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Participants: Jason Bradley (Host), Nadine Joseph-Collins PhD


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00:34 Hello, and welcome to The Missing Peace.
00:36 My name is Jason Bradley.
00:38 Our primary host for this program
00:40 is Dr, Nadine Joseph Collins.
00:42 Dr. Nadine hails from the Island of Saint Lucia.
00:45 She is passionate about prayer
00:47 and has been empowering the prayer lives of people
00:50 around the world.
00:51 Dr. Nadine is an author, speaker,
00:54 and an affiliate of Sanare Life Ministries
00:56 where she works
00:57 alongside her husband Nyse Collins.
01:00 Dr. Nadine is going to make our prayer lives go, wow!
01:05 But before she does,
01:06 let's bow our heads for a word of prayer.
01:09 Dear Heavenly Father,
01:10 we thank You for the opportunity
01:12 that we have to,
01:13 even be able to commune with You.
01:17 Ellen White says that,
01:19 "When we pray we are placing ourselves
01:22 in Your presence."
01:23 We ask that You would fill this place
01:25 with Your presence, today,
01:27 that You would lead, guide, and direct our conversation,
01:29 and that you would bless those that are at home watching it,
01:33 and bless us as well in Jesus' name we pray, amen.
01:37 So, Dr. Nadine, tell us what we're talking about today?
01:41 Yeah, I want to ask a question first though, like...
01:43 Have you ever had a role model? Yes, I have.
01:46 In what area?
01:49 The area of life, just general role model.
01:51 Life coach. Okay.
01:54 Like business, personal affairs,
01:58 you know, everything.
02:00 Okay, because you know
02:01 psychologists and sociologists are saying
02:03 that if we want to be good at something,
02:06 we need to have a role model, a somebody,
02:09 which is really somebody who's good at the thing
02:11 that we would like to be good at.
02:14 And so today, we're looking at our perfect prayer example.
02:18 And our perfect prayer example in the Bible is Jesus.
02:23 And so today we are going to examine Him,
02:26 His prayer life,
02:27 and how it can be instructive for us
02:30 in developing the habit of praying every day.
02:32 Do you believe
02:33 that Jesus actually had that habit?
02:35 Oh, absolutely. Yes.
02:36 Absolutely.
02:38 And so having role models,
02:39 you know, and in anything we want to be good at,
02:42 it seems to be a good idea.
02:43 I never really understood that when I was growing up.
02:46 I didn't really have role models early in life.
02:50 But I later saw the benefits of it.
02:52 When I saw my friends
02:53 who had role models in the areas
02:55 that they were interested in,
02:56 like, those who loved the singing,
02:58 they had role models,
03:00 you know, those persons who were good singers,
03:01 and I saw how it impacted what they were doing.
03:07 And so when we examine our own prayer lives,
03:09 I think, if we can get good role models,
03:11 and there are many in the Bible.
03:13 I chose Jesus as the perfect prayer example
03:16 because we will see throughout His life
03:18 the habit that He had of praying every day.
03:21 Not just every day, but He prayed about everything.
03:23 So I think He is that perfect example for us.
03:26 And one of the first things I noted about His prayer life
03:31 is that He did not do a lot of public praying.
03:35 Yes.
03:37 So they are only recorded about three times
03:39 when He did public praying actually in...
03:41 Three times? Three times.
03:44 The first one was at the Tomb of Lazarus.
03:46 So your remember there in John 11:41-42
03:50 where He had actually prayed that,
03:52 you know, the heavens would open
03:54 and He ask God,
03:55 you know, "Thank You, Father, for hearing Me,
03:57 you always hear Me,
03:58 but I say it out loud for the sake
04:00 of all these people standing here
04:02 so that they will believe You sent Me."
04:05 So that's one of the first recorded times
04:06 that He actually prayed in public.
04:08 There was another time when He prayed in public
04:10 when He predicted His death in Gethsemane.
04:13 And we find that story in John 12:27-28,
04:17 and there He was telling His father,
04:19 His soul was troubled and He said, "Should I pray."
04:21 And then He prayed,
04:22 "Father, save me from this hour?
04:24 But this is the very reason I came!
04:27 Father, bring glory to Your name.
