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The Three Comings of Jesus

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00:11 Welcome back.
00:13 We're on a roll here.
00:16 This is actually presentation number 15.
00:19 Number 15 of 20.
00:21 The title of our study at this moment
00:23 is going to be The Three Comings of Jesus.
00:26 You saying, what?
00:27 Three comings? Are you kidding?
00:29 I thought there were two comings.
00:31 Let me just warn you
00:33 that what we're gonna study is nothing revolutionary
00:37 where you're gonna say, wow, I didn't know that before.
00:41 We're gonna take a look at, you know,
00:45 the number of times that Jesus came to this earth,
00:47 went back to heaven, comes to the earth,
00:49 goes back to heaven and comes back to the earth.
00:52 So, I'm sure that you've already heard
00:55 most of what we're gonna present,
00:57 but I would like you to see the structure
00:59 because it's important to understand this
01:02 considering the subject that we're dealing with.
01:04 So, before we begin,
01:06 we want to have a word of prayer.
01:07 And then, we'll get into our study.
01:09 Father in heaven, we thank You
01:10 for being able to gather together once again.
01:13 We ask for the presence of Your Holy Spirit
01:15 as we open Your Word.
01:17 Help us to understand the great truths concerning
01:19 The Three Comings of Jesus.
01:21 We thank You for hearing us, for we ask it in Jesus' name.
01:24 Amen.
01:27 The Bible refers to Three Comings of Jesus.
01:31 We want to speak first of all
01:33 about the First Coming of Jesus,
01:36 and why He came the first time to this earth?
01:40 Let's turn in our Bibles to John 6:38.
01:45 John 6:38.
01:49 Here we're told clearly
01:50 that Jesus when He came to this earth,
01:53 He came from heaven.
01:54 Now, we could take that for granted,
01:56 but it's good to read a verse that tells us that.
01:59 John 6:38.
02:01 Here Jesus is speaking and He says,
02:04 "For I have come down from heaven,
02:08 not to do My own will,
02:10 but the will of Him who sent Me."
02:14 So where did Jesus come from at His first coming?
02:17 He came from heaven to this earth.
02:20 Now the question is, what did He come for?
02:23 Well, He came for several reasons
02:25 but for two reasons, primarily.
02:29 He came to live a perfect life.
02:33 And He came to die for our sins.
02:37 You see if Jesus had not lived a perfect life,
02:41 His sacrifice would not have been accepted.
02:44 His life is just as important as His death.
02:47 Because I have a sinful life
02:49 and I need the life of Jesus
02:50 to stand in the place of my life,
02:53 and because of my sins, I must die,
02:55 but I need to have His death stand in place of my death.
02:59 So His life has to stand in place of my life,
03:01 and His death has the stand in place of my death.
03:04 Are you with me?
03:05 Those are the two main reasons why Jesus came.
03:08 Let's read it in 1 Peter 1:18 and 19.
03:13 1 Peter 1:18 and19.
03:18 Here the Apostle Peter wrote,
03:20 "Knowing that you were not redeemed
03:22 with corruptible things, like silver or gold,
03:26 from your aimless conduct
03:28 received by tradition from your fathers,
03:31 but you were redeemed
03:32 with the precious blood of Christ."
03:34 Would Jesus have had to die
03:36 in order to have the precious blood of Christ?
03:38 Of course, so that's speaking about His death.
03:41 "But with the precious blood of Christ,"
03:44 and now comes the second point,
03:46 "as of a lamb," what kind of lamb?
03:49 "Without blemish and without spot."
03:56 Now, in the Old Testament, when a lamb was sacrificed,
04:00 the priest had to make sure that the lamb had no defect.
04:04 So the aspect of the lamb that has no defect
04:08 represents the perfect life of Christ,
04:11 whereas the sacrifice of the lamb
04:13 represents the death of Christ.
04:15 Jesus came to live in our place,
04:19 and He came to die in our place.
04:21 And when we have faith in Jesus,
04:23 when we trust in His life and in His death,
04:25 Jesus takes His life and takes His death,
04:28 and places these to our account,
04:31 and we are looked upon as if we had never sinned
04:35 because God sees us in Him, not in us.
04:39 But for this, Jesus had to come to this world
04:42 to live a perfect life
04:45 and to suffer death for our sins.
04:47 Is this clear?
04:48 Now, after Jesus finished His mission on earth,
04:53 He returned to heaven, to the heavenly sanctuary.
04:57 Notice John 16:28.
05:00 John 16:28.
05:02 After He lived His perfect life and suffered death for sin,
05:05 He lived for us and died for us
05:07 so that we could claim His life and His death
05:09 personally and individually.
05:11 We're told in John 16:28, here Jesus is speaking,
05:14 "I came forth from the Father and have come into the world.
05:20 Again, I leave the world and go to the Father."
05:24 So He came from the Father, and He says,
05:27 I'm going to return to the Father.
05:29 Notice also John 13:33 and 36.
05:34 John 13, we'll read verse 33, and then we'll go to verse 36.
05:39 Here Jesus is gathered with His disciples,
05:42 and He tells us that His disciples,
05:43 "I'm gonna leave."
05:45 And Peter says, "Where are you going?"
05:48 Let's read about it.
05:50 "Little children,
05:51 I shall be with you a little while longer.
05:54 You will seek Me, and as I said to the Jews,
05:57 'Where I am going, you cannot come,'
06:00 so now I say to you.
06:03 Simon Peter said to Him, 'Lord, where are You going?'"
06:07 So Peter, who appeared to be the spokesman
06:09 for the disciples says, "'Where are you going?'
06:12 Jesus answered him,
06:14 'Where I am going, you cannot follow Me now,
06:19 but you shall follow Me afterwards.'"
06:23 So you see here that Jesus says,
06:25 "I'm going to heaven."
06:27 And Peter says, "I want to go with you."
06:29 Jesus says, "No, you'll follow Me afterwards."
06:32 Now, why did Jesus go to heaven?
06:37 Let's go to John 14, the very next chapter,
06:39 John 14:1 and 2.
06:41 John 14:1 and 2.
06:44 Very well-known verses.
06:47 "Let not your heart be troubled,
06:50 you believe in God, believe also in Me.
06:53 In my Father's house are many mansions,
06:56 if it were not so, I would have told you.
06:59 I go," to what?
07:03 "I go to prepare a place for you."
07:05 So why did Jesus go back to heaven?
07:09 To prepare a place for us?
07:12 So after Jesus lived His perfect life
07:15 and suffered death for our sins,
07:18 He left the world and returned to His Father
07:22 in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary.
