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01:09 Good evening, once again, and welcome to The Presence
01:12 with Shawn Boonstra, It is Written Television.
01:14 I'm going to say a special welcome to all of you
01:16 who are here in our studio audience,
01:17 and a special welcome also to those of you who
01:19 are joining us by satellite or by DVD somewhere in this world.
01:24 You know, there was a news story that some of you
01:27 may have heard about where a little girl in India
01:29 was trapped, 60 feet down in a well shaft.
01:33 This little girl was trapped down there, scared, you can
01:36 imagine the emotions she must have been going through,
01:38 and the whole nation of India, as well as the world,
01:41 was focused on this particular event, trying to get
01:44 this little girl out of that well shaft.
01:47 They even drilled a vertical shaft down along side
01:50 so they wouldn't injure her at all, and they had to go
01:53 across, and they had to target it just right,
01:55 and they were successful in finally pulling her through
01:58 and bringing her up the other shaft, can you imagine
02:00 as she broke the surface of the earth
02:03 how her family and friends were so glad to see her?
02:06 Not only that, can you imagine how glad she was
02:09 to see them?
02:11 Tonight's presentation is called "The Deliverance".
02:14 I tell that little story to give you a little bit of a sense
02:17 of what it may be like, just a little idea of what
02:20 it might be like, and we can't imagine what that is,
02:23 but when Jesus comes the second time to rescue us
02:27 from this sin laden planet and all the difficulties
02:30 and problems that we have, isn't that going to be a glorious day?
02:34 Tonight Pastor Boonstra's topic is "The Deliverance".
02:37 Would you please welcome Pastor Shawn Boonstra.
02:41 [Audience Claps]
02:46 Good evening.
02:48 Welcome back to The Presence, night #5,
02:52 and wherever you're joining us around the world tonight,
02:54 I'm glad you're here. Can you believe we are on our
02:57 final subject? Now, just because we're on
03:00 our final subject that doesn't mean that you
03:03 can't keep studying. Right there where you are
03:05 across the world tonight, there are activities planned
03:08 in the hall, the location, the church where you are at.
03:11 You can keep studying the prophecies of the Bible,
03:14 and you can keep unpacking what we've only had time
03:17 to skim the surface of. Now, tonight's subjects is one
03:21 of my all-time favorites: "The Deliverance",
03:24 and we're going to delve into the big picture tonight
03:27 and look at what the Sanctuary's basic, underlying message is.
03:31 But before we do that, because it will be based on the word
03:35 of God, let's bow our heads for a word of prayer.
03:39 Gracious Father in heaven, tonight it's with joy
03:42 in our hearts that we turn to the pages of the Bible
03:45 because we know that as we listen to these words
03:48 we are hearing the voice of Jesus;
03:50 we're hearing a message of love, You're telling us
03:53 that You have a plan to save us for all eternity,
03:56 that we can be in Your presence.
03:59 It's our prayer tonight that You would bless our study,
04:02 we would hear Your voice, and that we would know
04:05 Jesus better, for we ask it in His precious name, amen.
04:09 Tonight, let me start with a famous promise that Jesus made
04:13 almost 2000 years ago, so famous that I'm guessing that most
04:17 of you watching and listening tonight around the world
04:20 can recite this promise by heart, and the reason
04:23 I want to start with this promise is because
04:26 it really shows us what God has been up to
04:29 all these years with the underlying purpose
04:32 for the whole Sanctuary and it's services has been.
04:35 It's found in John 14:1, most of you know this by heart:
04:41 [text on screen]
05:07 There it is, that's what it's all been about.
05:10 This has all been about God wanting sinful human beings
05:14 back in His presence for all eternity.
05:17 Jesus tells us that He went to prepare a place for us
05:20 and He's coming again, why?
05:22 Because God doesn't want to be separated from us
05:25 by the veil, He doesn't want to be inside
05:28 the Most Holy Place with His people on the outside.
05:31 God doesn't enjoy the barrier that was thrown up
05:34 by human rebellion and sin, God desires to be with His people
05:39 above all else, and the Sanctuary proves it
05:42 beyond the shadow of a doubt.
05:44 Tonight let's review for just a moment
05:47 some of the things that we've studied in the last few nights
05:50 together. On one night we looked
05:52 at the Sanctuary with all of its furniture, where it was laid out
05:57 and what that furniture meant, and we walked through
05:59 the Sanctuary seeing that everything there
06:02 pointed without a shadow of a doubt to Jesus Christ.
06:05 There was the altar of burnt offering in the courtyard,
06:09 which pointed to what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary.
06:13 There was the laver, which showed us that Jesus not only
06:17 died for us, but He washed us from our sins so that we can
06:20 step again into the presence of God.
06:23 Inside the Sanctuary was the lamp stand with its 7 lamps,
06:28 its 7 lights, showing us that Jesus is that light of the world
06:33 and then on the other side, on your right
06:35 as you walked in, was the table of the show bread,
06:39 also known as the Table of the Presence,
06:42 with 12 loaves of bread on it, pointing to Jesus,
06:45 because Jesus said "I am the bread of life. "
06:50 Then there was the altar of incense, the smoke from this
06:53 altar of incense would go up over the curtain, the veil,
06:56 into the Most Holy Place, and we discovered that that
07:00 represents the prayers of God's people.
07:02 In the Sanctuary there was sweet smelling incense,
07:08 certain spices that were added to that fire
07:10 to make the smoke sweet smelling and we discovered
07:13 that even though our prayers and personalities are tainted
07:17 by sin, Jesus mixes them with His own righteousness
07:20 and makes us perfectly acceptable before the throne
07:24 of God.
