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Israel and the Church

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00:10 Aloha.
00:11 Aloha.
00:13 Good to see all of you here today
00:16 to continue our series,
00:18 the Prophetic Panorama.
00:21 This is session number 11 in the series
00:24 that we've been preparing here for Hawaii.
00:28 And we will do number 11, 12 and 13,
00:32 Lord willing this afternoon.
00:34 Before we begin this session,
00:37 we want to have a word of prayer.
00:39 The title is Israel and the Church.
00:42 So let's just bow our heads reverently
00:44 for a word of prayer.
00:45 Father in heaven, we rejoice
00:48 that we have the opportunity to come into Your presence,
00:52 to open Your Holy Word.
00:54 We ask that that return,
00:56 that word will not return unto You void,
00:58 but then it will accomplish that
01:00 for which You sent it.
01:02 And we thank You for hearing our prayer
01:03 for we ask it in Jesus name, amen.
01:08 After the day of Pentecost,
01:10 when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the church,
01:14 thousands upon thousands
01:17 left the Jewish nations'
01:22 grasp and stronghold
01:24 and joined as members of the Christian church.
01:29 In Acts 6:7,
01:32 we find the reaction not only of the laity,
01:35 but also of many of the priests in Israel.
01:40 It says there in Acts 6:7,
01:42 "Then the word of God spread,
01:45 and the number of the disciples
01:47 multiplied greatly in Jerusalem,
01:51 and a great many of the priests
01:53 were obedient to the faith."
01:56 So you notice the number of disciples multiplied greatly
01:59 and many of the priests
02:01 even were obedient to the faith.
02:04 Now one of those individuals that God used
02:08 to cause this phenomenal growth,
02:11 right after the day of Pentecost was Stephen.
02:15 We're told in Acts 6:8,
02:18 "And Stephen, full of faith and power,
02:21 did great wonders and signs among the people."
02:25 He was one of the seven deacons
02:28 that through whom God caused a phenomenal growth
02:32 among those who joined the church.
02:36 Now, on the other hand,
02:38 there was a certain individual
02:39 who was alarmed when he saw
02:42 the phenomenal growth of the Christian church.
02:46 His name was Saul of Tarsus.
02:48 Saul of Tarsus was not a featherweight.
02:51 He was actually an intellectual giant,
02:55 and a promising prospect
02:58 who in Judaism had a brilliant future.
03:01 He was young, energetic, relentless.
03:06 He had tunnel vision.
03:08 You see Saul believe that God had chosen
03:12 the Jewish nation
03:13 irrevocably and unconditionally,
03:17 and woe to those who thought otherwise.
03:20 For Saul, the preservation of the Jewish religion
03:24 was his top priority.
03:27 His entire religion was Jewish centered.
03:32 In Acts 22:3,
03:35 we find a description that Saul gives
03:38 of what he was like
03:39 before his conversion.
03:42 It says there,
03:43 Paul is here speaking about his experience.
03:46 "I am indeed a Jew,
03:49 born in Tarsus of Cilicia,
03:54 but brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel,
03:58 taught according to the strictness
04:00 of our fathers' law,
04:02 and was zealous toward God
04:04 as you all are today."
04:08 So he's, you know, somewhat bragging about
04:10 what he was before his conversion.
04:12 He says, I sat at the feet of Gamaliel, I was a Jew.
04:16 And according to the strictness of our fathers' law,
04:19 I lived and I was zealous towards God.
04:23 Now, the reason why Saul persecuted
04:25 the Christian church is because he saw it
04:28 as a threat to the Jewish religion,
04:31 to Judaism.
04:32 In fact, his attitude was the same attitude
04:35 that had been manifested by Caiaphas
04:39 towards the end of the ministry of Jesus.
04:42 In John 11:47-50,
04:46 is a description of a meeting of the Sanhedrin.
04:49 The Sanhedrin had to decide what they were going to do
04:53 with the growing menace of Jesus
04:56 and His popularity among the people.
04:58 And so in this meeting Caiaphas,
05:01 the high priest stood up and made a suggestion.
05:05 It's found in John 11:47-50.
05:09 "Then the chief priests
05:11 and the Pharisees gathered a council..."
05:13 the word council is the word Sanhedrin,
05:16 "and said, what shall we do?
05:19 For this Man," that is Jesus, "works many signs.
05:22 If we let Him alone like this,
05:25 everyone will believe in Him,
05:27 and the Romans will come and take away
05:30 both our place and nation.
05:33 And one of them, Caiaphas, being high priest that year,
05:36 said to them, 'You know nothing at all,
05:39 nor do you consider that it is expedient for us
05:43 that one man should die for the people,
05:45 and not that the whole nation should perish."
05:49 There we see
05:51 the danger that Saul of Tarsus perceived,
05:54 he perceived that
05:56 so many people were joining the Jew...
05:58 the Christian religion
05:59 that Judaism would be irrelevant,
06:01 and the Romans would come
06:03 and they would take away the nation and their religion.
06:07 Now Saul of Tarsus, like his tutors,
06:11 became a persecutor of the church.
06:14 In fact, in Acts 26:9-11,
06:18 we find here, the Saul of Tarsus,
06:22 who now is Paul, by the way,
06:23 describing what he did with Christians.
06:27 Once again Acts 26:9-11.
06:31 He stated, "Indeed, I myself thought
06:34 I must do many things contrary
06:37 to the name of Jesus of Nazareth.
06:39 This I also did in Jerusalem,
06:42 and many of the saints I shut up in prison,
06:45 having received authority from the chief priests,
06:48 and when they were put to death,
06:51 I cast my vote against them.
06:54 And I punished them often in every synagogue
06:57 and compelled them to blaspheme,
06:59 and being exceedingly enraged against them,
07:03 I persecuted them even to foreign cities."
07:07 So this was a relentless man.
07:10 He hated Christianity with a passion.
07:12 With all his zeal,
07:14 he launched a persecution against them,
07:17 throwing them into prison
07:18 and killing as many as he could.
07:21 In fact, Saul of Tarsus was present at Stephen's death.
07:26 He was one of the ringleaders, in fact, at Stephen's death.
07:30 In Acts 7:57-58,
07:35 we find a description of the rage
07:38 of those who stoned Stephen.
07:40 It says there,
07:42 "Then they cried out with a loud voice,
07:44 stopped their ears, and ran at him with one accord,
07:49 and they cast him out of the city
07:51 and stoned him.
07:53 And the witnesses laid down their clothes,"
07:56 and now mark this,
07:57 "at the feet of a young man named Saul."
