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Prayer As Deliberate Practice

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Participants: Jason Bradley (Host), Dr Nadine Joseph-Collins


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00:35 Hello, and welcome to The Missing Peace.
00:37 A program that's committed
00:39 to making your prayer life go wow.
00:42 My name is Jason Bradley,
00:44 and our primary host for this program
00:45 is Dr. Nadine Joseph Collins.
00:48 Dr. Nadine, let's invite
00:49 the presence of the Lord into this program.
00:53 Dear heavenly Father,
00:54 we thank You for the opportunity
00:55 to talk about prayer
00:57 and how important and vital it is
01:00 to communicate with You and to commune with You.
01:03 Lord, we know
01:04 that nobody knows better than You
01:07 as to how to go about this,
01:09 so we invite the Holy Spirit to be among us,
01:13 to lead, and guide, and direct this conversation on prayering,
01:17 in Jesus' name we pray.
01:18 Amen.
01:20 Let me share a little bit about our host.
01:21 Dr. Nadine Joseph Collins hails from the Island of Saint Lucia.
01:25 She has been empowering the prayer lives of others
01:28 in the Caribbean, Asia, Canada, the UK,
01:31 and right here in the US
01:33 as a presenter on prayer for women's ministries weekends
01:36 and women's days of prayer.
01:39 She is an author, speaker,
01:40 and has a full time ministry alongside
01:43 of her husband Nyse Collins.
01:46 You have been making
01:47 some excellent points on prayer.
01:49 What's our topic for today?
01:52 First, let me ask you a question.
01:53 Have you ever tried to do something
01:56 you were not good at naturally without practicing it?
02:00 Yes. How did that turn out?
02:01 Uh, not very good, I ended up quitting.
02:04 Why? Well, it was piano.
02:08 And I begged my mom to let me quit taking lessons,
02:11 and I finally wear her down where she let me quitting,
02:15 I regret it to this day.
02:16 So do you think
02:18 that you could ever run a race like,
02:19 maybe 100 meters race, maybe come first.
02:23 You get that gold medal.
02:24 You broke a record
02:26 and everything without practicing?
02:27 Not at all.
02:28 So today
02:30 we are going to talk about prayer
02:31 as deliberate practice.
02:34 I am sure you've heard this saying that,
02:36 "Practice makes perfect"?
02:37 Yes
02:38 Or that even perfect practice makes practice perfect?
02:42 I haven't heard it put that way before, that's new.
02:45 Yeah, I heard that one a few years ago.
02:48 The thing about it is
02:49 when we are talking about our prayer life,
02:52 we are talking about
02:53 doing something or making it a habit.
02:56 And we're talking about
02:58 maybe having the habit of praying everyday
03:00 which is that hope that we want to talk about.
03:03 So making prayer a habit
03:06 would only come through practice,
03:09 'cause I hated math when I was in high school.
03:13 But I was told repeatedly, if you practice it,
03:15 you will be good at it.
03:17 I did not invest the time to practice,
03:19 I probably pass it a few times
03:21 but trust me, it was always a struggle.
03:23 Now, how do you feel about math today?
03:26 I stay as far away from it as possible, actually.
03:29 Yeah, I don't blame you, me too.
03:31 Yeah, you know but it's said that,
03:33 "To be good at anything, you need to practice it."
03:36 And prayer is really no different.
03:39 I'm sure you've heard the same, practice makes perfect.
03:42 Yes.
03:43 Have you even heard the other saying
03:44 that perfect practice makes practice perfect?
03:48 I have heard a variation of that.
03:50 You see one psychologist by the name of John Haze.
03:55 He is really a noted psychologist,
03:57 and he examined
03:58 the role of effort and practice,
04:01 and knowledge in the lives of top performance, right?
04:04 Such as Mozart and Picasso.
04:06 We like the music of these people,
04:07 most people do.
04:09 And so he practiced
04:10 or he actually studied their practices,
04:14 and his findings suggest
04:15 that top performers would spend at least a decade practicing.
04:22 Wow. Ten years.
