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Participants: Jason Bradley (Host), Nadine Joseph-Collins PhD


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00:33 Hello and welcome to: The Missing Peace.
00:35 My name is Jason Bradley
00:36 and our primary host for this program
00:38 is: Dr. Nadine Joseph-Collins.
00:40 Dr. Nadine hails from the island of Saint Lucia.
00:43 She is passionate about prayer and has been empowering
00:46 the prayer lives of people around the world.
00:49 Dr. Nadine is an Author, Speaker and Teacher
00:52 who is in full-time ministry.
00:54 She is committed to showing us
00:55 how to make our prayer lives go "Wow!"
00:58 Before we get started, let's invite the Lord's presence
01:01 Dear Heavenly Father, We invite you to be with us,
01:04 we ask for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit
01:07 please help strengthen our prayer lives,
01:11 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
01:13 "Amen. "
01:14 So, what are we talking about today?
01:17 Today we're talking about praying with power
01:21 or "Power-packed Praying. "
01:23 we're going to look at the word "Power"
01:25 the different definitions of power
01:28 and how it can be applicable in our prayer lives.
01:30 So, I'm really excited about this
01:32 because a lot of times...
01:34 we have spoken about "Persistent Praying"
01:36 we've spoken about: Praying with Purpose
01:39 but just imagine if... what we have already discussed,
01:43 if we look at Praying with Purpose...
01:45 or Praying Persistently and now we put "Power" with that
01:49 I mean that will be a power-packed prayer, right?
01:51 Yes... yes... yes.
01:53 And that's what we really want to talk about today
01:54 so, one of the definitions of power is that
01:57 it denotes some extraordinary strength...
01:59 like, we could look at the David and Goliath story
02:03 and if we think of giants,
02:05 we might think that these people are powerful
02:07 or Samson... a better example...
02:09 when he actually put his hands to these two pillars
02:13 and was able to push them,
02:15 we can say he was strong but we also say he was powerful
02:18 because it denotes that strength...
02:21 that extraordinary strength...
02:23 and so, it also refers sometimes to the influence that we have
02:28 or authority over others
02:31 like, maybe we might look at a politician,
02:33 we might look at presidents of institutions or countries...
02:37 Jason: Or billionaires...
02:38 Nadine: Exactly... and we say that these people are powerful
02:41 because they have influence over others
02:43 and so, that's another definition of power
02:46 and in some countries, I think even here
02:49 and in most countries in the world,
02:51 when we look at light
02:53 and we speak about where we get our light from,
02:56 we usually say it comes from the Power Company,
02:58 and so, power also denotes that thing about light...
03:03 where there's light, there's power...
03:05 you go to... in fact, if you take away the light
03:07 people will say you have a power outage...
03:09 Hmmm...
03:10 And so, we're looking at power in these different contexts
03:13 so, when it comes to prayer,
03:15 we could actually look at these different definitions of prayer
03:20 and see... "How does that relate to my prayer life?"
03:23 Or "How can this influence how I pray?"
03:25 And that's where we're going to head today.
03:27 So, in prayer sometimes, we say, "A prayer is powerful"
03:31 based on the intensity of that prayer
03:33 and when we look at the story of Hannah, for example,
03:37 we know that was an intense prayer.
03:39 That prayer was like, from the heart...
03:42 from the foot... from every part of her body...
03:45 it was intense, it was deep, it was heavy
03:48 and so we look at prayer and we think about intensity,
03:52 the depth of that prayer, and so on.
03:54 Then we also look at prayer as having exerted certain strength
03:59 when we look at Jacob wrestling with God,
04:01 he exerted a lot of strength in that prayer
04:04 because the Bible says, "He wrestled...
04:06 he wrestled until the daybreak... "
04:09 that was a lot of wrestling...
04:10 he must been tired just like you today
04:12 because you played basketball.
04:13 Yes...
04:14 So, Jacob was wrestling... exerting all of that strength
04:18 and we talk about that as power.
04:20 Then power can also refer to the ability of that prayer
04:24 to go beyond the ceiling.
04:25 You know, many times we pray these prayers
04:28 but they don't go very far
04:29 but it could also refer to those prayers
04:31 that actually go far beyond the ceiling.
04:33 And a prayer that kind of...
