The Missing Peace

When God Has No Choice

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Participants: Jason Bradley (Host), Nadine Joseph-Collins PhD


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00:33 Hello and welcome to: The Missing Peace...
00:35 a program that's committed to making your prayer life go, Wow!
00:38 My name is Jason Bradley
00:40 and our primary host for this program is:
00:42 Dr. Nadine Joseph-Collins.
00:44 She is serious about prayer
00:46 and has dedicated her life to sharing the tools
00:49 to improve our communication with God through prayer.
00:52 Dr. Nadine has been empowering the prayer lives of others
00:56 in the Caribbean, Asia, Canada, the U.K.
00:59 and right here in the USA.
01:01 We are looking forward to hearing what she has to say
01:05 to take our prayer lives to the next level
01:07 but before she does that, let's seek the Lord in prayer
01:10 and invite His presence.
01:12 "Dear Heavenly Father, we always want to thank you
01:16 and praise you for the opportunity
01:18 that you have bestowed upon us to serve you.
01:21 We ask that as we have this conversation today
01:25 that you would be the Facilitator...
01:28 that you would guide our conversation,
01:32 that you would help us
01:33 to bring you all the honor and the glory.
01:36 We thank you and we praise you
01:38 and we ask for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit
01:41 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:42 "Amen. "
01:43 So, Dr. Nadine... what are we going to be discussing today?
01:47 Our topic today is: When God Has No Choice
01:50 and that's really when God has no choice
01:52 but to say, "Yes" to our prayers.
01:54 Isn't that something that everybody would like to know?
01:56 Yeah, how does He have no choice?
01:59 But to say, "Yes" to our prayers
02:00 I want to tell you a story right,
02:02 some time ago, I attended a concert.
02:04 Now, I am from the Caribbean so, we love concerts.
02:08 Growing up, it was something that we did, like,
02:11 every week, maybe on a Saturday evening,
02:12 maybe we would have a concert
02:14 but I had not been to a concert in a while
02:16 because I've been traveling so much
02:18 and so, I went to this concert and almost like,
02:22 toward the beginning, maybe the fourth person singing
02:25 sang this song...
02:26 and I saw people standing up
02:28 and dancing and singing along and so on
02:32 and I was like, "Wow! Okay... "
02:33 now toward the end of the concert,
02:35 I think, like the last song...
02:37 I heard like, the same track playing again
02:39 and I'm like, "Okay, somebody sang that song already"
02:41 I wanted to see the reaction of people
02:44 because I thought, "Okay, this was already sung
02:47 maybe they would have been a little calm and so on,
02:49 well, to my surprise, they were not.
02:51 More people began jumping up in the hallway of the church...
02:55 in the front of the stage and people began to sing along,
02:59 it was more exciting than the first time
03:01 and I sat there and I said to myself,
03:03 "Wow! when Jesus says, 'yes'
03:06 nobody can say 'no'
03:07 it's really a popular number among Christians... "
03:10 and then, I thought to myself,
03:12 "But how many of us can truly say
03:14 that when Jesus says, 'yes' in our story
03:17 not even the enemy or nothing at all in life
03:20 could actually say 'no' to what God has said 'yes' to"
03:23 and it brings us to this topic of like,
03:25 "When God has no choice but to actually say 'yes. '"
03:29 Now in another presentation, we had discussed self
03:32 as being the greatest hindrance that we had
03:35 in having our prayers answered...
03:37 really, as to...
03:39 we'll answer the question of why God says, "No"
03:41 and we really see that the problem is not with Him
03:44 but the problem is with us
03:45 because we are the ones holding on to self,
03:47 and so, we're really building on the idea
03:50 that God has no choice...
03:52 when God has no choice but to say, "Yes"
03:54 is built on the fact that self, of course, is dead
03:57 because we have already established
04:00 that if we are praying in self...
04:01 we will always pray against the will of God
04:04 because the things of God
04:05 and the things of the natural man
04:07 is always at war with each other...
