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Wrong Person, Wrong Place, Wrong Time

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00:10 Hello, everybody again.
00:12 Welcome back.
00:14 We are on the final stretch.
00:17 The final 100 meters, so to speak.
00:21 We have two more studies together,
00:24 this evening both of them.
00:26 The first of these presentations
00:28 is titled "Wrong Person,
00:31 Wrong Place, Wrong Time."
00:34 And we are going to discuss
00:37 the devastating results of futurism
00:41 upon the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:44 Why this is such a serious matter?
00:47 But before we study this,
00:49 we want to do what we always do and that is pray,
00:53 to ask the Lord to be with us.
00:54 Let's pray.
00:56 Father in heaven, we come before Your throne
00:58 to thank You for such a wonderful day,
01:00 for Your multiple blessings,
01:03 we know, we don't deserve any of this,
01:05 but it comes because You are merciful,
01:09 and loving, and generous, and kind.
01:11 We especially thank You for giving us Your word,
01:14 which is a sure guide in a world
01:16 that is so confused.
01:19 We know that trying times are ahead,
01:23 but we have nothing to fear
01:24 because You have revealed the end from the beginning.
01:28 So as we study this important subject,
01:30 we ask for the presence of Your Spirit,
01:32 both in this place and in our individual lives.
01:35 And we thank You for fulfilling Your promise of being here,
01:39 where two or three are gathered together
01:41 in the precious name of Jesus.
01:43 Amen.
01:44 Amen.
01:46 I'd like to begin by reading a statement
01:49 that is found in Testimonies for the Church,
01:53 volume 5, page 292.
01:57 You know, some people say,
01:59 "Who cares what you believe about end time events."
02:02 You know, some people believe one thing
02:04 and other people believe another thing,
02:06 isn't enough just to love Jesus?
02:09 You don't have to have everything exactly right.
02:12 There might be some error here and some error there.
02:16 In this statement, Ellen White
02:19 speaks about the very dangerous implications
02:22 of error.
02:25 And that's not a long statement,
02:26 but it's very significant.
02:28 I quote, "Error
02:31 is never harmless.
02:34 It never sanctifies,
02:36 but always brings confusion and dissension.
02:41 It is always dangerous.
02:44 The enemy has great power over minds
02:47 that are not thoroughly fortified by prayer
02:51 and established in Bible truth."
02:55 So she says that error is never harmless,
02:58 never sanctifies, always brings confusion
03:01 and is always dangerous.
03:03 And Satan has tremendous power
03:06 to deceive those
03:08 who have not fortified their minds through prayer,
03:11 and through been established on Bible truth.
03:16 Now, in this series, we have been studying
03:18 the great chain of Bible prophecy.
03:21 We have actually been amplifying
03:24 the meaning of the historical method
03:26 or the historical flow method,
03:29 better known as historicism.
03:31 And I'd like to review the chain of events
03:34 that we find in the historicist method
03:38 of interpreting prophecy.
03:40 And I'm going to take Daniel Chapter 7,
03:43 and Revelation Chapter 13,
03:45 as the foundational chapters for this chain
03:49 that I'm gonna review.
03:50 This is gonna be very quick.
03:51 In Daniel Chapter 7, we have a lion,
03:54 that's Babylon, 605 to 539 B.C.
03:59 Then we have a bear,
04:00 which is Medo-Persia from the year 539 to 331 B.C.
04:06 Then we have a leopard which represents Greece,
04:09 331 to 168 B.C.
04:13 Then we have a dragon beast that has no horns for a while,
04:17 and that dragon beast represents the Roman Empire.
04:20 It ruled from 168 to 476 A.D.,
04:25 168 B.C. to 476 A.D.
04:29 And then we have this fourth beast sprouting 10 horns.
04:33 These are the divisions of the Roman Empire,
04:36 and the division was complete
04:38 when the last Roman emperor was deposed.
04:42 Romulus Augustulus in the year 476 A.D.
04:47 And then shortly after that,
04:49 the little horn rose among the 10,
04:52 and by its characteristics,
04:54 we know that the little horn
04:56 represents the Roman Catholic papacy.
04:59 It began its dominion in the year 538,
05:03 and continued ruling until the year 1798.
05:08 It used the civil powers of Europe
05:11 to accomplish its religious will.
05:15 And then we noticed that in the year 1798,
05:18 the papacy received the deadly wound
05:19 with the sword.
05:21 It means, that the civil powers
05:23 that had supported the papacy before this,
05:26 now turned against the papacy, took away the sword
05:30 and gave the papacy the deadly wound,
05:32 which means that the papacy was no longer able
05:35 to use the civil powers of the world
05:37 to accomplish her purposes.
05:40 And we have been in that period of the deadly wound
05:43 for over 200 years, the last 200 years.
05:48 But we noticed also in the prophetic chain now
05:51 moving to Revelation 13, that when the first beast,
05:55 when the papacy receives its deadly wound,
05:58 at the same time another beast rose from the earth,
06:01 and that beast represents the United States.
06:05 At first, this nation,
06:07 the United States behaved like a lamb
06:10 in the sense that it had two horns like a lamb.
06:13 Those two horns represent civil and religious liberty.
06:17 The separation of church and state,
06:22 probably more exactly defined as Republicanism
06:26 and Protestantism,
06:28 a church without a pope
06:30 and a state without a king,
06:33 basically Republicanism and Protestantism.
06:36 And for the last 200 years plus,
06:38 the papacy has not been able to persecute
06:41 like it did during the 1260 years.
06:44 But we noticed that after a while,
06:47 this beast from the earth in Revelation 13
06:50 is going to change its behavior,
06:53 it is going to end up speaking like a dragon.
06:57 And Revelation 13 makes it clear
06:59 that the way in which it will speak as a dragon,
07:02 is that it is going to restore the sword
07:04 to the first beast,
07:06 it is going to return the power of the state to the papacy.
07:11 And then the papacy will be able to do,
07:13 as it did in the past,
07:15 use the civil power of the United States
07:17 and the other nations of the world
07:20 to accomplish its purposes.
07:23 And then we noticed
07:25 that the final test will come upon God's people.
07:29 And that's gonna be our last subject of study
07:31 in our next lecture, the final test.
07:35 In the final test we're going to notice
07:37 before probation closes,
07:39 is the test over whether we will obey God
07:42 and observe the day that He has established
07:44 as the day of rest,
07:46 or whether we will obey the beast
07:48 and keep the day that the beast has established
07:51 as the day of rest.
07:53 And then,
07:54 after everybody's made their decision,
07:56 either to receive the seal of God
07:58 or the mark of the beast,
07:59 probation will close.
