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The Sabbath and Sanctuary

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00:01 Music...
00:26 Welcome to our study
00:27 of the Sanctuary, Salvation and our Savior.
00:31 I want to begin by going to the screen here
00:34 and showing you a picture of a sculpture
00:37 that resides in St. Peter's Basilica there in Rome...
00:42 it's called the Pieta
00:43 and it was made by one of the greatest artists
00:47 during the Renaissance Period known as Michelangelo
00:52 and he created by the age of 24... remarkable genius...
00:57 and it said in the story of the sculpture
01:00 that a person was admiring the sculpture
01:04 and Michelangelo was there
01:05 and he overheard the person that was admiring this sculpture
01:10 say and attribute this work of art to another artist.
01:14 Well, as you can imagine
01:15 that did not sit well with Michelangelo
01:18 and so, he went back to the sculpture
01:22 and then, etched in the marble... in the sculpture
01:26 his own name,
01:27 I have it zoomed in here on the screen
01:30 and you can see there, it says, "Michelangelo. "
01:34 This was so bothersome to... to Michelangelo
01:38 that someone else would attribute his work of art
01:40 to another individual
01:42 that he went back and carved in the sash of the sculpture
01:48 his name
01:49 and not only did he sign it with his name,
01:52 but he says this,
01:54 and you can see it here on the screen,
01:55 "Michelangelo Buonarroti Florentine made it. "
02:00 It could not be more clearer than this,
02:02 Michelangelo wanted to make sure
02:04 that he was the creator of this statue
02:08 and for today's study, I want to look at another instance
02:14 in which an artist greater than Michelangelo
02:20 signed... not in a marble... not in a place
02:24 but in time... His signature.
02:27 We want to go to the very beginning of the Bible,
02:29 Genesis chapter 2 verses 1 through 3,
02:31 "Thus the heavens and the earth
02:33 and all the host of them were finished,
02:36 and on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done
02:40 and He rested on the seventh day
02:42 from all His work which He had done,
02:44 then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it
02:48 because in it, He rested from all His work
02:51 which God had created and made. "
02:53 Here, at the beginning of time...
02:55 the beginning of Creation,
02:57 God creates the earth in six literal, consecutive,
03:00 contiguous 24-hour periods
03:03 and after that time period,
03:06 God does three things on the seventh day.
03:09 He rests... He blesses... and He makes that day holy.
03:15 This is God's masterpiece... this is God's creative process
03:18 and afterwards, He does not sign it in a place,
03:23 He signs it in time,
03:25 the 7th day is a Sabbath... is the Sabbath of the Lord
03:30 and God infused His holiness into time.
03:34 This is His signature...
03:37 after God creates His masterpiece...
03:39 just like Michelangelo created his masterpiece,
03:42 he signed it and etched it in stone...
03:44 God did something greater than Michelangelo.
03:48 He signed it in time as a memorial of creation.
03:52 Now, here's a question,
03:54 "How many Jews were around at the creation?"
04:00 None...
04:02 You know, contrary to popular opinion,
04:04 Adam and Eve were not Jews.
04:06 They were the original human beings,
04:08 the Jewish nation...
04:09 the Israelites did not come until 1,000s of years later
04:14 with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
04:16 Adam and Eve were not Jews and this is prior to sin
04:20 that God signs in time His signature...
04:24 so, like a holy wave every seventh day...
04:29 God's signature... God's holiness comes over us
04:33 and we can be participating in the holiness of God.
04:38 It's interesting when you look at the Hebrew
04:41 in Genesis chapter 2:2 and 3,
04:43 "On the seventh day God finished His work which He had done,
04:45 which is seven words in the Hebrew
04:48 and He rested on the seventh day from all His work
04:50 which He had done... "
04:52 seven words in the Hebrew,
04:53 "so God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it... "
04:55 seven words in the Hebrew...
04:58 the number seven is evident there
05:00 even in the... the nuances of the Hebrew language.