04:09 Jason: Like oil and water.
04:10 Nadine: Right... they don't mix.
04:12 So, it brings us to a key text for our discussion today
04:16 which is in 1st John 5:14 to 15 where the Bible says,
04:21 "This is the confidence that we have in Him,
04:24 that, if we ask any thing according to His will... "
04:28 His will... Jason: That's the key...
04:31 Nadine: That's the key...
04:33 so, "if we ask anything according to His will...
04:36 He hears us... and if we know that He hears us,
04:40 whatsoever we ask,
04:42 we know that we have the petition
04:45 that we desire of Him. "
04:47 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
04:49 Nadine: So this is our key text
04:50 and that sounds a lot like "Yes" to me
04:52 but the caveat is this,
04:53 "We will get more 'yes' answers to our prayers
04:57 when we are praying in the will of God. "
05:00 Jason: Absolutely.
05:02 Nadine: You see, because, we can only pray
05:04 in the will of God... when self is dead,
05:07 when the Spirit of God is now living in us,
05:10 that is why a big part of our prayer life
05:13 after we've been seeking "dying to self"
05:15 or after we've been dying to self...
05:17 is really now,
05:18 "Seeking what that will of God is. "
05:20 Jason: Hmmm...
05:22 Nadine: So, the thing is that, we also have no natural desires
05:25 or inclinations or thirst things for the things of God
05:28 because we already know that we are shapen in sin
05:32 and in iniquity and so on
05:34 and our natural tendencies are of course, at enmity with God
05:38 so, even the very desires that we have, for example,
05:41 to want to die to self...
05:42 even the very desires that we have
05:45 to want to know the will of God...
05:47 to want to seek that will of God...
05:50 comes from God Himself,
05:51 isn't that amazing?
05:53 Jason: Hmmm...
05:54 Nadine: So, wherever such inclinations are... to Him...
05:57 wherever we have these desires...
05:59 any of these things in us are placed there by God Himself,
06:04 because the Bible says, "In us dwells no good thing"
06:08 and that's why we can understand...
06:11 when we look at self-dying,
06:13 as one of the platforms
06:15 upon which our prayer lives can actually grow...
06:17 our prayer lives can be Wow!
06:19 as we've been talking about
06:21 is when we understand Philippians 2:13 when it says,
06:25 we can conceptualize that when it says,
06:28 "For God is the One who works in us...
06:30 both too will and to do... "
06:32 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
06:33 Nadine: So, it now makes sense for us now...
06:36 so, God is the One working in me
06:38 to will... and to do...
06:40 because when self is dead... God is the One living in me...
06:43 He is the One prompting me how to pray
06:46 and then, God is the One answering.
06:49 Jason: Yeah, which is amazing when you think about it
06:53 because, we don't even have to do the heavy lifting...
06:56 God takes care of that... God does all that...
06:58 we just have to make the choice.
07:00 Nadine: Yes, He does all the work,
07:02 and when I contemplate on that, it's just amazing...
07:05 that's love... that's love at its finest...
07:08 because He is the One implanting in our hearts the desire...
07:12 and then He gives us the grace and strength
07:14 to do what pleases Him.
07:15 Jason: Yes.
07:17 Nadine: So, He does literally all the work
07:18 and when we look at Jesus,
07:20 He had His own perspective of... like, He's saying,
07:24 "Hey, this is how I look at doing my father's will... "
07:27 and in John 4:34 for example, He said,
07:30 "My food... " said Jesus
07:33 "is to do the will of Him who sent Me,
07:36 and to finish His work. "
07:37 For Jesus, that was food... doing the will of His Father...
07:40 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
07:41 Nadine: You know how we like our food
07:43 and I know you like your food.
07:44 Jason: I love my food.
07:45 Nadine: So, could you imagine, Jesus is saying,
07:48 "My food... is to do the will of Him who sent Me. "
07:51 Jason: Wow!