08:02 No one will change sides after that.
08:05 Everybody will be either with a seal of God
08:09 or with the mark of the beast.
08:12 And then
08:13 those who follow the beast will persecute God's people.
08:17 It would appear like God's people
08:19 are going to be eradicated from the earth.
08:21 In fact, this is called the time of trouble
08:25 such as never has been seen in the history of the world,
08:28 it's called the time of Jacob's trouble.
08:31 And it will appear that God's people
08:32 are going to be blotted out from the earth,
08:36 but the Bible tells us that Michael,
08:38 who is Jesus Christ will stand up
08:41 and He will defend His people
08:43 and not one of His children will perish.
08:47 At the end of the tribulation,
08:49 the Lord Jesus will come in power and glory,
08:54 and He will deliver His saints from the powers of the earth
08:58 and then He will take them to heaven for 1000 years,
09:01 where they will sit on thrones and reign,
09:04 where they will perform a work of judgment,
09:07 judging Satan and his angels and the wicked.
09:10 Then after the 1000 years,
09:12 the holy city will descend from heaven.
09:14 The wicked will be able to see the record of their lives,
09:17 they also will be judged after they're resurrect.
09:20 They will pronounce that God is just and true
09:23 in everything that He has done.
09:25 Fire descends from heaven and consumes the wicked,
09:28 Satan and his angels.
09:30 And then God creates a new heavens
09:32 and a new earth
09:33 wherein righteousness dwells.
09:37 That is historicism.
09:41 You know exactly where you are
09:43 in the flow of prophetic history.
09:46 Now, I would like to invite you
09:48 to go with me to Daniel Chapter 7,
09:51 and let's read especially verse 25.
09:55 Daniel 7:25.
09:59 Now, you'll remember that before this,
10:01 we have four beasts.
10:04 We have a lion, which is Babylon,
10:07 we have a bear, which is Medo-Persia,
10:09 we have a leopard, which is Greece,
10:11 we have a fourth beast,
10:13 which is really a dragon
10:14 even though it's not called that in Daniel 7,
10:16 which represents the Roman Empire,
10:18 then that dragon beast sprouts 10 horns,
10:22 those are the divisions of the Roman Empire.
10:25 And then you have what we find in Daniel 7:25.
10:31 We read this verse before.
10:33 Let's read it once again.
10:35 "And he shall speak great words against the most High,
10:40 and shall wear out the saints of the Most High,
10:44 and think to change times."
10:48 It says times and laws,
10:49 but in Hebrew, it's singular.
10:51 "Times and laws:
10:53 and they shall be given into his hand
10:55 until a time and times
10:58 and the dividing of time."
11:00 Now, there are three things that I want us to notice
11:03 about this verse, as we study this evening.
11:07 Number one,
11:08 the little horn represents the papacy.
11:12 Number two, the papacy rules for time,
11:17 times and the dividing of time,
11:19 which is 1260 days and days are years.
11:24 And during this period,
11:25 the papacy persecutes the saints of the Most High.
11:29 So, three things, the little horn is the papacy.
11:32 Secondly, the papacy during the time,
11:36 times and dividing of time, that's the second point,
11:39 persecutes the saints of the Most High.
11:42 Now, Revelation Chapter 12
11:45 follows the same basic chronological order
11:48 as Daniel Chapter 7.
11:51 Let's notice Revelation 12:14.
11:55 Revelation 12:14.
11:58 Now, this verse is going...
12:00 Actually 13 and 14,
12:02 these verses are gonna begin
12:04 where Daniel 7:25 begins.
12:06 In other words, we're gonna skip the lion,
12:08 the bear, the leopard, etcetera.
12:10 And we're just gonna begin
12:11 with where the little horn began.
12:14 Revelation 12:13.
12:17 "Now, when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the earth,
12:21 he persecuted the woman
12:24 who gave birth to the male Child.
12:27 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle,
12:31 that she might fly into the wilderness
12:33 into her place,
12:34 where she is nourished for a time
12:37 and times and half a time,
12:41 from the face of the serpent."
12:43 Is that dealing with the same historical period
12:46 as a little horn?
12:48 Obviously, yes.
12:50 But now I want you to notice something very interesting.
12:53 Instead of speaking of the little horn,
12:55 it says that the persecuting powers the dragon,
12:57 did you notice that?
13:00 Instead of saying that the saints are persecuted,
13:03 it is the woman who was persecuted.
13:06 But the time period is the same, time,
13:08 times and the dividing of time.
13:10 Now what does this mean?
13:11 What it means is
13:13 that behind the little horn is whom?
13:17 The dragon, Satan.
13:20 Secondly, the saints of the Most High
13:23 are represented by the woman.
13:25 Now, there's woman, saints are interchangeable.
13:29 And number three,
13:31 the woman is persecuted for the same time period
13:35 that the little horn persecuted the saints of the Most High.
13:38 So let me ask you.
13:40 Is Daniel 7:25
13:43 along with Revelation 12:13-14, parallel?
13:48 Are they discussing the same time period?
13:51 Yes, a different way of expressing it.
13:54 Little horn, 1260 years, time,
14:00 times, the dividing of time,
14:01 persecutes the saints of the Most High.
14:04 But Revelation Chapter 12, says,
14:06 the dragon persecutes for time, times, the dividing of time,
14:10 but it speaks of the woman,
14:12 which represents the saints of the Most High.
14:15 Now, I want you to notice
14:17 what happens after the time, times, and dividing of time.
14:22 Now Daniel 7 doesn't go beyond
14:25 this period of dominion of the little horn,
14:28 of the 1260 years directly.
14:31 You know, it does insinuate
14:32 that the little horn is gonna be around
14:34 because he's gonna be destroyed when Jesus comes.
14:37 But the prophecy of Daniel 7 doesn't take us much
14:40 beyond the end of the 1260 years.
14:44 Right after that it speaks about a judgment in heaven,
14:46 which is the investigative judgment.
14:48 However, Revelation Chapter 12
14:51 takes us beyond the 1260 year
14:54 dominion of the little horn, or of the papacy.
14:58 Notice Revelation 12:16,
15:01 the very next verse after what we just read
15:05 concerning the dragon persecuting the woman,
15:07 for time, times, the dividing of time.
15:10 It says that when the woman is persecuted,
15:12 something comes to the rescue.
15:15 It says, "But the earth helped the woman."
15:21 So when the woman has been persecuted
15:23 by the dragon,
15:25 who is behind the little horn for 1260 years,
15:29 we find here that "The earth helped the woman,
15:32 and the earth opened up its mouth,
15:36 and swallowed up the flood
15:38 which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth."
