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00:03 Music...
00:26 Welcome to the Series that we've entitled:
00:29 The Sanctuary, Salvation and our Savior.
00:32 My name is David Shin
00:33 and I'm honored to have you join us
00:35 as we journey through the sanctuary...
00:37 to discover the relevance to our practical Christian lives
00:41 as well as understanding the work and ministry
00:43 of Jesus Christ.
00:45 Today, I'd like to begin by talking about Jack Lalane...
00:49 Jack LaLane was a health enthusiast and a nutritionist
00:54 and these are some of the notable feats
00:56 that he was able to accomplish.
00:58 At the age of 42, he set the world record for pushups
01:03 by doing over 1,000 in 23 minutes.
01:08 At the age of 60, he swam from Alcatraz to Fisherman's wharf,
01:14 a distance of 2.4 kilometers...
01:16 he wore handcuffs and also towed a 1,000-pound boat
01:22 but that was not all,
01:23 at the age of 70, he swam a 1.5-mile section
01:29 of Long Beach Harbor by towing 70 people
01:32 in 70 boats while handcuffed and shackled...
01:36 this was in celebration of his 70th birthday
01:39 and he towed these 70 individuals in 70 boats...
01:43 I can't imagine... and this is a photograph
01:46 of Jack LaLane when he was over 90,
01:50 I hope to look like that when I'm 70 or even 50...
01:53 there he is with his muscles and cut and so forth...
01:56 now, we marvel at individuals like Jack LaLane
02:00 because it seems like he defies the aging process
02:05 but there's something about aging and even death
02:09 that we can delay but we can never avoid
02:16 and this is a result of sin.
02:18 Sin has not only affected our characters and our morality,
02:23 but it's also affected our physical nature.
02:27 We were never meant to die,
02:29 we were never meant to age,
02:31 we were never meant to deteriorate
02:33 and Jack LaLane...
02:35 even though he was able to delay the aging process,
02:39 he was not able to avoid it.
02:41 Now, on the screen, I have this graph
02:45 that depicts the ages of individuals
02:49 in the book of Genesis,
02:50 have you ever read the... the chronology
02:53 or the... the lineage in the book of Genesis?
02:56 these individuals... their lives were not measured
02:59 in decades... but rather, it was measured in centuries.
03:05 When you look at the age of Adam,
03:09 he lived over 900 years of age...
03:12 930 to be exact...
03:14 Adam lived to that age.
03:16 Methuselah lived to the ripe old age...
03:19 the longest man that ever lived recorded in Scripture,
03:22 969 years of age...
03:27 this is a remarkable time period and then you have Noah there...
03:31 he lived 950 years of age.
03:34 The Bible indicates that Noah did not start having children
03:39 until the year 500...
03:41 until he was age 500...
03:43 this is remarkable...
03:44 imagine how much productivity you can have in your life
03:48 but when you look at the graph,
03:51 you can see that after the flood,
03:53 the timeline or the age of individuals
03:58 takes a precipitous decline.
04:01 For instance, you can see that Abraham lives 175 years of age.
04:07 Now, that's still a long time but compared to 969,
04:10 that is dramatically different
04:13 and then, you get down to Jacob who lives 147
04:17 and by the time you get to the time of David...
04:20 David died in his 70s.
04:22 Now, what happened?
04:24 you can see that the vital force of man after the fall
04:29 begins a decline and so, after Eden was lost,
04:35 there was not only a deterioration of our morality
04:38 and our spirituality and our mental capability,
04:42 there was also a deterioration of our physical nature.
04:46 sin had a dramatic affect on creation as well.
04:51 Our earth... our planet...
04:53 it is not the way that God created it,
04:55 even the way that animals relate to each other
04:57 has been dramatically shifted and changed.
05:00 When we look at the plan of salvation,
05:04 through the lens of the sanctuary...
05:06 through this framework,
05:07 we can see that God wants to bring us back to Eden.
05:11 Eden was lost and God wants to restore Eden
05:15 and this is where Adam and Eve were in Edenic perfection.
05:19 In the Most-Holy-Place experience,
05:21 face-to-face communion with God that was lost
05:24 and through the sanctuary
05:26 we are shown how God wants to bring us back...
05:29 He wants to bring us back into the Courtyard
05:32 that is where we experience pardon and justification...
05:36 He brings us into the Holy Place...
05:39 that is where we experience power and sanctification
05:43 and then He brings us into the last phase...
05:46 the Most-Holy-Place experience,
05:48 and that is where we experience glorification.
05:52 In other words, in the last phase
05:54 where God brings us from the Courtyard into the Holy Place...
05:58 into the Most Holy place,
06:00 He will restore us back to the nature of Adam before the fall.
06:07 Not only in terms of our physical nature,
06:12 but in terms of the environment as well.
06:16 Adam and Eve lived in a perfect environment
06:20 and God in glorification would restore that back.
06:24 So, here we have the summary,
06:26 the Court is where we experience justification,
06:29 the removal of sin's penalty.
06:32 The Holy Place is where we experience sanctification...
06:35 the removal of sin's power
06:37 and in the Most Holy Place,
06:39 that's where we experience glorification
06:41 which will be the subject of our topic today
06:45 and that is the removal of sin's presence.
06:48 So, you can see in the sanctuary,
06:50 even as we see three distinct compartments...
06:53 the Courtyard... the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place,
06:55 God has three stages of bringing us back.
06:58 Justification... sanctification and glorification.
07:03 In Romans chapter 8 verse 30, the Bible says,
07:07 "And those whom He predestined, He also called;
07:12 and those whom He called, He also justified;
07:17 and those whom He justified, He also glorified. "
07:22 Now, the interesting thing about this text
07:24 is that Paul here omits "sanctification. "
07:27 He includes "justification"
07:30 and then mentions "glorification"
07:33 and people are like, "Hey, where is sanctification in this mix?
