State of the Dead

Immortality Of The Soul Or Resurrection Of The Dead?

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Participants: Pr. Stephen Bohr


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00:01 If a man dies shall he leave again?
00:07 What does it mean to be absent
00:09 from the body and present with the Lord?
00:13 Did Jesus go with the thief to Paradise on Good Friday?
00:19 Did the souls of dead people
00:21 really cry out from below the altar?
00:25 Pastor Bohr answers these questions
00:27 and more in the amazing series.
00:35 Shall we bow our heads for prayer?
00:38 Father in Heaven, we thank You so much
00:42 for the awesome privilege of being here today.
00:46 We thank You Father, for Your Holy Sprit
00:48 and we ask that as we study the concluding message
00:53 on the State of the Dead, that Your Holy Sprit
00:55 will guide our thoughts and soften our hearts
00:58 that we might be able to hear Your voice.
01:02 I ask Father, that You will take away
01:04 all preconceived ideas and you will help us
01:07 to see truth as it is in Jesus.
01:10 And we thank You Father, for hearing and answering
01:12 our prayer for we ask it in Jesus name, Amen.
01:19 The title of our study for today is,
01:21 "Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection of the Dead."
01:27 And little bit later on I'm going to explain
01:29 to you reason why I gave this lecture
01:32 this particular title, I'd like to begin
01:36 by inviting you to turn in your Bibles
01:38 with me to Genesis 1:5.
01:41 And as you're looking for Genesis 1:5 allow me to say
01:45 that the Book of Genesis makes it very, very clear
01:49 that God created time and matter.
01:56 God is the originator of time and matter.
02:01 Now notice Genesis 1:5 where time is spoken of.
02:06 God creating time with respect to this earth.
02:10 It says there "God called the light Day,
02:15 and the darkness he called Night.
02:18 So the evening and the morning were the first day."
02:22 So you see God made the day of 24 hours,
02:25 the day that is composed of the light portion
02:29 which is called day and the dark portion which is called night.
02:34 God was the creator of time.
02:37 Let's notice another text in Genesis Chapter 1
02:41 where we are told that the different time
02:44 measurements were created by God.
02:46 Genesis 1:14 it says here,
02:54 "Then God said, 'Let there be lights in the firmament
02:58 of the heavens to divide the day from the night,
03:04 and let them be for sings and seasons
03:08 and for days and years.'"
03:12 So you'll notice that God created the time measurements.
03:16 Days, years, seasons.
03:20 In other words time measurements were created by God,
03:24 God is the originator of time.
03:27 You're gonna see why I'm emphasizing
03:29 this so strongly as we begin our study.
03:33 Now there's another thing which is very clear
03:36 in the first two chapters of Genesis
03:38 and that is that God also was the creator
03:42 of matters--of matter, material substance.
03:46 Notice Genesis 2:7, were its speaking
03:49 about the origin of man.
03:51 And by the way I could also verses
03:54 where the creation of tree
03:56 and where the creation of animals are mentioned.
03:59 Those are the things composed of material substance
04:04 but I'm only gonna read about man and woman.
04:08 Genesis 2:7, "And the Lord God
04:12 formed man of the dust of the ground,
04:15 and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,
04:18 and man became a living being."
04:22 So what is man composed of? Dust.
04:25 Who created man?
04:27 God created man.
04:29 So did God use matter to create man?
04:32 He most certainly did.
04:34 Notice about the creation of woman
04:36 in Genesis 2:21, 23, Genesis 2:21, 23.
04:44 It says there, "And the Lord God
04:47 caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam,
04:50 and he slept, and He took one of his ribs,
04:55 and closed up the" notice, "flesh in its place.
05:00 Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man
05:05 He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.
05:09 And Adam said: 'This is now bone of my bones
05:14 And flesh of my flesh.
05:18 She shall be called Woman,
05:19 because she was taken out of Man.'"
05:22 Did Adam and Eve both have flesh and bones?
05:28 Yes, the Bible tells us that Adam was made of dust.
05:32 So a very important aspect of the story
05:37 of creation in Genesis 1 is that God was the creator
05:41 of both time and material substance.
05:47 Now I want to read the conclusion
05:49 of the creation story in Genesis 1:31.
05:53 Genesis 1:31 you see God not only made time and matter
05:58 but the Bible tells us that what God made
06:01 was not only good but was very good.
06:05 Notice Genesis 1:31, "Then God saw everything
06:11 that He had made, and indeed it was" what?
06:16 "Very good. So the evening
06:20 and the morning were the sixth day."
06:23 So let me ask you, is time good?
06:26 Obviously, yes.
06:28 Is matter good?
06:31 Absolutely, because God created both
06:34 and we're told in the creation story that what God made
06:38 during the six days of creation was not only good but very good.
06:44 Time and matter are very good.
06:47 However God had said that in order for man
06:52 continue living, in order for time
06:57 not to deteriorate and degenerate matter
07:02 it was necessary for man to continue eating
07:05 from the tree that God put
07:07 in the garden-- from the tree of life.
07:09 And we're also told that man could not eat
07:13 from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
07:16 Let's read first of all about the tree
07:18 of the knowledge of good and evil.
07:19 Genesis 2:16, 17. Genesis 2:16, 17,
07:26 "And the Lord God commanded the man,
07:29 saying, 'Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat
07:34 but of the tree of the knowledge
07:36 of good and evil you shall not eat,
07:39 for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.'"
07:45 The sentence was pronounced the very day
07:48 that Adam and Eve ate from the tree.
07:51 God said, "The day you eat of it that day you will die."
07:57 So God placed a condition.
07:59 He said if you want to continue living
08:02 forever you have to abstain from eating
08:06 from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
08:09 Now the question is did Adam and Eve eat from the knowledge
08:13 of--tree of knowledge of good and evil?
