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Persistence In Prayer

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00:33 Hello and welcome to The Missing Peace.
00:35 My name is Jason Bradley
00:36 and our primary host for this program is
00:38 Dr. Nadine Joseph-Collins.
00:40 Dr. Nadine hails from the island of Saint Lucia.
00:43 She's passionate about prayer
00:45 and has been empowering the prayer lives
00:47 of people around the world.
00:48 Dr. Nadine is an Author, Speaker and an affiliate
00:52 of Sanare Life Ministries
00:54 where she works alongside her husband, Nyse Collins.
00:57 Dr. Nadine is going to make our prayer lives go, "Wow!"
01:00 But before she does that, let's have a word of prayer.
01:03 "Dear Heavenly Father,
01:05 we ask for your presence,
01:07 we ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit
01:09 to guide our conversation
01:12 so that you may receive all the honor and the glory.
01:16 We ask that you would please strengthen our prayer lives
01:20 and the prayer lives of our Viewers.
01:21 In Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:23 "Amen... amen. "
01:24 So, we've been covering exciting topics...
01:27 what are we going to be talking about today?
01:31 Today, we're going to be talking about
01:33 persistence in praying or Persistent Praying...
01:35 Okay.
01:37 Because the Webster's Dictionary...
01:39 I use dictionaries online a lot
01:41 you know, long ago we would have
01:43 all of these dictionaries there,
01:45 now I just use the ones on Google and stuff
01:47 so the Merriam Webster's Dictionary online
01:50 defines "persistence" as a quality that allows someone
01:53 to continue doing something or trying to do something
01:57 even though it is difficult or opposed by other people.
02:00 Now, interestingly there's a definition there
02:04 for students as well... as it relates to students...
02:07 that definition is that:
02:09 it's the act or fact
02:10 of stubbornly continuing to do something.
02:13 Wait, say that one again.
02:17 The act or fact of stubbornly continuing to do something.
02:22 Okay.
02:23 So they refer to that as "persistence"
02:25 so you do the same thing over and over and over again.
02:28 Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... hmmm.
02:29 So, that's really what persistence is about.
02:32 It requires patience though
02:34 because just imagine doing the same thing
02:36 over and over and over again.
02:37 Long ago, you'd hear people say, "If... "
02:39 I still hear it sometimes...
02:41 if you do something the same way all the time
02:43 and you get the same results, you shouldn't do it,
02:45 however, when we look at that explanation,
02:49 that's really practice...
02:50 Doing something over and over and over again.
02:54 I think, the other thing you were just saying a minute ago
02:58 is like the definition of insanity
03:00 where you do the same thing over and over and over again
03:04 and expect different results.
03:05 Yes... and that's what people actually say
03:07 but when we look at it on a deep level,
03:09 it's really, really practicing
03:11 because many people who are now popular for certain inventions
03:15 would have done the same thing
03:17 over and over and over and over again...
03:19 failing that it... over and over and over again
03:21 until they got the result that they were looking for
03:24 experiments... and so on... scientists and so on
03:27 now, in our prayer life, we're talking about being persistent,
03:29 being stubborn about something...
03:32 talking about praying about something
03:35 that other people are even opposed to
03:37 because they don't see it the way you see it.
03:39 Hmmm...
03:41 You see, that's what the definition is saying,
03:42 it's trying to do something even though it's difficult
03:45 or opposed by other people
03:48 so, we're looking at our prayer life
03:51 and that act of stubborn praying
03:52 so it requires patience and relentless pursuit.
03:55 Yes.
03:56 A lot of times, sometimes, when a guy is dating a girl
03:59 they'd be like... "Oh, he's so persistent... "
04:01 because sometimes he would come...
04:03 and it doesn't matter how many times you say
04:04 you're not interested, he still keeps coming...
04:06 Hmmm... hmmm...
04:07 You know... and so we look at it as persistence
04:09 and the definition is saying that
04:10 and to be persistent, you have to have a steadfast mind,
04:13 you must be well-grounded
04:15 because for you to be able to keep getting rejected
04:18 about something and going back...
04:20 like going after that girl to date her every time
04:22 and getting rejection and sometimes you hear the stories
04:25 eventually they got married...
04:27 so we see the persistence paying off.
04:29 Yes.
