State of the Dead

The Dead Who Stand Before God

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Participants: Pr. Stephen Bohr


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00:01 If a man dies shall he live again?
00:07 What does it mean to be absent
00:09 from the body and present with the Lord?
00:13 Did Jesus go with a thief to paradise on Good Friday?
00:19 Did the souls of dead people
00:21 really cry out from below the altar?
00:25 Pastor Bohr answers these questions
00:27 and more in the amazing series.
00:35 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
00:37 Our Father and our God, we thank You once again
00:40 for the privilege of being in Your presence.
00:42 And as we study today about "The Dead Who Stand Before God"
00:48 we ask that You will give us divine wisdom
00:50 that we might be able to understand in what sense
00:54 the dead do stand before God.
00:57 There is much misunderstanding in the Christian world
00:59 today about many of these verses.
01:01 Now I ask Lord, that as people watch
01:05 this presentation, that You will remove
01:07 every preconceived idea and notion
01:09 from their minds and hearts that they might
01:11 see the truth as it is in Jesus.
01:13 And I thank you Father, for hearing our prayer
01:16 for we ask it in the precious name of Jesus, amen.
01:21 As I mentioned in my prayer we are going to study
01:25 today about "The Dead Who Stand Before God."
01:30 This is a verse that we find in Revelation 20:12,
01:37 but we're not gonna go there first
01:39 we are going to go first of all to several other concepts
01:43 that will set the stage for us to understand
01:46 that particular verse.
01:48 The first thing that I want us to notice
01:50 is a few things about the pre-advent judgment.
01:54 You see, the Bible teaches that if there's gonna be a judgment
01:57 before the second coming of Jesus and it is the righteous
02:01 who are going to be judged before Jesus comes.
02:05 Now let's turn in our Bibles to Revelation 14: 6, 7.
02:11 Revelation 14:6, 7. What I want you to notice
02:16 here is that the judgment begins
02:19 before the second coming of Jesus.
02:21 That's the point that I want us to notice
02:23 from this passage in Revelation 14:6, 7.
02:28 It says there, "Then I saw another angel flying
02:32 in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel
02:36 to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation,
02:39 tribe, tongue, and people.
02:42 Saying with a loud voice, 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
02:48 for the hour of His judgment will come."'
02:54 Oh, thank you very much.
02:56 I was hoping that some of you would protest
02:59 because there is no Bible that I know off that says,
03:02 "For the hour of His judgment will come."
03:06 It says, "For the hour of His judgment has come
03:11 and worship Him who made heaven and earth,
03:13 the sea and the springs of water."
03:15 Obviously this is speaking about a judgment
03:18 that takes place before the second coming of Jesus.
03:21 And you say how do we know that?
03:22 Because, in Revelation 14 after this message we have two more.
03:27 We have the Second Angel's Message,
03:29 calling God's people out of Babylon.
03:31 And we have a Third Angel's Message,
03:33 warning people about the mark of the beast
03:35 and warning about worshipping the image of the beast.
03:39 So you'll notice here it says the judgment
03:41 has come but after the announcement
03:44 that their judgment has come,
03:45 you still have the second message
03:47 and the third message and then you have
03:50 the second coming of Jesus Christ.
03:52 So the hour of God's judgment begins
03:55 before the second coming of Jesus
03:59 when the first angel proclaims his message.
04:02 Now the question is, where does that judgment take place?
04:06 Go with me Daniel 7:9, 10. Daniel 7:9, 10.
04:13 And the point that I want us to notice
04:15 from this particular passage is that the judgment
04:18 takes place in heaven.
04:21 It says there in Daniel 7: 9, 10,
04:24 "I watched till thrones were put in place,
04:28 and the Ancient of Days was seated,"
04:31 that's called the father.
04:33 "His garment was white as snow, and the hair of His head
04:37 was like pure wool.
04:40 His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire.
04:44 A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him.
04:48 A thousand thousands ministered to Him,
04:51 Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.
04:55 The court was seated, and the books were opened."
04:59 Question where is this judgment taking place?
05:03 Very clearly in heaven, where the Ancient of Days
05:07 is found that's where God the Father is.
05:10 And we are told here that "A thousand thousands
05:12 ministered to Him and Ten thousand times
05:15 ten thousand stood before Him."
05:17 Those are the angels.
05:19 In other words in heaven is where that court is seated
05:23 and the books are opened.
05:27 So we've noticed two things so far about the judgment.
05:30 Number one, the judgment begins
05:33 before the second coming of Jesus.
05:35 Number two, that judgment
05:38 takes places in heaven not in earth.
05:41 Now let's notice one other point
05:44 which is very, very important.
05:46 2 Corinthians 5:10. 2 Corinthians 5:10.
05:53 This is a very well known verse probably
05:56 you read it many, many times and the point
05:59 that I want us to get from this verse
06:01 is that all of us without exception
06:04 will have to appear before the judgment
06:06 seat of Christ to render an account
06:09 for what we did during our life.
06:12 Notice 2 Corinthians 5:10, "For we must all appear
06:18 before the judgment seat of Christ."
06:21 How many must appear in the judgment?
06:23 All. Notice, "That each one may receive
06:28 the things done in the body,
06:31 according to what he has done, whether good or bad."
06:36 So what is determined when people appear
06:38 before the judgment seat of Christ?
06:39 What is determined is the reward
06:42 they are going to receive depending
06:44 on what they did while they lived in the body.
06:47 We've already knows that, that means,
06:48 while they lived on this earth
06:50 with this model corruptible body that we have.
06:55 Now I would like to notice along with you John 5:28, 29.
07:02 We're gonna answer very important question here.
07:04 Where do the dead go until the moment of the resurrection?
07:11 Go with me to John 5:28, 29 and the point
07:14 that I want you to get from this particular passage John 5:28, 29
07:19 is that when a person dies they go to the grave
07:23 until Jesus comes to call them forth from the grave.
07:26 Notice, John 5:28, 29.
07:30 Here Jesus is speaking, "Do not marvel at this,
07:34 for the hour is coming in which all who are in their graves
07:40 will hear His voice and come forth-- those who have
07:44 done good, to the resurrection of life,
07:46 and those who have done evil,
07:48 to the resurrection of condemnation."
07:52 Now the question is when will people receive their reward?
07:55 Do they receive their reward when they die,
07:59 supposedly and go to heaven or when they die and supposedly
08:03 and go to hell or do people receive
08:05 their rewards when Jesus comes.