08:15 Of course, we all know that they did.
08:17 Let's read about it in Genesis 3:6.
08:21 Genesis 3:6 and most of it is review for us
08:24 but we're setting the stage for something very important
08:27 that you're gonna notice in a few moments.
08:29 Genesis 3:6, "So when the woman saw
08:33 that the tree was good for food,
08:35 that it was pleasant to the eyes,
08:37 and a tree desirable to make one wise,
08:40 she took of its fruit and ate.
08:43 She also gave to her husband with her," and he what?
08:48 "And he ate." Let me ask you
08:51 were they now under the sentence of death?
08:54 They most certainly were.
08:56 By the way they had to continue eating from the tree of life.
08:59 In our first lecture of this series we studied
09:01 about the tree of life and we notice
09:03 that it wasn't enough for them to eat just once.
09:06 They had to continue eating from the tree
09:09 on regular basis because it was like a battery charger.
09:13 But the Bible tells us that when they ate
09:15 from the tree of the knowledge
09:17 of good and evil they we bared
09:19 from eating of the tree of life.
09:21 And as a result the matter which they had degenerated
09:26 deteriorated, got old, got wrinkled and ultimately
09:31 what happened to it? It died.
09:34 Notice Genesis 2:22-24 on the importance of partaking
09:39 of the tree of life in order to continue
09:41 living a full and abundant life.
09:43 It says, "Then the Lord God said,
09:45 'Behold, the man has become like one of Us,
09:47 to know good and evil.
09:49 And now, lest he put out his hand
09:51 and take also of the tree of life,
09:53 and eat, and live forever.'
09:55 Therefore the Lord God sent him out
09:58 of the Garden of Eden to till the ground from
10:00 which he was taken.
10:01 So He drove out the man, and He placed cherubim
10:05 at the east of the Garden of Eden,
10:06 and a flaming sword which turned every way,
10:09 to guard the way to the tree of life."
10:16 Let me ask you then was man now going to degenerated
10:21 and deteriorate until the moment of death
10:26 because he ate from the forbidden tree
10:28 and he could not eat from the tree of life?
10:32 Yes, he was gonna degenerated and he was going to die.
10:36 Would that have happened if Adam and Eve
10:38 had chosen not to eat from the tree of knowledge
10:40 good and evil and if they continued
10:42 eating from the tree of life?
10:44 No. time would not have
10:46 deteriorated matter, matter would have continually
10:50 have been regenerated and renewed
10:53 by eating from the tree of life.
10:55 But the Bible tells us that because of sin
10:58 now time acted upon matter and as time
11:03 passed matter deteriorated, wrinkled,
11:07 became sick and ultimately died.
11:11 Notice Romans 5:12 tells us very clearly
11:14 that the reason why death came
11:18 into the world was because of sin.
11:20 It's not because time and matter were evil.
11:24 The reason why is because sin acted
11:27 now upon time and matter and as result degeneration
11:31 came and ultimately death.
11:34 Romans 5:12 says, "Therefore, just as through
11:37 one man sin entered the world,
11:40 and death through sin, and thus death spread
11:45 to all men, because all" what?
11:48 "Because all sinned."
11:50 And of course in the next chapter
11:52 we find that famous verse for the wages of sin is what?
11:57 Death. Now there is an undeniable fact of life
12:02 as we know it in this world now and that is that with
12:06 the passing of time matter
12:10 deteriorates and begins to ruin.
12:16 In other words as time passes by the human body
12:21 begins to wrinkle, the human body gets old,
12:27 the human body gets sick and ultimately
12:30 the human body what? Dies.
12:34 Let me ask you, was that the original plan of God?
12:38 Absolutely not.
12:39 The original plan was that man
12:41 should live for ever and by eating
12:44 from the tree of life matter would regenerate and rejuvenate
12:49 on a consistent basis and man will be filled
12:52 with joy and happiness forever.
12:55 That was God's plan.
12:57 But then sin came into the equation.
12:59 And because of sin--this is very important--because
13:02 of sin time acts upon matter and matter
13:07 deteriorates and degenerates.
13:12 Now allow me to talk a little bit about the believes
13:16 of the Greek philosophers, philosophers
13:19 such as Socrates and Plato.
13:23 You see the Greek Philosophers
13:25 had no special revelation from God.
13:27 They did not have the Bible but they were keen observers
13:34 and they could see that with the passing of time
13:38 the body wrinkled, the body got sick,
13:43 the body got old and the body eventually died.
13:49 And they could see that time acting
13:52 upon matter degenerated the material body
13:55 and eventually lead to death.
13:58 They also observed something else
14:01 and that is that the body was the source
14:05 of all types of evil passions as well as virtues.
14:12 You know, they saw that the body would lead
14:14 to all kind's basest crimes and the basest immorality.
14:19 And so basically the Greek philosophers
14:22 concluded that time was evil and matter was evil.
14:30 And if some how man could escape the realm of time
14:37 into timelessness and man could escape the realm of matter
14:42 to realm where there is no matter--as a result
14:47 you would not have these conflicting base passions
14:51 and of course time would not act upon matter
14:55 and man would not get old and he would not die.
15:00 Allow me to read you some statements
15:02 from certain Greek philosophers
15:04 so that you can see the problem that they had,
15:08 the conflict that they had as they observed
15:11 the behavior of man, the bodily functions of man.
15:15 You know, most of the sins are sins of the flesh so called.
15:19 They could see these sins of the flesh.
15:21 They said, it's because the body is evil
15:23 and because time acts upon the body.
15:26 For example, Ovid once said, "I see the better things,
15:33 and I agree with them, but I follow the worse."
