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Jesus Is My Friend

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00:06 We're Tiny Tots around the world We're God's girls and boys
00:11 We live for Him around the world We spread love and joy
00:16 We're colors of the rainbow We're shining bright where we go
00:22 We're Tiny Tots around the world We're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda, and this is my friend, Georgie.
00:34 He's glad that you've come today!
00:36 Can you wave to the boys and girls, Georgie?
00:38 Good boy! This is Kitty Cat.
00:44 Kitty Cat is my friend, too!
00:47 Kitty Cat is glad you're here, too!
00:49 And there's Someone else that's really happy that you're here!
00:53 You made Jesus happy Just because you came.
00:59 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same.
01:04 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:09 You made Jesus happy just because you came. "
01:17 That sounds like Freddy the fish!
01:21 Well hi, Freddy! Freddy's glad that you've come, too!
01:25 I think he's also very hungry! It's time to feed Freddy.
01:33 We just want to give him a little bit.
01:36 We don't want to make him sick, so we'll just give him
01:41 a little bit of food.
01:42 "I'm glad today, I'm glad today, For dear Freddy I'm glad today.
01:49 Thank you, God in heaven!"
01:58 Wonder who could be calling us, Georgie?
02:06 Hello, Auntie Linda here. Oh, hi Bryce, how are you?
02:13 Oh, you have a best friend? I have a best friend, too!
02:20 Oh, that is wonderful! Well you have fun today.
02:26 Goodbye!
02:30 That was Bryce Peek, and he was telling me that
02:35 he has a best friend named Matthew.
02:38 They have so much fun playing trucks and cars together,
02:42 and sometimes they go to the park. You know, we have
02:47 a best Friend, too. And His name is Jesus!
02:48 And He loves Bryce, and Matthew, and all of us!
02:57 Oh, Kitty Cat, thank you for reminding me!
03:01 It's time to ring our Worship Bell!
03:08 "Worship Bell so sweet, Calling us to meet
03:12 with our Best Friend, Jesus!
03:15 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near
03:20 smiling when He sees us!"
03:26 Georgie and Kitty Cat love this time of the day best of all
03:32 because we get to see what is in our Present Box!
03:36 I wonder what's in there today? Let's take a look!
03:39 Georgie, you sit right here ok, and be a good boy.
03:46 Oh we do have something special! We have Mr. Peabody!
03:53 Mr. Peabody is a very pretty horse.
03:57 And he's very special. Oh, we have something else in here.
04:01 This is Catie's horse. She loves Mr. Peabody,
04:08 and she spends lots of time riding him.
04:12 She has so much fun! There we go, Catie.
04:16 Yeah, Catie's having a little hard time, isn't she?
04:18 Catie shares her best friend with little Michael who's only
04:24 two years old. Sometimes when she's out with Mr. Peabody,
04:30 her daddy, Dr. Joel comes. He brings little Michael,
04:35 and he lets him ride on Mr. Peabody.
04:39 He loves riding Mr. Peabody. He just can't wait!
04:44 And Catie loves sharing him. And so it will be really safe,
04:51 Daddy Joel also helps to hold him.
04:55 "Peabody, Peabody, how are you?
04:59 Peabody, Peabody, I love you.
05:04 Running and jumping with Catie, I see,
05:09 Peabody, Peabody, won't you jump for me?"
05:15 That was so nice of Catie. She shares her very best friend.
05:22 She shares her Best Friend, Jesus, with others.
05:26 We want to share our Best Friend, too.
05:28 Let's thank Jesus so much for being our Best Friend!
05:32 Let's talk to Him right now!
05:35 "I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands.
05:43 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
05:51 And very, very quiet be, while our prayer is said. "
06:00 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for giving Bryce a good friend
06:07 like Matthew. Thank you so much for giving Catie a friend like
06:14 Mr. Peabody, and for sharing him with Michael.
06:18 And thank you, Jesus, for being our Best Friend!
06:21 Help us all to always share You. We love you.
06:25 In Jesus' name, Amen.
06:29 I just love talking to Jesus. He's such a good friend.
06:33 Well Georgie, we have a lot of fun things planned
06:38 for the boys and girls today. We're gonna go to the kitchen,
06:42 and we're gonna see Miss Cinda, and she always has lots of good
06:46 things cooking in the kitchen! So we're gonna have fun.
06:49 But right now we're gonna go to the barn and see Farmer Mike!
06:53 I heard that he has something pretty special for us.
06:56 Come on, let's go!