05:03 Seven... seven... seven...
05:06 there's another part of the way that the literary
05:09 structure of the creation story goes,
05:11 you have the first day which is mentioned once...
05:13 you have the second day, mentioned once...
05:15 third day... fourth day... fifth day... sixth day...
05:18 and then you come to the seventh day
05:20 and it says, "The seventh day...
05:22 the seventh day...
05:24 the seventh day. "
05:25 Now, in the Hebrew language,
05:28 when they wanted to emphasize something...
05:30 when they wanted to say that something was important,
05:32 they would repeat it,
05:34 but here God repeats the seventh day
05:37 not just two times but repeats it three times.
05:42 The seventh day... the seventh day...
05:45 the seventh day,
05:46 in other words, this does not diminish the seventh day,
05:49 but places it on a higher platform
05:52 than any of the other days,
05:54 the other days... just mentioned once...
05:56 but the seventh day is mentioned three times.
05:58 The seventh day...
06:00 the seventh day
06:01 the seventh day,
06:03 this is before any Jew...
06:04 this is before the Ceremonial Law of Moses...
06:05 this is before all of these things in Edenic perfection,
06:09 God sets apart the seventh day and makes it holy.
06:13 Now, what does this have to do with the sanctuary?
06:18 Ezekiel chapter 20 verse 12 says,
06:21 "Also, I gave them my Sabbaths, as a sign between us,
06:25 so that they would know
06:27 that I the LORD made them holy. "
06:30 Listen to the significance of this.
06:34 The Bible tells us
06:35 that the Sabbath is not only a memorial of creation,
06:40 but it's also a memorial of redemption and salvation.
06:44 In other words, when we keep the Sabbath,
06:47 we not only memorialize the reality
06:50 that God created the earth in six literal, contiguous,
06:54 consecutive days and rested on the Sabbath,
06:57 and we should do the same,
06:58 but the seventh-day Sabbath also shows us
07:01 how God takes us... and recreates in us the image of God
07:06 and makes us holy and we rest in that assurance.
07:11 In other words, the salvation experience...
07:15 the sanctuary experience
07:18 is also the Sabbath experience.
07:21 You see, in the sanctuary,
07:24 as we noted in our Series and presentations,
07:27 the sanctuary is how God wants to bring us back
07:30 but the Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews,
07:34 that without holiness, no one will see the Lord.
07:37 In other words, the criteria and the condition
07:41 for being able to go back to that face-to-face encounter
07:44 with God just like Adam and Eve is holiness.
07:48 The condition for seeing God is holiness.
07:52 Now, that makes me feel overwhelmed...
07:55 that makes me feel anxious
07:58 because I look at myself and I see anything but holiness
08:01 but when you look in the sanctuary,
08:03 the condition for having that restoration is holiness.
08:07 The condition to a restoration and a relationship with God
08:12 is to be holy
08:14 and that fills many people with anxiety.
08:18 That fills many people with this feeling of inadequacy.
08:24 Have you ever wondered to yourself,
08:26 "So, how am I ever going to make it?
08:27 I'm anything but holy. "
08:29 And so, the Christian experience for some... for many...
08:32 can be one of anxiety and unrest
08:37 but the sanctuary salvation is also connected with the Sabbath
08:44 in terms of our existential experience.
08:48 In other words, the experience of salvation...
08:52 the experience of restoration...
08:55 the experience of the sanctuary...
08:59 the experience where God brings us back
09:01 is not one of unrest...
09:04 it's not one of anxiety...
09:07 quite the contrary...
09:09 it is one of rest.
09:12 It is resting in the reality
09:15 that we can't make ourselves holy,
09:19 rather, it is God who makes us holy.
09:24 Isn't that beautiful?
09:25 Isn't it beautiful that on the seventh day,
09:28 you not only memorialize the fact that God made a day holy,
09:32 but you memorialize the present reality
09:37 that it is God who makes us holy.
