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00:33 Welcome to The Missing Peace...
00:35 my name is Jason Bradley
00:36 and our primary host is Dr. Nadine Joseph Collins
00:39 a native of Saint Lucia
00:41 she is devoted to making your prayer life go "Wow!"
00:45 Dr. Nadine is an author and presenter
00:48 who is going to share some important insights
00:50 into improving your prayer life but before she begins,
00:54 let's invite the Lord to join us.
00:56 "Dear Heavenly Father,
00:58 we thank you for the opportunity to worship you...
01:00 to praise you and to enlighten others
01:03 on to how...
01:05 as to... how to strengthen their prayer life, Father,
01:08 we ask that you would be with our conversation...
01:11 lead, guide and direct us in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:13 "Amen. "
01:15 So, what are we going to discuss today?
01:17 Today we're going to be talking about: Praying for Favor
01:21 because favor is generally, you know,
01:25 referred to as getting approval
01:27 and acceptance of some special benefits
01:29 and, you know, blessings from others
01:32 so as we speak about making our prayer lives go "wow!"
01:35 as we speak about having that effective prayer life,
01:39 it will be very useful for us to know how "favor... "
01:42 receiving special blessings,
01:44 gifts and getting that approval or acceptance
01:50 could really benefit us in our prayer life.
01:52 There's usually a close association
01:55 also with mercy and grace
01:56 when we talk about things like "favor" and so on
02:00 so we can receive favor from God and man... that's the thing.
02:05 Okay, break that down for us.
02:06 Because we could get special gifts...
02:09 we could get acceptance or approval from people
02:13 but we can also get that from God
02:16 and so, that's really where we want to go today
02:18 because generally God's favor is extended
02:21 as a response to prayer.
02:22 Okay.
02:24 Sometimes they extend it by His prerogative
02:26 meaning, He does it
02:27 and we cannot say why He did it or how He does it
02:30 and that's a good thing about God too
02:33 because as human beings sometimes...
02:35 if we have criteria on how we want to bless people,
02:39 we have criteria on what is acceptable for them
02:42 in our circles
02:43 but with Him, we cannot trace some of the things that He does
02:46 it's like, if we had a choice and we could have controlled God
02:50 we would be like, "You know what...
02:51 don't bless this person
02:52 because they're not doing it the right way
02:54 or they're not doing this or they're not doing that... "
02:56 but His prerogative... He uses His own prerogative sometimes
02:59 to give favor
03:00 but it's also, thankfully, given as a response to prayer
03:05 and I remember growing up,
03:08 I didn't like the last name "Joseph... "
03:10 Really?
03:12 Because it was very common,
03:13 it's like, one of the most common surnames at home...
03:15 Okay.
03:16 So, you go through the Directory the Telephone Directory...
03:19 and a lot of people would actually have the last name
03:23 "Joseph... " it and about three other common...
03:25 really, really common ones
03:26 That's probably like "Smith" here in America.
03:28 So, it was something I really... I really honestly didn't like it
03:32 however, when I was in Court I remember
03:35 that... in fact, I think it was before then
03:38 but it really became that reality for me,
03:41 I think it happened before then, but when I realized...
03:44 when I studied Joseph's life... that's Jacob's son...
03:48 and I realized that Joseph had favor...
03:51 everywhere that he went he had favor...
03:55 and I saw, "Hey, I'm going to begin to embrace that surname,
03:59 I'm going to begin to take the blessing attached to that name
04:03 because I'm looking at his life
04:05 and the blessings that he had... and I'm saying,
04:07 "If I take that name and I personalize his experiences
04:10 and stuff like that, I thought, 'Hey, I'm going to...
04:13 I'm going to claim the Joseph blessing on my life. '"
04:16 Ah ha...
04:17 Now, the time I did that,
04:18 I didn't even think about the "pit experience"
04:21 I didn't think about the "prison experience"
04:23 I didn't think about his brothers' deed,
04:26 all I looked at was the blessing aspect of it
04:28 and usually, sometimes, we look at people's lives
04:31 and people get jealous of other people's blessing,
04:33 they don't know the "behind the scenes stories. "
04:36 That is an excellent point,
04:38 people don't see the struggle that they're going through,
04:41 they just see the success
04:42 with that... but they don't see the struggle.