06:59 Hey kids, let's go to the barn!
07:04 Oh look, there's Farmer Mike, and he's got somethin' special!
07:08 - Look who's here! - What do you have?
07:11 Come here and give me a hug! Come here and give me a hug!
07:14 Gimme a big hug around the neck! Guess what I got today?
07:18 Thank you Hannah, guess what I got today?
07:22 Lookie here, two brand new puppy dogs!
07:24 - A puppy! - Let me pick him up for you.
07:27 Oh, lookie here. Don't you love puppy dogs?
07:30 - Puppies! - I do, too! Look I got two!
07:33 - Oh, and they're so sweet! Can we pet them?
07:36 - Yeah, you can pet these puppies.
07:38 Always go up to a puppy real carefully.
07:41 A lot of children want to run up to them real fast
07:44 and it scares the puppy dog. - Awww...
07:46 - But if you walk up to them real slow and just pet them
07:48 like that, they love that! - Hi sweetie!
07:52 - Look at his ears! Hello!
07:54 - Isn't he soft? - You gotta be careful.
07:57 - You are so right, Hanna. That's what I was gonna say.
08:00 - You gotta be really careful with any animal,
08:03 especially when they're little. You like puppies?
08:06 - I like little puppies. - I do too, the littler they are
08:11 the better. - They look thirsty!
08:12 - In fact, when you walked in here and suprised me today
08:18 I was just getting ready to give them some water!
08:20 I've got some in the barn, would you get it for me?
08:22 'Cause it's kinda hard to get up and down, you know?
08:24 - Sure, I'd be glad to! - We're going to give them
08:26 some water. Do you wanna give them some water to drink?
08:28 Because when we have little puppies like this,
08:32 They always need to be fed. - You take one side...
08:36 - They need plenty of water to drink, and they like to play.
08:40 They're just like us, they like to run and play and exercise,
08:43 look at this, I like to go, 'Hello, boys and girls!'
08:45 Here comes the water! - We got lots of helpers today.
08:48 - That's great, I'll put it right here.
08:50 I'll tell you what, let me put it right here in the front,
08:53 and then one of you guys come sit on each side of me,
08:56 so you can watch real close. Come on over here, Hanna,
08:58 so you can see real close, and we'll see if we can get him
09:01 to drink some water. Here you go sit down right here by me.
09:04 Let's see. Okay, get you a drink lets see if he'll get a drink.
09:08 Look! He was thirsty! - Oh, he is thirsty!
09:11 - Do you get thirsty sometimes? - Yup.
09:13 - All of us need water and food, don't we?
09:15 And we have to remember that about puppies.
09:18 And then they love to go run and play outside.
09:21 Do you like to run and play outside?
09:24 - Yes! - Me too, that's why I like
09:26 living on a farm! - Noah's doin' those potatoes.
09:30 - Noah's always doin' something! Alright, now, hold this puppy
09:34 right here. Don't let him go anywhere. You don't have
09:36 to be afraid. He's okay. Now we're going to give this puppy
09:39 a drink, let's see if he'll get a drink, too...
09:40 That was such fun, let's see right here.
09:42 Want a drink? Get a drink, 'cause your brother drank a lot.
09:49 Better get some water while you can!
09:50 Take your time, that's it. Get you a drink.
09:53 - It's good for us to drink water, too, isn't it?
09:55 - That's right. God really knew what He was doing
09:58 makin' all these different animals, and He made us.
10:03 And all of us need what? Run and play for exercise.
10:07 - That's right. - And we said this a while ago,
10:10 but you can't say it too many times I don't think,
10:12 you need proper food, and proper water to drink,
10:15 now notice something about his hair.
10:19 Healthy. - And it shines!
10:21 - See a puppy! - That's right.
10:24 - And you know what else they need, Hannah?
10:26 What do all of us need? You know when I had you
10:32 give me a hug? Because we all need hugs,
10:35 and we need love, don't we? - And the puppy needs food.
10:40 - That's right. We were just talking about that.
10:42 What kind of food should we feed puppies? Not grown-up food.
10:44 - We should feed them good food. - That's right. Puppy food.
10:46 It's a good idea to ask people at the pet store, 'cause they
10:50 raised them, and they know what they eat.
10:51 Now we gotta have a song. Every time you guys come,
10:55 we sing something. - We do, 'cause I like singing.
10:59 - There should be a dog song. Yeah, you can't feed him that.
11:02 - Hannah, let's sing our barn song, okay?
