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00:01 Welcome back... before the break we were looking at the Menorah,
00:04 the Candlesticks that were burning in the sanctuary
00:08 and we said that this had a two-fold significance
00:11 first of all, referred to Christ who is the Light of the world
00:15 and secondly, it refers to the church
00:18 who also is to be a light...
00:20 a reflection of Christ to the world
00:23 and we said that one of the reasons why God calls us
00:27 to be a witness for Him is because of the joy...
00:30 because of the experience and the... the satisfaction
00:35 that you get from sharing your faith with others.
00:38 Another reason is found in the book, "Desire of Ages" page 142,
00:42 "God could have reached His object in saving sinners
00:45 without our aid,
00:47 but in order for us to develop a character like Christ's,
00:52 we must share in His work. "
00:55 In other words, there can be this tendency
00:59 if you're just reading the Bible
01:01 and you're just praying
01:03 and you're just staying in your own little community
01:05 where everyone believes the same way that you do,
01:09 to become introspective and to become self-focused,
01:13 and to become this stagnant experience
01:17 where all you are doing is focusing on your own needs
01:21 and God knew in His infinite wisdom
01:25 that the only way to develop a character like Jesus,
01:31 is not a self-focus but a Christ-centered focus
01:36 that is focused on serving others.
01:39 In other words, it is through unselfish ministry for others
01:44 that we become like Jesus,
01:47 and God in His infinite wisdom
01:49 knew that if we're just receiving all the time
01:53 and never giving, it becomes a spiritual swamp.
01:56 There is one body of water in the Middle East
02:00 that's always receiving and receiving and receiving water
02:04 from the Jordan River but has no outlet.
02:08 It's called the Dead Sea
02:11 and if we were just receiving sermons and messages
02:15 and we're just breathing and praying,
02:17 but we are not an outlet for God to give His light to the world,
02:21 we become "dead" in our experience.
02:24 God wants us to share.
02:26 God calls us to share the light with the world.
02:29 An interesting idea...
02:32 notion that came forth from the Rabbinical literature,
02:36 the wicks were made from the linen robes of the priest...
02:39 the robes represent the righteousness of Christ,
02:42 and the righteousness of Christ
02:43 is what makes our witness possible.
02:45 The wicks on the Menorah,
02:47 according to Rabbinical literature,
02:49 were made from the linen robes of the priest.
02:54 This has special significance
02:56 and we know that the robes that the priests wore
02:59 represent the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
03:01 In other words, the reason our witness is made possible
03:06 is not because of our own merits,
03:08 and not because of our own righteousness,
03:11 but rather, it's because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
03:14 You can never come to the place and say,
03:16 "You know, I'm such a wonderful person...
03:18 I'm such a wonderful being...
03:20 that's why the witness for Christ is possible,
03:24 no, our witness is only made possible
03:27 because of the righteousness of Christ...
03:29 because we have the robes of Christ's righteousness.
03:34 The fire for lighting the lamps was not a common fire
03:38 but was from the brazen altar
03:40 according to Exodus chapter 30:7 through 9.
03:43 Our motivation to witness is Christ's sacrifice and love.
03:48 They were not just to come into the sanctuary
03:51 and use any old lighter to light the lamps,
03:53 no, the light for the lamps came from the brazen altar.
03:58 Now, what happened on the brazen altar in the Courtyard?
04:02 The brazen altar was the place where the Lamb of God died.
04:07 The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world
04:10 died on the brazen altar
04:11 and it was from that brazen altar
04:14 that the fire was taken
04:17 and it was taken to the Menorah
04:20 to light the Menorah.
04:22 Now, think about the significance of this.
04:25 In other words, the fire...
04:28 the motivation for being a witness
04:32 does not come because I have to.
04:34 You know, sometimes as a Minister,
04:37 you feel like getting up front and saying,
04:39 "Oh, you need to witness... "
04:40 no, that's not the proper motivation at all,
04:42 we don't go out there and share literature
04:44 because it's a duty...