04:36 it looks like we're not sure
04:39 what the king was trying to achieve,
04:41 but actually achieved what God wanted it to achieve
04:44 was a prayer in Daniel 6 verse 16
04:46 where the king of the Medes and Persians
04:50 actually said, in fact, when he was commanding
04:53 the folks who put Daniel in the lions' den...
04:55 he actually said a prayer...
04:57 because, he said,
04:59 "May your God, whom you serve continually,
05:03 deliver you!"
05:04 Hmmm...
05:05 Now, he said that prayer because he gave an order
05:08 but he said, "Hey, may your God deliver you"
05:10 he was actually praying,
05:11 his prayer went beyond the ceiling
05:13 because God did deliver Daniel out of the lions' den
05:16 so power can refer to the prayers
05:18 that really bring results.
05:20 So, when we say, "Go beyond the ceiling"
05:22 prayers that actually get an answer...
05:23 in that case, the king of the Medes and the Persians
05:25 he actually prayed a prayer
05:27 that actually went beyond the ceiling.
05:28 Yeah.
05:29 Then we have praying which can also...
05:31 a power which can also refer in our prayer life,
05:34 which can also refer to giving light on a matter
05:37 just as we looked at the definition of power being light
05:40 and in the case of the Bible,
05:42 we look at the examples of Daniel... in Daniel 2...
05:46 we look at the example of Joseph...
05:48 in Genesis 40 and 41
05:50 where in these instances,
05:52 God gave light or power to these two men
05:55 to actually interpret the dreams of other people...
05:59 and so, these are the contexts
06:01 with which we can actually parallel
06:03 the definitions of power in our prayer lives
06:07 and they still makes sense...
06:08 Yes... yes...
06:10 And Elijah, for example,
06:11 he offered one of the most powerful prayers in the Bible.
06:16 When we look at his story... there in 1st Kings verse 18,
06:20 you see, because there Elijah actually rebukes King Ahab
06:23 and he defeats also the prophets of... at Mount Carmel.
06:27 Jason: 1st Kings verse 18... what chapter?
06:29 Nadine: 1st Kings chapter 18. Jason: Oh, chapter 18?
06:33 Nadine: Yes. Jason: And what verse?
06:35 Nadine: We can look at like, verse 17,
06:37 there in verse 17
06:39 we would see Elijah going to Ahab
06:43 which is where we really want to pick up the story,
06:45 because what happens is that
06:47 Elijah was on the run for a long time,
06:48 he was like a fugitive,
06:50 remember, he was hiding in the cave...
06:51 God visited him there and so on
06:54 but Elijah eventually got out of the cave
06:57 and he was so bold... he went to Ahab,
07:00 "Yo, you've been looking for me...
07:02 I heard you've been looking for me... "
07:04 He went there with this assurance
07:08 because he was tired of running and...
07:10 in fact, God had asked him to get out of that cave anyhow,
07:12 so he was really living in obedience
07:14 and so Elijah presented himself to Ahab...
07:16 "You've been looking for me. "
07:18 Whether he addressed him as, "Sir... "
07:19 he gave... whichever shout-out he gave
07:21 "But I'm here... and I heard you've been looking for me. "
07:24 And the king looks to him and says,
07:26 "Hey, you troublemaker... "
07:28 so, Elijah says... I like to make it come alive
07:31 because these stories are so exciting
07:33 so the king, in verse 18, he says to Elijah,
07:37 "You troublemaker... "
07:39 and Elijah boldly defends himself... and he's like,
07:41 "You know what? I'm not the troublemaker...
07:43 in fact, you and your household...
07:45 you guys are the troublemakers. "
07:47 Now, Elijah goes to him, and Elijah says,
07:50 "You guys are the troublemakers, I'm not a troublemaker
07:52 because you and your people have no regard for my God. "
07:55 That's why Elijah was referring to them as troublemakers
07:58 and essentially said to them,
08:00 "So, because you have no regard for my God,
08:02 I have a proposal for you"
08:04 and there he charges the king,
08:06 "You get all these prophets of Baal
08:08 you get all these other prophets,
08:10 you get all of them and let's have a showdown today. "
08:13 Hmmm...
08:15 "Let's just get this party started
08:17 so we can see who the real God is. "
08:18 Yeah.
08:20 You see, Elijah went into the community...