07:27 Now, why did Jesus go to the heavenly sanctuary?
07:29 Why did He return to His Father?
07:32 Well, yes, to prepare a place for us.
07:35 But what does it mean for Jesus to prepare a place for us?
07:40 Well, let me tell you what it doesn't mean.
07:43 It doesn't mean that Jesus went to heaven
07:47 to work in the contracting business.
07:52 Sorry, Mark.
07:55 Jesus did not go to heaven
07:56 to be a contractor to build mansions.
08:00 Because the text in John 14 says us very clearly
08:04 that in my house are many mansions.
08:09 They were there when Jesus said.
08:12 Jesus does not need 2,000 years to build houses for us,
08:17 because He can speak and the houses are there.
08:22 He says, once again, He says,
08:24 "I go to prepare a place for you.
08:28 In my house are many mansions."
08:31 When He goes to prepare the place,
08:32 it doesn't mean
08:33 that He's going now to plant trees
08:35 and make everything real beautiful for us.
08:37 No, there's something deeper,
08:39 I believe He's gonna make a beautiful place for us.
08:41 And He's gonna have nice houses for us.
08:44 But there's a more profound and important emphasis here,
08:48 and you say what is the emphasis?
08:51 He went to heaven for three primary reasons.
08:56 Number one, to feed His church
09:01 represented by the showbread in the holy place.
09:05 He went to heaven to supply the oil
09:08 of the Holy Spirit to His church,
09:10 so that His church could proclaim the gospel.
09:13 That's the candlestick in the holy place.
09:17 And He went to heaven to intercede for those
09:20 who come to Him in prayer
09:23 that is represented by the altar of incense
09:26 in the holy place.
09:28 You see, Jesus went to heaven
09:29 to perform the work of the holy place.
09:33 Now, here's the interesting point.
09:36 The Book of John
09:38 describes the earthly work of Jesus
09:41 and His ascension to heaven.
09:44 The Book of Revelation describes
09:46 the work that Jesus does after He gets to heaven.
09:50 By the way, both of those books
09:52 were written by the same individual,
09:54 not inspired by the same individual,
09:56 written by the same individual, the Apostle John.
10:00 So John gives us the earthly ministry of Christ
10:02 and His ascension.
10:04 And the Book of Revelation
10:06 gives us the work that Jesus does
10:08 once He gets to heaven, the work in the holy place.
10:12 And if you read carefully in the Book of Revelation,
10:14 you'll notice that in the seven churches,
10:16 Jesus is at the candlesticks.
10:19 In the series of the seals,
10:21 He's at the table of the showbread.
10:23 And in the series of the trumpets,
10:25 He's at the altar of incense.
10:27 So Revelation is describing the heavenly work of Jesus,
10:31 why Jesus went to heaven to perform a work.
10:35 In other words, Revelation describes
10:37 how He prepares the place for us.
10:42 Now, also, Jesus said that
10:45 He was gonna leave the Holy Spirit
10:47 here on earth as His representative.
10:50 So as Jesus prepares the place in heaven,
10:53 by His heavenly work,
10:55 at the same time through the Holy Spirit,
10:57 He prepares His earthly people for the place.
11:02 So in other words in heaven, He prepares the place.
11:05 And on earth He prepares the people for the place.
11:09 And the Holy Spirit is the one
11:10 that prepares the people for the place.
11:13 And the description of the work of the Holy Spirit
11:15 is found in John 14:14-16.
11:20 Incidentally, the Book of Hebrews
11:23 also describes the work of heaven
11:26 in the sanctuary after His ascension in heaven.
11:29 The whole purpose of the Book of Hebrews
11:32 is to tell us about the work
11:34 that Jesus performs in heaven since His ascension.
11:37 So basically, if you want to know
11:39 what Jesus has been doing in heaven
11:40 for the last 2,000 years plus,
11:43 all you have to do is go to the Book of Hebrews
11:46 where the heavenly work of Jesus is described,
11:48 and then go to the Book of Revelation
11:51 where the heavenly work of Jesus is also described.
11:55 Now let's take a closer look
11:57 at the holy place of the sanctuary.
11:59 Let's see what Jesus does for His church,
12:02 how Jesus prepares a place in heaven
12:05 for His church at the candlesticks,
12:08 and at the table of showbread,
12:10 and at the altar of incense.
12:12 First of all, Jesus at the candlesticks.
12:16 How does Jesus prepare a place in heaven for His people?
12:19 By the work He does at the candlesticks.
12:21 Leviticus 24:1-4 tells us something very interesting
12:26 about the seven candlesticks in the sanctuary.
12:30 It says there.
12:31 "Then the Lord spoke to Moses saying:
12:34 Command the children of Israel
12:35 that they bring to you pure oil,
12:38 pressed olives for the light, to make the lamps burn," how?
12:44 "Continually.
12:46 Outside the veil of the Testimony,
12:48 in the tabernacle of meeting,
12:50 Aaron," who, by the way, is the high priest,
12:52 "Aaron shall be in charge of it from evening until morning
12:56 before the Lord continually,
12:59 it shall be a statute forever in your generations.
13:03 He shall be in charge of the lamps
13:06 on the pure gold lampstand before the Lord,"
13:10 third time the word is mentioned, "continually."
13:13 Now what does the oil and the lamps represent?
13:18 It represents the Holy Spirit.
13:20 Who makes sure that the lamps of the heavenly sanctuary
13:23 never go out that they have a constant supply of oil?
13:27 Jesus.
13:29 Does Jesus supply sufficient oil
13:31 to the church on earth,
13:33 for the church to shed its light
13:36 and give the message to the world
13:37 through the power of the Holy Spirit?
13:39 Yes. Absolutely.
13:41 So what Jesus does at the candlesticks
13:44 is He makes sure that there's an abundance of the oil
13:48 which represents the Holy Spirit
13:50 that He can give to His church
13:52 so that His church can shine the message to the world.
13:57 Incidentally, in the Book of Revelation,
13:59 you have the seven candlesticks,
14:00 don't you?
14:01 What do the seven candlesticks represent?
14:04 They represent the seven churches.
14:07 But the seven churches in Asia, the literal seven churches
14:10 represent seven periods of church history.
14:13 In other words, Jesus during church history
14:16 is walking in the midst of the history of His church,
14:19 making sure that the church always has a supply of oil,
14:24 and that the light of the church
14:25 will never go out.
14:27 In that way,
14:28 He is preparing His church on earth
14:31 by making sure that the candlesticks
14:34 are always shining.
14:35 And let me say,
14:36 there were a couple of periods of the church
14:38 when it looked like the light was flickering
14:40 and about to go out.