11:06 - I like that every time you guys sing that.
11:10 Let's do that.
11:12 "I like to go to the barn with the cows, Moo, Moo!
11:15 I like to go to the barn where the ducks Quack, Quack.
11:19 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
11:24 I like to go to the barn and learn of Jesus!"
11:29 - Well thank you so much, Farmer Mike,
11:31 can you thank Farmer Mike? - You couldn't have picked
11:34 a better day! - Noah can you wave goodbye?
11:37 It's time for us to go. - And pet the puppy
11:40 one more time. Oh-oh, let's turn him this way so you
11:41 can pet that end. - Bye bye puppies.
11:45 - Come back and you can see them again!
11:49 Time for our Nature Walk!
11:53 Hello, boys and girls, Michael and I are on a walk!
11:57 Come and join us!
12:00 "Shall we go for a walk today? A walk today? A walk today?
12:06 What do you see? Look at the flowers!
12:10 Oh, do they smell? Yes, oh Michael!
12:15 I think there's a surprise over by the tree, I see it!
12:19 Oh, look what I found! Come quick, oh, come quick!
12:23 Oh, look at it, what is this? It's like a little porcupine
12:29 only it has a nut in it! Can you see it? That's his house!
12:34 - A nut! - That's a nut!
12:37 Yes, sometimes people eat them. But see how they have picky li'I
12:41 - I can eat them. - You're gonna eat it?
12:44 Do you like nuts? - In them.
12:49 - It's in them, yes. It's inside of here in this li'I brown shell
12:53 It's the nut. You can hold some of these, you wanna pick some up
12:57 and we can hold them. God made them for us to enjoy.
13:00 Yeah, some people roast them at Christmas time. Maybe you do.
13:07 "God made the tiny brown chestnuts, I know, I know.
13:16 God made the tiny brown chestnut because He loves me so.
13:25 Here's one, Michael, get this one!
13:28 Story Time!
13:33 It's story time, boys and girls, and we have a good story today!
13:37 We have Jasmine with us, and Jadice with us.
13:41 And our story today is about Zaccheus the cheater!
13:45 Zaccheus was a little man and he was so rich!
13:50 Oh, the people in Jericho did not like Zaccheus!
13:54 It wasn't because he was rich that they didn't like him,
13:59 it's because he was a cheater! When people came by,
14:02 and they would say, "Here's my coin that I owe you,"
14:06 Zaccheus would say, "No, give me two coins!"
14:10 And then he would put one in the king's box, and
14:14 one in his pocket.
14:15 Was that what Jesus would want us to do?
14:17 Oh, Jesus wants us to be honest And even when the men came with
14:25 the camel trains, and they would come and pay their taxes,
14:28 Zaccheus would say, "Put some money in here,
14:30 and then he would hold his hand out for more money!
14:33 No one liked Zaccheus. He had heard John the Baptist preach,
14:39 and he said it was wrong to cheat! But still, Zaccheus,
14:44 even though he wanted to change, nobody would believe him.
14:49 And when he would try to be nice they said, "No, he's a cheat!
14:53 And no one liked him. One day they said,
14:57 "Somebody's coming! Somebody's coming!"
15:01 Who was coming? - Jesus.
15:02 - Jesus was coming! Everybody was running because
15:06 they were so excited. They wanted to see Jesus.
15:10 Zaccheus wanted to see, too, but why couldn't he see?
15:16 - 'Cause he was little. - He was little.
15:19 He got on his tiptoes and he peeked up,
15:22 but he couldn't see. Then he looked around and
15:27 what did he do? - He ran up a tree.
15:29 - He climbed up a tree! Look at him running to the tree.
15:32 Jesus was coming through the gate, and he had to hurry
15:36 and climb that tree. Do you like to climb trees?
15:39 - Yeah, but I climbed a tree last month and I falled and
15:45 I got hurt. - You got hurt?
15:46 Well Zaccheus... - And I get hurt, too!
15:50 - You got hurt, too? Yes, but Zaccheus, he climbed up
15:54 that tree and he sat right on the branch up there.
15:57 And he looked and looked. Who was coming?
16:01 - Jesus. - Jesus was coming!
16:06 And as Jesus got closer, Zaccheus got so excited!
16:11 He wanted to see Jesus for himself.
16:14 All the people were pressing around him,
16:17 and he thought, Oh, I wish I could talk to Jesus.
16:20 Would you like to talk to Jesus, too?
16:22 Yes.