08:21 he called everybody,
08:23 "Come... we're going to have a showdown today.
08:25 we will know who the real God is. "
08:27 And so, we are told that all of these people gathered
08:31 and then these prophets of Baal
08:32 began to petition their gods.
08:34 They began to cut themselves, they began to shout...
08:38 they began to dance and they did all sorts of stuff
08:41 and I could only imagine Elijah in the sidelines...
08:45 "Shout a little louder... jump a little higher...
08:48 dance a little more... cut yourself more... "
08:52 you can imagine him taunting them
08:53 because these guys are going on for hours...
08:56 the Bible says, it went on until evening time
08:58 petitioning their gods
09:01 and by evening, Elijah is like,
09:02 "Okay, you guys aren't tired yet?"
09:04 Now by that time,
09:05 you could imagine the crowd that was there earlier in the day
09:07 had already thinned out big time
09:09 because no action was happening, Elijah promised them action
09:13 Elijah goes back and says,
09:15 "People, come, come, come back people come back. "
09:17 "Come near" he says,
09:19 "I need all of you to hear this. "
09:21 So, you remember they had broken down the walls
09:25 and the altars and so on...
09:27 so Elijah began to rebuild one
09:28 just putting stones and so on,
09:29 he says, "You know what?
09:31 I'm going to just put some wood here and so on...
09:33 now, I need you guys to help me get some water... "
09:37 and so, they began to throw water on that altar
09:40 then he began to dig round it
09:43 and make that trench... that gutter...
09:45 and said, "Pour water in there also"
09:47 that's big time show, you know...
09:49 so Elijah is there asking them, "Throw the barrels of water"
09:52 and the Bible says...
09:53 I think they threw about 12 of them on that thing
09:56 and then Elijah utters a prayer in 1st Kings 18:36 to 37,
10:01 he says, "Oh Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel,
10:06 today let it be known that you are God in Israel
10:10 and that I am Your servant
10:12 and I have done all these things at Your word.
10:16 Answer me, O Lord, answer me,
10:18 that these people may know that You O Lord, are God,
10:22 and You have turned their hearts back again. "
10:27 And so, Elijah offers that prayer,
10:30 and in grand style
10:32 God immediately sends fire
10:35 and everything... the Bible says, everything...
10:38 all the water, according to the Bible, was licked up...
10:41 it was gone... in that one prayer,
10:44 "Everything was consumed... "
10:46 in 1st Kings 18:38 it says,
10:48 "The fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering
10:51 and the wood and the stones and the dust,
10:53 and licked it up...
10:55 all the water that was in the trench. "
10:57 So it didn't just burn the altar...
11:00 everything in its way was gone
11:02 and so, Elijah proved his point.
11:05 Not only did he serve the true God...
11:07 the living God...
11:09 he served the God who hears and answers prayers.
11:11 That's right... that's right...
11:13 You see, and that's the kind of power we are talking about,
11:16 this is a powerful response to a heartfelt demonstration
11:19 of a powerful prayer of faith
11:21 and as we spoke about being in connection with God
11:25 and talking with Him and seeking Him
11:26 and knowing His will and so on,
11:28 Elijah could have only gone to God like that.
11:31 He could have only made such a public spectacle
11:33 because he had a relationship with God
11:35 and he knew that his God was going to show up.
11:38 Yeah, and he knew that his God was the one true God.
11:41 Exactly and that day he proved the point,
11:43 when power now... so we're looking at power...
11:47 in that context,
11:49 now we're looking at power in the context of light
11:52 or electricity
11:54 and what implication does that have for our prayer lives?
11:58 Does it have any implication at all?
11:59 When we think about the light...
12:01 how, you know, if the power is gone...
12:04 the light is gone... there's no power...
12:07 how can that impact our prayer lives?
12:09 And so, one evening I was thinking about this...
12:11 one time, when I was preparing...
12:13 when I was working on one of my books on prayer...
12:15 and I thought to myself, "Lord, how can that...?"
12:18 Because I already had covered the other definitions of power
12:21 but this one power...
12:23 or light as power... power as light...
12:25 how could that impact our prayer lives?
12:27 And I went to sleep
12:29 and while I was sleeping, the Lord gave me the revelation
12:31 and I was able to wake up in the morning
12:34 and now, put it into context
12:35 because the thing about it is that...