15:41 So does persecution cease
15:44 as a result of the earth helping the woman?
15:46 Absolutely.
15:48 Because waters represent multitudes of people.
15:50 They're trying to drown the woman.
15:52 They're persecuting the woman.
15:54 But the earth comes to the rescue
15:56 and swallows up the waters and persecution ceases.
16:00 Let me ask you, what does the earth represent there?
16:03 It represents the United States,
16:05 because we're gonna notice in Revelation 13,
16:08 that this is amplified,
16:10 and it speaks about a beast that rises from the earth.
16:16 So the earth represents
16:17 the territory of the United States,
16:20 the beast in Revelation 13 that rises from the earth
16:23 rises in the territory,
16:26 where the United States was established.
16:28 Are you with me or not?
16:29 You're aware that the pilgrims came to the United States,
16:33 fleeing persecution in Europe.
16:35 And this land,
16:37 the United States gave them refuge,
16:39 particularly on the East Coast, first of all,
16:42 you know, they escaped persecution,
16:45 and they came here, the earth helped the woman.
16:47 In other words, and swallowed up
16:49 the waters of persecution.
16:51 But let me ask you,
16:52 is that arrangement gonna last forever?
16:54 No. Notice verse 17.
16:57 We're following a sequence here, folks.
16:59 Notice, first of all, we have the dragon,
17:03 persecuting the woman,
17:05 time, times, the dividing of time,
17:07 which is the same as the little horn,
17:09 persecuting the saints for time,
17:11 times, the dividing of time.
17:12 Daniel 7 doesn't take us much beyond that point.
17:15 Revelation 12 begins with the time,
17:18 times, dividing of time,
17:20 then it speaks about the earth helping the woman,
17:22 the territory of the United States
17:24 provides refuge for those
17:26 who are being persecuted in Europe.
17:28 And then we noticed that persecution comes again.
17:32 Because in verse 17 of Chapter 12,
17:36 this is the climax of Chapter 12,
17:38 it says, "And the dragon..."
17:40 Some version say "Then the dragon
17:43 was wroth with the woman."
17:45 I'm reading from the King James Version.
17:47 "The dragon was wroth with the woman,"
17:50 and what did he do?
17:52 "He went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
17:57 which keep the commandments of God,
18:00 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
18:04 Is persecution going to rise again?
18:07 After the earth helps the woman
18:09 by swallowing up the waters of persecution?
18:11 Yes.
18:12 That's the period of the deadly wound.
18:14 The United States has a lot to do
18:16 with the period of the deadly wound.
18:19 Because when the United States
18:21 returns the sword to the papacy,
18:23 Ellen White tells us that every country in the globe
18:26 will follow the example of the United States.
18:28 So as the United States goes,
18:30 so goes also
18:32 all the other nations of the world.
18:34 Now, let's go to Revelation Chapter 13.
18:37 Revelation Chapter 13 follows the same sequence
18:41 that we found in Daniel Chapter 7.
18:43 And I'm gonna synthesize
18:45 because there's some other things
18:46 that I wanna get to which are very, very important.
18:49 In Revelation 13:1-2,
18:51 you have the mention of a lion,
18:54 a bear, a leopard,
18:58 a dragon beast,
19:00 and the dragon beast,
19:01 according to Chapter 12, has 10 horns.
19:04 Did we find those characteristics
19:06 in any other place?
19:08 Daniel 7, right?
19:09 So in Revelation 13 begins with the same powers
19:14 that Daniel 7 has.
19:16 But in Revelation 13,
19:18 instead of saying that among the 10 horns
19:20 of this dragon beast rises a little horn,
19:24 it tells us that the dragon beast
19:26 gives his seat, his power and his authority
19:28 to the beast that rises from the sea.
19:31 And then the beast from the sea rules for how long?
19:35 He rules for 42 months.
19:38 Are the 42 months the same as the time,
19:42 times, and dividing of time?
19:43 Absolutely.
19:45 So is Revelation 13 parallel to Daniel 7,
19:48 and also parallel to Revelation Chapter 12?
19:51 Absolutely.
19:52 They run the same course.
19:54 Now, in Revelation Chapter 13,
19:59 where it's speaks about the beast,
20:01 we're told the following about the beast.
20:05 Number one,
20:07 it persecuted the saints of the Most High,
20:10 that would be the same as the woman in Chapter 12.
20:14 Secondly,
20:15 we're told that it ruled for 42 months,
20:18 which is the same thing as time, times,
20:22 and the dividing of time.
20:24 And we're gonna notice that there's a third characteristic,
20:27 in the Old Testament we have that the little horn
20:30 thought it could change the times and the law.
20:32 We're gonna find that characteristic
20:34 in Revelation 13,
20:36 as we go along in our study, a little bit later.
20:40 Now, Satan's final plan of attack against God's people,
20:45 involves the change in God's law
20:48 and the change in God's times.
20:51 Now you say, what are you talking about?
20:55 Well, first of all,
20:57 what is the change in the law?
20:58 What is the law talking about?
21:00 Is this just the ceremonial laws
21:02 or is this the moral law of God?
21:04 This is the moral law.
21:06 It's the Ten Commandment law of God.
21:08 And the little horn thinks that it can change God's law.
21:11 Did the papacy attempt to change God's law
21:15 during its period of dominion?
21:17 It certainly did.
21:19 And now, let me ask you, in the end time is the papacy
21:22 with the help of the United States
21:24 going to enforce the change in the law?
21:27 Yes or no?
21:28 Absolutely.
21:30 So is there something having to do
21:31 with the change in the law in the future as well?
21:34 Absolutely.
21:35 Now, did the papacy
21:37 through these two Jesuit scholars
21:40 attempt to change God's prophetic times
21:43 during the 1260 years?
21:44 Yes.
21:46 Is it going to use the change in the times
21:49 to distract people from the true fulfillment
21:52 of Bible prophecy in the end time?
21:54 Absolutely.
21:56 Now, what does God do to counteract this?
21:59 What does God do to counteract the change,
22:02 the supposed change in the law,
22:04 and the supposed change in the times?
22:06 Well, Revelation 12:17 tells us what God does.
22:11 He raises up a remnant, the remnant of a woman,
22:15 and that remnant has two characteristics.
22:18 What are the two characteristics?
22:20 They keep what?
22:21 The commandments of God.
22:23 Is that counteracting the change in the law?
22:26 Absolutely.
22:27 And they also have something, what do they have?
22:31 The testimony of Jesus Christ.
22:32 What is the testimony of Jesus Christ?
22:35 It is a Spirit of Prophecy.
