image to the first beast.
18:36 It imposes the mark of the first beast,
18:39 the number of the first beast.
18:41 In other words, the second beast
18:43 is the helper of the first beast.
18:45 And the second beast, of course represents the United States.
18:48 The first beast represents the Roman Catholic papacy.
18:53 Ellen White also says that Sundays Laws
18:56 will eventually become anti-Sabbath laws.
19:00 In other words, not only will Sunday be mandated
19:03 but also Sabbath observance will be forbidden.
19:07 Once again you have the story of Daniel 3 and Daniel 6,
19:10 you know, those two stories illustrate the two first clauses
19:15 of the first amendment to the constitution.
19:18 Congress shall not establish religion
19:21 nor can it forbid the free exercise of religion.
19:23 In Daniel Chapter 3, Nebuchadnezzar tries
19:26 to establish religion by saying everybody
19:28 has to worship his image.
19:29 In Daniel Chapter 6, Darius attempts to forbid
19:34 the free exercise of religion by saying,
19:36 you can't pray to God for a period of 30 days.
19:40 And so in Daniel, we have an illustration
19:42 of these first two clauses
19:44 of the first amendment to the constitution.
19:46 The establishment clause
19:47 and the free exercise clause of the constitution.
19:51 It's interesting that Ellen White says
19:54 that not only then will Sunday be imposed
19:57 as a day of rest, but the Sabbath
19:59 will actually be forbidden as a day of rest.
20:03 She also says that the clergy will use underhanded
20:08 and devious methods to get their objectives accomplished.
20:14 She also says that many good causes will be linked
20:18 with this desire for a Sunday law.
20:21 For example, back in the 1880s,
20:24 we noticed that the Third Party prohibitionist and WCTU,
20:29 the Women's Christian Temperance Union joined forces,
20:31 you know, they had some good causes like the idea
20:34 of getting rid of liquor, you know,
20:36 you can't say that that's all bad.
20:38 They were in favor of temperance,
20:40 but they linked that with the Sunday law.
20:42 Is it just possible that in the end time
20:45 the idea of a Sunday law will be linked with the
20:48 constitutional amendment to protect human life?
20:52 Is it possible that it will be linked
20:54 with the constitutional amendment that marriages between
20:57 a man and a woman good causes in themselves,
21:00 but linked with something
21:02 which is contrary to Holy Scripture.
21:06 Ellen White also says in harmony with scripture that
21:11 religious curriculum will be introduced into public schools.
21:17 In other words, there will be the desire to establish
21:20 a curriculum acceptable to all of the churches
21:24 that can be included as part of the curriculum
21:27 that is taught in public schools.
21:30 She also says that the United States
21:32 will come to the point of establishing a theocracy
21:37 and there will be the idea that the ministers
21:39 are the moral conscience of the nation
21:42 and that the legislators need to listen to the ministers
21:46 because they are the new prophets.
21:48 And they are the ones who can guide
21:50 the conscience of the nation.
21:53 She also says amazingly that eventually the whole world
21:58 will follow in the steps of the United States
22:02 in proclaiming a universal Sunday law.
22:06 The Bible tells us that the whole world
22:08 wondered after the beast, not just one nation,
22:11 all of the world wondered after the beast.
22:14 People could not buy or sell all over the world
22:17 and a death decree will be given also all over the world
22:22 against those who do not keep the first day of the week.
22:25 And that leads people to ask what about Muslims,
22:28 and what about Hindus, and what about Buddhists?
22:30 Are they going to join also?
22:32 We believe that they will.
22:33 How it's gonna happen?
22:35 We can only speculate at this point,
22:41 but I believe that what's gonna happen
22:42 if I read correctly the Spirit of Prophecy,
22:45 what's gonna take place is that there's gonna be more and more
22:48 natural disasters in the world.
22:50 There's gonna be more and more wars.
22:52 There are going to be more and more calamities,
22:55 greater and greater crime until the point where the human race
23:00 is not gonna see anyway out.
23:02 And they're gonna say, "Unless, we all join forces,
23:04 the human race is going to be extinguished."