12:39 in the lights... or how we get light...
12:43 in our homes and so on...
12:44 the source of electricity... we have wires and poles
12:48 and so, we have these wires and these poles
12:52 and then they use transmissions or distribution systems
12:56 so, poles, wires, and then distribution systems
12:59 to actually get the electricity
13:00 running through there,
13:02 so, these wires are connected by switches and transformers
13:06 from a power plant...
13:07 to the connections in our homes
13:09 now, how does that make sense for us?
13:12 So, now these power plants
13:13 are also connected to other power plants
13:15 and have something they call the Power Grid.
13:16 How does all that make sense in our prayer lives?
13:20 Each believer... you... myself... every viewer...
13:23 should be a power plant...
13:25 so, we should be a source
13:27 where others can actually come to receive light
13:30 because all of these transmissions
13:32 and poles and everything
13:34 is connected back to these power plants.
13:35 So, we being these power plants...
13:37 people come to us to receive light...
13:39 so we should be able to distribute that power
13:41 that light... general light by-the-way
13:43 because remember when we talk about
13:46 general and specific revelation and so on,
13:48 God revealing Himself to us in a general way...
13:50 through His Word... through nature...
13:52 and then specifically... when He reveals Himself to us personally
13:55 so, when we look at the power light as a power plant...
13:58 we give light... general light...
14:00 and as they connect to our light
14:02 and get to know God for themselves
14:04 then, they too become power plants
14:06 and distributors of the light of God
14:08 and so, that's one we can apply to us
14:10 and the current that is sent through these transformers
14:13 which are our prayers...
14:14 should increase the power and presence of God in our lives
14:19 and the lives of those we are praying for.
14:20 Yes... yes...
14:22 So, we go a little further with that
14:24 so the poles and the transmission lines
14:27 and the wires...
14:28 are the ways in which God pours into us
14:32 and gives us more of that light and more of that power
14:35 so, the more time we spend in the Word of God...
14:38 the more time we spend in the presence of God...
14:40 the more we receive power and light
14:43 and again we go back to Moses,
14:45 when he had spent time with God there...
14:47 the power of God was so present in him
14:50 that when he came down, he had to hide his face
14:53 because the light was so bright
14:55 that his people couldn't look on his face...
14:59 so, the thing about it is that our personal testimonies...
15:02 our personal experiences of God...
15:05 can travel through these transmissions
15:08 across the globe... you know,
15:10 through mediums like 3ABN,
15:12 through mediums like magazines and quarterlies and so on...
15:17 our testimonies travel... and so these transmissions
15:21 are happening across the globe
15:23 and the sub-stations of our personal prayer lives
15:26 or our powerful prayers... represent the impact
15:29 that we are actually having in our communities
15:32 so, while we have the transmissions taking place
15:34 where you can have electricity
15:36 traveling across states and across countries,
15:38 you have these sub-stations
15:40 which are our own little space...
15:43 our own little communities... our homes...
15:45 and how the prayers we are praying...
15:47 how they impact people in our direct vicinity
15:50 and the sub-stations actually do that.
15:52 I like that, it's so important
15:55 that we plug into the source of our power... which is Christ,
15:59 we have to stay in the Word of God...
16:02 we have to stay in prayer
16:04 and if we don't plug in...
16:07 just like, if you don't plug that lamp in at home,
16:10 there is going to be no power that's going into that lamp
16:14 which is... basically, you're going to be in darkness.
16:17 Exactly, because even like,
16:19 with the illustration of the power and the light...
16:22 outside of our homes, we have what is called a box...
16:25 we have this thing called a box... outside our home...
16:29 and I can't remember the name of that box...
16:30 but we have it outside
16:31 and so it measures how much electricity we use...
16:34 Jason: Oh, the Meter...
16:36 Nadine: Yes, the meter kind of thing
16:37 so it measures how much electricity we use
16:39 and that there now gives an indication, for example,
16:43 of guarding our own experiences and how we access Him and so on
16:47 but inside our homes, we have switches
16:50 and these switches... when we put them on...
16:54 they're really about
16:55 what's happening in our heart and in our minds.
16:58 So we have all of that kind of access to God
17:01 and the relationship with God
17:03 and how our relationship can grow
17:05 and I think it's called a Service Box...
17:06 you know, outside the house...