15:39 Seneca that great Roman writer said,
15:45 "Men love and hate their vices at the same time."
15:51 Sounds similar to what the Apostle Paul
15:53 said in Romans 7:19 where he says,
15:56 "For the good that I would to do, I do not,
15:58 but the evil which I would not do that I do."
16:03 And then in Romans 7:20 the Apostle says,
16:07 "Now if I do what I would not, it is no more I that do it,
16:12 but sin that dwelleth in me."
16:15 So they could see this controversy,
16:17 this conflict between virtue and vice.
16:21 And they said, if we could get out
16:23 of the realm of time and matter there would no longer
16:26 be any vice because there would no longer be any body
16:29 and there would be no longer time.
16:31 So there ideal was to escape time and to escape matter.
16:36 By the way the wisdom of Salmon also stated
16:40 "A perishable body weighs down the soul
16:43 and this earthly tent burdens the thoughtful mind."
16:51 Now how did the Greek philosophers
16:54 resolve this problem?
16:56 How did they see man escaping the realm of time
17:01 and the realm of matter to be able to enter a realm
17:05 where there is no time and no matter
17:07 and therefore no death?
17:10 They reached the conclusion that man
17:14 had within himself an immortal soul that was timeless
17:21 and that was not linked in any way with the body.
17:26 In fact they came to the conclusion that time
17:30 was evil and that the material body was evil.
17:34 Allow me to read you some statements
17:36 from great thinkers who had this concept.
17:40 By the way there was an orphic jingle back in ancient times
17:46 that went like this "soma-sema."
17:51 By the way that means in Greek the body
17:54 is a sepulcher, the body is tomb.
17:58 You know, there was a jingle
17:59 that they constantly used.
18:01 For example, Epictetus, a great philosopher said
18:05 "I am ashamed to have a body
18:08 I am a poor soul shackled to a corpse."
18:14 Marcus Aurelius said this, "Disdain the flesh:
18:20 blood and bones and network,
18:23 a twisted skein of nerves, veins, arteries."
18:27 Then he says, I wish I didn't have
18:29 any of these physical characteristics.
18:32 The great thinker and philosopher Plato
18:35 said this "No man can be a lover
18:38 of wisdom and a lover of the body."
18:43 And finally Philo of Alexandria who was Jew
18:47 but he had contaminated with the Greek way of thinking
18:51 said "The body is a prison and a corpse."
18:57 So they believed that the material body was evil
19:01 and the time was evil.
19:04 And therefore some how the soul could leave
19:07 the body and enter in its true existence in the realm
19:10 were there was no time and there was no matter.
19:13 Therefore, time would not act upon matter to cause death
19:17 and all of these sins of the flesh would disappear
19:20 because the guilty part it was the flesh.
19:25 Now you can imagine the frustration
19:26 of the Apostle Paul discussing these things
19:29 with the Greeks philosophers on Mars Hill.
19:35 Way over there in Greece you can still visit the Areopagus
19:38 where the Apostle Paul met with these Greek philosophers.
19:41 Go with me to Acts 17:18.
19:45 Acts 17:18 describes this encounter of the Apostle Paul
19:50 with philosophers who were Stoics and Epicureans.
19:55 It says there, "Then certain Epicurean
19:59 and Stoic philosophers encountered him.
20:04 And some said, 'What does this babbler want to say?'
20:10 Others said, 'He seems to be a proclaimer
20:14 of foreign gods,' because he preached
20:18 to them Jesus and" what?
20:21 "Jesus and the resurrection."
20:26 There was no doctrine that would be more absurd
20:30 and ridicules in the mind of the Greek philosopher
20:34 then the idea of the resurrection of the body.
20:36 Who would ever want to keep the body,
20:38 was there a concept.
20:40 In fact notice Acts 17:32.
20:44 Acts 17:32, when the Apostle Paul
20:47 finishes his discussion we're told,
20:50 "And when they heard of the resurrection
20:52 of the dead," what did they do?
20:55 "Some mocked, while others said,
20:59 'We will hear you again on this matter.'"
21:05 So there was this conflict
21:07 this controversy in the ancient world.
21:10 There was the Biblical concept,
21:11 the time is good and matter is good.
21:15 There was that Greek concept,
21:17 the time is evil and matter is evil.
21:20 The biblical concept is that time and matter originally
21:25 were created good by God but as a result of sin time
21:30 degenerates matter and leads to death.
21:33 The Greek philosophers not having the Bible,
21:36 not having a clear concept of sin could not explain
21:39 why time deteriorates matter.
21:42 And therefore they came up this idea that man
21:44 is inside himself an immortal soul and that when a person dies
21:49 the soul flies out of the body into a sphere
21:52 where there is no time, no space.
21:54 Therefore there is no evil, there is not this controversy
21:58 between virtues and vices,
22:00 between the sins of the flesh and holiness.
22:05 This idea is totally contrary to the biblical idea.
22:10 In fact, if you go with me to John 1:14.
22:15 John 1:14, you know, you read this verse to a Greek
22:21 and he would say "you're totally insane."
22:25 Notice what it says there.
22:28 "And the Word" who has been
22:29 identified as the God.
22:31 "And the Word was made" was what?
22:34 Flesh, have mercy.
22:37 Flesh you got be kidding me.
22:39 The philosophers would say
22:40 "That God wanted to become flesh."
22:42 No, you leave the flesh
22:45 and then you go you become a God.
22:47 But not a God taking flesh, flesh is evil.
22:51 And coming into time in the fullness of time
22:55 the Messiah comes and he takes
22:57 fleshly body absurd they would say.
23:00 So it says, "And the Word
23:02 was made flesh and dwelt among us,
23:05 and we beheld His glory,
23:06 the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,
23:09 full of grace and truth."