07:25 Then, in the Most Holy Place we had the Ark of the Covenant,
07:28 it had the 10 Commandments inside, it had the Mercy Seat
07:31 on top - made of solid gold, and 2 angels on top,
07:34 certain kind of angels, who knows what kind of angel
07:37 it was? Cherubim on top.
07:39 This was a symbol of the throne of God, and the presence of God
07:43 would literally be manifested between those 2 cherubim.
07:48 This whole structure, all the furniture, showed us how God
07:52 intends to bring us back into His presence;
07:55 it's through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.
07:59 It all points to Jesus. Then, on another night
08:03 we looked at the feasts of the Sanctuary, and this didn't
08:06 show us exactly how God intends to bring us in,
08:09 as much as it tells us when God intends to bring us into
08:13 His presence again.
08:14 We saw the Passover, which pointed to the Cross of Christ,
08:18 Jesus is the Passover Lamb;
08:21 we looked at The Feast of First fruits
08:23 where Jesus rose again from the dead on the third day
08:26 as a pledge that one day when He returns all graves
08:30 will be opened and we will live again, death having been
08:33 conquered. Then we looked at
08:35 The Feast of Pentecost where Jesus in heaven's Sanctuary
08:39 was anointed as heaven's Great High Priest,
08:42 at the same time, the church on earth was anointed
08:45 to go and spread the gospel, share the good news
08:48 of what Christ had done with the whole world,
08:51 that was the feast of Pentecost. Then we had a long period
08:54 of time, the Church Age, just like there was long summer
08:57 period during the feast times. In the fall we had The Feast
09:00 of Trumpets, which was a great awakening, a warning
09:04 that something was coming, and we discovered that here on earth
09:07 there was indeed in the late 1700's, 1800's, a warning
09:11 that went to the whole world, that Jesus was coming soon.
09:14 Then The Feast of the Day of Atonement took place,
09:17 The Solemn Day of Judgment, and we discovered the other
09:21 night that that is where we sit in history right now:
09:24 The Solemn Day of Atonement, the great judgment in heaven
09:27 is already under way.
09:30 Then as we closed the meeting last night I shared with you
09:34 that there is only 1 more feast to go in Leviticus 23,
09:37 and that last feast is the feast of Tabernacles.
09:42 Leviticus 23, and what was The Feast of Tabernacles?
09:46 It was the last feast in the religious year
09:49 for the nation of Israel, and not only was it the last feast,
09:53 it was probably the happiest feast of all
09:56 because The Feast of Tabernacles finishes off
09:59 where the Feast of Passover began.
10:02 If you remember, The Feast of Passover celebrated
10:05 the Exodus from Egypt. When they left slavery
10:08 and headed for the Promised Land,
10:10 and The Feast of Tabernacles really celebrates the fact
10:14 that Israel got there safely and God took care of them.
10:18 How does The Feast of Tabernacles celebrate
10:21 that God took care of them and brought them
10:23 to the Promised Land safely? Well, for an entire week
10:28 the nation of Israel would move into little huts
10:30 made out of branches, this is why sometimes it's referred to
10:34 as The Feast of Booths. In essence, the entire nation
10:38 of Israel went camping in huts for a week,
10:41 and they were remembering as they did that
10:44 the exodus, they were celebrating the fact
10:47 that God had kept them safe in the wilderness
10:49 when they had to live in tents on their way to the land
10:52 of Canaan, The Promised Land. It's a celebration,
10:56 The Feast of Tabernacles, of a successful journey.
11:00 It is a celebration of God making good on His promise
11:04 to Abraham. The Israelites are celebrating
11:07 in The Feast of Tabernacles the fact that they made it
11:11 home, so how does that apply to you and I?
11:16 This is easy, most of you have already figured this one out.
11:20 One day soon, you will and I are going to be home.
11:25 Listen to what the book of Revelation says,
11:27 and this has got to be, without a doubt, my favorite
11:29 passage in the entire Bible. Revelation 21:1,
11:34 listen carefully, John is writing: [text on screen]
11:47 Let me pause there for a moment, it used to really bother me
11:50 that John said there was no more sea, because frankly,
11:54 I like the beach, I like to go to the beach and listen
11:56 to the waves crash on the rocks, and stick my toes
11:59 in the water, although I have noticed that here in California
12:03 the water is much colder than it is in the Gulf of Mexico.
12:07 I love the beach! And it's always bothered me:
12:10 no more sea? Why would there not be any more sea?
12:12 And then it occurred to me, John is in exile when he
12:15 writes this, he's sitting on the Isle of Patmos.
12:18 The Roman emperor tried to boil him alive in a cauldron
12:21 of oil, history tells us, and when he failed to kill him
12:24 that way, exiled him to this little rock in the middle
12:27 of the Aegean Sea, hoping that if he got rid of John,
12:30 he could kill off Christianity. John sat there day after day
12:35 looking across the ocean, knowing full well
12:37 that his church, his family, his friends were on the other side
12:40 of the water.
12:41 And as he looks at the new Jerusalem, the New Earth,
12:44 the New Heavens, John says in heaven there is no more sea,
12:48 there's no more separation in the Kingdom of God,
12:51 you will be with your loved ones for ever.
12:53 He continues: [text on screen]
13:06 Now this is very very important:
13:08 In the book of Revelation, where is John's focus?
13:13 John's focus is on the heavenly city of Jerusalem.
13:18 John's focus is on heaven, not on earth.
