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00:12 A mysterious presence...
00:16 a priceless ancient artifact, missing.
00:23 An object so sacred, those who touched it, died.
00:34 Today, some are looking for it.
00:39 They believe that if it is found...
00:42 the world will quickly end.
00:50 The presence.
01:08 Good evening again, and welcome
01:09 to "The Presence" with Pastor Shawn Boonstra.
01:11 Tonight is the fourth presentation in the series,
01:15 and the title tonight is "The Appointed Hour."
01:18 Now I want to ask you, whenever you have a timeline set,
01:21 as an example, if you have set a wedding date in your family,
01:25 and there's a day that you're going to have a grand ceremony,
01:29 that may be put out six months,
01:31 eight months maybe even a year,
01:33 and then there are a series of events that occur
01:36 as you're preparing for that particular wedding event,
01:40 and as you get closer and closer to it,
01:42 you know you're closer to it.
01:44 And as you get really close you can say,
01:46 this is going to happen at exactly
01:47 the time hat we had set.
01:49 That's just kind of a little illustration
01:51 how we might relate to a timeline,
01:54 but I'll tell you what, at the appointed hour,
01:56 that wedding takes place.
01:58 If it was set for 3 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon,
02:01 at that time that wedding occurs.
02:03 And just like that God has an appointed hour
02:06 throughout His entire scope of history,
02:10 And Pastor Boonstra tonight is going to take us
02:12 through that entire sweep and show us
02:16 where the appointed hour is.
02:18 Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight please welcome
02:20 Pastor Shawn Boonstra.
02:28 Good evening, thank you for joining me
02:31 again at The Presence, this is night number four.
02:35 And thank you for joining me by satellite television
02:37 wherever you are tonight across North America,
02:40 and around the world.
02:41 and thank you for your kind words Dan.
02:44 Tonight I was just thinking, you know,
02:45 our subject last meeting was the judgment,
02:48 and to hear you compare that impending
02:51 wedding hour to a day of judgment,
02:53 I think it rings true for a lot of young grooms,
02:55 they know it's coming.
02:57 And that day of judgment, 3 o'clock,
03:00 it's coming where they are okay.
03:01 Our subject tonight is "The Appointed Hour."
03:05 And as always, because we will be basing
03:08 what we discuss on the word of God,
03:10 I'd invite you wherever you are tonight
03:12 to bow your heads with me in prayer.
03:14 Father in heaven, we thank You
03:17 that You care enough about us to show us the future.
03:20 You inform us what's happening.
03:23 You want us to know, and that's because You love us deeply.
03:26 You have a plan to bring us back into Your presence,
03:28 Your presence, into harmony with You,
03:31 and we're thankful for that tonight.
03:34 It's our prayer that as we continue our study,
03:36 that You would be our guide,
03:37 that above all else we would see Jesus clearly,
03:40 understand Him better, and love Him more.
03:43 for I ask it in Jesus precious name, amen.
03:48 At our last meeting we discovered an ancient prophecy,
03:51 a timeline laid out in the ancient sanctuary
03:54 that showed us the history of the world
03:55 from the crucifixion of Christ, down through the ages,
03:59 to a day of judgment, Yom Kippur,
04:02 the day of Atonement among the Israelites.
04:05 And we saw that this that happened in the Old Testament,
04:08 all of these feasts and festivals,
04:10 pointed to heavenly realities,
04:12 things that Jesus did for us,
04:14 or is doing for us up in heaven's sanctuary.
04:18 The Passover was the cross of Christ,
04:20 the Firstfruits was the Resurrection.
04:22 The Pentecost started the Church Age
04:25 where the church was anointed on earth,
04:27 and Jesus was anointed as our High Priest in heaven.
04:30 Then we have this long period of the Church Age
04:33 in the Dark Ages when suddenly at the end
04:36 of that we have a Feast of Trumpets,
04:38 that was one of the first fall festivals for the Israelites.
04:41 In reality, in heavenly reality,
04:43 it's that period known as the Great Awakening,
04:46 when the second coming and prophecy started
04:48 being heralded all over the earth.
04:50 Then it brought us down to this great Day
04:52 of Judgment when once a year the sanctuary
04:56 was cleansed on earth, pointing to the day
04:59 when everything would come to a head in heaven,
05:01 and the Great Day of Judgment in heaven would convene.
05:06 Now if we want to understand the Great Day of Atonement,
05:09 the Great Day of Judgment in heaven,
05:12 we should spend a few moments reviewing
05:14 what happened in the earthly Day of Atonement.
05:17 Hebrews chapter 9 in verse 7 tells us what happened.
05:20 It says there "But into the second,
05:23 that's speaking of the second compartment of the sanctuary,
05:26 the Most Holy Place.
05:27 "But into the second went the high priest
05:30 alone once every year, not without blood,
05:33 which he offered for himself,
05:35 and for the errors of the people."
05:38 All year long priests would take
05:39 the blood of sacrificial animals.
05:41 They would go into the first compartment
05:43 and sprinkle the blood against the veil
05:46 that hid the Ark of the Covenant.
05:48 But once a year the high priest would take blood
05:52 into the Most Holy Place and sprinkle it on the mercy seat.
05:56 The most solemn day in all the year for Israel,
06:00 known as The Day of Judgment.
06:01 If everything wasn't right in your life,
06:04 if you had not confessed your sins to God,
06:06 you would be cut off from God's people for ever.
06:08 The Great Day of Judgment, it was so solemn.
06:11 The priest would go inside the Most Holy Place,
06:14 all of Israel would be waiting outside
06:16 with bated breath to see what happened,
06:18 because if everything wasn't right,
06:20 if the sins had not been confessed,
06:21 if their hearts were not right with God,
06:23 the High Priest would not be able to step
06:25 into the Most Holy Place into the presence of God.
06:28 If things were not right and he stepped
06:30 into the presence of God,
06:31 the high priest would drop dead instantly
06:34 because sin cannot dwell in the presence of a holy God.
06:38 Now the historians tell us that as the high priest
06:40 went in they would attach bells to the hem of his garment,
06:44 and a rope around his ankle,
06:46 and they would listen very carefully
06:48 as he was in the Most Holy Place for the bells,
06:51 and if the bells kept ringing, they knew everything was fine.
06:54 If the bells stopped ringing, they knew there was a problem,
06:57 and they had a rope around his ankle
06:59 and they could pull him out, because nobody else
07:02 would ever set foot inside the Most Holy Place.
07:05 The most sacred day of the year,
07:08 it was the Great Day of Judgment,
07:11 and it went on year after year,
07:13 after year among the Israelites
07:16 until Jesus dies on the cross.