23:12 And then of course, you have the description
23:14 of Jesus after the resurrection.
23:17 Notice Luke 24:39. Luke 24:39,
23:23 Jesus says after the resurrection,
23:25 "Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself.
23:32 Handle Me and see, for a spirit
23:36 have not flesh and bones as you see that I have."
23:44 For a Greek philosopher, that would be absurd.
23:47 You mean, when He came out of the tomb,
23:49 He actually had a body of flesh and bones?
23:52 Because their idea was to escape the body.
23:57 It becomes worse.
23:59 1 John 4:3, 1 John 4:3, would be totally absurd
24:05 to the Greek mind of that time.
24:08 It says, "And every spirit that does not confess
24:10 that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh--"
24:14 That Jesus Christ has come how?
24:16 "In the flesh is not of God.
24:19 And this is the spirit of the Antichrist
24:21 which you have heard was coming
24:22 and is now already in the world."
24:25 Notice, if you don't believe
24:27 it that the Christ came in the flesh,
24:30 you're a member of the Antichrist system,
24:32 is what John is saying which would be absurd
24:35 to the Greek way of thinking.
24:38 It becomes even worse than that.
24:40 Notice Romans 8:3.
24:42 Romans 8:3, when Jesus came,
24:45 he didn't come in any old kind of holy flesh,
24:48 we're told there in Romans 8:3, "For what the law
24:52 could not do in that it was weak through the flesh,
24:56 God did by sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh,
25:03 on account of sin, He condemned sin," How?
25:07 "He condemned sin in the flesh."
25:12 So let me ask you
25:13 in the Biblical concept, is flesh evil?
25:16 Is matter evil? No.
25:19 Is time evil? No.
25:22 Why then this time act upon
25:24 matter and degenerate matter, it is because of what?
25:28 Sin. But if somehow you can get rid of sin,
25:32 you could get rid of this vicious cycle of time
25:35 acting upon matter because you could once again
25:38 eat from the tree of life.
25:41 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
25:42 The hope of the Christian is not in the immortality of the soul,
25:45 the hope of the Christian is in the resurrection of dead,
25:49 in receiving a new body, an immortal body,
25:52 an incorruptible body.
25:54 There still will be time, there still will be matter,
25:57 but there will no longer be sin.
26:00 That's what the Greek philosophers
26:02 could not understand.
26:03 In fact, I want you to notice in Romans 8:23,
26:08 Romans 8:23, the Apostle Paul speaks about
26:12 the redemption of the body.
26:15 He says "Not only that but we also have,
26:19 who have the first fruits of the spirit,
26:21 even we ourselves grown within ourselves,"
26:26 eagerly waiting for a soul to depart the body
26:29 and go to a timeless and matter less existence.
26:32 That's not what it says, right?
26:34 It says, "We're grown within ourselves
26:37 eagerly waiting for the adoption" for what?
26:40 "For the redemption of the body."
26:45 The Greeks would say redemption of what?
26:47 Of the body?
26:49 That material substance upon which time
26:52 acts and it degenerates?
26:54 You see they could not understand,
26:56 they didn't had all of the Revelation,
26:59 that the problem was not with time and matter,
27:01 the problem was with sin that leads time
27:04 to degenerate matter and having no access
27:07 to the Tree of Life, matter could not be
27:09 regenerated and renewed.
27:12 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
27:13 Now is there gonna be matter
27:15 in the new heavens and the new earth?
27:17 Absolutely. Go with me to Revelation 22:1, 2.
27:22 Revelation 22:1, 2, speaking about the holy city,
27:26 it says, "And he showed me a pure river
27:27 of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding
27:31 from the throne of God and of the Lamb."
27:33 Is there gonna be water there?
27:34 That's what it says.
27:36 "In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river,
27:39 was the tree of life," also there are gonna
27:40 be tree there too "which bore twelve fruits."
27:43 Oh, there's gonna be fruit there also.
27:46 "Each tree yielding its fruit every" what?
27:51 So is there gonna be time there?
27:52 Of course, every month.
27:54 "And the leaves of the tree
27:56 were for the healing of the nations."
27:59 Now let's go to Isaiah 66:22, 23,
28:03 once again you're gonna find that there,
28:04 there'll be matter and there'll be time
28:08 but it will be freed from what?
28:10 It will be freed from sin.
28:13 Notice Isaiah 66:22, 23.
28:16 It says there, "For as the new heavens
28:19 and the new earth Which I will make shall remain
28:23 before Me, says the Lord,
28:25 so shall your descendants and your name remain.
28:28 And it shall come to pass that from one New Moon to another."
28:31 Are there gonna be months there?
28:33 Of course, there are.
28:34 "From one New Moon to another
28:35 and from one Sabbath to another."
28:37 Is there gonna to be a week there? Absolutely.
28:41 "And from Sabbath, from one Sabbath to another."
28:44 Is there gonna be matter there?
28:46 Notice, "all," what?
28:48 "Flesh shall come to worship before Me, says the Lord."
28:54 And of course the bible says that we will eat
28:55 from the tree of life and our material substance
28:59 will be renewed every time that we eat from the tree of life.
29:04 Let's read about that moment of redemption of the body.
29:07 1 Corinthians 15:51-54, listen,
29:12 the great hope of the Apostle Paul
29:15 was not in having an immortal soul
29:18 that would fly off at the moment of death.
29:20 The Apostle Paul debated with the Greek philosophers.
29:24 He did not agree with the ideas of the Greek philosophers.
29:27 In fact, the bible tells us that they mocked,
29:30 they couldn't understand how the Apostle Paul would say,
29:33 that the hope of the Christian
29:35 was in the resurrection of the body,
29:36 it was not in an immortal soul that man
29:39 would have within himself.