04:24 Over, just over the course of their lifetime?
04:26 One work, one piece of work.
04:28 The incredible pieces of work that we are able to enjoy now.
04:32 They would spend ten years doing that,
04:34 and they call that a decade or ten years of silence.
04:36 Wow.
04:38 And so they would perfect that piece,
04:41 that piece of music, or art,
04:44 or whatever it is that we enjoy,
04:45 but they have that decade of silence.
04:48 Another I believe might be a sociologist Erickson found
04:52 that top performers
04:54 would put in as much as ten hours
04:56 of practice to perfect
04:58 or become expertise in their fields.
05:01 Hmm. Mm-hmm.
05:03 So they are showing that these people
05:05 who we look at as top performers
05:08 would dedicate deliberate time to practice,
05:12 'cause remember we are talking about prayer
05:14 as the liberate practice.
05:15 So yeah, basically we have to be intentional
05:17 about praying.
05:18 Intentional.
05:20 Are you a basketball fan? Oh, yeah, I play it.
05:22 You do, right?
05:23 So they say top performers like Kobe Bryant,
05:26 he would spend,
05:28 he did not just spend ten years or 10,000 hours practicing,
05:33 but he daily and deliberately
05:36 had a rigid schedule for practicing
05:39 he is at which is basketball.
05:40 Wow Right?
05:42 And some researchers even suggest
05:44 that it takes one hour of deliberate practice a day
05:47 to become good at what you want.
05:49 That sounds a lot like
05:51 maybe what your mom was trying to do
05:52 with you with piano.
05:54 Jason, you need to practice today,
05:55 and everyday probably singing that same song,
05:58 because somewhere in her mind
06:00 she knew that if you spend time everyday
06:02 practicing the piano, you become good at it.
06:05 And so that's what psychologists
06:07 and sociologists are finding.
06:09 Now you know Usain Bolt, right? Yeah.
06:12 The world's fastest runner.
06:14 So they say
06:16 that Usain Bolt practices at least three hours
06:19 a day not one, three hours a day,
06:22 seven days a week
06:25 and that's like about 52 weeks a year.
06:28 And so because he practices so much,
06:30 if you calculate the number of hours
06:32 that he practice and put that into seconds,
06:34 he actually practices about 262,080 seconds
06:40 to win a 100 meter race in 9.58 seconds.
06:46 Wow. Just imagine that.
06:48 The amount of practice
06:49 that he puts in to just perfect in his art of running,
06:54 so that he can win a race in that little bit of time.
06:57 And so the truth is whatever you decide to work
07:00 on as a habit,
07:02 and in this case
07:03 we are talking about improving our prayer lives,
07:05 developing that habit of praying
07:07 everyday, that hope.
07:09 The habit of praying everyday,
07:11 whatever, when we decide to actually spend time doing
07:14 that everything that may come up,
07:18 could come up.
07:19 Because you know when you want to practice
07:21 doing something good, there is always distractions.
07:24 Things are always going to come up,
07:25 but we need to be very deliberate
07:28 and that's why we need to be very deliberate
07:30 in setting specific times and to practice that habit,
07:34 just as we see these artists,
07:37 or these athletes setting specific time for them
07:40 to practice their art,
07:42 so that they could be become top performers.
07:43 Yeah, now especially when we want to talk to God,
07:47 it seems like or we want to have worship
07:48 or something like that,
07:50 it seems like all of the sudden the phone rings,
07:53 or somebody knocks at the door,
07:55 or you know the devil's always trying
07:57 to throw a wedge in between us and God,
08:00 so he's constantly trying to distract us.
08:02 And that's why we have to be so deliberate
08:06 and specific about what we are doing,
08:08 because I am sure if we are dating somebody,
08:11 we want to go out on a date tonight.
08:13 We would choose the place we want to go,
08:15 with the time we want to meet and everything.
08:17 And it doesn't matter what comes up
08:18 before we leave to go on that date.
08:21 We will make sure that we go on that date anyway.