07:52 Nadine: So, just imagine how much we feast on our meals,
07:55 two meals a day, three meals a day...
07:56 desserts... snacks... so on...
07:59 Jesus is saying,
08:00 "You see, all of that stuff that you guys like so much...
08:02 how much... your belly means so much to you"
08:05 He is saying, "My food... what pleases my mouth...
08:08 what gives me my daily bread, my three meals a day...
08:10 my snacks... my in-between meals,
08:12 whatever the case may be,
08:13 is to do the will of Him who sent me. "
08:15 Jason: Hmmm...
08:16 Nadine: In John 8:29, it also says that
08:19 Jesus looks at His will... the will of His Father like this
08:22 He said, "The One who sent me is with me;
08:24 He has not left me alone,
08:26 for I always do what pleases Him. "
08:28 So, again, wanting to fulfill the will of His Father,
08:32 because when we do what God wants us to do,
08:35 or we do what is in the will of God,
08:38 we are pleasing God and that's how Jesus looks at it
08:41 and in John 5:30 He says, "By myself, I can do nothing;
08:45 I judge only as I hear,
08:48 and my judgment is just,
08:50 for I seek not to please myself
08:52 but Him Who sent Me. "
08:54 So, praying in the will of God
08:56 is literally praying in the Spirit of God
08:59 because it's the Spirit of God
09:01 living in us... praying through us.
09:04 Jason: Yeah, I mean, it's amazing that Jesus said
09:07 that He can't do anything without the Father.
09:10 So, then, why would we as human beings...
09:13 as mere mortals... think that we can do things without God?
09:18 We can't...
09:19 we can't... nothing good... without the Father.
09:23 Nadine: And that's why after dying to self,
09:26 our prayers will take a different flight...
09:28 it takes a different direction, things begin to change
09:31 because our asking would be different,
09:33 because no longer will we go to God
09:36 asking for the things that we want... in the flesh...
09:38 or the things that we see as needs...
09:40 but now, we will be going to God
09:42 asking Him, "Lord, what do you want me to ask for?"
09:46 What do you want me to pray about?
09:48 You know this song, "What shall I do?"
09:50 "Which step should I take?"
09:51 "What move should I make?"
09:53 That's the kind of way our prayer life will go
09:56 so, instead of us just going and doing our thing...
09:59 "Lord, what shall I... what should I ask?
10:02 Place in my heart Lord,
10:03 what it is you really want from me. "
10:06 Because then, it will change our request
10:08 because there will be more confidence,
10:10 because when we go to God and we know for sure
10:13 that this is what God wants us to ask for,
10:16 when we go to Him, we go to Him in confidence,
10:18 we are not going to be going there and, you know,
10:21 praying... but being very labor unsure...
10:24 because now we would have sought God
10:26 and we know for sure,
10:27 "This is what God wants us to ask for
10:29 so, now we're going to pray with more confidence"
10:31 our patience will be more secure
10:33 because when we are in the waiting period,
10:38 we will be patient...
10:39 we will be joyful... we will be at peace...
10:41 because we know for sure, this is what God wants for me,
10:44 I'm just going through the process...
10:46 Jason: Yeah. Nadine: You see...
10:47 and our answers, of course, will be more positive
10:50 because we know,
10:51 "Hey, this is what God wants for me,
10:53 this is what God has placed in my heart,
10:55 and as I wait for Him, as I'm patient... waiting...
10:58 I know, for sure, my answer will come
11:00 it's just a matter of His timing of course,
11:03 which is always perfect.
11:04 Jason: Yes, not our timing but His timing... yes.
11:07 Nadine: So, we'll have that confidence
11:10 because we know that God led...
11:11 we'll be patient because we know that God promised it,
11:14 we'll be... we will wrestle more determinedly
11:17 because we know, for sure, we have already won,
11:19 we are already victorious,
11:21 that thing that we are seeking is already provided
11:24 and, of course, our answers will be more positive
11:26 because God Himself had said, "Yes" to that thing
11:29 and that's the direction
11:31 we really want our prayer lives to take.