29:41 1 Corinthians 15:51, "Behold, I tell you a mystery,
29:46 We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed
29:49 in a moment in the twinkling of an eye,
29:51 at the last trumpet.
29:52 For the trumpet will sound,
29:53 and the dead will be raised" how?
29:55 "Incorruptible and we shall be changed.
29:58 For this corruptible must put on incorruption
30:01 and this mortal must put on immortality.
30:04 So when this corruptible has put on incorruption,
30:07 and this mortal has put on immortality,
30:10 then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written,
30:12 'Death is swallowed up in victory.'"
30:16 Let's read also Philippians 3:20, 21
30:20 where we're told that we are gonna
30:22 have a body similar to the body of Jesus.
30:25 We're gonna be in the image and likeness of Jesus.
30:28 Did Jesus have a real body when He resurrected?
30:31 Did He have flesh and bones and blood?
30:33 He most certainly did.
30:35 And that we will have in the earth made new.
30:39 Notice Philippians 3:20, 21,
30:41 "For our citizenship is in heaven,
30:44 from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior,
30:48 the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform
30:52 our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body,
30:59 according to the working by which He is able
31:02 even to subdue all things to Himself."
31:07 And yet today, many Christians harbor
31:11 the view of the Greek philosophers.
31:15 Their hope at least to a degree
31:19 is that if I should die at the moment of death,
31:23 I have another me inside of me that is immortal
31:28 that flies out of the body goes up to heaven
31:32 where Jesus is, that is if I was righteous
31:35 during my life and I accept the Jesus Christ
31:38 as my Savior and that soul lives up
31:41 there independently of the body.
31:45 Where did Christendom get such a doctrine?
31:49 From nowhere in the bible.
31:52 You will never find in the Bible the expression immortal spirit,
31:55 you will never find the expression,
31:57 immortal soul, you will never find that the soul or the spirit
32:00 can be conscious after the moment of death,
32:03 it's just assumed because Greek philosophy
32:07 brought into the Christian church
32:09 in the early centuries the idea
32:12 that the soul of man is immortal.
32:15 It came in directly from Greek philosophy.
32:20 Now let me share with you some serious implications
32:25 if we believe that man has an immortal soul.
32:29 And I'm gonna go through these quickly.
32:32 First of all, if we believe that man has an immortal soul
32:37 that even God cannot destroy.
32:41 Because they believe also that if a person
32:43 was wicked during their lifetime,
32:45 they're gonna burn forever in the fires of hell.
32:50 So in other words, they have immortality,
32:52 it's immortality in misery but it's still immortality.
32:57 First serious implication of the idea of the immortality
33:01 of the soul is that it gives the glory to man
33:05 which belongs only to God.
33:09 You see the Bible makes it clear that only God has immortality.
33:15 You see that immortality of God
33:17 is one of his incommunicable attributes.
33:20 It belongs only to Him according to the Bible
33:24 just like His omissions, His omnipotence,
33:27 His omnipresence, His immortality belongs to Himself.
33:30 And to give it to man, steals the glory
33:34 that belongs from God--to God
33:36 and attributes that glory to man.
33:39 And the bible tells us in Revelation 14:7
33:41 that in the last days, a message is going
33:44 to be proclaimed that says, "Fear God and give glory
33:48 to Him for the hour of His judgment is come."
33:52 Second serious implication, the doctrine of the immortality
33:56 of the soul makes God a liar
33:59 and makes the devil a truth teller.
34:02 You're saying now how's that?
34:04 God told Adam and Eve, if you eat from this tree,
34:09 you will surely live forever in misery.
34:13 That's not what he said.
34:15 He said "If you eat from this tree,
34:17 you will, not only die."
34:20 He says "you will surely die."
34:23 By the way in the Hebrews it says,
34:24 "You'll die by death."
34:27 I don't know of any other way of dying.
34:29 But what God is saying is you can take it to the bank
34:33 if you eat from this tree, you will die.
34:35 The devil comes and he says, you will not surely die.
34:39 So who was telling the truth?
34:41 If you have an immortal soul, the devil was telling the truth.
34:45 If when you die, you go to the grave
34:49 and then at the resurrection you go to heaven,
34:51 through life that Jesus gives you and you go to burn
34:56 like we studied in our last lecture and eventually,
34:59 are reduced to ashes, then God is proven true
35:02 because you are not eternal,
35:04 you are not immortal within yourself.
35:07 So in other words, "This doctrine makes God a liar
35:10 and it makes the devil a truth teller."
35:13 Implication number three, "If man has an immortal soul,
35:18 why would Jesus have to die to give me
35:21 what I already have?"
35:24 This is a very serious implication.
35:27 Because if you have an immortal soul
35:29 why would Jesus have to come to this earth to die
35:33 to give you immortality if you already possess it.
35:37 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
35:39 The doctrine of the immortality of the soul
35:42 makes the death of Jesus on the cross unnecessary.
35:47 Further more, the doctrine of the immortality
35:51 of the soul generally makes people feel like
35:55 it's not that important to take care of your body
35:59 because ultimately your body is just the prison
36:02 for your real self which is your soul.
36:05 And therefore you have to take good care of your soul
36:08 and what will you do with your body doesn't make
36:10 much difference because ultimately,
36:12 God is gonna give you a new one anyway.
36:16 That flies in the face of what the Bible has to say.
36:19 It says you are the temple of the Holy Spirit
36:23 that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
36:26 and whoever destroys the body temple God
36:29 will destroy him for God's temple you are, you are holy
36:33 because you are His temple.
36:35 If therefore you eat or you drink
36:37 or whatever you do, do all to what?
36:40 To the glory of God.
36:42 Allow me to read you a statement from Ellen White.