22:38 Is there any book
22:39 that was written by Ellen White
22:41 that unmasks this false prophetic scenario
22:45 that we've been talking about?
22:47 What book would that be?
22:48 The book, the Great Controversy,
22:50 it's the classic historicist explanation of Bible prophecy.
22:56 God raised up among the remnant
22:59 a prophet to present the true prophetic scenario
23:04 to counteract the counterfeit scenario
23:07 that the little horn sought to change.
23:10 So Revelation 12:17 is speaking about God's plan to counteract
23:16 what the Roman Catholic papacy did.
23:18 And then, of course,
23:20 we find in Revelation 13:11-18,
23:25 that this beast that rises from the earth,
23:27 which represents the United States,
23:29 at first that's going to separate church and state,
23:32 it's going to guarantee civil and religious liberty,
23:35 it's going to stand for a system of Republicanism
23:38 and Protestantism.
23:39 But then we are told
23:41 that it's gonna help the first beast
23:42 recover its power,
23:43 and it is going to enforce the mark of the first beast.
23:49 What is the mark of the first beast?
23:52 The observance of Sunday as the day of rest.
23:56 Now, the question is,
23:59 why does Satan hate
24:02 the historicist method so much?
24:05 Well, because the historicist method tells us
24:10 who the real Antichrist is, the papacy.
24:15 When He would rise to power
24:18 after the removal of the Roman Empire?
24:21 Where He would rise in the church?
24:25 What He would do persecute God's saints
24:29 through mechanisms such as the Inquisition,
24:31 through blaspheming God
24:33 by claiming to have the power to forgive sins,
24:36 and claiming to be God's representative on earth?
24:38 And by thinking that he could change God's law
24:42 and change God's prophetic times.
24:45 Historicism also tells us,
24:47 how long the first stage of the Antichrist would be.
24:51 It would be 1260 years.
24:54 It also tells us
24:55 how this beast will be wounded, with the sword,
25:00 which represents the sword of the civil power.
25:03 It also tells us,
25:04 how the United States would rise to power
25:07 with these two principles
25:09 of separation of church and state.
25:11 And how the United States
25:13 would repudiate those principles
25:15 and help the first beast,
25:16 the papacy recover the power that it lost
25:19 when it received the deadly wound.
25:22 It also gives us a clear picture of the issues
25:25 that are involved.
25:26 The issues, folks,
25:28 are not the oil of the Middle East,
25:30 or hatred for the Jews.
25:32 The issues are whether you will worship the true God
25:35 and keep His commandments,
25:37 including the commandment that points to God
25:40 as the Creator of the heavens and the earth.
25:43 Furthermore, historicism points out
25:46 when and where the remnant church was going to rise,
25:50 and what the message and mission
25:53 of the remnant church would be.
25:56 Of course, Satan would want to eliminate historicism,
26:00 because historicism clearly portrays
26:04 what is going to happen in the end-times.
26:08 Satan has done his utmost
26:11 to destroy the historical method
26:14 or the historical flow method.
26:17 I read some statements before
26:19 from some non Adventist scholars
26:22 about the demise of historicism.
26:25 And I wanna read those statements again,
26:27 because it shows us
26:28 how Satan has been very active
26:31 to destroy the historical method.
26:34 Notice this statement from Richard Kyle,
26:37 who used to be a futurist.
26:38 He wrote a book, The Last Days Are Here Again,
26:41 and he wrote the following.
26:43 "Despite its visibility
26:46 the Millerite movement had little influence
26:50 on subsequent end-time thinking.
26:53 It did, however, have three long-term effects."
26:56 Millerism had three long term effects.
26:59 Number one, millerism spawned
27:02 the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
27:04 Number two,
27:06 it discredited historicist premillennialism,
27:11 causing it to fade out almost entirely after 1844.
27:16 And number three,
27:17 the Millerite fiasco demonstrated the perils
27:21 of setting definite dates for Christ's return."
27:24 Did you notice that he said
27:26 that historicist premillennialism
27:29 almost faded out entirely after 1844.
27:34 In another statement,
27:35 this is on page 102 of his book,
27:38 he said this,
27:40 "The great disappointment of 1844
27:43 had decimated historicist premillennialism,
27:48 but a futurist premillennialism called dispensationalism
27:54 soon arrived on the scene."
27:57 Thomas Ice, a futurist,
28:00 evangelical, not a Seventh-day Adventist.
28:02 In his book, The Great Tribulation:
28:04 Past or Future, page 6,
28:06 he co-wrote this book with Thomas,
28:09 with actually, Kenneth L.
28:11 Gentry Jr. wrote this.
28:14 "Historicism,
28:15 once the dominant view of Protestants
28:18 from the Reformation
28:20 until the middle of the last century,"
28:21 he was writing in the 20th century.
28:23 So till the middle of the 19th century.
28:26 He says, "appears to exert little attraction
28:30 as a system of prophetic interpretation
28:33 to conservative Christians."
28:34 In other words historicism,
28:36 conservative Christians not really interested in it.
28:39 He continues writing
28:41 and then he puts in parentheses
28:42 "(outside of Seventh-day Adventist circles)."
28:44 So, in other words Adventist are still historicists.
28:47 Then he continues writing,
28:49 "Within evangelicalism
28:52 during the last 150 years,
28:55 futurism has grown to dominate
29:00 and overcome historicism."
29:03 What has futurism done?
29:05 It has grown to dominate and overcome historicism.
29:10 And all you have to do, to see if that is true
29:13 is turn on your television on Sunday morning.
29:16 If you have satellite TV
29:17 and watch the Protestants evangelists...
29:20 Protestant Evangelist preach on Sunday morning,
29:23 when they preach on prophecy.
29:25 It is pure, unadulterated futurism.
29:30 Now, what are the dangers of futurism?
29:34 First of all,
29:35 futurism changes the time
29:38 for the appearance of the Antichrist.
29:41 You see, the Bible tells us
29:42 that the Antichrist would appear
29:45 after the disintegration of the Roman Empire
29:48 shortly after the year 476.
29:51 What does futurism teach about the Antichrist?
29:54 They say, no, no, He's not going to appear
29:58 after the disintegration of the Roman Empire
30:00 way back then.
30:02 No, there's gonna be a 10 Nation Federation
30:04 in the future after the rapture of the church,
30:07 and then the Antichrist is going to appear.
30:10 And so basically futurism changes the timing
30:14 for the rise of the Antichrist.
30:18 Also, futurism changes the place
30:22 where the Antichrist will rule.
30:25 Futurists say the Antichrist is going to rule
30:28 in the Middle East,
30:29 in a rebuilt Jewish temple.
30:32 But the Bible tells us that He is going...