11:33 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
11:35 Nadine: And too many times, I think,
11:36 we focus on what we want.
11:38 Jason: Yeah.
11:40 Nadine: Instead of focusing on what God wants for us.
11:43 Jason: Yes.
11:44 Nadine: And that is the greatest point of frustration
11:46 that we have
11:48 but as we have already identified,
11:50 the problem is really not with God,
11:52 the problem is with us.
11:53 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
11:55 and that's an excellent point because sometimes
11:59 when we put our will in the place of God's...
12:02 we're, essentially, blocking our blessings.
12:06 I remember seeing on Facebook,
12:08 there was a picture of me or something...
12:12 and there was a little girl with this teddy bear
12:16 that was probably about yea big...
12:18 this small...
12:19 and there's a picture of Jesus
12:21 and He was asking her to give that teddy bear up
12:25 but He had one hand behind His back
12:29 and in that hand... there was a teddy bear
12:33 that was probably about as tall as I am... I'm 6 feet 1 inch
12:37 there is probably a teddy bear that's about as tall as I am
12:40 that He was wanting to give her,
12:43 so, see, God has the...
12:45 sometimes we have to let go of something
12:48 but God has something so much better in store for our lives
12:52 which is why that faith... that trust... that intimacy...
12:56 has to come into play.
12:58 Nadine: You see, that the thing...
13:00 it goes back to the issue of self...
13:02 we trust what we have in our hand...
13:03 that's the thing...
13:05 we don't want to let go of it
13:07 because we don't know the unseen and the unknown,
13:10 so now, had that little girl given up that...
13:13 because what she had in her hand... she trusts...
13:16 "I know what I have, Lord, and I want to hold on to it,
13:19 I trust it because I can see it...
13:21 but I don't know what you have in store for me
13:23 because I cannot see it... "
13:24 and, therefore, we hold on to what we think is good...
13:27 because it's the only point of reference that we have,
13:30 but God knows our end from our beginning.
13:33 Jason: Absolutely.
13:35 Nadine: He knows the plans that He has for us...
13:36 the Bible says... they are great plans
13:38 He has a great expected end.
13:40 Paul says, "The things that He has in store...
13:43 we can't even begin to imagine these things...
13:45 because our minds cannot conceive it,
13:48 but yet, we hold on to what we know
13:51 because we feel safe in it, we are in our comfort zone...
13:54 we have a point of reference,
13:55 but like that story or that picture that you saw,
13:59 what God has that you cannot see...
14:02 it's there behind His back but really, it's just a picture
14:05 but what He has in store... that we cannot see
14:07 because we can only see one direction
14:09 God knows what He has behind the scenes for us
14:12 Jason: Yeah, like Jeremiah 29:11 Nadine: That's my favorite text.
14:15 Jason: It says, "For I know the plans I have for you,
14:17 declares the Lord, plans to prosper you
14:19 and not to harm you,
14:21 plans to give you hope and a future. "
14:23 Nadine: "To give you an expected end. "
14:25 Jason: Hmmm...
14:26 Nadine: And that expected end
14:28 that God has in store for us really...
14:30 will never change...
14:31 but it's just for us to be able to align ourselves to His will.
14:36 so we need to focus less on what we want
14:39 and try to focus more on God's will for us
14:42 because truly we have already identified
14:44 that we cannot even trust ourselves to pray
14:47 and so, that is why
14:50 forces us to shift our focus...
14:52 it is God working in you to will...
14:54 it's God working in you to do...
14:56 so if the only prayers that are guaranteed to be heard
14:59 are the ones that we pray "in the will of God... "
15:02 Jason: Hmmm...
15:03 Nadine: Wouldn't it be to our benefit
15:05 to spend time seeking that will.
15:07 Jason: Absolutely.
