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Jesus Helps Me To Share

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00:05 We're tiny tots around the world We're God's girls and boys,
00:10 We live for Him around the world we spread love and joy.
00:16 Like colors of the rainbow, We're shining bright where we go
00:21 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys. "
00:27 Hi I'm Auntie Linda! I'm so glad you've come to the farm today!
00:34 Georgie is glad you've come too, aren't you, Georgie?
00:38 Oh, he's waving! Yes, he's really happy you're here!
00:41 Kitty Cat is happy you've come to the farm, too.
00:45 Yes, we have lots of guests today, but you've made
00:49 Someone else very happy that you've come today.
00:52 And that is Jesus!
00:53 "You make Jesus happy, Just because you came,
00:59 Jesus loves the children, Every one the same.
01:05 Welcome, welcome, You are welcome,
01:08 Jesus knows your name!
01:11 You make Jesus happy Just because you came!"
01:17 We are happy.
01:19 That is Freddy splashin' around in his fishy-house.
01:23 He heard that you're here and he's excited to see you.
01:27 But he's also excited because he knows it's time for him to eat!
01:31 I'm so glad Jesus gave us Freddy
01:36 "I'm glad today, I'm glad today, For dear Freddy I'm glad today.
01:42 Thank you God in heaven!"
01:50 We've got a phone call! That's exciting, I love phone calls!
01:54 I wonder who it can be?
01:59 Hello? This is Auntie Linda! Oh, hi Michael!
02:05 How are you today? Oh, that's really special!
02:11 Oh, that made Jesus happy. Yes, oh yes.
02:20 Well it's good to talk to you. Bye bye!
02:23 That was Michael Coffin and he's two years old.
02:30 He had a birthday party that his Auntie Cinda and his Mommy and
02:37 his Grandma Brenda gave him. And they had lots of toys
02:44 and kids over and he let all the kids play with his new toys!
02:49 That made Jesus really happy, that Michael shared his toys.
02:54 It makes Jesus happy when we share our toys, too.
02:57 Oh, there's someone at the door!
03:01 We better go see who it is! I love company.
03:05 Come in! - Hi Auntie Linda!
03:11 - Well hi Daniel Wilson! It's so good to have you here.
03:15 What brings you to the farm?
03:17 - I brought you some cookies that my mother made!
03:20 - Oh, that's so nice for you to share with me!
03:24 Can you stay for worship? - Yes! I'd like to!
03:27 - Well, good. Come on in. Oh, that is wonderful!
03:31 You know what? Georgie's excited that you're here, too.
03:35 He wants to sit with you, is that okay?
03:37 - Sure!
03:38 - Georgie, you be really quiet ok?
03:41 Have you met Kitty Cat?
03:43 No.
03:46 - Kitty Cat just told us it's time to ring our Worship Bell!
03:49 Would you like to ring it for us today? We'll teach you our song!
03:52 We'll teach the boys and girls, too!
03:57 "Worship Bell so sweet, Calling us to meet
04:00 With our best friend, Jesus!
04:04 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near
04:09 Smiling when He sees us!"
04:14 I'm so glad that Jesus is sharing this time with us.
04:18 But you know what? This is Georgie's favorite time,
04:23 and Kitty Cat's favorite time, and the boys and girls, too!
04:25 You know why? - Why?
04:27 Because it's time to look inside our Worship Present Box!
04:31 Do you like presents? - Yes.
04:34 - Yes, I do too! Oh, we do have something special
04:40 in here today! Oh, this is son neat!
04:44 We have a book! Do you like books, Daniel?
04:47 - Yes. - I do, too!
04:49 This book is on "Sharing is the Best!"
04:53 I like to share, do you? - Yes.
04:57 - I know you do because you shared your cookies this morning
05:00 "When I have two, I'll give one to you. "
05:03 That's sharing! Isn't that sharing boys and girls?
05:07 "I like others to share, too. If you have two, would you give
05:14 one to me? That would make me happy. That is sharing!"
05:19 I love sharing. "I am so glad that Jesus shares, aren't you?"
05:28 - Yes. "He shares the sun and the rain,
05:33 and the moon. What a nice Jesus,
05:36 I love Him, don't you?" - Yes.
05:38 - Do you love Jesus? Yes, Jesus loves us to share with Him.
05:44 Well, I like to share, too! I have something to share
05:47 with you! You shared your cookies, I can share my turtles!