04:31 And so we see persistence here requiring that kind of patience
04:34 and I'm not a parent and neither are you
04:36 but we've heard stories of parents talking about their kids
04:41 they come and ask for something
04:44 and probably the parent is saying, "No"
04:46 and that child will ask and ask and ask
04:48 until... either they embarrass their parents
04:51 if they're in public
04:52 or maybe they throw a temper tantrum
04:54 or something happens and the parent is like,
04:56 "You know what? I'm tired... here have it. "
04:58 Hmmm... hmmm...
05:00 that also is persistence
05:01 though they're testing the parents though
05:03 but it's persistence
05:04 because they're going after that thing stubbornly
05:07 even though the parent is opposing giving it to them
05:10 at the time... and so, I remember as a kid
05:13 asking my dad for something
05:16 but every other time we have a conversation on the phone
05:19 guess what I'd be doing?
05:20 What?
05:22 Reminding him of the thing that I asked for before
05:23 you know, that kind of a thing
05:25 and to the extent that sometimes
05:27 like, when I would be in the same place with him,
05:29 if I would have, let's say,
05:30 asked him to go somewhere with my friends,
05:31 I would not go back and ask again...
05:34 I used to just walk around him
05:35 so every time I walk around him a few times...
05:38 he'd be like, "Okay, go ahead Anna... "
05:40 You know, that kind of a thing,
05:41 I'm sure you have stories of you asking your parents
05:43 for something.
05:44 Oh yeah... I was taking piano lessons...
05:46 my mom had me in piano lessons
05:48 and they were just teaching us like,
05:49 "Row, row, row your boat... "
05:51 I wanted to learn some real songs
05:52 so I asked her to let me quit,
05:54 she would not let me quit so I was persistent
05:57 in trying to get her to let me quit
06:00 and finally, after I wore her down...
06:02 after so many times of saying,
06:04 "Mom, I hate this, let me quit, let me quit, let me quit... "
06:07 she finally let me quit
06:09 and she said, "You're going to regret this when you get older"
06:12 and she was right, because I regret quitting piano lessons.
06:14 Hmmm... hmmm...
06:16 Well, it's not too late... you're here...
06:18 they say, "Where there's life there's hope. "
06:19 That's true.
06:20 And you still have youth on your side so that's okay.
06:22 You know, but persistence in prayer
06:24 can be something that can draw you out
06:27 or it could even be embarrassing
06:28 because if we look at the definition of persistence
06:31 where you know you're doing something relentlessly,
06:34 you're doing something stubbornly...
06:35 other people are opposed to it because probably they're saying,
06:37 "You're praying about that thing so long...
06:39 and nothing is happening... "
06:41 you remember, when Noah was preparing for
06:47 the flood... when he was building the ark
06:48 and he looked like a fool to everybody
06:50 they'd be like, "What are you doing?"
06:52 And he keeps saying,
06:53 "There's going to be rain, there's going to be rain... "
06:55 and he was sure about it...
06:56 he was persistent about that belief that he had
06:58 but he was made a fool of because people thought,
07:00 "This was a mad man... "
07:02 and so, sometimes in our prayer lives,
07:03 there are things that we are praying about
07:05 because God has placed it in our heart
07:07 but when people look at us in the waiting process,
07:09 they think that we are fools,
07:11 you see.
07:12 Yeah, that's why we also don't need to disclose
07:15 our dreams... our visions or anything like that to people
07:18 because sometimes, they have their own...
07:21 because they can't see themselves doing it,
07:24 they don't want to see you doing it
07:26 or they want to crush your dream,
07:28 that's why we take it to God...
07:29 God can open a door that no man can close.
07:32 And the thing is, maybe we also need to surround ourselves
07:36 with people who believe like us
07:37 because sometimes, when you have these people around
07:40 who believe with you and pray with you,
07:42 your dream can be realized
07:44 so we just need to be mindful
07:45 of the people that we have in our lives...
07:47 the people that we share our dreams with
07:49 you know, that kind of a thing
07:50 and one stories that really highlights this
07:53 kind of persistent situation when it comes our prayer life
07:57 is in Luke 11.
07:59 And so we pull that there where we see the model of prayer
08:03 or how prayer was modeled from a parable that Jesus told
08:07 when He was speaking to His disciples
08:09 so, He really wanted them to get that mental picture
08:13 and when I read this story
08:14 I begin to visualize and imagine in my mind...
