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00:05 We're tiny tots around the world We're God's girls and boys.
00:11 We live for Him around the world We spread love and joy.
00:16 Like colors of the rainbow, We're shining bright where we go
00:21 We're tiny tots around the world We're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda, and this is Georgie!
00:33 Georgie, can you say hi to the boys and girls?
00:36 Yes, Georgie is so glad that you're here!
00:40 Kitty Cat is also glad that you're here.
00:43 Oh, he's saying hi, too!
00:47 You've made someone very happy because you've come today.
00:52 "You made Jesus happy
00:55 Just because you came.
00:57 Jesus loves the children, Every one the same.
01:02 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:07 You made Jesus happy Just because you came!"
01:13 That is Freddy!
01:17 He's happy that you're here, too!
01:19 It's also time to give him some good fishy food!
01:22 Are you hungry? Yes, you are! Okay. I love Freddy.
01:28 So I like to take good care of him.
01:30 I'm glad Jesus gave me Freddy.
01:34 "I'm glad today, I'm glad today, For dear Freddy I'm glad today.
01:40 Thank you, God in heaven. "
01:48 Oh Georgie, we've got a phone call!
01:52 I wonder who it can be? Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:59 Oh, hi Tierra! Thank you, yes!
02:04 Jesus does love us, doesn't He?
02:08 Oh, I like to tell Him, too. Oh, you did?
02:12 Well you have fun with Mommy. Yes, good bye!
02:16 That was Tierra Walker. She said she loves Jesus so much
02:25 that she just wants to tell Him all the time, I love you, Jesus!
02:29 And she wanted you to know, too, Georgie, that Jesus loves all
02:36 the little animals.
02:39 Oh, Kitty Cat, thank you for reminding me that
02:47 it's Worship Time, and time to ring our worship bell.
02:51 "Worship bell so sweet, Calling us to meet
02:55 With our best friend, Jesus!
03:01 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
03:05 Smiling when He sees us!"
03:12 This is a special time for Kitty Cat and Georgie,
03:17 and for you, too! We're going to see what's in
03:21 our Worship Present Box! Georgie, sit right there.
03:26 Oh, we do have something special today!
03:30 That's right, we have a flannel board here!
03:35 And on it is a picture of Jesus, and there's even a little baby!
03:43 Jesus loves the little babies, and the little children love to
03:47 sit on His lap. I love Jesus so much!
03:51 I want to take my little heart and give it to Him.
03:55 And we've got some pictures of little kids who want to give
03:59 their hearts to Jesus today.
04:01 "I'll give my heart to Jesus, To Jesus, to Jesus.
04:08 I'll give my heart to Jesus Because He loves me so. "
04:17 Jesus does love us. He loves us so much!
04:21 Do you want to give your heart to Jesus, too?
04:23 And tell Him that you love Him? Let's put our little hearts
04:29 up here, and I'll set this down.
04:30 We're going to get down on our knees. Can you do that?
04:37 "I will bend my knees. "
04:41 Fold your hands. "I will fold my hands. "
04:47 Bow your head. "I will bow my head. "
04:53 And now close your eyes. "I will close my eyes,
04:57 And very, very quiet be, While the prayer is said. "
05:05 Dear Jesus, we just want to tell You that we love You!
05:10 And we want you to help us be good and kind like You are.
05:14 In Jesus' name, Amen.
05:19 Aren't you glad that Jesus loves you?
05:21 Jesus loves us so much He has lots of fun things planned,
05:28 and He made so many special things for us to see.
05:31 It's time now to go see Farmer Mike, and see the other
05:37 things that God has made for us.
05:40 Hey kids, let's go to the barn!
05:45 - Farmer Mike! - Farmer Mike!
05:48 - Go try to find him. Where is he?
05:50 Oh, what are you doing up there? - Hey, I'll be down...
05:58 Let's go outside! I was puttin' hay in the loft.
06:03 I didn't know you guys were here but I'm so glad to see you!
06:07 - We got our play clothes on because we're ready for some fun
06:10 - Let's go out here... - Oh, Justin, look at this!
06:15 - Now Justin, every day you come to the farm I have a different
06:22 animal, don't I? And today, guess what this is?