14:42 We have a period of the church that is called the Dark Ages,
14:46 because it appeared like there
14:47 was not gonna be sufficient oil,
14:49 the light was gonna go out,
14:51 but because Jesus was in the midst of His church,
14:54 and He supplied the oil, the Holy Spirit,
14:57 the light of the church has never gone out.
15:01 In the book Acts of the Apostles, page 586,
15:05 Ellen White makes this beautiful statement
15:07 about what it means that Jesus walks
15:10 in the midst of the seven candlesticks
15:12 making sure that the supply of oil is there,
15:15 just like Aaron had to make sure
15:17 that the lamp always had oil so that it would shine.
15:21 I quote, "Christ is spoken of as walking
15:24 in the midst of the golden candlesticks.
15:28 Thus is symbolized His relation to the churches.
15:32 He is in constant communication with His people.
15:36 He knows their true state.
15:38 He observes their order, their piety and their devotion.
15:42 Although He is high priest and mediator
15:45 in the sanctuary above,
15:46 yet He is representative as walking up and down
15:49 in the midst of His churches on earth.
15:52 With untiring wakefulness and unremitting vigilance,
15:57 He watches to see
15:58 whether the light of any of His sentinels
16:00 is burning dim or going out.
16:03 If the candlesticks were left to mere human care,
16:06 the flickering fame would languish and die,
16:09 but He is the true watchman in the Lord's house,
16:13 the true warden of the temple courts.
16:16 His continued care and sustaining grace
16:20 are the source of life and light."
16:23 Isn't that a beautiful statement?
16:25 So Jesus in heaven makes sure
16:28 that the seven candlesticks in heaven
16:30 have enough oil and the light never goes out.
16:32 But that represents the fact
16:33 that Jesus always gives an abundance of the Holy Spirit
16:36 to His church on earth,
16:38 so they can preach the gospel
16:39 and prepare people to go to heaven.
16:42 In that way, Jesus is preparing a place for His people.
16:46 Notice what we find in John 15:26 and 27.
16:50 Here Jesus tells us why He went to heaven.
16:53 It's to give His church the Holy Spirit.
16:56 It says, "But when the Helper comes,
16:58 who I shall send to you from the Father,
17:00 the Spirit of Truth
17:02 who posts proceeds from the Father,
17:04 He will testify of me.
17:06 And you also will bear witness
17:08 because you have been with Me from the beginning."
17:12 Now, if I was gonna ask you, who is the light of the world,
17:16 what would you say?
17:19 Is Jesus the light of the world?
17:21 Yes.
17:23 Are we the light of the world?
17:24 Yes.
17:26 The church is the light of the world.
17:28 That's the candlestick.
17:29 How do we become the light of the world?
17:31 What do we need in order to give light?
17:34 We need the oil of the Holy Spirit, right?
17:36 Now here's the important point.
17:39 You go outside on a clear night
17:41 and you see this beautiful full moon.
17:44 And you look at the full moon, you say,
17:46 "Oh, how beautiful the moon is tonight."
17:51 That's a half truth.
17:53 The moon has no light.
17:56 Where does the light come from that lights the moon?
18:00 From the sun.
18:02 So you have to say
18:03 how beautiful the sun is tonight.
18:05 You see Jesus said, "I am the light of the world."
18:08 But He also said,
18:09 "Ye are the light of the world."
18:11 He is the sun and we are to be moons."
18:15 In other words,
18:16 Jesus makes sure that the light of the church
18:18 never goes out as the gospel's being preached,
18:21 so that everyone will hear it.
18:23 In that way, Jesus is preparing a place
18:26 for us in heaven at the seven candlesticks.
18:30 What about the work of Jesus at the table of showbread?
18:34 What does bread represent in the Bible?
18:37 Bread represents the Word of God.
18:40 Man shall not live by bread alone,
18:43 but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
18:47 How does Jesus prepare His church for heaven?
18:50 What does He do?
18:51 He feeds them with His Word,
18:54 so that they don't die of hunger.
18:56 So they don't die spiritually.
18:58 He gives us the Bible.
19:01 By the way, is the Holy Spirit involved also with the Bible?
19:06 The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.
19:10 And so the spirit is involved in giving oil to the church.
19:14 The Holy Spirit is involved in giving bread to the church,
19:18 so that the church will not die spiritually.
19:23 What about the golden altar of incense?
19:27 What is the purpose of Jesus at the golden altar of incense?
19:31 Well, at the golden altar of incense,
19:33 Jesus intercedes for the sins of His people.
19:38 You see Jesus died for every single person
19:40 who has ever lived in the history of the world.
19:43 Jesus lived for every person that has every drawn breath
19:46 in the history of the world,
19:48 but that doesn't mean
19:49 that everybody is gonna be saved.
19:51 Because the most famous verse in the Bible says,
19:53 "For God so loved the world..."
19:55 That's everybody that He gave His only begotten Son
19:57 that whosoever believes in Him
20:00 should not perish but have everlasting life.
20:02 You have to claim what Jesus did.
20:06 By repentance and by faith in Christ,
20:10 we must say, "Jesus, I'm a miserable sinner.
20:13 I have not lived a holy life.
20:15 I deserve Your wrath.
20:17 But Jesus, I know that You live the life that I should live,
20:20 I know that You died the death that I should die.
20:23 Jesus, I'm sorry for my sins, take Your life and Your death
20:27 and put them to my account."
20:29 And when I come to Jesus in prayer,
20:31 and I ask Him to do that,
20:32 He puts His life and His death on my account.
20:35 And He looks upon me as if I had never sinned,
20:38 but I have to claim it personally and individually.
20:43 And that's what Jesus does in heaven.
20:45 He receives the prayers,
20:47 the repentant prayers of His saints.
20:49 Notice Luke 1:8-10, we're still talking here
20:53 about the golden altar of incense.
20:56 Luke 1:8-10.
20:59 This is speaking about the service
21:02 in the temple of Zacharias,
21:04 the Father of John the Baptist,
21:06 and that he is going to offer incense in the sanctuary.
21:10 And this is a very, very important passage.
21:12 It says there in Luke 1:8.
21:15 "So it was, that while he," that is Zacharias,
21:19 "was serving as priest before God
21:21 in the order of his division,
21:22 according to the custom of the priesthood,
21:25 his lot fell to burn incense
21:28 when he went into the temple of the Lord."
21:30 So here's Zacharias in the sanctuary,
21:32 the holy place, burning incense to the Lord.
21:36 And what are the people doing outside?
21:38 Well, he's burning the incense.