08:08 The Bible is very, very clear that people
08:10 receive their rewards when Jesus comes.
08:13 Notice Matthew 16:27.
08:16 Matthew 16:27 tells us very clearly
08:20 when people will receive their reward.
08:24 Here Jesus is speaking once again and He says,
08:27 "For the Son of Man will come in the glory
08:30 of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward
08:36 each according to his works."
08:39 When will people receive their rewards?
08:42 It's at the moment when Jesus comes with His angels,
08:46 it is not at the moment when people die.
08:48 People don't go to heaven,
08:50 they don't go to hell when they die.
08:52 They will be rewarded when Jesus comes.
08:55 Now, let's review what we've studied so far.
08:58 Number one, the judgment of the righteous
09:02 particularly begins before the second coming of Jesus.
09:06 Point number two, that judgment takes place where?
09:11 The judgment takes place in heaven.
09:13 Number three, how many must appear?
09:16 Every one must appear before the judgment seat of Christ.
09:21 Point number four, where are people
09:24 until the moment when they receive their reward?
09:26 They are in the grave.
09:29 And when is it that they will receive the reward?
09:32 When Jesus comes with all of His Holy Angels.
09:36 Now immediately we ask this question
09:39 which is very important.
09:41 If those who are in their graves receive
09:46 their reward when Jesus comes
09:50 must they have been judged before to determine
09:55 what their reward was going to be?
09:58 Absolutely, yes.
09:59 Now the question is how did they appear
10:03 before the judgment seat of Christ,
10:05 before Jesus came if they were dead?
10:09 Are you understanding my question?
10:12 The Bible says that "We must all appear
10:14 before the judgment seat of Christ."
10:16 That judgment takes place before the second coming in heaven.
10:20 How can a person who died in Christ appear
10:23 before the judgment seat of Christ in heaven
10:26 before Jesus comes to reward them?
10:28 Are you understanding my question?
10:30 The answer is simple.
10:33 The righteous who died in Jesus do not appear
10:37 before the judgment seat of Christ in person alive
10:42 but they appear before the judgment seat of Christ
10:45 through the records that were kept of their lives.
10:49 In other words they stand before
10:51 the throne of Jesus Christ not in person
10:54 because they're in their graves.
10:56 They stand before the judgment seat of Christ
10:58 through the records that were kept
11:01 while they were living in the body.
11:03 Now that doesn't mean that we're not going
11:05 to have a body when Jesus comes.
11:07 In the body means, in this present earthly,
11:10 corruptible, model existence.
11:13 Are you understanding what I am saying?
11:14 Now allow me to read you a couple of interesting
11:17 statements from the book, "The Great Controversy"
11:20 written by Ellen White where she explains,
11:22 how the righteous will appear
11:24 before the judgment seat of Christ if they're dead,
11:27 if they're in their graves,
11:28 if they're not rewarded till Jesus comes.
11:30 Notice, Great Controversy, page 483 she says this,
11:36 "As the books of record are opened in the judgment."
11:40 What's opened in the Judgment?
11:41 The books of record. "The lives," notice this,
11:45 "The lives of all who have believed on Jesus
11:49 come in review before God.
11:52 Beginning with those who first lived upon the earth,
11:56 our Advocate presents the cases of each successive generation
12:02 and closes with the living."
12:05 What is it that is examined in the judgment?
12:08 She says, "As the books of record
12:12 are opened in the judgment, the lives of all who have
12:16 believed on Jesus come in review before God."
12:18 How are people then standing
12:20 before the judgment seat of Christ?
12:22 They are not standing there personally,
12:24 they are standing there through their records.
12:27 Are you following what I am saying?
12:29 This is extremely important for what we're gonna
12:31 study in Revelation 20:12.
12:33 Notice the second statement is in Great Controversy,
12:37 page 482, the page immediately
12:40 before where I read from.
12:42 "The righteous dead will not be raised
12:46 until after the judgment."
12:48 Is that point clear from what we've studied?
12:50 "The righteous dead will not be raised until after the judgment
12:55 at which they are accounted worthy
13:00 of 'the resurrection of life.'"
13:01 What is that, that determines
13:02 that the righteous dead are worthy
13:04 of the resurrection of life?
13:06 It's the fact that their life is examined before hand
13:09 and the reward is made at out to be given to them
13:13 when they're resurrected.
13:14 Then she says this and I'll begin
13:16 with the beginning of the statement again.
13:18 "The righteous dead will not be raised
13:20 until after the judgment at which they are accounted
13:23 worthy of "the resurrection of life.'"
13:25 Hence here comes the key portion.
13:27 "Hence they will not be present in person at the tribunal
13:33 when their records are examined and their cases decided."
13:39 In other words, they are not going
13:41 to be there in person, they appear
13:43 before the judgment seat of Christ
13:45 through the records of their lives.
13:49 Raise your hands if you understanding
13:50 what I am saying.
13:51 Very, very well, a hundred percent.
13:54 Now let's go to Revelation 6:15-17.
13:59 Revelation 6:15-17. By the way we've already
14:05 spoken about the judgment of the righteous
14:07 they're in their graves, they are judged worthy
14:10 of life before Jesus comes, when Jesus comes
14:13 He gives them their reward at the second coming.
14:16 But now we're gonna talk about the wicked.
14:17 What happens with the wicked?
14:19 Notice Revelation 6:15-17. 6:15-17.
14:26 Then the sky and their key words
14:28 that I am going to underline here,
14:30 that I want you to remember.
14:31 "The sky or heaven receded as a scroll
14:36 when it is rolled up, and every mountain
14:39 and island was moved out of its place."
14:44 This is speaking about the second coming of Jesus.
14:46 What happened with the sky?
14:47 The sky receded as a scroll,
14:49 in other words the sky disappeared.
14:50 And it says every island and every mountain were what?
14:55 Moved out of their places, in other words
14:57 they weren't found any more.
14:59 Notice, verse 15, "And the kings of the earth,
15:02 the great men, the rich men, the commanders,
15:05 the mighty men, every slave and every free man,
15:08 hid themselves in the caves
15:11 and in the rocks of the mountains
15:13 and said to the mountains and rocks,
15:15 'Fall on us and hide us from the,'"
15:19 I want you to remember this word,
15:20 "from the face of Him who sits on the throne."
15:24 Remember the word throne.