08:23 And so, as deliberate as we are in doing that,
08:26 we need to be deliberate in our time with God
08:29 in practicing the art of praying.
08:32 I am saying the art just to suggest,
08:35 just like these artists are practicing their art.
08:37 If we want to become a top performer
08:39 in our prayer life, we need to be as deliberate.
08:42 Because biblical examples are so clear
08:44 that men and women
08:46 who were persons of deliberate prayers
08:49 were also persons of mighty acts.
08:52 And so, when we look at somebody like Elijah.
08:54 You remember Elijah story
08:55 when he was there with the prophets of Baal.
08:58 It's really one of my favorite animated stories in my head
09:01 in the Bible about prayer.
09:03 Because these people were out there,
09:04 I don't want to get into that story too much
09:06 but it always excites me,
09:07 because they were out there all day
09:09 trying to get their gods to answer
09:11 and the gods couldn't do anything,
09:13 and at the evening time Elijah is like,
09:14 "You know what, guys, come, everybody come for a show,
09:16 let me show you who is the real God."
09:17 And he just brought down the house.
09:19 He just close off everything.
09:21 By the time he was done, they knew who his God was.
09:25 And for Elijah to have done that,
09:27 we know that Elijah was the man
09:28 who deliberately spend time praying,
09:31 because he knew for sure that God would answer.
09:33 Why else would you put on such a big show
09:35 if you didn't know
09:36 that your God was going to answer.
09:38 And so we know he was a mighty man of prayer.
09:40 We look at for example, John the Apostle.
09:43 He received a vision for the Book of Revelation,
09:46 and to date
09:47 we are still using that book as our key reference
09:50 for end time results.
09:51 Because John was the person who deliberately prayed.
09:55 Then we have Paul,
09:56 he wrote the largest part of the New Testament,
09:58 and we are told
10:00 that he did a lot of praying about his ministry.
10:03 So these mighty people of prayer
10:06 were also great people
10:07 when it comes to doing everything else,
10:09 because their prayer lives are getting impacted
10:12 what they were doing.
10:13 And one of the persons
10:15 who really sets
10:17 the example of what it is to deliberately have
10:20 that habit of praying everyday
10:23 or to be deliberate in praying is Daniel.
10:27 And remember his story in Daniel 6:10,
10:30 "When Daniel had learnt of the decree
10:32 that had been published,
10:34 he went home to his upstairs room
10:37 where the windows were opened toward Jerusalem.
10:39 Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed,
10:43 giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before."
10:48 Yeah, prayer and one of the things
10:52 about each one of those individuals
10:54 that you named, is they prayed with faith,
10:57 like they believed.
10:59 They had such a great relationship with God
11:01 that they trusted Him.
11:03 And, you know, we have talked
11:04 about intimacy as it relates to prayer,
11:07 and their trust came from them
11:10 being intimate with God in trust,
11:13 then they grew, they gain that trust.
11:15 And then they,
11:16 you know, spending that time with Him,
11:18 that valuable time.
11:19 And that had to come from a deliberate effort,
11:22 because no relationship will grow
11:24 if we do not invest the time in it,
11:28 in terms of the quality time spent.
11:30 If that person learning their voice
11:32 and all of these other things,
11:33 so these guys were very deliberate.
11:35 And so by the time it
11:36 would have come down for them
11:38 to be able to have or give an effective prayer,
11:41 it was very easy for them,
11:43 or to do a great work
11:44 it became easy for them in our eyes,
11:48 but they had put in all of the work
11:49 behind the scenes,
11:50 that's in investing time in their relationship with God.
11:53 Daniel was such a great man of prayer
11:55 that he was arrested for praying.
11:58 Wow! You remember he got arrested.
11:59 Yes. Yes.
12:01 But the thing is he prayed
12:02 when it was against the Lord to pray.
12:05 You understand?
12:07 His habit was...
12:08 The habit was so embedded in him
12:10 that even when he knew that his life was on the line,
12:13 that he could have gotten arrested
12:14 and get thrown into jail, he still went ahead praying.