16:28 Yes, and right underneath the tree, Jesus looked up,
16:33 and who did He see in the tree? - Zaccheus!
16:36 - Zaccheus! And what did Jesus say to Zaccheus?
16:40 - Zaccheus, you come down! - I'm going to your house today!
16:48 - Zaccheus, you get down! - Did Jesus love Zaccheus?
16:53 - Yes. - Yes, He did.
16:55 And when he got down, Jesus gave him a big hug!
16:58 He just squeezed him so tight, because He loved him.
17:02 Oh yes, Jesus loves hugs, too, doesn't He?
17:04 - Yes! - And you know what He told him?
17:07 He said, "I forgive you, Zaccheus.
17:14 For all the naughty things you've done.
17:15 Because He knew that in his heart Zaccheus had been saying,
17:18 "Oh Jesus, please forgive me," and Jesus hears us, doesn't He?
17:21 And He forgave him. - Do you know what?
17:26 - What? - When I be good, I get to go
17:31 up to heaven, but sometimes I'm naughty, sometimes I'm not.
17:35 - Jesus loves us when we're naughty.
17:37 But it makes Him so happy when we're good.
17:41 And when we kneel beside our bed and pray, "I'm sorry, Jesus,"
17:48 He says, "I forgive you. " He holds out His hand,
17:51 as He did beneath the sycamore tree to Zaccheus,
17:54 "I believe you, child. Tomorrow you play, and cheat no more. "
17:59 Jesus loves us so much, and He will forgive us too,
18:06 when we do naughty things. "Fun in the Kitchen!"
18:12 - I'm so excited today, we're gonna have so much fun!
18:16 - What are you doing? - What do you think we're doing?
18:19 - We're making cupcakes! - No, we're not gonna make 'em,
18:23 Miss Cinda's already made the cupcakes.
18:25 You're gonna help me decorate them!
18:27 'Cause we want them to look really pretty!
18:30 - Yay! - I have a blue knife!
18:33 - You do have a blue knife. I'm going to give you each a cupcake
18:35 and we have some non-dairy whipped topping,
18:40 - Yes, Britton? Oh, it's okay. We're gonna put some non-dairy
18:47 whipped topping on it. Noah, do you wanna get some of
18:51 that topping and put it on yours, and Sylvia?
18:53 Oh, we don't need our mitts guys it's not hot.
18:56 - Spread it all around! - Put some on, and Sylvia,
18:59 here, you take a spoonful, or you can do it with a knife
19:01 if you want. And Hannah. Britton, can you take some
19:05 and smooth it all over the top of your cupcake?
19:09 Want me to help you, Sylvia? - Help me.
19:14 - Oh, I hope I don't drop it! Do you think this tastes good?
19:21 Can you spread it around? I will help you.
19:24 - Okay, that's your eating one. - Leave this right here.
19:30 - Spread it all around, good job! Good job!
19:34 - Let's get a lot of it. - Do you think this tastes good?
19:39 - What else do we have to get? - Oh, good job, Hannah!
19:44 - Let me give you a little bit of oranges, and see if you can
19:50 make a sunflower, or a happy face, can you make one?
19:55 Can you make a pretty flower on yours, Noah?
20:00 - Hey I got some... - Oh, lick it! Ummmm!
20:04 - Do you want some carob chips on it?
20:08 - Ummmm, that's so good! - I made a smiley face.
20:13 - Oh good. You got two eyes? - Uh-huh.
20:17 - And look, Sylvia, if you go like this...
20:21 and put these carob chips in the middle - look!
20:26 - Britton, do you want some granola on yours?
20:31 Yes, Britton made the granola and brought it.
20:35 - Britton, you want to sprinkle some of that on?
20:38 We're having so much fun decorating. I hope you like to
20:43 mommy's in the kitchen. We're having fun, aren't we?
20:47 - Yes, and we have lots of fun things to do today.
20:50 - A smiley face! - Yay! Oh that looks like a
20:56 yummy cookie. Would you all like to try your cupcake now?
20:58 - No... - I said cookie. That was not
21:01 a cookie. No, that's a cupcake. - Do you want coconut?
21:03 - I want these. - Okay, those are carob chips.
21:07 Would you like some carob chips? Britton, would you like some?
21:10 - They look so pretty! - If you want to taste your
21:15 cupcakes, when you get them done you can.
21:17 I'm so glad you guys came to help me. And you can do more
21:20 cupcakes, too, 'cause we have lots of them to decorate today.
21:25 Oh, this is so fun. I think I'll get you each another cupcake.