23:07 And when the world is in an emergency,
23:11 strange things can happen.
23:14 She actually says that eventually a death decree
23:18 will be given against God's people.
23:21 That is the scenario that is presented by Ellen White
23:25 in her book "The Great Controversy."
23:27 By the way, the Great Controversy
23:30 was written around the same time
23:32 as the National Sunday law
23:34 was being proposed in the United States.
23:37 In fact, The Great Controversy was published in the year 1888.
23:42 The one that we have is the 1911 revision,
23:46 but the Great Controversy itself was published in the year 1888,
23:51 the very year in which this Sunday law
23:55 was being proposed before the United States Congress.
23:59 Now what I want to do in the rest of the time
24:01 that we have together is read some statements,
24:04 some striking amazing statements from Ellen White
24:08 to illustrate the points that we've gone through so far
24:12 from the Bible and also from the writings of Ellen White.
24:16 First of all, I would like to read some statements
24:19 where Ellen White speaks about the union of church and state
24:23 here in the United States of America.
24:26 Many of these by the way
24:27 are from the book, the Great Controversy.
24:29 Everybody should read the book,
24:30 the Great Controversy, by the way.
24:32 Every person in the world should read that book,
24:35 because that book is saturated with scripture.
24:39 It's saturated with history.
24:42 And Ellen White was living in the days
24:44 when these things were transpiring before her eyes.
24:48 She-it's the voice of experience,
24:50 you see, it's not just somebody
24:52 who is writing a history of something
24:53 that happened once upon a time,
24:55 she was living in the midst of this.
24:59 Now notice what she says in Great Controversy, page 442,
25:04 speaking about a National Sunday law,
25:06 she says, "Such action would be directly contrary
25:11 to the principles of this government,
25:14 to the genius of its free institutions,
25:18 to the direct and solemn avowals
25:20 of the Declaration of Independence,
25:23 and the Constitution."
25:24 She says a National Sunday law would be opposed
25:26 to the Declaration of Independence
25:28 and the Constitution.
25:29 She continue saying,
25:31 "The founders of the nation
25:33 wisely sought to guard against the employment"
25:36 Notice this, "the employment of secular power
25:39 on the part of the church,
25:42 with its inevitable result, intolerance and persecution.
25:47 The Constitution provides that "Congress shall make no law
25:51 respecting an establishment of religion,
25:53 or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,"
25:56 and that "no religious test shall ever be required
26:00 as a qualification to any office
26:03 of public trust under the United States.'
26:07 And then she says this, "Only in flagrant violation"
26:12 not only violation, what kind of violation?
26:14 "flagrant violation of these safeguards
26:18 to the nation's liberty, can any religious observance
26:23 be enforced by civil authority.
26:27 But the--" now notice this,
26:28 "But the inconsistency of such action
26:31 is no greater than is represented in the symbol.
26:35 It is the beast with lamblike horns
26:39 in profession pure, gentle, and harmless
26:43 that speaks as a dragon."
26:46 So you see this contradictory character
26:48 in the symbol that's used in Revelation 13.
26:51 Revelation 13, you have this beast that has
26:52 two lamblike horns, speaks like a dragon.
26:55 In other words, it contradicts its profession.
26:58 These two horns by the way represent
27:00 civil and religious liberty, Republicanism and Protestantism.
27:05 A church without a pope and a state without a king.
27:10 A government of, by and for the people.
27:14 Notice what she says also in Great Controversy, page 581.
27:21 "Let the principle once be established
27:24 in the United States that the church--" notice this,
27:28 "that the church may employ
27:31 or control the power of the state,
27:34 that religious observances may be enforced by secular laws,
27:40 in short, that the authority of church and state
27:43 is to dominate the conscience,
27:46 and the triumph of Rome in this country is assured."
27:52 How is the triumph of Rome assured in this country?
27:56 When the church is allowed to use the state
28:00 to impose religion, the result is persecution.
28:03 Because the same thing happened with the Roman Catholic papacy
28:07 during the Middle Ages and the Bible says
28:09 that her deadly wound is going to be, what?
28:13 Her deadly wound is going to be healed
28:16 and everyone will wonder after the beast
28:18 and then a death decree will be given.