15:25 "And from the wrath of the Lamb,
15:27 For the great day of His wrath has come,
15:29 and who is able to stand?"
15:31 Question, what great event is being described in these verses?
15:34 There's no doubt whatsoever that is describing
15:37 the second coming of Jesus.
15:38 What happens at the second coming of Jesus?
15:41 The sky recedes as a scroll.
15:44 In other words, the sky is rolled up and disappears.
15:46 Every mountain and every island are moved out of their places,
15:51 which means that they are no longer, what? Found.
15:54 And then the wicked cry hide us from the, what?
15:58 From the face of the one who is seated on the throne.
16:03 Now Revelation 20:11 picks up on this
16:08 scene of Revelation Chapter 6.
16:10 Go with me to Revelation 20:11. Revelation 20:11.
16:16 This verse is describing
16:18 the same thing as Revelation 6:15-17.
16:22 This verse is describing in other words
16:24 the second coming of Jesus Christ.
16:25 Notice Revelation 20:11,
16:29 "Then I saw a great white throne,"
16:32 was there a throne in the passage that we just read?
16:35 Absolutely. "I saw a great white throne
16:38 and Him who sat on it, from whose?"
16:42 Do we find the word face in the other passage? Yes.
16:45 "From whose face," what happened?
16:47 "Earth and heaven," what? "Fled away."
16:51 Did we notice that in Revelation 6, sure.
16:53 And now notice, "And there was found," no what?
16:56 "No place for them."
16:58 The very same word that's used in Revelation Chapter 6.
17:01 So what is being described in Revelation 20:11?
17:05 What's being described
17:06 is the same thing as in Revelation 6:15-17.
17:10 It is the second coming of Jesus in power and glory.
17:15 Let me ask you at this time who receives their rewards?
17:20 The righteous. Do the wicked received
17:22 their rewards here at this moment? No.
17:24 The righteous receive their rewards.
17:26 Jesus says that He is going to give His reward
17:28 when He comes with His angels for his people.
17:31 But the question is what about the wicked
17:34 when Jesus comes? Notice, Revelation 20:12,
17:38 here is our key verse that we're studying in our topic today.
17:41 Revelation 20:12 what has just taken place?
17:46 Let me ask you what has just taken place
17:48 according to what we just noticed?
17:49 The second coming of Jesus, right.
17:52 Now I want you to notice in verse 12,
17:55 the very next verse something very interesting.
17:57 It says, "And I saw the dead."
18:04 Which dead? Which dead do you think these are.
18:09 the righteous dead? No.
18:11 Let's continue reading.
18:12 "And I saw the dead, small and great,
18:16 standing before God."
18:17 You say, now wait a minute.
18:19 How can dead people stand before God?
18:21 He saw the dead, standing before God.
18:23 Is this after the second coming in the previous verse?
18:26 Absolutely. And now notice, "And books were opened.
18:32 And another book was opened."
18:34 Notice books and book, "another book was opened,"
18:37 which is the Book of Life.
18:39 And now notice, "And the dead,"
18:41 by the way were these people dead?
18:44 Yeah, it says I saw the dead standing before God
18:47 and it says, "The dead," were what?
18:50 "Were judged according to their works,
18:52 by the things which were written in the," what?
18:55 "In the books." Now two questions beg to be asked.
18:58 Number one, how can dead people stand before God?
19:03 Before God's judgment bar.
19:05 Question number two, who are these dead
19:10 that are spoken of in Revelation 20:12?
19:13 The answers to these two questions will clarify
19:16 what it means when the Bible
19:19 says that the dead stand before God.
19:23 Well, allow me to tell you first of all that the dead
19:25 who stand before God after the second coming
19:28 are not the righteous dead, because the righteous dead
19:30 were judged before Jesus came.
19:32 So this must be what's dead?
19:34 It must be the wicked dead.
19:37 Now go with me to Revelation 20:5
19:40 and I am only gonna read a portion of Revelation 20:5.
19:44 And the reason I am only gonna read a portion
19:46 is because this is a parenthetical statement
19:48 like if you go to the NIV, you'll notice
19:51 that what I am gonna read is placed in parenthesis.
19:53 In other words, it breaks
19:54 the flow of thought in Revelation Chapter 20.
19:57 And so I am only going to read this particular portion
20:01 because it has a very important meaning for us to understand
20:05 what the Bible means when it says that
20:07 the dead stand before God.
20:09 Notice Revelation 20:5, "But the rest of the dead
20:15 did not live again until the thousand years
20:20 were," what? "Finished."
20:23 Who are the rest of the dead here?
20:25 They have to be the wicked, because the previous verse
20:29 says blessed are those who
20:30 resurrect in the first resurrection.
20:33 They will live, they will reign with Jesus a thousand years.
20:38 So, if they're gonna reign with Jesus a thousand years,
20:41 and they lived again at the beginning
20:43 of the thousand years it must mean that they're resurrected
20:46 at the second coming of Jesus.
20:48 So who are the rest of the dead that did not live again until
20:52 the thousand years were finished?
20:53 It must be the what?
20:55 It must be the wicked dead.
20:58 Now what are these wicked dead
21:00 doing according to the text that we're studying?
21:02 The dead it says were standing before whom?
21:06 Before God. Now what does that mean
21:09 that the dead were standing before God?
21:12 Listen folks, it means the same thing
21:14 as the righteous dead standing before God.
21:17 How did the righteous dead stand before God?
21:20 The record of their lives were examined.
21:23 You see God has in heaven an exact transcript,
21:26 an exact copy of every single person on planet earth.
21:30 Every word, every action, every thought, every feeling,
21:34 every motion, every decision, God has an exact transcript
21:39 in heaven of the life of the person.
21:41 That's why when we appear before the great judgment
21:44 seat of Christ the Bible says that what is going
21:47 to be examined is what we did in the body
21:50 whether it was good or whether it was what?
21:53 Or whether, it was evil.
21:54 So before the second coming, the righteous dead appear
21:58 before the throne of God, they are dead
22:00 but they are appearing through their what?
22:02 Through their records.
22:03 So the question is how do the wicked dead appear
22:07 before God during the thousand years?
22:09 If they don't live again until the thousand years
22:11 are finished that must mean that they must appear
22:13 before the judgment seat of Christ
22:15 being already what? Dead.
22:18 But do they appear there in person?
22:20 Do dead people appear before the throne of God in person?