07:19 Matthew 27:51 tells us that as Jesus dies,
07:23 "Behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain or two
07:27 from the top to the bottom."
07:28 All of a sudden as Jesus dies,
07:30 the great veil that hides the Most Holy Place is ripped
07:33 in two by an invisible hand,
07:35 and they can see right into the inner most chamber
07:38 where the Ark of Covenant used to be,
07:40 and the presence of God had been.
07:42 They must have been absolutely horrified
07:44 to look inside that place.
07:47 But the reality was that the earthly sanctuary
07:50 wasn't needed anymore, that's why God tore the veil in two.
07:53 The sacrificial system had come to an end,
07:55 all the feasts, all the sacrifices
07:58 were at an end because Jesus,
08:01 the real Lamb of God, had come at long last.
08:04 All that stuff that was just a symbol of the Messiah
08:08 who was coming, was no longer needed
08:10 because they had the real thing.
08:12 It's like that little card in the airplane,
08:14 in the seat pocket in front of you that says
08:16 "Seat Occupied." So when you leave your seat,
08:18 you leave it in there so nobody else will take it from you.
08:22 That card is just a symbol, if that card is in the seat,
08:26 it is a symbol of a person who actually sits in that seat.
08:30 When you come back and take your seat,
08:31 you no longer need the symbol.
08:33 You can put it away because the reality has come back.
08:36 Did that make any sense to you tonight?
08:38 Yeah, when Jesus came we didn't need
08:40 all the symbols anymore, the whole sanctuary system
08:43 was kind of like a "Seat Occupied" sign,
08:45 it pointed forward to somebody who was coming.
08:49 Now, last night we taught a brief glimpse of a prophecy
08:54 that pointed to the cleansing of the sanctuary.
08:57 We know that the cleansing of the sanctuary
08:59 was that Great Day of Atonement,
09:00 the Great Day of Judgment, and we saw this prophecy
09:04 that said that the cleansing of the sanctuary
09:06 would start in 2300 days.
09:10 And we discovered that this is a prophecy
09:13 of earth's Great Judgment Hour.
09:16 Tonight I want to unpack that a little bit with you,
09:19 and look at it in detail, but before we do that,
09:22 I want to show you two principles for interpreting
09:25 Bible prophecy that will help you unlock
09:27 most of the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation,
09:30 at least as far as figuring out when they start,
09:33 start rather and when they stop.
09:35 The principles are these the first one has to do
09:37 with how we count dates?
09:40 On the screen tonight I've got a number line.
09:42 Let's pretend that it's a number line,
09:44 even though it says B.C. and A.D. on it.
09:46 Let's pretend it's... do you remember
09:48 number lines from school? Do you remember that?
09:50 Some of you yes, some of you no,
09:51 some of you it's been a long time since you've been in school
09:55 A number line, everything to the left
09:57 of center is a negative number,
09:58 negative 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
10:00 Everything to the right is a positive number,
10:02 positive 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This is a number line.
10:06 Let's say if we're doing regular math,
10:08 we take 2, negative 2 and we add 3,
10:11 what's the answer? What's negative 2+3?
10:14 The answer is 1.
10:16 Now that's if this is a number line.
10:18 This now is a date line.
10:19 Let's change our perspective a little bit.
10:21 It's no longer a number line, it's a dateline.
10:23 Everything to the left are the years B.C., before Christ.
10:27 Everything to the right are years A.D., After Christ.
10:30 or Anno Domini, the year of our Lord.
10:33 Now if we start in the year 2 B.C.
10:36 and we add 3 years, what year do you come to?
10:40 Oh, you're really quiet this time.
10:42 If you start in the year 2 B.C. and add 3 years,
10:45 what is the answer? It's 2, and you see
10:49 now how can that be preacher?
10:51 Negative 2+3 is not 2. Yes it is, why?
10:54 Because there's no such thing as a year 0,
10:57 there never was. So this whole bubble is the year 2 B.C.
11:01 and if you're living here and you add 3 years,
11:03 you go 1 year, 2 year, 3 years.
11:06 That was negative 2+3 is 2, did that make sense, yes or no?
11:10 Yes. Right,
11:11 so negative 2+3 is 2, correct?
11:16 Sometimes, only when you're
11:18 going from B.C. to A.D., and the simple way
11:20 to remember this is every time you cross the B.C., A.D. line,
11:24 the easy way to remember it, add 1 to your total.
11:26 What do you do to your total when you cross the 0 line?
11:30 Add 1. That's principle number one.
11:32 Principle number 2 is very simple.
11:34 In Bible prophecy, a Day represents a Year.
11:39 This is recognized by most Bible scholars,
11:42 a day represents a year; how do we know that?
11:44 Well it's simple, the Bible spells it out
11:47 in crystal clear detail.
11:48 For example, in the prophecy
11:50 given to the prophet Ezekiel, Ezekiel 4 verse 6, God says,
11:54 "I have appointed thee each day for a what?
11:57 For a year. In the book of
11:58 Number chapter 14 verse 34 again, God says,
12:02 "Even forty day each day for a year."
12:06 In Bible prophecy a day represents a year,
12:09 everywhere else in the Bible a day is just a day.
12:12 When it says in the book of Genesis chapter 1
12:15 that the first evening and morning
12:16 were the first day, and evening and morning
12:18 were the second day, those are literal days;
12:20 the word is "Yom" in the Hebrew language, literal days.
12:24 In every case in the Bible a day is just a day,
12:27 except in Bible prophecy, where a day represents what?
12:31 A year, a day is a year.
12:32 There is the principles; every time you cross the
12:34 B.C., A.D. line, you add how much?
12:37 One, and a day represents a year very simple.
12:41 Now let's take those two principles
12:43 and apply them to this prophecy of 2300 days
12:48 until the sanctuary is cleansed.
12:50 Here's the prophecy Daniel 8:14,
12:52 And he said unto, this is Gabriel speaking to Daniel.
12:56 "Unto two thousand and three hundred days;
12:58 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed."
13:01 Well that's really simple to figure out,
13:03 it's 2300 days, and that represents 2300 what?
13:07 Years, we can figure this all out,
13:09 we know it's 2300 years, there's just one little problem.
13:14 We have absolutely no reference point,
13:17 we don't know when the 2300 years start,
13:20 and if we don't know when it starts,
13:22 we can't figure out when it ends,
13:23 and we can't make heads or tails out of this prophecy.
13:27 And the big problem is the more you study Daniel chapter 8
13:30 where this prophecy is found, the more you realize
13:34 that the angel Gabriel gives no more details,
13:36 he doesn't explain this at all, he doesn't spell it out,
13:39 he doesn't give us many clues, he just says 2300 days
13:43 till the sanctuary is cleansed.