28:20 People will not be able to buy or sell
28:23 unless they have the mark of the beast.
28:26 Notice this statement that we find
28:28 in Great Controversy, page 615.
28:31 "As the Sabbath has become
28:33 the special point of controversy throughout Christendom,
28:37 and religious and secular authorities
28:41 have combined--" you see that?
28:45 Once again, "and religious and secular authorities
28:49 have combined to enforce the observance of the Sunday,
28:53 the persistent refusal of a small minority
28:57 to yield to the popular demand
28:59 will make them objects of universal execration."
29:05 Then I want to read one further statement
29:07 on this idea of the union of church and state
29:09 in the future in the United States.
29:11 Here she is speaking about what happened in 1888
29:15 but it applies also to
29:17 what's going to happen in the future.
29:18 Do you remember that Rome had two sieges of Jerusalem?
29:22 One time they came, they surrounded the city,
29:25 they laid siege around it.
29:27 God's people, the Christians were in the city.
29:29 Jesus said, He said, watch for the sign.
29:32 And then the it says in history, Josephus says that suddenly
29:35 Cestius Gallus retreated and he left.
29:38 The Jews went after the Roman armies.
29:41 Many of the Roman soldiers were killed.
29:43 And those apostates within the city they said,
29:46 "See, we told you, God is with us."
29:49 But the Christians who were in the city
29:51 saw this first episode as the sign
29:54 that they needed to flee
29:55 that there was going to be another siege
29:57 and so they left.
29:59 And then Titus came back and laid siege
30:02 and the city was destroyed.
30:03 I believe that in 1888, God was giving us a blueprint
30:06 of what's gonna happen in the end time.
30:08 He was showing us what was going to take place,
30:12 so that we could keep our eyes open
30:14 and know exactly what the signs of the times were.
30:18 Volume 5 of the Testimonies, page 712, she says this,
30:23 the National Reform Movement,
30:24 that's what we talked about in 1888.
30:26 "The National Reform movement,
30:29 exercising the power of religious legislation,
30:33 will, when fully developed,
30:36 manifest the same intolerance and oppression
30:40 that have prevailed in past ages.
30:43 Human councils then assumed the prerogatives of Deity,
30:48 crushing under their despotic power
30:52 liberty of conscience, and imprisonment,
30:55 exile and death followed for those
30:58 who opposed their dictates.
31:00 If popery--" or the papacy,
31:05 "If popery or its principles shall again be
31:09 legislated into power,
31:12 the fires of persecution will be rekindled
31:16 against those who will not sacrifice conscience
31:20 and the truth in deference to popular errors.
31:24 This evil is on the point of realization."
31:30 She also mentions that those
31:31 who will be involved in this movement
31:34 won't have the foggiest idea where the idea is coming from
31:38 and what the consequences will be.
31:41 Notice this statement from volume 5
31:43 of the Testimonies, page 711.
31:46 She says, "There are many,
31:48 even of those engaged in this movement
31:52 for Sunday enforcement, who are blinded to the results
31:57 which will follow this action." In other words,
32:01 they're working in blindness.
32:03 Then she says, "They do not see
32:05 that they are striking directly against religious liberty."
32:11 She says in Review and Herald,
32:12 January 1, 1889,
32:15 "There is a satanic force propelling the Sunday movement,
32:22 but it is concealed."
32:25 You see it looks nice, it looks good,
32:27 everybody back to church on Sunday.
32:29 Everybody, consecrate your life to the Lord.
32:31 Let's bring the country back to Jesus,
32:34 doesn't that sound nice?
32:35 Sounds beautiful.
32:36 But she says, "There is a satanic force
32:39 propelling the Sunday movement, but it is concealed.
32:42 Even the men who are engaged in the work,
32:45 are themselves blinded to the result
32:48 which will follow their movement."
32:52 In volume 4, the Testimonies, page 452,
32:56 she says this, "The Sunday movement
32:58 is now making its way in darkness.
33:01 The leaders are concealing the true issue
33:05 and many who unite in the movement do not themselves see
33:10 whither the undercurrent is tending.