22:23 Absolutely not. They appear through their records.
22:28 Are you with me? In fact the text says so.
22:32 It says, and the dead were judged according to their works
22:37 by the things which were written in the books.
22:40 What is examined? What is written in the books,
22:43 it's not the dead who are there,
22:44 it's the record of the life of the dead.
22:47 Are you clear on this point?
22:49 Now let's go to Revelation Chapter 20
22:52 and I'll show you that those who resurrected
22:55 when Jesus came are actually going
22:56 to participate in that judgment.
22:59 They are going to examine the lives of the wicked
23:02 and the lives of the devil and his angels
23:04 and they're going to meet out the punishment.
23:07 You say, where is the Bible teach this?
23:08 Notice Revelation 20:4. Revelation 20:4.
23:14 It says, "And I saw thrones, and they sat on them,
23:21 and judgment was committed to them."
23:24 Now who was the them, referred to here?
23:26 Well, continue saying, "Then I saw the souls
23:29 of those who had been beheaded,"
23:30 we're gonna talk about the souls under the altar
23:33 in our next topic tomorrow.
23:34 So we won't get into this now.
23:36 "Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded
23:38 for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God,
23:40 who had not worshiped the beast or his image,
23:43 and had not received his mark
23:44 on their foreheads or on their hands."
23:46 And they what? "They lived,"
23:49 which means that they were what?
23:50 Dead, of course if they were beheaded
23:52 they were dead, right?
23:53 And so it says, "And they lived and reigned
23:58 with Christ for a thousand years."
24:00 Who are those, the righteous or the wicked?
24:02 The Righteous. What are they gonna
24:04 do for a thousand years?
24:05 They are going to reign with Jesus.
24:06 What else are they going to do?
24:07 It says, "Judgment was committed to them."
24:10 They are going to judge.
24:11 The question is who are they're gonna judge?
24:14 Think they are gonna judge the righteous?
24:16 No, because the judgment of the righteous
24:18 took place before Jesus came
24:20 and they are already in heaven,
24:21 they don't need any judgment.
24:22 So who are they going to judge?
24:24 It must be the world and Satan and his angels.
24:29 You say does the Bible teach such a thing?
24:31 Yes, it does. 1 Corinthians 6:1-3.
24:34 1 Corinthians 6:1-3. Here the Apostle Paul
24:40 is speaking about members who sue members.
24:43 He says, you're not supposed to take your dirty laundry
24:45 before the courts of the world.
24:47 It's better for you to suffer last than
24:49 to give the church a bad name.
24:51 So it says in 1Corinthians 6:1, "Dare any of you,
24:55 having a matter against another,
24:57 go to the law" before the righteous,
25:01 "before the unrighteous and not before the saints?
25:07 Do you not know that the saints will judge," the what?
25:12 "That the saints will judge the world."
25:13 By the way the word world there means the wicked.
25:17 Jesus said love not the world, know those who are in the world.
25:22 Whoever loves the world is an enemy of God.
25:25 "So do you not know that the saints
25:28 will judge the world?"
25:29 That means the wicked.
25:30 And if the world will be judged by you,
25:33 are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?"
25:36 In other words if you can't resolve your little issues
25:38 here on earth, what makes you think
25:40 that you're gonna be able to judge the world?
25:42 And then notice verse 3, the Apostle Paul says,
25:45 "Do you not know that we shall judge," what?
25:49 "Angels." I suppose that must be the good angels.
25:53 It can't be the good angels.
25:54 Why would the good angels need a judgment?
25:56 They're in the presence of God.
25:58 They don't need to be judged.
25:59 So who must these angels be?
26:01 They must be the devil and his angels.
26:03 "Do you not know that we shall judge angels?
26:07 How much more, things that pertain to this life?"
26:11 So the question is how do the wicked dead stand
26:16 before the throne of God
26:17 while the righteous are alive in heaven?
26:19 You see, the Bible says if the righteous
26:21 are alive in heaven, they lived reigned
26:23 with Jesus a thousand years and they're judged.
26:26 The wicked were told that they did not live again
26:28 until the thousand years were finished.
26:30 In between the dead appear what?
26:33 They appear before God. How?
26:36 Not in person because they're what?
26:38 Because they're dead.
26:39 They appear through their records.
26:43 Once again Revelation 20:12 makes this absolutely clear.
26:48 It says, "And I saw the dead, small and great,
26:51 standing before God, and books were opened.
26:54 And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life.
26:57 And the dead were judged according to their works,
27:01 by the things which were written in the books."
27:03 What is examined is the record in the books,
27:07 that's how the wicked stand before God.
27:11 Now we need to go to another very important point.
27:16 I want to share with you an expanded
27:19 meaning of the word spirit.
27:22 You remember that we studied previously in a lecture
27:24 that the spirit represents the breath of life
27:29 or the vitalizing force that God gives us
27:32 so that the body can function.
27:34 But what I want to say is the spirit
27:36 is that but the spirit is more.
27:38 You say, what do you mean the spirit is more?
27:41 Once a person is given the breath of life
27:44 that person begins writing his or her personal history.
27:50 Say an individual like Adam lived to be 930 years old.
27:55 He wrote his history during those 930 years.
28:00 Let me ask you when Jesus resurrects Adam,
28:03 is He only going to return to Adam the breath of life
28:07 or is He going to return to Adam
28:09 the person that Adam was when he died?
28:13 You see He is not gonna only return the breath of life,
28:16 the bare breath of life, the energizing force.
28:19 He has to return with the energizing force,
28:22 the character or the self identity
28:27 or the individuality that Adam developed
28:31 during those 930 years of life.
28:34 Are you understanding what I am saying?
28:36 In other words, the spirit when a person dies,
28:40 the Bible says that it returns to God,
28:42 the spirit means the breath of life.
28:45 Yes, the energizing force plus the record of the person's life
28:50 will be returned to the person when the person resurrects.
28:54 That is the spirit. Now don't misunderstand,
28:58 the spirit is not some invisible,
29:00 some conscious entity that leaves the body
29:03 at the moment of death. No.
29:04 What God does is He saves the record of that person's life
29:09 because when He resurrects that person He's going to give
29:12 that person the breath of life plus the record of his life,
29:17 that makes for example Adam, Adam.
29:19 What would happen if God returned the breath of life
29:22 to Adam and He gave him the-- the personality of Jane Johnson?