12:17 Even though Daniel prayed in secret,
12:19 I am sure it was a far end
12:20 that he did not keep his prayer life a secret.
12:23 That is how his enemies were able to plot for him.
12:27 So yes, he was praying in his home in secret,
12:30 but they knew that this guy was a guy of pray,
12:33 and they knew exactly how to get him.
12:36 So we can learn a lot from that one verse.
12:39 It's amazing how just one verse,
12:41 Daniel 6:10 can teach us so many lessons
12:44 about how we can be deliberate in our prayer life.
12:47 And one of the things I can pull out
12:49 from that is that Daniel was committed to pray.
12:52 Because even after the decree was passed,
12:55 he could not stop, because it was a habit.
12:58 He still went there everyday, three times a day praying,
13:01 because it was his custom, it was his habit,
13:04 it was instilled in him,
13:06 and it had become natural to him
13:07 so he couldn't stop.
13:09 And I mean, I saw him putting that
13:10 and also another lesson in there is that,
13:13 God's law supersedes man's law.
13:16 God's law trumps man's law.
13:19 So if man's law goes against God's law,
13:21 you have to keep God's law.
13:24 Because he had an allegiance to the king,
13:26 but he knew
13:27 that his greater allegiance was to God.
13:30 And so that's why he was able to continue to pray.
13:32 Another lesson we can pick up from his stories
13:34 that Daniel had specific times to pray,
13:37 because the text was clear, three times a day he prayed,
13:43 and I call that having dates of God.
13:45 I remember when I...
13:46 Before I went to the Philippines to study,
13:48 I remember looking
13:50 at the aerial view of the campus,
13:53 and because it was going to be a genuine faith for me
13:55 in terms of not knowing
13:56 how I was gonna pay for it and even get there and so on.
14:00 I remember seeing the prayer garden on campus
14:02 and saying to God,
14:03 "I am going to meet you there,"
14:06 'cause I wanted to have my dates with God there.
14:09 And Daniel set that example for us
14:13 having those specific times.
14:15 You want to make time,
14:16 some of us when we have our friends
14:19 or loved ones, or girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, kids abroad,
14:23 we will set specific times to call,
14:26 because there may be a difference
14:27 in the time zones,
14:28 or maybe we try to accommodate
14:30 the person's work schedule and so on.
14:31 But the point is that we set specific times
14:34 to speak to the people
14:35 that we love and Daniel did that,
14:37 he set those specific times.
14:39 Another thing he did, he had a specific place.
14:43 And I remember one of my friends Deane Fong.
14:46 One of my older friends, a very great example,
14:48 one of my prayer mentors.
14:50 At her home,
14:52 she had one specific sofa just for her to meet with God,
14:57 that was her place to pray, her quiet place.
15:00 Her place, she would dress up very nicely and sit there,
15:04 because it was her place to meet with God.
15:07 And Daniel shows us
15:08 that he also had specific place,
15:12 a specific place to pray with God.
15:14 And for me that prayer garden that I had mentioned.
15:16 And one of my friends,
15:18 a pastor friend of mine from Kenya,
15:20 we would meet in that prayer garden to pray,
15:22 and he posted online recently
15:24 saying about how important that place was.
15:27 Because you see right there in that specific place
15:29 we would go to pray,
15:31 we saw God answer so many prayers,
15:33 so that place had significance.
15:35 So just imagine,
15:37 if you have custom of meeting God here,
15:38 or just imagine you go on date at a particular restaurant
15:42 and the experience was so good,
15:44 every time you think of going on another good date,
15:47 you may want to go back to that place,
15:49 because the experience was so great.
15:50 Yes. Yes.
15:52 So while we could pray anywhere,
15:54 or we could talk to God anywhere.
15:57 If we have that specific place
15:59 that gives reference to experiences
16:01 that are great.
16:02 We would want to be in that place again,
16:04 because the experiences were great.
16:06 Do you hear people traveling to a new country
16:08 and oh, my goodness,
16:09 it was so good, I want to go back.
16:10 Yes. Yes.