06:26 Kinda looks like a rabbit, but he's not a rabbit.
06:31 - He looks like a pig to me! - It's a pig, you are right!
06:35 - It's a pig? - Most pigs got there nose
06:38 like this, oink oink oink! But this pig is called
06:41 a guinea pig! - A guinea pig?
06:46 - And I was a little surprised because this guinea pig
06:47 is pretty big! Come over here, Hannah
06:50 'cause I want you to stand here so he can't bother you.
06:54 Are you okay right there? Can you see him?
06:55 See that guinea pig? Now watch. I'm going to pet him like this.
07:02 - So we can pet them? - You can pet them.
07:04 You got to be always real careful with pets like this.
07:09 - Ohhhh... he's so soft! - You're doing great.
07:12 Let me tell you how well they can hear, how they know things
07:18 they are so smart. I often wonder why we use guinea pigs
07:22 when people test little animals and stuff. One of the reasons is
07:30 he can hear so well, and he's so smart, they know their owners
07:37 footsteps! So Hannah, if you walked in, he would
07:43 know your footsteps, and if Auntie Linda walked in,
07:46 he would know her footsteps, and he would know the difference!
07:49 - You mean he would know if it was Hannah or if it was me?
07:52 - That's what they say. That's pretty smart, isn't it?
07:54 - That's one smart pig! Oh, excuse me, guinea pig.
07:58 - We talked about this before, but you know how we say God
08:04 makes animals different? One of the things a guinea pig has
08:07 is that he's so smart, and hears so well, it helps protect him
08:12 and keeps him safe! - Oh!
08:14 - Now what are some things that all the animals have to have?
08:19 - What do you have to have, Hannah?
08:21 Water? - We have to have some food.
08:30 - Food! - I have to take my vitamins.
08:33 - That's something else about a guinea pig.
08:37 - He takes vitamins? - Every single day that have to
08:41 have vitamin C. They can get it naturally, but they have to have
08:45 the right foods. Where do we get vitamin C?
08:49 What foods and fruits... oh, I told part of it...
08:52 - I eat my oranges every day. - Oranges have vitamin C.
08:58 Do you like oranges, Hannah? They have vitamin C.
09:01 And let's see, what else? Can you think of anything else?
09:05 - Justin, what fruit do you eat? Do you eat apples?
09:10 - Apples have vitamin C. - And we eat bananas.
09:14 - You're doing good, just don't hurt him.
09:20 They're smaller than we are. And here's where he gets water!
09:23 When he gets thirsty. - I like to drink water, too.
09:26 - Me, too. I'm trying to think of some more things...
09:31 I hoped I wouldn't forget this! When they get happy...
09:35 You guys ever get tickled and laugh?
09:38 - We do. We were playing Ring Around the Rosie
09:43 before we got here. - Bet you were laughing!
09:45 - Yes, we were. - You know what a guinea pig
09:49 does when he laughs? He jumps like popcorn in a pan!
09:53 He jumps real high! Isn't that funny?
09:57 That's what he does, and that's how you know he's happy!
10:00 Lemme think. There was something else I was going to tell you.
10:03 Oh, I know what it is. If you hear him rumbling
10:10 like this... he's giving you a warning.
10:15 He's starting to get irritated. He wants you to leave him alone.
10:18 - He's not rumbling! - No, he likes them. I can tell.
10:22 I think I'd rumble if they dropped all that stuff on me,
10:25 but he seems to like it okay. They're not hurting him
10:29 of course, and the other thing is, their teeth chatter!
10:34 - Mine chatter when I get really cold!
10:36 - His chatter when he's gonna bite somebody!
10:43 So if he ever goes like this - chatter chatter...
10:45 Look at my teeth! You better leave him alone
10:52 because he's gettin' ready to bite ya!
10:53 But he's not chattering right now.
10:54 There's so much we could tell you, but God makes all
11:01 animals to drink water, eat good food, we should
11:06 have exercise, rest and be happy...
11:08 all these things we're learning through all these animals.
11:11 I just like coming to the barn. Do you like coming to the barn?
11:16 Shall we sing our barn song? - Alright!