08:03 So Saul was present there.
08:05 He was encouraging the populace to stone Stephen.
08:11 In fact, in Acts 22:20,
08:14 where we find this same story that is told,
08:18 it says there,
08:20 " And when the blood of Your martyr Stephen,"
08:21 Saul is speaking,
08:23 "and when the blood
08:24 of Your martyr Stephen was shed,
08:25 I also was standing by consenting to his death,
08:30 and guarding the clothes of those who were killing him."
08:35 So this was a man that hated Christianity
08:38 because he felt that Christianity was going to make
08:41 the Jewish religion irrelevant
08:43 and make the Jewish nation disappear.
08:48 So Saul, after the stoning of Stephen,
08:51 went on a crusade to Damascus
08:55 because he had heard that
08:56 there were many Christians in Damascus.
08:58 In Acts 9:1-2,
09:01 we find a description
09:03 of his journey to Damascus and the attitude that he had.
09:07 You see, the Spirit of Prophecy tells us
09:10 that Saul of Tarsus knew that Stephen was right
09:13 and he was wrong.
09:15 But he began an expedition to Damascus immediately
09:18 because he wanted to quiet his conscience.
09:20 He wanted to be active
09:22 so he wouldn't have to think about Stephen.
09:25 And so we find in Acts 9:1-2,
09:29 "Then Saul, still breathing threats
09:32 and murder
09:33 against the disciples of the Lord,
09:36 went to the high priest and asked letters from him
09:39 to the synagogues of Damascus,
09:41 so that if he found
09:43 any who were of the Way,"
09:45 which Christianity was called by that name back then,
09:48 "whether men or women,
09:50 he might bring them bound to Jerusalem."
09:54 So Saul of Tarsus approaches Damascus
09:57 from the southwest.
09:59 And as he's nearing the city of Damascus,
10:02 he has an encounter
10:04 that is going to change his life
10:07 and his entire theological outlook.
10:11 He had a personal encounter with Jesus.
10:15 Saul discovered that by
10:16 persecuting the body of Christ,
10:19 he was actually persecuting the head,
10:22 Jesus Christ.
10:24 In fact, the voice told him,
10:25 "Why are you kicking against the pricks?"
10:27 In other words, why are you kicking against
10:29 what your conscience is telling you?
10:32 Because Saul knew that Stephen was right.
10:35 In Acts 9:3-6,
10:38 we find the description
10:40 of what happens to Saul on the road to Damascus.
10:44 "As he journeyed he came near Damascus,
10:47 and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven.
10:50 Then he fell to the ground,
10:52 and heard a voice saying to him,
10:54 'Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?'
10:59 And he said, 'Who are You, Lord?'
11:01 Then the Lord said, 'I am Jesus,
11:04 whom you are persecuting.
11:07 It is hard for you to kick against the goads.'
11:10 So he, trembling and astonished, said,
11:13 'Lord, what do You want me to do?'
11:17 " And so,
11:19 we find in Acts 22:16-18,
11:23 that God instructed Saul to go
11:27 to the house of Judas,
11:30 and Ananias was going to be there
11:33 to baptize him.
11:34 Let's read those verses, Acts 22:16-18.
11:40 "But the Lord said to him," this is to Ananias, "Go,"
11:45 and I would add to the house of Judas,
11:48 "for he is a chosen vessel of Mine
11:51 to bear My name
11:52 before the Gentiles," the Apostle Paul,
11:55 "before the Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel.
11:58 For I will show him how many things
12:01 he must suffer for My name's sake.
12:03 And Ananias went on his way and entered the house,
12:06 and laying his hands on him he said,
12:09 'Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus,
12:11 who appeared to you on the road as you came,
12:14 has sent me that you may receive your sight
12:17 and be filled with the Holy Spirit.'
12:21 Immediately there fell from his eyes
12:23 something like scales,
12:25 and he received his sight at once,
12:28 and he arose and was baptized.'
12:33 " Now the baptism of Saul of Tarsus
12:36 was a critically important event in his life.
12:40 What happened when Saul was baptized?
12:45 Galatians 3:26, tells us
12:49 what happens when a person is baptized.
12:52 They are incorporated into Christ.
12:54 That's the moment that you become
12:56 a member of Christ's body.
12:59 Now notice what it says in Galatians 3:26.
13:04 "All those who have been baptized
13:07 into Christ,
13:08 have put on Christ."
13:13 So Saul when he was baptized, he put on Christ,
13:17 he became a Christian.
13:19 He was incorporated into the Christian church.
13:22 And then he became a true Jew
13:25 and a true son of Abraham.
13:28 Notice verses 28,
13:30 actually verse 29, 28-29
13:34 of Galatians Chapter 3,
13:36 immediately after Saul is baptized,
13:40 he's incorporated into Christ
13:42 according to Galatians 3:26,
13:44 we are told, "If you are Christ's,
13:48 then you are Abraham's seed,
13:50 and heirs according to the promise."
13:53 So when did Saul of Tarsus become a true son of Abraham,
13:58 a true seed of Abraham?
14:01 It is when he was baptized.
14:03 Because he was baptized and then he says,
14:08 if you are Christ's through baptism,
14:11 then you are Abraham's seed
14:13 and heirs according to the promise.
14:18 So now everything for Saul of Tarsus
14:21 changed focus.
14:24 In Acts 9:22, we are told,
14:28 "But Saul increased all the more in strength,
14:32 and confounded the Jews who dwelt in Damascus,
14:36 proving that this Jesus is the Christ."
14:41 The word Christ means Messiah.
14:43 In other words, Saul of Tarsus
14:45 now did his best to teach everyone
14:48 that Jesus Christ was the Messiah.
14:52 Now the question is, how did Saul look upon
14:56 all he had been
14:58 when he was merely a Jew without Jesus?
15:02 He described his experience before his conversion,
15:06 and what it meant to him after his conversion.
15:09 In Philippians 3:3-11,
15:13 we find the change in focus in the religion
15:16 and theology of the Apostle Paul,
15:20 who was before Saul.
15:22 Philippians 3:3, states,
15:26 "For we are the circumcision,
15:28 who worships God in the Spirit,
15:31 rejoice in Christ Jesus,
15:34 and have no confidence in the flesh,
15:37 though I also might have confidence in the flesh.
15:40 If anyone else thinks
15:42 he may have confidence in the flesh,
15:44 I more so, circumcised the eighth day,
15:48 of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin,
15:52 a Hebrew of the Hebrews,
15:55 concerning the law, a Pharisee,
15:57 concerning zeal, persecuting the church,
16:00 concerning the righteousness
16:02 which is in the law, blameless."