36:45 This is found in the book Counsels on Diet and Foods,
36:48 page 73, she says this, "The body is the only medium
36:53 through which the mind and the soul are developed
36:57 for the upbuilding of character.
37:01 Hence it is that the adversary of souls,
37:05 directs his temptations to the enfeebling
37:08 and degrading of the physical powers.
37:11 His success here means the surrender
37:15 to evil of the whole being.
37:17 The tendencies of our physical nature,
37:19 unless under the dominion of a higher power,
37:23 will surely work ruin and death."
37:29 You see the brain is a physical organ,
37:32 its the organ of the mind and whatever affects your body,
37:36 whatever affects your mind, affects your ability
37:39 to communicate with God.
37:42 It's not like your soul can live independently of your body.
37:45 And therefore, I have to take care of my spiritual nature.
37:48 I have to take care of my spirit and my soul.
37:50 My body doesn't make that much difference.
37:52 The fact is that the only way that you can develop
37:54 your spiritual nature is through the medium of the body.
37:59 But the immortality of the soul gives the idea
38:01 that it's the soul portion of man that's really important
38:05 that we need to cultivate and we need to take care of.
38:08 Fifth serious implication, the doctrine of the immortality
38:12 of the soul puts the hope of the second coming of Jesus
38:18 on the backburner, and deemphasize
38:23 the second coming of Jesus Christ.
38:25 You say why is that?
38:27 Well, folks, let's just think of it.
38:31 If when I die, my soul goes through a tunnel
38:36 and comes out into a state of light
38:39 or I'm in the presence of God, why would I have to be
38:43 so interested in Jesus coming back to this earth again?
38:48 You see many Christians have the hope that you know
38:50 when I die, I'm going to heaven.
38:52 So when you die, you go to heaven,
38:54 why would the hope of the resurrection
38:57 and the second coming of Jesus burn strong in your heart?
39:03 It deemphasizes the need and the importance
39:06 and the gloriousness of the second coming
39:08 and of the resurrection from the dead.
39:12 The last implication that I want to discuss
39:15 is that the doctrine of the immortality
39:18 of the soul opens the door of the church wide
39:22 to the manifestations of spiritualism.
39:27 In fact, the Book of Revelation 18:2, 3
39:30 speaking about falling Christendom
39:33 in the last days says, that Christendom
39:35 has become the habitation of devils.
39:39 And evil spirits and they're speaking about Christendom.
39:44 In other words when you believe
39:46 that the soul of man is immortal,
39:48 what would keep that soul that supposed soul
39:51 from coming back to this world to try and communicate
39:56 with those who are alive?
39:58 Are you with me?
40:00 Now you might not know this but there was a senator of Wisconsin
40:06 who in 1853, his name was N.P. Tallmadge.
40:11 He not only was a senator from Wisconsin,
40:13 he was also governor of the state for a while.
40:16 He was a spiritualist and he went and consulted
40:19 a medium and the medium brought up someone
40:23 by the name of John C. Calhoun
40:28 and so senator Tallmadge asked him,
40:30 "what is the purpose of all of these spiritualistic phenomena?"
40:35 Notice what the supposed spirit of John C. Calhoun said.
40:40 "My friend, often the question is asked what good can come
40:45 from these manifestations."
40:47 That is from spiritualism.
40:49 "I will respond. It is to unite mankind in harmony
40:55 and to convince skeptics of the immortality of the soul."
41:00 Do you notice those two purports?
41:02 To unite all of humanity in one and to convince skeptics
41:08 of the immortality of the soul.
41:11 Author Conan Doyle, the author of the famous
41:14 Sherlock Holmes novels once said this about spiritualism.
41:19 He said, "I believe that one of the ultimate results
41:23 of this movement, that's spiritualism,
41:26 will be to unite Christianity upon a common basis
41:32 so strong and, indeed self-sufficient
41:36 that the quibbles which separate the churches
41:38 today will be seen in their true light and proportion
41:42 and will be swept away or disregarded."
41:49 Now I want to read you a statement by another author
41:53 who wrote several years after this.
41:56 Her name Ellen White.
42:00 This statement is found
42:01 in the Great Controversy, pages 588 and 89.
42:04 You know what the spirits revealing was true.
42:06 It is their intention to unite all of humanity in common
42:10 and to convince skeptics that the soul of man is immortal.
42:14 Notice what Ellen White had to say,
42:17 "The line of distinction between professed Christians
42:19 and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable."
42:24 Is that true? Absolutely.
42:26 "Church members love what the world loves
42:30 and are ready to join with them and Satan determines
42:34 to unite them in one body and thus strengthen
42:39 his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of spiritualism."
42:45 Then she says, "Papists, who boast of miracles
42:50 as a certain sign of the true church will be readily
42:53 deceived by this wonder-working power,
42:56 and Protestants, having cast away
42:59 the shield of truth, will also be deluded.
43:02 Papists, Protestants, and worldlings,"
43:07 That's another word for the secular,
43:10 "will alike accept the form of godliness without the power
43:15 and they will see in this union a grand movement
43:21 for the conversion of the world and the ushering
43:24 in of the long-expected millennium."
43:30 Let me ask you, is this deception well on its way?
43:34 It most certainly is.
43:36 Allow me to share with you some of the things
43:37 that have been happening in the last couple of decades.
43:42 Any of you have ever read
43:43 the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill?
43:47 You know, I once read that book it has certain principles
43:50 of how you can make yourself rich real quick.
43:52 You know, and I thought, wow, this is great,
43:54 all these principles that it gives and how you can get
43:56 rich and then one day, I was reading
43:58 an article in LIFE Magazine.
44:00 And in that article, it says "that book Think and Grow Rich
44:04 was dictated to Napoleon Hill from the spirit world."