29:26 That wouldn't fit very well, would it?
29:28 That would be totally, totally out of character.
29:30 And so--and so what God does, what He's gonna do is He's going
29:35 to return to the person who resurrects the breath of life
29:40 and the record of their life's
29:43 which is contained in the heavenly records.
29:47 Notice Ecclesiastes 12:7 on this point.
29:51 Ecclesiastes 12:7. Speaking about the process
29:55 of death it says, "Then the dust will return
29:59 to the earth as it was, and the spirit
30:03 will return to God who gave it."
30:05 Do you know what God saves in heaven
30:07 when a person dies?
30:08 God doesn't go around saving their breath,
30:11 I think I will save his breath, I think I will save her breath
30:13 now because God can give the energizing force.
30:16 The energizing force is the same for everybody
30:19 but the written record of the life of each person
30:23 is different for each person.
30:25 And so when God returns the breath of life,
30:27 He returns the self-identity along with
30:29 the breath to that person.
30:30 So what is that God is saving in heaven
30:33 when a person dies?
30:34 What God saves is the record of that person's life.
30:37 In other words, He saves
30:39 that persons character if you please.
30:42 Notice 2 Corinthians 5:10, we already read this verse,
30:46 let's read it again.
30:48 It says there, "For we must all appear
30:50 before the judgment seat of Christ
30:52 that each one may receive the things done in the body,
30:55 according to what he has done, whether good or whether evil."
30:59 In other words during the judgment what God
31:01 does is He examines the record of our life
31:05 which is the preservation of the spirit if you please.
31:10 The preservation of the record of our life
31:13 what we were like when we lived.
31:15 Now you know the Bible speaks about books and the Bible
31:20 also speaks about a book.
31:22 Did you notice that in Revelation 20:12?
31:24 Now what is it that the book contains? Singular.
31:28 Go with me to Philippians 4:3.
31:32 Philippians 4:3. Here the Apostle Paul
31:37 is speaking about several of his fellow laborers.
31:40 And he says this, "And I urge you also,
31:44 true companion, help these women who labored
31:48 with me in the gospel, with Clement also,
31:52 and the rest of my fellow workers,
31:54 whose names are in the Book of Life."
31:57 What is that the Book of Life contains?
31:59 The Book of Life contains names
32:02 according to this book, singular.
32:04 Now go with me to Revelation 3:5 and there's many verses
32:08 that I could-- that I could read
32:10 but I am only going to read two because of time constrains.
32:13 Revelation 3:5. Here Jesus speaks and He says,
32:19 "He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments,
32:23 and I will not blot out," his what?
32:26 "His name from the Book of Life,
32:28 but I will confess his name before
32:31 My Father and before His angels."
32:33 What is that the Jesus is going to present before the Father?
32:35 Is it the person in a living state
32:38 or is it the name of the person
32:40 that He presents in the judgment?
32:42 It is his or her name according to scripture.
32:45 So what is it that the book contains?
32:47 The book contains names.
32:50 And by the way those names
32:52 are in the book in chronological order beginning
32:56 with the first person who lived on planet earth Adam,
32:59 all the way till the end of history,
33:02 all of the names in that book are found
33:05 in chronological order in the order of birth.
33:10 Now you're saying what do the books contain? Plural.
33:14 See the books don't contain the names,
33:16 the book contains the name.
33:18 What is it that the books contain?
33:21 The fact is folks that the books according to the Bible
33:24 contain the record of our life, all of our actions,
33:29 all of our thoughts, all of our words,
33:31 all of our feelings, all of our emotions.
33:34 In other words God keeps in heaven
33:35 an exact transcript of our life while we lived on planet earth
33:42 from the time of our conception, till the time of our death.
33:47 That's an awesome thought, isn't it?
33:49 You know the Bible speaks about books
33:51 because that's the best thing that the authors
33:53 could come up with back then because
33:55 records were kept in scrolls.
33:57 You know, Ellen White spoke about photography.
34:00 She said, "God is photographing our lives."
34:04 And so God has pictures up there.
34:06 I believe that if God was speaking today
34:08 if He had another inspired prophet that would write
34:11 Books of the Bible, God would speak in terms
34:14 not of books or in terms or photography,
34:16 He would speak in terms of computers.
34:18 In fact I am going to give you an illustration
34:20 from the computer in a few moments.
34:23 Now allow me to read you a few verses
34:25 from the Bible that speak about the spirit
34:28 in this expanded meaning.
34:29 You are understanding that I am not saying
34:31 that the spirit is conscious, right.
34:32 That the spirit lives somewhere in the netherworld
34:35 when the person dies.
34:36 I am not saying that.
34:38 I am saying that the spirit is simply the record of the life
34:40 that God preserves and keeps until the resurrection
34:43 when He returns that.
34:44 Is that clear? I want to make it absolutely
34:46 clear because I don't want anybody saying,
34:48 "Oh, Pastor Bohr said there's an expanded
34:50 meaning of the word spirit.
34:51 And he believes that God has a spirit in heaven
34:54 and the real person is on earth." No.
34:56 What I am saying is that the person is writing
35:00 the history on earth and God is transcribing it in heaven.
35:03 In other words, in heaven there's another
35:05 Steve Bohr in written form.
35:08 Now let's notice a few texts
35:10 that speak about the word spirit.
35:12 Luke 8:55. And by the way, you know,
35:16 I use large print because I usually
35:19 have to use glasses in order to read.
35:21 So if I read something wrong you make sure to correct me, okay?
35:24 Luke 8:55. Speaking about a little girl
35:29 that Jesus resurrected and it says there,
35:33 "Then," are you there in Luke 8:55?
35:38 "Then the spirit returned, and she arose immediately."
35:46 It's that what the text says, the spirit returned. No.
35:50 It says then, "her spirit returned."
35:54 That's a possessive pronoun by the way,
35:58 "and she arose immediately.
36:00 And He commanded that she be given something to eat."
36:03 Let me ask you when that little girl resurrected,
36:05 was it the same little girl that had died?
36:10 Did God return to her with a breath of life
36:13 what that little girl had been during her lifetime?
36:16 Do you think that she recognized her parents?
36:18 The Bible even gives us the impression
36:20 that she was hungry.
36:21 And so when she died she was hungry
36:23 and when she woke up, then people said,
36:25 "well, she is hungry let's give us some food."
36:26 In other words she picked up, picked up where she what?
36:30 Where she left off.