21:40 Verse 10,
21:41 "And the whole multitude of the people
21:43 was praying outside at the hour of incense."
21:47 So they're praying
21:50 and Zacharias is offering the incense.
21:53 Now prayer is not the incense.
21:56 The prayers are mingled with the incense.
21:59 Go with me to Revelation 8:3 and 4.
22:03 Revelation 8:3 and 4.
22:06 It says, "Then another angel having a golden censer
22:09 came and stood at the altar,"
22:11 he was given much incense that he should offer it,
22:14 listen carefully now,
22:16 "with the prayers of all the saints."
22:19 What is this angel given?
22:20 What? Much what?
22:22 Incense, so that he could do what?
22:25 So that he should offer it with the prayers of the saints?
22:30 Does the incense represent prayer?
22:33 No, it is mingled with the prayers.
22:36 It continues saying here in Revelation 8:3 and 4,
22:42 "That he should offer it with the prayers
22:44 of all the saints upon the golden altar,
22:46 which was before the throne."
22:48 This is the work of Jesus at the altar of incense.
22:51 Verse 4, "And the smoke of the incense,
22:56 with the prayers of the saints,
22:58 ascended before God from the angel's hand."
23:01 So this incense technically does not represent prayer,
23:05 it is mingled with the prayers.
23:08 Now what does the incense represent?
23:10 Here's a beautiful statement from Ellen White
23:12 in the devotional book In Heavenly Places, page 69.
23:16 She wrote, "Christ has pledged Himself
23:20 to be our substitute and surety,
23:24 and He neglects no one."
23:26 So what has Jesus pledged Himself to do,
23:28 to be a what?
23:29 Our substitute.
23:31 That means He takes our place and our surety, our guarantee,
23:35 and He neglects no one.
23:38 And this is beautiful.
23:40 "There is an inexhaustible fund of perfect obedience
23:44 accruing from His obedience."
23:47 So because when Jesus obeyed,
23:49 He established an inexhaustible fund.
23:52 And then she writes,
23:54 "In heaven, His merits,
23:57 His self denial and self-sacrifice,
24:02 are treasured up as incense
24:05 to be offered up with the prayers of His people.
24:09 As the sinner's sincere,
24:11 humble prayers ascend to the throne of God,
24:15 Christ mingles them with the merits of His life
24:18 of perfect obedience.
24:20 Our prayers are made fragrant by this incense."
24:24 Isn't that a beautiful statement?
24:27 So Jesus prepares the place in heaven,
24:29 because now we can send our sins to be covered
24:32 by the blood in heaven,
24:34 so that His life and His death can count for us.
24:38 By the way, does the Holy Spirit
24:39 have anything to do with this?
24:43 Is the Holy Spirit related to us giving light?
24:46 He's the oil.
24:48 Is there any relationship between the Holy Spirit
24:51 and the Word of God?
24:52 The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.
24:54 Who helps us pray?
24:58 Romans 8:26 and 27.
25:00 That's why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit.
25:02 Listen, folks, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit
25:05 so that His people could prepare for the place
25:08 while Jesus prepares the place.
25:11 Are you following me or not?
25:13 Now notice Romans 8:26 and 27.
25:16 "Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weakness.
25:21 For we do not know what we should pray
25:24 for as we ought,
25:27 but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us
25:32 with groanings which cannot be uttered."
25:36 So who helps us in our prayer life
25:39 to pray what we really need to pray?
25:42 We can't come up with it.
25:43 It's the Holy Spirit that helps us.
25:46 And so when Jesus goes to heaven,
25:48 He goes there by His work in the holy place
25:51 to prepare a place for us
25:52 and He sends the Holy Spirit to prepare us for the place
25:57 by shedding His light,
26:00 by having the oil of the Holy Spirit,
26:02 by feeding on His holy word,
26:05 and becoming strong spiritually,
26:07 and by sending our sins to Jesus mingled our sins
26:12 with the incense of His beautiful merits,
26:15 so that we can receive forgiveness for our sins.
26:20 Now there's another sense
26:22 in which Jesus prepares the place for us.
26:27 And that is when He moves into the Most Holy Place
26:30 of the heavenly sanctuary.
26:32 You see, before Jesus can come,
26:34 He has to perform a work of what?
26:38 Of judgment.
26:39 He has to examine the cases of every single person
26:44 in the world that claimed Jesus
26:47 as Savior and Lord.
26:50 And you say, why does He need to do that?
26:53 Because there are true believers
26:55 and counterfeit believers.
26:58 And in the judgment, the purpose is
27:00 to bring up the names of everyone
27:02 who claimed to follow Jesus,
27:04 to see if their profession is true or not.
27:07 Let me ask you in the church are there genuine
27:11 and counterfeit virgins?
27:14 In the church is there wheat and also tares?
27:18 In the church are there good fish and bad fish?
27:22 In the church are there people who have the form of godliness,
27:26 but don't have the power of godliness?
27:29 In the church are people
27:30 who claim to have a right to be in the church,
27:32 but don't have that garment in the parable
27:35 that Jesus gave in Matthew 22?
27:37 Absolutely.
27:38 In the church are there people who say, "Lord, Lord,"
27:42 and Jesus is gonna say, "I never knew you."
27:45 That's the purpose of the judgment
27:47 to see if repentance was genuine or not.
27:50 And the genuineness of repentance
27:52 is shown by our works.
27:56 That's why we are saved by grace through faith.
28:00 But we will be judged by works,
28:02 because our works show if our faith was real.
28:06 And if you read Hebrews 11,
28:09 you'll find that all of the heroes of Hebrews 11
28:12 are doing something.
28:15 They're not believing something,
28:16 they're doing something.
28:18 God says, "Noah, build me an ark."
28:21 Noah says, "Give me the hammers,
28:23 and the nails, and the wood."
28:26 God says to Abraham, "Go out."
28:29 Abraham says to Sarah, "Pack up."
28:33 Abel offers a sacrifice.
28:36 And by the way, even Sarah,
28:38 it says that when she was old, she had Isaac,
28:42 but Abraham and her had to act
28:44 because they had to have sexual relations.
28:48 Are you with me?
28:49 So faith is not a mental word, faith is an action word.
28:55 It shows, your work show if your faith is real.
28:59 And so when Jesus opens the book
29:02 to see who truly followed Him and who didn't,
29:06 the purpose of examining the works
29:08 is to see if the faith was real or not.
29:13 So does Jesus have to perform
29:14 that work of judgment before He comes?
29:17 Of course, He does.
29:19 Because when He comes, He's gonna take
29:21 His faithful people to heaven.
29:23 So does He have to determine
29:24 who He can take before He comes?