33:14 Its professions--" notice,
33:16 "Its professions are mild and apparently Christian,
33:21 but when it shall speak
33:22 it will reveal the spirit of the dragon."
33:27 Is that biblical? It sure is.
33:30 The beast of Revelation 13,
33:32 it has two horns like a lamb but it speaks like a, what?
33:36 It speaks like a dragon. Now let me ask you,
33:39 doesn't it sound beautiful to say
33:41 the United States is a Christian nation?
33:43 That sounds wonderful.
33:46 Doesn't it sound wonderful
33:47 that the government should give laws,
33:49 so that people will return to God?
33:52 It sounds so mild and so wonderful.
33:55 But you'll see, the United States was founded
33:58 upon the idea of separation of church and state.
34:00 The church should moralize society.
34:03 It is not the state that should do it.
34:06 By the way, Ellen White also says that Protestants
34:09 will stretch forth their hands to take
34:11 the hand of the papacy, not the other way around.
34:15 Notice this interesting statement
34:17 in the Book Maranatha, page 179.
34:21 By the way, this is corroborated by Revelation 13
34:23 where it says that the second beast will do
34:25 everything in its power to exalt the first beast.
34:28 Notice this statement.
34:30 "Protestants will throw their whole influence
34:35 and strength on the side of the papacy."
34:39 Incredible.
34:40 They came here because of the papacy.
34:43 What the papacy did in Europe.
34:45 Now they're going to backtrack,
34:48 you see, because they have forgotten history.
34:50 She continues saying, "By a national act enforcing
34:56 the false Sabbath they--" that is Protestants,
34:59 "will give life and vigor to the corrupt faith of Rome,
35:05 reviving her tyranny and oppression of conscience."
35:10 So who is going to revive the papacy?
35:13 It is Protestants, according to her in harmony
35:16 with Revelation Chapter 13.
35:19 Allow me to read you another statement.
35:21 This one is found, actually I have several here,
35:25 Great Controversy, page 566.
35:28 She says, "Protestants have tampered
35:32 with and patronized popery,"
35:36 that mean that she says, she's meaning the papacy.
35:38 "Protestants have tampered with and patronized popery,
35:42 they have made compromises and concessions
35:46 which papists themselves are surprised to see
35:50 and fail to understand."
35:52 Now the papacy says, this is too good to be true.
35:55 This can't be happening. She continue saying,
35:58 "Men are closing their eyes to the real character
36:02 of Romanism and the dangers
36:04 to be apprehended from her supremacy.
36:08 The people need to be aroused to resist the advances
36:12 of this most dangerous foe to civil and religious liberty."
36:19 In another statement, volume 5 of the Testimonies,
36:21 page 711 and 712, she says this,
36:26 "Any movement in favor of religious legislation
36:30 is really an act of concession to the papacy,
36:34 which for so many ages has steadily warred
36:38 against liberty of conscience.
36:39 Sunday observance owes its existence
36:42 as a so-called Christian institution
36:45 to ''the mystery of iniquity'' and its enforcement
36:49 will be a virtual recognition of the principles
36:52 which are the very cornerstone of Romanism.
36:56 When our nation shall so abjure the principles
37:00 of its government as to enact a Sunday law,
37:04 Protestantism will in this act join hands."
37:08 We read a statement last time about joining hands
37:11 between Protestants and Catholics,
37:13 not from Ellen White.
37:14 "Protestantism will in this act join hands with popery,
37:19 it will be nothing else than giving life
37:23 to the tyranny which has long been eagerly waiting
37:27 its opportunity to spring into active despotism."
37:34 She also says that in order for this to happen,
37:36 Protestants have to unite on common points of doctrine.
37:40 Notice this interesting statement
37:42 that we find in Great Controversy, 445.
37:44 She says, "When the leading churches of the United States,
37:47 uniting upon such points of doctrine
37:52 as are held by them in common."
37:54 By the way, all of this that I'm talking about
37:56 in our next lecture I'm gonna prove to you
37:58 from the writings of religious leaders
38:01 in the United States today, to show you that
38:04 what she said way back there over 100 years ago
38:07 is taking place with the religious world
38:10 in the United States today, all except the Sunday law.