16:06 He's describing his previous experience,
16:08 all of that meant much to him.
16:11 That was central, Judaism was central to him
16:14 before his conversion.
16:15 But what about after his conversion,
16:17 when now he becomes a Christian?
16:19 He's baptized into Christ,
16:21 and he truly becomes Abraham's seed.
16:24 Notice what they continue saying here
16:26 in verse 8,
16:29 verse 7, however, "what things were gain to me,
16:34 these I have counted loss for Christ.
16:39 Yet indeed I also count all things loss
16:42 for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ
16:45 Jesus my Lord,
16:47 for whom I have suffered the loss of all things,
16:50 and count them as rubbish,
16:52 that I may gain Christ and be found in Him,
16:55 not having my own righteousness,
16:57 which is from the law,
16:58 but that which is through faith in Christ,
17:01 the righteousness which is from God by faith,
17:04 that I may know Him
17:05 and the power of His resurrection,
17:07 and the fellowship of His sufferings,
17:09 being conformed to His death,
17:11 if, by any means,
17:13 I may attain to the resurrection
17:15 from the dead."
17:17 Saul of Tarsus focus shifted
17:21 from Judaism to Christ.
17:24 He says everything I had
17:26 when I was just a literal Jew
17:28 means nothing because now I have gained Christ.
17:33 Basically, we're gonna find that he's saying,
17:35 before this,
17:36 I was not a Jew at all,
17:38 I was not Abraham's seed at all.
17:40 But when I joined Christ, I became Abraham's seed
17:44 in a spiritual sense,
17:45 and an heir according to the promise.
17:48 And now Saul
17:50 who became Paul in Acts 13,
17:54 is willing to suffer and lose all things for Christ.
17:59 In 1 Corinthians 11:22-28.
18:03 We find Paul describing everything he went through,
18:07 because now he loved Christ, and he wanted to spread
18:10 the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
18:12 I want to read 1 Corinthians 11:22-28.
18:17 The Apostle Paul asks, "Are they Hebrews?
18:21 So am I.
18:23 Are they Israelites?
18:25 So am I.
18:27 Are they the seed of Abraham?
18:30 So am I.
18:32 Are they ministers of Christ?
18:34 I speak as a fool, I am more, in labors more abundant,
18:39 in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequently,
18:43 in deaths often.
18:45 From the Jews five times
18:46 I received forty stripes minus one.
18:49 Three times I was beaten with rods,
18:52 once I was stoned, three times I was shipwrecked,
18:56 a night and a day I have been in the deep,
18:58 in journeys often, in perils of waters,
19:01 in perils of robbers, in perils of my own countrymen,
19:03 in perils of the Gentiles, in perils in the city,
19:06 in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea,
19:09 in perils among false brethren, in weariness and toil,
19:12 in sleeplessness often,
19:14 in hunger and thirst, in fastings often,
19:17 in cold and nakedness, besides the other things,
19:20 what comes upon me daily,
19:21 my deep concern for all the churches.
19:24 Has anybody here ever been through that experience?
19:28 It would be difficult to believe that
19:30 you've gone through all those trials.
19:32 And yet Saul who became Paul
19:35 was willing to give up
19:36 all of his Jewish centered religion
19:39 to win Jesus Christ,
19:41 and he was willing not only to lose all things,
19:44 he was willing to suffer all things
19:46 to proclaim Christ.
19:49 Saul discovered a revolutionary truth,
19:52 and that is that God has only one true people.
19:56 Those who have accepted Jesus Christ
19:59 as Savior and Lord.
20:01 God does not have to mutually separable peoples,
20:06 the literal Jews on one hand
20:08 and the Christian church on the other.
20:11 God has only one true people
20:14 that is defined not by ethnicity,
20:16 not by nationality, not by social status,
20:21 not by gender.
20:23 Those who have a relationship to Jesus Christ
20:26 are Abraham's seed.
20:28 They are God's people.
20:32 Now for the next few minutes, I want you to notice,
20:34 biblically, that those who are in Christ,
20:39 those Jews, literal Jews who accept Christ
20:42 and are in Christ, and the Gentiles
20:45 are both members of the same body.
20:48 They are one.
20:50 You see, futurists
20:51 or dispensationalists teach
20:53 that God has two mutually exclusive peoples.
20:57 He has one plan for the literal Jewish nation
20:59 and He has another plan for the Christian church.
21:02 That's why they believe that the plan for the Jews
21:05 and that when the 70 weeks,
21:08 the week number 69 came to an end,
21:10 because the Jews rejected Christ.
21:12 So God says, I'm gonna suspend my plan
21:14 for the literal Jews.
21:16 And now He turns to the church,
21:18 and it's the church age for the last 2000 years.
21:20 And then the church is gonna be rapture to heaven,
21:24 according to them seven years
21:25 before the glorious coming of Jesus,
21:27 and then God will kick start his plan
21:29 for the Jews once again.
21:30 And so he has a plan for the Jews
21:32 for the literal Jews and he has a plan
21:34 for the Christian church.
21:35 The Bible does not teach that,
21:36 the Bible teaches that God has one, faithful people,
21:39 those who have received Jesus Christ,
21:41 and they are Israel.
21:44 Now, in the Bible,
21:47 God has only one woman.
21:49 God has only one bride, if you please,
21:54 because if God had more than one bride,
21:56 He would be a bigamist, spiritually speaking.
22:00 In Revelation Chapter 12,
22:02 we find something very interesting.
22:03 God has only one woman, which is the true church,
22:06 composed of saints from the Old Testament
22:09 and from the New Testament, literal Jews and Gentiles.
22:12 Revelation 12:1-2,
22:14 and then we'll read verses 5 and 6,
22:17 says the following.
22:18 "Now a great sign appeared in heaven,
22:21 a woman clothed with the sun,
22:24 with the moon under her feet,
22:26 and on her head a garland of twelve stars.
22:29 Then being with child,
22:31 she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth."
22:35 Verse 5, "She bore a male Child
22:38 who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron.
22:41 And her Child was caught up to God
22:44 and to His throne."
22:46 Now, let's stop there for a moment.
22:48 Who exists first, the woman or the child?
22:51 That's a dumb question, by the way,
22:53 but I'm trying to make a point.
22:54 Who exists first, the woman or the child?
22:57 The woman. The woman.
22:58 What does the woman represent?
23:00 What does a woman represent symbolically?