04:44 Yeah... and so I took that blessing...
04:47 I'm like, "I'm taking the blessing of his name"
04:49 and I didn't look at the "struggles part"
04:51 but anyway, three years ago, I coined a phrase
04:54 and I said that, "Fame is fickle and popularity is poor
04:58 but the favor of God is sure"
05:00 because that's when I made up my mind
05:03 that above anything else in this life, I want God's favor
05:07 because I began to look at favor
05:10 as something that could really bless my life
05:12 and so, as we go through the Bible,
05:15 we could examine some of the stories
05:17 where we see people receiving God's favor
05:19 whether it was through them requesting it through prayer
05:22 or by God's own divine prerogative...
05:25 and I hope we have time
05:27 so I can share some of my personal stories
05:28 there are way too many stories about God's favor in my life
05:31 to share in one program
05:33 but I just hope we can actually put in
05:35 at least one or two of them there
05:37 but favor is important in our prayer lives
05:39 because like I said, it's often extended as a result of prayer
05:44 right, so when we look at Jabez, for example, in 1st Chronicles 9
05:48 he had a prayer... 9 to 10 actually...
05:51 he had a prayer... and the Lord granted him His request...
05:55 he got the favor that he asked God for,
05:56 then we look at Hezekiah, in 2nd Kings 20 and verse 3,
06:00 he told God something and some people look at this prayer,
06:03 and they're like, "This man is 'bigging up' himself... "
06:06 like, he's puffing himself up before God...
06:09 but really, he said to the Lord, "Remember, O Lord,
06:12 how I have walked before you faithfully
06:15 and wholeheartedly with devotion
06:18 and have done what is good in your eyes... "
06:21 and then he began to cry... the Bible says, he wept bitterly
06:24 but he was really making a plea to God
06:27 because Hezekiah was only 39 years old...
06:29 Hmmm...
06:30 Hezekiah has only reigned as king for 14 years
06:34 and here a prophet comes to him and says,
06:37 "Hey, you are really sick, you're going to die,
06:40 you need to set your house in order... "
06:41 and so, Hezekiah took that pronouncement on his life
06:46 and then looked back at what he had done in his life
06:50 in that... trying to please God and so...
06:51 and he went to God and he began to pray to God
06:54 about the things that he has done
06:56 so, what really he did there...
06:58 we know for sure that he knew the Bible,
06:59 he knew the promises in the Bible
07:01 because as we read through his story
07:03 he was able to pray back many of these promises to God
07:06 and even Ellen White encourages us to do that,
07:08 that's why the Word of God is so important in our prayer lives
07:11 because as we use the Word
07:14 we are able to take these promises that we talk about,
07:17 we're talking about praying in faith
07:18 and we are able to claim these promises,
07:20 we are able to pray them back to God
07:22 and Hezekiah did just that,
07:24 his mind was filled with Scriptures
07:26 so, as he prayed, these promises were just coming in his mind
07:30 and he also knew that God had made certain promises
07:33 to the children of Israel,
07:34 He had promised them long life in Deuteronomy 4
07:38 so, there Hezekiah is saying,
07:40 "Lord, you promised long life to my people...
07:42 but look at me... I'm only 39...
07:44 I can't die right now... "
07:45 and so, he made his plea to God
07:48 and the Bible says that as the prophet was walking out,
07:53 Isaiah was walking out of that place,
07:55 the Spirit of the Lord said to him,
07:56 "Go back... go back and answer this guy...
08:00 tell him that you... God has heard his prayers
08:04 God has seen his tears... "
08:05 and remember we spoke about tears...
08:06 tears being a language also that God understands
08:10 because the Holy Spirit could translate our tears to prayers,
08:13 so, God heard it,
08:15 God said, "I have seen your tears... I will heal you... "
08:17 Hmmm...
08:19 And so he got the favor that he had actually asked God for
08:23 and the Lord extended his life and so on
08:25 but there are cases where favor is not just given
08:28 because of prayer,
08:30 but because of God's own prerogative...
08:31 He uses His own measuring stick...
08:33 He makes His own decisions,
08:34 you know there's a text that talks about
08:36 God blessing the just and the unjust...
