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00:01 Welcome back...
00:02 before the break, we were talking about
00:04 how prayer is the breath of the soul
00:06 and the secret of spiritual power.
00:09 Prayer is like talking to God as to a friend.
00:13 I finished a book recently, it's from Susan Scott entitled,
00:18 "Fierce Conversations"
00:20 and listen to what she says,
00:21 "Our lives succeed or fail gradually,
00:24 then suddenly, one conversation at a time.
00:28 While no single conversation is guaranteed
00:31 to change the trajectory of a career, a business,
00:35 a marriage or a life... any single conversation can.
00:39 The conversation is the relationship. "
00:49 Now, when I first read this book and I read that one line...
00:52 "The conversation is the relationship... "
00:56 I just sat back... I said, "What a profound thought. "
01:00 Remember we said that prayer is conversation?
01:03 Now, many times we talk about our relationship with God
01:07 as though it's this nebulous ethereal thing that's out there
01:11 but in reality, when we're talking about our prayer life,
01:16 what are we talking about?
01:17 We're talking about conversation and what is conversation?
01:21 Conversation is our relationship.
01:24 In other words, no conversation...
01:28 no relationship.
01:30 So, when we talk about our prayer life,
01:34 we're not talking about this discipline or this thing
01:37 that we have to do, no, no, no, no...
01:38 we're talking about our relationship with God
01:42 because conversation is relationship.
01:46 Now, I was dating the person that now became my wife,
01:50 and she went over to Africa for a period of time...
01:55 about nine months...
01:56 how did we maintain our relationship?
02:01 Now, when you're talking about a relationship
02:03 with that individual that you're about to marry,
02:05 there is nothing ethereal about it,
02:08 you know exactly what is necessary
02:11 to maintain that relationship
02:12 and it was very expensive to call Africa
02:15 and I would go off to this local international food store
02:20 where they sold these calling cards
02:22 which was like 70... 80 cents per minute
02:25 and I would buy a stack of those
02:26 and every month, my bill was 400 to 600 dollars per month
02:33 and it was worth every penny.
02:36 Why?
02:38 Because talking to the person that was going to be my wife
02:41 and maintaining that relationship was so essential
02:45 because conversation is the relationship.
02:50 It's the same way in our relationship with God.
02:53 You cannot have a relationship with an individual
02:55 that you never talked to...
02:57 that you never opened your heart to...
02:59 that you never show the insides of the inner sanctum
03:05 of what's happening in your heart and mind,
03:07 if you don't talk to a person,
03:09 you don't have a relationship with that person...
03:11 the conversation is the relationship.
03:15 Notice how much this conversation is to take place
03:19 during the course of a day, Psalm 55 verse 17,
03:23 "Evening, morning, and at noon will I pray,
03:28 and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. "
03:32 In other words, prayer is not just something that you do
03:35 during breakfast and lunch and dinner,
03:38 prayer is something that you do over the course of a day.
03:41 You don't always have to be on your knees to pray,
03:44 although there are times where that's the appropriate posture,
03:47 but you need to be in prayer as you're going through the day...
03:51 as you're walking the streets...
03:53 as you're going about your business,
03:55 as you're having a critical conversation with a co-worker,
03:58 you can be uplifting your heart to God in prayer
04:01 and saying, "Lord, help me to have the words
04:03 in this conversation. "
04:05 You're conversing with God as to a friend
04:08 and the beauty of our conversation with God
04:10 is that God is available any time... any place...
04:14 His appointment book and His schedule
04:17 is always open... we can talk with the King of the kings
04:20 and the Lord of lords at any point of our day,
04:25 evening, morning and at noon will I pray to God.
04:29 Now, I want to share with you about one way that we can pray
04:34 that incorporates the important elements of prayer
04:38 and now, this is not the only way that we can pray,
04:40 and there's time for structured prayer
04:43 and there's time we just throw a prayer to God and say,
04:44 "Lord, I need your help... "
04:46 but this is one way that we can pray
04:47 that can help us in approaching God through the sanctuary
04:52 using the sanctuary as a reference point
04:54 and the first part of this is, you enter into the Courtyard
04:58 and the Bible says,
04:59 "Enter his courts with praise" Psalm 100 verse 4,
05:02 "Enter His gates with thanksgiving,
05:03 and his courts with praise:
05:05 give thanks to Him, and praise His name. "
05:08 Sometimes, we can get into this rut
05:11 of just going to God all the time and just asking
05:14 and asking and asking and asking.