04:30 Then a voice spoke from heaven, saying,
04:31 'I have already brought glory to my name,
04:33 and I will do so again.'"
04:35 So this is the second time He prayed in public.
04:37 And then, of course,
04:38 we know, when He prayed at the Last Supper,
04:40 that was one of the food or the last,
04:42 it was the food but the last recorded time
04:44 when He actually prayed
04:46 when He looked up to heaven and He told the Father,
04:48 "The hour has come.
04:50 Glorify Your Son
04:51 so He can give glory back to You."
04:53 And that's in John 17:1.
04:57 So while there isn't a problem really
04:58 with public praying,
05:00 a larger part of our prayer lives
05:03 should be what happens in the closet.
05:05 That's one of the very first things
05:06 we can actually take away from the prayer life of Jesus.
05:09 And that really makes a lot of sense
05:11 because, I mean, when you think about it,
05:12 you can cry out to God,
05:14 you can open and pour out your heart to God, like,
05:17 you don't want to do that in public per se.
05:21 Our prayer should be not long winded in public
05:26 and making everybody depressed
05:28 with all of our burdens in public
05:32 but that's why we have that special private time.
05:35 And, you know, in Matthew 6:6 the Bible actually tells us,
05:39 "When you pray, go away by yourself,
05:43 shut the door behind you,
05:44 and pray to your Father in private."
05:47 And that was where in Matthew? Matthew 6:6.
05:50 It says, "Then your Father,
05:52 who sees everything will reward you."
05:55 So there we have some evidence or something to backup the idea
05:59 that the majority of our prayer
06:01 should actually be private prayers.
06:04 And so Jesus as our perfect prayer example
06:07 demonstrated by His record
06:09 where He prayed just three times,
06:11 let's say out of a 100,
06:12 a little over 97 % of the time
06:15 He was doing actually closet prayers
06:17 or private prayers.
06:18 Okay.
06:20 And since He hardly prayed in public,
06:22 we still see the effects of His private time
06:25 in His ministry
06:27 because they were able to see
06:28 how He was able to heal the sick,
06:30 have the blind to see, and so on.
06:33 So the impact of His private praying
06:35 was demonstrated in His public ministry,
06:38 so we can see that.
06:40 Another thing about the prayer life of Jesus,
06:43 as our perfect example,
06:45 is the fact that He made prayer personal.
06:49 So in the Old Testament a lot of times
06:51 when we see people praying to God,
06:53 He was referred in very formal ways.
06:56 And one of the formal ways was also Father,
07:00 but the Father was actually used
07:02 in specific instances
07:04 but in generally, you know, very formal ways.
07:08 Now so we're friends now so if you want to call me Nadz,
07:12 or Ann or Neds,
07:13 you know, people have different names
07:15 that they call you
07:16 when they knew you for a long time.
07:19 In the Old Testament we see demonstrated people
07:21 praying to God with respect where there is no problem
07:24 actually that's what we should do pray with respect,
07:26 but it was very formal.
07:27 So now, you know, we talk about having a father
07:30 and some people having a daddy.
07:32 And we know the connotation is a little different.
07:35 Anybody could be a father, but it takes a real kind of,
07:39 you know, nurturing person for us to say,
07:41 "Hey, Daddy."
07:43 Now what Jesus does in His prayer life
07:45 is revolutionized prayer.
07:47 Unpack that a little bit,
07:49 how did He revolutionize prayer?
07:50 You see, He revolutionized prayer
07:53 from the formal practice of addressing God
07:56 formally as Heavenly Father or as Creator
07:59 which was the custom in the Old Testament,
08:02 and what He did in the New Testament
08:04 is that He brought in a new concept
08:06 instead of just Heavenly Father or Creator,
08:09 He began to refer to His Father as Abba
08:13 and that is translated
08:14 to mean daddy, dad, or even papa.
08:18 So there He was making
08:20 prayer familiar or more familiar,
08:22 in a sense, than just that formal thing.
08:25 Some people even refer to that Abba sense as,
08:29 you know, childish blabbering,
08:30 you know, when kids are small
08:32 and they try to say mumma or pappa,
08:34 that kind of a thing.