08:38 Hmmm... hmmm...
08:40 And so, that's His prerogative,
08:41 "I will choose to bless who I want to bless
08:43 and I will choose to curse who I want to curse... "
08:45 because it's His divine prerogative,
08:47 nobody can tell him who to bless or who to curse,
08:50 at the end of the day,
08:51 7.5 billion children in the world are all His children
08:55 and He will choose to bless who He wants to bless and so on...
08:59 I like that verse in Revelation where it says something about
09:02 how God can open a door that no man...
09:05 or God can open doors that no man can shut
09:08 and He can close doors that no man can open.
09:11 Exactly... and that's really important in our lives
09:14 because I remember, when I wanted to study
09:18 and I didn't have the funds
09:20 and one of my close friends was also a mentor,
09:22 he said to me, "Nadine, I want you to remember one thing,
09:25 an entire Committee could be for you
09:28 and if this is not God's will for you,
09:30 you are not going to get the assistance you're looking for"
09:32 but he said, "An entire Committee could be against you
09:35 and this is what God wants for you
09:38 and they will have to work in your favor... "
09:39 so, sometimes we have to remember
09:41 that as we are praying for favor and so on,
09:44 we have to remember
09:45 that God is in control of all things
09:48 and sometimes people...
09:49 and that's one of the things we'll be mentioning later
09:51 but if we brought it up anyhow...
09:53 that God is going to use even your enemies
09:56 to bless you.
09:57 Hmmm... yeah...
09:59 He's going to use your enemies to work for you
10:00 because you are going to have favor in their eyes,
10:03 they have no choice... really...
10:04 The Egyptians gave the Israelites gifts
10:06 as they were leaving...
10:08 Yes... because...
10:09 because they had God's favor on their lives,
10:11 so, we see sometimes
10:13 that God gives that favor in His prerogative
10:15 and when we look at, for example, Abraham...
10:17 the Bible says, "Abraham found favor in the eyes of the Lord"
10:20 because remember
10:22 when God gave him the instructions to leave
10:25 He said, "Go from your country
10:27 and your kindred and your father's house...
10:29 to a land that I show you... "
10:30 so, here we see that God is giving plain instructions
10:33 to somebody, right,
10:34 "And I will make you a great nation
10:36 and I will bless you and make your name great
10:39 so that you will be a blessing,
10:41 I will bless those who bless you,
10:42 I will curse those who curse you,
10:44 and all of the families of the earth will be blessed. "
10:48 So, here Abraham comes from a family,
10:51 his entire family is living here let's say,
10:53 God says, "I want you to go...
10:55 I already chose where I want you to go,
10:57 and I have already put blessings in that place for you... "
11:00 so favor is already waiting for him,
11:02 but the irony is that divine favor...
11:04 even though it rested on Abraham,
11:06 none of the other family members at the time had it
11:10 because his father died there in Haran where they were
11:13 you see, so he had that favor
11:16 and God blessed him, Genesis 12:1 to 3
11:18 "Abraham was blessed and favored because he was chosen. "
11:22 So here we see God's divine prerogative for sure,
11:26 "I am doing what I want to do, I chose you out of your family"
11:29 so he had favor because he was chosen
11:31 and that favor was repeated in his life
11:34 because we saw that in Genesis 12...
11:37 when he went down to Egypt, he had favor with Pharaoh
11:40 then, we saw in Genesis 14,
11:43 where he fought against the forces
11:45 that captured nephew... his nephew, Lot,
11:47 you remember when that happened
11:49 but Abraham was given favor again... and victory,
11:51 so favor not only was with him when God pronounced it,
11:55 favor went before him, favor followed him
11:57 because God chose him,
11:59 then we look at Isaac...
12:01 Isaac... divine favor also rested on his son, Isaac
12:04 but look his brother, Ishmael, the Bible says,
12:07 that same favor didn't rest on Ishmael
12:09 even though Isaac had it
12:11 and Isaac was so blessed
12:12 that during one of the worst famines of his day,
12:15 we read that... in like, Genesis 6
12:17 26... sorry... one of the worst famines of his day
12:20 he received, the Bible says, a hundredfold...