11:19 - Are you ready to sing? I like to go to the barn
11:24 where the cows moo moo. - That's it, where the cows moo.
11:26 "I like to go to the barn Where the cows moo moo.
11:30 I like to go to the barn Where the ducks quack quack.
11:34 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
11:38 I like to go to the barn And learn of Jesus. "
11:43 Can you tell Mr. Guinea Pig good bye?
11:47 - Wait a minute. Oh, I thought you were talking about me!
11:50 - No, - You mean the guinea pig?
11:51 - Yes, can you tell Farmer Mike good bye?
11:55 - Good bye. - Give me a hug, Hannah.
11:57 - Justin, can you hug Farmer Mike good bye?
12:02 - Come and see me again. Next time you come you can
12:05 wear my hat! - We had so much fun.
12:07 - Good bye! - Good bye!
12:08 - Thank you, this way. Come on kids!
12:14 Time for our Nature Walk!
12:18 I'm so glad you've joined us on our walk today.
12:22 We're going to have lots of fun.
12:24 "Shall we go for a walk today, A walk today, a walk today?
12:32 Shall we go for a walk today To see what God has made?"
12:41 What's in there? That's a tiny little acorn!
12:48 Isn't it cute? I wonder if there are any more?
12:53 Oh, there are some more! - Here's one.
12:58 - Oh yes, and here's one right here!
12:59 - Look! - Oh yes, there are more!
13:04 Let's put them all in our hands. Squirrels must have hid them!
13:08 They hide their food so they have lots to eat.
13:13 Noah, you know who else likes the little acorns?
13:19 That's a good boy! There's a birdie called
13:26 an acorn woodpecker, and do you know what he does?
13:27 He goes peck peck peck peck peck peck peck peck...
13:29 And he finds the acorn, and he takes it and puts it in the hole
13:34 And then he takes another acorn and he makes another hole,
13:42 and he makes lots of holes in the tree and puts the acorn
13:45 in the hole. And then he takes another one and puts it in there
13:48 and puts lots of acorns in the hole!
13:51 And he's called the acorn woodpecker!
13:53 - Look! - Can you say acorn woodpecker?
13:55 - Yes, can you say acorn woodpecker?
13:59 Say acorn woodpecker. - Acorn woodpecker.
14:04 That's right! God made him.
14:07 "God made the tiny acorns I know, I know.
14:14 God made the tiny acorns Because He loves me so. "
14:26 "Story Time!"
14:35 Hello boys and girls, it's Story Time!
14:39 And we have a good story for you today.
14:41 I have some friends with me I want you to meet.
14:44 What is your name? - Zoe.
14:47 - And what is your name? - Zaza.
14:51 And we're reading a story about Joash, the boy king.
14:54 "Shhhh. Don't cry! We don't want the wicked queen to hear you!"
15:00 "Someday you're going to be the king of Israel. "
15:04 "You must be very quiet so that the soldiers won't take you away
15:08 'cause then you'll be able to sit on a golden throne and
15:11 have a crown on your head. " As Joash got older, he learned
15:20 more and more about the God of heaven. And one day his uncle
15:24 took him out in the courtyard in the temple, and what was wrong
15:28 with the walls? - They have holes in them.
15:30 - There were holes in the walls. And he said, "What is that?"
15:35 And Uncle was so sad. He said the wicked queen's soldiers
15:41 had come and taken pieces out of the wall for their own idols
15:47 of wood and stone. Can idols hear us?
15:49 - No. - Can idols hear us?
15:52 - No! - Only the God of heaven,
15:58 and his Uncle who was the priest taught him about the God
16:02 of heaven. Do we have Bibles like that?
16:04 - No. - No, but that's what the Bible
16:07 looked like. That was a scroll! One day he was old enough
16:13 for all the people to see. And his Uncle the high priest
16:19 took him out, and he stood in front of all the people,
16:21 and the soldiers lined up, and everyone was so excited
16:26 they began to shout, "God save the king!"
16:30 "God save the king!" They shouted so loudly
16:35 that the wicked queen heard. And just as they were putting
16:40 the crown on little Joash's head the queen came running in.