08:36 So just imagine if that is how,
08:38 you know, if that's the context
08:40 with which it is really interpreted,
08:42 it means that,
08:43 "Hey, I'm really, you know, there with daddy.
08:45 I'm really dependent on daddy, papa,"
08:47 you know, that kind of a thing
08:49 and that is what He did with prayer.
08:51 So He was actually the first person
08:53 to really demonstrate
08:55 what an intimate relationship with His Father looked like.
08:59 And that's what we did, you know, daddy, papa.
09:02 So because as we spoke about
09:04 that little difference between just a father and a daddy.
09:07 So He made it more personal, He made prayer something close,
09:10 something more intimate,
09:12 so He sets the example that prayer is something
09:15 that we need to make personal
09:17 just between us and Father or between us
09:20 and Daddy or between us and Papa,
09:22 you know, that kind of thing.
09:24 And throughout the Bible,
09:25 we see Jesus demonstrating that He had
09:28 that kind of relationship with Daddy,
09:30 that personal relationship,
09:32 that is why He had the habit of praying every day.
09:35 So He got up and prayed in the morning, in Mark 1:35,
09:40 the Bible says, "Very early in the morning,
09:42 while it was still dark, Jesus got up,
09:45 left the house and went off to a solitary place,
09:48 where He prayed."
09:49 So He had that habit of going to meet
09:52 with Papa early in the morning.
09:54 And Ellen White says, in Prayer, page 166
09:59 that we need to consecrate.
10:01 I'm sure we've heard that before
10:02 "Consecrate yourself in the morning,
10:04 make this your very first work.
10:07 Let your prayer be,"
10:08 and she went into a prayer what our prayer should be.
10:11 And Jesus demonstrated that
10:13 this was His first work
10:15 every day to go out and meet His Dad.
10:18 He prayed in the evening time, and there are many texts
10:21 where we could actually read about Him
10:23 going off in the evenings.
10:25 Now usually evening time
10:27 is after a long day's work, right?
10:29 We usually, you know...
10:30 And, you know, He was also busy
10:32 so we go home after a long day's work.
10:34 Some of us will pray, we may try to relax, and stuff.
10:38 Jesus in the evening time after long day's work
10:42 would make it His business to also meet with Papa.
10:46 So let's say, for example, in Luke 6:12,
10:49 "He would gravitate towards solitude and delight
10:52 in be alone with His Father,
10:54 He willingly spends the whole night
10:56 in communion with God."
10:58 So not only did He just say a prayer
10:59 and then went to sleep.
11:01 "Now I lay me down to sleep.
11:02 I pray the Lord my soul to keep."
11:03 You know, that kind of a thing. Yeah, yeah.
11:05 He spends the entire night in prayer with His Father.
11:08 Another time in Matthew 14:23,
11:10 the Bible says,
11:12 "After He had dismissed them,"
11:13 which were His disciples and all the people
11:15 who were listening to Him,
11:17 "He went to the mountainside by Himself to pray.
11:20 When evening came, He was there alone."
11:23 So we see there a habit, a trend, you know.
11:27 And I think another important thing
11:29 to note is the fact that He made it a priority,
11:33 you know, He set aside a special time for Him
11:37 and the Father
11:40 which is what we have to do on consecrating yourself
11:42 in the morning.
11:44 It makes sense to pray in the morning,
11:45 pray at night, pray throughout the day.
11:47 And, you know, we don't have
11:49 to just get on our knees and pray,
11:51 we could be driving in the car and talk to God.
11:53 We could be walking down the street and talk to God.
11:56 And the thing
11:58 that's so important about giving ourselves to God
12:00 in the morning
12:02 and talking to Him in the morning
12:03 is we need Him to order our steps,
12:05 we need Him to plan our day.
12:07 We shouldn't do anything without consulting
12:10 the one that sees the end from the beginning.
12:12 Exactly.
12:14 That's the thing about it,
12:15 you know, I realized from personal experience
12:17 that the days
12:19 when I rush off from praying are more difficult days
12:23 than when I actually spend time seeking God.
12:26 I had an experience last year when I was working on my book,
12:29 the first book I have in the prayer series, right?
12:31 I had a lot of things to do
12:34 and I had my to-do list from the evening before.
