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00:01 Before the break, we were walking through the sanctuary
00:04 and discovering that every aspect of the sanctuary
00:08 pointed forward to Jesus Christ.
00:10 We said that the entire sanctuary structure itself
00:14 typified the incarnation of Jesus,
00:16 we said that Jesus was the access point into the sanctuary
00:20 and then, as we walked through the sanctuary,
00:23 we came to the Altar of Burnt Offering
00:25 and that is where we accept Jesus as our personal Savior,
00:29 we can have the assurance of eternal life
00:32 as soon as we walk into the sanctuary.
00:35 The next article of furniture that we come to is the Laver.
00:39 This was a wash basin and it was a...
00:42 a place where they had...
00:44 the priest would wash their hands and their feet,
00:48 so, you come into the sanctuary, you accept Jesus as your Savior,
00:51 and then, Jesus leads you to the basin.
00:55 Jesus leads you to a place of cleansing
00:58 so, first He covers you and then He cleanses you
01:03 and He does that in that order,
01:06 you accept Him as Savior of your life
01:08 and then He says, "Look, I want you to walk with me,
01:11 I want you to journey with me"
01:12 and He takes you to the cleansing Laver.
01:15 Now, if you find a baby in town that is naked and dirty,
01:22 and you cannot find the parents anywhere, you're looking...
01:24 the first thing that you're going to do to that baby
01:27 that is naked and dirty is cover the baby
01:31 and if you still can't find a place for that baby to go,
01:35 and the authorities are not around for you to take them,
01:38 you're going to take that baby home by the grace of God
01:41 and then you're going to give that baby a bath.
01:45 This metaphor typifies the way that God deals with us.
01:48 We are naked and dirty because of sin...
01:50 the first thing that God does is cover us...
01:53 that's salvation... He gives us His robe
01:56 and then He takes us to the Laver for cleansing.
02:00 So, the Laver... Jesus is our cleanser
02:03 in 1st Corinthians chapter 6 verse 11,
02:06 the Bible tells us, "But you were washed,
02:08 you were sanctified,
02:11 you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
02:15 and by the Spirit of our God. "
02:18 The Laver points to the reality that Jesus is our cleanser.
02:24 Jesus is the person that makes us clean
02:27 and also keeps us clean
02:30 and notice what the Bible says here
02:33 in 1st John chapter 1 verse 9,
02:35 "If we confess our sins,
02:37 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
02:40 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. "
02:44 Now, the next article of furniture that you come to
02:46 is the Table of Shewbread and that points to the reality
02:50 that Jesus is our sustainer.
02:54 The Bible tells us in John chapter 6 verse 48,
02:57 "I am the bread of life. "
03:00 Now, when a baby is born,
03:03 the first thing that you do
03:05 is you get that baby some nutrition...
03:10 ideally milk...
03:12 ideally mother's milk
03:14 and we have, so many times in the Christian experience,
03:18 in which we celebrate the birth of a Christian,
03:22 a Christian being born again
03:24 which we should and praise God for
03:26 but then, afterwards, we just leave that poor baby Christian
03:30 and put him off to the side and give him no more nutrition
03:33 after the baby has been born,
03:36 here, we come into the sanctuary we accept Jesus as our Savior
03:40 He cleanses us which is symbolized
03:43 by the baptism process
03:45 and then He brings us to the Table...
03:47 to the Table of Shewbread
03:49 and Jesus said, "I am the bread of life. "
03:53 In other words, in the Courtyard we become a Christian
03:58 and in the Holy Place, we grow as a Christian
04:03 after we have been born again,
04:04 both parts are important,
04:06 it's not only important to be born again,
04:09 it's also important to grow up in Jesus Christ
04:13 and this only comes about with Jesus as our sustainer
04:18 and Jesus said, "I am the bread of life... "
04:20 and Jesus also said, "The words I speak unto you,
04:22 they are Spirit, they are life. "
04:24 In John chapter 8 verse 12 the Bible says,
04:26 "I am the light of the world... "
04:29 which brings us to the Lampstand,
04:32 the next article of furniture in the sanctuary,
04:34 you can see, right here to my right,
04:36 here is the menorah which was found in the sanctuary
04:40 it was the only source of light
04:42 in the Holy Place of the sanctuary
04:45 seven lamps of fire that were burning in that compartment
04:50 and Jesus Himself said, "I am the light of the world. "
04:55 Every article of furniture is pointing to Jesus Christ,
04:59 then we come to the Altar of Incense
05:02 which signifies Jesus as our righteousness.