12:23 now that's some favor...
12:26 Absolutely...
12:27 Because everybody around you is suffering
12:29 and you are just prospering,
12:31 he was prospering so much
12:33 that the king had to ask him to leave,
12:35 not because the king didn't like him,
12:37 actually, the king liked him
12:39 but because it was causing
12:40 problems with other people in the area
12:42 they were beginning to be affected
12:44 because of Isaac's prosperity
12:46 and the king asked him to leave and so on
12:48 but later on, actually the king went back to him...
12:51 but the point is that, favor was resting on Isaac
12:53 one thing I could probably say is
12:56 that when the king went back to him, the king said,
12:59 initially he said, "You need to leave
13:01 because, you know, it's going to cause some problems... "
13:04 but he told everybody around,
13:05 "Do not touch anything that belongs to Isaac"
13:07 later on, they actually went to Isaac
13:10 and made a treaty with Isaac because they realized that
13:12 his blessings would probably be a blessing to them as well
13:15 so God's divine favor was really resting there
13:17 that he had favor with the king
13:19 and that is so important, I remember
13:22 I worked in a particular Organization
13:24 and the Managing Director's secretary,
13:27 one day, she said to me,
13:28 "You know, every Monday morning that we have Board Meeting,
13:31 your name is being mentioned about how you work... "
13:34 and I saw it happening repeatedly throughout my life
13:37 where God would give me favor with my bosses where I worked.
13:41 I remember when I was looking
13:42 for the job that I just mentioned
13:45 about them, I had another job
13:47 and I had even forgotten I had even applied for a job,
13:50 when I got the call, I was wondering like,
13:51 what they were talking about,
13:53 but when I had the interview,
13:54 that morning I got to my workplace late
13:57 and I decided that I needed to be honest with my boss
14:00 to let her know about that job and I mentioned to her,
14:02 "I just came from an interview
14:04 that's why I'm almost two hours late... "
14:05 and instead of being upset with me,
14:07 she asked me, "How was the interview?"
14:09 And I told her how it went.
14:11 She said, "Do you think you'll get the job?"
14:12 I said, "Yes, I believe so... " and so on...
14:14 and so she said to me, "You'll get the job... "
14:16 you know what? She gave me her blessing
14:17 and everything like that
14:19 because God had given me favor in her eyes
14:21 you see, and so, God does that sometimes
14:24 we see Isaac here having clear favor from the king
14:27 that he would spare the life of Isaac and his family
14:30 even though Isaac was prospering.
14:32 Then we look at Jacob,
14:34 God favored Jacob instead of Esau
14:36 and for the life of me, I studied that text for a while
14:39 when He said in Malachi 1:2 to 3,
14:42 "Yet I loved Jacob and Esau I hated... "
14:45 it doesn't mean that he hated Esau
14:46 in the way we talk about "hated"
14:48 but the thing is, He favored Jacob over his brother, Esau
14:52 and we don't know why...
14:53 Jacob was the one who came out second,
14:56 we talk about as a second child, right,
14:58 even though they were twins
14:59 but God says, "I love Jacob... I have chosen Jacob"
15:02 that's who I want to rest my favor on
15:05 and it doesn't matter what anyone says
15:07 I have chosen him...
15:09 and so, this is where we see again, God's divine prerogative
15:12 in choosing or in favoring
15:14 who He wanted to favor,
15:17 He favored one brother over another
15:18 and we have no idea why
15:20 so, we see favor still resting on Jacob later in his life
15:24 even though he tricked the brother
15:26 and his Uncle Laban had a mis... let's say "tricked" him,
15:30 Jacob left Isaac's house empty-handed
15:34 you remember he had to run away
15:35 because the mom had to tell him,
15:37 "You know, you have to pack up and leave"
15:38 so, he ran empty-handed
15:41 but he came back one of the richest men of his day
15:44 and that's because God chose Jacob.
15:47 And that's another thing, I think,
15:49 that's important to bring out is
15:51 that with God on your side, no matter where you are...
15:56 there are a lot of people that might be
15:59 at home watching and saying,
16:00 "Well, you know, I've made some mistakes"
16:02 or "I haven't always made the best decisions... "
16:06 if you accept Christ into your life,
16:09 where you are right now doesn't define where you'll be
16:13 in the future...
