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00:01 Welcome back...
00:02 before the break, we were taking a look at the Laver
00:05 which is the second article of furniture in the sanctuary.
00:08 It was a place of washing
00:10 where the priest would wash their hands and their feet
00:14 and this physical washing typified a spiritual washing
00:17 that God wants to do with each one of us.
00:19 In Ezekiel chapter 36 verse 25 the Bible says,
00:22 "I will sprinkle clean water on you; and you will be clean;
00:28 I will cleanse you from all your impurities
00:32 and from all your idols. "
00:34 I like the emphasis of how this verse brings out the reality
00:38 that it's actually God who does the cleansing.
00:42 We can't cleanse ourselves.
00:44 God says, "Look, I'm going to be the One that cleanses you...
00:47 I'm going to be the One that washes you...
00:49 I'm going to be the One that makes you pure... "
00:52 and the Laver...
00:54 the washing represents the spiritual regeneration
00:57 that God wants to do with each one of us.
01:00 The implication of the spiritual washing that we experience
01:04 by the grace of God
01:06 indicates that there is defilement that takes place
01:10 every time we sin.
01:14 We get spiritually dirty
01:16 and the Laver represents the washing that God wants to bring
01:21 into our lives and our spiritual nature.
01:23 Now, in Acts chapter 22 verse 16, the Bible says,
01:27 "And now what are you waiting for?
01:29 Get up, be baptized and wash away your sins,
01:35 calling on His name. "
01:37 This is an instance in Scripture where the Bible brings out
01:41 that baptism is a symbol of the washing away of sin.
01:47 In the Christian experience,
01:49 this is one place in which water is used
01:52 and that water... the waters of baptism,
01:55 according to Acts, represents the washing away of sin.
01:59 Now, when you get baptized, that water is not holy water...
02:05 I've news for you,
02:06 that water is not sanctified water
02:09 but that water is a symbol... an important symbol
02:13 of what the Holy Spirit has done in your heart
02:17 and you want to publicly demonstrate in that ceremony...
02:22 that beautiful ceremony of baptism...
02:24 of the cleansing that has taken place in your heart...
02:28 the washing away of sin.
02:31 So, that's one place where baptism is mentioned.
02:34 Now, you notice that the Laver
02:36 is the second article of furniture in the sanctuary...
02:39 It is not the last article... it is not the first article...
02:42 it is the second article of furniture
02:44 and some people think that when they're baptized
02:47 it's like graduation... it's like you've arrived.
02:51 In reality, you have just begun.
02:54 It does not indicate that you're perfect,
02:56 far from it...
02:58 but it indicates that you've accepted of the provision
03:01 of Jesus Christ,
03:02 and you've asked for the cleansing in your own heart.
03:04 You see, graduation is not this thing
03:06 where you come to this place and you say,
03:09 "Lord, I'm perfect... I've arrived...
03:11 I've achieved all these things. "
03:13 Quite the contrary...
03:15 baptism is a symbol
03:17 of the new birth
03:19 and when you look in the sanctuary,
03:21 it is the second article of furniture.
03:24 In other words, you come to Jesus just the way that you are,
03:27 you accept Him as Savior of your life,
03:30 and you are baptized.
03:32 You come to the altar... the burnt offering...
03:34 accept Him as Savior,
03:36 then you come to the Laver and you say,
03:38 "Lord, I want to be baptized. "
03:40 I want to be cleansed by this water
03:42 which symbolizes the cleansing of my own heart.
03:46 This is where baptism comes into place.
03:49 Now, some people have asked this question,
03:51 "Is there a case for re-baptism?"
03:55 Now, the Bible brings out two instances
03:58 in which re-baptism is appropriate.
04:00 One of them is, when you're given new life
04:03 like in the book of Acts,
04:04 individuals had only been baptized
04:06 by the baptism of John,
04:07 they did not hear...
04:09 or had not heard of the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ,
04:11 they were re-baptized,
04:13 so, if you have been walking with Jesus
04:15 and you come upon new light such as the Sabbath
04:19 or the state of the dead...
04:21 new light in Scripture that has been rediscovered
04:24 or discovered for you...