30:34 Yes, He's going to rule in the temple,
30:37 but it's not the Jerusalem temple,
30:39 which is no longer the temple of God.
30:41 He would rule in the temple, the spiritual temple,
30:44 which yesterday we noticed was what?
30:47 The Christian church.
30:49 Futurism also hides the manner
30:54 in which Antichrist would appear.
30:57 You see, futurist,
30:58 they say it's gonna be a blasphemous individual
31:01 that is gonna raise his hand in defiance against God
31:04 and he's going to persecute the Jews,
31:06 perhaps they say an atheist.
31:09 But the Bible tells us
31:11 that the Antichrist is not an individual,
31:15 it is a system of individuals.
31:17 It is a sequence of popes in the Roman Catholic papacy.
31:22 And this is not a single individual
31:25 at the end of time.
31:27 No, this is a system that has existed
31:30 for 1260 years in the past
31:32 and now is rising to power again.
31:36 Futurism changes the parties in the final conflict.
31:41 You know, if you listen to futurists,
31:42 they say the final battle is gonna be,
31:44 you know, the Arabs are gonna join forces
31:46 with the Russians
31:48 and they're gonna persecute the Jews.
31:50 But the Bible tells us what the issues are
31:51 in the Great Controversy at the end.
31:53 It has to do with who you worship.
31:56 It has to do with
31:57 whether you observe God's commandments or not.
32:00 Whether you keep His holy Sabbath,
32:02 to commemorate creation to remember the Creator,
32:05 that's what the issues are in the final conflict.
32:08 They are not political issues, they are not economic issues,
32:11 they are deeply religious issues.
32:14 But futurism says no, this is gonna be over oil,
32:17 it's going to be anti-Semitism,
32:19 it's going to be all of these political issues.
32:21 When the Bible tells us
32:23 then it's gonna be a deeply spiritual controversy.
32:28 Futurism also destroys the timing
32:31 of the 2300 day prophecy.
32:35 Is the 2300 day prophecy crucial
32:37 to the Adventist Church?
32:40 It is vitally important.
32:41 Now let me ask you,
32:43 what does that 2300 day prophecy depend on?
32:47 Well, it depends on the 2300 days
32:49 beginning in the year 457 B.C., right?
32:53 So the 2300 days begin in the year 457 B.C.
32:58 And then you have a first 490 years
33:01 that take you to the year 34.
33:04 Then the prophecy of the 2300 days
33:07 continues for 1810 years more ending, when?
33:12 In 1844.
33:13 But what does futurism do?
33:15 Futurism says, that the first 69 weeks
33:17 are fulfilled consecutively.
33:21 Then after the 69 weeks, the 69th week,
33:25 you have a 2000 year gap.
33:29 And then God's plan begins with the Jews again,
33:33 with the rapture of the church.
33:35 Let me ask you, if you put a parenthesis
33:37 in this prophecy of 2000 years,
33:41 what does that do to the 2300 day prophecy?
33:44 It destroys it.
33:46 Because the 2300 day prophecy depends on 2300 years,
33:52 all consecutive without any gaps,
33:54 but the minute you put 2000 year gap in,
33:58 the whole chronology of the 2300 days
34:01 is thrown out.
34:02 And incidentally, let me say this,
34:05 1844 is far more than just
34:09 the beginning of the cleansing of the sanctuary.
34:12 The pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
34:15 when they discovered
34:16 that Jesus entered the most holy place
34:18 of the heavenly sanctuary in 1844,
34:20 they discovered all of the distinctive truths
34:23 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
34:24 Because all of our distinctive truths
34:27 that which makes us what we are
34:29 in distinction to every other church
34:31 is found in the most holy place of the sanctuary.
34:35 All of those doctrines
34:36 that the Christian world despises
34:38 are centered in the most holy place.
34:41 Let me ask you, is the law in the most holy place?
34:44 Yeah.
34:45 Our pioneers, you know,
34:46 when they entered the most holy place,
34:48 they saw the ark, they said, well, in the ark was...
34:51 were the tables of the law, the Ten Commandments,
34:53 so they must not have been nailed to the cross.
34:55 Because Protestants said they were nailed to the cross.
34:58 What is in the center of the Ten Commandments?
35:00 The Sabbath Commandment.
35:02 You see, when they went into the most holy place,
35:03 they said, oh, the law is binding
35:05 because the law is there
35:07 because the earthly sanctuary was a shadow of the heavenly
35:10 and the earthly had the Ten Commandments.
35:12 And let me say it,
35:14 what was in the center of the Ten Commandments?
35:15 The Sabbath.
35:17 So the Sabbath must be on the tables of stone
35:19 in the heavenly sanctuary as well.
35:21 They also discovered health reform.
35:24 You know, in the Ark of the Covenant,
35:26 there was a part of manna, the manna...
35:29 By the way, the manna has a twofold meaning.
35:31 First of all,
35:33 God gave manna to test Israel
35:35 to see if they would walk in His law.
35:37 Is the Sabbath at the end of time gonna be a test
35:40 of whether we will walk in God's law or not?
35:42 Absolutely.
35:44 Secondly, the manna God gave to teach Israel
35:48 to live a healthy life, to have a healthy diet.
35:51 In Numbers 11, it says when they said,
35:53 oh, we're sick and tired of this vegan food
35:56 that you have given us,
35:57 you know, they said we want flesh,
35:59 we want what we used to eat, when we were not converted,
36:01 when we're in Egypt.
36:03 And God gave them what they wanted,
36:05 and they got sick.
36:06 So the part of manna represents health reform.
36:10 By the way, also in the Ark of the Covenant
36:12 was Aaron's Rod that budded.
36:16 Interesting.
36:17 I wish I had time to really get into that,
36:20 there's so much to say there.
36:22 But one of the teachings of the Rod of Aaron
36:25 that budded was that a dead rod,
36:28 sprouted miraculously to life.
36:31 That means that those who are dead
36:33 by a miracle of God will live again.
36:36 Amen.
36:37 And so the state of the dead is involved.
36:40 Incidentally, also, the state of the dead
36:42 is involved in the concept of the judgment.
36:45 Let me put it this way.
36:47 What do most Christian churches believe about the judgment?
36:51 When is a person judged
36:53 according to almost every single Christian church?
36:56 When you die. Right?
36:59 If when you die, you were a good person,
37:02 accepted Jesus,
37:03 your soul is whisked off to heaven.
37:06 If you did not receive Christ, if you are wicked,
37:10 your soul goes to hell.
37:13 So when is a person judged in this point of view?
37:17 They judge when they die.