12:37 But that morning I woke up and I began to pray
12:40 and I began to share with God everything
12:42 that I had to do because I felt so overwhelmed.
12:45 And while I was there in His presence,
12:47 He began to reorder my priorities list.
12:51 He told me what to do instead. And I felt so good.
12:53 I stayed there taking in everything
12:56 that He was giving me.
12:57 And it felt so good, I really didn't want to leave
12:59 because I just felt that sort of relaxed like,
13:02 yes, I have a lot of things to do,
13:03 but because God
13:04 is now reordering it in my mind,
13:06 I began to feel so much more relaxed.
13:09 You felt peace. Yes, I had peace, right?
13:11 That's what I refer to as now.
13:13 It's like this state where, you know, hey,
13:15 everything is going to be okay,
13:17 don't worry about all that stuff.
13:19 Then when I got up from praying,
13:21 I run to the living room,
13:22 and I began to write things down
13:24 in the order that He gave me.
13:26 You will not believe that the day
13:28 that I thought was not enough, was too much.
13:32 'Cause I got everything done so quickly
13:35 and then I got to do frivolous
13:36 other things like doing my hair.
13:39 At first I thought I wouldn't have time
13:40 to even finish my list.
13:42 And so I realized
13:43 that sometimes we shortchange ourselves
13:46 by rushing off from prayer.
13:48 Because when we are there,
13:50 He orders our steps so much
13:52 that what seems to be so overwhelming
13:54 becomes nothing
13:55 because now He not only blesses you
13:58 for spending time with Him,
13:59 but He sends, you know, minister,
14:00 and angels to help you.
14:02 And Hebrews 1:14 promises that,
14:04 "I will send minister and angels to help those
14:06 who are heirs of my kingdom."
14:08 And that is what happens
14:09 when we in His presence so Jesus knew that.
14:14 And another thing that we need to take note
14:15 about His prayer life
14:17 is that He prayed about everything.
14:21 He prayed, for example,
14:22 before important events like his baptism.
14:25 So, remember, there in Luke 3:21-22.
14:28 The crowds were there
14:29 where Jesus was going to be baptized,
14:31 and then He began to pray,
14:32 and that's when the heavens opened up
14:34 and His Father blessed Him and said,
14:36 "You are my beloved Son," and so on.
14:39 So He prayed before His baptism.
14:40 He recognized the need to invite His Father
14:43 into that event in His life.
14:46 He prayed before choosing His friends.
14:49 That's an important part of it.
14:51 You remember, in Luke 6:12-13 where it says,
14:54 "One of these days
14:55 He went to the mountainside to pray,
14:58 and He spent the night there praying to God.
15:00 When the morning came,
15:01 He called His disciples and He chose 12 of them,
15:05 whom He designated apostles."
15:07 Because, remember,
15:08 He had a lot of people following Him
15:10 and a disciple is anybody who follows.
15:13 Even we sometimes as human beings have disciples.
15:16 Plato, Socrates, and these guys,
15:20 they all had disciples.
15:21 Anybody who follows what you're doing,
15:23 they are called a disciple.
15:24 So Jesus had hundreds of people following Him.
15:27 But after He had spent time with His Father,
15:29 in the morning,
15:30 He called everybody and He chose 12,
15:32 and made them apostles.
15:34 So this is an important aspect in our lives
15:36 because many times
15:37 we go about choosing people to be now in inner circles,
15:40 choosing people to be in our lives,
15:42 choosing people to be our spouses and so on,
15:44 and we do not consult with God first.
15:48 And that makes a lot of sense
15:49 because you'll have people that are poisonous,
15:53 you know, you'll have people...
15:55 Everybody exerts an influence over somebody else,
15:58 whether it's for good or for bad.
16:00 So it's very important to seek God,
16:03 and who you're surrounding yourself with.
16:05 Yes, it's important
16:07 because the thing is God knows the plans that He has for you.
16:10 And so the enemy to an extent is aware of some of the plans
16:15 that God has for us, that is why
16:17 He tries at different points in our lives.
16:19 Sometimes, even before we're born,
16:21 for Him to kind of intercept.
