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The Day of Atonement

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00:01 Music...
00:25 Welcome to the Sanctuary, Salvation and our Savior.
00:30 My name is David Shin
00:31 and I'm so glad that you've been on this journey with us
00:34 and we've come to our last episode in this Series
00:39 on the Sanctuary
00:40 where we've been looking at the plan of salvation
00:43 through the lens of the Sanctuary,
00:45 understanding our own Christian experience...
00:48 how God brings us into the Courtyard...
00:50 into the Holy Place
00:52 and into the Most Holy Place.
00:54 We've been also using the Sanctuary as the lens...
00:57 as the hermeneutical key
00:59 for understanding the work and ministry of Jesus Christ,
01:02 past, present and future,
01:05 and today, I want to cite a few quotations
01:09 from one of my favorite books.
01:10 It's entitled, "The Great Controversy"
01:13 about the significance of the work
01:16 and ministry of Jesus Christ in heaven
01:19 in the last compartment of the heavenly sanctuary.
01:22 Here it is, from the book, "The Great Controversy"
01:25 page 423,
01:27 "The subject of the sanctuary was the key
01:30 which unlocked the mystery
01:32 of the disappointment of 1844.
01:34 It opened to view a complete system of truth,
01:38 connected... harmonious,
01:39 showing that God's hand had directed
01:42 the great Adventist movement and revealing present duty
01:45 as it brought to light
01:46 the position and work of His people. "
01:49 In 1844, there was a great Millerite Movement
01:53 where individuals... God-fearing individuals
01:57 gathered together on October 22, 1844,
02:01 believing that Jesus was going to come.
02:04 This came as the result of the study of Daniel and Revelation
02:08 specifically, Daniel chapter 8 verse 14
02:12 where it says, "Unto 2,300 days,
02:14 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed
02:16 and the misunderstanding came about
02:18 because people assumed
02:19 that when Jesus was going to cleanse the sanctuary,
02:22 that the sanctuary was the earth
02:24 and what other time was Jesus going to cleanse the earth
02:28 than at the Second Coming?
02:30 So in prophetic timeline,
02:32 these individuals... the Millerites...
02:35 got the date right but they got the event wrong.
02:40 Let me say that again, "They got the date right
02:44 but the event wrong. "
02:47 The event was wrong because the Bible does not say
02:51 that the earth is the sanctuary,
02:54 rather, there is an earthly sanctuary
02:58 as in the time of Moses,
03:00 but after the time of Christ, according to Hebrews chapter 8,
03:02 things shifted to the heavenly sanctuary
03:05 and in Great Controversy, this penetrating analysis
03:10 of what unlocked the mystery
03:12 or of the great disappointment of 1844,
03:16 it was the study of the sanctuary...
03:19 the study of the sanctuary opened to view
03:23 a complete system of truth.
03:26 In other words, the sanctuary was more than just a doctrine.
03:30 The sanctuary was a hermeneutical key
03:33 which is an interpretive lens
03:35 for understanding the work and the ministry of Christ
03:38 and when the Bible say, "Unto 2,300 days,
03:41 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed... "
03:43 was not referring to the cleansing of the earth
03:46 at the Second Coming of Jesus,
03:49 but rather, it was referring
03:51 to the work and ministry of Jesus Christ
03:55 in the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary.
03:59 We move on in our Great Controversy quotations,
04:03 page 489,
04:04 "The sanctuary in heaven is the very center
04:09 of Christ's work in behalf of men. "
04:12 Now, some people have said,
04:14 "Look, we don't need the sanctuary anymore
04:16 because Jesus came to this earth. "
04:18 But in reality, the sanctuary is the center
04:23 of Christ's work as our High Priest in heaven.
04:27 In order to understand what Jesus has been doing
04:32 after the cross,
04:34 we must use the reference point of the sanctuary.
04:38 It's like a map.
04:39 It tells us what Jesus has done at the cross
04:42 as the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world...
04:44 what Jesus has been doing as our High Priest...
04:48 and in 1844, according to Daniel chapter 8 verse 14,
04:50 Jesus transitioned into His last phase of ministry
04:56 in behalf of men.