08:17 I begin to make scripts and movies in my mind
08:20 just seeing the picture of what Jesus is describing here.
08:23 He says... in the middle of the night...
08:25 a friend goes and knocks on the door of another friend...
08:29 Hmmm... Hmmm...
08:30 He didn't just knock on the door,
08:32 let's just use our imaginations now,
08:34 according to the Pastor... the sanctified imagination...
08:37 so he went banging on the door.
08:38 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
08:40 Nadine: You like your sleep.
08:41 Jason: Absolutely.
08:42 Nadine: So you could imaging somebody coming...
08:44 knocking on your door at midnight
08:46 or any time after that
08:47 and you didn't expect them, how would you feel?
08:51 I'd be frustrated... depending on the situation...
08:54 Depending on the situation...
08:55 so, I remember a time while canvassing in Canada
08:59 we would go and knock on people's doors
09:01 and, of course, sometimes during the summer,
09:04 the sun sets very late, after 9... almost 10...
09:06 and we would go and knock on these people's doors
09:08 and sometimes, these parents would come to the door
09:11 and let us know, "Hey, my kids are sleeping
09:13 and you just rang the bell... "
09:16 and just bang that door in your face,
09:18 because we were knocking on their doors
09:20 at a time that wasn't convenient for them...
09:22 if we had gone earlier in the day
09:23 they would have been different,
09:25 now, here is this friend going to his friend's house
09:28 after midnight... thereabout... knocking on the door
09:32 not because he was in need
09:34 but because a visitor came to his house that night unexpected
09:39 and he had no food to give the visitor
09:41 and the visitor was hungry
09:42 so, this friend continues to knock
09:45 and I could almost imagine being at the bottom...
09:48 they may be knocking...
09:49 thinking of the houses that were built
09:51 long ago, and I remember the ones in Greece where they have
09:54 they're really on the top there and you can see...
09:56 and this guy kept knocking and knocking
09:59 and his friend is looking down eventually, maybe...
10:02 after the wife maybe says, "You know, somebody's there
10:05 and it sounds like our neighbor... "
10:07 we don't know what the relationship was like
10:09 with the wife and the neighbor but we know that
10:12 for him to have gone to knock on that man's door,
10:15 he will... at that hour of the night
10:17 and to ask for food for a stranger,
10:19 it means that they may have been pretty good friends
10:21 or something, you know,
10:22 and he probably knew that the person's pantry had food
10:25 maybe he would have been blessed from the food before, who knows,
10:29 but the thing is, he went knocking
10:31 and knocking and knocking and the host now...
10:33 which is the friend who goes to knock...
10:35 he didn't think, "Hey, you know what?
10:38 I know you're really hungry, I don't have any food...
10:41 but can we just wait for the morning,
10:43 I'll try to get you something in the morning,
10:45 he bypassed all sorts of rationale
10:49 in his attempt to want to please his guest so much
10:52 and give them food... that he went did that to his friend.
10:55 Now the friend may have been in bed sleeping...
10:57 the wife... you could imagine...
10:59 maybe the wife had a baby a few months ago,
11:00 "Hey, my wife is sleeping... the baby is sleeping... "
11:03 and so on... but he kept on knocking
11:05 until the friend finally got frustrated enough
11:07 to open that door and give him some food.
11:10 Now, the thing about it is that
11:12 this guy kept knocking on somebody's door for food...
11:15 not for himself... but for somebody else...
11:18 and so, when we're thinking about our prayer life,
11:21 we are thinking about the whole issue of intercession
11:25 and so on...
11:26 but one of the things I could imagine happening there
11:29 is the friend saying to him,
11:30 "Hey, can't you wait for tomorrow morning?"
11:32 I mean, my door is already locked...
11:34 I can't open it now... " and so on
11:36 and he may be saying, "No, no, no...
11:38 somebody is there... they need to eat now. "
11:40 But he is doing all of that on behalf of somebody else,
11:45 you know, the friend may have explained
11:47 all kinds of things to him
11:48 but the problem highlights
11:50 what Christ was trying to teach the disciples...