23:02 The church. The church.
23:03 So did the church exist before Jesus was born?
23:06 Yes, it can be the Christian church,
23:08 because you can have a Christian church
23:10 before Jesus is born.
23:12 Are you following me?
23:14 So the church existed before Jesus is born.
23:17 But let me ask you, is the same woman
23:21 after the child is born
23:22 and is caught up to God's throne?
23:24 Is that woman then fleeing to the wilderness
23:27 for 1260 years,
23:28 the same woman?
23:30 Absolutely.
23:31 Notice Revelation 12:6.
23:34 "Then the woman fled into the wilderness,
23:37 where she has a place prepared by God
23:39 that they should feed her there
23:41 one thousand two hundred and sixty days."
23:46 So there's one woman representing both
23:49 the Old Testament Church and the New Testament Church.
23:52 God does not have two women, the one in the Old Testament
23:55 and the one in the New Testament.
23:57 There's one woman,
23:58 the one who brings the child into the world,
24:00 that's the Jewish nation, the Jewish church.
24:03 And then the same woman is persecuted for 1260 years.
24:07 It's not a different woman.
24:09 By the way, the number 12, it's not a coincidence
24:13 that there were 12 tribes in the Old Testament
24:15 that formed Israel and 12 apostles
24:17 that began the Christian Church.
24:20 The number 12 links the Old Testament church
24:23 with the New Testament church.
24:25 In the Book Acts of the Apostles, page 19.
24:28 Ellen White remarks, "As in the Old Testament
24:31 the twelve patriarchs
24:33 stood as representatives of Israel,
24:36 so the twelve apostles
24:38 stand as representatives of the Gospel Church."
24:42 So God has only one woman,
24:46 one true church, throughout history,
24:50 before Jesus comes to this earth,
24:52 and after Jesus comes to this earth.
24:55 But the Bible teaches it...
24:57 teaches us also that God has only one fold
25:01 with one Shepherd, composed of Jews and Gentiles.
25:06 Notice John 10:16.
25:09 John Chapter 10. God doesn't have two folds.
25:11 He doesn't have say, "Okay, I have a fold,
25:13 which is the literal Jews and I have another fold,
25:15 which is the Christian church."
25:16 No.
25:18 He says both are members of the same body.
25:20 John 10:16, Jesus stated,
25:24 "And other sheep
25:26 I have which are not of this fold,"
25:29 who are those other sheep that weren't of the fold
25:31 that Jesus was dealing with at that moment?
25:34 The Gentiles.
25:35 "And other sheep
25:36 I have which are not of this fold,
25:39 them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice,
25:44 and there will be two flocks and one shepherd."
25:48 Is that what it says
25:50 there will be two flocks and one shepherd?
25:52 No, it says when I bring those which are the Gentiles,
25:56 there will be one flock and one shepherd,
26:00 not two flocks.
26:01 In John 11:51-52,
26:05 we find clearly that God has one people,
26:08 one fold of sheep,
26:10 spiritually speaking, it says there.
26:13 Now this is speaking about the words
26:15 that Caiaphas spoke that we read before.
26:17 "Now this he did
26:19 not to say on his own authority,
26:22 but being high priest that year
26:24 he prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation,"
26:27 and now notice this,
26:29 "and not for that nation only,"
26:32 that is not only for the Jewish nation,
26:35 "but also that He would gather together in," to what?
26:40 "Into one the children of God
26:43 who were scattered abroad."
26:46 So it clearly says that was gonna be one fold
26:50 with one shepherd composed of Jews,
26:52 literal Jews and Gentiles.
26:56 We also find that God has only one Israel.
27:00 God doesn't have two Israels,
27:02 a literal Israel and a spiritual Israel.
27:04 No, spiritual Israel is the continuation of God's
27:08 true Old Testament Israel.
27:11 Notice Romans 2:28-29,
27:14 Romans 2:28-29.
27:17 Here the Apostle Paul
27:18 now understands what a true Jew is.
27:22 It's not somebody who has
27:24 the blood of Abraham flowing through his veins.
27:27 It says there, "For he is not a Jew
27:30 who is one outwardly,
27:32 nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh,
27:37 but he is a Jew who is one," what?
27:40 "Inwardly, and circumcision is that of the heart,
27:46 in the Spirit, not in the letter,
27:48 whose praise is not from men but from God."
27:53 So who is a Jew?
27:55 An individual who is a Jew outwardly?
27:57 So Paul says, no, no.
28:00 It is one who has what?
28:03 Who has been circumcised in his heart
28:05 been converted in the spirit
28:08 and receive Jesus Christ as Savior?
28:11 Notice Romans 9:6-8.
28:14 We're looking at now
28:16 what the Apostle Paul considers important
28:18 since this conversion experience.
28:20 Romans 9:6-8.
28:23 We're going to see here that there are two Israels,
28:25 there is literally Israel that has rejected the Messiah,
28:29 they are not true Israel.
28:30 And you have the true Israel
28:32 which has received Jesus as the Messiah.
28:35 Notice Romans 9:6, the Apostle Paul says,
28:39 "But it is not that the word of God
28:41 has taken no effect.
28:43 For they are not all Israel
28:46 who are of Israel."
28:49 Are you understanding what he is saying?
28:51 Not all Israelites are Israelites.
28:55 Now what does he mean?
28:57 Let's continue.
28:58 "Nor are they all children
29:01 because they are the seed of Abraham,"
29:03 in other words, you're another child of God
29:04 because you've seen the seed of Abraham.
29:06 "But, "In Isaac your seed shall be called."
29:09 Because from Isaac the promise, see,
29:11 Jesus Christ would come.
29:13 "That is," listen carefully now,
29:15 "those who are the children of the flesh,
29:18 that is literal Jews,
29:19 these are not the children of God,
29:22 but the children of the promise,"
29:23 that is those who accept
29:25 the promise of the coming Messiah,
29:26 "are counted as the" what?
29:29 "Are counted as the seed."
29:31 So a Jew is not defined by geography,
29:34 ethnicity and nationality.
29:36 A true Jew is defined
29:38 by his or her relationship to Jesus Christ.
29:43 Notice Galatians 3:16, and verses 26-29,
29:49 Galatians 3:16,
29:51 and then verses 26-29.
29:54 Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made,
29:57 he does not say and to seeds as of many
30:00 but as of one, and to your seed,
30:03 who is Christ.
30:04 You are all sons of God.
30:07 How do we... how are we sons of God?
30:08 We are all sons of God through what?
