Tiny Tots for Jesus

Jesus Loves The Children Of The World

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00:05 We're tiny tots around the world We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for Him around the world We spread love and joy.
00:15 We're colors of the rainbow We're shiny bright where we go
00:21 We're tiny tots around the world We're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda and this is Georgie!
00:33 Georgie, can you wave at the boys and girls?
00:36 Good boy, Georgie! He's so glad that you came today!
00:42 Kitty cat is also glad that you've come today.
00:45 Kitty Cat loves company.
00:48 You know, there's someone else that's glad you've come today.
00:52 And that's Jesus!
00:56 You make Jesus happy, Just because you came.
00:59 "Jesus loves the children, Everyone the same.
01:04 Welcome, welcome, You are welcome
01:08 "Jesus knows your name!
01:10 "You make Jesus happy, Just because you came!"
01:16 That is Freddie!
01:20 And he's glad you've come too. It's also time for him to have
01:26 some fishy food!
01:27 Here we go! I like to take good care of him
01:30 because I love him. We'll just give him
01:32 a little bit.
01:34 Here you go!
01:38 "I'm glad today, I'm glad today,
01:40 "For dear Freddy I'm glad today. Thank you, God in Heaven!"
01:52 Georgie, we've got a phone call!
01:55 I love phone calls!
01:59 Hello, this is Auntie Linda. Oh, hi Sophia!
02:06 I'm so glad you called... You do?
02:09 Oh, I feel that way too when I hear the song!
02:14 Yes, Jesus does love you. You have a happy day.
02:20 Bye!
02:24 That was Sophia from Tennessee. And she said when she hears
02:29 the song, "Jesus Loves Me," she just jumps all around!
02:33 She just jumps and jumps! She gets so excited,
02:38 just like Georgie does.
02:39 You know, Jesus loves you, too!
02:44 Jesus loves you, too, Kitty Cat! Oh, that's right!
02:51 Kitty is reminding us that it's time to ring our worship bell!
02:55 "Worship bell so sweet,
02:59 "Calling us to meet, with our best friend, Jesus!
03:05 "Come and worship here, Jesus will be near.
03:11 "Smiling when He sees us. "
03:18 Georgie and Kitty Cat love this time because
03:23 it's time to see what's in our Worship Present Box!
03:26 Georgie, you sit right here, ok? Good boy!
03:29 Oh, we have something really special for us!
03:37 We have a visitor here... yes, come on!
03:43 This is a little boy from Mexico
03:49 and we have a little boy from Ecuador,
03:54 Jesus loves all the children, doesn't He?
03:59 We even have a girl from Mexico,
04:04 and a little girl from the Dominican,
04:08 And what else? Oh, we have a little girl
04:13 from Japan! Isn't she sweet?
04:17 Oh yes, we have a little girl from Costa Rica,
04:22 and what else do we have?
04:26 Oh, we have a little girl from Fiji!
04:30 And oh, we have a little girl, she's a little Navajo girl!
04:38 Jesus loves all the children so much!
04:43 "Jesus loves the little children
04:48 "All the children of the world, Red and yellow, black and white,
04:54 "All are precious in his sight,
04:56 "Jesus loves the little children of the world!"
05:01 Let's thank Jesus for loving us so much!
05:06 "I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:16 "I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
05:22 "And very, very quiet be, While our prayer is said. "
05:30 Dear Jesus, thank you so much that you love all the children
05:36 of the world just the same. We love you too, Jesus.
05:41 Thank you, Amen.
05:46 That was so special, wasn't it? To see all the different
05:51 children of the world and to know that Jesus loves us?
05:54 Well, we have lots of fun things planned for today!
05:57 Miss Cinda is coming to cook something special in the
06:01 kitchen, but right now we're gonna go see Farmer Mike,
06:06 'cause I heard that he has something special to show us
06:09 at the barn!
06:10 Georgie, we're gonna have fun. You can stay here
06:14 and have fun with Kitty Cat, ok? But we're gonna go to the barn.
06:18 Let's go to the barn!
06:23 - Farmer Mike! Farmer Mike! - Hey, Jeannie, how ya doin'?
06:29 - Fine, how are you? - Oh, I'm so glad to see you!
06:32 - I thought I would bring you a couple of little rabbits!
06:34 - Oh, you're gonna give them to me for a gift?
06:36 - Yes, I am! - Well, how nice, talk about
06:39 a good neighbor! - We have too many at my house
06:41 so I though we'd share some with you guys.