17:08 and so it measures that
17:09 and then in the house, of course, the switches...
17:11 and so, every time we put on the switch... we get light...
17:13 right... but that light is connected
17:16 through the whole chain of events
17:18 because there are transmissions happening
17:20 from the poles and the wires to the power plants and so on
17:24 and so, each person needs to be connected
17:27 like you just mentioned there
17:28 to that power source for themselves,
17:30 each person needs to have access at some point
17:33 to being connected
17:34 and that brings me to little story...
17:36 I remember my mom one time told me...
17:39 my brother built a house on the property
17:42 and he was getting light from her house
17:46 so, she was sharing electricity...
17:49 so, from the pole and wires...
17:50 she would have shared... I don't know how that's done
17:53 to give light to another house
17:55 but the electricity company came and said,
17:58 "Hey, everybody has to have their own connections... "
18:01 so they had to cut that connection off...
18:02 Jason: I like where you're going...
18:04 Nadine: So, you see, so at some point
18:06 our relationship with God
18:07 will have to have the potential to produce its own light...
18:11 we cannot just depend on the light of somebody else.
18:14 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
18:15 and that reminds me of that verse,
18:17 "O taste and see that the Lord is good... "
18:20 how can... you can't taste and see that the Lord is good
18:24 through my taste buds...
18:25 through my relationship with God...
18:27 just like, you can't tell if I'm eating an apple,
18:30 you're not tasting the apple that I'm eating.
18:33 Nadine: Yes.
18:34 Jason: You have to taste it for yourself.
18:36 Nadine: Hmmm... hmmm...
18:37 and that's why we all need that personal connection,
18:39 that's why God has made Himself available
18:41 to have a personal relationship with every one of us
18:44 because... yes... we can read the Bible...
18:47 and be inspired by these testimonies
18:49 our own life is supposed to be producing testimonies as well
18:53 because when other people meet us,
18:55 as we had mentioned sometime before,
18:57 if it is... they don't want anything to do with the Word
19:00 they cannot contend with your personal story
19:03 and so, everybody needs to have that personal connection
19:06 at a point,
19:07 so, initially yes, you may be connected
19:09 through somebody else's connection...
19:11 somebody else may be praying for you
19:13 but there comes a time when you need to be praying for yourself.
19:15 Jason: Yes.
19:16 Nadine: We cannot, forever, pass notes to Him...
19:18 Jason: Yeah. Nadine: to God...
19:19 We have to... at some time
19:20 go and have our own personal discussion with Him,
19:22 and so, we see, Elijah was vitally connected to God...
19:27 that is how we are able to pray... for God...
19:30 he was able to pray for God to shut the heavens
19:33 and the Bible says, the heavens were shut,
19:34 you remember, when he talked... no rain...
19:36 and when he prayed for rain... it came...
19:38 because he had that connection with the source of all power
19:42 and that's what God wants for each of us...
19:44 the most notable idea about praying with power
19:47 in its full recognition... is that:
19:49 Power comes only from God.
19:51 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
19:52 Nadine: Real power...
19:54 so you may be sustained by somebody else's testimony,
19:57 you may be sustained by somebody else's sermon
19:59 you may be sustained by somebody else's
20:01 personal devotional life based on what they share
20:04 but ultimately, you need to go to God
20:08 and get your source of strength, you know,
20:10 you need to get your own power...
20:11 you need to have your own personal testimonies
20:14 because I believe... if the Bible was being written today,
20:17 each of us should have a chapter or a book.
20:19 Something about our story
20:22 that would inspire somebody else who would read the book,
20:24 so, we need to be developing these testimonies
20:26 when we spoke about praying in faith and so on,
20:28 we need to have evidence that God is answering our prayers,
20:33 evidence that God is working
20:34 so that our own power will be increased
20:37 so you have dim light...
20:39 and you have very bright lights you know,
20:42 you have light that can shine only in one spot
20:44 and light that can shine in an entire room
20:46 and we need to be a big light for God
20:50 but of course, we would have to be connected...
20:52 so connected that our light will continue to grow
20:55 and continue to shine.
20:56 Jason: Yes. Nadine: And that is where
20:58 we really need to look at the power
21:00 in terms of our own prayer life,
21:01 because it's God who gives that power
21:04 and I remember, a few years ago,
21:06 I was up having my devotion
21:09 and I felt impressed to visit a lady...