16:46 Was she upset? Yes, she said, "Treason! Treason!"
16:53 "Take him away! Take him away!" But the soldiers didn't take
16:58 the little boy king away. They took the naughty queen away
17:00 didn't they? Now king Joash was taken out, and all the
17:06 people were so happy! What are they blowing here?
17:08 - Trumpets. - Trumpets! And they took him
17:12 and set him on a golden throne and put a crown on his head,
17:17 and his uncle was so happy, and the people were happy,
17:22 because once again there was someone on the throne
17:28 that loved God. As he got older, he walked back
17:33 to the temple and he saw the walls still had big holes
17:37 in them. Does that look very pretty? No.
17:40 Don't we want God's house to be pretty?
17:42 Yes, we like God's house to be nice.
17:44 And he said, "I want you to fix this!"
17:49 But his uncle said, "There's no money.
17:50 We can't fix it. " "Oh," said King Joash,
17:55 I know what I'll do. " And he put a box there.
17:58 What's he doing to the box? He's making a hole.
18:02 And he said to all the people, "When you come by this box,
18:06 I want you to put in coins. Lots and lots of coins.
18:12 So the people lined up, and the little boys put their money in,
18:17 and the little girls put their money in...
18:19 - Do you take your money to Sabbath School?
18:20 - Yes. - And the box filled up,
18:24 and they emptied it, and they filled it up again,
18:27 and look how much money they had. Lots and lots of money.
18:31 And now they were able to fix God's house up, and make it
18:36 so nice. Are there cracks in the walls now?
18:39 - No. - No, they made it so nice.
18:41 You know, just as God took care of little Joash, and placed him
18:51 on the throne... - His bigger...
18:54 - Yes, he's bigger now. And how they fixed the walls
18:56 our great big God will take care of us, too!
19:02 "Fun in the Kitchen!"
19:07 I am so glad that you've joined us in the kitchen today!
19:10 We're making blueberry muffins!
19:14 - We are, and we're gonna have lots of fun, aren't we?
19:18 I'm gonna give you each something to pour in,
19:22 can you reach my bowl over there?
19:23 Let me pass the bowl. Noah, can you put this in?
19:27 Hannah, you want to put this one in?
19:30 - Yes! - Alright! Pour it in quickly!
19:32 What, Tyler? Oh sure, you can pour that in.
19:37 Okay, ready? - Now Britton has some.
19:43 She's got the pure maple syrup.
19:46 - Oooo! - You know, I love Jesus.
19:52 He made us so many neat things.
19:53 - Jesus did! - Can I put it in?
19:55 - Yes you may. Let's go, Tyler.
19:59 - Whooooo! - Good job!
20:01 - Okay, Noah, you can do the canola oil.
20:05 Now Tyler, would you and Hannah like to stir it?
20:10 Hannah, you wanna get the spatula and stir for us?
20:14 - Yeah. - Alright!
20:16 - Can I stir? - We'll let you and Noah
20:19 put in blueberries. Do you kids like to help in the kitchen?
20:22 We're having so much fun. You'll have fun, too.
20:25 - This is some spray. - When you get to help cook...
20:28 Awww, are you getting flour on Miss Cinda?
20:31 Tyler, I'm gonna get flour on you!
20:33 - Oh, look. Hanna's getting flour on me!
20:38 Oh Hannah banana! Tyler, I'm helping you stir.
20:45 Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!
20:48 Mmmmm, that's good! Oh! I'm gonna get it on you!
20:54 - I got some on your nose! - Could we pour some liquid in?
20:59 - Oh, I still have it on me! Okay, Tyler, keep going.
21:08 - Hey Tyler, put it on her nose!
21:10 - On my nose? Doesn't it look good enough without it?
21:14 - Here, let me stir. - Oh, look at that!
21:20 - Tyler, look at what you did to me! Want some on your nose?
21:25 - Okay, Britton, would you and Noah like to put in a muffin...
21:35 Oh, you know what we forgot? We forgot to put in blueberries!
21:40 Hannah, you want to put in some blueberries?
21:44 - Hannah, come around this way, and I'll get you some
21:54 blueberries. You want to put some blueberries in?