06:43 - Oh, I love 'em, and you couldn't have picked
06:45 a better time.
06:46 Guess who's coming to see me? - I don't know...
06:50 - Farmer Mike! - Here they come now!
06:52 Give me a hug! Uh-oh, I almost fell down!
06:55 Give me a hug! Oh you see it, you want to pet this guy?
06:59 This is Miss Jeannie who lives over at the other farm.
07:03 - Hi Miss Jeannie! I'm Auntie Linda!
07:07 - Nice to meet you, too! - Can I hold it?
07:08 - Yes you can, we're gonna let you pet them, and hold them
07:11 and look at them... oh boy! Thank you, Miss Jeannie!
07:16 Scoot over just a little bit, scoot over for me...
07:19 - Ooops! I lost one. - Thank you, buddy.
07:22 - He's trying to get away! - Want to hold one?
07:25 Can you scoot back on the bale just a little bit?
07:28 - Miss Jeannie was gonna tell us something about these bunnies
07:30 - These little rabbits all came from the same family,
07:36 they all have the same Mommy, and when baby rabbits are born
07:42 they don't have any hair at all! - Wow, they're bald!
07:46 - Yup! - That's the our babies are!
07:49 - Some of 'em are, that's right! Some people babies are bald!
07:52 As they grow their hair comes in if they're gonna be light color
07:57 then usually their skin is pink when they're born,
07:59 and if they're gonna be a dark color, then their skin is
08:01 kind of a black color. - I know your color
08:05 when you were born cause you got the brown hair!
08:07 And when they're born they drink milk from their Mommy,
08:11 just like the little kitties and the puppies do.
08:14 And then they grow up and start eating rabbit food,
08:18 that you buy at the store. And for treats they like apples
08:21 and carrots, but you have to be careful, because if they get
08:23 too many, they get a bellyache!
08:25 - Wow! Goodness! Let me ask you a question.
08:27 Some people buy little bunny rabbits, little ducks,
08:31 and little chickens for Easter. Is that a good idea for a pet?
08:34 - No. That's not a good idea. It takes a lot of responsibility
08:39 you have to water them, you have to feed them,
08:42 you have to clean their cages, you have to teach them right
08:47 and what not to do... They like to chew on things,
08:49 so that's not a good idea. Sometimes people are too busy
08:53 to really have them for pets. - Sometimes when I was little...
08:56 - Sounds like a lot of work! - Yes it is! When I was little
09:01 I promised my Mommy and Daddy, Oh, I'll feed him,
09:04 and I'll clean the cage... and then I wanted to do other things
09:06 and play... - And when that happens, they
09:10 end up in an animal shelter, and it's not real good for them.
09:15 - They don't make a good pet. - Is there a reason why his ears
09:19 stand straight up like that? - It depends on the type of
09:21 rabbit. Some are lop-eared, and their ears lay down.
09:25 But these are the type that stand up.
09:26 I do have one at home, and his ears lay down.
09:29 - But we only have one like that - Now do these rabbits have
09:35 cotton tails, or white tails, or all they the same color?
09:39 - The bottom of his tail is white,
09:44 - Ah, I see, okay!
09:46 - That's why they call them that.
09:47 - That's neat!
09:48 - Well God makes every animal so different!
09:51 - Yes He does! - And special!
09:53 - And these are so soft, and so gentle, and playful.
09:56 Look at their eyes! - They're black.
10:00 - I know, and their nose, don't you love their nose?
10:03 Can you do your nose like that? Can you make your nose go...
10:05 di-di-di-di-di like that? - Do they make any sound?
10:08 - If they're scared they'll scream.
10:10 They make a squealing, high pitched noise.
10:12 - Oh really? - If they're scared or hurt
10:15 and that's about the only noise they make.
10:17 They don't make a happy noise or talk to each other
10:24 like other animals, but when scared or hurt they'll squeal.
10:26 - How come you're are so gentle? He's about to squeal!
10:30 - I don't know! - I gotta learn how to hold
10:33 him real nice.
10:34 - Well that could be. He'll get used to ya!
10:36 - Well guess what, Miss Jeannie? We got a surprise for you!
10:41 - You do? - When my friends come
10:42 to the farm we always sing a song!
10:45 - That's wonderful! - Do you like to sing?
10:47 - Yeah! - All right, we'll sing it
10:49 and you can learn it, too! - Hanna, can you help us sing?