13:45 Daniel 8 says no more about this at all,
13:49 but that doesn't mean that we're out of luck all together,
13:51 because in Daniel chapter 9 the angel comes back
13:55 and explains it to Daniel this way, Daniel 9:21,
13:59 "Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning,
14:02 being caused to fly swiftly, touched me
14:05 about the time of the evening oblation.
14:08 And he informed me, and talked with me,
14:10 and said, O Daniel, I am now come forth
14:12 to give you skill and understanding."
14:15 Gabriel the angel comes back and says,
14:17 Daniel, you know that 2300 days, or 2300 years,
14:21 I know you didn't understand it
14:22 so I've come back to explain it to you,
14:25 and Gabriel explains it by breaking it down
14:28 into little bitty, bite size pieces,
14:31 so Daniel can figure it out very easily,
14:34 and you and I can figure it out very easily tonight.
14:36 In fact, Gabriel is about to give us so much detail
14:40 that step by step we can know beyond the shadow of a doubt
14:44 that we are absolutely on the right track.
14:47 He breaks it down into little pieces,
14:50 and as we get each piece right, we know we're on the right track
14:53 to figuring out the big picture, so that's exactly
14:56 what we're going to do tonight.
14:57 We're going to look at the little pieces
14:59 and then come back to the big picture.
15:01 Are you ready to do that, yes or no?
15:03 Yes. Alright,
15:04 there are two of you who aren't ready,
15:05 we're going to go ahead anyway.
15:07 Buckle your seatbelts, here we go,
15:09 this gets a little complicated,
15:11 there is not going to be a test at the end.
15:13 If all you remember is the broad picture, that's fine,
15:16 you'll have an opportunity to study more,
15:18 and wherever you are there'll be continuing studies
15:21 and lessons right there in your hall,
15:23 more prophecy that you can study,
15:25 and you can spend a lot more time studying this,
15:27 but I want to give you the big picture.
15:29 Daniel 9:24, he starts out this way,
15:32 "Seventy weeks are determined
15:34 for your people and for your holy city."
15:38 Now that word determined that Gabriel uses
15:41 literally translated means cut off, separated from.
15:45 Here is what he's saying: Daniel it's 2300 years,
15:49 out of that I'm going to cut off,
15:51 or remove 70 weeks of that time
15:53 and that's for your people and your city.
15:56 Who are Daniel's people?
15:58 Who are Daniel's people? Daniel was a Jew right,
16:01 so which would Daniel's city be? Jerusalem.
16:05 The angel comes back and says, "Look, 2300 years,
16:10 out of that there will be 70 weeks for your people."
16:13 Now let me ask you a question,
16:15 how many days are there in a week?
16:19 Seven right, Seven days to a week,
16:21 so if you have 70 weeks times 7 days,
16:24 how many days do you have?
16:26 Four hundred and ninety, and in prophecy a day represents what?
16:30 A year, now here's what we've been told by the angel Gabriel.
16:33 We have a big prophecy, 2300 days,
16:36 and a day represents a year, out of that there's 70 weeks,
16:40 or 490 days, for your people Daniel, the Jews.
16:44 So out of 2300 years there are 490 years for the Jewish people.
16:50 Is that clear tonight, yes or no?
16:51 Yes. Alright,
16:53 the only problem we still have is that
16:55 we have no idea when it starts,
16:57 and if we have no idea when it starts,
16:59 we have no idea when it ends,
17:01 and we can't piece together anything about this.
17:04 The good news is Daniel gives more details.
17:08 He gives us little markers along the road
17:12 so that we know exactly where we are.
17:14 It reminds me of a friend of mine that I had in college.
17:17 He would never read a map book,
17:19 he would never refer to kilometers, or miles,
17:21 or blocks as he gave you directions to his house.
17:25 He would say: "Shawn, if you want to
17:26 come to my house it's really easy to find.
17:28 Head down Government street, go past 37 Elevens
17:32 and at the 3rd 7 Eleven hang a left.
17:34 Then go past 67 Elevens and turn right,
17:37 and 2 more 7 Elevens, you'll come to my house.
17:39 He measured everything in 7 Elevens.
17:42 Now that's a little bit like what the angel Gabriel
17:45 is about to do for us, he said look
17:47 "We're about to go 2300 miles, I'm going to give you
17:50 all the little 7 Elevens along the way
17:52 so you know exactly where you are."
17:55 Listen carefully now as Gabriel gives Daniel directions.
17:59 It's every detail's important,
18:01 and you'll want to review this again later.
18:04 "Know therefore and understand, says Gabriel
18:07 that from the going forth of the commandment to restore
18:09 and to build what city? Jerusalem unto the what?
18:14 Messiah the Prince shall be
18:16 seven weeks and sixty two weeks."
18:18 What is 7+62? Some of you are really quiet.
18:24 Boy I know you know the answer, what is 7 weeks+62 weeks?
18:28 69 weeks, shall be 69 weeks,
18:31 the street shall be built again, and the wall,
18:33 even in the troublesome times.
18:35 Here's what Gabriel just said, he said, Daniel,
18:38 here's another little piece, here's another 7 Eleven
18:40 so you know you're on the right path.
18:43 He said there's going to be a command to rebuild Jerusalem.
18:46 All of Israel is still captive, Babylon has fallen,
18:49 but they're in Persia, and he says
18:52 there will be a command to rebuild your city,
18:54 and from that time until the Messiah,
18:57 who's Messiah the Prince?
18:59 It's Jesus; from that time till
19:01 Jesus will be 69 weeks, or 483 years.
19:06 Now let's take look at him, we know now
19:09 where it begins because we know when the
19:12 command was to go and rebuild Jerusalem.
19:15 There were a number of Persian princes and kings
19:17 who said go rebuild Jerusalem, but there was only
19:20 one command that actually took effect.
19:22 It was the command of the
19:23 Persian king Artaxerxes in the year 457 B.C.
19:26 He not only said, go rebuild Jerusalem
19:28 he said I'll pay for it, and he gave them
19:30 all the money they needed, and the Israelites
19:32 went back home to rebuild the city.
19:35 We know when it starts now, 457 B.C.
19:40 Now the Angel Gabriel says:
19:42 there will be 69 weeks until Messiah, the Prince.
19:45 Sixty nine weeks, how many days in a week?
19:49 Seven, you weren't too sure, how many days in a week?
19:52 Seven, so 7x69 is how much?
19:56 and the only reason, you know,
19:57 it was 483 is because it's on the screen.
20:01 483 days, and a day is how long?