05:52 I have two pet turtles.
05:56 "I have two turtles, and I am glad.
06:00 You have no turtle, and that's too bad.
06:03 I'll share my turtle for I love you,
06:08 And that's what Jesus wants me to do!"
06:13 Daniel, would you have a special prayer that we will be
06:19 able to share like Jesus shares with us?
06:21 'Cause we want to always be good, and kind,
06:24 and share like Jesus shares. Let's bend our knees, okay?
06:27 "I will bend my knees,
06:32 I will fold my hands," We're gonna bow our heads.
06:38 "I will bow my head," And we'll close our eyes.
06:44 "I will close my eyes, And very, very quiet be,
06:50 While the prayer is said. "
06:54 - Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day.
06:57 Please help us to always share and be with us.
07:01 In your name, Amen. - Amen!
07:03 Well Daniel, thank you so much for coming today!
07:09 It was so good to have you. - Thanks for letting me come.
07:12 - What are you gonna do today? - I'm going to go back and help
07:18 my mother. - Oh, that is really special.
07:22 Will you come again and have worship with us?
07:23 - Yes! - Okay, well Georgie wants to
07:26 give you a big hug! He's so happy that you came.
07:29 Come on, Georgie, we'll walk him to the door, ok?
07:33 Come see us again! - Okay, I will.
07:37 - Bye! - Bye!
07:39 That was so nice of him to come and share cookies with us!
07:44 Maybe you have someone you can share with today.
07:48 That would make Jesus happy! Right now it's time for us to
07:53 go to the farm with some of my friends and see Farmer Mike!
07:58 Let's go! Hey kids, let's go to the barn!
08:04 - Farmer Mike! What do you have? - Hi guys I'm glad you guys came
08:12 to my farm today. - We got our Farmer Mike
08:15 clothes on today. - You sure do. Look at that.
08:18 You got your brush? - Noah's ready to help you!
08:21 - I love it when you help me. - Tyler and I want to watch.
08:25 Did you hear that?
08:26 - D'ya hear her sneeze, Tyler? Guess what her name is?
08:31 - You know her name, Noah? Ginger! And guess what?
08:36 Guess what, Auntie Linda? - What?
08:41 - Ginger is a Mommy! - Ginger is a Mommy?
08:43 - Ginger has a 3-year old baby! - But she's so little!
08:45 She doesn't look like she'd be a Mommy, does she?
08:49 - No! - But she's got a 3-year old,
08:52 and the baby's name is Babbs! - Babbs!
08:55 - And you know what the baby's dad's name is?
08:58 - Believe it or not, it's Little Bit!
09:01 See, like a little bit! - Little Bit that's a funny name
09:07 for a dad, don't you think, Tyler?
09:09 - We like Ginger here on the farm because she reminds us
09:13 of her color. It looks like a fur coat, like that?
09:18 - Oh yes, it's so pretty. - And all that hair comes out
09:21 naturally! - Jesus made so many animals.
09:24 - When Jesus made her, I like what He did here, because
09:26 I don't have to cut her hair! - Jesus made her!
09:29 - Jesus made her is right! You know what she likes
09:32 to do for fun? - Yes.
09:33 - She likes to run around and play with goats!
09:37 - She likes to play with goats? - I wanna watch you when I
09:40 tell you this! She likes to play with pot-bellied pigs!
09:42 That's right, pot-bellied pigs! Anyway, I like her because she's
09:50 so nice and she's trying to eat. - Nice horsey!
09:53 - Nice horsey, can you brush her like that?
09:56 - Is hay the only thing she likes to eat?
09:58 - Well, she eats hay, but let me see. She likes something else.
10:06 - Vegetables! - She probably would like those.
10:08 - I had a horse that used to like to eat chili!
10:11 - You're kidding. What did you name her?
10:12 - I don't remember, I just remembered she liked chili!
10:16 - Let me tell you something neat about her.
10:18 You know how you can tell how old she is?
10:20 She may not let me do this... See her teeth right there?
10:24 That's how you can tell. - Oooo, she has bad breath!
10:29 - We need to give her a mint! No, we better not do that!
10:33 But anyway, you can look at her teeth and tell her age.
10:38 Do you know how to trim her toenails?
10:45 You take little scissors or things you use to trim toenails
10:50 just like you do yours! - Use clippers!
10:52 - Clippers? Clippers is right! Why didn't I think of clippers?