16:15 just like, we just talked about in Revelation,
16:17 God can open doors that no man can shut.
16:20 Exactly, and also, of course,
16:22 as we had mentioned in another program
16:23 about Jeremiah 29:11,
16:25 God's great expected end for His children
16:28 is always going to be the same
16:29 regardless of where we are in our life right now.
16:32 There is nothing that will ever happen in our life
16:35 that will change the promise that God has
16:37 on each of our lives in Jeremiah 29:11.
16:40 He will do whatever it takes as long as we work with Him,
16:43 He's going to get us right back on track
16:45 and all of the things that distracted us...
16:47 that detracted us from our...
16:48 where we think we should have been
16:50 or anything that seemed to be a stall or hindrance...
16:54 all of these things He's going to use again
16:56 for His own glory
16:58 so at the end of the day
16:59 anything that we are going through even right now in life
17:02 it doesn't matter where our Viewers are
17:04 where we are in our lives right now
17:07 as long as we give ourselves to Him,
17:09 He is going to use us
17:11 and that great expected end will be fulfilled
17:13 because His plans for us are always great plans.
17:15 Yes.
17:17 Then we look at the life of Mary the mother of Jesus,
17:19 of course, she had favor
17:21 because of all the women there were... God favored her,
17:24 in fact in Luke 1:30 it says,
17:26 "She found favour with God and would bear the Christ child. "
17:30 So, He chose her... that was his choice...
17:34 we don't know the names of the other women around
17:36 but he chose Mary...
17:38 and that was by His own doing...
17:40 That's a huge favor and a huge responsibility.
17:43 Yes, exactly, and even Jesus had favor, Luke 2:52 says,
17:48 "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature,
17:50 and in favour with God and man. "
17:52 So, at the end of the day, we saw Him go into the Temple,
17:55 He was probably under-age
17:57 but he was probably accepted there
17:59 and so, we still see favor in His life
18:01 and then, we could also get favor from man
18:03 as I mentioned earlier,
18:04 I gave the examples of my own personal stories...
18:07 we look at the story of Joseph, for example,
18:09 Joseph found favor in the workplace.
18:11 That's again, Jacob's son we are talking about
18:13 because he was noticed...
18:15 he was noticed for what he was doing
18:17 and he found favor with his boss,
18:20 and sometimes, we are on the job
18:22 and we are thinking... we're looking for more money...
18:25 I prefer favor than to get more money
18:27 because you could get more money on the job and you're miserable,
18:30 you are stressed out, you know, that kind of a thing
18:34 but if you have God's favor,
18:35 it means that the decisions that are going to be made
18:38 would be decisions that would benefit you holistically,
18:40 your health and even take care of your finances
18:43 because sometimes, I mean,
18:44 when I was out in the Corporate Society and so on,
18:47 when I'm looking for a job,
18:49 it wasn't always about the big salary,
18:51 it was about the perks I get, the benefits...
18:55 health insurance... educational assistance...
18:58 things like that,
18:59 so when you have God's favor, as we saw there in Joseph,
19:03 it put him in a position, of course,
19:05 later on to be promoted and so on
19:06 because he was noticed for what he was doing
19:08 so he had favor with Potiphar.
19:11 And it's nothing like walking
19:13 in God's purpose and plan for your life,
19:16 when you're doing something
19:18 that is within His purpose and plan for your life,
19:22 you're fulfilled... you're happy.
19:25 Exactly, and you know favor rested on Joseph so much...
19:28 that's Jacob's son we're talking about
19:30 because we know that there are different Josephs,
19:31 favor had rested on this young man so much
19:34 but remember the Potiphar or the Pharaoh who promoted him
19:39 didn't know him, you remember that...
19:42 because whomever was there at the time
19:44 when he had been thrown into prison...
19:46 and so it was not the same person who was there
19:48 when the report was about this young man
19:49 and that's because the favor of God rested upon him
19:52 so even though he was unknown, yet Joseph was given such favor
19:56 that Pharaoh handed him control of the entire land...