20:05 It's a year, this takes us, if you add 457,
20:09 and you add 483 years, and as you cross
20:12 the B.C., A.D. line you had how much?
20:15 One. it takes you to the year 27 A.D.
20:18 Now what happens in the year 27 A.D.?
20:22 This is the baptism of Jesus Christ.
20:25 How do I know that? Luke chapter 3 tells us
20:28 that it happened in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar,
20:31 and the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar was 27 A.D.
20:36 Gabriel said, look, from the time
20:37 that they say rebuild Jerusalem
20:39 until Messiah appears will be 483 years,
20:43 and Jesus appears exactly on time.
20:46 You ever wondered why it is Jesus didn't do much
20:48 before His baptism? He didn't work in the public,
20:51 He didn't do any preaching, He didn't heal anybody, why?
20:53 Because it hadn't begun His ministry yet,
20:56 it didn't begun until He was baptized.
20:58 God presents His Son to the world.
21:00 He is in the waters of baptism and God says,
21:02 this is My beloved Son and whom I am well pleased,
21:05 and the Holy Spirit lights on Him,
21:07 and He is anointed to begin His earthly ministry all in 27 A.D.,
21:12 exactly on time as Daniel was told by the angel Gabriel.
21:16 Sixty nine weeks, 483 years, until the appearance of Jesus,
21:22 the Messiah, 27 A.D.
21:25 Now that's the 69 weeks, the 70 weeks,
21:28 now we can figure out how long that is.
21:30 That takes us down to the year 34 A.D.
21:34 Now the angel originally told Daniel
21:37 that these 490 years are for the Jewish people.
21:40 We should expect something significant to happen in 34 A.D.
21:44 and of course, something did.
21:46 Does anybody know what happened in 34 A.D.?
21:49 It is the stoning of Stephen the Martyr,
21:52 the Stephen the Dicken absolutely
21:54 and why is that an important date?
21:56 It's because as Stephen is stoned,
21:58 he's just finished preaching the last message
22:00 of mercy to the Israelite people and after that time,
22:04 the Bible says in Acts chapter 8
22:06 that the believers scattered and went all over the globe,
22:08 and they carried the gospel with them wherever they went.
22:11 And at the same time, the Bible says
22:13 a young coat check attendant named Saul
22:16 feels a spark in his heart,
22:17 and he starts down the path to becoming
22:19 the great apostle to the Gentiles.
22:22 There are 490 years for the Jewish people,
22:24 the Bible says. And after that the gospel
22:27 goes until to the entire world.
22:31 In AD 34, time was up for Daniel's people
22:35 and after time everybody can become
22:38 a part of nation of Israel.
22:40 That's why Jesus said what He did in Matthew 21:43.
22:44 Jesus, speaking to Israel,
22:46 predicts this moment coming and He says,
22:48 "Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God
22:50 will be taken from you and given
22:53 to a nation bearing the fruits of it."
22:55 Jesus said it's almost over now, after 34 A.D.,
22:59 as Daniel was told, the gospel goes to the whole world
23:02 and no longer do we need a literal nation of Israel.
23:06 There will be a spiritual nation of Israel.
23:08 Everybody can be descendant of Abraham.
23:10 The book of Galatians says it, Galatians 3:29,
23:13 "If you are Christ, then are ye Abraham's seed,
23:17 and heirs according to the promise."
23:19 Everybody can be an Israelite.
23:21 You could be an Israelite tonight.
23:23 It doesn't have anything to do
23:24 with who your mommy and daddy are,
23:25 or what your genetics are.
23:27 The Bible says if you have Jesus Christ,
23:29 then God counts you as a descendant of Abraham.
23:34 From this point on, 34 A.D., anybody can be a Jew,
23:39 anybody can be an Israelite, a spiritual Israelite.
23:42 Now here's what we have so far.
23:44 Everything works exactly right, 483 years to the Messiah,
23:48 490 years until the close of probation for Israel,
23:52 and the gospel goes to the world.
23:53 Is everybody with me tonight, yes or no?
23:55 Yes. Good.
23:57 Because there is more to look at.
23:59 Daniel 9:26 tells us Gabriel says,
24:02 "Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself."
24:06 When was Messiah cut off? At the cross of Calvary
24:09 He gave His life for others. When did this happen?
24:13 It happens after His baptism,
24:15 and before the stoning of Stephen, sometime in here.
24:19 Now this is a period of 7 years from 27 to 34.
24:23 Is everybody with me? Right, it's 1 week.
24:26 There's 69 weeks here, and 1 week left over.
24:30 Somewhere in that week Jesus is crucified,
24:33 the Bible gets more specific yet.
24:35 Daniel 9:27, Then he shall confirm a covenant
24:38 with many for how long? One week;
24:41 but in the middle of the week, at what time in the week?
24:45 The middle of the week He shall bring
24:47 and end to sacrifice and offering..."
24:50 Now we have the whole picture.
24:52 In the very middle of this last week,
24:54 Jesus is crucified in the Spring of 31.A.D.,
24:57 exactly on time, and it said He would confirm
25:00 the covenant with many for 1 week.
25:02 Jesus, for three and a half years preaches the gospel,
25:05 for the next three and a half years after His crucifixion
25:07 the disciples continue to work in Jerusalem,
25:10 in Judea, and after that the gospel goes
25:12 to the whole world.
25:13 Jesus is crucified right in the middle of that week,
25:16 exactly hundreds of years in advance
25:19 as Gabriel said it would happen.
25:23 And Jesus here brings all the sacrifices and offerings
25:26 to an end why? Because the great Lamb
25:28 of God has just given His life,
25:30 and we don't need the animals of the sanctuary
25:33 on earth anymore because we have a great
25:35 High Priest in heaven, and a heavenly sanctuary
25:37 where Jesus ministers for us.
25:39 Now let me pause for just half a moment,
25:43 and answer a question that a lot of people
25:45 have about Daniel chapter 9.
25:47 It's kind of a little bit of detour,
25:49 but it's important for some who are wondering about this.
25:52 Some people ask the question wait a minute,
25:54 isn't this suppose to be a prophecy about the antichrist?
25:58 I've been asked that a lot, well, actually, not at all.
26:01 You'll notice as you read Daniel 9,
26:03 the antichrist isn't mentioned at all, and Messiah is.
26:06 Messiah is who? Jesus Christ.
26:10 And as you read this prophecy in Daniel 9
26:12 you'll notice that Messiah is cut off for others.
26:15 The antichrist would never give his life for other people,
26:18 and the antichrist never brought all the offerings to an end.
26:21 This chapter is not about the antichrist whatsoever,
26:25 Daniel 9 is about Jesus Christ, not antichrist.