29:28 Are you understanding me?
29:29 Yeah.
29:31 Jesus has to, first of all,
29:32 reveal who He has a right to bring up there
29:35 in the judgment,
29:36 and then when He comes, He'll pick them all up,
29:39 and He'll take them to heaven.
29:41 By the way, this judgment is mentioned,
29:43 I won't read the verses because time flies.
29:46 Revelation 14:6 and 7
29:49 says that we should preach the everlasting gospel
29:52 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.
29:54 And part of that messages is
29:55 the hour of His judgment has come.
30:00 Also Revelation 11:19,
30:02 the temple of God, the the naĆ³s,
30:05 the temple of God, the Most Holy Place is open
30:07 and the ark of His covenant is seen.
30:09 Now the judgment is going to begin.
30:11 Revelation Chapter 10 also refers
30:14 to this pre-Advent investigative judgment.
30:18 So Jesus performs His work in heaven,
30:23 in the holy place,
30:25 and in the Most Holy Place to prepare a place.
30:30 Could Jesus return again without performing His work
30:33 in the holy and most holy places?
30:36 Absolutely not.
30:37 And if you read Hebrews and Revelation,
30:41 you'll find there the work that Jesus is doing in heaven
30:45 to prepare the place.
30:48 And in John 14-16,
30:50 you'll find that He sends the Holy Spirit
30:52 to prepare the people for the place.
30:55 Incidentally, Ellen White tells us
30:57 that while Jesus is cleansing the sanctuary
31:00 from the sins of His people,
31:02 His people should be cleansing
31:03 the sanctuary of the soul from sin.
31:06 So there's a parallel work on earth among God's people
31:10 that parallels what Jesus does in heaven.
31:13 As He prepares heaven,
31:15 we are to prepare on earth for heaven.
31:19 Now when the judgment concludes,
31:22 Jesus will pronounce those awesome words
31:24 in Revelation 22:11.
31:29 He who is filthy, let him be filthy still.
31:34 He who is the unrighteous, let him be unrighteous still.
31:38 He who is holy, let him be holy still.
31:41 He who is righteous, let him be righteous still.
31:44 There's a finality to that.
31:46 That means that probation is closed.
31:49 Every case is decided for life or death.
31:52 Just like happened when the door closed
31:54 in the days of Noah.
31:56 You see probation closed before the destruction
31:59 and the people didn't know that they were lost.
32:02 So as soon as the last person who professed Jesus is judged,
32:07 probation closes, and then God's wrath
32:12 is poured out in the seven last plagues.
32:16 And the great tribulation
32:18 such as never has been seen will take place.
32:23 You know when probation closes,
32:26 not only will the place in heaven be prepared for us,
32:30 but God's people will be prepared for the place.
32:33 Notice Ephesians 5:25-27.
32:37 Ephesians 5:25-27,
32:41 "Husbands, love your wives,
32:44 just as Christ also loved the church
32:47 and gave Himself for her."
32:50 Why did Jesus give Himself for her,
32:52 "that He might," what?
32:55 "Sanctify and cleanse her
32:58 with the washing of the water by the word."
33:02 The water represents the Holy Spirit.
33:04 The word, He uses the word to cleanse us
33:06 with the washing of the water by the word with what purpose?
33:10 "That He might present her to Himself,"
33:12 what kind of a church?
33:14 "A glorious church,
33:15 not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing,
33:20 but that she should be holy and without blemish."
33:24 That will be the condition of the remnant church
33:27 when probation closes.
33:29 Revelation 19:7 and 8 also describes the moment
33:33 when God's people will be prepared.
33:35 Revelation 19:7 and 8,
33:38 "Let us be glad and rejoice and give him glory
33:41 for the marriage of the lamb has come."
33:45 And His wife has made herself ready.
33:50 "And to her," that is His wife,
33:52 "it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen,
33:55 clean and bright, for the fine linen
33:58 is the righteous acts of the saints."
34:02 In other words, God's people
34:03 will be living a life without sin
34:06 during the time of trouble,
34:07 not even in thought, in thought.
34:09 And some people don't like that idea.
34:11 They say, "Oh, you believe in last generation theology."
34:15 They say, "Oh, you know, you actually believe
34:17 that you can stop sinning before Jesus comes."
34:20 They say, "No, no, no, we're gonna be saved
34:22 until Jesus comes because the flesh is weak."
34:27 Do you know what you're really saying
34:29 when you're saying the flesh is weak?
34:30 What you're really saying is that God isn't strong.
34:36 Because what you're saying is that your flesh is so strong
34:42 that even Jesus can't give you the victory over it.
34:47 You know, that text in the Bible,
34:49 it says I can do most things through Christ
34:50 who strengthens me, right?
34:54 I can do some things
34:56 through Christ who strengthens me.
34:58 I can do all things except overcome sin
35:01 through Christ who strengthens me.
35:03 No.
35:04 Paul says, "I can do all things
35:06 through Christ who strengthens me."
35:08 The glory is for Christ, not for us.
35:11 And by the way, the most perfect people
35:14 are the ones that feel most imperfect.
35:18 The least perfect people are the ones
35:20 that consider themselves perfect.
35:22 And that's one of the problems in the church.
35:25 One of the problems in the church is that those
35:27 who consider themselves holier than others,
35:30 they're like the Pharisees.
35:31 They're always comparing their holiness
35:33 with the holiness of others.
35:35 Listen, if I compare my holiness
35:36 with that of others, I look pretty good.
35:39 But when I compare my holiness with the Lord,
35:43 I say with Isaiah, "I am I'm done."
35:47 Depart from me, for I am a sinful man.
35:51 When we really contemplate Jesus,
35:53 He is pure and clean.
35:55 As we see ourselves for what we really are.
36:00 So then after the judgment ends,
36:02 and God's people are ready,
36:04 now comes the Great Tribulation.
36:07 Will God's people be here during the tribulation?
36:10 Or will they be rapture away?
36:12 Futurists say that they're gonna be rapture away,
36:15 because they're not appointed to wrath.
36:17 Well, the fact is, it's true.
36:19 God's people are not appointed to wrath.
36:21 The seven last plagues are not gonna fall
36:22 on God's people.
36:24 The seven last plagues are for the wicked, for Babylon.
36:27 But God's people will be here,
36:29 they will be shielded by divine power.
36:32 Michael will stand up,
36:34 the great prince who stands watch
36:37 over the children of His people.
36:39 And there will be a time of trouble.
36:41 Yes.
36:42 But at the end of the time of trouble,
36:43 God's people will be delivered everyone
36:46 who is found written in the book.