38:13 You see that's the last part of this whole scenario.
38:17 She says, "When the leading churches of the United States,
38:19 uniting upon such points of doctrine
38:21 as are held by them in common,
38:23 shall influence the state to enforce their decrees
38:27 and to sustain their institutions,
38:30 then Protestant America will have formed
38:32 an image of the Roman hierarchy,
38:34 and the infliction on civil penalties
38:37 upon dissenters will inevitably result."
38:42 And in Great Controversy, page 563,
38:44 she has this telling statement,
38:46 "There is an increasing indifference
38:49 concerning the doctrines that separate
38:52 the reformed churches from the papal hierarchy,
38:55 the opinion is gaining ground that, after all,
38:58 we do not differ so widely upon vital points
39:01 as has been supposed, and that a little concession
39:05 on our part will bring us
39:07 into a better understanding with Rome."
39:11 She also says that the clergy will be foremost
39:15 in convincing their church members to act upon congress,
39:19 for congress to give the National Sunday law.
39:22 Notice this very remarkable statement
39:24 in the Review and Herald, December 24, 1889.
39:29 "Plans of serious import to the people of God
39:33 are advancing in an underhanded manner
39:38 among the clergymen of various denominations,
39:43 and the object of this secret maneuvering
39:47 is to win popular favor
39:50 for the enforcement of Sunday sacredness.
39:54 If the people..." that is by the clergy.
39:57 "If the people can be led to favor a Sunday law,
40:01 then the clergy intend to exert their united influence
40:07 to obtain a religious amendment to the Constitution,
40:12 and compel the nation to keep Sunday."
40:15 Ministers working upon the people,
40:19 so that the people will push for a National Sunday Law.
40:22 By the way this has already happened
40:24 with the idea of gay marriage, the opposition to gay marriage
40:29 and it's also happening in the idea of safeguarding
40:33 the life of babies. The abortion issue.
40:38 Aren't they talking about a constitutional amendment?
40:42 Absolutely.
40:44 She also says that politicians will give in
40:47 because of the popular demand.
40:48 After all, they want votes.
40:50 Notice what she has to say, Great Controversy, page 592,
40:55 "The dignitaries of church and state
40:56 will unite to bribe, persuade,
41:00 or compel all classes to honor the Sunday.
41:04 The lack of divine authority will be
41:07 supplied by oppressive enactments."
41:09 In other words, because they can't convince you
41:11 of them in the Bible,
41:12 they're gonna force you to do it.
41:14 She says, and, boy, is this ever true,
41:17 "Political corruption is destroying love of justice
41:22 and regard for truth..." What would she write today?
41:25 "And even in free America, rulers,"
41:28 notice this, "rulers and legislators,
41:31 in order to secure public favor,
41:35 will yield to the popular demand for a law
41:39 enforcing Sunday observance.
41:41 Liberty of conscience,
41:43 which has cost so great a sacrifice,
41:46 will no longer be respected."
41:50 If I had time, I would read you a statement
41:51 in Fundamentals of Christian Education, page 475,
41:55 where she says that God's people
41:57 should not vote to put such men in office.
42:00 We need to put men of principle in office,
42:02 who will stand upon the constitution
42:04 of the United States,
42:05 upon the pillars that this country was built upon.
42:09 They will separate Church and State
42:11 and guarantee liberty of conscience,
42:13 full civil and religious liberty.
42:17 She also speaks about the idea of introducing
42:19 religion into school curriculum. Notice what she says,
42:24 this is in a journal called The Watchman,
42:26 May 1, 1906. She says,
42:28 "The present effort of the church to get the state
42:31 to introduce the teaching of Christianity
42:33 into state schools,
42:35 is but a revival of the doctrine of force
42:39 in religious things and as such it is anti-Christian."
42:46 Well, so you want to kick Christ out of public school?
42:49 The fact is that the government should not be teaching religion.
42:54 That's the point.
42:55 Religion should be taught in private schools,
42:57 religious schools. It should be taught in the home.
43:00 It should be taught in the church.