16:12 So Daniel's specific place where his experience with God
16:15 may have been so fantastic that he is like,
16:17 "I am going to meet God everyday there
16:19 even though
16:20 I can probably pray somewhere else."
16:23 I know a pastor,
16:25 I met a pastor that he has a certain room
16:30 dedicated specifically for God in his house,
16:34 and he goes in there and prays.
16:37 I really like the idea of having
16:38 a specific place to pray.
16:40 Actually, I remember many years ago looking at,
16:43 you know, just like the practices
16:45 of some other religions
16:46 where they would set out a specific place
16:48 in their homes for prayer.
16:50 And then a movie came out recently
16:52 where the persons were also doing
16:54 the same thing, having that specific place
16:56 where you meet with God,
16:58 and I think it's an excellent idea.
17:00 And Daniel again in that one verse,
17:03 Daniel 6:10,
17:04 he shows us that he had a particular posture,
17:06 not that it's the only way we should pray,
17:08 but it just shows
17:10 some form of humility in his sense
17:11 where he was humbling himself before God,
17:13 when he knelt down.
17:15 And one of the things that I pull out
17:17 of that text again in his practice
17:19 was that he gave thanks to God.
17:20 You know, even in the midst
17:22 of what could have been chaotic.
17:23 Because remember, the decree was passed,
17:25 hey, nobody should be praying, except,
17:28 you know, to king and so on, but he gave thanks to God,
17:31 because it was his habit, his practice.
17:34 And another instance in his life,
17:36 there is another time
17:37 where you know God really revealed Himself
17:40 through the prayer life of Daniel.
17:42 And we find that in Daniel 9,
17:44 where the children of Israel
17:46 has been held captive for about 70 years.
17:49 And through Daniel's experience God reveals here,
17:52 the captivity will come to an end.
17:55 So from verse 3-19, we see Daniel praying.
17:59 Now, his prayer shook me sort of,
18:01 because Daniel wasn't praying for himself.
18:04 Daniel began to seek God for prayers
18:07 and having pleads
18:09 and begging God for mercy for him
18:12 and for his people, you know.
18:14 And so Daniel confessed his sins.
18:16 Imagine he was asking God
18:17 to confess the sins of his people as well,
18:21 that's how far Daniel went in his prayer life.
18:23 He honors God, he affirms God,
18:25 he gave thanks to God
18:27 just like he did in Daniel 6:10.
18:30 So we could see it was really his habit,
18:32 because there he was saying, God,
18:33 You were this, and You were that,
18:35 he told God,
18:36 "Hey, I know You understand that you know my people and I,
18:40 we may have gone too far", he said.
18:43 We had sinned, but Daniel set,
18:45 you know he was set in being deliberate in pleading
18:49 for forgiveness for both him and his people.
18:51 He was interceding on behalf of the people which is great.
18:54 A big part of prayer.
18:56 Like you have that selfless prayer,
18:58 you know everything
19:00 that Christ does is motivated by love,
19:03 so that's, yeah, that is nice.
19:04 That was powerful, and you know what he did?
19:06 He beg God, and I was like, wow, Daniel was bold.
19:09 He beg God to listen.
19:10 He actually said to the Lord,
19:12 "Incline your hear,"
19:14 he told God, "Open your eyes,
19:16 you see the desolation of my people."
19:18 You see the desolation of the people of Israel,
19:21 he was coining on themselves and he was saying,
19:23 "God have mercy."
19:24 And what I thought was so bold, in verse 9,
19:26 he said, "O Lord, hear, O Lord, forgive.
19:27 O Lord pay attention and act."
19:34 That's Daniel talking to God in prayer.
19:36 "Delay not, for your own sake,
19:39 O my God,
19:40 because your city and your people are called
19:43 by your name."
19:45 So there he was sort of reminding God
19:47 of who you are God.
19:48 I am reminding You of who You are,
19:50 but I need You to act,
19:51 because we are called by Your name.
19:56 And God answers in the Mosaic unexpectedly.