19:59 you see, so, he had favor with the Pharaoh,
20:04 but ultimately, I believe, favor comes from God and so on
20:09 so Joseph enjoyed the favor of Potiphar
20:11 and he, of course, wisely administered the estate,
20:15 he took care of things and everything...
20:17 then we look at Esther,
20:18 another story where we see her getting favor,
20:20 the Bible says, "Esther had favor with all who saw her. "
20:23 That's in Esther 2:15 to 16
20:25 so when she went out there,
20:28 she didn't just have favor, she had favor with the king,
20:30 but she also had favor with everyone who saw her,
20:33 the king had...
20:34 the Bible talks about Esther's favor with the king
20:37 in Esther 5 verse 2, "And when the king saw Esther
20:39 standing in the court, she won favor in his sight. "
20:42 And when we look at, for example,
20:45 her having favor with everyone who saw her
20:47 the Bible says, "When the turn came for Esther to go... "
20:51 because remember, all of the young ladies had to go
20:53 before everybody else,
20:55 she asked for nothing except that
20:57 just for her to be... to see the women and so on...
21:00 and now Esther was winning favor
21:02 in the eyes of all who saw her.
21:03 So, she had favor in the eyes of people,
21:06 she had favor in the eyes of the king.
21:08 Hmmm... hmmm...
21:09 Then we see Daniel, He found favor with God
21:12 and the Bible says, "compassion with man"
21:15 when we look at Daniel 1 verse 9
21:17 "And God gave Daniel favor
21:19 and compassion in the sight of the chief of the eunuchs. "
21:22 So, he had favor... then we look at Moses...
21:25 and we are looking at all of these people
21:27 because we want to see... and as we have seen...
21:30 favor with God... favor with man...
21:33 favor by God's prerogative and also asking for favor in prayer
21:36 so, we look at the different ways
21:38 we can actually get that favor in our prayer lives
21:41 and so, Moses found favor with God,
21:43 the Bible says, "Favor rested on Moses
21:45 to such an extent...
21:47 that is why Pharaoh's daughter actually took a baby
21:50 that she didn't know anything about...
21:52 a baby that should have been dead...
21:55 and so, if they were killing all of the babies...
21:58 her father or somebody would have said,
22:00 something like,
22:01 "This mother might have put this boy there
22:02 because she wants him saved... "
22:04 but instead of them killing him,
22:05 she saves that baby and raises him up like her own child,
22:09 because favor was resting on him...
22:12 and so, we see Moses having that favor
22:16 and what I like about it, there's a text in the Bible...
22:19 in Exodus 33:17... it says, "And the Lord said to Moses,
22:23 'This very things that you have spoken I will do,
22:26 for you have found favor in my sight,
22:28 and I know you by name. '"
22:31 Oh, my goodness! "I know you by name... "
22:34 Out of all the people in the world...
22:36 Oh my goodness, could you believe that?
22:39 God knew his name...
22:40 you know, there's this song that says,
22:42 "God knows my name... "
22:43 you know, God knew his name...
22:46 and how many of us can really say,
22:47 "God knows my name... "
22:49 I think of Him visiting Elijah in the cave,
22:51 and now, I'm thinking of him telling Moses,
22:54 "I know your name so, I will give you favor...
22:57 I will answer because I know your name. "
22:58 I want God to know my name...
23:00 you understand... because if God knows your name
23:03 it means, you guys are really, really, really close...
23:06 you know what I mean... Jason: Yes, yes...
23:08 Yeah, I like that... so, he has that there...
23:10 and of course, Noah found favor in God's eyes,
23:13 Job found favor in God's eyes remember...
23:15 you know, in Job 10:12... it says,
23:18 "You have granted me life and favor... "
23:20 that is Job telling to God,
23:21 "You have granted me life and favor,
23:23 and Your care has preserved my spirit. "
23:25 Because even in the midst of all Job had gone through,
23:28 he realized that the favor of God rested on him
23:31 because God spent His life and in the end...
23:34 even though he said that in Job 10
23:36 just imagine in Job 10 he is saying that to God
23:38 in the midst of losing things but in the end...
23:41 his latter, the Bible says, was greater
23:44 and because he was so faithful and...
23:47 Ruth found favor in the eyes of Boaz...