15:09 Nadine: It would benefit us greatly
15:10 if a great... or the greater part of our prayers
15:14 are really seeking God for that way,
15:17 "Lord, what do you want?"
15:18 So that when God reveals Himself...
15:21 when God reveals His will,
15:22 now, we are able to pray for that thing
15:24 but many times we spend too much time
15:27 praying and asking Him for what we want...
15:28 not recognizing that we really need to be
15:30 doing it another way...
15:32 look at Philippians 2:13,
15:33 God working in us to will and to do...
15:35 "So Lord, impress upon my heart what I need...
15:38 impress upon my heart what you want for me
15:40 because your plans for me according to Jeremiah 29:11
15:43 are great plans... " Jason: Yeah.
15:45 Nadine: "Your plans for me are... are awesome,
15:47 you have a great expected end that I have no idea what that is
15:50 what is it you want me to do?
15:52 What is it you want me to pray for?
15:54 Where do you want me to go to live?
15:55 What school do you want me to go to?
15:57 What do you want me to study?
15:59 What do you have in store for me?"
16:00 And now, you can begin to pray and claim these things
16:04 because God has placed it in your heart.
16:06 He is the One who has revealed it to you and so on
16:08 and so, before we go asking for things
16:12 we really need to spend time seeking what...
16:14 "what do you want... " that kind of a thing
16:16 and people generally ask,
16:18 "But Nadine, how do you know
16:20 what God's will is. "
16:21 And I remember the first time I came across
16:25 that concept was, when I was around 19 years old
16:29 there was a book in the ABC called:
16:31 How to Know God's Will in Your Life
16:33 I think it was written by Morris Venden,
16:35 do you know that book?
16:36 Jason: No, I haven't seen that one.
16:38 Nadine: So, it's an old book but in the first chapter
16:41 the author said,
16:42 "To know God's will in your life,
16:44 you need to have no will of your own. "
16:46 And I thought to myself, "How could I pray
16:48 and not have a will of my own,
16:50 how could I pray without any direction in my prayer?"
16:53 But I decided I was going to try it
16:55 so, that was around the time when desktop computers
16:58 were coming into the homes
17:00 and so, I would use my computer at work sometimes
17:04 to do some personal jobs.
17:05 So, I decided, "Hey, I'm going to get a computer"
17:07 I'd gotten accustomed to it on the job,
17:09 I learned all of the different Programs
17:11 and I said, "Hey, I'm going to get one. "
17:13 So, I went to the Bank... but before I went there
17:16 I already told God, "Hey, I'm going to try
17:18 what this guy is talking about in this book,
17:20 I want to know what Your will is,
17:22 so, I really want the computer
17:24 but if you don't want the computer for me,
17:27 I really don't want the computer.
17:28 So, whichever way it goes, I will be fine,
17:31 if I don't get the loan, I'll be okay...
17:33 if I get the loan, I'll be happy. "
17:34 So, I went in there... I brought my job letter
17:37 and everything that I needed
17:38 and the gentleman put everything in the System
17:41 and he looked at me funny and said,
17:42 "But you know it's strange,
17:44 on paper, it seems like you qualify
17:46 but in the System here, you don't. "
17:48 So, then I said, "Okay... "
17:49 I smiled and I said to him, "That's fine, that's okay"
17:51 and he looked at me funny... he's like,
17:53 "No, I could speak to my supervisor... "
17:55 and I said, "No, it's all right, it's all right,
17:57 I don't think that's God's will for me... "
17:58 and he looked at me a little funny...
17:59 and I wished him a good day and I left.
18:01 When I got outside of the bank, I was so happy
18:04 because I was like, "Yes, it works...
18:06 so, this wasn't God's will for me. "
18:08 That's the first time I tried it right,
18:09 about a week or two later,
18:12 a couple that I would usually assist
18:15 with typing up documents for them and so on,
18:17 came in the office...
18:18 they wanted to find out if I got my loan,
18:20 I told them, "No... "
18:21 they offered me... in fact...