43:02 You can read your Bible in the street.
43:03 You can gather groups to pray anywhere you want,
43:05 we're in favor of religion.
43:07 But we're against the state establishing
43:10 religion or forbidding the free exercise of religion.
43:14 She also says in Letter 44, 1893,
43:18 "I do not see the justice nor right in enforcing by law
43:24 the bringing of the Bible to be read in the public schools."
43:28 She also says that this desire for a Sunday law
43:32 will be linked with good causes.
43:34 So God's people will be in a difficult situation
43:36 because if we don't link up, they'll say,
43:38 "Oh, so you're in favor of immorality, aren't you?"
43:40 Notice what she says, Great Controversy,
43:43 page 587 and 588.
43:45 This woman had more than human wisdom, folks.
43:47 We're gonna see it in our next lecture.
43:49 I'm gonna prove it to you from--
43:51 by giving quotations from religious leaders
43:52 in the United States in the last 25 years.
43:55 Notice what she says, "Here the temperance work,
44:01 one of the most prominent and important of moral reforms,
44:04 is often combined with the Sunday movement."
44:07 See, she says, temperance is combined
44:09 with the Sunday movement.
44:10 "And the advocates of the latter represent themselves
44:14 as laboring to promote the highest interest of society,
44:18 and those who refuse to unite with them
44:21 are denounced as the enemies of temperance and reform.
44:26 But the fact that a movement to establish error
44:29 is connected with a work which is in itself good,
44:33 is not an argument in favor of the error.
44:37 We may disguise poison by mingling it with wholesome food,
44:41 but we do not change its nature.
44:43 On the contrary, it is rendered more dangerous,
44:47 as it is more likely to be taken unawares.
44:50 It is one of Satan's devices to combine with falsehood
44:54 just enough truth to give it plausibility.
44:58 The leaders of the Sunday movement
44:59 may advocate reforms which the people need,
45:03 principles which are in harmony with the Bible,
45:06 yet, while there is with these a requirement
45:09 which is contrary to God's law,
45:12 His servants cannot unite with them.
45:15 Nothing can justify them in setting aside
45:19 the commandments of God for the precepts of men."
45:23 She also says that God's people are gonna be
45:26 blamed for the upheavals in society.
45:29 You think this country is bad?
45:30 You haven't seen anything yet.
45:32 Notice what she has to say in the book
45:35 "The Great Controversy," page 592.
45:39 "Those who honor the Bible's Sabbath
45:41 will be denounced as enemies of law and order."
45:44 Imagine Seventh-day Adventists
45:46 who have always taught that we're supposed to keep the law,
45:47 being denounced as enemies of the law.
45:50 That's an interesting thing, isn't it?
45:52 She says, "Those who honor the Bible's Sabbath
45:54 will be denounced as enemies of law and order,
45:57 as breaking down the moral restraints of society,
46:01 causing anarchy and corruption,
46:04 and calling down the judgments of God upon the earth."
46:09 Just like with Elijah.
46:10 Just like Matthew 24 says, she says,
46:14 "Their conscientious scruples will be pronounced obstinacy,
46:19 stubbornness, and contempt of authority.
46:22 They will be accused," notice this,
46:24 "they will be accused of disaffection
46:26 toward the government."
46:29 Are you prepared for the day
46:30 when you will be declared treasonous
46:33 against the United States for saying these things
46:35 that I'm sharing with you?
46:37 She says, "Ministers who deny the obligation of the divine law
46:41 will present from the pulpit the duty of yielding
46:45 obedience to the civil authorities
46:47 as ordained of God." And they'll quote Romans 13,
46:51 where it says you're supposed to be
46:52 subject to the civil authorities.
46:54 What they won't quote is
46:55 "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's
46:57 and unto God that which is God's."
47:00 She says, "In legislative halls and courts of justice,
47:04 commandment keepers will be misrepresented and condemned."
47:10 She also says
47:11 that the constitution of the United States
47:13 will be changed or amended.
47:16 By the way, allow me read a statement of the crisis
47:19 that existed in her day.
47:21 This is volume 5 of the Testimonies, page 711.
