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00:01 Welcome back...
00:02 before the break, we were taking a look
00:04 at the Table of Shewbread...
00:05 the bread of the Presence found in the Holy Place
00:08 of the sanctuary
00:10 and we looked in the Bible for other references of bread
00:13 and Jesus said, "Man shall not live by bread alone
00:15 but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. "
00:19 That's a direct quote from Deuteronomy chapter 8
00:21 where God said, "I provided you manna
00:25 that you may know that man shall not live by bread alone
00:28 but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
00:32 In other words, manna was a lesson
00:34 of not only our physical provision
00:37 but also the spiritual provision
00:40 that God has made for each one of us
00:42 and I want to take a few moments
00:43 to take a look at "Lessons from Manna. "
00:46 Lesson number 1,
00:48 "God provides for my spiritual nourishment
00:51 by making it accessible. "
00:53 Now, when the manna fell,
00:56 it was right outside of their tent.
00:59 They didn't have to go hunting for it,
01:03 they didn't have to forage it,
01:05 they didn't have to go out there and... and fight for it,
01:08 it was made in abundance
01:10 and it was very accessible to them.
01:13 Take a look at the screen here
01:15 in Exodus chapter 16 verses 14 and 15,
01:18 God is very merciful when He provided the manna,
01:20 "When the dew was gone,
01:22 thin flakes like frost on the ground
01:26 appeared on the desert floor. "
01:28 What a miracle when you think about it,
01:30 every day there was a... there was a divine miracle
01:34 that took place every single morning
01:36 because every day, God rained down manna with the dew,
01:41 it was like... it was with the dew like frost,
01:44 they would gather it every single day
01:46 like we said... they didn't have to hunt for it,
01:48 they didn't have to forage for it,
01:50 it was accessible and available to them...
01:53 it was right outside of their tent,
01:57 all they had to do was go and get it.
02:00 Now the Bible says in Romans chapter 10 verse 8,
02:03 "But what does it say? 'The word is near you
02:07 in your mouth and in your heart... '
02:10 that is, the word of faith which we are preaching. "
02:14 You know, we live in this age
02:16 of phenomenal, mind-blowing accessibility
02:22 to he Word of God.
02:23 We can get the Word of God literally at our fingers...
02:26 fingertips on our phones.
02:28 There are wonderful Bible programs that you can go to
02:32 like Bible Gateway and Bible Hub
02:34 where with just a few clicks, you can look up references
02:37 and commentaries...
02:38 we live in an unprecedented age
02:43 where the Word of God is easily accessible.
02:47 All we have to do is go out there and get it
02:51 just like the heavenly manna was just outside of their tent,
02:54 all they had to do was gather it every single day
02:58 and that manna provided all the nutrition
03:01 to get them from Egypt to Canaan.
03:04 I pray that each one of us every day
03:06 get the heavenly manna, amen.
03:08 Get the Word of God and open it
03:10 because it is accessible,
03:11 it is near you and in your mouth and in your heart... "
03:15 Now the lesson from "Manna"
03:17 "God provides for my spiritual nourishment
03:19 by making it everything I need. "
03:23 The Israelites ate that manna
03:25 and the Bible says that it sustained them
03:28 during the duration of 40 years of wandering in the wilderness,
03:33 the Lord was very merciful, He provided for their needs
03:36 and it provided all the nutrition,
03:38 all the minerals... all the vitamins...
03:40 all the protein that was needed,
03:42 it was the food of angels that was provided for them
03:46 and they were not coming down with diseases and scurvy
03:49 and lack of nutrition...
03:51 their hair wasn't falling out,
03:52 the manna provided everything that they needed
03:56 for their physical sustenance.
03:58 Exodus chapter 16 verse 35,
04:00 "The Israelites ate manna forty years,
04:03 until they came to the land that was settled;
04:05 they ate manna until they reached the border of Canaan. "
04:10 Every single day it fell on the Israelites
04:15 and they were able to gather it.