36:49 By the way, when were they written
36:50 in the book?
36:52 In the previous judgment.
36:54 Now let's read some verses about the Great Tribulation.
36:58 John 16:28.
37:00 Jesus says, "I have many things to say to you,
37:02 but you cannot bear them now.
37:04 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come,
37:07 He will guide you into all truth,
37:09 for He will not speak of His own authority,
37:12 but whatever He hears He will speak,
37:14 and He will tell you things to come."
37:17 By the way, the things to come that the Holy Spirit tells
37:19 on what we find in the Book of Revelation.
37:22 And in the Book of Revelation,
37:24 you have a description of the severe time of trouble
37:27 that was going to ensue.
37:30 In John 16:33.
37:33 Jesus said, "These things I have spoken to you,
37:36 that in Me you may have peace.
37:38 In the world you will have tribulation,
37:40 but be of good cheer I have overcome the world."
37:42 And in Matthew 24,
37:44 he says that this is gonna be the worst time of trouble
37:47 in the history of the world.
37:48 And he says that,
37:50 if it wasn't for the fact that God cut it short,
37:55 no flesh will be left.
37:57 That's how terrible this period of trouble is gonna be.
37:59 It's gonna be like Daniel in the lions' den.
38:03 It's gonna be like the three young men
38:05 in the fiery furnace.
38:07 It's gonna be like the experience
38:08 that Job went through.
38:11 It's gonna be the worst time in the history of the world.
38:14 Ellen White says that during the Great Tribulation,
38:19 Satan will have full control of the finally impenitent.
38:23 Can you imagine a world where Satan has full control
38:27 of every weakened person on planet earth?
38:29 If it wasn't for the fact that Jesus is gonna be there
38:32 protecting His people, nobody would survive.
38:36 But at the end of the tribulation,
38:38 God's people will be delivered by the Second Coming of Jesus.
38:44 You say, you mean to say
38:45 all of this was just after the First Coming.
38:50 He went to heaven to do all of this.
38:52 And He's doing all of this on earth.
38:55 Yes, the Second and Third Comings are shorter.
39:00 Notice John 14:1-3.
39:03 After He prepares the place, He promised to do something.
39:06 Once again,
39:07 "Let not your heart be troubled,
39:09 you believe in God, believe also in Me.
39:11 In My Father's house are many mansions,
39:13 if it were not so, I would have told you.
39:16 I go to prepare a place for you.
39:18 And if I go to prepare a place for you,"
39:21 what is He gonna do after He's prepared the place?
39:23 "I will come again."
39:26 What coming is that? The Second Coming.
39:29 "I will come again, and receive you to myself,
39:34 that where I am, there you may be also."
39:40 By the way, the only verse in the Bible
39:42 that refers to His coming as the second
39:44 is in Hebrews 9:27 and 28.
39:47 Hebrews 9:27 and 28.
39:49 Obviously, the concept of the Second Coming
39:52 is in the New Testament,
39:53 but the only text that actually uses the word second
39:55 is in Hebrews 9:27 and 28.
39:58 It says, "And as it is appointed
40:02 for men to die once,
40:04 but after this the judgment,
40:06 so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many,
40:09 to those who eagerly wait for Him
40:13 He will appear a second time,
40:16 apart from sin, for salvation."
40:20 So is there gonna be a Second Coming of Jesus?
40:23 Absolutely.
40:25 Jesus is going to return for His people
40:28 to take them to His Father's house.
40:32 Known as 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17.
40:36 This is the famous resurrection passage.
40:39 It's read at every funeral I've ever attended.
40:42 "For this we say to you by the word of the Lord,
40:45 that we who are alive and remain
40:46 until the coming of the Lord
40:47 will by no means precede those who are asleep.
40:50 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven
40:52 with a shout, with the voice of an archangel,
40:54 with the trumpet of God.
40:56 And the dead in Christ will rise first.
40:58 Then we who are alive and remain
41:00 shall be caught up..."
41:02 Jesus is not coming all the way down.
41:04 It's his second coming, but He doesn't touch the earth.
41:07 It says, "Those who are alive and remain
41:10 shall be caught up together with them,"
41:12 that is with those who died and resurrected,
41:14 "in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.
41:17 And thus we shall always be with the Lord."
41:19 So He's not coming all the way down,
41:21 we're gonna be caught up,
41:22 because He's gonna take us where?
41:24 To His Father's house.
41:26 He said to Peter,
41:28 "You can't follow Me now, but you will follow Me later."
41:31 Notice 1 Thessalonians 5:1 and 2.
41:34 And by the way, this is important
41:36 because those who believe in the rapture,
41:37 they say Jesus is gonna come seven years
41:39 before His glorious coming,
41:41 and He's gonna rapture the church
41:43 secretly to heaven, then seven years later,
41:45 He's gonna come with His glorious coming,
41:48 and He's going to establish His kingdom
41:49 here on earth for 1,000 years.
41:52 That's false prophecy.
41:53 And we're gonna see that it's very dangerous.
41:56 1 Thessalonians 5:1 and 2,
41:58 "Now brethren concerning the coming
42:00 of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our..."
42:03 Now listen to this,
42:05 and are gathering together to Him.
42:08 He is not gathered to us, we are gathered to Him.
42:13 We asked you not to be soon shaken in mind
42:15 or troubled either by spirit, or by word, or by letter,
42:18 as if from us as though the day of Christ had come.
42:24 Notice Matthew 24:31.
42:27 Matthew 24:31.
42:31 And He will send...
42:32 Now listen carefully,
42:34 "He will send His angels
42:37 with a great sound of a trumpet,
42:39 and they will gather together His elect
42:41 from the four winds..."
42:44 Jesus doesn't come all the way down
42:45 to gather His elect.
42:46 When He's in the air He what?
42:48 He sends His angels to gather His elect.
42:51 It says, "From the four winds,
42:54 from one end of heaven to the other."
42:56 And then He takes His people to the Father's house.
43:02 So He's going back to heaven again.
43:05 Right?
43:06 Came down from heaven, went back to heaven,
43:10 comes down from heaven, goes back to heaven.
43:14 What are we gonna do in heaven?
43:17 You know, people say,
43:18 "Oh, I want to live eternally with Jesus in heaven."
43:21 No, you're not.
43:25 You're not gonna live eternally with Jesus in heaven.
43:29 You're gonna live thousand 1,000 years
43:31 with Jesus in heaven.
43:33 And then you're gonna live eternally
43:34 with Him on earth
43:36 because the Bible says
43:37 the meek will inherit the earth.
43:39 What are God's people gonna do in heaven
43:41 during the 1,000 years?