04:46 because it's something that I have to do
04:48 to get my literature out for the day...
04:51 my ten pieces
04:52 to get my merits to work my way to God,
04:54 that's not our motivation at all,
04:57 the fire comes... the motivation comes
05:00 because we are so touched
05:03 by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary
05:06 and when we are touched by the love of God,
05:09 that motivation burns in our hearts
05:13 like a fire in our bones
05:16 and like the book of Acts says, "We cannot help but share. "
05:21 In other words, witnessing is not a delight...
05:26 is not a duty, I should say, rather, it is a delight.
05:30 You love to share because of what God has done for us.
05:35 Going back to our screen here,
05:37 we're told that we need a daily filling,
05:40 the lampstand was filled with oil daily...
05:42 morning and evening.
05:44 Our power to witness is from the daily filling of the Holy Spirit
05:47 according to Scripture.
05:48 Now, an important part of the responsibilities of the priest
05:53 in regards to the Menorah... the Lampstands was...
05:58 it was not "once filled... always filled"
06:02 the lights never went out in the sanctuary
06:06 which meant that the daily responsibility of the priest,
06:10 morning and evening... was to take oil into the sanctuary
06:15 and fill the lamps with oil.
06:19 Now, who did the priest represent?
06:20 Jesus Christ.
06:22 What did the oil represent?
06:23 The Holy Spirit...
06:25 and we represent the light to the world... God's church
06:29 and so, here is the significance,
06:31 the only way that we can continue
06:32 to be a light to our community and to our world
06:35 is not a dependency upon ourselves
06:38 but a dependency upon the Spirit of God.
06:41 In other words, we need a daily filling of the Holy Spirit.
06:45 It's not, "Once filled... always filled. "
06:49 It's not as though you say, "Lord, on January 1,
06:53 I want to be filled for the whole year
06:55 and that's it...
06:56 no... we are porous vessels,
06:59 we need a daily, continual filling of the Holy Spirit
07:03 in order to burn for Him.
07:05 Important application of this daily filling.
07:07 This is from the evangelist, D.L. Moody,
07:09 "Many think that because they were filled once,
07:12 that they are filled forever.
07:14 Oh my friend, we are porous vessels.
07:19 it is necessary for us
07:21 to constantly remain under the fountain
07:25 in order to be full. "
07:28 In other words, in order to be a witness...
07:32 in order to be effective in being a light to the world
07:39 and to the Community,
07:40 we cannot burn without the Holy Spirit
07:43 and we cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit once...
07:47 we need a daily filling of the Holy Spirit
07:49 so, each and every day, in our prayer life,
07:52 we should say, "Lord, I want to ask for the Holy Spirit today,
07:55 I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit... "
07:58 and in the book of Luke, it says that God is more willing
08:01 to give the Holy Spirit
08:03 than parents to give good gifts to their children.
08:07 Now, think about that...
08:08 and the Holy Spirit brings all other blessings in His train,
08:13 in other words, if you have the Holy Spirit,
08:15 you have the greatest gift
08:17 that heaven wants to bestow upon men,
08:18 we should ask for the Holy Spirit,
08:20 heaven longs to give the Holy Spirit
08:22 and the Holy Spirit is essential
08:25 for us to be a light to the community and to the world.
08:29 Acts of the Apostles, page 50,
08:32 "For the daily baptism of the Spirit
08:34 every worker should offer his petition to God. "
08:39 One of my favorite stories in the gospel
08:43 is the story of these four men
08:47 that are carrying this paralytic to Jesus.
08:52 In the gospels, it talks about how this man
08:57 was physically paralyzed.
08:59 Now, we don't know if he was a quadriplegic
09:01 or paraplegic,
09:02 but he was physically immobilized.
09:04 He could not come to Jesus on his own.