20:00 He sends Angel Gabriel to reveal to Daniel,
20:06 the vision or explain that vision,
20:09 make that vision clear,
20:10 giving him insights into not the things
20:12 just about now,
20:14 but about the future and what it really meant
20:16 when God had revealed to him
20:18 about those 70 years of captivity being ended.
20:21 He didn't use any symbols or any mysterious things.
20:24 His Angel Gabriel was able to reveal clearly to Daniel
20:28 what God had been seeing.
20:30 So it is only in deliberate praying really
20:33 that God can actually reveal secret things to us.
20:38 So if we are rushed, if we are hurried,
20:41 how will we be able to hear God speaking back to us?
20:44 How will God be able to reveal secret things to us
20:47 if we always praying on the run.
20:49 If you're always praying in the hurry, you know?
20:51 Yeah, like being a relationship saying,
20:52 "Hey...Okay, bye."
20:56 Everybody feels cheated in that kind of a thing.
20:58 Nobody likes that kind of relationship.
21:00 One sided. Yeah, one sided.
21:01 You know, somebody just rushing talking to you,
21:03 just left there hanging like, really what just happened?
21:06 What did you just communicate to me Jason, I have no idea?
21:09 You know, these kind of things cause separation,
21:11 and you could imagine
21:12 the amount of times we go to God.
21:14 Just rushing through our prayers
21:16 and not staying there little moment
21:17 just to hear what He had to say.
21:19 How will we know what He want to reveal to us,
21:22 if we just jump off the bed?
21:24 If we just jump off from our knees and so on?
21:27 You know, it's, if we regularly rush
21:29 to practice a game.
21:30 So I remember one of my little sister,
21:33 she is really good at math.
21:35 So I maintained math early on is
21:36 because I have about three of them
21:37 they are really like, really good at it.
21:39 Really?
21:40 I remember the ministry of education
21:42 in my country calling my brother a math genius,
21:44 so they were really good.
21:45 But this sister of mine should rush through her exam,
21:49 so when they would come home,
21:51 I would go through the exam papers
21:52 and I would see her
21:53 getting one, two, or three wrong answers,
21:56 and I would ask her the question,
21:57 she would give me the right answer.
21:59 But do you know why she got it wrong
22:00 when she was at school?
22:01 Because she rushed.
22:03 Because the teacher told me
22:04 she would rush through her exam,
22:06 so she could go outside to play.
22:07 So the thing is when we are talking about
22:09 our prayer life, if we rush through our prayers,
22:13 and we never wait for God to reveal to us,
22:15 we cannot become a top performer.
22:17 Because I am sure, my sister
22:18 could have probably been the top in her class
22:20 in that exam,
22:21 but she would not be because she wouldn't pause.
22:25 That also speaks to priorities,
22:27 you know, we have to prioritize our time.
22:30 We have to put God first in all that we do.
22:32 Like with that test,
22:33 going out to play wasn't as important as getting
22:36 that everything right on the exam,
22:39 you know, so, yeah,
22:40 I think that's an excellent lesson.
22:42 That's why we have to make special times,
22:44 specific time like Daniel did.
22:46 Make dates with God
22:48 is only on the dates with our loved ones,
22:51 when we are dating somebody,
22:52 we make it a point to make sure we have dates, movie night,
22:55 this night, that night,
22:57 the beach, we plan all types of dates,
23:00 because our whole point
23:01 is to get to know the person better,
23:03 to get to know about the secret things
23:05 about that person.
23:06 Because seeing them on the externals,
23:08 interacting with them briefly will never tell us
23:11 the deeper things about them.
23:13 And so in prayer
23:15 in being deliberate in setting time to pray
23:18 and having that special time we got in,
23:20 so he is able to reveal things.
23:21 In fact in Luke 12:2, it says,
23:24 "There is nothing covered
23:26 that will not be revealed and hidden
23:27 that will not be made known."
23:29 Another text that I like,
23:31 when it comes to God been able to reveal things
23:33 is Mark 4:22, it says,
23:35 "For everything that is hidden
23:36 will eventually be brought in the open
23:39 and every secret thing will be brought to light."