43:44 In the Father's house?
43:46 Well, let's read Revelation 20:4.
43:49 Who was left behind, by the way, on earth?
43:53 Satan, His angels and the wicked.
43:55 Do we get all dead, right?
43:57 They're in the millennium.
43:59 God's people are in heaven alive.
44:01 On earth, Satan and his angels
44:03 bound to the earth in a living state,
44:05 the wicked are dead on the earth.
44:08 So what are God's people gonna do in heaven?
44:12 It's gonna be a working vacation.
44:15 Revelation 20:4.
44:17 "I saw thrones, and they sat on them,
44:20 and judgment was committed to them."
44:23 What are God's people gonna do?
44:26 They're going to judge.
44:29 But immediately you say, no, wait a minute, judge.
44:32 They're gonna judge? What are they gonna judge?
44:35 Or they're gonna judge the righteous.
44:37 Oh, the righteous are in heaven.
44:38 Are they gonna judge the faithful angels?
44:41 Angels don't need a judgment.
44:42 So who are the only ones left to be judged?
44:45 Satan, his angels and the wicked
44:47 who have been left here on earth.
44:51 Are you with me?
44:53 Now let's go to Revelation 20:12.
44:58 This is the millennial judgment.
45:00 Remember, judgment was committed
45:03 to God's faithful people during the 1,000 years.
45:06 Now notice Revelation 20:12, it says, "And I saw the dead,
45:11 small and great, standing before God..."
45:14 How can dead people stand before God?
45:18 Says, "I saw the dead, small and great,
45:20 standing before God, and books were opened."
45:23 How do the dead stand before God,
45:24 the wicked dead?
45:26 How do they stand before God?
45:29 Through the books,
45:31 through the record in their books.
45:33 They're not there personally, they're dead,
45:34 but they're standing before God
45:36 by the records that are in the books.
45:39 And then it continue saying, "And another book was opened,
45:42 which is the Book of Life.
45:44 And the dead..."
45:45 Notice, that they're not alive up there
45:47 standing before God's judgment bar.
45:48 It says, "And the dead were judged
45:50 according to their works, by the things
45:53 which were written in the books."
45:55 So what are we going to examine during the 1,000 years,
45:59 those who go to heaven?
46:00 I'm planning on being there.
46:02 What are we gonna do?
46:04 We're gonna open the books
46:05 and look at the records of the dead.
46:08 They will stand before God
46:09 through the record of their life
46:11 because God keeps a biography in heaven.
46:14 That's what He's going to examine
46:17 in the pre-Advent judgment
46:18 and during the millennial judgment as well.
46:22 Now, let's read Revelation 20:5.
46:29 "The wicked will be judged in heaven.
46:33 Satan and His angels will be judged
46:35 by the righteous in heaven,
46:36 judgment was committed to them.
46:39 And after this judgment is finished,
46:42 then Jesus will return to the earth
46:45 in His Third Coming.
46:48 This time He will come with all His people."
46:54 Are you with me or not?
46:56 You say, well, where does the Bible say that?
46:58 Go with me to Zachariah 14:4 and 5.
47:02 Zachariah 14:4 and 5.
47:05 By the way, what condition will the world be in
47:07 during the 1,000 years?
47:10 This will be a beautiful garden place to live, right?
47:13 We're gonna study the millennium,
47:15 that's our next subject of study is the millennium.
47:17 This place will be uninhabitable.
47:21 No one could live here, except Satan and his angels,
47:25 but no human being could live here.
47:27 So that idea that Christ
47:29 is gonna come through this world
47:30 and He's gonna reign for 1,000 years,
47:32 and there's gonna be a beautiful place
47:34 and He's gonna rule people with a rod of iron.
47:36 They're gonna be here
47:37 in their mortal state and so on.
47:39 That's a fabrication.
47:41 It's not true.
47:43 God's people will be in heaven during the millennium,
47:46 performing a work of judgment and reigning with Christ.
47:50 The wicked will all be dead.
47:52 Revelation 20:5 says
47:54 that the rest of the dead did not live again
47:57 until the 1,000 years were finished.
48:00 Now let's explain it this way so that you can understand it.
48:04 Everybody in this world
48:07 when they were born from their mother,
48:10 live their first life, right, for the first time.
48:16 Now let's take a righteous person.
48:17 If the righteous person dies, then it's his first death.
48:22 Right?
48:24 When Jesus resurrects the righteous person,
48:27 that person will not suffer second death,
48:30 he will live forever.
48:32 But let's take a wicked person,
48:35 a wicked person that is lost
48:38 dies before Jesus comes.
48:40 All will die before Jesus comes.
48:43 They live their first life.
48:46 They died either before Jesus came,
48:49 or at the coming of Jesus.
48:51 That's their first death.
48:53 After the 1,000 years they live again,
48:56 and then they will suffer what?
48:59 Second death.
49:01 You cannot suffer second death
49:02 unless you suffer the first one.
49:05 And first death is before the millennium.
49:08 Second death takes place
49:09 after the judgment
49:10 during the millennium.
49:12 It's very simple.
49:15 Now Zachariah 14:4 and 5 describes
49:17 the Third Coming of Jesus
49:18 after 1,000 years with all of His people
49:20 back to the earth again.
49:22 It says, "And in that day His feet
49:24 will stand on the Mount of Olives,
49:27 which faces Jerusalem on the east.
49:29 And the Mount of Olives shall be split in two,
49:31 from east to west, making a very large valley,
49:34 half of the mountain shall move toward the north
49:36 and half of it toward the south.
49:38 Then you shall flee through My mountain valley,
49:42 for the mountain valley shall reach to Azal.
49:45 Yes, you shall flee as you fled from the earthquake
49:48 in the days of Uzziah king of Judah.
49:51 Thus the Lord my God will come,
49:54 and all the saints with You."
49:58 The Lord is gonna come.
49:59 Are His feet gonna touch the earth at this point?
50:02 Yes, His feet are gonna rest on the Mount of Olives
50:04 and it is gonna split open.
50:07 The purpose of the space
50:09 is to allow the holy city to descend
50:11 in that open space.
50:13 And when He returns and His feet,
50:15 split them out of our lives,
50:17 we are told that He comes with all of His saints,
50:21 which means that they must have gone
50:22 to heaven with Him
50:24 before He came the third time.
50:28 Are you with me?
50:30 And then I want you to notice
50:33 Revelation 21:2.
50:35 "And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem,
50:39 coming down from God out of heaven,
50:41 prepared as a bride adorned for her husband."