11:54 is that there is beauty and there is a reward
11:58 when we are persistent in praying
12:00 because he gave all that story
12:02 and, of course, we can create the image in our mind
12:05 but the whole point was,
12:06 "Hey, you need to be persistent in praying... "
12:09 he said... even if that friend did not want to open that door,
12:13 because
12:14 his friend was so persistent in knocking on the door,
12:18 he had no choice but to open that door...
12:20 he felt compelled to open that door
12:23 so that he could give the food to his friend
12:26 for the visitor who had just come
12:28 and so, Luke 11:8 says, "I tell you this... though... "
12:31 that's what Jesus said to the disciples,
12:33 "though he won't do it for the friendship's sake,
12:37 if you keep knocking long enough,
12:39 he will get up and give you whatever you need
12:42 because of your shameless persistence. "
12:44 That's the New Living Translation...
12:46 you see, and so he probably didn't do it for the friendship,
12:50 he probably did it for peace
12:51 because you want to go back to sleep.
12:52 That's like the child nagging the parent...
12:55 just so you could keep quiet, they will give it to you
12:57 so you can just go back to playing,
12:59 you know, that kind of persistence there
13:01 and it reminds me a little bit of Hannah
13:04 because Hannah was purposeful
13:06 and also persistent in her prayer
13:08 when we spoke about her purposeful praying.
13:12 You know, she was also persistent...
13:14 she didn't stop when she asked God for that child,
13:17 she kept on praying with purpose persistently
13:20 until God answered her
13:22 and so, the history of intercession
13:24 highlighted in this parable is also important
13:27 you see, in that parable of Luke 11:5 to 8
13:31 because interceding for others is a big part
13:34 of our own prayer experience.
13:37 A lot of times we think it's just about praying for ourselves
13:40 praying for our families,
13:42 praying for our loved ones and so on
13:45 but prayer... a big part of growing in prayer...
13:48 a big part of being able to develop that spiritual muscle
13:52 the spiritual of muscles of praying
13:54 is really when you take time to pray for other people
13:58 and that is what this parable actually demonstrates...
14:02 praying for somebody else, pushing for somebody else,
14:06 knocking for somebody else
14:07 as if you're doing it for yourself
14:10 and that's what this friend did,
14:12 he did it as if his life depended on it
14:15 or his family's life depended on it...
14:17 when really... he was really knocking for
14:19 a stranger who came unannounced
14:21 and so we really need to look at that story, you see,
14:25 there are many of us who will not take time to do that,
14:28 like, when was the last time we actually prayed for somebody
14:31 so much... as if our own life depended on it?
14:33 We prayed for somebody's healing
14:35 from a sickness or disease
14:38 as if it was our own body that was sick,
14:40 when was the last time we prayed
14:43 for somebody who had financial difficulties
14:45 as if our bank account was in the red?
14:47 When was the last time we prayed
14:50 for the children of our neighbors or our friends
14:53 anybody's children...
14:54 as if it was our own children who were wayward?
14:57 And so, that's the kind of intercessory prayer
15:00 we see happening here, bold prayers...
15:03 because the actions of that guy to knock on his neighbor's door
15:06 at that hour of the night for a stranger
15:09 to that person...
15:10 his unannounced visitor was bold... you see,
15:15 it would have even caused problems
15:16 with their friendship the following day
15:18 because somebody might get really mad...
15:21 "Hey, you disturbed my sleep... "
15:22 you know, that kind of a thing
15:23 so, we need to look at this parable
15:27 that God has really brought to light there with the disciples
15:31 and see how it can help us in persisting in our prayer life,
15:35 not just for us, but for others
15:37 because persistent praying is unselfish praying
15:41 and that's what this parable highlights there.
15:44 It's like, "I want God to respond
15:47 even though it's not for me"
15:49 and I remember one of my friends...
15:52 she got... she lost eight babies...
15:55 some... she lost them in stillbirth,
15:58 others of them, they were born and so on...
16:01 but she eight babies
16:03 and I remember when she was pregnant the ninth time,
16:05 about nine of us in our ministry got together...
16:08 we all have different ministries
16:10 but once in a while we would get together to pray
16:12 but this time, we got together to pray for her
16:14 because she was still having some complications
16:17 with that baby,
16:18 and that night, I remember one of our friends praying
16:22 and he cried when he prayed and he said to God...
16:26 these are nine of us here with nine different ministries...