10:52 - Justin, you have to help me! Ready?
10:55 "I like to go to the farm where the cows moo moo!
10:58 "I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack quack!
11:02 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:06 "I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus!"
11:11 - That's a really nice song! Give farmer Mike
11:16 a big hug goodbye? - I was hoping you'd gimme a hug
11:18 I need a hug today real bad! Thank you, Hanna!
11:21 Thank you, Justin! You get tired of huggin Farmer Mike sometimes?
11:27 No! Hey Caleb, thank you! I'm glad you came
11:31 and saw my new bunnies! - Thank you so much!
11:35 Thank you for bringing us the rabbits!
11:37 - Bye bye, everybody! - Bye Bye!
11:39 - Justin, say Bye Bye! You can see the bunnies again
11:43 - Bye bye! See you later! - Bye!
11:47 - Thanks for bringing them!
11:48 Time for our Nature Walk!
11:55 Michael and Hanna and I are out for a walk!
11:57 Can you wave to everyone?
11:59 Yes, come and join us!
12:02 "Shall we go for a walk today? A walk today? A walk today?
12:08 "Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given?
12:16 Yes, Michael, that's a birdie but we want him to sit there
12:20 because we don't wan to disturb him, do we?
12:22 He wants to watch us! Oh we have so many wonderful
12:27 things that God's made for us. - Carrots!
12:29 - Carrots, that's right!
12:32 And cantaloupe, do you want to pick one?
12:35 Yes, you can hold the cantaloupe do you want to pick
12:39 a cantaloupe? Do you like to eat them?
12:42 Yes, we can cut them open, and scoop out all the seeds,
12:48 Good job, Michael! And then we can slice and eat it
12:53 and cut it up. It tastes so good!
12:56 You know God made so many wonderful things for us.
12:59 - The leaf fell off! - Yes, the leaf fell off!
13:02 Let's sing about the cantaloupe.
13:05 "God made the cantaloupes, I know, I know.
13:13 "God made the cantaloupes, because He loves me so. "
13:22 Story Time!
13:28 Hello, boys and girls, it's Story Time!
13:31 And we have a good story for you today.
13:34 We have little baby James with us. He's only 5 weeks old!
13:38 And Jadice is with us today! Our story is about baby Moses.
13:43 Baby Moses was just a little baby boy,
13:47 His mother loved him and his father loved him
13:51 and guess who else loved him, Jadice?
13:53 - Miriam. - Little Miriam!
13:56 His little brother Aaron loved him, too.
13:59 But the king where little Moses lived, he was a wicked man!
14:04 And he said to his helpers, "Throw all the baby boys
14:07 in the river!" "Oh no," said mother.
14:10 "Oh, no!" And she held him closer! "Oh no!" said father.
14:15 "No, no!" said little brother. Miriam said, "Never, never!
14:20 "Not our baby!" The soldiers came by,
14:24 and what did Miriam do? Where did she put baby Moses?
14:28 Under the bed, right? She put him under the bed.
14:33 But he didn't like being hidden away all day!
14:38 He would cry and cry! Mother said, "This will never do!
14:43 I'm going to have to go out and get some bulrushes
14:46 and I'm going to have to make a little boat for him.
14:49 So what did she call this? - A basket.
14:53 - A basket! She made a little basket and early the next
14:58 morning she went right down to the river with Miriam,
15:02 and where did they put the little basket?
15:04 - In the river. - They put it in the river!
15:08 And who watched him all day in the river?
15:13 - Um, Miriam. - Little Miriam did that.
15:19 Yes, Hi James! Yes. Moses rocked and rocked
15:26 in the little boat in the river, and he liked the little basket
15:29 boat, it put him right to sleep.
15:31 All at once little Miriam said, "Oh no! Someone's coming!
15:38 And she looked up. Who was coming, Jadice?
15:41 - The king's daughters. - It was the princess wasn't it?
15:46 And she said, "Oh no, will she see the basket-boat?
15:50 Will she find our little baby Moses?
15:53 When she came down, she looked and she said,
15:57 "What is that over there in the tall bulrushes?
16:01 Go, bring it to me!"
16:04 Right away her maids went and brought the little basket-boat
16:08 to her, and what was inside, Jadice?
16:12 - Um, little Moses. - Little Moses, right?
16:18 Did little Moses like the princess?
16:21 What did Moses do? - He cried.