21:58 - I got some. - See how much fun we're having?
22:02 You can have fun, too! Cooking is fun, and it tastes real good!
22:09 Let's get Britton some, 'cause she doesn't have any yet.
22:14 Oooh! Here you go. - I want to put in more.
22:20 Now get your spoons, and you're gonna put it in a muffin tin.
22:30 Auntie Linda, can you spray that one?
22:31 - You forgot to put yours in. - Auntie Linda already poured it
22:36 in for us. - You got some on you.
22:39 - I still got some on my nose? That's okay, it looks kinda good
22:43 - Is there something on that plate over there?
22:45 - What are we going to do with Auntie Linda?
22:47 What did she do again?
22:51 Eewwww! - She peeked!
22:54 - She peeked! Miss Cinda's already made some muffins.
22:57 But you know what I did?
23:04 Look, I made little Mini-Muffins for you!
23:05 Would you like one? Tyler, would you like one?
23:07 - Aunt Linda gets one. Let's taste and see if they're good!
23:15 - Ah! - Ooooo. Is it good?
23:17 Mmmmmm! Oooo, that's good. You know, it tastes better here
23:23 than on my nose! - I'll put this in the trash.
23:25 - Here, I'll do it, or we'll just do it later.
23:27 Boys and girls, I hope you help your mommies and daddies
23:32 in the kitchen, just like our kids are helping here.
23:35 Because being in the kitchen and cooking is a lot of fun!
23:39 "It's Sing Time, boys and girls!"
23:46 We're excited because it's Sing Time again!
23:49 - Yes! - You mean, we get to sing?
23:51 - We're going to sing a song about our best friend, Jesus.
23:56 Jesus loves me, this I know...
23:58 - Oh we know that one. - You sing with us too, okay?
24:02 "Jesus loves me, this I know For the Bible tells me so.
24:11 Little ones to Him belong, They are weak, but He is strong.
24:20 Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me.
24:29 Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so. "
24:39 That was good. Noah knew that song really well.
24:42 - Well, shall we see if we can sing it louder?
24:47 You sing it with us, okay?
24:48 "Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible tells me so.
24:57 Little ones to Him belong, They are weak, but He is strong.
25:07 Yes, Jesus loves me Yes, Jesus loves me,
25:16 Yes, Jesus loves me, The Bible tells me so. "
25:27 - Jesus does love us so much. There's another song that we
25:32 can sing about Jesus. It's called "Jesus Loves Even Me. "
25:37 - I really am glad that Jesus loves me.
25:41 - I am too, are you glad Jesus loves you, Stephen?
25:42 - Yes. - Yes! Hannah loves Jesus, too.
25:45 - We're gonna sing, we're gonna sing, here we go!
25:50 Yes, can you sing it?
25:53 I am so glad that Jesus loves me Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me.
26:01 I am so glad that Jesus loves me Jesus loves even me!"
26:10 Let's sing that again! - Did you say Jesus loves you
26:14 and me? - He loves even me.
26:16 - Even me, okay. Because I thought they were singing
26:19 Jesus loves you and me. But they'll sing it right this time.
26:21 I am so glad that Jesus loves me Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me.
26:32 I am so glad that Jesus loves me Jesus loves even me!"
26:41 I think they got it right that time!
26:42 Let's thank Jesus for loving us. Miss Cinda, will you have our
26:47 prayer today? - I will.
26:48 - Let's bow our heads and close our eyes.
26:50 Fold your hands. Fold Georgie's hands.
26:52 Dear Jesus, we're so thankful that You love us.
26:59 And we love you, too. You're such a wonderful Jesus.
27:03 We thank you for taking care of us, and all You do for us.
27:11 And also, we're looking forward to going to heaven with You.
27:17 And we thank You for that, too. We love You, Jesus.
27:21 In Your name, Amen. - Amen!
27:24 There goes that rooster again!
27:26 Yes sir! Mr. Rooster says that's all the time we have
27:29 for today, but come back and see us again!
27:40 Our time together is over, So we will have to go.
27:46 Goodbye, goodbye, Remember God loves you!
27:53 Goodbye, goodbye, Remember God loves you.
28:02 Goodbye!


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