37:19 So if a person is judged when they die,
37:21 why would God call a judgment in 1844,
37:24 to examine the cases of the dead
37:25 to see if they're gonna receive life or death?
37:29 Are you with me or not?
37:30 The state of the dead
37:32 is linked with the concept of the judgment.
37:34 The reason why the Christian world
37:36 can't accept the Adventist view of the judgment
37:38 is because they say,
37:39 why would God judge at a certain period in history,
37:42 if everybody's already been judged
37:44 when they died?
37:46 So the investigative judgment is centered there.
37:49 Every doctrine of the church,
37:50 every distinctive doctrine of the church
37:53 is centered in the most holy place,
37:54 and the pioneers discovered one after another,
37:57 these doctrines
37:59 when they entered the most holy place
38:00 in the year 1844.
38:02 And you'll notice that what happened was
38:05 that futurism attempted to destroy
38:09 the prophecy of the 2300 years.
38:14 Futurism also hides the un-time appearance
38:20 of the remnant church.
38:22 When was the remnant church going to appear
38:25 according to Revelation Chapter 12?
38:28 It was gonna come, you were gonna have
38:30 the dragon persecuting the woman
38:34 for time, times, the dividing of time,
38:37 1260 years, which ended 1798.
38:41 And then the very next verse speaks about the remnant
38:44 who keep the commandments of God
38:47 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
38:49 So when would the remnant church appear?
38:52 It would appear sometime after, what?
38:55 Sometime after 1798.
38:59 But for futurists they say, no,
39:00 the remnant are the Jews at the end of time,
39:04 after the rapture of the church,
39:06 that's God's remnant.
39:07 So the purpose of the devil
39:09 is to hide the identity of the remnant.
39:11 And by the way, there are four characteristics
39:14 of the remnant.
39:15 Number one,
39:17 the remnant appears after the 1260 years.
39:21 Secondly, it would appear in the United States
39:23 and you say, where do you get that from?
39:26 Because Revelation 12:16,
39:28 the very previous verse says
39:29 that the earth helped the woman.
39:31 And then it says
39:32 that the dragon is in rage with a woman
39:34 and goes to make war with the remnant of her seed.
39:37 And so the remnant is gonna rise in the earth.
39:40 And then they keep the commandments of God,
39:43 and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
39:47 They teach that we're supposed to keep
39:48 all of God's Ten Commandments because we love the Lord.
39:51 And they also have in their midst of prophet
39:54 that presents the true prophetic scenario
39:57 that the Bible presents.
39:59 Futurism also destroys
40:01 the need to study the Book of Revelation.
40:04 You say, why is that?
40:06 Well, they might study it just out of curiosity,
40:10 or are simply because as an informational item.
40:14 But really,
40:16 futurism destroys the importance
40:19 and need of studying the Book of Revelation for Christians.
40:21 You say, why is that?
40:23 Because Revelation 4:1, if you go there with me,
40:27 it says, "After this I looked, and, behold,
40:29 a door was opened in heaven:
40:30 and the first voice which I heard
40:32 was as it were of a trumpet talking with me,
40:34 which said, Come up hither,
40:36 and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter."
40:39 And so, supposedly,
40:41 when John is told, come up here,
40:43 that's the rapture of the church.
40:45 And futurists teach that from Revelation 4,
40:49 all the way through Revelation Chapter 19,
40:52 this is describing events that will take place
40:55 after the church is rapture to heaven.
40:58 So why should the church study these chapters at all,
41:02 if they're gonna be gone?
41:04 What benefit would it be to the church
41:06 to study these chapters?
41:08 Incidentally,
41:10 if these chapters are as futurists say,
41:15 going to take place,
41:16 or being fulfilled after the church
41:18 goes to heaven.
41:20 What does that do with the central mission
41:22 and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church?
41:24 We believe that our central message
41:26 and mission is to proclaim
41:28 the three angels' messages to the world.
41:31 But if Revelation 14 is future
41:34 after the rapture of the church,
41:37 then we're preaching a message out of time,
41:40 because that doesn't apply to our time,
41:42 according to futurism.
41:44 Now, two more things
41:46 that I'd like to say about how futurism destroys
41:50 the Seventh-day Adventist message.
41:52 Futurism leaves itself wide open to believe
41:56 the Antichrist counterfeit Second Coming of Jesus.
42:01 They will be ripe to receive the counterfeit Christ.
42:05 Notice Matthew 24:26-27.
42:09 We're gonna dedicate a little bit more time to this.
42:11 Matthew 24:26-27.
42:15 Jesus stated, "Wherefore if they shall say unto you,
42:19 Behold, he is in the desert,
42:21 go not forth: behold,
42:23 he is in the secret chambers, believe it not.
42:26 For as the lightning cometh out of the east,
42:28 and shineth even unto the west,
42:30 so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."
42:35 So this is speaking about
42:37 the counterfeit Second Coming of Christ.
42:40 By the way, 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2,
42:43 which we studied very carefully last evening,
42:46 in our two presentations,
42:49 describes also this counterfeit Second Coming of Jesus.
42:52 It's not Jesus, it's Satan,
42:54 who is disguising himself as Jesus.
42:57 Notice 2 Thessalonians 2:8.
43:00 2 Thessalonians 2:8.
43:03 It's speaking about the lawless one here
43:05 and the devil is behind the lawless one.
43:07 It says in 2 Thessalonians 2:8,
43:10 "And then the lawless one will be revealed,
43:15 whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth
43:18 and destroy with the brightness of His coming."
43:22 So you'll notice here,
43:23 the lawless one is going to be revealed
43:25 and Jesus is going to destroy him
43:27 by the brightness of His coming.
43:29 But before Jesus destroys this Antichrist,
43:33 this Antichrist is gonna do something very interesting.
43:36 Notice 2 Thessalonians 2:9,
43:40 "The coming..."
43:41 The word parousia,
43:42 the same word that is used for the coming of Jesus.
43:45 "The coming of a lawless one
43:49 is according to the working of Satan,
43:52 with all power, signs, and lying wonders."
43:58 There's only one other verse in the Bible
44:00 that uses those three words power, signs and wonders.
44:03 And that's Acts 2:22.
44:06 Now, the words are not translated the same in Acts,
44:09 but then the identical Greek words.
44:12 Notice, who was the one
44:15 in the Book of Acts that had power,
44:17 signs and wonders?
44:19 Acts 2:22 is speaking about Jesus.
44:22 And here Peter is actually preaching his sermon
44:24 on the day of Pentecost.
44:26 And he stated this,
44:28 "Men of Israel, hear these words,
44:31 Jesus of Nazareth,
44:33 a man attested by God to you
44:36 by miracles, wonders and signs
44:41 which God did through Him in your midst,
44:43 as you yourselves also know."