50:45 The New Jerusalem, the dwelling place of God,
50:47 the Father's house is gonna come down
50:50 with Jesus and rest there,
50:52 where the Mount of Olives was split into.
50:57 There will be no third return to heaven for Jesus.
51:03 Jesus will come to live with His people here, forever.
51:09 God's capital of the universe
51:11 will be transferred to planet earth.
51:13 Imagine the privilege of having the capital
51:17 of the whole universe here on planet earth.
51:22 Wow.
51:24 In the midst of the almost infinite,
51:27 you know, universe of God,
51:30 to know that this little world
51:32 will be the center of the government of God,
51:34 what a privilege.
51:36 Don't miss it.
51:40 "I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem,
51:42 coming down from God out of heaven,
51:44 prepared as a bride adorned for her husband."
51:47 And then, in Revelation 20:13,
51:50 we have the resurrection of the wicked dead.
51:52 Remember that the dead were judged
51:55 by what was written in the books.
51:57 In the very next verse
51:59 it refers to the resurrection of them after the 1,000 years.
52:03 You say, really? Let's read.
52:05 "The sea gave up the dead who are in it,
52:10 and death and Hades
52:11 delivered up the dead who are in them."
52:13 What does it mean here when it says
52:15 that the sea gave up the dead,
52:17 and death and Hades delivered up the dead?
52:19 It means that the dead are going to, what?
52:22 Resurrect.
52:24 And by the way,
52:25 do you know that even the wicked
52:26 are gonna be able to see the record
52:28 of their lives after the millennium?
52:29 There's gonna be a post millennial judgment too.
52:32 God will not destroy the wicked until they are convinced
52:35 that God acted right in their case.
52:37 We'll study this more fully in our next presentation.
52:40 So after the millennium, above the city,
52:42 they will see the record of their lives.
52:44 There will be another investigative judgment.
52:47 And when all of them see their cases,
52:49 they will say righteous and true are your ways, oh God.
52:53 You're right. We're wrong.
52:59 So it says,
53:00 "The sea gave up the dead who were in it.
53:03 Death and Hades delivered up the dead
53:05 who were in them.
53:06 And they were judged, each one
53:07 according to his works."
53:10 Then when the judgment finishes,
53:12 they'll say, we don't deserve heaven.
53:16 We don't deserve to live in this city.
53:19 And I wish I had time.
53:21 You know, we probably covered this
53:22 in our next subject.
53:24 That is the wicked
53:26 are gonna surround the holy city
53:28 with the intention of attacking the city,
53:29 but they never attacked the city.
53:32 They end up attacking Satan.
53:35 When they see the history of salvation,
53:37 they see the sacrifice of Christ,
53:38 when they see how they had opportunity to be saved
53:41 and they rejected those opportunities.
53:44 They're not gonna attack the holy city,
53:45 they're gonna end up according to Ezekiel 28,
53:48 attacking Satan and his angels.
53:52 Only then can God destroy sin and sinners because only then
53:56 is the whole universe in harmony
53:58 because even the wicked have recognized.
54:01 And by the way, Satan will kneel and say,
54:03 "Just and true are Your ways."
54:06 And so the whole universe will be in harmony,
54:08 recognizing that God is right.
54:10 God is just, and God gave opportunities,
54:13 and God is loving.
54:15 And then, after this
54:18 in Revelation 21:1.
54:23 It says, "Now I saw a new heaven
54:27 and a new earth,
54:29 for the first heaven and the first earth
54:32 had passed away.
54:34 Also, there was no more sea."
54:38 And then you can read in verse 4, it says,
54:40 "God will wipe away every tear from their eyes,
54:46 there will be no more sorrow,
54:49 there will be no more pain,
54:51 and there will be no more death."
54:54 God's people will live eternally with Jesus
54:59 on the earth made new.
55:02 Jesus made two promises to His people.
55:06 He said, "In My Father's house are many mansions,
55:10 and I am gonna take you to my Father's house."
55:14 He fulfills that by taking His people to heaven
55:17 for 1,000 years.
55:19 But He also gave another promise and that is,
55:21 the meek will inherit the earth.
55:25 And that promise Jesus will fulfill
55:27 when the New Jerusalem descends,
55:29 and He makes this the capital of the universe,
55:32 the meek will inherit the earth.
55:35 It's totally different than what futurists believe.
55:38 Futurists believe that the way in which Jesus
55:41 is gonna fulfill both promises
55:44 is that He's gonna rapture the church away
55:47 to heaven for seven years.
55:50 That way, Jesus fulfills the first promise
55:53 to take His people to heaven.
55:55 And then after the seven years,
55:56 after the Jews have gone
55:58 through the tribulation, the antichrist,
55:59 literal antichrist has rebuilt the temple.
56:01 He's made a covenant with the Jews.
56:03 He's established a 10 Nation Federation.
56:05 And He's ruled for three and half years,
56:07 and He's persecuted the Jews,
56:08 and He's done all these things in the future.
56:10 See, it has nothing to do with the papacy
56:12 and apostate Protestantism.
56:13 Of course, it has everything to do
56:15 with the future of those churches in heaven.
56:17 So we don't even have to study these prophecies,
56:19 because they don't apply to us.
56:22 Then after this period of seven years,
56:24 Jesus will descend with those
56:27 who took to heaven at the rapture,
56:30 and He will come to this earth.
56:32 and for 1,000 years
56:34 He will be here with His people,
56:36 and they will be living in their mortal state.
56:40 Now, one thing which futurists have not been able to find
56:44 where they clearly express what they believe, is,
56:48 you know, how in the world
56:51 are people gonna be able to live on this earth
56:53 during the 1,000 years,
56:55 with the description that the Bible does
56:57 of the millennium.
56:59 And how do they say that Jesus is gonna reign here
57:02 and this is gonna be a paradise.
57:04 It simply does not fit the description
57:06 that the Bible gives.
57:08 The Bible tells us that this earth
57:10 is gonna be without form and void,
57:12 and in darkness,
57:14 the plagues will have decimated everything on this earth.
57:17 It will be inhospitable, uninhabitable.
57:21 It's only after the 1,000 years
57:24 when the judgment has taken place
57:27 that God will make a new heavens and a new earth,
57:31 in which, as Peter said in 2 Peter,
57:34 "In which righteousness dwells."
57:38 And then, sin will be finished forever.
57:40 The wounds on the hands and feet
57:43 and side and brow of Jesus
57:47 will remind us of the price of sin.
57:51 And the whole universe will be vaccinated
57:53 against sin forever and ever,
57:55 because what person in his right mind
57:57 would ever want to experiment with sin ever again.
58:01 Let's just make plans that we will be there.


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