26:29 It's very, very clear.
26:30 But, somebody says, what about those parts
26:33 that kind of sound like an antichrist, that says,
26:36 "and on the wing of abominations shall be one
26:38 who makes desolate, even until the consummation,
26:41 which is determined, is poured out on the desolate."
26:43 Somebody says that sounds like the antichrist.
26:46 What is it getting at?
26:47 Very simple this is for those who are wondering about it.
26:50 Daniel 9 is very easy to figure out that way,
26:53 it's built in a parallel structure,
26:55 it talks about two things, the crucifixion of Jesus
26:58 and the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.
27:00 First of all it says, "Messiah is cut off."
27:03 That's the crucifixion, then afterwards it says,
27:06 "that a prince who come and destroy the temple."
27:08 Well, we know that happened in A.D. 70,
27:09 the Romans came and destroyed the temple.
27:11 Then it goes back and talks about Messiah,
27:14 it says that he would put end to sacrifices,
27:16 that happened at the cross, the veil is torn in two,
27:18 and then after that it says:
27:20 "One would come and makes temple desolate again,
27:23 it's the Romans who came and destroyed the temple,
27:25 forever sealing the fact that God doesn't need
27:27 the temple anymore, or the sacrificial
27:29 system anymore because Jesus has come.
27:32 Is that clear tonight, yes or no?
27:34 Yes. Good.
27:35 Somebody will explain it to me later.
27:38 It's very clear, this has nothing to do with antichrist.
27:41 So many people have read things
27:42 into this that simply aren't there.
27:44 It talks about Messiah who gave His life for the world,
27:47 He was cut off, but not for Himself,
27:49 and He is the one who put an end
27:51 to the sacrificial system forever.
27:54 Now let's take a look at the whole thing
27:58 and look at it very carefully.
28:01 We were told that it all begins in 457
28:04 when the commandment goes out
28:05 to rebuild and restore Jerusalem.
28:08 We know it's 457 B.C., that's when Artaxerxes,
28:12 the Persian king says, "Go, I'll pay for it,
28:14 go rebuild Jerusalem."
28:16 Four hundred and eighty three years until Messiah shows up
28:19 and begins His ministry, the baptism of Jesus, 21 A.D.
28:22 Four hundred and ninety years are for the Jewish people,
28:25 34 A.D., then Stephen is stoned,
28:28 the gospel goes to the world.
28:29 In the middle of this last week Jesus gives
28:32 His life right in the middle of the week exactly
28:36 as Gabriel described. This prophecy predicts Jesus.
28:42 And more than that, Gabriel tells us
28:44 that it is a part of the 2300 year prophecy
28:49 that points to the moment when the sanctuary would be cleansed.
28:53 This all works perfectly, it fits like a glove,
28:57 but just before we come to any conclusions whatsoever,
29:01 let's quickly review a couple of things together.
29:05 We have seen in the sanctuary an important timeline.
29:08 It begins with the Passover ceremony
29:11 which points to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ,
29:14 our Passover Lamb, followed by the Feast of Firstfruits,
29:17 which points us to Jesus resurrection.
29:20 Then there's Pentecost when the church on earth
29:22 is anointed to go and share the gospel because Jesus,
29:26 the great High Priest in heaven's sanctuary
29:28 has just been anointed to serve on our behalf there,
29:31 and present His blood for our sins.
29:33 The Church Age goes on for some time,
29:36 all the way through the Dark Ages,
29:38 and as we come to the end of the 1700s
29:40 into the beginning of the 1800s.
29:42 All of a sudden a warning goes around the world,
29:44 people are studying prophecy,
29:46 and they realize we're running out of time,
29:48 Jesus is coming soon.
29:50 On the heals of that, the next event,
29:52 the timeline tells us, is Yom Kippur,
29:56 the Great Day of Judgment.
29:58 The Day of Judgment is the next event
30:00 after the study of prophecy
30:02 and the great awakening around the world.
30:04 Daniel 7, we saw it in brief,
30:07 and again, I would encourage you wherever you are,
30:09 stick around for some weeks
30:10 and get involved in a Bible study.
30:12 You won't believe what you see in prophecy.
30:14 There's all the kingdoms of the earth,
30:16 "Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece,
30:17 Rome-United phase, Rome-Divided phase.
30:21 All predicted with mind-numbing accuracy
30:23 hundreds of years before it happens,
30:25 and on the heals of that the Bible says
30:27 the next event that we should expect is the Judgment.
30:32 It describes it three times in Daniel 7.
30:35 It says the books are opened, the angel gather,
30:38 ten thousand times, ten thousand and thousands of thousands,
30:41 and they gather around the throne of God,
30:43 and Jesus is present.
30:45 They open the books, they begin to study everything
30:48 that has ever happened and at the end of that judgment,
30:50 the Bible teaches Jesus is given a kingdom
30:53 so that the second coming can happen.
30:55 Daniel chapter 8, here it gives us another world timeline.
30:59 All the worldly kingdoms, this time beginning
31:01 with Medo-Persia because by the time
31:03 you come to Daniel 8, Babylon's essentially finished.
31:06 Medo-Persia, God says, will be the next empire,
31:08 then Greece, then Rome in its united
31:11 and divided phases, and the next event
31:13 you should expect is the 2300 days,
31:16 and a day is a year, and that points us
31:20 to the cleansing of the sanctuary,
31:21 and the cleansing of the sanctuary
31:23 was the great Day of Judgment.
31:26 We have also seen in Revelation chapter 14 and verse 6
31:30 that just before Jesus comes a warning goes
31:33 to the whole world that the judgment hour has already begun.
31:37 "Fear God the warning is and give glory to Him,
31:40 for the hour of his judgment, what?" Has come.
31:45 Not is coming, not will come,
31:47 not might come, but has come, it's already here.
31:50 "And worship Him who made heaven and earth,
31:52 the sea and the springs of water."
31:55 Sometime before the second coming of Christ,
31:58 and by the way, the second coming is something
32:00 we can't predict, we can't choose a day or hour.
32:03 Jesus is very clear about that.
32:05 In Acts chapter 1 He says,
32:06 "It's not for you to know the times or seasons",
32:08 nobody can pick a day for Jesus to come back,
32:11 you can't figure that out, but the Bible says,
32:14 at some point before Jesus comes
32:16 earth moves into it's last phase
32:19 and the great judgment hour in heaven begins.
32:23 The decisions are made for all eternity,
32:25 and then Jesus comes.
32:27 and if you think about it, this makes sense.
32:29 The Bible tells us when Jesus comes
32:31 all the decisions are made for all eternity.