44:46 So Jesus did those three things.
44:49 But 2 Thessalonians 2 tells us that the Antichrist,
44:53 that Satan is gonna do those same three things.
44:57 He is going to imitate
45:00 the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
45:02 I wanna read you, a rather large,
45:04 long passage from Great Controversy,
45:07 where Ellen White describes
45:09 the counterfeit coming of Christ,
45:12 which is falsified by Satan.
45:14 Page 624 of Great Controversy, Ellen White writes,
45:18 "As the crowning act
45:20 in the great drama of deception,
45:22 Satan himself will personate Christ.
45:26 The church has long professed to look to the Savior's advent
45:29 as the consummation of her hopes.
45:31 Now, the great deceiver will make it appear
45:35 that Christ has come.
45:37 In different parts of the earth,
45:39 Satan will manifest himself among men
45:41 as a majestic being of dazzling brightness,
45:44 resembling the description of the Son of God
45:47 given by John in the Revelation."
45:50 Revelation 1, the glorified Christ,
45:52 he's gonna look just like Jesus.
45:55 She continues writing,
45:56 "The glory that surround him is unsurpassed
45:59 by anything that mortal eyes have yet beheld.
46:03 The shout of triumph rings out upon the air"
46:06 'Christ has come! Christ has come!'
46:08 "What are Christians saying,
46:11 when they see this counterfeit second coming?
46:13 Christ has come!
46:15 Why would they say Christ has come?
46:16 Now, listen carefully, because they believe
46:18 that when Jesus comes in His glorious coming,
46:21 He's gonna be on this earth
46:23 during the millennium,
46:24 and He's gonna reign in glory here.
46:27 So if they're expecting Jesus
46:29 to come here for the millennium,
46:31 in His glorious second coming,
46:33 they will accept this false Christ,
46:35 thinking that it's Jesus.
46:37 Are you with me or not?
46:38 Now, notice when it continues saying,
46:40 "The glory that surrounds him is unsurpassed
46:42 by anything that mortal eyes have yet beheld.
46:45 The shout of triumph rings out upon the air"
46:48 'Christ has come! Christ has come!'
46:51 The people prostrate themselves in adoration before him,
46:54 while he lifts his hands
46:56 and pronounces a blessing upon them,
46:58 as Christ blessed His disciples when He was upon the earth.
47:02 His voice is soft and subdued,
47:06 and yet full of melody.
47:07 In gentle, compassionate tones
47:10 he presents some of the same gracious,
47:13 heavenly truths that the Savior uttered,
47:16 he heals the diseases of the people,
47:19 and then, in his assumed character of Christ,
47:23 he claims to have change the Sabbath to Sunday,
47:26 and commands all to hallow the day
47:29 which he has blessed.
47:31 He declares that those who persist in keeping
47:33 holy the seventh day are blaspheming his name
47:36 by refusing to listen to his angels
47:38 sent to them with light and truth."
47:40 And then Ellen White wrote,
47:43 "This is the strong,
47:45 almost overmastering delusion."
47:49 That's impressive.
47:51 Is most of the Christian world gonna buy
47:54 that this is Jesus Christ
47:56 coming in the second coming, why?
47:58 Because they don't know how Jesus is coming.
48:01 They believe that Jesus is coming,
48:03 He's going to touch this earth,
48:05 and He's going to reign here for 1000 years,
48:08 He gonna heal the diseases of the people,
48:10 He's gonna teach them in soft tones.
48:12 And if you believe that Jesus is coming here
48:13 for the millennium and His second coming?
48:15 Well, you know, when this majestic being appears,
48:18 you will probably buy into it.
48:20 Is that important to know how Jesus will come?
48:24 Why will God's people not be deceived
48:26 by this counterfeit second coming?
48:28 If their ears are telling them, it's Jesus,
48:30 their eyes are telling them that it's Jesus,
48:33 other people are telling them that it's Jesus,
48:36 why are they not gonna buy into it?
48:38 Once again, Great Controversy, page 625,
48:42 "But the people of God will not be misled.
48:46 The teachings of this false Christ
48:49 are not in accordance with the Scriptures.
48:52 His blessing is pronounced upon the worshipers of the beast
48:55 and His image,
48:56 the very class upon whom the Bible declares
48:59 that God's unmingled wrath shall be poured out."
49:02 So the first reason why God's people will know
49:05 that this is not Christ
49:06 is because He's teaching people to keep Sunday
49:08 when the Bible says it's Sabbath,
49:09 and God is not gonna contradict His word.
49:12 There's a second way.
49:14 "And furthermore,
49:15 Satan is not permitted to counterfeit
49:18 the manner of Christ advent."
49:20 How He woke up?
49:22 "The Savior has warned His people
49:24 against deception upon this point,
49:26 and has clearly foretold
49:28 the manner of His second coming."
49:31 And then she quotes,
49:33 the passage from Matthew 24:24-27,
49:36 31, Chapter 25:31,
49:39 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17,
49:42 and then she ends by stating this.
49:45 "This coming
49:46 there is no possibility of counterfeiting.
49:50 It will be universally known, witnessed by the whole world."
49:55 Now, Jesus is not gonna appear here and there.
49:58 Every eye shall see Him,
50:00 says the Book of Revelation.
50:02 And then Ellen White makes this comment.
50:05 "Only those who have been
50:07 diligent students of the Scriptures
50:10 and who have received the love of the truth
50:13 will be shielded from the powerful delusion
50:16 that takes the world captive.
50:19 By the Bible testimony
50:21 these will detect the deceiver in his disguise."
50:27 By the way, 2 Thessalonians 2:11-13,
50:32 tells us the reason why the wicked buy
50:35 into the counterfeit second coming,
50:37 and why the righteous will not.
50:39 It says in 2 Thessalonians 2:11,
50:42 speaking about the wicked, and for this reason,
50:45 God will send them, what?
50:48 Strong delusion.
50:50 Now, God doesn't go around deluding people.
50:53 What it means is that these individuals chose Satan,
50:56 so God withdraws His presence.
50:59 He says, you don't want Me?
51:01 I'll step back.
51:03 And God allows Satan to deceive them.
51:06 If they decided to accept the truth,
51:08 God would have shielded them.
51:10 So it says, "For this reason,
51:12 God will send them strong delusion,
51:13 that they should believe the lie."
51:16 This is not a lie, or lying,
51:19 that they should believe the lie.
51:22 The definite article is there.
51:23 What is the lie?
51:25 It's the counterfeit Second Coming of Christ.