13:21 Everything in the New Testament shifts
13:24 from the earthly Sanctuary to the heavenly Sanctuary.
13:27 His focus is not on the literal city of Jerusalem
13:31 in the Middle East, it's on the New Jerusalem in heaven.
13:34 The focus in the New Testament shifts away from the Tabernacle
13:37 of the Old Testament, to the Sanctuary in heaven
13:40 where Jesus is the High Priest. And I bring that up
13:43 because today there's a lot of focus on Israel
13:46 and the Middle East - that's understandable,
13:49 it's quite a tinderbox, there's always something new
13:51 happening in the Middle East, and there's a lot of talk today
13:55 about rebuilding the Temple in Israel.
13:58 Now, I'm not going to guess that that never happens,
14:01 I'm not going to guess that at all, it might well,
14:03 almost anything could happen in the Middle East,
14:05 but I would like to suggest that as you study the Bible,
14:08 if you dwell on the literal city of Jerusalem,
14:11 and the earthly temple, your focus is in the wrong place.
14:15 In the New Testament, and in the book of Revelation,
14:18 the primary focus is on the heavenly city.
14:21 It shifts from the ancient, literal temple, to the temple
14:24 in heaven; it shifts from the literal ancient city
14:27 of Jerusalem to the New Jerusalem that God gives us.
14:30 It shifts from the earthly land of promise
14:32 that Abraham went to, to the heavenly land of Canaan.
14:36 The focus is all in heaven, that is very important.
14:40 This is the focus of the book of Revelation,
14:43 and Bible prophecy. Now, if you think about this,
14:47 it was all just a symbol, the Tabernacle was a symbol,
14:51 the Sanctuary, it's services were a symbol
14:54 and even the nation of Israel was a symbol.
14:57 Think about this carefully, everything that happened
15:00 to the nation of Israel points us forward to Jesus Christ.
15:04 If you examine it carefully, you can see this.
15:07 The whole journey of Israel through the wilderness
15:10 is the story of you and I on our way to Jesus Christ.
15:14 We are leaving the slavery of sin to go to the heavenly
15:18 promised land, just like Israel.
15:20 So, Israel's experience definitely points to us,
15:23 but more than that, the experience of Israel
15:27 also points us to Jesus Christ Himself.
15:30 Think about the story: Israel comes out of
15:33 the land of Egypt, they go through the Red Sea
15:36 and in 1 Corinthians 10, I believe it is,
15:40 Paul says that that was like a baptism.
15:43 Israel went through the Red Sea and then spent 40 years
15:46 wondering in the desert. Now, compare that to the story
15:49 of Jesus. His family had to flee to Egypt
15:52 to avoid Herod and his persecution of the infants.
15:56 At some point, Jesus comes out of Egypt, He goes
15:59 to the Jordan River and He's baptized, and immediately
16:02 after His baptism where does He go?
16:04 40 days into the wilderness.
16:07 We know that in prophecy a day represents a year.
16:10 You find the principle all through the Bible.
16:13 Israel points to you and I, but it also points
16:17 to Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact,
16:19 at some point somewhere in the Old Testament, and I can't
16:23 remember where, God says of Israel: "Israel is My Son. "
16:26 Israel points to us, and it also points to Jesus Christ.
16:30 Let's keep reading, all the focus is on Jesus
16:33 in the book of Revelation: [text on screen]
16:56 Here's the whole point of the entire Sanctuary
17:01 of the Old Testament, here's the whole point of The Feast
17:04 of Tabernacles, The Feast of Tabernacles points us
17:08 to the second coming of Jesus Christ, because that is when
17:12 the veil is gone, that is when we are escorted
17:16 into the presence of God, that's the whole point
17:19 of the whole Sanctuary, it's all about God's plan
17:23 to bring you and I back into His presence.
17:26 His heart, the Sanctuary says, has been aching for you
17:31 for years. Let me show you something
17:34 tonight, that a lot of people haven't noticed
17:37 in the book of Genesis, back in the original story
17:41 of our rebellion against God.
17:44 In Genesis 3:24, man has just sinned.
17:49 For the first time in human existence, when man hears
17:53 God coming to visit with Him, he feels the need to go and hide
17:57 in the bushes, and put some kind of a barrier
17:59 between himself and God. For the first time
18:02 in human history man feels fear, he never felt it before
18:06 that day, and he's hiding in the bushes.
18:09 And God, the Bible says, in the cool of that evening
18:11 walks into the Garden and cries out "Adam, where are you?"
18:17 "What have you done?"
18:20 You can almost hear the tears in God's voice,
18:23 He's just lost His family, and now He has to drive Adam
18:27 and the human family right out of the Garden,
18:30 and that broke God's heart. Now pay attention carefully
18:34 to what the Bible says God does in Genesis 3:24.
18:38 The Bible says: [text on screen]
18:52 Now here's a big question: based on what you've just read,
18:56 what did God do with the way to the tree of life?
18:59 What did He do with the path to the tree of life?
19:03 Did He abolish it, yes or no?
19:05 Did He cut it off, yes or no?
19:08 No, the Bible says God guarded the way to the tree of life.
19:11 He wasn't saying to Adam "it's over now for all eternity",
19:14 He's saying "Adam, you can't come now, but I have a plan"
19:18 "to keep the path open, you will come back to Paradise;"
19:21 "you will be in My presence again. "
19:23 And how did God do it? He guarded it with Cherubim.
19:28 And what do we know about Cherubim?
19:31 Cherubim are always where God's throne is.