32:34 Behold Jesus says in Revelation 22,
32:37 I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me,
32:41 to give to every one according to his work."
32:43 When Jesus comes He brings His rewards with Him.
32:48 All the decisions have been made,
32:49 the judgment is already over.
32:53 At some point before Jesus comes
32:56 earth moves into the last judgment hour.
33:00 Now let's take all the pieces and look at them.
33:03 We know the start date for the 490 years,
33:07 it's 457 B.C.
33:09 Gabriel says to Daniel, Daniel, 490 years
33:14 out of the 2300 years are broken off
33:17 and set apart for the Jews.
33:19 It's taken out of the 2300 years;
33:23 the 490 years begin back in 457 B.C.
33:28 that's the start date.
33:29 So we know the start date for the 2300 years.
33:34 It begins in 457 B.C.
33:37 And when you cross the B.C., A.D. line
33:40 you add how much? One, it ends in 1844 A.D.
33:46 That means that the judgment in heaven has already been
33:51 under way for more than 160 years.
33:55 Earth has already entered into its final phase.
33:59 We don't know the day or hour that Jesus will come.
34:02 We can't choose a date, we can't pick a time,
34:05 but at some moment before Jesus comes,
34:07 the whole world will know that the judgment
34:10 is already under way, and you and I
34:13 are that last generation now tonight.
34:17 It is already under way.
34:19 The cleansing of heaven sanctuary,
34:21 year after year we confess our sins.
34:24 Jesus our great High Priest pleads His blood
34:27 in the courts of heaven, but at some moment
34:29 it will come to a close.
34:31 We're in the very last moments of earth's history.
34:34 It's all winding down now, and yet tonight,
34:37 it is not too late to say Jesus,
34:39 cover my sins with Your blood.
34:41 Before Jesus comes, before the judgment comes to a close,
34:45 we still have an opportunity to say, Yes Jesus,
34:48 I know You can bring me back into the very presence of God.
34:52 I know that Your blood can cover my sins,
34:55 it's not too late yet.
34:57 you can still make your decision tonight.
35:00 So my question to you tonight is very simple,
35:04 what in the world would keep you
35:07 from making a decision for Jesus Christ?
35:09 After everything that He's done,
35:11 after all the lengths He went to secure our salvation,
35:15 working for the last thousands of years
35:17 up in heaven's sanctuary,
35:18 what would ever keep us from choosing Jesus as our Saviour?
35:23 Judgment hour is already under way.
35:27 The cleansing of heaven's sanctuary has already begun
35:31 just as God said it would.
35:34 Now in the prophetic timeline in heaven,
35:37 we have seen that it began at the Passover
35:42 and it moves from the Passover, Jesus' death,
35:45 to the resurrection of Christ,
35:47 the Feast of Firstfruits, then we have Pentecost,
35:50 where the church is anointed to spread the gospel,
35:52 Jesus begins His ministry in heaven's sanctuary.
35:55 We have a great warning that goes to the world,
35:57 Bible prophecy is revived and people begin
35:59 to preach the second coming of Christ.
36:00 The great Day of Judgment begins,
36:03 we've discovered that, that is already under way.
36:06 "In the great prophetic timeline of the sanctuary,
36:10 there is only one more feast to go."
36:15 Just 1 more event, it's almost over
36:19 and what is that last thing that has to happen yet?
36:25 You'll find out tomorrow night.
37:00 There's something about looking at the book of Daniel,
37:05 and particularly Daniel chapter 9.
37:07 My heart was just thrilling as Pastor Boonstra
37:11 was going through Daniel chapter 9.
37:12 And there's something about that chapter
37:14 that just thrills my heart.
37:16 When I think about, not only the broad sweep
37:19 of the earth's history that God gave to the prophet Daniel,
37:24 but that He would be so interested in Him
37:26 that He would send Gabriel at Daniel's request,
37:30 and tell Him that He was greatly beloving,
37:32 that Daniel 9 is an awesome, awesome chapter.
37:36 You have your lessons out.
37:38 For those of you who are here in our audience,
37:42 you'll have number four, "The Appointed Hour",
37:45 for those of you who are joining us
37:47 by satellite TV, wherever you are,
37:49 you want to have lesson number four.
37:51 And we're going to go to our screen
37:54 and we're going to go through each one of these items
37:57 so that you have them fastened clearly in your mind.
38:01 Okay. Question number one.
38:03 in "The Appointed Hour."
38:04 In Bible prophecy, what does a "day" represent?
38:10 A year, let's look at Scripture again.
38:12 Numbers chapter 14 and verse 34,
38:14 "According to the number of the days
38:16 in which you spied out the land,
38:18 forty days, for each day you shall bear
38:21 your guilt one year, namely forty years,
38:23 and you shall know My rejection."
38:25 Okay, let's also go and look at
38:27 Ezekiel chapter 4 and verse 6,
38:30 "And when you have completed them,
38:32 lie again on your right side;
38:34 then you shall bear the iniquity
38:35 of the house of Judah forty days.
38:37 I have laid on you a day for each year.
38:40 So the answer to question number one:
38:43 In Bible prophecy, what does a "day" represent?
38:46 Represents a year and in prophecy only,
38:50 a "day" represents a year.
38:51 I want to make sure we underscore that,
38:52 you heard Pastor Boonstra say,
38:54 a day in prophecy represents a year,
38:56 otherwise in Scripture a day is simply a day.
38:59 Okay. Question number two.
39:02 "What event was prophesied to take place
39:05 in 2,300 days or years by the prophet Daniel?"
39:09 We're going to look at Daniel chapter 8 and verse 14.
39:13 "And he said on to me,
39:14 For two thousand three hundred days;
39:17 then the sanctuary shall be cleansed."
39:20 Okay, so our answer to this question,
39:23 at the in the 2300 days, or 2300 years,
39:25 what was going to be cleansed?
39:27 The sanctuary. The sanctuary.
39:29 And what did the sanctuary being cleansed represent?
39:33 Judgment, okay, question number three.
39:36 "What clues does Daniel give to make it clear
39:39 that he is talking about the judgment hour?"
39:43 Okay, let's look at Daniel chapter 8 and verse 17,
39:47 "So he came near where I stood,
39:49 and when he came I was afraid and fell on my face;
39:52 but he said to me, Understand, son of man,
39:55 that the vision refers to the what?
39:58 Time of the end." All right.
40:01 So the answer to this question in Daniel chapter 8 verse 17.
40:05 It is a prophecy about the last days or the time of the end.
40:10 Okay. Daniel 8 in verse 19.