18:23 and did give me 50 percent of the money that I needed
18:27 for my computer.
18:28 Jason: Wow!
18:29 Nadine: So, that saved me a lot of money, actually.
18:31 Jason: So it wasn't...
18:33 like, God wasn't necessarily saying, "No... "
18:35 He was just saying, "Not right now. "
18:37 Nadine: Or just, "Not this way... "
18:38 Jason: Yeah... exactly.
18:40 Nadine: You see, because, I was going for a loan
18:42 but His will... He had another way to do it.
18:44 Jason: Yeah.
18:45 Nadine: Because, if I had gotten the loan,
18:47 I would have probably paid about three times the amount
18:48 by the time I was finished with the loan,
18:50 you understand,
18:51 so, the thing about it was that it was the first time
18:53 and I actually got addicted to the will of God after that
18:56 because, after that try, I was like,
18:58 "Wow! hey I need to... "
18:59 and I began to try it more and practice it more
19:02 and I just got addicted to it because I realized,
19:04 "Hey, there's no better place to be than in the will of God"
19:07 there's no better prayer to pray
19:09 than the prayer that you know for sure
19:10 that God is going to answer. Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
19:12 Nadine: And so, really we need to begin to focus
19:14 on shifting our prayer lives from telling God what we want
19:16 to asking Him, "What do you want for me?"
19:19 It's crucial. Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
19:20 Nadine: Because many persons are frustrated in their prayer lives
19:23 every time I travel around, you go to churches...
19:26 people are just limp and weak because they're like,
19:28 "I'm tired of praying and God doesn't hear me...
19:30 He doesn't answer me... "
19:32 and as we speak more, I realize... and I would share
19:35 like I shared some of my stories with them
19:37 and, "Hey, the problem is not with God,
19:40 the problem is really with us"
19:41 because we go to Him with our own agenda...
19:44 Jason: Yeah. Nadine: We never ask him,
19:45 "What's your item on our agenda for today, Lord. "
19:49 We just go with our own list and we rattle it out to Him,
19:51 not even asking Him, "What do you want from me?"
19:55 Knowing, of course, Jeremiah 29:11
19:57 has that "great expected end. "
20:00 Jason: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
20:01 Nadine: Because He knows the big picture of our lives,
20:04 He knows our end from our beginning...
20:06 we could trust that the plans that He has for us
20:09 truly, at any point in our lives,
20:11 are good plans,
20:12 even when we go through bad experiences
20:14 because even the bad things that we go through...
20:17 are instructive things... Jason: Yes.
20:19 Nadine: Because God uses whatever the enemy tries to use
20:22 to destroy us, He uses it to instruct us.
20:26 Jason: Teach us a lesson.
20:27 Nadine: You see, because even if we look at
20:29 the greatest ministers,
20:30 the greatest ministries,
20:32 they were birthed out of situations
20:34 that were meant to destroy people,
20:36 but because of the love of God,
20:38 He is using these very experiences now
20:40 to draw others to Him
20:42 and so, that's why we know for sure
20:44 He has... truly a great expected end for us
20:47 so, apart from dying to self, one of the other things
20:50 that will really make anybody's prayer life go, "Wow!"
20:53 is, "Spending time seeking the will of God"
20:55 and if we're not spending time with Him,
20:58 we will never know His will for us.
20:59 Jason: That's true.
21:01 Nadine: It will take that intimate time...
21:02 it would take that deliberate practice that we spoke about
21:05 you see, it will take us...
21:07 looking at the life of Jesus as our primary example
21:10 and it will take us... daily dying to self to recognize
21:13 "Hey, I really need to begin to seek God's will for my life. "
21:17 Jason: Yes... yeah...
21:19 dying to self is a daily struggle,
21:21 that's a second-by-second, minute-by-minute,
21:24 hour-by-hour, daily struggle.