16:25 - He cried! Look at little Moses, Jadice, he's crying!
16:30 Miriam ran up quickly and she said,
16:33 "Can I get a nurse for you? For your baby?
16:37 And the princess said, Thank you! That would be nice.
16:39 And so she ran as fast as she could and she said,
16:43 "Mommy, Mommy, hurry, hurry! The princess likes our baby!
16:46 "She won't let anyone throw him in the river!
16:48 And so mother hurried up the path, and she was singing!
16:52 She was so happy that God had taken care of her baby!
16:55 And when she got there, what did the princess do?
16:58 - She said, "Please keep this baby until he's big. "
17:05 - Until he's big. Yes, keep the baby for me until he's big!
17:09 Mother carried the baby back up the hill,
17:15 and little Miriam was singing and even little Moses was happy
17:19 weren't you? Yeah, you're just like little Moses, aren't you?
17:21 Singing a happy song! Yeah!
17:24 Father, and mother, and brother and Miriam, what are they doing?
17:31 They're kneeling, and what are they praying to?
17:34 They're praying to God, aren't they?
17:36 Thanking God so much for taking care of their baby,
17:41 because now the wicked king couldn't throw him in the river!
17:46 And he was safe! You know, Jesus loves each one of you so much
17:52 Jadice, did you know that Jesus loves you, too?
17:55 And He will take care of us just like He took care of Moses.
18:01 Fun in the kitchen!
18:07 I'm so glad you boys and girls have joined us in the kitchen!
18:10 We're making sweet rolls!
18:14 - I love sweet rolls! - I'm so glad, Ashley!
18:19 We're gonna have so much fun today, and that's right boys
18:24 and girls, Miss Cinda made some fresh bread dough, and instead
18:28 of making it in loaves, we're all going to make our own
18:30 sweet rolls! This is gonna be so much fun!
18:33 - Oh yes! - So let me give you some dough
18:35 - What about me? - I'll give you some dough, too.
18:40 - Make it big! Ashley, and Jasmine.
18:48 And take it and spread it out. We'll use this later when we
18:55 spray our pans. Can you pat it out like Ashley is?
18:58 Let's pull your sleeves up. - Miss Cinda, I would think
19:06 - I think they would, they're so good!
19:09 - I pet the bunny at the barn! - You did?
19:13 What did it feel like? - He felt fluffy!
19:17 - Was it fun? - Uh huh. I went to go see
19:22 Farmer Mike! - Someday I want to go see
19:27 Farmer Mike! I'm always so busy in the kitchen, I don't get to
19:31 go to the barn! - And it's fun!
19:33 - Maybe sometime when you're going to the barn you can
19:36 stop by and get me. You think you could do that?
19:38 Take me to the barn with you? - Yeah.
19:42 - I would like that. - I'm doin' it!
19:45 - You're doin' it, aren't you? Helping in the kitchen,
19:49 it's so much fun! Oh, you need some help.
19:52 What you do is you pat your dough out like this
19:57 - Oh, yours is just perfect! And you spread this all over with
20:02 your fingers. - You don't want to get
20:03 too thin, but you want it spread out just like that.
20:07 And here we'll take some non-dairy margarine,
20:11 and spread that on there, and we get to put all kinds
20:17 of yummy stuff in it. Sometimes we'll put nuts and raisins,
20:22 and sometimes dates, what do you like in yours?
20:26 Do you like nuts in yours, Jasmine?
20:30 - No. - What do you like in yours?
20:31 - Nuts. - You like nuts, Ashley?
20:33 Oh, I like nuts, too! - What's that?
20:36 - Oh, you know what? That's a natural sweetener.
20:39 - I like that. - You like that?
20:44 Oh, this is so much fun and you know what, Ashley?
20:51 Let me give you a knife before you put any more margarine
20:53 before you put any more nuts on let's take this to the side
21:00 Take your knife and put a little margarine right on it.
21:06 Jasmine, can you do it? Go like this...
21:09 Take a little margarine... and spread it real even...
21:18 You know, boys and girls, Jesus likes us to share, doesn't He?
21:26 We always make Jesus happy when we share!
21:30 - Yes, Jesus loves for us to share.
21:35 - How are you girls doing over there?
21:36 They're doing great! How are you doing?
21:40 Did you get a hole in your dough bread?
21:44 Just take your finger and go like that and you can close it.
21:48 - You want some cinnamon, Britton?