36:31 What did Jesus do when He resurrected her?
36:34 He returned not only the breath of life
36:36 but He returned to her who she had been during her life,
36:40 her spirit in other words.
36:42 Are you with me?
36:43 Now let's go to Acts 7:59, 60,
36:46 this just speaking about Stephen,
36:48 the first Christian martyr.
36:50 Acts 7:59, 60. It says there,
36:55 "And they stoned Stephen
36:58 as he was calling on God and saying,
37:01 'Lord Jesus, receive the spirit.'"
37:05 That doesn't say receive the spirit?
37:07 It says, receive what? "My spirit."
37:13 Why does he say receive my spirit?
37:14 What is Stephen saying?
37:15 Stephen is saying Lord, please save the record
37:18 of my life because someday after I sleep
37:21 you are gonna wake me up.
37:24 Preserve my spirit, preserve the record of my life.
37:28 Verse 60, "Then he knelt down and cried out
37:32 with a loud voice, 'Lord, do not charge them with this sin.
37:36 And when he had said this,"' he what?
37:38 "He fell asleep. "I love that, he fell asleep.
37:44 Let's read about Jesus. Luke 23:46.
37:48 Luke 23:46. This is about the death of Jesus on the cross.
37:54 "And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice,
37:58 He said, 'Father, into Your hands I command the spirit.'"
38:04 That's not what he says.
38:06 He says, "Into Your hands I command," what?
38:09 "My spirit." And having said this," he what?
38:14 "He breathed his last."
38:18 When Jesus resurrected on the resurrection morning,
38:20 did He recognize the disciples.
38:23 Do you think he did? Of course He did.
38:26 Did Jesus remember everything
38:29 that it happened during his life time?
38:31 Of course, He did.
38:33 Did Jesus remember every little detail
38:36 of what his disciples had spoken to Him during his life?
38:40 Of course. What did God returned to Jesus?
38:43 What was returned to Jesus was
38:45 not only the capacity to breathe,
38:47 but the record of the life of Jesus which had been preserved
38:51 by the Father into Your hands I command my spirit
38:54 for save the record of my life,
38:56 save me up there in written form.
38:59 When he was resurrected, the record of his life
39:01 was inputted into his resurrected body
39:04 and it was Jesus who resurrected.
39:07 Now, I want you to notice a very interesting passage
39:12 that we find in the writings of Ellen White.
39:15 The little old lady caught this that I am sharing with you.
39:20 She had only two and half years of primary education,
39:25 but she had divine wisdom.
39:28 Listen to the way she explains
39:30 the expanded meaning of the word spirit.
39:33 This is found in the Seventh-day Adventist Bible
39:35 Commentary Volume 6, Pages 1,192 and 1,193.
39:41 "Our personal identity is preserved
39:45 in the resurrection, though not the same particles
39:49 of matter or material substance as went into the grave."
39:53 God doesn't have to rescue every little particle of matter
39:55 that we were composed of when we die.
39:57 Because the body is gonna be much larger He is gonna need
39:59 more matter than what we have now.
40:02 She continue saying, "The wondrous works of God
40:05 are a mystery to man."
40:06 And here comes the key portion,
40:08 "The spirit, the character of man,
40:12 is returned to God, there to be preserved."
40:20 What is it that's preserved? Our what?
40:22 Our character. She says, "In the resurrection
40:26 every man will have his own character." Why?
40:30 Because God did what?
40:32 God saved it in heaven.
40:34 He saved the record.
40:36 And when Jesus comes to resurrect His people,
40:40 and if you know, let's not use me
40:43 as an example because I want to be alive
40:45 when Jesus comes.
40:46 But, you know, let's say Stephen,
40:48 when Stephen is resurrected, is his self identity,
40:51 his individuality, his personality returned to him
40:55 as when he was alive? Absolutely.
40:58 She continues saying, "In the resurrection every man
41:00 will have his own character.
41:02 God in His own time will call forth the dead
41:05 giving again the breath of life, and bidding the dry bones live.
41:09 The same form will come forth, but it will be free
41:13 from disease and every defect.
41:16 It lives again bearing the same individuality of features,
41:20 so that friend will recognize friend."
41:23 Yes, I will recognize Maggie.
41:26 And I believe that probably Maggie will be alive,
41:28 so we'll say that she be translated
41:30 from among the living.
41:32 And so it says here, "There is no law of God
41:34 in nature which shows that God gives back
41:36 the same identical particles of matter
41:38 which composed the body before death.
41:40 God shall give the righteous dead
41:43 a body that will please Him."
41:45 So what is the spirit?
41:46 The spirit is the character or the self identity
41:49 of the individual that is returned.
41:52 By the way, this explains the reason
41:54 why Job said what he did.
41:56 You know, when I read Job 19:25-27
42:00 and I am going to read it from King James
42:02 because it's more forceful there.
42:04 When I read I said, man, this guy is pretty selfish.
42:06 He uses my and I as if nobody else is going to resurrect.
42:11 Notice what he says, "For I know
42:13 that my Redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand
42:17 at the latter day upon the earth,
42:19 and though after my skin worms destroy this body,
42:23 yet in my flesh shall I see God, Whom I shall see for myself,
42:29 and mine eyes shall behold, and not another."
42:32 So Job is the only one that's going to see
42:34 Jesus when Jesus comes.
42:35 He says, it will be my eyes and none other.
42:38 What is Job saying?
42:39 He is saying that when I resurrect,
42:42 it is going to be Job, the Job who lived over
42:47 in the Middle East my own eyes
42:49 that I had while I was alive in the human body,
42:52 he says at that time, I am going to see Jesus.
42:57 In other words that's going
42:58 to be the same Job that will see Jesus.
43:02 Now let's talk about after the millennium.
43:06 Are you understanding how the dead stand before God now?
43:09 The wicked dead stand before God through
43:11 their records, during the millennium.
43:14 But now let's talk about after the millennium.
43:18 Let me ask you do the wicked resurrect wicked
43:20 after the millennium or do they resurrect righteous?
43:24 They resurrect wicked.
43:26 What does God return to them?
43:28 They've been dead a thousand years,
43:30 some of them more than a thousand years.
43:31 What does God returned to the wicked?
43:33 Say for example Nero, what will He return to Nero?
43:36 When Nero resurrects, will he be Nero?
43:39 Well, he remembered the days when he was the emperor
43:43 of the Roman Empire? Of course.