23:42 And then we go back to Daniel again,
23:44 in Daniel 2:28,
23:45 "But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets,
23:49 and he has known King Nebuchadnezzar,
23:52 what will he has shown King Nebuchadnezzar
23:54 what will happen in the future.
23:56 Now I will tell you your dream
23:58 and the visions you saw as you lay on your bed."
24:00 That was Daniel, God,
24:02 you know when Daniel had the opportunity
24:03 to reveal Nebuchadnezzar's dream.
24:05 But the only way
24:07 he could have known to reveal somebody else's dream
24:09 is because he had the habit of praying everyday.
24:13 He was very deliberate in praying,
24:15 so God could have revealed the secret things to him,
24:18 and many of us shortchange ourselves
24:21 in our prayer lives
24:22 because we do not spend time with God enough.
24:25 We do not make it a deliberate habit,
24:27 so that the secret things of life,
24:29 the things that we really want to know that God can tell us.
24:33 He cannot reveal it to us,
24:35 because we just don't give him the opportunity to do
24:37 so in our intimate time.
24:39 There we go again our intimate time with Him.
24:41 You know, I remember my friend Debby.
24:43 Now, we had the habit of praying
24:44 about everything, little things like,
24:47 Lord, what store should we go and shop in?
24:48 When we go into that particular store,
24:50 we would ask him to set up deals for us.
24:53 So when we go there, we can go into discount rack
24:56 and we can get what we are looking for.
24:58 Sometimes we go to the supermarket
24:59 and we will say,
25:01 "Hey, I don't want to spend
25:02 more than that amount of money."
25:04 Even now I still do the same thing.
25:05 Every time I go to shop,
25:06 I have in my mind, I have a budget,
25:09 even though I do not calculate while I am taking things.
25:12 And so we have to be deliberate about doing
25:16 that or asking God to do things for us
25:19 in the little things.
25:20 And it's only as we practice
25:23 the habit of praying everyday in the little things.
25:25 When the bigger things come,
25:27 it will be easier for us to go to God for it,
25:29 because we have already spent time
25:31 practicing these habits.
25:33 Remember, perfect practice
25:34 makes practice perfect or practice,
25:37 when we practice we become perfect at it.
25:38 So the thing is when we practice
25:40 in the little things, then in the big things
25:42 it's easier for us now to understand.
25:45 And there are so many other things
25:46 that I could say on the topic of us
25:50 really practicing prayer,
25:52 so that we can perfect these habits.
25:54 But some of the takeaways I want us to have
25:56 is that you cannot leave your prayer time
25:58 to spare pockets of time in your busy schedule.
26:02 You need to be very deliberate in setting times to pray.
26:05 And if you practice the habit of praying everyday,
26:08 you will perfect it.
26:09 It doesn't mean
26:10 that you would be more eloquent in praying,
26:12 it means you become more effective in praying.
26:15 And if you want to be a top performer
26:17 in your prayer life,
26:18 you need to have the habit of deliberately
26:21 spending time with God.
26:23 Is in practicing
26:25 that you learn not only to talk to God,
26:28 but you are able to hear His voice.
26:31 In fact, you are tuned to hear His voice,
26:34 and you are clear about His directions
26:35 and plans for your life.
26:38 And so we could say a prayer right now.
26:40 You know, Father, teach us how to pray.
26:43 Give us the desire to want to perfect the practice,
26:47 or the habit of praying everyday.
26:50 Help us to recognize that we can only get better.
26:53 We can only be more effective,
26:56 when we truly spend time deliberately practicing
27:00 the habit of praying everyday.
27:02 We thank You for giving us this avenue,
27:04 we pray in the name of Jesus, amen.
27:06 Amen.
27:07 Thanks, Dr. Nadine,
27:09 for that great information you shared with us today.
27:12 We pray that you were blessed by today's program.
27:15 Make prayer a deliberate practicing in your daily life
27:18 and watch your prayer life explode.
27:20 Be sure to tune in next time
27:22 when Nadine shares more information
27:25 to supply The Missing Peace.


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