04:58 The Great Controversy, page 409,
05:00 "The Scripture which above all others
05:03 had both been the foundation
05:05 and the central pillar of the Advent faith
05:08 was the declaration:
05:09 'Unto two thousand three hundred days,
05:12 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. '"
05:14 Think about the implications of this.
05:17 If you have a structure that is held up by pillars
05:21 and you take away the central pillar...
05:25 by implication, the pillar that is holding
05:28 the whole edifice together,
05:31 what happens to that structure?
05:32 The whole structure falls.
05:36 In other words, the central to the Advent movement
05:40 and Seventh-day Adventism,
05:42 is this idea of the cleansing of the sanctuary.
05:46 We'll be unpacking the... the... the Biblical evidence
05:50 for the existence of a heavenly sanctuary
05:52 and here's a bird's eye view of Moses' sanctuary
05:55 that was received from God on Mount Sinai...
05:57 remember Moses went up to Mount Sinai
05:58 and when he came down from the mountain,
06:01 he came down with two things,
06:03 he came down with the Law of God
06:05 which God had inscribed with His own finger on tablets of stone,
06:09 and he also came down with... in his mind
06:13 all of the descriptions
06:15 and all of the blueprints for the making of the sanctuary
06:21 and also all of the articles of furniture
06:25 that were found within it.
06:27 And here we have a blueprint
06:29 for understanding the work of Jesus Christ.
06:32 Remember, Jesus is the Lamb of God
06:34 who takes away the sins of the world...
06:36 the Altar of Burnt Offering represents the cross,
06:39 Jesus died on Calvary in A.D. 31
06:42 and then, there's another person that is important...
06:46 another entity I should say,
06:48 that is important in the sanctuary process
06:50 because when the sinner brings the lamb into the sanctuary
06:55 and that lamb dies,
06:57 the sinner did not take that blood himself
07:00 into the Holy Place,
07:02 the sinner was dependent on the Priest
07:06 to take the blood into the sanctuary
07:09 on his behalf.
07:11 In other words, the priest was to apply the benefits
07:16 of the sacrifice on behalf of the sinner.
07:20 The sinner did not apply the benefits himself.
07:23 It was dependent on the priest
07:25 and the Bible tells us that Jesus is our High Priest
07:28 in heaven.
07:29 In other words, Jesus is the One
07:32 that applies the benefits of His sacrifice
07:35 on our behalf as our High Priest.
07:39 So, Jesus is the Lamb and Jesus is the High Priest.
07:44 Jesus typifies the important entities
07:48 that make the sanctuary service possible.
07:51 Here's another quote,
07:54 "The theme of the Bible,
07:56 the theme about which every other
07:59 in the whole Bible clusters,
08:01 is the redemption plan...
08:03 the restoration of the human soul of the image of God.
08:07 From the first intimation in the hope
08:09 in the sentence pronounced in Eden
08:10 to that last glorious promise of Revelation,
08:13 "They shall see His face;
08:15 and His name shall be on their foreheads. "
08:19 The subject of the sanctuary...
08:21 the model of the sanctuary is really a picture
08:24 of this restorative process...
08:26 how God will bring us all the way back.
08:29 Notice the operative word in this quote.
08:31 "Restoration"
08:33 Eden lost... Eden restored.
08:36 God wants to bring us into that Most-Holy-Place experience...
08:39 face-to-face communion with God...
08:41 "They shall see His face
08:42 and His name shall be on their foreheads. "
08:43 God brings us into the Holy Place...
08:45 God brings us into the Most Holy Place...
08:48 to that face-to-face encounter with God
08:50 and the subject of the sanctuary is restoration
08:54 and this restoration process is made possible
08:58 because of two key entities... the lamb... and the priest.
09:03 The lamb and the priest make restoration possible
09:08 in the sanctuary.
09:09 The lamb represents Jesus Christ.
09:11 The priest represents Jesus Christ as well.
09:16 The burden of every book and every passage of the Bible
09:20 is the unfolding of this wondrous theme...
09:22 man's uplifting...
