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00:01 In the next 15 minutes we'll take you through a story
00:02 of personal pain and crises.
00:04 We'll also show you how a young girl named Kacey
00:06 found real answers to a tough questions.
00:09 Don't go away, Take 15 is next.
00:26 TAKE 15
00:28 I'm Kevin Hart.
00:30 Welcome to Take 15,
00:31 program that takes on real teens
00:33 with real problems,
00:34 and gives them to God who's got the real solution.
00:37 Little later on this program
00:38 you'll see a brand new video from Alisha Williams
00:40 and Gerard Michel entitled "Never Alone".
00:42 But first, a story of a young teen
00:45 who felt abandon by everyone around her
00:47 as she dealt with drug addiction,
00:49 pregnancy, and death.
00:50 She's struggled to keep her sanity.
00:52 Then one night something happened
00:54 that absolutely changed her life.
00:56 Let's go and meet Kacey.
00:58 I really don't have a childhood.
01:00 My mother was too,
01:02 you know, she was too zoned out to take care
01:07 of our responsibilities at the house.
01:10 My mother was addicted to prescription pills.
01:13 And I'm not sure exactly how, how that's started.
01:18 I think she was in an accident when she was 19,
01:21 I had heard this.
01:23 She was in an accident when she was 19
01:25 and she never had been treated,
01:27 you know, she messed up her back.
01:29 We never really had like,
01:31 that mother-daughter relationship.
01:34 She was more worried about, you know,
01:37 her party and I guess.
01:39 That's actually how I got in trouble in eight grade,
01:44 I've taken some of, some of her stuff
01:46 that she had at home.
01:47 I, you know, had some of these pills
01:49 and I took them to school and me and a girlfriend
01:52 got caught in the bathroom with them.
01:55 My mom, now she was just mad.
01:57 She was really upset and we got to a huge fight,
02:02 and I was in a trouble for a while for that.
02:06 And while I was in trouble, I met my first boyfriend,
02:11 but I was an eight grader
02:13 and he was a junior in high school when we met.
02:16 So, pretty big age difference for
02:19 you know, that period of time.
02:20 I guess you know, sex come up, it was something that you know,
02:25 he had asked me about and I really,
02:29 I guess I'm just felt
02:31 like I wanted to be like on his level.
02:34 And I felt I guess maybe if, you know,
02:37 I did this 'cause you know, he was pushing for an,
02:40 maybe if I did this I would be you know,
02:43 up there with him, I guess.
02:46 And then I got pregnant.
02:49 When I found that I was pregnant,
02:51 I was devastated.
02:53 You know, 16, didn't want to be pregnant at 16.
02:58 My mom was just mad, you know.
03:02 She just was ready to, ready to get, you know,
03:07 get rid of the problem, that's what she said.
03:09 "Get rid of the problem," that's how she worded it.
03:12 You know, she wanted me to just go get an abortion
03:14 and be done with it.
03:15 And at 16, I wasn't, you know,
03:21 able to deal with it, the way that I should have.
03:26 You know, you don't think about the responsibility
03:30 that you take whenever you agreed
03:32 to you know have sex,
03:34 you don't think about the responsibility
03:36 and what that my mean.
03:38 And at 16, I still not thought about that.
03:41 So I did what I thought that I had to do.
03:44 But I mean, I was ashamed of it, I was ashamed.
03:47 And then that's,
03:48 when I really started thinking about God,
03:50 I was like, well, I might as well given it up now,
03:53 you know, God's not gonna forgive me for that.
03:55 Innocent, you know, when innocent life...
03:58 God isn't gonna forgive me for that.
04:00 So I was just,
04:01 that was probably the lowest point of my life,
04:05 whenever I did that.
04:06 After I had the abortion
04:08 that we got into just huge fight.
04:11 She just got, she got mean,
04:15 you know, like, she normally did.
04:17 And she you know,
04:18 decided she wanted to hit on me.
04:22 I wasn't gonna let her you know,
04:25 physically hurt me anymore, I was through.
04:28 So you know, I hit her back
04:31 and I've never done that before.
04:32 And you know she fell down and she looked at me
04:36 and just said, you know, "Get out."
04:38 So, I left and I lived with my dad.
04:43 And I was, I was a lot happier there,
04:46 you know, I started over and,
04:48 you know, nobody knew about the abortion,
04:51 which is a big thing.
04:53 So I was a lot happier.
04:55 And then I was in class one day
04:58 and my father,
05:04 I guess had called the school and they called me
05:08 and told me I need to go outside
05:10 that my dad was gonna pick me up.
05:12 So I went, and I got in the car,
05:17 and he told me that my mother had been in an accident.
05:20 She took some medicine
05:22 and you know, had a car accident.
05:30 And she didn't make it.
05:35 And then I got angry with God because you know, I said,
05:38 why are you allowing all this to happen to me?
05:41 You know, I just felt he wasn't there,
05:44 he wasn't paying any attention to me,
05:46 everybody else was, you know, happy and I was just,
05:51 you know, miserable.
05:53 And just when everything started to get good
05:55 it's like he just took it away from me.
05:57 And that's how I felt, I felt like you know,
05:59 God just have forgot about me.
06:15 Lord, I waited for you today
06:23 But you didn't show
06:26 No, no, no
06:30 Lord, I needed you today
06:37 So where did you go?