30:11 Through faith in Christ Jesus,
30:13 for as many of us as that were baptized
30:16 into Christ have put on Christ,
30:19 and what happens when we put on Christ?
30:22 Does our ethnicity make any difference?
30:25 Does our race make any difference?
30:27 Does our gender make any difference?
30:29 No, Paul, continue saying,
30:30 after were baptized into Christ and we have put on Christ,
30:33 he says, "There is neither Jew nor Greek,
30:35 there is neither slave nor free,
30:37 there is neither male nor female,
30:39 for you are all one in Christ Jesus."
30:43 How many Israel's does God have?
30:45 One.
30:46 And then he says, "If you are Christ's,
30:49 then you are Abraham's seed,
30:51 and heirs according to the promise."
30:53 So what if you are not Christ's?
30:55 You are not Abraham's seed,
30:57 even though you might be a literal Jew.
30:59 Are you understanding this?
31:01 Now, Jesus not only has one Israel,
31:03 He also has one body,
31:06 because if Jesus had two bodies,
31:07 he would be a monster.
31:10 Literally speaking,
31:11 he has one body composed of Jews and Gentiles,
31:14 not two bodies,
31:16 not a special plan for the Jews,
31:17 another special plan for the church.
31:19 No, one plan for his true Israel.
31:22 Notice Ephesians 2:13-18,
31:26 Ephesians 2:13-18.
31:28 One body, it says there, "But now in Christ Jesus,"
31:32 he's speaking to the Gentiles,
31:33 "you who once were far off have been," what?
31:38 "Brought near by the blood of Christ.
31:41 For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one,"
31:45 that is Jew and Gentile, He has made them both one,
31:49 "and has broken down the middle wall of separation,
31:52 having abolished in His flesh the enmity,
31:54 that is the law of commandments contained in ordinances,
31:57 so as to create in Himself one new man from the two,
32:02 thus making peace,
32:03 and that He might reconcile them
32:05 both to God in one body through the cross,
32:08 thereby putting death to death the enmity.
32:11 And He came and preached peace to you
32:13 who were afar off and to those who were near.
32:16 For through Him we both," that is Jew in Gentile,
32:20 "have access by one Spirit to the Father."
32:25 How many bodies does Jesus have?
32:27 One. Composed of what?
32:29 Jews, literal Jews and Gentiles.
32:32 Notice 1 Corinthians 12:13,
32:35 1 Corinthians 12:13.
32:38 Here the Apostle Paul states,
32:40 "For by one Spirit
32:42 we were all baptized into one body,
32:45 whether Jews or Greeks,
32:47 whether slaves or free,
32:49 and all have been made to drink into one Spirit."
32:52 Jews and Gentiles are one body according to this.
32:56 Notice Ephesians 3:6.
32:58 This theme comes through the Apostle Paul,
33:00 time and again,
33:01 and in the rest of Scripture as well.
33:03 Ephesians 3:6 says,
33:06 "That the Gentiles should be fellow heirs,
33:10 of the same body,
33:13 and partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel."
33:18 So once again, how many bodies?
33:20 One body.
33:21 Let's read one more text.
33:23 Colossians 1, we read verse 18
33:26 and then we will read verse 24.
33:28 Speaking about Jesus, it says,
33:30 "And He is the head of the body, the church,
33:34 who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead,
33:37 that in all things He may have the preeminence."
33:40 Verse 24,
33:41 "I now rejoice in my sufferings for you,
33:44 and fill up in my flesh
33:47 what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ,
33:50 for the sake of His body, which is the church."
33:55 Clearly Jesus Christ has only one body,
33:59 one fold, one woman.
34:04 And by the way,
34:05 the redeemed will all be in one city.
34:09 Because many dispensationalist teach that,
34:11 that the church is gonna live in earthly Jerusalem,
34:14 and the other group is gonna live
34:17 in the heavenly Jerusalem.
34:18 The Bible doesn't teach that.
34:21 Everyone is gonna live in one city, you say,
34:23 where does the Bible say that?
34:24 Go with me to Revelation 21:2,
34:27 Revelation 21:2.
34:30 "Then I, John, saw the holy city,
34:33 New Jerusalem,
34:34 coming down out of heaven from God,
34:36 prepared as a bride adorned for her husband."
34:40 Notice Revelation 21:12,
34:42 it speaks about the gates of the city.
34:45 It says, "And she had a great
34:46 and high wall with twelve gates,
34:49 and twelve angels at the gates,
34:51 and names written on them,
34:53 which are the names of the twelve tribes
34:55 of the children of Israel."
34:58 So the gates have the names of what?
35:01 Of the 12 tribes,
35:02 would that be the Old Testament?
35:04 Would that represent the Old Testament church?
35:06 Absolutely.
35:07 Now what about the foundations of the wall, of the city?
35:11 Revelation 21:14,
35:13 "Now the wall of the city had twelve foundations,
35:15 and on them were the names
35:17 of the twelve apostles of the Lamb."
35:20 So the city has the names of the 12 apostles,
35:23 and it also has the names of the 12 tribes.
35:25 It is one city
35:26 with all of God's people within it,
35:28 those who receive Jesus.
35:30 And by the way, if you don't,
35:31 if you don't really know for sure
35:34 whether the Old Testament saints
35:35 look for the same city that the redeem saints
35:37 in the New Testament are looking for,
35:39 let's go to Hebrews 11, we'll read verses 9 and 10,
35:43 and then we'll read verses 13-16,
35:46 Hebrews 11:9-10, and then 13-16.
35:50 It says there in verse 9, speaking about Abraham,
35:53 "By faith he dwelt in the land of promise
35:57 as in a foreign country,
35:59 dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob,
36:02 the heirs with him of the same promise,
36:05 for he waited..."
36:06 What city did Abraham look forward to?
36:08 He was a literal Jew,
36:09 did he look forward to an earthly Jerusalem?
36:12 No, no, it says, "For he waited for the city
36:16 which has foundations,
36:18 whose builder and maker is God."
36:22 Is that the heavenly Jerusalem?
36:24 Yes, it is. Now let's go to verse 13.
36:27 Speaking about all the heroes of the Old Testament,
36:30 " These all died in faith,
36:32 not having received the promises,
36:34 but having seen them afar off were assured of them,
36:37 embraced them and confessed that
36:39 they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.
36:43 For those who say such things declare plainly
36:46 that they seek a homeland."
36:48 In other words, the Old Testament saints
36:49 were looking for homeland.
36:51 What is that homeland?
36:52 The literal Jerusalem on earth, the old Jerusalem.