40:13 We're going to start there and then go to Acts,
40:14 but Daniel 8 and verse 19,
40:17 "And he said, look, I am making know to you
40:20 what shall happen in the latter time of the indignation;
40:24 for at the appointed time the end shall be.
40:29 Because He has appointed a day on which
40:31 He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man
40:34 whom He has ordained... "Okay, our answer.
40:38 "is a prophecy about an appointed time:
40:41 the judgment is an appointed end time event."
40:46 The judgment is an appointed end time event,
40:49 appointed by God. Okay.
40:52 Next is Daniel chapter 8 verses 4 and 5.
40:56 "I saw the ram pushing westward, northward, and southward,
40:59 so that no animal could withstand him;
41:01 nor was there any that could deliver from his hand,
41:05 but he did according to his will and became great.
41:08 And as I was considering, suddenly a male goat
41:12 came from the west, across the surface of the whole earth,
41:15 without touching the ground;
41:16 and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes.
41:19 Okay, now there is an interesting nuance
41:21 in this particular passage okay.
41:23 Notice that the animals mentioned in this chapter
41:26 are animals that are used in the sanctuary service.
41:30 The lamb and the goat.
41:33 In the other representations of animals, what have they been?
41:36 Lions, bears, leopards, big beasts,
41:40 but in this chapter we see sanctuary animals
41:43 which point us directly to the sanctuary service okay.
41:48 Daniel chapter 8:14 and Leviticus 16:16,
41:53 "And he said on to me,
41:54 for two thousand three hundred days;
41:56 then the sanctuary shall be cleansed."
42:00 And so he shall make atonement for the Holy Place,
42:03 because of the uncleanness of the children of Israel,
42:07 and because of their transgressions,
42:09 for all their sins. Okay.
42:11 So the answer to this one,
42:13 "Daniel calls the events the cleansing of the sanctuary,
42:18 an event that marked a day of judgment each year
42:21 for the camp of Israel."
42:22 So the cleansing of the sanctuary
42:24 is a day of judgment. Okay.
42:29 Number question four, in Daniel chapter 8,
42:33 Daniel is given an explanation of everything he sees in vision,
42:38 except for the prophecy of the 2,300 days.
42:41 And this is where I find it very fascinating, Daniel 9.
42:45 Daniel has had this vision, the angel has explained
42:48 everything else that has been going on
42:51 except the vision of the 2,300 days.
42:55 Daniel is troubled if you read the whole passage.
42:57 Sometime if you want some fascinating reading,
42:59 just sit down and read the whole passage of Daniel 7, 8 and 9;
43:04 and Daniel begins to pray because he's troubled,
43:07 he knows that this has an incredible meaning,
43:09 but he's troubled and he's wanting to know,
43:11 and so he begins to pray.
43:13 And I find it fascinating in Daniel chapter 9
43:15 that as he begins to pray, something happens
43:19 in the kingdom courtroom, in the throne room of The King.
43:22 You can read that prayer if you begin in Daniel chapter 9
43:25 all the way down to the point where Gabriel comes in
43:27 and about 3 minutes if you read that prayer.
43:31 And when Gabriel comes he says:
43:32 Daniel, from the moment you began to pray,
43:35 a command was given to me to come
43:37 and to make known to you this dream.
43:40 Makes me feel pretty good to know that an angel
43:41 can be dispatched from the kingdom of heaven
43:43 and be at my side instantaneously like that.
43:46 But anyway, so in Daniel chapter 9
43:49 Gabriel returns for a specific purpose.
43:51 What is that? Daniel chapter 9 verse 21 and 23.
43:55 Yes, while I was speaking in prayer,
43:58 the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision
44:00 at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly,
44:04 reached me about the time of the evening offering...and said,
44:07 O Daniel, I have now come forth
44:10 to give you skill to understand.
44:13 At the beginning of your supplications
44:15 the command went out, and I have come to tell you,
44:17 for you are greatly beloved; therefore consider the matter,
44:21 and understand the vision.
44:24 Can you imagine have an angel of God come
44:26 and tell you that you are greatly beloved?
44:30 Gabriel came back for the specific purpose
44:33 of helping Daniel to understand the vision
44:36 of the 2,300 days or years that's why he came back, okay.
44:41 Next question, "how does Gabriel make the 2,300 day
44:44 prophecy easier to understand?
44:47 Daniel chapter 9 and verse 24,
44:50 "Seventy weeks are determined for your people
44:52 and for your holy city, to finish the transgression,
44:55 to make an end off sins,
44:57 and to make reconciliation for iniquity,
44:59 to bring in everlasting righteousness,
45:01 to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the Most Holy."
45:07 Okay. How dies Gabriel makes
45:09 it easier to understand? He takes 70 weeks,
45:12 or 490 days or days and years
45:15 and determines or cuts them off of the prophecy.
45:18 He breaks it down into a little, smaller entity,
45:22 so it's easier to be able to find and figure out okay.
45:25 So he breaks it down.
45:26 Now question number six, "the prophecy of the 70 weeks,
45:30 or 490 years, gives us the starting point
45:34 for the 2,300 years of Daniel 8:14.
45:37 A little clue, we know where the starting point is.
45:40 As you heard Pastor Boonstra say for the 490 year prophecy,
45:44 we know that, that is a part
45:46 of the bigger prophecy, 2,300 years okay.
45:49 And he said to me Daniel 8:14,
45:51 for two thousand three hundred days;
45:53 then the sanctuary shall be cleansed, okay.
45:58 When did the 490 years begin? Daniel 9:25,
46:03 "Know therefore and understand,
46:04 that from the going forth of the command to restore
46:07 and to build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince,
46:11 there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks;
46:14 You had your math lesson earlier this evening
46:16 with Pastor Boonstra, 62+7 is what?
46:20 Sixty nine, okay, so he specifically points out
46:23 where these road marks are going to be.
46:25 Okay, when did the 490 years begin?
46:27 The command to rebuild and restore
46:29 Jerusalem is the starting point.
46:31 We know historically that this took place
46:34 in the year 457 B.C.
46:38 So write that down in your lesson, 457 B.C okay.
46:43 Question number seven, "The 490-year prophecy gives us
46:48 a number of landmarks to watch for.
46:51 What are those landmarks? Okay.
46:54 let's take a look at them.
46:55 Daniel 9:25, tells us that there will be 483 weeks until what?
47:01 Okay, let's look.
47:02 "Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth
47:04 of the command to restore and build Jerusalem
47:07 until Messiah the Prince,
47:11 there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks;
47:13 and the street shall be built again,
47:15 and the wall, even in troublesome times."
47:17 So at the end of the 483 years what was to come?
47:22 Messiah the Prince, okay.