09:06 His only way to Jesus
09:08 was through his friends.
09:11 Now, think about the implications of this.
09:13 Here is Jesus... here is this man...
09:17 and the only connection between this man and Jesus
09:22 are his friends.
09:24 They are the link.
09:25 He is physically incapable of coming to Jesus on his own
09:29 and so, the story goes that Jesus is preaching in this house
09:33 the house is full
09:34 and these men are trying to bring their friend to Jesus
09:37 but they can't.
09:38 They run into an obstacle.
09:39 It's not easy to bring a friend to Jesus
09:42 and so, they went to this obstacle
09:44 and they could have stopped
09:45 but they thought in their own hearts and minds,
09:47 they said, "If we don't bring this man to Jesus today,
09:50 we might not have another opportunity. "
09:52 And so they go to the roof
09:54 and you can imagine as Jesus is preaching in this place
09:57 suddenly there's a skylight
09:59 and the skylight starts getting bigger
10:00 and suddenly dust starts falling from the ceiling
10:04 and the people look up and these four friends...
10:07 have you ever been in a situation
10:08 where you're doing something...
10:09 you're a little bit embarrassed, I don't know,
10:11 it might have been a little bit awkward
10:12 and these friends are boldly bringing their friend to Jesus..
10:18 lower him down in front of Jesus.
10:21 There is an important part of this story
10:24 that I want to reflect upon...
10:25 a lesson...
10:27 the only connection between this man and Jesus
10:32 was his friends.
10:34 In other words, there may be people in the world
10:39 that may not be physically paralyzed
10:42 but they are spiritually paralyzed
10:46 and the only connection...
10:48 the only Jesus they may ever see and know is you
10:52 and you are their connection to bring them to Jesus...
10:56 but it's not easy.
10:58 There may be obstacles
10:59 and it takes boldness to bring your friend to Jesus
11:02 and notice what the gospel says,
11:03 the gospel says... when Jesus saw their faith...
11:07 plural...
11:09 it didn't say, "When Jesus saw his faith"
11:12 it says, "When Jesus saw their faith"
11:15 in other words,
11:17 it was the faith of the collective group...
11:19 it was the faith of the friends
11:21 that made an impact and brought this man to Jesus
11:26 that brought healing and restoration
11:28 spiritually and physically
11:30 and my question to you today is
11:33 to ask God to allow you to be a light to the community
11:39 and to the world.
11:41 What are you willing to do to bring your friend to Jesus.
11:47 What are you willing to do to bring your friend to Him?
11:50 You may be the only Jesus that person may ever know
11:53 and you have the unique opportunity
11:56 to be a light... to shine... to bring that friend to Jesus
12:01 and in our prayer life, we can intercede
12:04 and ask God to intervene
12:06 above what He would normally be able
12:09 to bring our friend to Jesus.
12:11 This is something that we can pray in our daily lives
12:14 and I pray that you pray it with me,
12:16 "Lord, give me the opportunity to share You today. "
12:23 Do you know that all of heaven is invested
12:29 in the plan of salvation.
12:31 All the resources...
12:33 all of the activity is centered on saving you and me
12:40 and when you pray this prayer and say,
12:42 "Lord, give me the opportunity to share You today"
12:45 the angels are like, "Praise God,
12:47 we have a partner,
12:49 we have someone that's going to cooperate with us... "
12:51 and throughout your day,
12:52 you will see God moving circumstances and events...
12:56 "This person is searching... "
12:58 they'll move David over here,
12:59 "Let's connect him in a conversation
13:01 because David is open to our leading
13:03 to be a light to the community and to the world... "
13:07 we can partner with God in the salvation of souls...
13:10 partner with the Holy Spirit to bring others to Him
13:14 to be a light to the community and to the world.
13:18 Won't you pray with me today
13:20 to ask God for us to be a light to the world?
13:23 Continue to join us and study with us,
13:26 as we study the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.


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