36:57 No.
36:58 Let's continue reading, verse 15,
37:01 "And truly if they had called to mind that country
37:04 from which they had come out,
37:05 they would have had opportunity to return.
37:09 But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country.
37:14 Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God,
37:17 for He has prepared for them a city."
37:22 Let me ask you, the Old Testament saints
37:24 and the New Testament saints,
37:25 did they look forward to the same city?
37:28 Absolutely.
37:29 God has one people,
37:31 the gates have the names of the tribes,
37:33 and the foundations of wall
37:35 have the names of the 12 apostles,
37:37 one city with also received Jesus Christ
37:40 both by the promise in the Old Testament,
37:42 in reality in the New Testament.
37:45 Now, the Bible also teaches that God has only one tree.
37:50 Now I'm not gonna read the entire passage.
37:53 In Romans 11, I'm just gonna explain to you.
37:56 In Romans Chapter 11,
37:58 we find a parable that is use of the tree,
38:02 and the tree of course represents Jesus Christ.
38:06 It represents true Israel that joins Jesus Christ.
38:10 Now, this tree is very interesting
38:12 because it has different kinds of branches.
38:14 And you can read the entire Chapter 11
38:17 of the Book of Romans.
38:19 Right now we don't have time to read the entire chapter.
38:21 So I'm just gonna synthesize.
38:23 The tree has natural branches,
38:27 the natural branches represent
38:29 the literal Jews that receive Christ,
38:32 the natural branches that grow from the tree,
38:35 but the tree also has natural branches
38:37 that are cut off,
38:40 the natural branches that are cut off
38:42 are the literal Jews that rejected Jesus.
38:46 Some of the natural branches are grafted back into the tree
38:50 after they were cut off.
38:52 Those are those who rejected Christ
38:55 and then received Him again,
38:57 they're grafted into this tree once more.
39:00 Then there are wild olive branches,
39:04 and these are grafted into the tree.
39:06 These are the Gentiles who are united with Christ,
39:09 they became part of the same tree.
39:13 And then there's the potential possibility
39:16 that some of these wild branches
39:18 that were grafted into the tree might apostatized
39:22 and they will be cut off, those would be Gentiles
39:25 who would lose their faith,
39:26 after having received Jesus Christ.
39:29 Are you catching the picture?
39:30 What is the key?
39:32 You are only a branch
39:34 if you're united to Jesus Christ.
39:36 Now let's read a few verses
39:38 that we'll find here in Romans 11.
39:41 Let's begin with verse 22-23. And what see...
39:43 what the key is for belonging to the tree.
39:46 It's not that you're a literal Jew,
39:48 having the blood of Abraham
39:50 running through your veins or where you live.
39:53 It's who your Lord is.
39:56 Romans 11:20 says, "Well said.
39:59 Because of unbelief they were broken off,
40:04 and you stand by faith."
40:05 He's saying to the Gentiles,
40:07 the literal Jews were broken off
40:08 because they had unbelief.
40:10 They didn't have faith.
40:11 And you he says to the Gentiles stand by faith,
40:15 "Do not be haughty, but fear.
40:17 For if God did not spare the natural branches,
40:20 He may not spare you either.
40:22 Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God,
40:25 on those who fell, severity, but toward you,"
40:28 that is toward the Gentiles, "goodness,
40:30 if you continue in His goodness.
40:33 Otherwise you also will be cut off.
40:36 And they also,"
40:38 speaking about the literal Jews,
40:39 "if they do not continue in unbelief,
40:41 will be grafted in,
40:43 for God is able to graft them in again.
40:46 For I do not desire, brethren,
40:47 that you should be ignorant of this mystery,"
40:49 this is verse 25, "of this mystery,
40:51 lest you should be wise in your own opinion,
40:54 that blindness in part has happened to Israel
40:58 until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in."
41:00 So there's two groups, there's a literal Jews,
41:03 and there's the Gentiles,
41:05 and they all have to be grafted into the same tree.
41:08 And then comes the verse that says,
41:10 "And so all Israel will be saved."
41:16 Who is all Israel according to the context?
41:18 Is it only the literal Jews?
41:21 No.
41:22 It's everyone who is united to the tree,
41:24 with their natural branches or wild branches,
41:27 all Israel will be saved.
41:30 God has one tree.
41:33 God also will have only one banquet table
41:36 when we get there.
41:38 Notice Matthew 8:11-12,
41:42 Matthew 8:11-12.
41:43 There's not gonna be one banquet table
41:45 for the literal Jews,
41:47 and another banquet table
41:48 for the church or for the Gentiles.
41:50 There's one banquet table, everybody will sit there.
41:53 It says in Matthew 8:11-12.
41:56 " And I say to you
41:58 that many will come from east and west,"
42:00 these are the Gentiles, "and sit down,"
42:05 incidentally, the parallel passage,
42:07 because our Luke has this same, same story,
42:12 Jesus says, and sit down at my table, okay?
42:17 Sit down at my table.
42:19 "Many will come from the east and west,
42:21 and sit down at my table
42:24 with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven."
42:28 So the Gentiles are going to come,
42:29 and they're going to sit with Abraham,
42:31 Isaac and Jacob at Christ table
42:33 in the kingdom of heaven.
42:35 And then Jesus says,
42:36 "But the sons of the kingdom..."
42:38 Those are the literal Jews that reject Jesus,
42:41 "But the sons of the kingdom will be
42:43 cast out into outer darkness.
42:45 There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."
42:49 Are you catching this picture or not?
42:51 Is it becoming clear?
42:53 Did you see the change
42:54 and focus in the theology of the Apostle Paul?
42:58 From being Jewish centered to being Christ centered.
43:01 In Christ, there is no nationality,
43:04 there is one Israel, faithful Israel,
43:07 those who have received Jesus Christ
43:09 as Savior and Lord.
43:11 God also only has one spiritual temple
43:15 composed of Jews and Gentiles.
43:17 Notice Ephesians 2:19-22,
43:21 Ephesians 2:19-22.
43:25 Here the Apostle Paul,
43:27 once again writing to the Gentiles,
43:29 he says, "Now, therefore,
43:30 you are no longer strangers and foreigners,
43:33 but fellow citizens with the saints
43:36 and members of the household of God."
43:40 Are you catching the picture?
43:42 And now the Apostle Paul is going to compare the Jews
43:47 and the Gentiles who are fellow citizens
43:49 with the Jews of the household of God.
43:51 Now he's going to compare them to a temple in verse 20.