05:06 Now, in the book of Revelation,
05:08 it indicates that the prayers of the saints
05:11 are ascending to heaven
05:14 and the incense typified the prayers of God's people.
05:19 Now, when we pray to the Father, we don't come in our own name,
05:26 we come because of the name of Jesus Christ.
05:31 We pray in the name of Jesus,
05:34 in other words, the only reason we can have access to the Father
05:39 is because of the merits and the blood of Jesus Christ
05:43 and as we continue through our Christian experience,
05:47 it's very easy for us to assume that even God working through us
05:52 "Hey, I'm a pretty good person, it's okay, you know, to... to...
05:56 sometimes think that we have some self-righteousness
06:00 but this is really not okay and the prayers of God's people
06:06 must always be in the name of Jesus.
06:09 In other words, it is because of the righteousness of Christ,
06:13 that our prayers are even acceptable to God.
06:17 So, the Altar of Incense points to the reality
06:21 that Jesus is our righteousness.
06:25 In Revelation chapter 5 verse 8, 8 verse 3
06:28 and Psalm 141 verse 2
06:30 reveal the mingling of this incense
06:34 with the prayers of the saints
06:35 and when we pray, we pray in the name of Jesus.
06:40 What does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus?
06:45 It means to pray in the spirit of Jesus
06:48 but even more than that,
06:49 it means to pray through the righteousness of Jesus.
06:54 As we go through the Christian experience,
06:57 this idea that the incense arising to God
07:00 signifies the righteousness of Christ,
07:02 is a reminder to us
07:04 that it doesn't matter how long we've been a Christian,
07:07 we could have been a Christian for 50 years
07:09 70 years... our whole lives
07:12 but it doesn't matter,
07:14 you still need to have the righteousness of Jesus Christ
07:19 and the Altar of Incense, signified this reality
07:23 that our prayers need the righteousness of Christ.
07:27 This is Review and Herald, June 18, 1896,
07:32 "It is our privilege and our duty
07:35 to bring the efficacy of the name of Christ
07:39 into our petitions
07:40 and use the very arguments that Christ used in our behalf.
07:44 Our prayers will be complete...
07:47 in complete harmony with the will of God.
07:50 Then it is that Christ clothes the contrite suppliant
07:54 with His own priestly vestments.
07:57 And the human petitioner approaches the altar
08:01 holding the holy censer
08:03 from which ascends the incense of the fragrance of the merits
08:09 of Christ's righteousness. "
08:12 See, the Sanctuary Motif is not about legalism...
08:15 quite the contrary...
08:17 it is all about righteousness by faith
08:20 and this Altar of Incense signifies
08:24 that as we come to Jesus just the way that we are,
08:27 He cleanses us and we grow up in Christ
08:30 that it doesn't matter how much we may have grown
08:33 and how far we may have come,
08:34 still, our own righteousness is not meritorious,
08:39 it is only because of the efficacy
08:42 of the righteousness of Christ
08:44 that our prayers are acceptable to God.
08:47 Going back to our screen here, we can see
08:51 that the sanctuary reveals the roles of Jesus Christ.
08:56 There are two important entities in the sanctuary,
09:01 one of them is the Lamb
09:03 and the other one is the High Priest,
09:06 these two entities are important for the sacrificial services
09:11 and the annual feasts and festivals
09:13 of the sanctuary annual calendar
09:16 to... to be made possible.