10:55 I'm glad you came here today, Noah.
10:57 - Not scissors. - Not scissors, clippers!
10:59 Here I run this farm and don't even know the right name!
11:05 Thank goodness for Noah. - Does she like to drink water?
11:09 - Yes, she likes water, and when you clip her toenails
11:14 it does not hurt her. She likes it.
11:17 Woah! Come here!
11:19 Come here now. - Go on. You stick to your hay!
11:23 - This is the first day they met you. You be a lady now.
11:29 She likes you guys being here. What else can I tell you?
11:34 She's such a special pal here at the farm.
11:37 We love Ginger here at the farm. - It's so special how Jesus
11:42 gave us so many different animals to play with
11:44 and love, and learn about. And we can have fun taking
11:47 care of them. - You know how nobody in the
11:51 world looks just like you, Auntie Linda?
11:53 Nobody looks just exactly like Ginger!
11:55 They look kind of alike, but she's what we call a mini.
12:02 She's not a full-size horse as you can see.
12:05 - She's a mini horse? - Yeah, she's a mini horse.
12:07 But see this white marking here? And her hair like that?
12:11 There's only one Ginger. Jesus makes us all like that!
12:16 There are a lot of us, but He makes us all a little different.
12:20 Aren't you glad of that? - Yes thanks for having us today
12:24 it was fun coming here. Noah, can you help me sing a song?
12:29 - Yeah. - You always help me sing!
12:30 "I like to go to the farm Where the cows moo moo.
12:35 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack quack.
12:39 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
12:43 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus!
12:46 Well thank you for showing us Ginger today.
12:50 But we've got a lot of fun things to do, so we better
12:53 hurry back. We'll see you again! - Come here and hug me!
12:56 Okay! Good bye! - Come on, Noah!
13:00 - Bye bye! - Bye bye!
13:04 - Bye horsey! - Good bye!
13:07 "Time for our Nature Walk!"
13:10 It's a beautiful day for a walk. Michael and Hannah and I are out
13:15 Can you wave to everyone? Hi! Come and join us!
13:22 "Shall we go for a walk today, A walk today, a walk today?
13:29 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given?"
13:35 Oh Hannah, you found something very special!
13:39 Come and sit beside me, I want to show you this.
13:43 That was a nice thing wasn't it? You know what?
13:47 This comes from a mule deer! Yes, this is an antler!
13:52 And you know what? This is on the daddy's head!
13:56 And sometimes the daddy mule deer take their heads and they
14:02 kinda fight each other. They like to do that.
14:06 - I want to see. - Yes, you can see, too!
14:09 See how sharp it is? When wild animals come, the mule deer
14:16 use their antlers to protect themselves!
14:19 But you see these little holes right here?
14:22 Let me show you the holes. See the little holes?
14:25 The mice like to chew on this for food!
14:31 Isn't it neat how God gives us so many wonderful animals
14:37 to enjoy? And every winter, you know what happens?
14:41 Their antlers fall off their heads!
14:44 And then they grow again! Yes, we can both hold it.
14:48 Let's sing how God made the beautiful mule deer.
14:54 God made the beautiful mule deer I know, I know.
15:01 God made the beautiful mule deer Because He loves me so.
15:10 "Story Time!"
15:16 It's story time, boys and girls, and we have a good story today!
15:20 We have Noah with us, and Dominique,
15:24 and we are telling the story of
15:25 Little Lad and the Loaves and Fishes.
15:27 Little Lad lived by a lake. Yes, see the lake?
15:32 And he helped his daddy, 'cause he was a fisherman.
15:35 - A red shirt. - That's a red shirt.
15:38 - Pink shirt. - I have a pink shirt!
15:40 Look, Father has a red shirt on too, doesn't he?
15:43 - A red shirt. - A blue shirt!
15:48 - Yes, Little Lad has a blue outfit on, too.
15:51 Look at little lad. He's helping his daddy work hard.
15:55 Oh, that's right, he's got a fish!
15:57 He's helping sort the little fishy here, and the big fishes.
16:02 Oh, they're having so much fun! And then mother called them in
16:07 the house. "Come and eat!" And they had barley loaves,
16:12 and grapes. - I love grapes!
16:15 - You love grapes? And he ate them all up because
16:18 he wanted to grow up big and strong so he could be
16:23 a fisherman like his daddy. He went outside and he saw
16:27 people walking by! - Red shirt.