23:49 we know we saw that
23:51 because of how she favored her mother-in-law
23:53 and so on... so there we see
23:55 that we could find favor with God
23:57 but we can also find favor with man
24:00 and God can put it in the heart of man like I said
24:05 because as we have already established,
24:07 nothing good comes from us...
24:09 so, even the very people who favor us...
24:11 it is God placing in their heart to favor us...
24:15 it's not something coming from them,
24:17 it's not like, because they're so good
24:18 they're favoring us as God's children...
24:20 it is God impressing upon their hearts
24:22 and they have no choice but to favor God's children...
24:25 And it's one... one thing I want to mention is that
24:28 even when we're going through trials and tribulations,
24:31 it's important that we still praise God
24:34 because God is still good and God is still God...
24:37 so, just because we're going through something...
24:40 as Job went through a lot... I can't even imagine
24:44 all that Job went through
24:47 and how I would have responded to that...
24:49 but even when you're going through things like that,
24:53 you have to give God the praise...
24:56 because there is still a blessing
24:58 at the end of the tunnel, you see,
25:00 see how He blessed Job at the end of that story...
25:02 Yeah, that's the thing about it you see because
25:04 if we are in a relationship with God,
25:07 over time, of course, you will trust God
25:10 because He had your best interest at heart...
25:12 but that's why when we spoke about...
25:14 in our earlier programs about establishing that relationship
25:18 because if you have that relationship,
25:20 you know that person loves you, you know that you can trust Him
25:24 it would be much easier for us to rest every other thing there
25:27 so, everything really boils down...
25:29 that's why we started with things like communication...
25:32 because it builds the platform upon which we can actually
25:34 develop a well prayer life...
25:36 so, you know, few things... you know...
25:38 because I know we're winding down our time...
25:41 is that, "Diligence brings favor. "
25:43 One of my favorite texts is, Proverbs 22:29
25:47 it says, "Seest thou a man diligent in his business?
25:50 he shall stand before kings; and not mean men. "
25:53 So, if you are diligent in what you're doing,
25:56 like Joseph was, you will get noticed by your boss.
25:58 You see, so diligence brings favor
26:01 because I saw this nice message, it says,
26:04 "God will put you where He wants you
26:06 even if no one thinks you deserve the position. "
26:09 And I can testify to that because I can tell you
26:12 that the majority of jobs that I have had...
26:14 on paper... I didn't qualify for these jobs
26:17 but God put me in these jobs
26:19 because He knew that He would give me the capacity
26:21 and the skills set and everything to do these jobs
26:23 so He can put you where He wants
26:24 even when nobody thinks... that's favor...
26:26 you see... another thing is that
26:29 "Obedience brings favor. "
26:30 So, diligence brings favor, obedience brings favor
26:34 because the more we please God,
26:36 the more we'll be favored by Him.
26:38 You see, in 1st Peter 3:12 it says,
26:41 "For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous,
26:43 and his ears are open unto their prayers:
26:46 but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil. "
26:49 So, obedience brings favor.
26:51 Righteous living also brings favor.
26:54 In Psalm 84:11 the Bible says,
26:56 "For the Lord God is a sun and a shield;
26:59 the Lord bestows favor and honor.
27:01 No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. "
27:04 And so, by praying we can obtain favor
27:08 as we saw with Hezekiah and so on
27:11 so our take-away points today are,
27:12 "Our petitions are more likely to be granted
27:14 if we ask God for favor... "
27:16 we'll receive life as we saw Him extending the life of Hezekiah
27:20 and our enemies will not triumph over us,
27:22 He will give us the victory... "
27:23 so, let's say a prayer,
27:25 "Heavenly Father, may our favor be our portion
27:27 and may we continue to increase in wisdom we pray...
27:30 in the name of Jesus, amen. "
27:31 "Amen. "
27:32 Thank you so much for that insight you provided on favor.
27:35 We pray that you were blessed by today's program
27:39 make prayer a deliberate practice in your daily life
27:42 and watch your prayer life explode...
27:45 if you are seeking God's favor,
27:48 you have to get to know Him first...
27:50 establish a relationship with Him
27:53 pray... and join us next time
27:56 when Dr. Nadine shares more information
27:59 to supply the missing peace.


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