47:25 The arrival of the Messiah the Prince.
47:27 This would take us down to the baptism of Christ,
47:30 when He began His earthly ministry.
47:32 You remember Pastor Boonstra was saying
47:34 what year that began in,
47:35 and I believe we come to that right shortly.
47:37 Daniel 9:26 tells us that after that time,
47:40 what would happen to the Messiah?
47:43 Okay, let's look at Daniel 9:26.
47:45 "And after the sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off,
47:50 but not for Himself, okay.
47:52 so what is the answer to this one?
47:54 "He would be cut off, but not for Himself" Okay.
47:59 We know that, that happened.
48:00 "The 490 years, or 70 weeks, are broken into 69 weeks
48:04 until the baptism of the Messiah and a final week of 7 years.
48:09 After this, the time for Daniel's people would be over.
48:12 The full 490 of weeks takes us to 34 A.D.,
48:22 which is the year that Stephen was martyred.
48:25 What situation did his death create?
48:27 Acts chapter 8 and verse 1.
48:30 Now Saul was consenting to his death.
48:33 At that time a great persecution arose against
48:35 the church which was at Jerusalem;
48:37 and they were all scattered throughout the regions
48:39 of Judea and Samaria, except the apostles.
48:43 Okay, what situation did his death cause?
48:46 Saul launched his persecutions against the Christian church.
48:51 That was what happened at that particular moment okay.
48:54 The final week, item D,
48:56 stretching from 27 A.D. to 34 A.D. has specific event
49:00 prophesied for the middle of it, after 3 years,
49:04 which takes us to the spring of 31 A.D.
49:07 what event occurred in 31 A.D.?
49:11 Okay, let's look, Daniel chapter 9 and 27.
49:14 Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;
49:18 but in the middle of the week He shall bring an end
49:20 to sacrifice and offering, okay.
49:24 Then, behold, In Matthew chapter 27 verse 51,
49:27 "Then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn
49:30 in two from top to bottom; and the earth quaked,
49:33 and the rocks were split. Okay.
49:37 So our answer, in the middle of that last week,
49:40 that 70th week the Messiah would cause
49:44 the sacrifices to stop.
49:46 This happened as Jesus died
49:48 the veil in the temple was torn in two,
49:50 and the sacrificial system that had pointed forward
49:53 to Jesus Christ came to an end, okay.
49:59 Next question, the starting point for the 490 year
50:02 prophecy was? 457 B.C.
50:08 All right. We know that from history.
50:10 This was taken from the 2,300 year prophecy,
50:12 which takes us to the time
50:14 when the sanctuary would be cleansed.
50:16 Remembering to add one year
50:17 when you cross the B.C/A.D. line.
50:19 No zero year Pastor Boonstra made
50:21 that very clear in the presentation tonight.
50:23 What year does the prophecy take us to now okay?
50:29 The year 1844 A.D., not too far back in history, okay.
50:37 Next question, what heavenly event began that year?
50:43 Daniel chapter 7 verses 9 and 10.
50:46 And I watched till thrones were put in place,
50:49 and the Ancient of Days was seated;
50:51 His garment was white as snow,
50:53 and the hair of His head was like pure wool.
50:56 His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire;
50:59 A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him.
51:02 a thousand thousands ministered to Him;
51:05 ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.
51:08 the court was seated, and the books were opened."
51:12 Does that look like a judgment scene to you, okay?
51:16 What heavenly event began that year?
51:18 The judgment in heaven that heralds
51:22 the soon return of Jesus Christ.
51:24 Revelation 22, "He who is unjust,
51:27 let him be unjust still;
51:28 he who is filthy, let him be filthy still;
51:31 and he who is righteous, let him be righteous still;
51:35 he who is holy, let him be holy still.
51:37 And behold, I am coming quickly,
51:38 and My reward is with Me,
51:40 to give to every one according to his work."
51:45 At some moment, friends at some moment
51:50 that is just right around the corner from us today,
51:53 this message about the judgment hour of God
51:56 is going to go all of the entire earth
51:59 and it's going to penetrate everywhere.
52:01 That's even happening right now as we sit here tonight.
52:04 It's beginning to build, and it's going.
52:07 At some point that is going to go to the entire earth,
52:11 time will not last forever.
52:15 The days that go by so endlessly,
52:18 whether they're hot, or whether they're cold,
52:21 or whatever they may be,
52:23 are not always going to be just like they are today.
52:25 There's going to be a time when the appointed time comes
52:29 and Jesus is going to bring the judgment to a conclusion,
52:33 and then the next event is going
52:36 to be Him coming to take us home.
52:39 Now, I just can't help but think
52:44 as we come to conclusion of this lesson tonight
52:48 that Jesus Christ has made it possible for everyone
52:51 of us to know what He's doing.
52:54 You've just seen Pastor Boonstra
52:55 take you through a beautiful presentation,
52:57 you've now gone through, and you have filled out a lesson
53:00 so that you can go back and look at it later.
53:03 Jesus has made it clear that He is anxious
53:06 to come back and be with us.
53:08 And before He can come and be with us,
53:10 He's got to set everything right in a judgment.
53:12 That judgment is going on right now,
53:14 and as you look at how it has unfolded,
53:17 year after year, through the great sweep of history,
53:20 you can know that we are just at the very edge of eternity.
53:27 And wherever you may be watching this program tonight,
53:30 participating in this program.
53:33 I want to make a special invitation to you
53:36 and to everyone who is sitting here in this audience tonight
53:40 to make a commitment to that God who wants to be
53:42 with you so badly that He is willing to place
53:46 all of heaven on hold while He takes care
53:48 of sin through this judgment.
53:52 That He has provided His Son, Jesus Christ in His blood
53:56 to be able to make it possible for you
53:58 to be able to make it through this judgment
54:00 and be with Him forever.
54:02 If you would like to take Him up
54:03 on that offer of eternal life, knowing that it's right here,
54:06 I'd like to invite you where you are to raise
54:09 your hand with me and say:
54:10 Lord, I want to be part of that as we pray.
54:13 Holy Father in heaven, thank you tonight for Jesus.
54:17 And thank you for revealing
54:18 Your will through all of Scripture.
54:21 Thank you for Pastor Boonstra
54:22 and what he has revealed to us from Your word tonight.
54:25 And I just ask that as every hand is raised
54:28 here in this audience, and wherever it may be
54:30 through our satellite audience,
54:32 that Your Holy Spirit would come down and touch every life.
54:35 Make sure that everyone of us knows
54:37 that the blood of Jesus Christ takes us through this judgment
54:40 and that the next scene is your coming.
54:42 Thank you, in Jesus name, amen.


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