16:29 "If you do not answer this prayer...
16:31 if this child does not come to life,
16:33 nine of us would be discouraged in our ministries...
16:37 and all of these people that we have to influence and impact...
16:40 because of this baby dying... "
16:42 so we all agreed in prayer that,
16:45 "Hey, Lord, you have to bring this baby to term...
16:48 we're tired of death... our friend is not a cemetery,
16:51 we're tired of seeing death... "
16:54 and so, we really petitioned God
16:55 and, you know, tears flowing and everything...
16:57 and God was so good... that we were able to see that baby born,
17:02 we were able to dedicate him and now he is growing strong
17:07 and sometimes I say to him, "You're too strong... "
17:09 because when he was in the womb I remember Roger praying
17:12 that God would make him strong... he's very strong...
17:16 you see, because the thing about it is
17:18 that we are all connected to a common mission
17:22 we all had the same purpose and we are persistent
17:25 that that baby must be brought to term
17:27 and E.M. Bounds says... or encourages us to ask...
17:31 he said, "But to 'asking' we must add 'seeking... '"
17:34 and you know, when you're seeking...
17:36 that means, you are trying to find something
17:37 somebody says, "I'm looking for a job...
17:39 I'm seeking employment"
17:40 it means, you are relentless about it,
17:42 you are very deliberate, you are pursuant...
17:44 you're going and you're going and you're going... looking...
17:47 he said, "So in addition to asking, we need to seek...
17:50 and in addition to seeking,
17:52 we must pass into the full-force effort of knocking. "
17:55 So, that's what happened with this guy,
17:58 he went to his friend, of course, seeking his friend,
18:01 but in our own experiences... and then he was knocking...
18:04 so he says, "Don't just ask, you need to begin to seek
18:07 and then you have to be full-force knocking...
18:09 you need to knock... "
18:10 and that's what we did, we knocked...
18:12 so we had spent scores of prayer sessions...
18:14 lifting them up and that Friday night
18:17 when we prayed...
18:19 I believe that Friday night God really heard us
18:21 because tears... people cried to God as if
18:25 that child depended on their own marriage...
18:28 that child depended upon...
18:30 their own ability to continue to trust God...
18:32 that God could deliver... and stuff like that
18:35 and I remember, on my Facebook Group...
18:37 I have a Facebook Group called: The Prayer Chamber 7:14
18:41 like, Chapter 7 verse 14... but: The Prayer Chamber 7:14
18:44 and one young lady put a question there to us
18:47 because there we're only posting about prayer...
18:50 either prayer requests...
18:52 praise reports of answered prayer...
18:54 names about prayer... thoughts about prayer...
18:56 and one young lady put a question there...
18:58 she asked us, "What do you do when you pray for others
19:02 and God answers them but He doesn't answer you?"
19:04 So, we said to her, "You know what?
19:08 You keep on praying...
19:09 as hard as it might be, you need to keep on praying
19:12 because I think that if you're praying for others
19:15 and God is answering their prayers...
19:17 it means your answers are coming too. "
19:18 It means God is in the neighborhood answering prayers
19:21 and you need to be persistent... "
19:23 so she got a lot of encouragement...
19:25 "Keep praying... when we pray for others
19:27 God also has answered our prayers... "
19:29 and I think, part of that is that God wants to see how...
19:36 first of all... relentless we are...
19:39 how much we are willing to, you know,
19:41 persist in praying for other people...
19:44 and how genuine are we in continuing to pray for others
19:47 when we ourselves are not getting answers to our prayers.
19:50 I remember, I prayed for a friend of mine
19:52 sometime last year,
19:53 we had a powerful prayer session,
19:55 the day we prayed...
19:57 she texted me the following day
19:59 and said... that same day about two hours later,
20:01 she got a call for this big opportunity...
20:03 it was not a day later another big opportunity came
20:06 and I was there and I said to Him,
20:08 "I'm so happy you're answering our prayers,
20:09 I'm waiting for my answers too... "
20:11 because it gave me encouragement
20:13 "because if we prayed there together
20:15 and we brought up these requests to You,
20:17 we ask You for Your guidance and Your leading and direction
20:20 You are opening these doors for her,
20:22 that means You have some doors to open for me too,
20:24 I'm waiting... "
20:25 I was waiting... expecting something from Him
20:27 because He was answering my friend's prayers
20:30 so, many times we get discouraged praying for people,
20:32 because He's answering their prayers and not ours
20:35 but that should really keep us encouraged.