09:40 We can't make ourselves holy
09:41 and on the seventh day,
09:43 we rest in the assurance...
09:46 we don't work...
09:47 it's a reminder that we don't work our ways to heaven,
09:50 some people say, "Oh, the Sabbath...
09:52 that's legalism. "
09:53 Quite the contrary, God is telling us to rest...
09:55 not to work...
09:57 and so, on the seventh day,
09:59 we experience the rest that comes in the assurance
10:03 that God makes us holy.
10:07 Even as God took a day and infused His holiness into it,
10:12 God takes us... re-creates the image of God...
10:15 and in the Sabbath experience... is rest.
10:20 We can rest in the assurance
10:21 that it is God who makes us holy.
10:25 So, when we talk about the Sabbath,
10:28 we're talking about the experience the person has
10:32 as they're coming into the Courtyard...
10:34 The experience the person has
10:37 as they come into the Holy Place...
10:39 the experience the person has
10:41 as they come into the Most Holy Place
10:43 is not one of anxiety...
10:46 it is one of rest
10:48 and I want to tell you,
10:50 in my Christian experience,
10:52 I need to be continually reminded of this reality.
10:56 Have you ever been given a gift that is so profound
11:01 and so undeserved that you feel like...
11:04 "Look, I need to do something to earn this. "
11:06 You've been given a gift, you're like,
11:08 "Oh, I need to give at least some sort of contribution...
11:10 here take this... " and the person's like,
11:11 "No, no, no, it's a gift. "
11:13 In other words, if you have to pay for something,
11:15 it's no longer a gift
11:16 and here, we've been given the awesome gift of salvation
11:20 and it's not of works, it is a gift...
11:23 eternal life is a gift...
11:24 and we're given this gift
11:26 and the natural human response is,
11:28 "This is so undeserved, I want to do something...
11:32 I want to... I want to try to earn my way...
11:34 I want to make some sort of contribution
11:37 so I can feel that I earn and deserve this... "
11:39 and God says, "No!
11:41 you don't earn it... you don't work for it...
11:43 you rest in that assurance... "
11:45 and we need this reminder not just annually...
11:49 not just monthly... we need this weekly.
11:54 Every seven days, we experience the Sabbath rest
12:00 not only physically but we find rest for our souls.
12:06 When we experience the Sabbath,
12:08 it is the reality that I can't work my way to heaven,
12:13 Praise God... I can't earn my salvation...
12:15 and it is rest...
12:17 it's a reminder that it is God who makes us holy.
12:21 Ezekiel 20:12, what a wonderful text,
12:23 "Also, I gave them My Sabbaths as a sign between us
12:26 so that they would know that I the Lord made them holy. "
12:29 The Sabbath is a wonderful sign... a symbol...
12:32 an experience of how God brings us back...
12:35 the experience of salvation through the sanctuary...
12:39 through Jesus Christ is not one of anxiety...
12:43 it is one of rest.
12:45 So, the sanctuary and the Sabbath are linked together
12:49 because the sanctuary shows us how God will bring us back
12:53 and the Sabbath shows us our experience
12:58 of how we can rest in the assurance
13:01 that even though we look at ourselves
13:05 and we don't see any holiness
13:07 and I want to tell you, I get discouraged
13:09 when I look at my own human frailty
13:12 but we need to keep our eyes on Jesus...
13:14 the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world,
13:17 and every seventh day, we remind ourselves
13:20 that we can't make ourselves holy...
13:23 it is God Who makes us holy.
13:26 Even as God took a day and made it holy,
13:30 God will make us holy
13:33 because of His righteousness and His character,
13:36 that is imparted to each one of us.
13:38 We're going to take a short break...
13:40 don't go anywhere
13:41 because when we come back,
13:43 we'll look at the reality of the Sabbath
13:45 through Genesis... through the Ten Commandments
13:48 all the way to heaven.
13:50 Stay with us as we continue our study
13:53 of the sanctuary, salvation and our Savior.


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