09:18 The Lamb... if it is not slain
09:20 the rest of the sanctuary service does not take place
09:23 but also, it was not the sinner himself
09:27 that brought in the blood into the sanctuary.
09:29 He was dependent on another individual... his representative
09:34 the Priest to bring in the blood...
09:37 provision that the Lamb had made on his behalf
09:41 into the sanctuary to apply it to his account.
09:44 We can see this in Scripture.
09:46 In John chapter 1 verse 29, the Bible tells us,
09:49 "Behold the Lamb of God
09:52 who takes away the sins of the world. "
09:55 This is John the Baptist... in his introduction of Jesus Christ
09:59 he looked at Jesus...
10:00 and this was the introduction of Jesus to the world
10:03 the purpose for which John the Baptist came
10:05 and he looked at Jesus and said, "There is the Lamb of God
10:08 who takes away the sins of the world. "
10:11 In other words, Jesus had come not as the typical lamb
10:17 but as the anti-typical lamb.
10:19 In other words, all of the sacrificial services
10:22 that had been pointing forward to Jesus to that point
10:25 had been fulfilled in the embodiment of Jesus Christ
10:28 when He came to this earth and died on the cross.
10:31 If the Jews had understood this,
10:33 they would not have missed the Messiah.
10:36 So, you can see that not only is the structure of the sanctuary
10:40 pointing to Jesus,
10:41 but the entities that were involved in the sanctuary
10:44 also point to Jesus Christ as well.
10:47 "Behold, the Lamb of God
10:49 who takes away the sins of the world. "
10:52 You see, the sanctuary is all about Jesus Christ.
10:55 Now we come to the other entity in the sanctuary...
10:59 Jesus as our High Priest
11:00 in Hebrews chapter 8 verse 1 and 2,
11:02 "Now, this is the main point of what we are saying is this:
11:06 we do have such a high priest, who sat down at the right hand
11:10 of the throne of the majesty in heaven;
11:12 who serves in the sanctuary,
11:14 and the true tabernacle, set up by the Lord,
11:18 and not by a mere human being. "
11:21 So, here's the other entity that points forward to Jesus Christ.
11:25 It's not only the Lamb...
11:27 but also, Jesus is our High Priest in heaven.
11:31 So, Jesus fulfills the function of the Lamb
11:35 but not only that,
11:36 Jesus also fulfills the function of the High Priest
11:41 and the Bible tells us that Jesus is our High Priest
11:45 in the heavenly sanctuary which man did not construct
11:49 but God constructed.
11:51 So, in review, we can see that every element of the sanctuary
11:57 points to Jesus Christ.
11:59 The structure itself is the embodiment of Jesus Christ.
12:03 Heaven came all the way down
12:05 so that they could dwell with humanity
12:08 through Jesus Christ...
12:10 Jesus Christ is the representative of the Godhead
12:13 that connects heaven and earth.
12:15 We can see that every article of furniture
12:18 is pointing forward to Jesus Christ as well.
12:20 Every Entity in the sanctuary... the Lamb and the High Priest
12:25 point to Jesus Christ
12:27 and when we look at the sanctuary,
12:29 it's important for us to remember
12:32 that it's not Jesus or the Sanctuary
12:35 but the sanctuary is all about Jesus.
12:38 Sometimes we get into this idea
12:41 that the sanctuary is an Old Testament relic
12:44 that passed away when Jesus died on the cross
12:47 but we can see in Scripture it...
12:50 according to Paul in Hebrews chapter 8 verse 1 and 2,
12:53 that the sanctuary is very relevant
12:56 for understanding the work of Christ,
12:59 past... present... and future.
13:02 The sanctuary helps us to understand
13:04 the work of Jesus Christ and what He has done...
13:08 is doing... and will do.
13:12 Won't you behold the Lamb today?
13:14 Won't you accept Him into your heart?
13:16 You can have the assurance of salvation today...
13:20 right now...
13:21 you can accept Him as Savior of your life.
13:24 Continue to journey with us as we study the sanctuary,
13:28 salvation and our Savior.
13:30 Music...


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