51:27 And then she writes,
51:28 "That they all may be condemned
51:31 who did not believe the truth
51:34 but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
51:38 Incidentally, those who are unsaved
51:43 will have absolutely no preparation
51:47 to go through the worst time of trouble
51:49 in the history of the world.
51:52 Let me ask you,
51:53 if you heard that a hurricane was coming to California,
51:57 would you prepare in Hawaii?
52:01 No, of course not.
52:04 It's only, if you believe it's coming here
52:07 that you will prepare for it.
52:11 Does the Christian world
52:12 believe that they're gonna go through the tribulation,
52:14 that it's gonna hit them?
52:16 There's no.
52:17 You see, we're gonna go to heaven
52:19 before the hard times come,
52:21 you know, we're gonna have our cake here,
52:23 and we're gonna eat it too.
52:25 And so when the time of trouble comes,
52:26 such as never has been seen in the history of the world,
52:29 they're gonna be unprepared,
52:30 they're not gonna have the necessary faith
52:32 to go through the Spirit
52:34 because they do not expect to go through it.
52:38 Finally, futurism gives Christians
52:40 a false sense of security.
52:43 Because they say, "Well, you know,
52:46 if I'm not saved in the rapture,
52:50 and I survived the Second Coming,
52:51 I can still be saved during the Tribulation.
52:55 And if for some reason
52:57 I'm not saved during the tribulation,
52:59 when Jesus comes a second time in His glorious coming,
53:03 well, maybe then I can be saved during the millennium."
53:07 The Bible doesn't teach that.
53:09 The Bible teaches that when probation closes,
53:12 it closes for every single person,
53:14 there is no more opportunity to be saved.
53:17 You are either saved or lost.
53:19 There is not a second chance, there's not a third chance.
53:23 But if you believe
53:24 that if you don't make it in the rapture,
53:25 yeah, you'll be here,
53:27 but you know, you can be that tribulation force,
53:30 that Left Behind series has,
53:32 and you know, you can stand for Jesus
53:34 and then when He comes in His glorious coming,
53:36 then you didn't make it in the rapture,
53:38 but now you make it.
53:41 By the way, I watched some of those movies,
53:42 I was interested in seeing
53:44 what futurists are teaching in practical terms,
53:46 in movie form.
53:48 It's just like their theology.
53:50 And the problem is,
53:51 people are so much in tune with Hollywood style movies
53:55 that they buy it, they swallowed hook,
53:59 line and sinker, folks, don't they?
54:02 They think that that's gospel truth.
54:04 You know, you take for example,
54:05 that movie on the flood called Noah.
54:09 Have mercy.
54:12 You know, the stone like creatures,
54:15 you know, the watchers, and so on.
54:17 It's nothing like a biblical story.
54:19 And yet people who are biblically illiterate,
54:21 they say, wow, I never knew that the flood was like that.
54:26 They buy it hook, line and sinker.
54:28 You know, they won't believe the Bible story.
54:31 But they will believe the embellishment
54:33 that Hollywood gives to the Bible story
54:35 because people these days are basically ignorant
54:39 when it comes to the Bible and theology.
54:42 And if you don't have the knowledge,
54:43 you will be deceived
54:45 and you'll be on the wrong side.
54:46 I wanna end by reading a statement
54:49 from Ellen White on Protestantism.
54:53 She says, "It is not without reason
54:55 that the claim has been put forth
54:57 in Protestant countries
54:59 that Catholicism differs less widely
55:02 from Protestantism than in former times.
55:05 There has been a change,
55:07 but the change is not in the papacy.
55:10 Catholicism indeed resembles much of Protestantism
55:13 but not exists,
55:15 because Protestantism has so greatly degenerated
55:19 since the days of the Reformers."
55:21 Would that be true of their prophetic concepts
55:23 these days too?
55:24 Totally degenerate.
55:26 She continues writing,
55:28 "As the Protestant churches
55:30 have been seeking the favor of the world,
55:32 false charity has blinded their eyes."
55:35 Do you know what false charity is?
55:37 Political correctness, we call it today.
55:40 Oh, yeah, let's love everybody.
55:42 False charity.
55:45 Political correctness.
55:46 She says, listen,
55:47 "As the Protestant churches
55:49 have been seeking the favor of the world,
55:50 false charity has blinded their eyes.
55:53 They do not see
55:54 that it is right to believe good of all evil,
55:57 and as the inevitable result
55:59 they will finally believe evil of all good.
56:02 Instead of standing in defense of the faith
56:06 once delivered to the saints,
56:08 they are now, as it were,
56:10 apologizing to Rome
56:12 for their uncharitable opinion of her,
56:16 begging pardon for their bigotry."
56:20 Do you think that if the Protestant world today
56:23 understood by what prophecy that Billy Graham would say
56:25 that the pope John Paul II
56:27 was the greatest moral leader of the world?
56:29 Do you think Robert Schuller would say
56:31 that he dreamed when he was alive,
56:33 he dreamed of the day
56:35 when the entire Christian world would accept the pope
56:38 as its leader?
56:39 Do you think Paul Crouch of TBN
56:42 would have said that he's not protesting anything,
56:44 he's deleting the word Protestant
56:46 from his vocabulary?
56:48 Do you think Lutherans would have signed
56:49 the Joint Declaration on righteousness
56:51 by faith with the Catholics?
56:53 Do you think the Protestant clergy would have signed
56:55 Evangelicals and Catholics together?
56:57 Do you think Tony Palmer would have said
56:59 that the protest is over
57:00 and we're all Catholics now again?
57:03 Do you think Kenneth Copeland would say to the pope,
57:05 we bless you with all our hearts,
57:06 we bless you with all our souls,
57:08 we bless you with all our might,
57:10 and we thank you, sir, we thank God for you,
57:12 and so all of us declared together be blessed?
57:16 Do you think that Ralph Reed would have written
57:18 or would have said, the truth,
57:19 my friends is this Catholicism never has been is not today
57:23 and never will be a threat to American democracy.
57:26 It was and remains the most colorful
57:28 and the most vibrant thread running
57:29 through that tapestry of American democracy.
57:32 What Rick Warren have said,
57:35 Protestants and Catholics are on the same team.
57:38 What James Robinson, the television...
57:40 who has a television program have said,
57:42 Pope Francis, let me just say to you,
57:44 that I see Jesus in you,
57:46 and in Christ we are brothers, we are family.
57:48 They've lost the method.
57:50 And therefore,
57:52 they wander in the wilderness of false prophecy.
57:56 And the Seventh-day Adventist Church is the church
57:58 that has the message to share with the world,
58:01 and woe to us if we don't do it.


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