16:30 - Yes, that man had a red shirt. And he had a brown coat.
16:32 And you know what the men said? - Purple.
16:36 - Yes, the lady had a purple outfit, and she said,
16:37 "We're going to see Jesus!" - Look!
16:41 - And Little Lad said, "Oh, I want to see Jesus, too!"
16:46 But mother said, "Take a lunch. It'll be a long day!"
16:50 So he started out, and he had five barley loaves,
16:54 and two fishes his mommy packed in there.
16:58 Look at the flowers. - Flowers!
17:00 And the water was so pretty. - I like flowers!
17:03 - One, two, three. - That's right! Three flowers!
17:07 Very good, Noah! He found Jesus sitting on a rock
17:10 and he had his lunch, and he looked and listened, and Jesus
17:16 told really good stories. He loved Jesus' stories!
17:19 But while he was listening, Andrew came over and said,
17:23 "Can I have your lunch? Jesus would like it. "
17:29 "Oh yes, He can have my lunch!" And he smiled and gave it to him
17:32 and he thought, "I wonder what Jesus is going to do
17:37 with my lunch?" And Jesus looked at it,
17:39 and He said, "I want everyone to sit down. We're going to eat. "
17:43 "Oh," said Little Lad, "doesn't Jesus know there are only
17:48 five barley loaves and two fishes in there?
17:51 - Who's that? - That's a man sitting down
17:54 waiting for the lunch. And Jesus began to pray.
17:58 Do you pray before you eat? - Yes.
18:01 - You thank Jesus for your food, don't you, Dominique?
18:04 And as He finished, he gave a piece to the boy who gave his
18:11 lunch to Jesus, and he took a bite and said, "This tastes
18:17 even better than what Momma made!"
18:20 Yes, Jesus was giving him some food, and him some food!
18:24 And everybody ate, and ate, and ate, and Dominique, can you
18:29 help me count how many baskets were left over after they
18:34 finished eating? One, two, three, four, five,
18:41 six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve!
18:47 Twelve! There were twelve baskets left over!
18:53 That's a lot of food from Little Lad's lunch!
18:57 - Baskets. - Yes, there are the baskets
19:00 full of food. He ran home as fast as he could
19:03 and he said, "Mommy, Daddy, you won't believe what Jesus did
19:07 with my little lunch! I even brought some back for you to try
19:10 And mother and father looked at his lunch, and they were
19:15 so happy! And you know what, boys and girls?
19:20 Just as God blessed the little lunch that Little Lad gave,
19:24 He will bless the gifts that we give Him, too.
19:27 "Fun in the Kitchen!"
19:34 - I'm so glad you kids have joined us in the kitchen today!
19:37 We're making bread! - Yes!
19:42 - I love to make bread. Don't you love the smell
19:46 of fresh bread baking in the oven?
19:49 - Give me a bread thing. - I will give you a bread pan.
19:52 You know what? I have four bread pans, and these are small
19:56 little pans, and you know what? I'm going to share with you!
19:59 Because I know that Auntie Linda talked about sharing today.
20:02 Let me spray it, just a minute. Okay, you want this one?
20:07 We'll give the two smaller ones, although you're big kids,
20:11 and we'll give Justin one, and Jadice one,
20:18 and Auntie Linda and Miss Cinda have some fresh bread dough!
20:26 Auntie Linda can you show Justin and Noah how to make a loaf?
20:34 - You take it and kneed it. - Shape the bread dough...
20:38 - Here Noah, push on it. We'll give Jadice and Jasmine some.
20:45 Do you know how to shape it? Look how Auntie Linda does it.
20:50 You push hard. - Good job!
20:56 Let me show you how to do it. Let's press it in here like this
21:05 by using the heel of your hand and go like this.
21:12 Then fold it over, go like this. Let me pull your sleeves up.
21:17 - This reminds me, Miss Cinda. Our Bible story today was about
21:25 the loaves and fishes. And Jesus took barley loaves and
21:30 He made lots and lots of food with it!
21:32 That's right! - And you know what?
21:37 Auntie Linda was also talking about sharing, and when you
21:45 have some cookie's you've made, or maybe some bread you've made,
21:47 you could share it with your neighbor or someone that's sick.
21:51 Do you boys and girls like to share?
21:53 - Yes, I do! - Pat it, and pat it!
21:54 - Do you like to share, Justin and Noah?