47:24 She is talking about the National Reform
47:26 issue in her day.
47:27 She says, "A great crisis awaits the people of God.
47:31 A crisis awaits the world.
47:34 The most momentous struggle of all the ages
47:38 is just before us.
47:41 Events which for more than forty years
47:43 we have upon the authority of the prophetic word
47:46 declared to be impending are now taking place
47:50 before our eyes.
47:52 Already the question of an amendment
47:55 to the Constitution restricting religious liberty--
48:01 restricting liberty of conscience, rather,
48:03 has been urged upon the legislators of the nation.
48:06 The question of enforcing Sunday observance
48:09 has become one of national interest and importance."
48:12 Here she's talking about
48:14 what was happening with the National Reform movement.
48:16 And then notice, she says, in Review and Herald,
48:19 December 11, 1888,
48:22 "They do not see that if a Protestant
48:24 government sacrifices the principles
48:26 that have made them a free, independent nation,
48:29 and through legislation brings into the Constitution,
48:33 principles that will propagate papal falsehood
48:37 and papal delusion,
48:38 they are plunging into the Roman horrors of the Dark Ages."
48:45 Now she realized that event in 1888
48:49 might not lead yet to this National Sunday Law.
48:53 In fact, in the same chapter, volume 5 of the Testimonies,
48:56 page 713 that we read from a moment ago she says this,
49:01 "It may be..." and this is very significant,
49:04 "it may be that a respite may yet be granted
49:09 for God's people to awake and let their light shine."
49:12 She says this might just be a sign of things
49:15 that will come in the future.
49:17 She continues saying.
49:19 "If the presence of ten righteous persons
49:21 would have saved the wicked cities of the plain,
49:24 is it not possible that God will yet,
49:27 in answer to the prayers of His people,
49:29 hold in check the workings of those
49:32 who are making void His law?
49:34 Shall we not humble our hearts greatly before God,
49:37 flee to the mercy seat,
49:39 and plead with Him to reveal His mighty power?"
49:42 So she says this crisis is upon us.
49:47 It's been brewing for the last 40 years.
49:49 She says, "but may be God
49:51 is still going to give us a respite."
49:53 But then she says this,
49:56 this is found in Review and Herald,
49:57 February 16, 1905.
49:59 "Sooner or later Sunday laws will be passed.
50:04 But there is much for God's servants
50:06 to do to warn the people.
50:08 This work has been greatly retarded
50:11 by their having to wait
50:14 and stand against the devisings of Satan,
50:16 which have been striving to find a place in our work.
50:21 We are years behind", she says.
50:24 So she says sooner or later
50:26 there will be a National Sunday Law.
50:28 She realized that, there was respite
50:31 that was taking place
50:32 after this first siege of Jerusalem,
50:35 if you please.
50:36 In fact, she actually says that the whole world
50:39 is going to join forces in imposing a universal Sunday law.
50:43 Allow me to read you a few statements here.
50:45 The book Maranatha, page 217, she says,
50:48 "The whole world is to be
50:50 stirred with enmity against Seventh-day Adventists,
50:54 because they will not yield homage to the papacy,
50:57 by honoring Sunday,
50:59 the institution of this antichristian power.
51:03 It is the purpose of Satan to cause them
51:05 to be blotted from the earth,
51:07 in order that his supremacy of the world
51:10 may not be disputed."
51:14 You say, "That could never happen.
51:15 Persecution wanting to blot out
51:18 a whole people from the face of the earth?"
51:21 Yet, it's gonna happen.
51:23 Volume 6 of the Testimonies, page 18, she says,
51:26 "As America, the land of religious liberty,
51:30 shall unite with the papacy in forcing the conscience
51:34 and compelling men to honor the false Sabbath,
51:38 the people of every country on the globe
51:42 will be led to follow her example."
51:45 Every country on the globe.
51:48 Volume 3 of Selected Messages, page 392, she says,
51:52 "The so-called Christian world is to be
51:55 the theatre of great and decisive actions.
51:59 Men in authority will enact laws
52:02 controlling the conscience, after the example of the papacy.