04:26 that is a case in which it's Biblically supported
04:29 to be appropriate to be re-baptized.
04:32 There are other cases where re-baptism would be appropriate
04:35 and that is when there is a significant
04:38 public falling away from sin.
04:40 Now, there are cases in which we make a mistake
04:45 or someone in the Christian community makes a mistake
04:48 that causes a stain upon the community of Christ
04:53 and that would be a case
04:55 in which someone would be re-baptized.
04:58 Now, I would say that re-baptism should be something
05:01 that is prayerfully considered
05:02 I was meeting with this one individual
05:05 that wanted to be re-baptized
05:07 and I said, "How many times have you been re-baptized?"
05:11 And he said, "Eight. "
05:12 And I said, "Brother, I think you're...
05:15 you're overdoing it here a little bit
05:17 because re-baptism was not something
05:19 that was to be done over and over again.
05:23 There are special instances for re-baptism. "
05:26 In Titus chapter 3 verse 5, the Bible says,
05:30 "He saved us, not because of righteous things
05:33 which we have done, but because of His mercy.
05:36 He saved us through the washing of rebirth
05:40 and the renewal by the Holy Spirit. "
05:43 You notice what the Bible says
05:45 that it's the Holy Spirit that washes us.
05:48 He cleanses us...
05:49 the Holy Spirit comes into our lives
05:52 after we accept Jesus as our Savior,
05:55 and He cleanses us and He renews us
05:57 and when we are re-baptized,
06:00 that is a symbol of what has taken place
06:03 in our own lives... in our own hearts...
06:06 There's another place where we use water
06:09 and it's found in John chapter 13 verses 8 through 10,
06:12 Peter said to Him, You shall never wash my feet,
06:15 Jesus answered to him, "If I do not wash you,
06:19 you have no part with me. "
06:21 Simon Peter said to Him, "Lord, not my feet only
06:25 but also my hands and my head. "
06:27 Jesus said to him, "He who is bathed... "
06:31 and notice the language here,
06:32 "needs only to wash his feet... "
06:36 what did Jesus mean?
06:37 "He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet. "
06:42 Scholars believe that this bathing
06:45 is a reference to baptism.
06:47 In other words, baptism is a symbol
06:50 of that bathing and washing
06:52 but he says that you must wash your feet
06:55 after you have bathed.
06:57 What this is a metaphor of
06:59 is that after we have accepted Jesus and been baptized
07:03 and we're walking the Christian walk,
07:06 metaphorically, our feet get dirty.
07:08 They need cleansing
07:10 and the foot-washing service
07:12 which takes place on a regular basis
07:16 in our community of faith, is sort of like a mini baptism
07:22 because after baptism, because of human weakness,
07:25 we make mistakes... we make foibles...
07:27 we make errors...
07:29 and every time we have that foot washing,
07:31 one of the symbols in the ceremonies
07:33 of the foot-washing service,
07:34 is that it takes care of those incidental mistakes...
07:39 it's like a mini-baptism
07:41 as we are walking the Christian walk
07:43 and the Christian experience.
07:45 So, I don't believe that re-baptism for...
07:49 for that individual that wanted to be re-baptized eight times
07:53 perhaps, he should have been using the foot-washing service
07:57 for those times that he felt that he made mistakes
08:00 that were not of an egregious nature.
08:02 What did Solomon call the Laver when he built the temple?
08:07 In 2nd Chronicles chapter 4 verse 2,
08:10 "He made the Sea of cast metal, circular in shape,
08:13 measuring ten cubits from rim to rim
08:17 and five cubits high.
08:19 He took a line of thirty cubits to measure around it. "
08:24 Now, Solomon was called to build the temple
08:27 and this temple was to replace the Mosaic sanctuary
08:32 that God had told Moses to build.
08:34 The... the tabernacle built by Moses was a... a...
08:38 a portable structure
08:40 and God instructed Solomon to build
08:43 a more permanent structure
08:45 and everything was upscaled including the Laver.
08:48 The Laver was so large in Solomon's temple
08:52 that the Bible called it, "A Sea... "
08:55 it was... it was huge... it was huge
08:58 now give me the dimensions of this...