19:35 Remember this passage? Psalm 80:1: [text on screen]
19:46 Is it a coincidence that there are 2 cherubim at the gates
19:50 to the Garden of Eden, and a brilliant flashing sword
19:53 of light between them?
19:55 Is it a coincidence that they are the angels who stand
19:58 by God's throne at the gates to the Garden of Eden?
20:01 Not at all. It's quite deliberate.
20:05 Think about this carefully, here at the gates
20:08 to the Garden of Eden is a picture of God's throne:
20:13 2 cherubim, a brilliant presence between them.
20:16 God is giving Adam a little glimpse of the Sanctuary.
20:22 Already at the gates to the garden of Eden,
20:25 just as all hope is gone, just as man is driven out
20:28 to live a life of despair, just as Adam has to go out
20:31 and dig the soil for a living now, and get his hands dirty,
20:34 and thorns in his flesh, just as Adam has to bury
20:37 his own son and lay him in a grave,
20:40 Adam can look over his shoulder at the gates
20:43 to the Garden of Eden, and he can see that God has a plan.
20:47 God sets 2 angels, 2 cherubim, and a brilliant, flashing sword
20:50 of light between, and God is saying:
20:54 "Adam, don't give up, I've got a plan. "
20:57 "There's a way to come back. "
20:59 Now, a lot of scholars over the years have noticed this:
21:02 there was a Sanctuary at the gates to the Garden of Eden.
21:05 Jamieson, Faucett and Brown, for example,
21:07 the famous commentator said: "The passage" - Genesis 3:24,
21:11 "should be rendered thus", and then they give
21:14 a literal translation from the original language:
21:16 [text on screen]
21:22 "Shekinah" - that word's always used for the presence of God,
21:26 [text on screen]
21:42 God places cherubim at the gates to the Garden of Eden,
21:45 as a matter of fact, when it says "God placed",
21:48 the word is "shaken" in the original Hebrew language,
21:52 it's the same root word as "Shakinah", the very presence
21:55 of God. It's like at the gates
21:58 of the Garden of Eden the very first Feast of Tabernacles
22:01 takes place; God sets up a Tabernacle with the sinful
22:04 human race. Before we every sinned,
22:07 God is already celebrating the fact that Christ would come.
22:10 Remember, He was slain from the foundation of the world.
22:13 He already had a plan, God at the gates
22:15 of Eden says: "I'm celebrating already that there is hope,"
22:18 "and you will come back into the garden of Eden. "
22:21 "Don't lose hope Adam, you're going to come back in. "
22:25 But that's not all, go through the history of the Bible.
22:28 In Genesis 15 God promises Abraham,
22:32 "Abraham, you are going to have lots and lots and lots"
22:37 "of descendants, so many you will have as many children"
22:41 "and grand children and great grand children"
22:43 "as the stars in the sky, and all of your descendants"
22:46 "are going to inherit the Promised Land. "
22:49 Now, we know God made good on that, that was His promise
22:52 to Israel, and The Feast of Tabernacles celebrates the fact
22:55 that Israel came back to the Promised Land.
22:58 But was it really the land of Canaan in the Middle East
23:01 that Abraham was looking for? Is that really what the promise
23:04 was about? Not at all.
23:07 Ultimately, the Bible says that Abraham was looking
23:09 for something else, as the book of Hebrews tells us
23:12 in Hebrews 11:10, it says: [text on screen]
23:23 Abraham, yes, he was looking for the literal land of Canaan,
23:26 but ultimately, according to the Bible, He knew what God
23:29 was promising. He was looking forward
23:31 to the New Jerusalem when God would lift the veil,
23:34 and we would be again in the presence of God.
23:38 Genesis 15:17 talks about the night that God makes
23:41 this promise with Abraham, it's fascinating.
23:44 [text on screen]
23:54 Abraham had just offered sacrificial animals
23:56 and put the pieces on the ground [text on screen].
24:04 "Lord, I believe there's going to be a promised land. "
24:06 "I believe my descendants are going to be there. "
24:11 "How do we sign the deal? Sign me up Lord. "
24:14 God tells him to sacrifice animals, and sacrificial animals
24:18 pointed to who? To Jesus Christ, no question.
24:20 And the animal pieces are put on the ground,
24:23 and then in the darkness of the night the very presence
24:25 of God shows up and passes over those offerings.
24:28 What is God trying to say?
24:31 He's trying to tell Abraham: "My promise is permanent. "
24:34 "It's as permanent as death, just like these animals"
24:37 "will never come back from the dead, My promise is good. "
24:40 "You can count on it for all eternity. "
24:42 "And just like My Son will die on the cross of Calvary,"
24:45 "you can't change that covenant once it's been made. "
24:48 It is as final as death, God never changes a promise.
24:52 As a matter of fact, you know that expression we use
24:55 "to cut a deal", you can date that back, linguistically,
24:59 all the way back to the days of Abraham,
25:01 when to make a covenant they would cut up the animals
25:03 and lay them out on the ground.
25:05 They called it cutting a deal,
25:07 we still speak that way today, and God's is saying
25:10 that's how reliable this promise to you is.
25:12 Jesus, if He says you will come back from the grave,
25:15 He means it, you can count on it, He cuts the deal.
25:18 And Jesus, if He says: "I go to prepare a place for you,"
25:20 "and if I go I will come again" you can count on that,
25:23 it's reliable, Jesus cuts the deal.
25:25 Check the Bible, the whole Book, the entire Bible
25:30 is the story of God, His presence, desperate to be
25:34 reunited with the sinful human race.