21:12 I had only met that lady one time...
21:14 and I said, "Um... what am I going to tell her?"
21:17 Because I've never met her before...
21:19 I went to her house...
21:20 I met her, sorry, just that one time...
21:22 I'm thinking, "What am I going to say to this lady?"
21:24 I didn't even remember her name at the time, actually,
21:26 but I decided, "Okay, let me just go"
21:29 because the Holy Spirit really impressed upon my heart
21:32 that this is where I should go...
21:34 and so, I was walking to her house
21:35 and I'm saying to God, "What am I going to say to her?"
21:38 I knocked on her door
21:40 and I heard her voice say, "I am coming... "
21:42 when she opened the door,
21:44 she greeted me and she invited me in...
21:46 I sat on the chair that she gave me...
21:48 there was one by the door...
21:50 and I said not a word...
21:51 because, you see, when I was knocking on the door,
21:53 I said to God, "You're sending me here,
21:54 I don't know what I'm going to say...
21:56 You'd better speak Lord... "
21:57 so, when I sat there with her
21:59 she began to speak and tell me...
22:01 she's been sick for three weeks...
22:03 and she showed me all of her books on the table...
22:05 she had not been to classes
22:07 because she was not well at all,
22:09 her stomach was all the way out here
22:11 and she was saying to me
22:12 all of the pain she was having and so on
22:14 and I said, "Oh Lord, that's why I'm here?"
22:16 And so, then I began to talk to her about faith
22:19 and I remembered another story that I had
22:22 where I was dealing with a friend of mine,
22:24 a pastor on campus...
22:26 we had been praying about his tuition...
22:27 for God to provide and so on
22:29 and we spent many days in the Prayer Garden praying...
22:32 and I remember saying to him,
22:34 "A journey that begins by faith, only ends in faith... "
22:37 and so, because his journey has started that way
22:40 where he came to school without funds
22:42 and I gave him my own story and I said...
22:43 maybe that's why God connected us
22:45 because we have a similar story,
22:46 I said, "You know, it will end by faith...
22:48 so, you need to continue to trust God... "
22:50 and we went through his process
22:52 and we saw how God came through big time
22:54 and so, I shared that story of faith with her
22:56 because she knew him...
22:57 because we were all in the same campus
22:59 and so I said to her,
23:00 "Do you believe that God can heal you?"
23:02 And she said, "Yes. "
23:04 I said, "Well, if you believe God can heal you,
23:06 then I'm going to pray for you... "
23:07 because I did not want to pray with her,
23:09 if she did not believe that He could heal her.
23:10 Jason: Yes.
23:12 Nadine: Now since her husband was a pastor, I said to her,
23:13 "I'll bring some olive oil to church
23:15 and I'll anoint that oil so your husband can anoint you"
23:18 so, we prayed... and I remember part of the prayer,
23:21 I said to her, "Lord, you are the mechanic of her creation"
23:25 so I asked Him to fix whatsoever is inside of her
23:28 because I use that prayer sometimes...
23:30 if I don't feel well,
23:31 I say, "Lord, you are the mechanic of my creation... "
23:33 just as a mechanic is good and knows how to fix that car
23:36 because they know everything about that car,
23:38 God knows everything about us, and I said,
23:40 "If you know everything about me, then you can fix me... "
23:43 and I prayed that prayer for her and I paused again...
23:45 "Do you believe?" And she said, "Yes. "
23:48 And so, that evening when I went to church,
23:50 I had the oil in my bag...
23:52 she came to me and she said to me...
23:53 "You know, Sister, after you left my house,
23:56 I went back to sleep. "
23:58 And she said, "I felt like a hand was moving inside of me"
24:01 and she felt like she wanted to vomit...
24:03 and she said... she was well after that.
24:05 The thing is, what she told me again
24:07 was that she was in her room but a Spirit...
24:12 she said, "Something told me... "
24:13 obviously, it was the Spirit of God
24:14 to go out into the Living Area
24:16 because, she said...
24:17 in the bedroom she would not have heard my knock on the door,
24:19 in the first place...
24:20 three weeks later,
24:22 I went to sing at a Women's Ministries Convention
24:23 I met her there, all dressed up nicely
24:26 in her high heels and looking very well...