43:55 It says, "Having been built
43:57 on the foundation of the apostles and prophets,"
44:00 Once again there you have the apostles
44:01 will be the New Testament,
44:03 the prophets would be the Old Testament,
44:04 "founded upon the apostles and the prophets,
44:07 Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone,
44:10 in whom the whole building, being joined together,
44:14 grows into a holy temple in the Lord,
44:17 in whom you also are being built together
44:21 for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit."
44:25 So notice that the Apostle Paul is saying here,
44:28 that the Gentiles now are fellow citizens,
44:31 and members of the household of God,
44:33 and they are built into that spiritual temple
44:35 along with the literal Jews.
44:38 God has only one temple.
44:40 Incidentally, if the temple represents the church,
44:44 if the temple is not a literal temple of,
44:47 you know, Jesus Christ is not a real stone
44:49 and the apostles and prophets are not real foundation stones.
44:52 The stones represent people.
44:55 In the Shekinah in the Old Testament,
44:58 in the New Testament is the Holy Spirit.
45:01 So if the temple is a spiritual temple,
45:04 according to what we've noticed,
45:06 built with Jews and Gentiles,
45:09 and the Antichrist sits in the temple,
45:12 where are we to expect the Antichrist in a rebuilt
45:16 literal Jerusalem temple,
45:18 or within the Christian church?
45:21 Within the Christian church.
45:23 That's why Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2,
45:26 he says, that the Antichrist will sit in the temple of God,
45:30 showing himself to be God and representing God.
45:34 Because he realized that
45:36 the Antichrist was not gonna be some nasty individual
45:39 that would sit in the rebuild Jerusalem temple
45:41 in the Middle East,
45:43 and what persecute the literal Jews.
45:45 The Apostle Paul understood that
45:46 the Antichrist was gonna sit
45:47 in the spiritual temple, the church,
45:49 usurping the position of Jesus Christ,
45:52 and that it was gonna happen
45:53 long before the Second Coming of Jesus.
45:56 By the way, the redeemed will also sing
45:59 only one song.
46:00 Abraham.
46:02 Notice Revelation 15:3-4,
46:06 Revelation 15:3-4.
46:08 Speaking about the redeemed,
46:10 it says, "They sing the song of Moses,
46:13 the servant of God,
46:14 and the song of the Lamb, saying."
46:18 Are all the redeemed gonna sing the same song?
46:22 The Song of Moses is an Old Testament event.
46:24 The Song of the lamb is a New Testament event.
46:27 Everyone's gonna sing the same song.
46:30 And so what are they going to sing?
46:31 "Great and marvelous are Your works,
46:33 Lord God Almighty!
46:35 Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!
46:38 Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your name?
46:42 For You alone are holy.
46:43 For all nations shall come and worship before You,
46:46 for Your judgments have been manifested."
46:50 And so God will have His people sing only one song.
46:53 Do you see that there's oneness to the people of God?
46:56 They're no two...
46:57 They're not two peoples.
46:59 There is one people of God.
47:02 By the way, both Jews and Gentiles
47:05 all have one father, the same father.
47:10 Notice Galatians 3:26,
47:14 Galatians 3:26.
47:18 "For you are all sons of God
47:23 through faith in Christ Jesus."
47:27 How do we become sons of God?
47:30 Is everybody on earth a son of God?
47:34 No.
47:36 Everyone on earth is a son or daughter of God by creation,
47:39 but not by redemption.
47:41 The Apostle Paul here speaking about redemption,
47:44 for you are all the sons of God
47:46 through faith in Christ Jesus.
47:48 In other words,
47:49 If you wanna be a son or daughter of God,
47:50 you must have faith in Christ Jesus.
47:53 Notice John 1:12-13,
47:56 who are the true children of God?
48:00 " But as many as received Him," that is Jesus.
48:05 "To them He gave the right to become," what?
48:08 "Children of God,
48:10 to those who believe in His name,
48:12 who were born, not of blood,
48:14 nor of the will of the flesh,
48:15 nor of the will of man, but of God."
48:17 In other words,
48:18 your physical birth means nothing.
48:20 It is your spiritual birth,
48:22 the fact that you've received Jesus Christ
48:24 and you have believed in His name,
48:26 then you are a member of the family of God
48:31 and God is your father by redemption.
48:34 Incidentally, this is the way that it works,
48:37 interesting way that it works.
48:40 Only when we become brothers and sisters of Jesus,
48:45 do we become sons and daughters of God?
48:48 And you say, how does that work?
48:50 Well, let me explain.
48:52 Who is the only true Son of God
48:56 and faithful Son of God?
48:58 Jesus Christ.
49:00 But when I joined Jesus Christ,
49:02 when I accept Jesus Christ, I become his brother.
49:06 And if it's a woman, the woman becomes his sister,
49:10 and because Jesus has believers
49:15 as brothers and sisters,
49:17 then they are also children of God.
49:22 Are you understanding me?
49:23 In other words,
49:25 when you become a brother or sister of Jesus,
49:27 you're also a son or daughter of God,
49:29 because Jesus is the Son of God.
49:31 And if you are Brother, you are her brother...
49:33 His brother and sister,
49:35 then you also are children of God.
49:39 That's why Jesus said in John 14:6,
49:43 "Jesus said to Him,
49:44 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.
49:47 No one comes to the Father except through Me.'
49:51 " We are only children of God in the spiritual sense,
49:55 in the redemptive sense,
49:56 when we receive Jesus Christ
49:59 as Savior of Lord...
50:00 Savior and Lord.
50:02 Now let me just read a long passage from John 8,
50:06 so that you see what it means to be
50:10 a son or a daughter of God.
50:12 Here Jesus is having a conversation
50:15 with the Jews of his day.
50:17 And I'm beginning...
50:18 I'll begin reading at Verse 32.
50:21 Jesus says to them, "And you shall know the truth,
50:23 and the truth shall make you free.
50:26 They answered Him, 'We are Abraham's seed,
50:31 and have never been in bondage to anyone.
50:33 How can You say, 'You will be made free?'
50:37 Jesus answered them, 'Most assuredly, I say to you,
50:40 whoever commits sin is a slave of sin.'
50:43 And a slave does not abide in the house forever,
50:46 but a son abides forever.
50:49 Therefore if the Son makes you free,
50:51 you shall be free indeed."
50:54 And then Jesus says, listen carefully now,
50:56 there are two Israels,
50:57 true Israel and counterfeit Israel.
51:00 "I know that you are Abraham's seed,"
51:03 literally speaking Jesus is saying,
51:05 "I know that you are Abraham's seed,
51:08 but you seek to kill Me,
51:10 because My word has no place in you.