25:36 Think about the burning bush, the Bible makes it clear
25:39 who's in that burning bush, we studied that the other night,
25:43 it's God's presence, it's God in the burning bush,
25:46 and specifically, it is Jesus Christ in that bush,
25:49 we know that, we studied it the other night.
25:51 Jesus said to the rulers of Israel: "Before Abraham was"
25:55 "I am. " He just told the leaders
25:58 of Israel He was the one in the burning bush
25:59 who told Moses "I am that I am",
26:02 "go tell them the I am sent you".
26:04 It's Jesus in that bush, and if you read Exodus 3
26:08 there's another little clue that it's Jesus.
26:11 It's something that I don't have conclusive evidence for,
26:14 but it's very interesting. If you read Exodus 3,
26:17 Jesus calls Moses from the bush and He does it in a special way,
26:21 He calls him twice: "Moses, Moses", I've gone all through
26:25 the Bible and I find there's one person in particular
26:28 that had the habit of using people's names twice.
26:31 "Martha, Martha", He does it all the time, "Saul, Saul,"
26:35 "why do you persecute Me?" Oh, Jesus has character traits,
26:40 I believe it's Jesus in the burning bush,
26:42 you can hear Him calling "Moses, Moses, there's hope,"
26:45 "I'm with the nation of Israel. Israel will come out"
26:49 "of slavery and go to the Promised Land",
26:51 and that same voice calls your name tonight twice.
26:54 Come out of sin, you can be in the Promised Land,
26:58 God moved heaven and earth to save you.
27:01 Think in the Bible of the story of the first temple
27:03 that was built in Israel, when the Ark of the Covenant
27:06 had a permanent home. The Israelites are now in
27:09 the Promised Land and they built this great temple
27:12 and Solomon dedicates it, and the Bible tells us
27:15 that as Solomon prays and comes to the end of his prayer,
27:18 fire falls from heaven, consumes the sacrifice
27:21 and the glory of God fills the temple such
27:24 that everybody has to back off and run away.
27:27 God says: "I'm taking up residence among My people. "
27:30 "I know I have to be in the temple, I know there's"
27:32 "a barrier now, but I want you to know I need to be with you,"
27:36 "I can't think of any place I'd rather be", says God,
27:39 "than with you. " Then the story takes a rather
27:43 sad turn. Israel turns its back on God.
27:47 In specific, as we read the writings of Jeremiah
27:50 we know that Israel began to deliberately break
27:52 the 10 commandment law that was located inside
27:55 the Ark of the Covenant, they turned their backs on God.
27:58 Because they turned their backs on God, God says:
28:00 "I'm not going to force you into the kingdom of heaven;"
28:02 "I'm not going to force you to love Me,"
28:04 "I'm going to let you go",
28:05 but what does God do? He sends Israel back
28:09 to where Abraham came from. Abraham came from the land
28:12 of the Chaldees, and God says: "I'm going to let you go"
28:15 and He sends them back to the nation of Babylon,
28:18 at least for the time being. And that's the last we ever hear
28:22 of the earthly Ark of the Covenant.
28:25 After that it's simply missing. The years go by, 70 years
28:29 of Babylonian captivity, the Persians destroy
28:32 the Babylonian government, and as we saw the other night,
28:35 the Persians, Artaxerxes in 457 B.C. allows Israel
28:39 to go back to the Promised Land, and when they get there,
28:42 using Artaxerxes' money, they rebuild the city
28:46 and they rebuild the temple.
28:48 But this time, when they rebuild the temple,
28:52 there is no Shekinah, presence of God.
28:55 There is no glory of God that falls on the temple,
28:57 imagine the disappointment.
28:59 When they dedicate the temple and the presence of God
29:02 doesn't show up, what does it mean?
29:05 Does it mean that God has abandoned them
29:07 for all time, that they've just gone too far this time
29:10 and God's not interested?
29:11 Not at all. Through the prophet Haggai
29:14 He sends them an interesting message, listen to this
29:18 in Haggai 2:9, God promises Israel: [text on screen]
29:26 God says: "This temple's going to be greater",
29:28 and Israel says: "How can that be? There is no glory of God,"
29:32 "the presence of God didn't show up this time. "
29:34 "That's not possible, how can it be?"
29:36 "Oh yes" says God, "it's true. " He says in the same passage,
29:40 back in verse 7: [text on screen]
29:50 What's that a prophecy of? It's a prophecy of Jesus Christ.
29:55 God comes in the flesh, He steps out from behind the veil
29:59 in the Sanctuary and He says: "I want to be with you so badly"
30:03 "I'm going to take on human form", and He steps out
30:06 from behind the veil, and begins to literally walk the streets
30:10 with His people, Israel.
30:11 Now we can see God, and we can hear God,
30:14 and we can touch God, and we can be with Him
30:16 on a daily basis, imagine that:
30:18 God in human flesh.
30:23 And then we put Him to death.
30:26 And that moment, the veil in the temple was torn in 2
30:30 because the earthly Sanctuary was finished
30:32 and the focus now shifts away from the earthly Sanctuary,
30:35 with its lambs and sacrifices and festivals,
30:38 and it shifts to our earthly High Priest in heaven's
30:41 Sanctuary, who pleads His blood for sinful human beings, why?
30:44 Because it is still, even after the cross, the desire of God
30:48 to be with you for all eternity.
30:51 Jesus, our Heavenly High Priest.
30:54 And after many years, as He serves in heaven's Sanctuary,
30:57 pleading His blood, and as God's people spread
31:00 the good news of the Gospel to the entire world,
31:03 the judgment hour begins, and Daniel 7 tells us
31:06 that at the end of the judgment hour
31:09 Jesus is given His kingdom and He comes in glory,
31:13 the second coming, and at the second coming
31:16 of Christ, God will Tabernacle with us for ever.