44:10 The same with the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull
44:13 by Richard Bach, a new ager.
44:16 About the Seagull trying to reach the heights,
44:19 you know, and I thought this is a wonderful book
44:21 about the need to persevere and tell you make it.
44:26 And then one day I was reading an article in LIFE Magazine
44:28 again and I discover that Richard Bach
44:32 said that this book Jonathan Livingston Seagull
44:37 was dictated to him from the spirit world.
44:39 Then I read it again, said, "Wow, how couldn't I see
44:42 the spiritualism and the new age theology in this book."
44:46 Benny Hinn, I hate to mention the name
44:50 but he's put himself on the record.
44:51 He claims to communicate with Kathryn Kuhlman,
44:56 a dead charismatic leader.
44:59 Pat Robertson has gone on the record
45:01 saying that out of body experiences
45:03 and near death experiences are proof that man
45:06 has an immortal soul.
45:09 The tremendous emphasis on angels coming back,
45:13 you know, departed spirits
45:15 coming back this world as angels to take care
45:19 of us and to communicate with us.
45:20 For example, the program Highway to Heaven.
45:24 How about the movies, Lord of the Rings,
45:27 Harry Potter, The Sixth Sense?
45:30 I only mentioned some of them.
45:32 How about the supposed appearances
45:34 all over the world of the Virgin Mary?
45:37 How about the astrology sections in book stores?
45:40 They far outshine the sections on theology and philosophy.
45:45 How about the programs on televisions
45:47 where psychics live claim
45:50 to communicate with departed relatives?
45:53 How about new age publications that are proliferated big time?
45:59 Listen, we not only anticipate that this is what was gonna
46:04 happen by what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said,
46:09 and this supposed spirit of Calhoun said,
46:12 we can see it today with our own eyes
46:15 the manifestation of spiritualism.
46:17 And churches who believe that the soul of man
46:19 is immortal have left the doors of the church
46:22 wide open for the spirits to come in and communicate
46:26 false doctrine such as the idea
46:29 that Sunday is the true day of rest.
46:31 And believe me, mark my word, the day is coming
46:34 when the supposed spirits of the dead,
46:36 supposed I said, are gonna come
46:39 and they're gonna get you that Sunday
46:41 is the day we're supposed to keep.
46:42 And if you believe that the dead can come back
46:44 and talk with the living, if you believe
46:46 that the soul of man is immortal,
46:48 you are wide open to accept that as truth
46:52 when it totally contradicts what the scripture says.
46:57 Modern Spiritualism originated in 1848 with
47:01 the Fox Sisters in Rochester-- near Rochester, New York.
47:05 Ellen White around that time wrote something amazing things.
47:09 You see it was only something that took place
47:11 there in New England at that time
47:13 it didn't had not proliferated worldwide.
47:15 Ellen White saw that this was going
47:17 to become a worldwide movement.
47:19 Allow me to read you a statement
47:21 that we find in the book Early Writings, page 88.
47:24 She says this, "I saw the rapidity
47:27 with which this delusion was spreading."
47:29 That is spiritualism.
47:32 "A train of cars was shown me,
47:34 going with the speed of lightning.
47:36 The angel bade me looked carefully.
47:39 I fixed my eyes upon the train.
47:42 It seemed that the whole world was on board
47:47 that there could not be one left." said the angel.
47:52 "They are binding in bundles ready to burn.
47:55 Then he showed me the conductor who appeared like
47:59 a stately fair person whom all the passengers
48:04 looked up to and reverenced.
48:07 I was perplexed," Boy, she was perplexed
48:10 what hope is there for us?
48:12 "I was perplexed, and asked my attending angel who it was.
48:17 He said it is Satan.
48:20 He is the conductor in the form of an angel of light.
48:24 He has taken the world captive.
48:27 They are given over to strong delusions,
48:29 to believe a lie that they may be damned.
48:33 This agent, the next highest in order to him,
48:36 is the engineer, and others of his agents
48:39 are employed in different offices as he may need them,
48:43 and they are all going with lightning speed to perdition."
48:49 The prophet Isaiah said "If they tell you go to the wizards
48:52 and to consult the dead who murder and peep
48:56 shall not God's people consult their God to the law
49:00 and to the testimony if they speak not according to this,
49:02 it is because there is no light in them."
49:06 Further more, Ellen White
49:07 in the book The Great Controversy
49:09 page 552 describes the power of Satan to deceive
49:13 through the medium of spiritualism.
49:15 The idea that the soul of man is immortal
49:17 and therefore that soul that supposed soul
49:21 can come back and communicate with the living.
49:23 Don't you think that the devil is doing some type
49:25 of a very rough counterfeits?
49:29 Notice what Ellen White has to say here,
49:31 "He has power to bring before men the appearance
49:36 of their departed friends."
49:38 Of course, if he can transform himself into an angel of light
49:40 why couldn't he transform himself into someone
49:44 that looks like a departed friend, piece of cake?
49:48 Notice this, he has power to bring before men
49:51 the appearance of their departed friends.
49:53 The counterfeit is perfect.
49:57 Do you know what a perfect counterfeit is?
49:59 It's when the counterfeiters make a counterfeit $100
50:03 and even the government can't distinguish it from the genuine.
50:09 She says, "The counterfeit is perfect,
50:12 the familiar look, the words, the tone,
50:17 are reproduced with marvelous distinctness.
50:21 Many are comforted with the assurance
50:24 that their loved ones are enjoying the bliss of heaven.
50:26 And without suspicion of danger, they give ear
50:30 'to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.'
50:34 And then she gives this counsel in Early Writings, page 87
50:38 about what we are supposed to do about it.
50:42 She says "I saw that the saints."