51:12 I speak what I have seen with My Father,
51:15 and you do what you have seen with your father."
51:20 Now let's continue, it gets even thicker.
51:24 Notice verse 39.
51:27 "They answered and said to Him, 'Abraham is our father.'
51:30 Jesus said to them,
51:32 'If you were Abraham's children,'"
51:35 the word if indicates that they're not right,
51:38 "If you were Abraham's children,
51:40 you would do the works of Abraham.
51:43 But now you seek to kill Me,
51:45 a Man who has told you the truth
51:47 which I heard from God. Abraham did not do this."
51:49 In other words,
51:50 you claim to be children of Abraham,
51:51 Abraham loved Me and you hate Me.
51:53 So how can you say that your children of Abraham?
51:56 The argument continues in verse 41,
51:59 "You do the deeds of your father," Jesus says.
52:02 "Then they said to Him,
52:03 'We were not born of fornication,
52:05 we have one Father, God.'
52:08 Jesus said to them, 'If God were your Father,"
52:11 see once again He's saying that God isn't their Father.
52:13 Abraham is not their father, who is their father, then?
52:17 Oh, Jesus said to them, 'If God were your Father,
52:20 you would love Me,
52:22 for I proceeded forth and came from God,
52:25 nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me.
52:28 Why do you not understand My speech?
52:30 Because you are not able to listen to My word."
52:32 And then Jesus
52:33 with total political incorrectness, says,
52:36 "You are of your father the devil,"
52:40 Were they children of Abraham?
52:43 Literally, yes.
52:44 But spiritually, they were what?
52:47 Children of the devil. Why?
52:48 Because Abraham loved Jesus and they hated Jesus.
52:52 So they were not in the Father love Jesus.
52:55 And so God the Father and Abraham love Jesus,
52:57 but they hated Jesus.
52:58 How could they say that they're children of God
53:01 and they're children of Abraham?
53:03 Are you with me?
53:05 Then the story continues.
53:06 He says, "You are of your father the devil,
53:08 and the desires of your father you want to do.
53:11 He was a murderer from the beginning,
53:13 and does not stand in the truth,
53:14 because there is no truth in him.
53:16 When he speaks a lie,
53:17 he speaks from his own resources,
53:19 for he is a liar and the father of it."
53:23 You know what the sad thing is?
53:25 The Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians
53:27 3:13-16.
53:32 He says that there is a veil over the heart of the Jews.
53:37 Their heart is hardened,
53:39 and they cannot find Christ in the Old Testament.
53:42 But the Apostle Paul says,
53:44 when they're converted to Jesus,
53:46 the veil will be removed,
53:49 the hardness of their heart will be removed,
53:51 and then they will become true Israel,
53:53 they will become the true children of God.
53:58 Finally, there will only be one priest,
54:00 one high priest with one blessed breastplate.
54:03 The breastplate had 12 stones.
54:05 Aaron had the breastplate, he had the 12 stones
54:08 which are the 12 tribes of Israel.
54:10 Jesus is now the high priest in heaven,
54:12 and He has a breastplate that has 12 stones,
54:16 which represents the 12 apostles.
54:19 In other words, all of Israel
54:21 is represented in the 12 stones.
54:24 Now, why is what we are studying important?
54:28 Preachers today, evangelical preachers
54:31 believe just as Saul of Tarsus did before his conversion.
54:37 They jump from the Old Testament
54:39 to the End Times and totally bypass Jesus.
54:43 They say that God chose literally Israel,
54:46 unconditionally and irrevocably.
54:49 And they're all the promises
54:51 that God must literally fulfilled
54:53 with the Jews he will fulfill with literal Israel.
54:57 They believe in a prophetic scenario
54:59 that will involve literal Israel,
55:00 in literal Jerusalem,
55:02 a literal temple will be rebuilt,
55:04 literal sacrifices will be reestablished,
55:06 a literal Antichrist will sit in the temple.
55:09 He will rule for three and a half literal years,
55:11 literal enemies will come
55:13 from the north and from the east
55:14 with literal weapons to wage a literal war
55:17 against literal Jerusalem
55:19 and all this outside of Christ.
55:23 It is a totally counterfeit prophetic scenario.
55:28 God chose Israel based on
55:32 whether they would respond to him.
55:34 You remember we read in our last study,
55:38 where God says,
55:40 "If you hear My voice
55:44 and obey My covenant,
55:46 remnant you will be My special people.
55:49 So the promise was conditional.
55:51 By the way,
55:52 God will fulfill all the promises
55:53 He made the Israel, He will fulfill,
55:55 He will fulfill it with spiritual Israel.
55:58 They will not be wasted.
56:01 Let me ask you,
56:02 will God's people inherit what belong...
56:04 what God promised Israel?
56:06 Yeah, not only that, but the whole world.
56:11 Let me ask you this, if you tell your child,
56:16 if you behave,
56:18 I'll give you some of these cookies,
56:22 vegan cookies, of course.
56:25 If you behave, I'll give you these cookies.
56:28 And the child misbehaves.
56:30 And the parents
56:31 still give the child the cookies?
56:33 No.
56:35 The promise is based on a condition.
56:39 And the condition for Israel to be Israel
56:42 is to receive Jesus Christ.
56:44 There is no fulfillment of prophecy
56:47 for literal Israel outside of Jesus Christ.
56:51 And I believe, and Ellen White confirms this,
56:53 that at the end of time,
56:55 thousands and thousands
56:56 of Jews will come out of Judaism
56:59 and join God's remnant church.
57:01 God loves the individual Jews,
57:04 but He has no plan for the nation.
57:06 He has no plan for the theocracy.
57:07 Now it's the Gentiles who are taking the message
57:10 to the world.
57:12 Because the Jews as a nation fail,
57:15 but God loves individual Jews, He wants to see them saved,
57:18 He wants us to reach them.
57:21 Because if their natural branches,
57:23 wow, they are the inside track.
57:27 We are only wild on those branches.
57:30 But all of us are united to the same tree.
57:35 Are you understanding the importance of knowing
57:39 what Israel means
57:41 when it's spoken of in Bible prophecy?
57:43 It's vitally important, folks,
57:45 that we understand that Israel is the church
57:48 and all prophecy will be fulfilled,
57:50 not with literal Israel, but with spiritual Israel.
57:54 I trust that this study has been beneficial.
57:57 In our next study, we will study about
57:59 the fig tree also relating to Israel.


Revised 2019-10-21