04:16 In comparison, John chapter 6 verse 63 says,
04:20 "The words I have spoken to you...
04:22 they are full of Spirit... they are life. "
04:26 That is the heavenly manna...
04:28 the Word of God is everything that we need
04:32 for our spiritual sustenance to keep us alive
04:36 and to thrive and grow in Jesus Christ.
04:39 It is available... it is accessible...
04:41 it is made there for us to provide for our spiritual needs
04:47 and our spiritual growth.
04:48 Here's another lesson from "Manna"
04:51 "I take advantage of God's spiritual nourishment
04:54 by gathering it early. "
04:57 Now, this is an important lesson from "Manna"
05:01 because when the manna fell, the Bible indicates
05:05 that it did not stay there the whole day.
05:08 It fell with the dew but when the sun got hot
05:12 the manna began to melt.
05:15 Now, look at this text in Scripture
05:17 in Exodus chapter 16 verse 21, "When the sun grew hot,
05:21 it... the manna melted away. "
05:24 Now, there's an important lesson in this
05:27 because the Bible and our devotional life...
05:30 I find in my own experience
05:32 that if I do not get my heavenly manna from God
05:36 early in the morning,
05:37 there is this tendency where the cares of this life
05:43 and all of the appointments and the stresses thereof
05:48 seem to just come in and crowd out that time.
05:52 If I don't get my heavenly manna early,
05:54 my phone starts going off and buzzing...
05:56 I start getting e-mails and texts and all these things
05:59 and then, the child starts crying
06:03 and all of these things start to come in
06:05 and crowd out the devotional time...
06:07 an important lesson to get the manna early...
06:10 to get it first thing in the morning
06:12 because before the day starts to crowd out your life
06:17 we need to get our morning manna first...
06:20 important lesson from Scripture,
06:22 Dr. Leslie Hardinge makes this commentary,
06:24 "Manna melted with the rising of the sun,
06:27 and it was then gone forever.
06:30 We, too, must make gathering the heavenly Fare
06:34 the first task.
06:35 The dawn is best, for noon is opportunity lost.
06:40 The day's hectic activities will overwhelm the life
06:44 unnourished by this celestial Bread. "
06:49 I want to encourage you
06:50 to get your manna early in the morning,
06:52 set your alarm clock...
06:54 I have one individual that I know of...
06:55 what she does is say, before she goes to bed she says,
06:59 "Lord, get me up in the morning... "
07:01 and every single time, the Lord gets her up...
07:04 it's as though the heavenly angel, I believe, comes and...
07:07 and rustles her and gets her up in the morning,
07:10 God wants to spend time with you
07:12 and she's able to spend time in God's Word
07:15 when she prays this prayer,
07:16 why don't you try and say,
07:18 "Lord, I want to spend time with You in the morning,
07:21 get me up when You desire to spend time with me... "
07:24 to get that heavenly manna from God.
07:27 Psalm 5 verse 3 says, "In the morning, O Lord,
07:31 You will hear my voice;
07:33 in the morning I will order my prayer to You. "
07:37 First thing in the morning, spend your time with God,
07:40 get that heavenly manna... that nourishment
07:43 because as the sun rises, that manna will melt
07:47 and that's an opportunity that is lost.
07:49 Moving on, another lesson from "Manna"
07:52 "I take advantage of God's spiritual nourishment
07:56 by gathering it daily. "
07:58 There's a prayer... the Lord's Prayer...
08:02 and it says, "Give us this day our daily bread. "
08:07 Now, this is not only a reference to physical bread,
08:13 but I believe that it's also a reference
08:15 to spiritual bread as well.
08:18 In other words, God wants us to get our spiritual bread daily
08:23 and in the same way, in our physical experience
08:26 you cannot eat for the entire year,
08:29 now, sometimes I wish for the sake of efficiency
08:31 that I could just eat
08:32 and not have to eat for the rest of the day,
08:34 but according to the way that our bodies are made,
08:38 you can't eat for the whole week or the whole month
08:41 or the whole year,
08:43 you have to eat daily.