50:44 That's God's people.
50:45 "I saw that the saints must get a thorough understanding
50:50 of present truth which they will be obliged
50:53 to maintain from the scriptures.
50:58 They must understand the state of the dead."
51:01 That's why we're doing the series because
51:03 Christians use these verses.
51:05 What about the thief on the cross?
51:06 What about the rich man and Lazarus?
51:08 What about absent from the body
51:09 and present with the Lord?
51:10 What about the witch, the witch of Endor?
51:12 What about the souls under the altar?
51:14 What about the dead who stand before God?
51:16 What about the undying worm?
51:18 What about the unquenchable fire?
51:20 They bring up all of these texts,
51:21 we have to deal with these texts and we have to teach them
51:25 from a biblical perspective.
51:28 She continues saying "They must understand
51:30 the state of the dead for the spirits of devils
51:32 will get appear to them.
51:35 Professing to be beloved friends and relatives
51:39 who will declare to them that the Sabbath
51:41 has been changed also other unscriptural doctrines.
51:47 They will do all in their power to excite to sympathy
51:52 and will work miracles before them
51:55 to confirm what they declare."
52:00 That's the devil's plan but the beauty
52:03 of it is that if you simply say the living know
52:08 that they will die but the dead know not anything
52:13 the door to the devil's spiritualistic
52:16 manifestations is shut and closed.
52:21 Because that is impossible that the dead should communicate
52:24 with the living because the Bible says,
52:25 "That they're unconscious, they're sleeping until
52:28 the moment of the resurrection."
52:31 Now why did I call this lecture immortality
52:34 of the soul or resurrection of the dead?
52:37 Several decades ago a New Testament scholar
52:40 by the name of Oscar Coleman wrote a little booklet
52:45 that bore this title, so I'm plagiarizing the title
52:50 but I'm letting you know that I'm using it.
52:52 And in this little booklet, Oscar Coleman shared
52:56 with the scholarly world by a way highly respected scholar
53:00 in the area of New Testament.
53:02 He wrote this booklet and in it he shared
53:06 the Adventist view of the state of the dead.
53:09 He says "the Adventist view is correct."
53:11 He didn't say the Adventist view but he said,
53:13 this view of the state of the dead is correct
53:17 that the dead are dead, they're sleeping until
53:20 the moment of the resurrection.
53:22 And in his book he used an illustration.
53:26 He spoke about Socrates.
53:29 Do you know how Socrates died?
53:31 He surrounded himself
53:33 one evening with all of his disciples.
53:35 And he said to them, "You know,
53:37 I'm now going to drink this hemlock.
53:40 I'm going to drink this cup of poison.
53:43 And when I drink this cup of poison
53:45 I'm going to get rid of this old body.
53:50 That is subject to the deterioration of time
53:54 that get sick and gets old and when the body is laid aside,
53:59 my soul is gonna leave and going into a timeless fear
54:03 whether is no matter, whether is no time
54:06 and I'm gonna enter my real existence."
54:08 He says, "I wish that you would all be as courageous
54:12 as I am about to be."
54:16 You see for Socrates death was a friend.
54:19 How different was the case of Jesus
54:22 according to Oscar Coleman?
54:25 He trembled in the Garden of Gethsemane,
54:27 "Father, if You can take away this cup from me.
54:31 Let it be so nevertheless
54:32 not my will be done but Yours Father.
54:36 Jesus did not want to die."
54:38 The Bible says that death is an enemy.
54:41 Death is not a friend.
54:42 If you believe that when you die you go to heaven
54:44 then death would actually be a friend.
54:47 Some people said the Apostle Paul he wanted
54:49 to die so he could be present with the Lord
54:51 then death is not an enemy.
54:54 The Bible says that the last enemy
54:55 to be destroyed will be what?
54:57 "The last enemy to be destroyed will be death.
55:02 And so how different when Jesus surrounded Himself
55:04 with His disciples, He says,
55:05 "I just wish I didn't have to go through with this.
55:08 I wish this cup could pass from me."
55:11 And as He hung on the cross, He says, "My God,
55:14 My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
55:19 Totally different then the prospective
55:21 that Socrates had the night in which he drink
55:26 the hemlock and poisoned himself supposedly to deliver his soul.
55:32 Now the good news folks, is that even
55:36 if I should die and even if I should go to sleep
55:41 the Bible says, that if the spirit
55:45 that resurrected Jesus dwells in me that same spirit
55:50 that resurrected Him from the dead
55:52 will resurrect me from a dead as well.
55:55 And that is our hope.
55:57 Notice Romans 8:11, our last text.
56:01 Romans 8:11, "But if the Spirit of Him
56:06 who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you,
56:11 He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life
56:15 to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you."
56:21 So even now though we live in a body that corrupts,
56:25 a body that gets old, a body that is subject
56:29 to death the Bible says "that if the Spirit
56:31 that dwelled in Jesus, dwells in us we can gain the victory over
56:36 the sins of the flesh through the Holy Spirit."
56:39 And if we should die, the Bible says,
56:42 "That our hope is found in Jesus Christ."
56:45 Jesus said, "I am the resurrection
56:48 and the life, even if anyone should die,
56:52 yet shall he," what?
56:53 "Yet shall He live."
56:55 And He doesn't say, he shall live
56:56 at the moment of death.
56:57 He says, "And I will raise him up," when?
57:01 "I will raise him up at the last day."
57:04 Folks, the hope of the Christian church
57:07 is not in the immortality of the soul,
57:09 it is in the resurrection of the dead.
57:11 What a glorious day that will be when all of God's children
57:15 will come far from the tomb when Jesus calls never to die again,
57:20 never to suffer again but to live eternally with Jesus
57:24 in that land where joy will never end. Amen.


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