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00:01 Welcome back...
00:02 before the break, we were studying "Glorification"
00:04 and we looked at Scripture,
00:07 how glorification begins with character transformation now,
00:11 the Bible says that we are transformed from glory to glory.
00:16 The other part of glorification
00:19 is at the second coming of Jesus,
00:21 we will have a restoration of our physical nature,
00:25 when Jesus comes the second time
00:28 and the clouds open like a scroll
00:30 and Jesus descends and He calls up the righteous dead
00:35 and the righteous living
00:37 at that point, the Bible says
00:39 that we will receive glorified bodies.
00:43 Praise the Lord for that reality,
00:45 I'm looking forward to the day of a new body...
00:48 of a glorified body...
00:49 we're not taking our bodies to heaven,
00:51 we will receive a new body at the second coming
00:54 and here it is in 1st Corinthians chapter 15
00:56 verse 52,
00:57 "In a flash, in a twinkling of an eye,
01:01 at the last trumpet.
01:03 For the trumpet will sound,
01:05 the dead will be raised imperishable,
01:08 and we will be changed.
01:12 For this corruptible must put on incorruption,
01:17 and this mortal must put on immortality. "
01:21 What a day that will be Friends, when Jesus comes the second time
01:24 and we receive a new body... immortalized...
01:28 I imagine looking down at my hands I say, "Ah, new hands!"
01:31 Imagine looking at your face in heaven for this first time,
01:35 and you're like, "Wow! amazing!"
01:37 And we will have no more death, no more pain,
01:42 no more sorrow, no more funerals,
01:44 no more cancer, no more heart attack,
01:47 no more hospitals,
01:48 we will receive immortal bodies at the second coming
01:53 and this is an important part of the restorative process
01:57 and if you give your life to Jesus Christ...
01:59 if you accept Him as Savior and Lord of your life...
02:03 glorification is a guarantee at the second coming.
02:07 Philippians chapter 3 verse 21 says,
02:10 "Who, by the power that enables Him to bring everything
02:14 under His control, will transform our lowly bodies
02:19 so that they will be like His glorious body. "
02:24 We come to our third point of the restorative process
02:28 in glorification...
02:30 environmental restoration,
02:32 glorification will mean the restoration of Eden.
02:37 In other words, our planet today
02:41 has been wearing out like a garment according to Scripture
02:46 there's natural disasters...
02:47 there's thorns and there's thistles...
02:50 there's elements of our planet today
02:52 that are an evidence and a result of sin.
02:56 As soon as Adam and Eve partook of that fruit,
02:59 not only were his physical natures
03:02 and his spiritual nature affected,
03:05 it also affected the entire planet
03:08 and the way that animals related to each other
03:11 and nature itself was affected.
03:14 God never intended for this planet
03:17 to be the way that it is today.
03:20 Now I praise the Lord that even despite the effects of sin
03:24 that we see all around us,
03:26 there are still beautiful things that we can behold.
03:30 There are roses upon the thistles
03:33 but at the second coming of Jesus,
03:36 we will receive our restoration of our physical nature
03:40 and then in the final restoration of our planet,
03:43 after the Millennium...
03:45 according to Revelation chapter 20:21 and 22,
03:48 God will create a new heaven and new earth
03:51 and here is Eden restored.
03:52 Revelation chapter 22 verse 1 and 2,
03:54 "And He showed me a pure river of water of life,
03:58 clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God
04:02 and of the Lamb
04:04 and in the middle of its street, on either side of the river,
04:08 was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits,
04:13 each tree yielding its fruit every month. "
04:16 This is Eden restored...
04:17 what was in the Garden of Eden?
04:19 The Tree of Life...
04:20 and here we can see that in the new earth
04:24 the Tree of Life will be restored.
04:27 Eden lost... Eden restored...
04:30 in the book of Genesis,
04:31 on the first part... the first bookend...
04:33 you can see the loss of the Tree of Life.
04:35 At the end of the Bible, in the book of Revelation,
04:38 we can see that the Garden of Eden is restored
04:42 because the Tree of Life is back.
04:45 God will give us environmental restoration,
04:49 I believe that we can't even imagine
04:51 how beautiful heaven and the re-created earth
04:55 will really be like.
04:57 The other restoration that will take place at glorification
05:01 is what we call, "Relational Restoration. "
05:04 Glorification will mean the restoration of relationships.
05:10 As soon as Adam and Eve sinned,
05:12 notice what happened.
05:14 There was a breakdown of their relationship.
05:18 When God talked with Adam and Eve about what had taken place,
05:23 what happened?
05:25 Adam blamed Eve...
05:27 Eve blamed the serpent...
05:30 there was a relational dynamic
05:33 that changed immediately after sin.
05:36 Furthermore, we can see that in nature
05:38 there was a relational dynamic that changed as well.
05:42 We have prey and we have predator...
05:45 this was never meant to be according to God's plan
05:48 but as a result of sin, every relational dynamic
05:52 beginning with the human relationship
05:54 on down to the animal kingdom,
05:57 there was a dramatic change that took place
05:59 but after the restoration
06:01 of the new heavens and the new earth,
06:03 there will be a restoration of animal relationships
06:06 and this is according to Isaiah chapter 11 verse 6,
06:10 Listen to this, "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,
06:14 the leopard shall lie down with the young goat. "
06:18 There will be a restoration of the Edenic relationship.
06:22 There will be no more prey and no more predator,
06:26 the predators will become vegetarians.
06:29 Praise God and the Bible says,
06:31 "They will dwell together
06:33 and there will also be a restoration
06:37 of human relationships. "
06:40 According to Revelation chapter 22 verse 2,
06:42 the Bible says, "The leaves of the tree
06:45 were for the healing of the nations. "
06:49 What does that mean?