31:21 The Feast of Tabernacles is the second coming of Christ,
31:25 and it is the only one left to go.
31:29 Jesus said: "I go to prepare a place for you,"
31:32 "and if I go, I will come again. " Jesus said:
31:34 "In My Father's house are many mansions. "
31:37 What's He saying? "I want you to live with Me"
31:40 "and be in My presence for ever",
31:42 and that's the whole point!
31:43 That is the entire point of the Sanctuary,
31:46 if we walk away from the Sanctuary with nothing else,
31:49 we should know that in His heart, God is desperate
31:52 to be with you.
31:54 Listen tonight to the voice of God, Revelation 21:3:
31:58 [text on screen]
32:15 It's the whole point. God says: "I want to dwell with you,"
32:18 "I want my presence among you, I want you to live with Me,"
32:21 "I want the veil to be gone. " It's the next event
32:25 in God's great Sanctuary prophetic calendar.
32:29 God is going to show up on this earth in person,
32:33 Jesus is coming again, and that's what was behind it
32:37 the whole time.
32:38 Let me show you something absolutely amazing.
32:43 There's this picture of heaven found in the book of Revelation,
32:47 a description of the New Jerusalem, the heavenly city
32:51 that will be our home. I want you as we study this,
32:55 to pay very careful attention to the details
32:57 in the New Jerusalem, the heavenly city,
33:00 Revelation 21:12: "Also she" - that's the city,
33:05 [text on screen]
33:29 The Holy City has 3 gates on each side of it.
33:33 It has 3 gates and above those gates are the names
33:37 of the tribes of Israel, and that is very very important.
33:44 Why? Let me show you something:
33:47 in the book of Numbers 2, there's this description
33:51 of the camp of Israel that tells us that on each side
33:55 of the Old Testament Tabernacle 3 tribes would pitch camp.
33:59 Now, they had to pitch camp a long ways back
34:03 from that Sanctuary, my good friend Palmer point this out
34:06 to me just the other day, he said:
34:08 "You know, they're at least 1 km, or 0.6 miles away"
34:12 "from that Sanctuary. " This about that,
34:15 that means if you sin, if you stole your neighbors lawn mower,
34:20 or I suppose they wouldn't have a lawn mower,
34:21 you stole his broom, and you had to make things right,
34:24 you couldn't sneak down to the Sanctuary.
34:27 You had to take your lamb and walk that great open space
34:30 and publicly confess your sin, so all would know
34:32 you were a sinner, amazing.
34:34 3 tribes camped on each side, you read it in Numbers 2.
34:38 Now, even though 3 tribes camped on each side,
34:41 there was 1 dominant tribe on each side of the Sanctuary,
34:45 and the group of tribes on each side of the Sanctuary
34:48 was known by the 1 tribe that was dominant,
34:52 this is fascinating. Each one of them
34:54 flew a flag and it had a symbol of that tribe on it.
34:57 The dominant tribe on the East side was the tribe of Judah,
35:00 and everybody knows the symbol for the tribe of Judah,
35:03 it is the lion, that is the flag that flew on the East.
35:07 To the south, the tribe of Reuben, their flag
35:09 was the symbol of a man. Over on the western side,
35:13 the tribe of Ephraim, their symbol flying on the flag
35:16 representing that whole camp on that side, was a bull.
35:19 To the north was the tribe of Dan, who flew an eagle
35:23 on their flag. You see all the symbols
35:25 of the tribes, by the way, and I believe it's Genesis 49,
35:28 but Dan was originally known as a snake, and history tells us
35:31 and the Jews tell us, they changed it to an eagle,
35:34 they would rather be known as a snake killer than a snake.
35:37 And they would fly the eagle, now this is fascinating.
35:41 Notice what's dominant on each of the 4 sides of
35:43 the Sanctuary, the Lion, the Man, the Bull and the Eagle.
35:46 What's it trying to tell us? Pay attention to the book
35:50 of Revelation, and you'll notice those are the living creatures
35:52 around the throne of God: [text on screen]
36:04 The camp of Israel was not just where they met God,
36:08 it was a picture of God's plan for heaven itself.
36:11 It was a picture of God's people in His throne room
36:14 in the New Jerusalem for all eternity.
36:17 It's a picture of you with God, but there's more, it's amazing.
36:25 3 tribes on each side, at the center of the camp
36:29 is the Most Holy Place, and what's inside
36:31 the most Holy Place? What's inside there?
36:33 The Ark of the Covenant, the very throne of God.
36:35 Here's what's fascinating, that Most Holy Place
36:38 is 15 feet deep, it is 15 feet wide, and it is 15 feet high.
36:42 What does that mean? It is a perfect cube,
36:45 and the presence of God is inside.
36:47 What's really interesting is that when you read
36:49 Revelation 21:16 and you see the description
36:52 of the Holy City, the New Jerusalem,
36:54 it is as high as it is wide and deep, it also is described
36:58 as a perfect cube, and on each side there are 3 tribes,
37:01 and the gates are open to those tribes, what is it saying?
37:05 Back in the desert God is saying to Israel:
37:07 "I want to be with you, I'm sorry about the sin problem"
37:11 "you've caused, I've got a solution. "
37:13 "Watch the lambs being slain, I've got a plan to remove"
37:16 "the veil. Yes, you've got to be"
37:18 "camped all that distance from Me, and there has to be a veil",
37:21 but in the end when Jesus comes back, God throws open
37:25 all the gates on the city and says: "Now, you can come in"
37:30 "and you never have to leave again!"