21:26 Nadine: Yeah, because once we say, "Yes... "
21:29 in fact, once we die to self
21:32 or we align ourselves with the will of God
21:35 all our prayers will be answered in the affirmative,
21:38 God will say, "Yes"
21:39 because it will not be us praying...
21:41 first of all, self would be dead...
21:42 he is living in us,
21:44 then we are seeking His will for us
21:46 and so, now when we go to Him,
21:48 of course, He will answer Himself.
21:49 Now, one of the ways that we can really test this,
21:52 is when we are about to pray... we can ask God,
21:55 "Whose will am I trying to establish here...
21:57 my will or your will?"
21:59 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
22:00 and the thing is, sometimes we have good desires,
22:04 sometimes we want to do good things in our lives
22:08 but we have to realize,
22:09 that not every good thing is a God thing.
22:12 Jason: Yes.
22:13 Nadine: You see, so, not every good thing
22:15 that I desire is God's will for me.
22:18 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
22:19 Nadine: And that is a critical point for us, as Christians,
22:21 to recognize that we may have good desires.
22:23 I remember, when I wanted to go to school
22:25 all my friends were going off to college
22:27 and I was still working at home,
22:28 I had a good desire
22:30 but was it God's will and desire for me at that point in my life?
22:34 Jason: Hmmm... hmmmm... hmmm... hmmm.
22:36 Nadine: And so, there were other good things that we want
22:38 but it may not necessarily be God's thing for us,
22:40 that's why we need to spend time seeking Him,
22:43 yes,
22:45 so, if we are seeking, for example,
22:47 to establish His will...
22:48 then, we know for sure that He's going to answer our prayers
22:51 in the affirmative,
22:53 we know for sure that He is going to hear us
22:55 and that's why I like, Mark 11:24,
22:57 it says, "I tell you, whatsoever you ask for in prayer,
23:01 believe you have received it, and it will be yours. "
23:05 Jason: Hmmm...
23:06 Nadine: But that is contingent upon the fact
23:09 that we are praying in His will. Jason: Yes.
23:11 Nadine: So when we are praying in His will,
23:13 whatever we ask... of course, we will receive it
23:15 because we are not the ones praying... self is not praying
23:18 it's the Spirit of God living in us
23:19 prompting us to pray.
23:20 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
23:22 Nadine: So, many times, we don't know that will...
23:23 we don't spend time seeking Him for that will...
23:25 and I just wanted to add here
23:27 that praying the will of God does not exempt us from trials.
23:31 Jason: Yes.
23:33 Nadine: Because when we think about the story of Joseph,
23:35 we saw that Joseph had a dream, right?
23:36 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
23:38 Nadine: God showed him His end-plan for him...
23:39 "Your brothers will bow to you... "
23:41 "Your father will bow to you" and so on...
23:44 I will... He would use Joseph to do something great.
23:47 Jason: Yeah.
23:49 Nadine: But Joseph went through some rough experiences
23:51 during that time,
23:52 does that mean that he was not in the will of God?
23:54 The answer is no... he was in the will of God...
23:57 the bad experiences were
23:58 probably not part of God's plan for him
24:00 but because these things happened,
24:02 it did not prevent God from fulfilling His end-plan
24:05 that He had in mind for Joseph...
24:06 the will that He had in mind for Joseph.
24:07 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
24:09 Nadine: And so, when Joseph was in the pit...
24:11 when he was forgotten in prison and so on,
24:13 I'm sure, he didn't think, "Hey... "
24:15 maybe he was even wondering
24:17 where he was going with all of this
24:18 but at the end of the day,
24:20 it was not easy for him going through these things,
24:23 emotionally, we could imagine how he felt,
24:25 the hurt from his brothers doing that to him...
24:28 the loss of his father being around and so on...