07:36 Is Paul not believing in sanctification?
07:38 You can see in other parts of his gospels
07:40 or in his epistles, I should say,
07:42 where he mentions "sanctification"
07:43 so, Paul was a believer in sanctification
07:46 and theologians believe
07:48 that the reason why Paul transitioned from justification
07:51 to sanctification
07:52 is because sanctification actually begins
07:56 the glorification process.
07:59 In other words,
08:00 the transformation of our characters
08:03 to becoming more and more like Jesus
08:06 is a part of the glorification process
08:09 that God has in store for us.
08:11 The book "Education" says on page 15,
08:13 "To restore in man the image of his Maker,
08:17 to bring him back to the perfection
08:19 in which he was created.
08:21 To promote the development of body, mind, and soul,
08:24 that the divine purpose in His creation
08:26 might be realized...
08:27 this was to be the work of redemption. "
08:31 In other words, God wants to bring us all the way back
08:35 and this process of restoration would actually be incomplete
08:40 if God pardoned and gave us power
08:43 but He left us with our physical natures.
08:47 Can you imagine?
08:48 God says, "I pardon you... I give you power...
08:50 but I can't glorify you... I can't give you new bodies...
08:54 I can't restore the earth...
08:56 I can't create a new heavens and a new earth... "
08:58 no, no, no, God says, "Look, I'm going to complete
09:00 the process...
09:01 I'm going to bring you all the way back
09:04 to where Adam and Eve were before the fall... "
09:08 and it begins with our character transformation
09:12 here and now.
09:13 Glorification is an important final phase
09:18 of the process where God will bring us back.
09:22 I'm looking forward to that day.
09:24 I am tired of back aches... I'm tired of the flu...
09:28 I'm tired of people getting cancer and dying...
09:32 all of these things are a result of sin.
09:35 Aging... baldness... wrinkles... all of these things
09:39 came as a result of sin...
09:41 God never meant us to age,
09:43 God never meant us to die
09:45 but as soon as Adam and Eve ate of that forbidden fruit,
09:48 there was a change in human nature.
09:52 Our physical nature...
09:53 Adam and Eve began to die.
09:55 The planet began to wax old like a garment as the Bible says
10:00 and God's plan of salvation is to bring us back.
10:04 The first point of glorification is...
10:07 glorification is spiritual restoration...
10:10 glorification is a process that begins
10:13 with our character transformation now.
10:16 In other words, glorification is not just
10:18 "Pie in the sky by and by"
10:20 where I say, "Oh, at the second coming of Jesus...
10:22 there I will be glorified... "
10:24 but according to Scripture,
10:25 the glorification of our spiritual nature...
10:29 our character actually begins the moment that you accept Jesus
10:34 as Savior and Lord
10:35 and God says, "Look, I want to begin
10:37 this process of sanctification, glorification of your character"
10:42 how do we know this?
10:44 In 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 verse 18, the Bible says,
10:48 "But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror
10:52 the glory of the Lord, are being transformed
10:56 into the same image from glory to glory,
10:59 just as by the Spirit of the Lord. "
11:02 Notice the terminology that Paul uses
11:05 in 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 verse 18,
11:07 he says that you are going from glory to glory...
11:11 from character to character...
11:14 from transformation to transformation
11:17 and this is talking about our character.
11:20 You are being transformed into the same image
11:24 and this is where glorification ultimately begins.
11:28 In other words,
11:30 if our characters have become like Jesus
11:34 and we allow God to work His work in us
11:39 to make us more like Jesus,
11:41 we will be glorified at the second coming of Jesus.
11:45 Glorification is a surety if we allow Jesus to pardon us,
11:52 to give us power and to make us and mold us to become like Him.
11:57 Glorification actually begins right now.
12:01 As we go on, John Piper says,
12:04 "In Paul's mind the process called sanctification
12:06 in this life...
12:07 the process of transformation from one degree of holiness
12:11 to the next,
12:12 is the first stage of glorification. "
12:16 He echoes what Paul says there
12:19 where he transitions from justification
12:21 directly to glorification.
12:22 Sanctification begins the process of glorification
12:26 even now.
12:27 We come to our next point of restoration.
12:30 Glorification involves physical restoration...
12:34 glorification culminates with our physical transformation
12:38 at the second coming of Jesus.
12:41 Can you imagine what that's going to be like?
12:43 When Jesus comes the second time, the Bible says,
12:46 "The trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised
12:50 and in a moment... in a twinkling of an eye
12:53 we shall be changed. "
12:57 I'm looking forward to that day.
12:59 Can you imagine if we're laid to rest...
13:01 and we don't have the privilege of being translated
13:04 without seeing death and we're there
13:05 and we're raised in the resurrection
13:07 and then we look up
13:08 and suddenly we look at our hands
13:10 and we see new hands...
13:11 we are resurrected to immortal bodies...
13:16 and this is a part of glorification.
13:19 Glorification begins with the character
13:21 and if we allow Jesus to work in us,
13:23 He continues that process and at the second coming,
13:27 we will receive new bodies
13:30 because of the power and the majesty of Jesus Christ.
13:35 I want to be there at the second coming.
13:37 I want to be there when the clouds open
13:40 and Jesus comes again to glorify us.
13:42 We're going to take a short break
13:43 and when we come back, we will continue in our study
13:47 of glorification...
13:48 of how God brings us back to Eden restored...
13:52 the restoration of the image of God in us...
13:56 not only in spirit but in physicality.


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