37:32 The Holy City, New Jerusalem, was shown to us already
37:36 in the camp of Israel, and it shows us God's plan
37:40 is no more veils, God is saying to you tonight:
37:43 "Come on now, it's over, I want to wipe away your tears. "
37:47 "Step in to the heavenly city. "
37:50 That's what The Feast of Tabernacles is all about.
37:55 And it is the only feast left to go.
37:59 The Major of Edgetown threw a big Christmas party
38:03 for everybody, every year, it was held in the town hall.
38:06 The people would gather, and they would eat the best food
38:09 they had had all year, and enjoy themselves very much.
38:12 Each year as the major threw the party, Patty also came,
38:16 but she stood outside the hall, out in a snow bank,
38:18 in the shadows under a tree, where nobody could see her.
38:22 And as she stood there, the winter wind, whipping through
38:25 the shawl her mother had made her, and as her hands
38:28 grew white in the frosty night, she would listen
38:31 to the festivals that went on inside that town hall.
38:34 She could smell the food they were eating,
38:36 and she remembered the Yorkshire Puddings her mom used to make
38:39 when she was a little girl. She could her the laughter,
38:42 and she would hum along as she listened to them
38:44 singing the carols inside that warm hall.
38:47 She would stand there in the shadows until at the end
38:49 of the night she would watch the people come out,
38:52 some of them carrying parcels in brightly colored paper,
38:55 climbing into their slays, underneath warm
38:57 buffalo robes, and they would disappear for the night.
39:00 Then in that cold night, she would crunch her way
39:03 through the snow back to her single roomed cabin,
39:06 and there, in her cabin, she would light just a small fire
39:09 so she didn't use too much fuel, and she would hum
39:11 a few more of those Christmas carols as she fell asleep.
39:15 Years went by, every year she showed up, nobody knew
39:18 she had been standing in the shadows, and then it came time
39:21 for Patty's life to draw to a close.
39:24 And somebody found out, so they sent the minister
39:26 to her house. The minister sat and visited
39:28 with her, he read her her favorite passage, Psalm 23.
39:32 They sat and sang her favorite hymn,
39:34 "What a friend we have in Jesus",
39:37 they prayed together, and at the end of the evening
39:39 as the minister was putting on his coat
39:41 and Patty was still lying on her bed,
39:43 as he was going he turned to her and said:
39:44 "Patty, I'm just really curious, as you look back over your life"
39:48 "tonight, is there anything you really regret?"
39:52 She said: "Not really Pastor, well, just one thing:"
39:57 "I've always wished that I'd had an invitation"
40:00 "to that big Christmas party every year. "
40:03 The pastor stopped for a moment in disbelief,
40:05 he said: "Patty, I'd always wondered why you hadn't come. "
40:10 "The whole town was invited every year,"
40:12 "your ticket was at the door, and all you had to do"
40:16 "was come in. "
40:18 God says to you tonight: "I know there's a veil,"
40:20 "I know there's sin in your life. "
40:22 God says: "I want to pull that veil away, and I want you"
40:25 "to come in, Jesus bought your ticket, it's time for you"
40:28 "to come home, and My plan is to be with you for all eternity. "
40:35 Tonight, as we close on our last meeting,
40:37 this doesn't have to be the end, you can give your heart
40:40 to Jesus Christ, you can begin a journey with Him
40:43 and study so much more. I want to invite you
40:46 wherever you are tonight to pull out Lesson 5 at this time.
41:22 We want to go through these passages of Scripture,
41:25 fasten them in our minds by taking and writing down
41:27 some of these Biblical answers to the Biblical questions.
41:31 I want to begin with question 1: [text on screen]
41:40 We're going to go to that famous passage of Scripture
41:43 that Pastor Shawn was saying most of us know by heart.
41:45 If you don't, we're going to read it through together,
41:47 John 14:1-3: [text on screen]
42:13 Doesn't that have a good ring to it?
42:16 I want you to write down the answer: [answer on screen]
42:26 What good news!
42:29 The purpose of Christ's return is so He can prepare a place
42:32 where we can be with Him for ever.
42:36 Question 2: [text on screen]
42:46 Can you imagine what it would have been like
42:48 to have had God over for supper? [continues reading]
43:06 We're going to look at Genesis 3:24:
43:10 [text on screen]
43:22 So we answer that question: [text on screen]
43:37 Remember Pastor Boonstra said it wasn't "to never be able"
43:40 "to go back", it wasn't "for ever off limits",
43:43 but just to keep it for another generation of people,
43:46 and for all those who would be resurrected one day,
43:48 with all the human family back together at the tree of life.
43:52 I love that idea!
43:54 Question 3: [text on screen]
44:02 We're going to look at Genesis 3:22 [text on screen]
44:26 Can you imagine evil with no boundaries, no balances?
44:31 Can do anything that it wants, lives for ever.
44:35 God could not allow that kind of corruption to occur
44:38 in His universe. So He takes man out of there,
44:43 and here is the answer to our question, you want to write
44:45 this down in your lesson: [text on screen]
44:52 He's not going to allow us to have more than what
44:55 we can handle, and He wanted to make sure
44:58 that in this process evil was held in check.
45:02 Question 4: [text on screen]
45:20 Those first animals that God brought down
45:23 and had Adam and Eve actually kill as an inauguration
45:28 of the Sacrificial System. [text on screen]
45:35 ...because they found out that the robes of light
45:38 that they had were gone, they were naked.