20:37 That's true, especially because He is answering our prayers
20:40 by answering their prayers...
20:41 if we're praying for other people
20:43 and we're seeing Him work in their lives...
20:45 He's answering our prayers.
20:46 Yes, and that's why it's a test of character...
20:49 you see, the blessings that God has for you...
20:51 they're not contingent upon the blessing that He has for me
20:54 or anybody else,
20:56 so sometimes we get a little confused
20:58 because we think... "Oh, He's blessing them...
21:00 He's answering their prayers... He's not answering mine
21:02 but what we don't realize
21:03 is that, whatever God is doing for them
21:05 does not prevent God from doing what He has to do for you
21:08 because the truth of the matter is...
21:11 where these blessings come from, there is so much more.
21:13 We say that, "there's so much more where that came from... "
21:16 so, that's why we don't even need to waste time
21:19 being jealous of people's blessings
21:20 because according to
21:23 how we interpret the Word of God
21:25 and the blessings that He has in store for all of us,
21:27 is that there are blessings that just have our names on it,
21:30 nobody can take the blessing that God has for you
21:33 and the blessings that God has for you
21:35 will not prevent Him from blessing His other child
21:38 or prevent Him from blessing anybody else
21:40 because He has so much more
21:43 where all of these blessings came from
21:45 that we need to begin to rejoice with others
21:47 when God actually answers their prayers
21:49 versus being upset and so we need to be diligent...
21:53 Absolutely.
21:54 I remember one of my friends, Gloria,
21:57 she's an older friend of mine... a mentor
21:59 and for a long time, like...
22:02 in fact, when I was in that prayer group,
22:04 I was the only unmarried person and also the youngest person
22:09 and for a long time she carried that burden to the group
22:13 every time we met
22:15 because we would be doing our individual ministries
22:17 but then would come together,
22:18 when we come together, she insisted every time
22:21 that the group prayed for me about me getting married
22:24 it was like, she was carrying that burden
22:26 for me, and it was something that was dear to her heart
22:30 that she had to see it happen, you know,
22:33 and so, one time she had heart surgery
22:35 but when she got back into the country...
22:37 when we met for the first time after that...
22:39 again she insisted, "Hey, we need to pray for this child"
22:44 and she would have them surround me and pray for me
22:46 because it was something that was on her heart...
22:49 something that was weighing on her spirit
22:52 on my behalf...
22:54 and so, that's why sometimes when we are praying for others,
22:56 we need to have that sort of burden... just like her
22:59 in carrying other people's burdens with us...
23:02 the Bible says, "Share ye one another's burdens"
23:05 and that's what we can do,
23:07 we can share in the burden in praying for these people,
23:09 helping them to carry that load,
23:11 being able to have that strength to carry on and so on...
23:14 and so, if we can't do our part physically,
23:17 if we cannot help provide for their needs and so on,
23:20 we can always go to God in prayer... seeking Him
23:23 so that He can continue to bless and take care of them and so on
23:26 and sometimes we are waiting for God to bless us in certain ways
23:30 or we have been praying about something for decades
23:32 and people are saying, "I'm tired for praying...
23:34 I've been praying about this forever... "
23:36 but what you need to do...
23:37 one of my favorite songs that I minister is, "Pray On... "
23:40 we need to continue to pray
23:42 because that's where the battle is won...
23:44 that's where we get the victory
23:45 but we want to give up, like you said earlier...
23:47 we give up before the blessing actually comes...
23:49 the thing is...
23:51 "Blessings delayed are not blessings denied!"
23:53 and so we need to continue in prayer...
23:56 and another story, I think,
23:57 that really highlights this idea of persistent praying,
24:01 is the story of the Canaanite women in Matthew 15:21 to 28
24:05 in that story, this lady goes to Jesus...
24:10 Jesus had just gone to a new town
24:12 and according to the account of Mark,
24:14 He went into a house...
24:17 but He didn't want people to know that He was there
24:19 but somehow she found out that he was there...