24:31 so, being in the will of God doesn't exempt us from trials
24:34 it's just that when we are in the will of God
24:37 it gives us a greater sense of peace
24:39 because we know that God is the One leading us,
24:43 I remember in my own personal life, in 2005,
24:46 my friend and I were praying... we were prayer partners
24:50 and we usually would meet
24:53 and we would write our little notes down... to pray
24:55 then, we would agree on these things and pray
24:57 but that time she prayed and she asked God
25:00 to show me my husband by my birthday
25:02 so, after we prayed, I'm saying to her
25:05 "But Debbie, we didn't agree on this thing,
25:07 we didn't even discuss this thing,
25:09 do you know where I'll be for my birthday?"
25:10 And I said, "I'll be in Canada"
25:12 so, my mind was just on the Caribbean and so on
25:15 I wasn't thinking beyond that,
25:17 and by May 2005,
25:19 God did show me who the person would be
25:23 but we only got married, like, what... 12 or 13 years later.
25:26 Jason: And who was that person?
25:28 Nadine: Laughing... You're too funny...
25:30 Jason: Who was that person? Nadine: You know who he is...
25:33 so the thing is... look at how long it took...
25:35 from 2005... we got married in 2016...
25:38 but God had already revealed His will...
25:40 I know you're like that story, you know,
25:43 but God had already revealed His will... so long ago...
25:46 so you could imagine all of the hurt... disappointments...
25:48 and different emotions that were involved
25:51 all of these years of waiting...
25:53 then to actually see the will of God fulfilled.
25:55 So, being in the will of God does not exempt you...
25:58 it's not a walk in the park
26:00 and I want to share a few quick things,
26:03 God's "No" for us is not rejection,
26:06 it's sometimes... redirection.
26:08 Jason: Hmmm... say that again.
26:10 Nadine: God's "No" for us is not rejection,
26:12 it's just redirection...
26:14 because His "No" for one thing is His "Yes" for something else.
26:17 Jason: Yes.
26:19 Nadine: You see, because there are many people
26:20 who would have asked God... to marry this person
26:22 God said, "No" to that and then they got the person
26:24 that they really wanted to be married to...
26:26 the person of their "dreams" or whatever the case may be...
26:29 His occasional "No" is not punishment... it's preparation.
26:31 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
26:32 Nadine: And I wish we had time to unpack that
26:34 but the thing is, sometimes we are in rough situations,
26:36 you know,
26:38 on the job we are given assignments
26:40 that seem too much for us,
26:41 until we get the promotion and realize
26:43 that the experience was perfect...
26:44 it wasn't punishment... it was preparation...
26:46 His "no" for us sometimes are just like His "yes's"
26:49 to bring glory to Himself...
26:51 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
26:52 Nadine: When we look at the story of Job...
26:54 and we look at the man who was born blind...
26:55 in all of that... He said,
26:57 "I'll get the glory... it's for my glory"
26:58 and then, God's occasional "No"
27:00 sometimes is to take us on an exciting journey with Him!
27:03 Jason: Yes.
27:05 Nadine: And we saw that with Elijah...
27:06 if God had killed Elijah in the cave... as Elijah had asked,
27:08 he would not have been taken up
27:10 with that excitement in that chariot
27:12 so, I just want to remind us that...
27:14 you know,
27:16 that we could ask things according to God's will
27:17 because whenever we ask things according to His will,
27:20 He will hear us
27:21 and God will say, "Yes" to our prayers
27:23 when we say, "Yes" to His will.
27:24 Jason: Amen...
27:26 Nadine: So we could say a prayer,
27:27 "Abba Father, we thank you for your love,
27:29 we thank you for the great plans that you have for us
27:32 we thank you dear God
27:33 that you have a great expected end for each of your children.
27:36 Father, help us to be willing to die to self
27:39 and to align ourselves in your will
27:42 so that our prayer life can take up different flight, we pray,
27:46 in the name of Jesus, amen. "
27:47 Jason: Amen.
27:49 Thank you so much for that information
27:50 that you shared with us today,
27:52 and we want to thank you for joining us...
27:55 we pray that you have been blessed by today's program...
27:58 join us next time
27:59 as Dr. Nadine brings that missing peace.


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