09:24 the power of God 'which giveth us the victory
09:27 through our Lord Jesus Christ... '"
09:29 in the book "Education. "
09:30 The Bible tells us,
09:32 "Your way, O God, is in the sanctuary. "
09:36 In other words, the sanctuary is more than just a doctrine,
09:41 The sanctuary is to be our hermeneutical reference point.
09:46 Now I have eye glasses
09:48 and the sanctuary, in a way, is like eye glasses.
09:52 It's a framework...
09:54 it's a map that helps us to understand
09:56 what Jesus has done...
09:57 is doing...
09:59 and will do.
10:00 "Your way, O God, is in the sanctuary. "
10:04 In Daniel chapter 8:14, the Bible tells us,
10:07 "Unto 2,300 days, then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. "
10:13 Now, when Daniel wrote this, he understood
10:19 that this was prophetic time
10:21 and when you follow the prophetic lineage out...
10:24 this is not talking about the earthly sanctuary,
10:28 because the earthly sanctuary is no longer relevant
10:31 after Jesus died on the cross,
10:33 Jesus transitioned to the heavenly sanctuary,
10:36 and in Daniel chapter 8:14,
10:38 when you follow the prophetic time marker,
10:40 when it talks about the 2,300 days
10:42 and the sanctuary being cleansed,
10:44 this is not referring to the cleansing
10:46 of the earthly sanctuary,
10:48 rather, this is referring to the cleansing
10:50 of the heavenly sanctuary.
10:52 Now, here's the question,
10:53 I thought that heaven was a pure place.
10:58 What in heaven would need to be cleansed?
11:02 I mean, this is a question that people have asked,
11:05 I mean, how is it possible that...
11:06 that there's anything in heaven especially a sanctuary
11:10 that would be defiled
11:11 and would be in need of cleansing?
11:14 Now, the way that we understand
11:16 why something as the sanctuary needs to be cleansed
11:20 is to follow the progression of the sanctuary service
11:24 specifically, the daily service.
11:27 Now, in the daily service,
11:29 there was something peculiar that happened
11:31 every time a lamb was slain
11:33 and we find it in Leviticus chapter 4 verse 32,
11:36 "If he brings a lamb as a sin offering,
11:38 then he shall lay his hand on the head of the sin offering,
11:41 and shall kill it as a sin offering
11:43 at the place where they kill the burnt offering.
11:45 And the priest shall take some of the blood
11:47 of the sin offering with his finger,
11:48 and put it on the horns of the altar of the burnt offering,
11:51 and pour all the remaining blood at the base of the altar. "
11:54 Here's what took place,
11:55 In the sanctuary service,
11:57 the sinner would bring the lamb into the sanctuary
12:00 and with his own hand
12:01 he would slit that animal's throat from ear to ear.
12:06 The priest would be there to catch the blood
12:09 and then the priest would take that blood
12:13 into the sanctuary
12:15 and he would do one of two things...
12:17 he would either take that blood and sprinkle it on the veil
12:21 which was before the altar,
12:23 or he would place his finger in that bowl
12:25 and place it on the horns of the Altar of Incense.
12:29 There was another place that, according to this verse
12:32 that he would put that... that imprint of blood on
12:35 was in the outer court
12:37 on the horns of the burnt offering.
12:39 So, follow me now,
12:41 the... the... the sin of that person
12:44 was being transferred from the person... to the animal
12:49 to the blood... to the sanctuary
12:53 and this was a part of what we call "the daily service. "
12:58 In other words, this took place in the annual calendar
13:03 every single day of the Jewish year.
13:06 So, follow me, every day,
13:09 as the people brought their sacrifices in,
13:13 the sanctuary was becoming "Polluted"
13:17 with the record of forgiven sins of Israel
13:22 and as this accumulated over the year,
13:25 once a year, on the Day of Atonement,
13:28 there was a cleansing of the sanctuary... Yom Kippur
13:34 in which the sanctuary and the record of sins
13:37 were removed.
13:39 Now, we're going to be taking a short break,
13:42 but stay with us as we continue in our study
13:44 of the Day of Atonement
13:46 and the cleansing of the sanctuary...
13:48 how we see that Jesus is in heaven on our behalf
13:51 cleansing the heavenly sanctuary.
13:54 We'll be right back...
13:55 stay with us as we continue in our study.


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