24:23 she's a mother... so this mother goes to Jesus
24:27 and asks Jesus to come
24:29 and deliver her daughter who was demon possessed,
24:32 a Canaanite woman goes to Jesus
24:34 asking Him that,
24:35 the disciples are like, "What's happening?"
24:38 They send the woman away,
24:39 they're asking Him to send the woman away actually
24:42 and stuff... because the Canaanite woman found Him
24:45 and she came crying, "Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me,
24:48 my daughter is suffering terribly from demon possession"
24:52 pause...
24:53 the woman continues to follow Jesus
24:55 and His disciples down the street
24:58 because in the eyes of the disciples,
25:00 Jesus shouldn't help her in the first place
25:02 because she's a Canaanite... she's unclean...
25:04 she's a Gentile... you don't attend to this woman,
25:06 many things happened... that story is really a big story
25:12 but one of the things that we can take from it
25:14 when it comes to persistence in prayer
25:16 is that the woman knelt down before Jesus...
25:19 and she began to scream out, "LORD! Help me!"
25:21 You could imagine that scene, "Help me!"
25:24 Yes, yes...
25:26 Then He said... it's not His place
25:28 and talked about "tossing the food to the dogs"
25:30 and she said, "You know what?
25:32 it's okay Lord, yes... "
25:33 "Yes Lord... " she said,
25:34 "even the dogs eat crumbs
25:36 that fall from the Master's table. "
25:38 So, there this woman is humbling herself before God...
25:40 she's crying out to Him...
25:42 He's giving her the explanation that the Jews would like to hear
25:45 the explanation that the disciples would like to hear...
25:48 "She's a Gentile... don't attend to her... "
25:50 but she said, "You know the dogs... "
25:52 she said, "That's fine... "
25:53 she said, "Even the dogs... dear Jesus... "
25:55 so she was so persistent in her request...
25:57 saying to Him, "Lord, I don't mind...
25:59 I don't have to sit at the table with the children...
26:02 I don't have to even...
26:03 I just need the crumbs that fall... "
26:05 and the Bible says that, Jesus said to her,
26:08 "You know what? Woman, you have great faith...
26:10 your request is granted... "
26:12 He granted her request...
26:13 "From this very hour... " the Bible says,
26:15 "her child was healed. "
26:16 Even though the woman knew her background
26:19 and she knew that in the eyes of the Jews she was unclean...
26:23 it also goes to show... look at this...
26:25 this woman was a Gentile and she was unclean
26:28 and she went to God in faith
26:29 believing that God could actually heal her child...
26:32 deliver her child...
26:34 but Jesus came from a place
26:36 where not even the Jews wanted to have anything to do with Him
26:39 they didn't want to believe Him but a Gentile is here
26:42 seeking Him to deliver her child
26:44 because she would have heard about Him
26:45 and believed in Him and His power.
26:47 So, there are a few take-away points we can have,
26:50 1. God never sleeps...
26:51 because in Luke 11... the friend was asleep
26:56 when his neighbor came knocking
26:57 but we can call on Jesus any time.
27:00 God encourages us to keep asking...
27:02 to keep seeking... and to keep knocking...
27:04 because He wants to grant us the desires of our heart
27:07 and intercessory prayers
27:09 also a true test of character for the Christian...
27:12 it tests our friendship with people
27:15 and how we are going out to God for them
27:18 and then it tests our friendship with God
27:20 because we would have spent so much time with Him...
27:23 we are so sure He will hear us and He will answer us.
27:26 So, let's just say a prayer,
27:27 "Father, there are many lessons for us to learn in this parable
27:31 of Luke 11 and even the story of the Canaanite woman...
27:33 we pray that you would give us
27:35 the spirit to continue to persist in prayer
27:37 even when we have the obstacles in front of us
27:40 that we will continue to believe
27:41 that you can do exceedingly above all that we can ask
27:45 or think... of you, we pray, in the name of Jesus, amen. "
27:47 "Amen. "
27:48 Thank you so much
27:50 for that insight that you've provided us with
27:51 on Persistent Prayer...
27:53 we pray that you were blessed by today's program...
27:56 we need to be persistent in our prayers...
27:58 don't give up on God... hang in there...
28:00 and the Lord will come through for you...
28:02 be sure to tune in next time
28:04 when Dr. Nadine shares more information
28:06 to supply the missing peace.


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