43:45 Will he remember every--all of the evil things that he did?
43:48 Of course. He will pick up where he left off.
43:51 Now notice this statement that we find
43:53 in Great Controversy page 664, this is an amazing statement.
43:59 She is speaking about the wicked outside the Holy City
44:01 after they've been resurrected.
44:03 She says, "There are kings and generals
44:05 who conquered nations, valiant men who never
44:09 lost a battle, proud, ambitious warriors
44:12 whose approach made kingdoms tremble.
44:16 In death these experienced no change."
44:21 And here comes the key portion,
44:22 "As they come up from the grave,
44:25 they resume the current of their thoughts
44:29 just where it ceased."
44:34 By the way current means electricity.
44:37 So what happens when the wicked resurrect,
44:39 they pick up in the exact place where they, what?
44:43 Where they left off.
44:44 So what is returned to the wicked?
44:46 What is returned to the wicked is the breath of life
44:49 and the record of their life's.
44:53 And that's why they resurrect wicked
44:55 and that's why the righteous, resurrect how righteous.
44:58 And during the millennium
44:59 what our God's people are gonna do?
45:01 They are going to be examining the cases of the wicked
45:04 to decide what reward or what punishment
45:09 they deserve after the 1,000 years.
45:12 Are you following me or not?
45:14 Now let me give you an illustration.
45:16 Suppose I have a video camera,
45:19 and I film certain things now in 2007,
45:25 November of 2007 I am filming several things.
45:28 And then I decide to put the camera away
45:32 for a very extended period of time.
45:34 Say I put the camera away for 12 years.
45:38 You know, I shut it off.
45:41 Twelve years later I take the camera
45:43 and I begin video tapping again.
45:47 When you watch the video tape,
45:48 do you know that they're been 12 years
45:50 between the first thing that you filmed
45:53 and the second thing that you filmed? No.
45:56 Because the tape picks up at the exact moment
46:00 where you what? Where you left off.
46:02 That is the case of the righteous and the wicked.
46:07 You see when we die, what happens?
46:09 The video camera is turned off because God
46:13 has doesn't have to register any thing more.
46:16 See we're not living in our present sinful state.
46:20 But then say with the wicked after a thousand years
46:24 that the video camera is off then God resurrects them
46:27 and the video camera begins what?
46:30 Begins tapping again.
46:33 Are you understanding what I am saying?
46:34 So what happens during the interim?
46:36 There in the interim nothing happens,
46:39 the people who are dead simply remain dead.
46:42 They are not writing anything
46:44 in their personal biography.
46:47 Are you with me?
46:48 Now let's go and examine another phrase
46:52 and we're gonna have to go quickly on this one.
46:54 Examine another phrase which has confused many people.
46:57 Hebrews 12:22-24, it's related
47:00 to what we've been studying. Hebrews 12:22-24.
47:06 Here the Apostle Paul whom I believe
47:08 to be the author of the Book of Hebrews says this,
47:13 "But you have come to Mount Zion
47:17 and to the city of the living God,
47:21 to the heavenly Jerusalem."
47:23 He is saying that God's people have come to where?
47:26 To Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem.
47:28 Don't we live on earth?
47:29 Don't we live in Fresno?
47:30 Of course we live in Fresno.
47:31 So on what sense, have we come to Mount Zion
47:34 to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem?
47:37 Let's continue reading.
47:38 "To an innumerable company of angels,
47:41 to the general assembly and church
47:44 of the firstborn who are," what?
47:49 What's the next word, who are what?
47:51 "Registered or ripped in heaven."
47:54 So how are we at in Zion or in the heavenly Jerusalem?
47:58 Are we there personally? No.
48:00 We are there how? In written form.
48:03 And then it says, "To God, the judge of all,"
48:07 and here comes the confusing phrase,
48:11 "and to the spirits of just men made perfect to Jesus,
48:18 the mediator of a new covenant,"
48:19 we've come to Jesus the mediator of the New covenant,
48:21 but we come by faith we don't come in person.
48:23 And it says, "And to the blood of sprinkling
48:25 that speaks better things than that of Abel."
48:29 So, you'll notice here that in the heavenly Jerusalem,
48:32 written there are the spirits of just men made perfect.
48:38 You're saying, now wait a minute,
48:39 we're the imperfect before.
48:41 Let's examine other texts in the Book of Hebrews
48:44 that use the word perfect.
48:46 If we understand the meaning of the word perfect
48:49 we're going to understand what the text means
48:51 when it says, "Spirits of just men made perfect."
48:55 Notice Hebrews 11:39, 40.
48:59 Hebrews 11:39, 40. Speaking about the heroes
49:04 of the Old Testament it says, "And all these,
49:07 having obtained a testimony through faith,
49:10 did not receive the promise," that is the promise
49:13 of the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.
49:15 "God having provided something better thing for us."
49:19 In other words, God has provided
49:21 something better for us then for all of those Old Testament
49:23 heroes and it says, "That they should not be made," what?
49:28 "Perfect apart from us."
49:30 Is there something special for those who live in the times
49:33 when Jesus came and lived a perfect life
49:36 and died on the cross that we have an advantage over
49:39 those who lived in the Old Testament period?
49:41 Yes, the Bible says that they were not
49:43 made perfect without what?
49:45 Without us. Now what does that mean,
49:48 they were not made perfect without us?
49:50 Go with me to Hebrews 7:19. Hebrews 7:19.
49:55 It's going to speak about this Old Testament
49:57 period the inadequacy of the Old Testament period.
50:00 It says in Hebrews 7: 19, "For the law made nothing," what?
50:05 "Perfect." On the other hand,
50:09 there is the bringing in of a," what?
50:12 "A better hope, through which we draw near to God."
50:15 Let me ask you did the Old Testament system
50:17 really eradicate sin?
50:21 Did the blood of bulls and goats take away sin
50:23 from the heavenly records? No.
50:26 What is it that takes away sin?
50:28 What takes away sin is the blood of Jesus Christ.
50:32 All of those Old Testament heroes
50:33 had Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood yet? No.
50:37 They without us could not be made what?
50:40 Could not be made perfect.
50:42 In other words, their records in heaven
50:44 could not be cleansed until Jesus
50:47 died on the cross of Calvary.
50:50 Notice Hebrews 10:1. Hebrews 10:1. It says,
50:55 "For the law," that speaking about
50:57 the Old Testament period, "having a shadow
51:00 of good things to come,"
51:02 what was the Old Testament system,
51:04 it was what? It wasn't a reality.