09:00 we don't use cubits in today's age
09:02 and there's a debate out there
09:03 as to which cubit this was using...
09:06 the ancient cubit or the royal cubit
09:08 but it said... it took a line of 30 cubits to measure around it,
09:12 to give you some comparison, Noah's ark was 30 cubits high
09:17 and that was to house all the animals
09:20 so this was 30 cubits around... this was a huge structure...
09:24 I mean it was a huge Laver,
09:26 it was so large that when the Israelites looked at it,
09:28 they said, "It looks like the sea. "
09:30 So the Laver is also referred to the Sea in Solomon's temple.
09:35 Now, why are we emphasizing this?
09:37 Because in Revelation chapter 4 verse 6,
09:40 the Bible indicates... "Also, in front of the throne
09:44 there was what looked like a sea of glass... "
09:48 this is a scene in the New Jerusalem...
09:51 clear as crystal...
09:52 "In the center around the throne,
09:54 were four living creatures, and there they were
09:57 with their eyes in the front and in the back. "
10:00 So, you can see in front of God's throne,
10:02 in His holy temple, there is a sea...
10:05 and the Bible also points out in Revelation chapter 15 verse 2,
10:10 "I saw as it were a sea of glass
10:16 mingled with fire:
10:18 and them that had gotten the victory over the beast,
10:21 and over the image, and over his mark,
10:23 and over the number of his name,
10:24 stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. "
10:30 This is a fascinating picture
10:31 because when the redeemed are standing before God...
10:35 they're standing not in the sea...
10:37 they're standing on the sea.
10:40 Now, the implication of this verse
10:43 is that God's people...
10:45 when they're in the New Heavens and the New Earth,
10:47 have no further need of cleansing.
10:50 They were on the sea... not in the sea.
10:54 This is from Dr. Leslie Hardinge,
10:56 "The final vision of the Laver leaves us with the assurance
10:59 that Christ-transformed disciples
11:02 would need no further purifications hereafter.
11:05 They will stand before the throne of the eternal judge
11:08 without fault.
11:09 Their robes of character washed and made white
11:13 by Calvary's twin streams. "
11:17 I praise God for that.
11:18 I praise the Lord for His cleansing power...
11:22 that he's able to cleanse us from all unrighteousness
11:24 and when we get to heaven,
11:26 we will not be in the sea...
11:27 implying that there's no need for cleansing,
11:30 we'll be on the sea
11:31 indicating that God has brought us all the way back.
11:36 Now, when you look in Scripture,
11:38 you can see that God wants to cleanse us
11:43 and in the story of the leper in Matthew chapter 8,
11:48 the leper comes to Jesus and says,
11:50 "If you are willing, you can make me clean. "
11:54 The Bible indicates that Jesus reached out His hand
11:59 and touched him.
12:01 Notice the order that God engages with this leper...
12:05 God did not say to the leper,
12:07 "Look, be clean and then I will accept you. "
12:11 He said... or He acted by touching the leper...
12:16 an act of acceptance and then He cleansed him.
12:20 This typifies what Jesus does in the sanctuary.
12:25 We come to Him just the way that we are.
12:28 We come to the brazen Altar... we accept Jesus as our Savior,
12:32 and then He brings us to the Laver to cleanse us.
12:36 There is nothing that you can do
12:39 that will make God love you less or more...
12:43 His love for you is not based on your condition...
12:47 not based on your actions or your performance...
12:51 God's love for you is there despite our uncleanness.
12:55 In other words, the washing is not a pre-requisite
12:59 of God's acceptance,
13:00 it comes after His acceptance.
13:03 Jesus loves to have us come to Him
13:05 just the way that we are.
13:08 Won't you accept Him today?
13:10 Won't you come into the sanctuary?
13:12 Won't you accept Him as your Savior?
13:14 Won't you be washed by His Spirit at the Laver?
13:18 Won't you accept Him as your Savior and Lord?
13:21 I want to invite you to join us the next time
13:24 as we continue in our study
13:26 of the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.


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