22:02 - Yeah. - 'Cause Jesus really wants us
22:05 to share, doesn't He? You could even share your bread!
22:09 Do you know what you could do? You could share it with your
22:12 grandma, and your grandpa! Your grandpa loves bread.
22:16 See how we're doing this? Now put it in your pan.
22:23 Don't push it down. Oh, you gotta start over!
22:28 - He's making a special loaf! This one's for his daddy!
22:31 Or his grandpa! - You can see that our kids are
22:36 havin' lots of fun in the kitchen!
22:38 You havin' fun in Miss Cinda's kitchen?
22:40 Yes!
22:42 And I hope you help your mommies in the kitchen, too.
22:46 Because cooking is so much fun!
22:50 "It's Sing Time, boys and girls!"
22:54 Georgie is soo excited because it's Sing Time!
22:58 - I love to sing. - Me too!
23:00 - He's also excited because Stephen and Becca,
23:04 and little Levi are here! We're going to start out by
23:10 singing a song called, "I'm Inright, Outright,
23:11 Upright, Downright Happy All the Time!"
23:13 Join us!
23:18 "I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
23:22 happy all the time!
23:24 I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
23:28 Happy all the time!
23:30 Since Jesus Christ came in, I gave my heart to Him,
23:36 I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
23:40 Happy all the time!" - Did Levi sing that?
23:44 - He did good! - He looks happy, doesn't he?
23:46 Let's try that one again, boys and girls...
23:50 "I'm inright, outright, Upright, downright
23:54 Happy all the time!
23:56 I'm inright, outright, Upright, downright
23:59 Happy all the time!
24:01 Since Jesus Christ came in, I gave my heart to Him,
24:07 I'm inright, outright, Upright, downright
24:11 Happy all the time!" - Well I'm happy today because
24:15 we learned to share today! - We were just sharing a song.
24:19 - That's right, and Miss Cinda shared some things today, too.
24:23 - I did, I made bread today, and I shared some with
24:28 Auntie Linda! - It was good!
24:30 - Oh, bread smells so good, and sharing is so important.
24:34 - It is. Let's sing a song about that!
24:37 It's called "Share Him, Share Him, All Ye Little Children. "
24:39 "Share Him, share Him, All ye little children!
24:45 God is love, God is love!
24:51 Share Him, share Him, All ye little children,
24:55 God is love, God is love!"
25:01 Good job, Stephen, can we sing even louder now?
25:04 - He sang that so well. - Yes, he did!
25:07 We're gonna sing it again, okay?
25:09 "Share Him, share Him, All ye little children,
25:14 God is love, God is love!
25:19 Share Him, share Him, All ye little children,
25:24 God is love, God is love!"
25:30 There's another song we're gonna sing. It's a song little Levi
25:35 can't sing right now. - Why?
25:38 - Because it's a song about clapping your hands for joy,
25:41 and holding a toy. But someday Levi's gonna be able to do that.
25:45 Isn't he, Stephen? - And you know what, Stephen?
25:48 You can learn it, and then you can teach your brother Levi!
25:54 And you can teach Becca, too! - It starts out like this...
25:59 "Jesus made my hands so they could hold a toy," okay?
26:03 First it's "Jesus made my hands so they could clap for joy!"
26:06 Okay, let's try it.
26:10 "Jesus made my hands So they could clap for joy.
26:15 Jesus made my arms So they could hold a toy.
26:21 Jesus made my feet So they could walk like this.
26:26 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus?" - Jesus made my head
26:35 to turn from side to side. Jesus made my arms so
26:40 they could reach so wide. And Jesus made my hands so
26:44 they could roll like this. Isn't He a wonderful Jesus?
26:47 Try the second verse with us.
26:49 "Jesus made my head To turn from side to side.
26:54 Jesus made my arms So they could reach so wide.
27:01 Jesus made my hands So they could roll like this.
27:06 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus?"
27:13 Well, boys and girls, let's fold our hands and close our eyes
27:15 and let's thank Jesus. Thank you, Jesus for being
27:19 so wonderful. Thank you for this day. We love you.
27:23 In your name, Amen. "
27:24 That's Mr. Rooster, and he says that's all the time have today.
27:31 Come back and see us again!
27:38 "Our time together is over, So we will have to go.
27:44 Good bye, good bye, Remember God loves you!
27:51 Good bye, good bye! Remember God loves you!"
27:59 Good bye!


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