05:16 Now, there's appropriate times when we need to make "asking"
05:21 especially in critical moments
05:23 the primary objective of our prayers
05:26 but have you ever had a friend
05:28 that the only time that they called you
05:30 was when they wanted something?
05:31 How does that feel?
05:33 Well, here, God loves to have us come to Him
05:37 and praise Him,
05:39 and the difference between praise and thanks
05:43 is praise... is giving adoration for who God is,
05:48 thanks... is giving gratitude for what He does.
05:52 Both of them are essential
05:54 but which one do you think is more appreciative to God?
05:58 If I go to my wife and I say,
05:59 "Thank you for cooking the wonderful dinner,
06:01 thank you for what you did?"
06:02 I'm sure she'd be... have gratitude for that...
06:05 be thankful for that...
06:07 but what if I went to my wife and I said,
06:09 "Honey, you have a tender heart,
06:11 I want to thank God for who you are. "
06:16 Which one do you think would mean more to her?
06:19 I guarantee, it would be...
06:21 "I have a heart full of gratitude for who you are... "
06:25 and that is where worship comes from,
06:28 when we are touched with who God is,
06:31 that is where adoration and praise come from
06:35 and I believe that God wants to bring us
06:38 from this transactional relationship
06:42 to a... to a true relational dynamic
06:46 from transaction to a transformative
06:49 relational experience.
06:51 Then we come into the Courtyard with praises on our lips
06:55 so, in our praise life... in our prayer life,
06:57 one thing that we can do is open our prayer time
07:00 by just thanking God...
07:01 "I want to thank You for Who You are,
07:02 I want to thank You for what You have done in my life"
07:04 and just fill your prayer time with praise.
07:07 Then we come into the Altar of Burnt Offering,
07:09 that is where we receive forgiveness of sins
07:11 and that is where we can say, "Lord, clean my heart,
07:14 wash me and make me new...
07:16 create in me a clean heart
07:18 and renew a right spirit within me. "
07:20 We can come to God openly and say,
07:21 "Lord, I'm a sinner in need of grace...
07:23 I want to accept You as my Savior and Lord of my life. "
07:26 We come in and look at Jesus on the cross
07:30 and accept Him again as our personal Savior.
07:33 We need to die every day...
07:35 not just in the beginning of our Christian experience
07:38 but every moment of our day, so, we come into the Courtyard,
07:40 we thank God for what He has done
07:42 and then we look at the Altar of Burnt Offering
07:45 and we accept Jesus again as our Savior
07:47 and Lord of our life,
07:48 we ask for forgiveness of sins...
07:50 we think of the times in our lives
07:51 when we have been selfish,
07:53 we think of the day before and we recollect
07:55 and we say, "Look, I am sorry for the ways that I've hurt you
08:00 by the sins that I have done... "
08:03 and I believe that the confession should be
08:07 specific in nature.
08:09 Now, there are times for general prayers,
08:11 but there's something that happens when you say,
08:13 "Lord, forgive me for the way that I spoke to my wife...
08:17 forgive me for the way that I spoke to my children. "
08:21 This is where we can come in
08:23 and then we come to the Altar of Burnt Offering
08:25 and ask for the forgiveness of sins
08:28 and we behold the sacrifice of God...
08:30 behold the Lamb of God
08:32 who takes away the sins of the world.
08:34 Then we come to the Laver... the next article of furniture
08:38 and we ask God to cleanse the heart,
08:40 the Bible says, "If we confess our sins,
08:42 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
08:44 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. "
08:47 We ask for God's cleansing power in our lives at the Laver
08:51 as we come into the sanctuary,
08:53 then we come to the Lampstand
08:55 and this is an important part in our prayer life,
08:57 the Bible tells us in the book of Luke
08:59 that we should ask for the Holy Spirit every day...