08:45 Daily nutrition physically is... is necessary
08:48 and I'm afraid that there are some Christians
08:51 that are spiritually eating only once a week.
08:56 They're eating just when they come to church,
08:59 spiritually and they're hoping that that spiritual nourishment,
09:04 that bread will last them the whole time,
09:06 but we're told that we need daily sustenance.
09:09 Now, I began a practice about year ago,
09:13 where I started to fast.
09:15 Now, I tell my congregation,
09:17 this is "descriptive not prescriptive"
09:21 fasting is something between you and God
09:24 and I participated in this fast just for personal benefit
09:29 and for health reasons... intermittent fasting...
09:32 you can look it up, there are benefits
09:33 and disclaimer please,
09:35 consult with your medical provider
09:36 before doing any sort of fasting,
09:38 but, fasting, I found is... is a fascinating thing
09:43 because as I fast, there is this keen awareness
09:48 of dependency upon food.
09:51 There are times all I can think about
09:54 during that 24-hour fast... is food
09:57 and it shows me my dependency and my need
10:02 upon physical food for sustenance,
10:06 How much more in our spiritual life
10:10 are we dependent upon the Word of God?
10:14 I want to read this quotation from D.L. Moody,
10:17 "A man can no more take any supply of grace for the future
10:22 than he can eat enough today to last him
10:25 for the next six months.
10:26 Nor can he inhale sufficient air into his lungs
10:30 with one breath to sustain life for a week to come,
10:33 we are permitted to draw upon God's store of grace
10:37 from day to day as we need it. "
10:41 We need daily manna, we can't eat for the whole year,
10:45 we can't eat for the whole month,
10:46 we are daily dependent upon the Word of God
10:49 and this is where our daily devotions
10:51 come into our Christian experience.
10:53 Notice the second compartment of the sanctuary,
10:57 there is bread that is there,
10:59 in other words, you come into the courtyard,
11:01 you accept Jesus as your Savior,
11:04 you are baptized...
11:06 and then God brings you to the Table for spiritual sustenance.
11:12 In other words, in the Courtyard,
11:14 you become alive
11:16 and then God says, "I want you to thrive while you are alive"
11:21 and this is our daily bread.
11:23 I pray that you get up in the morning, by the grace of God,
11:27 and spend time in His Word,
11:30 we can actually pray to God and say,
11:32 "Lord, create in me a deeper desire for you,
11:36 give me a distaste for the things of this world,
11:41 give me a distaste for the things that are in media,
11:45 in secular society
11:46 and give me a taste for the heavenly manna,
11:50 we don't have to fabricate it,
11:51 it's not something that we need to conjure up,
11:54 but we can ask God to give us a desire for His Word
12:00 to receive spiritual sustenance and spiritual nourishment.
12:06 Man does not live by bread alone,
12:08 but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
12:13 Jesus is our heavenly manna.
12:15 Jesus said, "Your fathers ate manna in the wilderness
12:18 and they died,
12:19 I am the living bread that came out of heaven:
12:22 if anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever:
12:25 and the bread also which I give for the life of the world
12:28 is my flesh. "
12:31 Now, the disciples and the people around Him assumed
12:34 that he was talking about cannibalism
12:35 but later on in John chapter 6, we're told that Jesus said,
12:40 "The words that I speak unto you,
12:43 they are Spirit... they are life. "
12:46 In other words, Jesus compares the heavenly manna
12:50 to the Word of God.
12:53 Won't you feed on the Word of God today?
12:55 You've been born again... you've been walking with Jesus
12:58 but you need strength which is Jesus who is the bread of life,
13:02 ask God to create in you
13:05 a deeper desire for Him and His Word
13:08 and He will get you up in the morning
13:11 to get that heavenly manna...
13:12 to live by every word that proceeds
13:16 out of the mouth of God...
13:17 to be sustained spiritually...
13:19 to grow up in Christ after you have been born again.
13:23 Join us again next time as we continue in our study
13:27 of the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.


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