16:23 And so choosing people in our lives,
16:26 especially very close people, like His disciples,
16:29 the people who would be with Him every day.
16:31 And in our context choosing people, like,
16:33 say to be our spouse and so on is important
16:36 because Ellen White says
16:38 these types of decisions are heaven and hell decisions
16:41 because who we choose to be in our space, like,
16:43 you see could influence our character,
16:45 could influence our behavior,
16:47 could influence the direction of our lives
16:49 in terms of us being more committed to God
16:51 or us being less committed to God.
16:53 And He demonstrated,
16:54 "Hey, we need to spend time doing that."
16:57 He prayed before He ate.
17:00 And I remember in primary school and stuff,
17:02 I went to all Adventist schools so far,
17:04 and we would always pray that God would bless our meals.
17:08 We do, what we call grace before meals.
17:11 That's a concept that was developed from Jesus
17:13 because you remember
17:14 when He had to feed the multitude
17:17 with the five loaves and two fish,
17:19 He prayed and blessed it, that's how it was multiplied.
17:22 And even when we look at the Last Supper,
17:24 He also prayed as well, so He prayed before He eat.
17:27 And one thing I like about Him, which is comforting for me,
17:29 many times, is He prayed within His busy schedule.
17:33 Many of us are so busy
17:35 that we do not get time to spend with God.
17:38 You know, but Jesus had did that in Luke 5:15-16,
17:43 "The news about Him had spread so the crowds came,
17:46 people came by to hear Him
17:48 and to be healed of their sickness.
17:50 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed."
17:54 So while the crowds were coming,
17:56 while people were running Him down
17:57 for healing, for blessings and for all of
18:01 what was going on around Him,
18:02 He still just moved out some time
18:04 so He can pray.
18:05 In Mark 6:31 and 33 it says,
18:09 "When they were coming," same thing,
18:10 "He went by Himself in a quiet place,
18:12 He went to get some rest.
18:14 But many who saw them leaving recognized them
18:16 and ran on foot."
18:18 That's going after disciples but after leaving them
18:21 He went to the mountainside to pray.
18:23 So even after that heavy day, that busy day,
18:26 and even during the busy day,
18:28 He withdrew because, I guess, He needed to be rejuvenated
18:31 and the only way our souls can be refreshed and renewed
18:35 is when we spend time in the presence of God.
18:38 And it's interesting too, like,
18:40 when you look at how much time Jesus spent in the prayer,
18:44 you know, and this is Jesus we're talking about.
18:46 He spent so much time in prayer,
18:49 He recognized His need for the Father,
18:51 how much more do we need to pray every single day.
18:55 Exactly.
18:56 And we need to recognize our need
18:58 for the Father but,
18:59 you know, some of us are in
19:01 that that Laodicean state, you know.
19:05 It's sad that we do not recognize
19:07 and that's why we need to look at Jesus
19:09 as our perfect prayer example.
19:11 Recognizing that if Jesus was part of the Godhead,
19:14 can see the need to spend all that time with His Father,
19:17 all the time with Papa, all that time with Abba.
19:20 If He needed that so much, we are much more in need of it.
19:24 Absolutely.
19:25 Another thing about His life is that He prayed with tears.
19:29 And I bring up that point
19:30 because sometimes we do not recognize
19:34 that even our tears are prayers.
19:37 So Jesus in Hebrews 5:7, the Bible says,
19:40 "While Jesus was here on earth,
19:41 He offered prayers and pleadings,
19:44 with a loud cry and tears, to the one
19:46 who could rescue Him from death.
19:48 And God heard His prayers
19:50 because of His deep reverence for God."
19:53 So He prayed with tears,
19:54 and I'm going to focus on that in a few minutes.
19:56 He also prayed about the same thing three times
19:59 which is something that's also important.
20:01 Many times we go to Him and because we believe, okay,
20:05 we ask one time, that's it.
20:06 I'm sure there were times when you were growing up,
20:08 you'd have ask your mom for stuff
20:09 that you'd have had to go repeatedly to ask,
20:11 it's not like she didn't hear you for first time.
20:12 Oh, yeah.
20:14 But it's like, we just want to remind Him,
20:16 "Hey, I'm asking, the same you'd ask your parent.