09:02 evidenced by the oil that is in the lampstands
09:04 and when we have the Holy Spirit,
09:06 we have the fruit of the Spirit as well.
09:09 We can ask for the fruit of the Spirit
09:11 of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness,
09:15 goodness, faithfulness and self-control.
09:18 I know I can use more of that in my life.
09:21 In other words, this is a fruit not a root,
09:23 you can't fabricate love in your own heart.
09:26 You can't fabricate gentleness in your own heart
09:28 but you can ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you
09:31 and when the Holy Spirit comes in,
09:33 these are the natural outgrowths,
09:35 the natural result of a Spirit-filled life.
09:38 So, every single day as you come in your prayer life,
09:43 you can ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you
09:45 each and every day... an important element of prayer.
09:49 Then we come to the next article of furniture...
09:52 the Table of Shewbread... and we feed on the Word...
09:55 Jeremiah chapter 15 verse 16 says,
09:57 "When your words came, I ate them;
09:59 and they were in my mouth...
10:01 my joy and my heart's delight, for I bear Your name,
10:06 O LORD God Almighty. "
10:08 And this is a good time to pause in your devotional life,
10:11 feed on the Word...
10:13 spend time reading and meditating
10:16 on the words of life.
10:18 Then you come to the next article of furniture,
10:20 you come to the Altar of Incense,
10:22 and this is where you have intercessory prayer...
10:25 Psalm 141 verse 2 says,
10:27 "Let my prayer be set forth as incense before Thee. "
10:31 This is where you can go through the list of people
10:34 that you are praying for
10:36 and ask God to intervene in their life.
10:40 Ask God to... to put forth His angels
10:44 to surround that individual that you are praying for.
10:47 Our prayers should not just be about ourselves...
10:50 we should pray for others.
10:52 We should have a list of people
10:55 that we pray for on a daily basis.
10:58 Our family members that we want to be in the kingdom
11:00 and there's something about intercessory prayer
11:03 that is so beautiful.
11:05 In other words, I believe that intercessory prayer
11:10 gives God permission to move above and beyond
11:14 in the scheme of the great controversy,
11:17 that He would normally be able
11:19 unless He has authorization.
11:21 In other words,
11:23 when you pray for another individual,
11:25 God has special authorization to move in that person's life
11:31 above and beyond what He normally would be able.
11:34 Then we come to the last article of furniture.
11:37 The Ark of the Covenant.
11:38 Inside the Ark of the Covenant was the Law of Love,
11:42 Romans chapter 13 verse 10 says,
11:45 "Therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. "
11:50 We come into the Most Holy Place and there we say,
11:55 "Lord, I don't want You to write Your law on tablets of stone
12:00 but I want You to write them on the tablets of my heart. "
12:04 And God says, "I will do this thing...
12:07 I will be the One that transforms your character... "
12:10 and you say, "Lord, just like Adam and Eve
12:12 had the law of God on the tablets of their hearts,
12:16 I want You to do the same for me in my life today. "
12:20 So, we can use the sanctuary as a reference point in our minds
12:25 to enter the Courtyard with praise...
12:27 ask for forgiveness and cleansing
12:29 and then move on and ask for the Holy Spirit...
12:32 intercede for others...
12:33 feed on the Word...
12:35 and then, go to the Law of Liberty...
12:38 the Law of Love and say,
12:39 "Lord, I want You to write Your Law
12:40 in my heart and in my mind. "
12:42 Prayer is the breath of the soul...
12:45 the secret of spiritual power,
12:48 we are dependent on prayer just as we are dependent on air.
12:54 I want to encourage you in your prayer life today
12:58 to ask God to create in you a deeper desire for Him.
13:02 Won't you ask God of that today?
13:04 Won't you come to Him just that the way that you are
13:06 and say, "Lord, help me in my prayer life.
13:09 Create in me a desire to seek Your face
13:12 and to seek it on a daily basis. "
13:14 Continue to study with us as we go through the sanctuary
13:17 as a model for understanding the work of Jesus Christ...
13:21 what He has done...
13:22 is doing...
13:24 and will do...
13:25 God bless you... and join us again as we study
13:27 the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.


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