51:06 It was a "Shadow of good things to come,
51:09 and not the very image of the things,
51:11 can never with these same sacrifices,
51:14 which they offer continually year by year,
51:17 make perfect those who approach," what? "Perfect."
51:21 Could the Old Testament sacrifices
51:23 make a person perfect?
51:24 We're not talking about moral perfection here.
51:26 We're talking about someone who could be accepted
51:30 before God through the perfect life and the death of Jesus.
51:34 You know, none of us can appear before God in ourselves,
51:37 because we are sinners.
51:38 But we needed the perfect life of Jesus and the death of Jesus,
51:42 so that now He can go to heaven and He can represent us.
51:45 We have a better hope in other words
51:47 then the Old Testament saints.
51:49 We have been made perfect through Jesus Christ,
51:52 through His perfect life and through
51:54 His death on the cross.
51:55 Are you understanding what I am saying?
51:58 For those individuals who were written in heaven
52:01 really have had their sins blooded out and forgiven
52:06 unless Jesus had come to die.
52:08 Could they have been made perfect in terms of being saved?
52:13 Absolutely not. Now notice Hebrews 10:14.
52:17 It says, "For by one offering He has perfected forever
52:24 those who are being," what?
52:26 "Those who are being sanctified."
52:28 Are you understanding what the Bible means
52:31 when it says, "spirits of just men made perfect?"
52:33 What it means is they're all of those people
52:35 who died in the Old Testament,
52:37 they had these records in heaven,
52:38 their spirit was registered in heaven.
52:40 The record of their lives was in heaven.
52:42 But all of their sins unless Jesus died what would happen?
52:45 They would be held against them because the blood of bulls
52:49 and goats cannot take away sin.
52:51 But when Jesus died on the cross,
52:53 let me ask you were they perfected in terms
52:55 of all of their sins now legally being forgiven
52:58 by the blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross.
53:01 Absolutely. So that's what spirits of just men
53:04 made perfect means, it doesn't mean
53:06 that there is some unconscious immortal spirit
53:09 roaming around heaven.
53:10 It simply means that the records which we already know
53:14 as the word spirit means the character
53:15 of the record of the life.
53:17 The record of the life is now made clean
53:19 through the blood of Jesus
53:21 which could not happen in the Old Testament
53:23 because Jesus had not yet shed his blood.
53:26 Are you understanding what I am saying?
53:27 Now let me give you an illustration in closer.
53:33 We have computers, and I think if God
53:37 had been speaking today about this issue
53:41 that we're discussing, He would have used computers.
53:44 You know, we have the computer which is a physical machine.
53:49 You plug it in and now, what?
53:51 And now it has energy to work, right?
53:54 But when you buy the computer at a store,
53:58 that computer does not have its own self identity.
54:01 Does not have, you know, you go to the store
54:03 and you buy a certain computer
54:04 everybody gets the same computer, right.
54:06 But then you start inputting information
54:09 and that computer becomes your own PC,
54:12 your personal computer because
54:13 you are now inputting things
54:15 that gives that computer its own, what?
54:17 Its own identity.
54:19 Let me ask you a year later are any of those computers the same?
54:22 They're totally different.
54:25 But let me ask you is the energy source the same?
54:28 The energy source is the same but what was inputted, is what?
54:32 Is different. It becomes your personal computer.
54:35 Now there is always danger that your computer
54:38 at some point would be what?
54:40 Would crash or would be destroyed.
54:44 So what do intelligent people do?
54:46 Intelligent people they save on discs,
54:50 backups to everything that you have in the computer.
54:53 In other words you save the identity
54:55 of the computer in those CDs.
54:57 Are you understanding?
54:59 And therefore if someday, the computer crashes
55:02 and disintegrates if the ceiling falls
55:04 and it's broken into smithereens.
55:07 The person who owns the computer could say, not a problem.
55:12 So he goes and buys another computer at the store.
55:14 Let me ask you, can that person take that computer
55:17 that he bought at the store and input the information
55:20 that was on the first computer and give this new computer
55:24 the same identity that the first computer had?
55:26 Absolutely. That's exactly what God does in heaven.
55:30 As I live God saves a back up, because He knows that someday
55:34 this computer is gonna crash.
55:36 He knows that someday unless Jesus comes while I am alive
55:40 which will be the very end time generation,
55:42 He knows that we're gonna die and we're going to disintegrate.
55:45 So God says, I am going to save a back up in heaven.
55:48 I'm gonna save the discs in heaven.
55:51 In other words, He says, because I know that someday
55:53 I am going to have to give this person a new computer
55:55 I am going to have to plug that computer in.
55:58 And then what I am going to do is I am going
55:59 to take the record of their lives and I am going to input
56:02 the record of their lives into the resurrected immortal
56:06 and incorruptible body and they will be the same persons
56:10 that they were while they were alive.
56:13 Are you understanding now what God saves in heaven?
56:15 He saves the record of our lives.
56:17 The righteous do not appear in person if they died.
56:20 The wicked do not appear in person if they died.
56:22 The dead appear before God through
56:25 the record of their lives.
56:29 By the way do you know that after the millennium
56:31 the wicked are gonna resurrect and they will once again
56:34 see all of the records?
56:36 They're gonna see him.
56:37 See we'll see him during the 1,000 years
56:39 after the 1,000 years, the books are gonna
56:41 be open and the wicked are going to see it.
56:43 Let me read this verse in closing. Revelation 20:13,
56:48 "The sea gave up the dead who were in it,
56:49 and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them."
56:52 This is speaking about the resurrection.
56:54 "And they were judged,
56:55 each one according to his works."
56:56 See the wicked are going to be alive,
56:58 they're going to resurrect and they're gonna
56:59 see the record of their lives.
57:01 And then the beautiful thing is that God
57:03 is gonna cast them into the lake of fire.
57:06 The devil and his angels and the wicked,
57:08 and then the Bible tells us that He is going to make
57:11 a new heavens and a new earth.
57:13 Those who were not found written in the Book of Life
57:16 will be stricken from the Book of Life
57:18 and they will be destroyed in the lake of fire.
57:21 How important is it then to receive Jesus Christ
57:24 as our Savior and Lord.
57:25 Folks, it is a matter of life and death.


Revised 2014-12-17