06:50 I believe that means that when we get to heaven,
06:54 all of the social dynamics and the strife that we experience
06:59 this side of heaven,
07:00 will be healed in the new earth.
07:03 I praise the Lord for that,
07:04 I praise the Lord that when we get to heaven
07:08 there will be no more genocide.
07:11 There will be no more ethnic cleansing.
07:16 There will be no more racism.
07:18 There will be no more racial tension.
07:22 The Bible says, "The leaves of the Tree of Life
07:26 will be for the healing of the nations. "
07:29 When Jesus comes the second time and brings us to heaven,
07:33 at the end of the millennium, after the 1,000 years
07:36 and the heavens and the earth are re-created,
07:38 every level of the results of sin...
07:42 beginning with our own human interactions
07:44 down to the animal kingdom,
07:46 there will be a restoration that takes place,
07:49 God will bring us all the way back
07:53 and there won't be in heaven... I praise God for this...
07:56 there won't be in heaven any social awkwardness,
08:00 no misunderstandings,
08:03 no issues that crop up because of personality differences,
08:08 we will live in perfect harmony and perfect community
08:12 in the new earth in heaven.
08:15 God will bring us all the way back.
08:17 There will be a restoration of human relationships
08:21 and most importantly, there will be a restoration
08:25 of our relationship with God.
08:28 Here we have it, last book of the Bible,
08:30 Revelation chapter 22... last chapter... verse 4,
08:34 "They shall see His face,
08:36 and His name shall be on their foreheads. "
08:41 We will be restored back to that relationship with Adam and Eve.
08:45 Remember the relationship that Adam and Eve had
08:47 before the fall?
08:49 They were able to have a face-to-face communion with Him,
08:52 open communion... uninhibited...
08:55 they were able to have this encounter with God
08:58 and the Bible says that God's name will be written
09:02 on their forehead.
09:03 This is where God wants to bring us.
09:05 He wants to bring us
09:06 to that restorative relationship with Him
09:09 and God will bring us back
09:11 and notice what the Bible says
09:12 that His name will be on their foreheads...
09:16 on our foreheads.
09:17 Now, this is not saying there will be a literal name...
09:20 a stamp on our foreheads when we get to heaven,
09:22 what that is talking about is the character of God
09:25 will be restored in man.
09:27 "Imago Dei"
09:29 the image of God will be restored in man
09:32 and we'll be brought back to that relationship with Him.
09:36 The relational tensions...
09:38 the relational estrangement
09:41 of every level of humanity will be restored
09:44 and ultimately, when Jesus comes the second time,
09:46 there will be a restoration of our relationship with God.
09:50 Now, the important focus for us
09:53 when we talk about glorification is to recognize
09:57 that if the character is transformed
10:00 and we allow Jesus to be reproduced in us,
10:03 glorification is a surety.
10:07 Now, what is character?
10:10 We're told in the book "Maranatha" page 222,
10:13 "If the thoughts are wrong, the feelings will be wrong
10:18 and the thoughts and the feelings combined
10:21 make up the moral character. "
10:24 If you want to know what your character is,
10:26 what do you think about?
10:28 How do you feel about what you are thinking about?
10:31 What is the thing that you think about
10:33 over and over and over again.
10:36 That is what makes up your moral character.
10:39 You see, God is not just in the business
10:43 of getting external transformation,
10:47 God is ultimately in the work of working from the inside out,
10:52 some people think, "You know what?
10:54 I'm not going to physically do it,
10:56 but I'm going to think about it in my mind
10:58 but Jesus said in the sermon on the mount,
11:00 "If you lust after a woman,
11:02 you have committed adultery with her in your heart. "
11:06 So, God wants to go all the way back
11:09 into the thoughts and the feelings
11:11 and this process of transformation
11:13 begins with the character
11:15 and it begins ultimately with the thoughts.
11:18 Here Stephen Covey says, "Sow a thought, reap an action;
11:21 sow an action, reap a habit;
11:24 sow a habit, reap a character;
11:27 sow a character, reap a destiny. "
11:30 God wants to transform our thoughts...
11:32 God wants to transform our minds from the inside out...
11:36 our thoughts and feelings...
11:37 and when we are baptized, we accept Jesus as our Savior
11:41 and then, we make Him Lord of our life.
11:44 It's important that it's in that order...
11:47 He's our Savior first
11:49 and then we say, "Lord... my Lord and my God. "
11:54 We make Him Lord of our life, we make Him Lord of our thoughts
11:59 we subject every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ
12:04 and by beholding Jesus daily... in the process...
12:08 we become like Him in character.
12:12 God wants to transform our thoughts and our minds.
12:15 Now, when we think of concrete,
12:17 we need to recognize that there are two phases to concrete.
12:22 The "setting phase" and the "fixed phase. "
12:26 I believe that we are living in the very end of time
12:30 and that during this time of probationary period
12:33 that we have right now,
12:35 God is allowing our characters to be molded
12:38 and to be developed into the character of Jesus
12:42 but there will come a time when we become set in our ways.
12:48 I want to encourage you today
12:50 while you still hear the voice of God,
12:53 to make the decision to follow Him.
12:56 The Bible says, "If you hear His voice,
12:59 harden not your hearts. "
13:03 The implication is that God is not changing...
13:05 He's always calling you.
13:07 The implication is that
13:08 we change in our decision-making process,
13:11 our characters are being shaped and transformed.
13:14 I want to encourage you today to hear the voice of God...
13:18 to respond to Him today and respond to His call.
13:22 Join us again as we study
13:23 the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.
13:28 May God bless us as we continue to walk with Him.


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