21:29 Would you like to decorate another one?
21:31 Boys and girls, don't forget to help your mommies and
21:36 daddies, and tell them you want to be in the kitchen, too!
21:39 - We can eat our cupcakes. - Yes you can!
21:44 It's Sing Time, boys and girls!
21:49 Georgie is so excited, because it's Sing Time!
21:52 - Yah! - Yes, I love to sing.
21:57 We're gonna start out by singing a song about Zaccheus.
21:58 You join us, okay?
22:01 "Zaccheus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he.
22:09 He climbed up in a sycamore tree for the Lord he wanted to see.
22:16 And as the Savior passed that way
22:20 He looked up in the tree.
22:24 And He said, "Zaccheus, you come down!
22:29 For I'm going to your house today.
22:34 For I'm going to your house today.
22:39 I'll bet Zaccheus was surprised! - I bet he was, too!
22:41 - Can we sing that again? - I'd love to!
22:43 I know you would, too. Let's sing it again.
22:45 "Zaccheus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he.
22:53 He climbed up in a sycamore tree for the Lord he wanted to see.
23:01 And as the Savior passed that way
23:06 He looked up in the tree.
23:09 And He said, Zaccheus, you come down!
23:14 For I'm going to your house today.
23:19 For I'm going to your house today. "
23:24 Well we went to the barn today to see Farmer Mike.
23:27 - I went to see the puppies. - That's right!
23:31 - I got to pet them. - You did, Hannah
23:34 - And you petted one? - Yes!
23:36 - I petted one, too. - You did?
23:38 - What did it feel like when you petted that puppy?
23:41 Was it soft? Did you like that, when you petted the puppy?
23:44 - Did the puppy lick you? - No.
23:47 - No? Sometimes puppies do that. Isn't Jesus a wonderful Jesus
23:52 to give us so many nice puppies to play with, and animals?
23:56 Let's sing a song about that.
23:58 "Wonderful, wonderful, yes my Lord is wonderful,
24:05 Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?
24:11 Eyes have seen, ears have heard, it's recorded in God's Word,
24:17 Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?"
24:24 - One more time, okay boys and girls?
24:26 "Wonderful, wonderful, yes my Lord is wonderful,
24:32 Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?
24:37 Eyes have seen, ears have heard, it's recorded in God's Word,
24:43 Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?"
24:48 - He is wonderful, isn't He?
24:53 Let's sing, "Love Him, love Him, all ye little children,"
24:57 "Love Him, love Him, all ye little children,
25:03 God is love, God is love.
25:08 Love Him, love Him, all ye little children,
25:12 God is love, God is love!"
25:18 - One more time!
25:19 "Love Him, love Him, all ye little children,
25:23 God is love, God is love!
25:28 Love Him, love Him, all ye little children
25:34 God is love, God is love!"
25:39 - You know, Jesus is so special. I wonder how many times
25:44 we tell Him that we really love Him?
25:46 - Do you tell Jesus that He's special, Noah?
25:47 - Yeah. - Yes, let's tell Jesus
25:50 that we love Him! There's a song about that.
25:51 You can join us.
25:54 "I love Jesus, does He know? Have I ever told Him so?
26:02 He's my Friend and your Friend, too.
26:07 He loves me and He loves you!
26:11 - I love you. - I love you too, Noah!
26:17 - Let's try that one more time. - Let's sing that again!
26:21 - Do you like that song, Hannah? - Yes.
26:24 Maybe you can give Farmer Mike a big hug!
26:29 Don't tell him, though!
26:30 "I love Jesus, does He know? Have I ever told Him so?
26:39 He's my Friend and your Friend, too.
26:44 He loves me and He loves you!
26:49 - I love you. - I love you, too!
26:53 - Farmer Mike, will you have a prayer for us?
26:55 - I'll be glad to. - Let's fold our hands,
26:58 and close our eyes, and bow our heads.
27:00 - Thank you, Jesus, and we just want to say,
27:05 "Jesus, we do love You," because You love us.
27:09 In fact, You loved us. And now we ask You to come into
27:14 our hearts. Thank You for Your love. Thank you for everything
27:18 that You give us. Everything that You make that we enjoy.
27:22 Amen.
27:23 - Well that's Mr. Rooster and he says that's all the time
27:27 we have for today. But you come back and see us again
27:31 on the farm sometime!
27:37 "Our time together is over,
27:41 so we will have to go.
27:44 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you!
27:53 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you!"
28:01 Good bye!


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