52:07 Babylon will make all nations
52:09 drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
52:14 Every nation will be involved."
52:19 One final statement, volume 6 of the Testimonies,
52:22 page 395, she says, "Foreign nations will follow
52:26 the example of the United States.
52:28 Though she leads out,
52:31 yet the same crisis will come upon
52:34 our people in all parts of the world."
52:40 Now in closing, I would like to ask,
52:41 "What's wrong with the church using the power of the state?"
52:45 Allow me read you a rather extensive statement
52:47 that we find in the book, "The Desire of Ages",
52:50 page 509 and 510.
52:52 This is the most profound statement
52:54 I've ever read anywhere about the proper relationship
52:58 between church and state.
53:00 And how the state can use power illegitimately
53:04 which ultimately leads to persecution.
53:06 This is what she says,
53:09 "But today, in the religious world there are multitudes
53:14 who, as they believe,
53:16 are working for the establishment
53:19 of the kingdom of Christ
53:21 as an earthly and temporal dominion.
53:25 They desire to make our Lord
53:27 the ruler of the kingdoms of this world,
53:30 the ruler in its courts and camps,
53:34 its legislative halls, its palaces and market places.
53:39 They expect Him to rule through legal enactments,
53:43 enforced by human authority.
53:47 Since Christ is not now here in person,
53:51 they themselves will undertake to act in His stead,
53:55 to execute the laws of His kingdom."
53:57 Because He is not here, they say we'll do it.
54:00 She continues saying,
54:01 "The establishment of such a kingdom is
54:04 what the Jews desired in the days of Christ.
54:08 They would have received Jesus,
54:10 had He been willing to establish a temporal dominion,
54:14 to enforce what they regarded as the laws of God,
54:18 and to make them the expositors of His will
54:20 and the agents of His authority.
54:24 But He said, 'My kingdom is not of this world.'
54:29 He would not accept the earthly throne."
54:33 Now notice what she says, "The government under
54:37 which Jesus lived was corrupt and oppressive.
54:41 On every hand were crying abuses,
54:44 extortion, intolerance, and grinding cruelty.
54:49 Yet the Savior attempted no civil reforms."
54:53 You don't find him picketing against gay marriage.
54:59 He attempted--she says,
55:01 "Yet the Savior attempted no civil reforms.
55:04 He attacked no national abuses,
55:07 nor condemned the national enemies.
55:10 He did not interfere with the authority
55:12 or administration of those in power.
55:15 He who was our example kept aloof
55:19 from earthly governments.
55:21 Not because He was indifferent to the woes of men
55:25 but because the remedy did not lie
55:28 in merely human and external measures.
55:32 To be efficient, the cure must reach men individually
55:38 and must regenerate the heart."
55:41 Capitol Hill cannot do that. She continues saying,
55:45 "Not by the decisions of courts
55:47 or councils or legislative assemblies,
55:51 not by the patronage of worldly great men
55:54 is the kingdom of Christ established
55:57 but by the implanting of Christ's nature in humanity
56:01 through the work of the Holy Spirit.
56:04 As many as received Him,
56:06 to them gave He power to become the sons of God,
56:09 even to them that believe on His name,
56:11 which were born, not of blood,
56:13 nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man,
56:17 but of God. Here is the only power
56:21 that can work the uplifting of mankind
56:25 and the human agency
56:27 for the accomplishment of this work is the teaching
56:30 and practicing of the word of God."
56:35 That is the proper relationship between Church and State.
56:39 You see, the State cannot change the heart.
56:43 It can impose moral law against people's will.
56:48 But it cannot lead people to follow the Lord
56:52 because they want to,
56:54 because it comes naturally from the heart.
56:57 Same thing is gonna happen in the United States
56:59 as happened in Rome.
57:03 You know, the church lost its spirituality.
57:07 As a result, things started going downhill in society.
57:11 So they said, "We got to get Caesar to fix it.
57:13 We got to get Constantine to fix it."
57:15 Same is gonna happen in the United States.
57:18 But the solution is not for the government to remedy things,
57:22 it is the implanting of the Holy Spirit
57:25 within the human heart.


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