06:45 You told me to call
06:49 Said, you'd be there
06:53 And, though I haven't seen you
06:56 Are you still there?
07:02 I cried out with no reply
07:08 And I can't feel you by my side
07:16 So I'll hold tight to what I know
07:23 You're here
07:27 And I'm never alone
07:46 And, though I can not see you
07:53 And I can't explain why
08:00 Such a deep, deep reassurance
08:08 You've placed in my life
08:15 We cannot separate
08:19 'Cause you're part of me
08:23 And, though you're invisible
08:27 I'll trust the unseen
08:31 I cried out with no reply
08:37 And I can't feel you by my side
08:44 So I'll hold tight to what I know
08:52 You're here
08:56 And I'm never alone
09:15 We cannot separate
09:18 'Cause you're part of me
09:22 And, though you're invisible
09:25 I'll trust the unseen
09:33 I cried out with no reply, Lord
09:41 I can't feel you by my side
09:47 So I'll hold tight to what I know
09:54 You're here
09:59 And I'm never
10:03 Alone
10:10 Lord, I'm never alone
10:16 Never alone.
10:21 If you want to ask me about the night
10:24 that I actually found Christ,
10:26 it was when the night that I was afraid
10:31 and you know, paranoid,
10:33 and just I felt just alone and scared.
10:38 And I prayed you know, to God and I read my Bible,
10:41 and he just lifted that off of me.
10:45 He just made me feel just so much relief that night,
10:51 just relief.
10:53 I always knew you know, that there was a God
10:56 but I never knew that God actually talk back
11:00 until that night.
11:02 You know, I opened my bible and you know,
11:04 the first thing read was just like he was speaking to me,
11:08 just comfort.
11:09 I'd never felt that before,
11:10 I never thought that he would actually listen to me
11:17 and help me on that kind of personal level.
11:20 And you know, I don't feel abandon anymore
11:23 and I don't feel forgotten any more.
11:25 And I know that, I know that even if I stray
11:29 and you know, I do some thing wrong,
11:30 which I still do, I still do.
11:33 I struggle everyday to do the right thing but you know,
11:37 you don't always, you don't always.
11:39 It's a process and you really have to work hard at it.
11:42 You know, its not an easy thing to do.
11:45 But it is in the sense that you know,
11:50 no matter what you do, you can't you know,
11:53 you can't mess up that much to where you know,
11:56 God doesn't love you.
11:57 He will always, always loves you.
11:59 I know that God is with me
12:05 and he's not forgotten me.
12:10 Wow, that was really powerful, Kacey.
12:12 Thanks much for sharing that.
12:14 Guys, it's time to get serious,
12:16 it's time to be honest with ourselves.
12:18 You know, may be you're going to some thing similar
12:20 to what Kacey went through,
12:21 perhaps you're rock bottom right now.
12:24 May be you've been caring around
12:25 so many secrets for so long
12:27 that you got no idea what to do with them.
12:29 You think your problem and your decisions
12:31 that you've made so dirty
12:32 that you couldn't possibly bring them to a Holy God?
12:35 I'm glad you're watching because I'm telling you
12:36 that there is no problem that God can't handle.
12:39 I mean, there is nothing that you can possibly have done
12:41 that will turn God's face from you.
12:42 How do I know?
12:43 Well to be honest with you,
12:45 I've made a lot of dumb decisions in my life.
12:46 But then I read in the Bible, in Isaiah 1:18, it says,
12:49 "Come now, and let us reason together,"
12:51 says the Lord,
12:52 "Though your sins are like scarlet,
12:54 they shall be as white as snow.
12:55 And though they are red like crimson,
12:56 they shall be as wool."
12:58 You see, God does not care how far you fallen
13:00 or how dirty you've become.
13:02 All he says is take my hand and live,
13:05 I will give you a new life as clean as snow
13:07 and as white as wool.
13:08 I know that a lot of you are thinking right now,
13:09 yeah, that sounds good for so and so or such and such.
13:12 But you know what, what you are going through,
13:16 a lot of other people have gone through, you know.
13:18 And that's why God did not put a name in the verse
13:20 because he meant it for you.
13:22 King David said in Psalm 94:17,
13:24 "Unless the Lord had been my help,
13:25 my soul would soon have settled in silence."
13:28 So how long are we gonna stay in our condition?
13:31 I mean, how long are we gonna avoid the God that loves us,
13:34 the only one that can really help us?
13:36 So, hey, why not a challenge,
13:37 how about starting right now,
13:39 we stop avoiding the issues by going to the movies,
13:41 we're going to the internet, we're getting involve with sex,
13:44 or picking up the drugs, or the alcohol.
13:46 I mean, lets get real with ourselves
13:47 and lets get real with the God that we serve.
13:49 Why put it off? Why sweep it under the rug?
13:52 What does he say, again?
13:53 He says, "Come now, and let us reason together."
13:56 Jesus also said, "I stand on the door and knock."
13:59 You see, Jesus has already taken the walk to your house
14:01 and He's knocking right now.
14:03 All you got to do is get up and open the door.
14:05 So there you have it.
14:06 I mean, what are you gonna do with it?
14:08 You're gonna hold on to it
14:09 or you gonna give it to the God that loves you,
14:11 the only God that can really do anything about it?
14:14 Don't let it fester, don't let it get bigger,
14:17 give it to God.
14:18 He can handle it and he loves you.
14:20 Give it to him.


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