45:41 The Bible says they were naked all of a sudden,
45:43 and realized they didn't have any covering,
45:45 so God made them tunics out of the skins of the animals
45:50 that they had had to kill.
45:52 [text on screen]
46:04 Genesis 3:24: [text on screen]
46:15 Sin had separated them, He had to take them through
46:18 the very first stages of the sacrificial system.
46:22 Now He blocks access so they can't live for ever
46:25 in a sinful condition, and we find out that the answer is:
46:29 [text on screen]
46:36 Isn't it interesting how all these things tie together
46:40 when you start to examine them.
46:42 Question 5: [text on screen]
47:33 We're not going to read every one of those verses,
47:34 but there's about 4 highlights we're going to look at, alright?
47:37 Numbers 2:3: [text on screen]
47:51 So on one side Judah is the standard bearer.
47:54 [text on screen]
48:04 Let's go and look at the next one, verse 18:
48:06 [text on screen]
48:16 I believe we have 1 more: [text on screen]
48:40 The Sanctuary was given as a demonstration of how God
48:43 is working through the plan of salvation, so that we can
48:46 get the picture in our minds, but it also is a miniature
48:50 of heaven, isn't that awesome?
48:54 Question 6: [text on screen]
49:06 We want to read this passage very carefully:
49:09 [text on screen]
49:46 Does that sound like a picture of God with His people,
49:50 and His people with God? I think it does.
49:54 [text on screen]
50:09 I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to that day.
50:14 Number 7: [text on screen]
50:25 Several passages of Scripture again, very important
50:29 to note these, Isaiah 65:17,18: [text on screen]
50:52 And we're going to go on to the next verse: [text on screen]
51:42 Isn't that a beautiful picture of what God wants to recreate
51:45 for His people.
51:48 I want to go on to Revelation 21:27:
51:51 [text on screen]
52:01 All of a sudden, the Lamb's Book of Life,
52:05 the book that Jesus keeps, becomes very important
52:07 for you and I, doesn't it?
52:09 Because only those who are written in the Lamb's
52:12 Book of Life are going to be a part of this
52:14 recreation process. Revelation 7: [text on screen]
52:45 And here's one of the most beautiful passages of Scripture:
52:49 [continues reading]
52:54 Do you think that He sees the tears that come to your eyes
52:58 when you face the disappointments in life?
53:01 When you have something that just crushes you,
53:03 maybe a child that has experienced
53:06 a tragedy, and you're just aching for that child?
53:10 Or maybe it's the loss of a parent or a loved one?
53:13 We all, as human beings, have opportunity to cry,
53:16 but God has promised that He is going to wipe away
53:19 every tear from our eyes, that's good news.
53:25 [text on screen]
53:38 Have you ever had to live with pain?
53:40 Pain is a horrible thing to have to live with.
53:44 He even says Scripture He's going to take that away.
53:46 The answer that we have for this question: [text on screen]
53:58 I want you to note what is conspicuously missing:
54:03 what is it folks, what is missing?
54:06 Sin is missing from that beautiful picture.
54:10 Praise God.
54:12 Next question: [text on screen]
55:07 His longing is to be reunited with His separated people.
55:14 The sinful family that got caught up in the mess
55:18 so many years ago. He longs to be with us,
55:20 and He looks forward to a day, and He even says
55:24 in the Scripture: "I'm going to be with you again. "
55:27 [text on screen]
55:38 God Himself, dwells with us for eternity, and we'll be
55:40 with His presence. Question 9:
55:43 [text on screen]
55:47 Very important question for us tonight.
55:51 Revelation 3:5: [text on screen]
56:05 I've been written up on some lists before,
56:08 and maybe you have been on somebody's list as well.
56:11 This is one place where I want to make sure that
56:14 I am written on the list. I want to be in
56:19 that Book of Life. Revelation 21:27:
56:22 [text on screen]
56:31 Here's the good news folks, because all of us sitting here
56:34 find ourselves in the same situation, and all of you
56:37 that are watching this, wherever you are, by satellite or DVD,
56:40 you're in the same boat with all of us here, the same way.
56:43 [text on screen]
56:53 Can you say "amen" to that? [Audience] Amen
56:56 So our answer to this question: [text on screen]
57:11 I want to read this passage of Scripture
57:12 as we close our lesson tonight, Revelation 3:20,21:
57:18 [text on screen]
57:52 I want to suggest to you tonight that that little sound
57:56 that you hear, that little sense that you have
57:59 of knocking on the door of your heart
58:03 is this very Saviour who put together this entire
58:06 Sanctuary system to demonstrate that He wants you
58:09 to be with Him. And wherever you are tonight,
58:13 right now, I want to invite you to respond
58:17 as that knock comes to your heart's door.
58:20 I want to invite you to respond to that Lord
58:23 who loves you with an everlasting love.
58:26 If you want to respond right now, I want you to bow
58:28 your heads with me as I pray, and ask God to knock right now
58:32 on your heart's door.
58:34 Holy Father in Heaven. As your Holy Spirit
58:37 is present with us, and You're knocking on the door
58:43 of our heart through Your Spirit,
58:46 I pray that everyone within the sound of my voice
58:50 would respond and say: "I want my name written"
58:54 "in the Lamb's Book of Life," and would be there
58:58 to enjoy being in the presence of the Creator,
59:01 God of all the universe, for all eternity.
59:05 Thank you for the promise, thank you for revealing
59:08 Your love the way that you have in this series.
59:11 Lord, let Your presence be with us from this day forward,
59:15 and always, I pray in Jesus' name, amen.


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