20:18 Mom, I'm asking for this.
20:19 Dad, I'm asking..."
20:21 So we would repeatedly ask for the same thing
20:23 not because it's a belief that, "
20:25 Hey, my parent is deaf or God is deaf,"
20:27 but because we want to remind Him,
20:28 it keeps us in constant contact.
20:30 He also prayed for others
20:32 which is another important point.
20:34 You remember, Peter?
20:36 When they were at the Last Supper,
20:37 and everything was going on with Judas, and Jesus,
20:41 and all of the other disciples discussing
20:43 who was the one who would betray and so on.
20:44 Jesus was having
20:46 a little private conversation with Peter and He said to him,
20:48 "Simon, Simon,
20:49 you know, the enemy is trying to sift you as wheat.
20:51 But I have prayed for you."
20:53 And then He gave him, of course, an assignment.
20:56 So the thing is we could actually ask Jesus.
20:58 I love that, you know,
20:59 we could ask Jesus to pray for us.
21:02 That's like one of the most comforting things
21:05 from the Bible for me,
21:06 is that when I am too wounded to pray,
21:08 when I'm too tired to pray,
21:10 when you don't know what to pray about,
21:12 you can actually say, "Jesus, my big Brother,"
21:14 you can claim that to Jesus,
21:15 "Say a prayer for me,
21:17 say a prayer for me just like You did for Peter,
21:20 say a prayer for me."
21:21 So many of us do not recognize that Jesus is that good friend
21:25 that He is that loving big brother,
21:27 and He wants to make it clear by His examples
21:29 that, hey, we should also invest time
21:32 in praying for others.
21:33 Just as He prayed for Peter,
21:34 and that's the blessing we mentioned earlier
21:36 about being able to intercede with others.
21:40 And whenever you feel
21:41 that you kind of pray for yourself,
21:43 we also need to remember that the Holy Spirit,
21:46 the Bible says will pray for us.
21:48 So not only does Big Brother Jesus
21:49 could pray for us like He prayed for Peter,
21:52 but the Bible says in Roman 8:26, that,
21:55 "The Holy Spirit helps in our weaknesses.
21:59 For example, we do not know what God wants us to pray for.
22:04 But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings
22:06 that cannot be expressed in words."
22:09 And sometimes, these groanings like
22:11 the groanings of Jesus are tears.
22:13 We are crying and I am saying to people sometimes,
22:15 "Hey, listen, even your tears are prayers
22:18 because the Holy Spirit translates your tears
22:21 into prayers
22:22 so the Father can still hear what you have to say."
22:26 So it is clear that Jesus
22:27 is our greatest prayer example,
22:30 He is our greatest role model
22:32 because He had the habit of praying every day
22:35 about everything.
22:37 And, you know, Jesus prayed with such faith and conviction.
22:42 He prayed and He knew
22:45 that His Father was going to answer,
22:47 He knew that His prayers were going to be answered.
22:51 Yeah, He knew that
22:52 because He would have been
22:54 spending so much time with Daddy,
22:55 that He knew
22:57 what Daddy wanted Him to pray for.
22:59 And that's why we sometimes shortchange ourselves,
23:01 we're not spending enough time with God in the first place.
23:04 So we could know
23:05 how He wants to lead us to pray.
23:07 Jesus did not overlook His need for His Father at all.
23:11 And many times we go through life thinking
23:13 that we can make decisions on our own without Him.
23:17 But Jesus knew for sure,
23:18 "Hey, I cannot do this, without Him.
23:20 I cannot go through this life,
23:23 this journey without my Father being there."
23:25 And that's why He prayed in the morning,
23:27 and He prayed in the evening, and He prayed about everything,
23:30 because there was no aspect of His life
23:33 that was not touched by His Father.
23:36 And even us now, we need God to touch
23:38 the different areas of our lives,
23:40 the different aspects of our lives,
23:42 and that's why He prayed so much.
23:44 And if He made prayer such a big part of His life,
23:46 I think we can really learn a lot from that.
23:49 It's really instructive for us to know that,
23:52 "Hey, if Jesus made His Father such a big part of His life,
23:56 what am I doing?