21:50 - See that will close so all your toppings won't fall out!
21:55 And once we get all the filling in we're gonna roll the dough up
22:03 and then we'll put it in our pan and it will make sweet rolls.
22:08 But you have to let it rise. Boys and girls, I hope you can
22:15 and that you'll want to be in the kitchen with your Mommy!
22:18 Because cooking is so much fun!
22:24 It's Sing Time, boys and girls!
22:26 Georgie is excited because it's Sing Time!
22:32 - Oh great! - Yes, we love to sing,
22:35 And today we have something special for you!
22:38 Farmer Mike is going to sing a special song about God's kids!
22:41 - You want me to sing this song? - Yes!
22:43 - Oh, He loves His kids! - Yes He does!
22:46 - And He sees us when we talk to Him.
22:49 Just for you guys! - Thank you!
22:54 "God's kids sometimes stumble and fall,
22:59 God's kids, they're not perfect at all,
23:03 He watches over them, hears when they call,
23:07 'Cause they're His, God's kids.
23:10 God's kids are very special to Him,
23:15 In Him they can always depend,
23:19 He's always there when they need a special friend,
23:23 They're His, God's kids!
23:26 His kids, sometimes laugh and they cry,
23:30 Fall down, but He sees when they try,
23:34 He smiles when they call out His name,
23:38 And He knows when they're in pain,
23:42 God's kids jump and laugh, and they play,
23:46 They know there's a land far away,
23:49 They'll be in heaven with Jesus one day,
23:53 'Cause they're His, God's kids.
23:58 His kids, sometimes laugh and they cry,
24:01 Fall down, but He sees when they try,
24:05 He smiles when they call out His name,
24:09 And He knows when they're in pain,
24:13 God's kids jump and laugh, and they play,
24:16 They know there's a land far away,
24:20 They'll be in heaven with Jesus one day,
24:24 'Cause they're His, God's kids.
24:27 God's kids are very special to Him,
24:32 In Him they can always depend,
24:36 He's always there when they need a special friend,
24:40 They're His, God's kids.
24:51 They're His, God's kids!"
24:56 God's kids, that's us! - I love that song!
25:00 - That was wonderful! - Thank you, we're all His kids!
25:03 - And you know what? Jesus loves all the kids of the world!
25:08 - He sure does. - Let's sing a song about that!
25:10 - Gonna help me sing this one?
25:14 - Jesus loves the little children of the world,
25:16 Red and yellow, black and white,
25:21 "Jesus loves the little children All the children of the world,
25:29 "Red and yellow, black and white All are precious in His sight,
25:34 "Jesus loves the little children of the world!"
25:39 He loves everyone so much, let's sing it again!
25:42 "Jesus loves the little children All the children of the world,
25:53 Red and yellow, black and white All are precious in His sight,
25:57 Jesus loves the little children of the world!"
26:00 - Did you see him smile when we sang red, yellow,
26:03 black and white?
26:04 - It is true that we're all different colors, look at Becca
26:09 and my skin! I'm Hungarian, and I don't know what nationality
26:14 you are Becca! But you're not Hungarian, I'll bet...
26:19 - But even though we have different colors,
26:21 and we come from different lands, we all are alike
26:27 in some ways.
26:28 We like to dream, and have great hopes and dreams,
26:31 Sometimes we like to laugh, and sometimes we cry,
26:35 so there are a lot of things about us that we're alike, too.
26:37 - And we all love Jesus! - That's the number one thing!
26:40 - Farmer Mike, would you have a special prayer for us?
26:43 - I'll be glad to pray. - Let's fold our hands,
26:49 and close our eyes, and bow our heads.
26:50 - Thank you, Jesus, that you look way past our skin, Lord,
26:55 and you look at our heart. And Lord, I hope when you see our
26:59 heart today, even those boys and girls that are watching,
27:02 that they'll have a heart that loves You!
27:05 That they'll be willing to follow You!
27:07 So help us do that, Lord. And thank you that You love us.
27:12 And we sure do love you today, Lord.
27:14 We pray this in Jesus' name, Amen.
27:19 That's Mr. Rooster,
27:24 and he says that's all the time we have today boys and girls...
27:26 But you come back and see us again, okay?
27:32 "Our time together is over,
27:37 So we will have to go. Good bye, good bye,
27:44 Remember God loves you.
27:47 Good bye, good bye, Remember God loves you!
27:55 Good bye!


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