24:28 she said, she had never felt sick again.
24:30 Jason: Wow!
24:31 Nadine: So, that was a testimony for me in terms of obedience
24:34 and also, the power of God in prayer.
24:37 So, she told a friend of mine,
24:39 "You know, your friend prayed for me and God healed me... "
24:40 and she asked that I come back to pray for her
24:42 for another issue... and I said to my friend, "No"
24:45 because she saw the power of God demonstrated...
24:47 now, you have access to the same power...
24:49 Jason: Yes... yes.
24:50 Nadine: Because the Bible says,
24:52 "All power is given unto all of us. "
24:53 Jason: Hmmm... hmmm...
24:55 Nadine: It's... we need to just be diligent in going to Him...
24:57 praying in faith... as she agreed with me in prayer
24:59 that God could heal... and God healed her.
25:01 Jason: Which is beautiful... we all have equal access to God.
25:04 Nadine: Exactly.
25:06 Jason: We don't utilize it as much as we should.
25:07 Nadine: Exactly... exactly because sometimes we believe
25:09 that praying with power is praying forcefully...
25:12 it's praying with the right words and the right tones
25:14 but sometimes,
25:16 these prayers don't have power backed behind it
25:18 that's why the Bible says, we have the form...
25:20 so, we know how to say the good prayer...
25:22 we know how to have the right tone...
25:25 but the power... we are denying...
25:27 and that's the power that we need
25:28 to actually have our prayers answered
25:32 and quickly, I will touch on the issue of agreement,
25:35 the Bible says,
25:37 "When two agree on something, it is done... " right?
25:41 Now, obviously that would be
25:42 when two agree on something that is the will of God... it is done
25:45 Jason: Yes... yes...
25:46 Nadine: But one thing I like about praying in agreement,
25:48 the Bible says, "If one can slay a thousand... "
25:51 in fact it says, "one can slay a thousand... "
25:53 the text is there...
25:54 it says, "With one can put a thousand of the enemy to flight,
26:00 two can do ten thousand. "
26:04 That's crazy math...
26:05 because we know one... if one is to 1,000
26:09 then, two is to 2,000
26:10 but God is saying here, "If one is to 1,000...
26:13 My math... two is to 10,000"
26:15 and you can understand why the enemy
26:18 does not want us to pray in agreement,
26:20 in fact, He hates agreement all together...
26:22 He will do whatever it takes
26:24 to ensure that husbands and wives don't get along...
26:26 Jason: Oh yeah, he wants to divide and conquer.
26:28 Nadine: Yes, so he knows... if two are there in Christ...
26:33 they can slay, at one time, 10,000 of his plans to nothing
26:37 so, he doesn't want us to be in agreement
26:39 and that's why praying in agreement is so powerful.
26:42 When I mentioned the example of my friends
26:44 and how we prayed together at night
26:45 so that our friend could deliver the baby,
26:47 it's because we believed in prayer,
26:50 we agreed in prayer
26:51 that that baby would be brought to term
26:53 in the name of Jesus...
26:55 and so, that is why we need to remember
26:59 when we're praying in power, a power plant... each of us
27:02 when we come together with another power plant...
27:05 forms a power grid...
27:07 that's much more power again...
27:09 and there's so much more we can say
27:10 about power-packed praying or praying with power
27:12 because when we look at these definitions,
27:14 they really help us
27:16 so I really want us to remember that all power comes from God
27:19 that we can surround ourselves with powerful persons
27:22 other persons of prayer...
27:23 other power plants like ourselves
27:25 to make that power grid... the enemy can't mess with
27:27 and when we intercede, of course, for others,
27:30 that these prayers will be answered for sure
27:32 because they are power packed. Jason: Yeah.
27:33 Nadine: So, let's just say a prayer,
27:35 "Father, thank you for the power that you have given us today,
27:37 thank you dear God
27:39 for just the desire to be able to access that power
27:42 and you said that all power is given unto us
27:44 may we do whatever it takes to find ourselves in your will
27:48 so that when we pray, our prayers will be answered,
27:50 we pray in the name of Jesus, amen. "
27:52 Jason: Amen...
27:53 thank you for that powerful message...
27:55 we need to pray with power!
27:57 Be sure to tune in next time
27:59 when Dr. Nadine shares more information
28:01 to supply the missing peace.


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