23:57 How can I go
23:59 about making decisions on my own?"
24:01 And so we need to take an example from that.
24:03 And some of the takeaway points
24:05 I would like us to get today is,
24:06 that we have that perfect prayer example in Jesus,
24:09 our role model.
24:11 We need to pattern our prayer lives
24:12 after His prayer life
24:14 and not just pray in the morning
24:16 and pray in the evening,
24:17 but make it a deliberate aspect of our life
24:20 to spend time with God
24:22 like He would take time during the day...
24:24 You know, from His busy schedule,
24:26 you know, when we have our lunch breaks,
24:27 our tea breaks,
24:29 we can just have some time with God
24:30 because we need that to help us to carry on throughout the day.
24:33 And we need to pray about everything.
24:35 Don't take anything for granted and believe
24:37 that I am in a position
24:38 to make this decision on my own.
24:40 Jesus clearly shows us that,
24:42 "Hey, we cannot make any decisions
24:45 without Father being involved,
24:46 without Daddy being involved, without Papa being involved."
24:50 So we need to make those deliberate efforts
24:52 to pull aside to spend time with Him.
24:55 I'm glad that you said that because,
24:58 you know, if we don't study God's Word,
25:01 if we don't spend time in prayer,
25:02 if we don't constantly carve out that time
25:06 and prioritize our time with God,
25:08 how are we going to do everything
25:10 to the glory of God?
25:11 We have to spend time in His Word,
25:14 and spend time in prayer,
25:15 and Jesus being our perfect example
25:18 in all things did all of that.
25:21 I mean, when you look at how Jesus faced temptation
25:25 when he was, when the devil
25:26 was attacking Him super hard, like,
25:30 the devil went after Christ harder
25:33 than anybody on this planet ever could.
25:37 And when He was being attacked, He was able to quote scripture,
25:42 He was able to quote the right things
25:45 that applied to that particular situation.
25:48 And one thing that the devil does,
25:50 one thing that the devil loves to do
25:52 is he'll take maybe 99.9% truth
25:56 and then he'll take 0.1% of a lie
25:59 and throw it in there.
26:01 So we have to be prayed up,
26:02 we have to dedicate time to the Lord,
26:06 so I'm glad that you mentioned that.
26:08 Yeah, that's really the case,
26:09 you know, because if Jesus made prayer
26:11 such a big part of His life,
26:13 I believe that we need to recognize
26:15 and we need to make it
26:17 so much more big part of our lives
26:19 because our prayer lives can greatly improve
26:22 if we practice the habit of praying every day
26:25 just like Jesus did.
26:27 Because Jesus knew that the only way
26:29 that He could secure the heir of His Father
26:31 just like you mentioned the only way
26:33 that Papa could hear Him, that Papa could really,
26:36 you know, work on His behalf
26:38 was if He was in constant contact
26:40 with His Father.
26:42 And so this is really
26:43 what we need to keep in mind as we focus on developing
26:46 that habit of praying every day.
26:49 So we could say a prayer.
26:50 And I think we could...
26:52 It's good for us
26:53 to probably address Him as Abba, Papa.
26:55 So we can say, Abba,
26:57 we thank You for Your example of our big brother Jesus,
27:00 we are grateful
27:01 that He was such a great example
27:04 to model to us
27:05 what our prayer life should be like.
27:07 We pray, Dear Father,
27:08 that we can hold the example of Jesus
27:10 dear to our hearts
27:12 so that our prayer lives can greatly improve.
27:14 Give us, Lord, the spirit of commitment
27:17 to carry on in this lovely example
27:19 we pray in the name of Jesus, amen.
27:21 Amen.
27:23 Thank you so much, Dr. Nadine, for that wonderful information
27:27 about our perfect example.
27:29 We pray that you have been blessed
27:31 by today's program.
27:33 You know, I want you to do something for me,
27:36 I want you to get a pen out and get a piece of paper
27:39 and write down how you are spending your time.
27:43 You know, as we've been examining Christ's life
27:46 and how He spent His time,
27:48 everything He did was dedicated to service.
27:52 He was always seeking to glorify the Father.
27:55 Make sure that you prioritize your time and make Christ,
28:00 The Missing Peace.


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