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Jesus Takes Care Of Me Pt. 1

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world We're God's girls and boys,
00:10 We live for Him around the world We spread love and joy.
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow, We're shining bright where we go
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world We're God's girls and boys!
00:29 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda, and this is Georgie.
00:33 Georgie, the boys and girls are here!
00:36 Can you wave Hi to them? Good boy!
00:40 Kitty Cat is glad that you're here, too!
00:43 Aren't you, Kitty?
00:45 Yes, Kitty Cat is always glad when you come to the farm.
00:48 But there's Someone else that's glad that you're here!
00:52 "You made Jesus happy Just because you came,
00:58 Jesus loves the children, Every one the same.
01:03 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:08 You made Jesus happy Just because you came!"
01:15 Freddy's glad you're here, too!
01:19 Oh, Freddy is saying that he is hungry!
01:24 Let's give him some good fishy food!
01:26 We want to take good care of Freddy. Not too much, though.
01:31 If we give him too much food he could get sick.
01:33 We're just going to give you a little bit. Here you go Freddy
01:36 "I'm glad today, I'm glad today.
01:41 For dear Freddy I'm glad today. Thank you God in heaven. "
01:52 Georgie, we've got a phone call!
01:56 I can hardly wait to hear who it is!
01:59 Hello? This is Auntie Linda. Oh, hi Abby!
02:06 Oh, how are you today? You're feeling better?
02:11 Oh, I am, too! I'm glad God gave you a mommy to take care of you.
02:18 You have a good day, and thank you for calling!
02:22 Bye bye! That was Abby from Tennessee.
02:28 And she said she was riding her bike and she fell!
02:33 And the bike fell on top of her! But she didn't get hurt.
02:38 Then she went to the park with her mommy, and she was swinging
02:42 in a swing and she fell out of the swing,
02:45 and she hit her little head! But she said she cried and mommy
02:51 came over and gave her a big hug and it felt all better!
02:54 I'm so glad God gave her a good mommy to take care of her,
03:00 aren't you?
03:03 Hi Kitty, we try to take good care of you, too!
03:06 But you're right. Kitty's reminding me that it's time
03:10 to ring our Worship Bell!
03:14 "Worship Bell so sweet, Calling us to meet
03:18 With our Best Friend, Jesus.
03:23 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
03:28 Smiling when He sees us. "
03:34 Oh, this is a special time. Georgie and Kitty like to see
03:40 what's in our Present Box. Would you like to see, too?
03:43 Let's take a peek. There you go, Georgie.
03:46 Oh... we do have something special!
03:53 Oh, we have a little chickadee!
04:01 He's a pretty little chickadee that Jesus made for us
04:07 to enjoy!
04:08 When I lived at Camp Au Sable, we had all kinds of chickadees.
04:14 They would come to the feeder, and let's see what else we have.
04:18 Yes, there are some seeds. You can sit right here, chickadee.
04:21 We would put some sunflower seeds in our hand,
04:26 like this. And then the little chickadees would come,
04:32 they would come to the feeder and they'd be so happy!
04:38 And they would sing their pretty song and they would actually
04:43 sit in my hand and take a seed and eat it, then take another
04:47 seed, and then eat it. You see, God made some sunflower seeds
04:53 and He made other good food so that birds wouldn't go hungry.
04:57 I'm so glad that Jesus takes good care of us. He also gave
05:02 the chickadee such nice feathers that are so soft.
05:08 I'm glad that Jesus made us special chickadees.
05:12 You know, I want to thank Him for the special chickadees,
05:18 and for taking good care of them We'll set him right here.
05:22 Here's some little food for him. Can you bend your knees with me?
05:26 "I will bend my knees," Fold your hands...
05:32 "I will fold my hands," Bow your head...
05:37 "I will bow my head," And close your little eyes...
05:42 "I will close my eyes. And very, very quiet be
05:49 While the prayer is said. "
05:54 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for being with Abby,
06:01 and thank you for giving her such a good mommy to take care
06:03 of her. Thank you, Jesus, for taking care of the chickadees!
06:08 We love You, in Jesus' name, Amen.
06:14 We have a lot of fun things planned for you today!
06:19 But right now it's time to go to the barn and see
06:23 Farmer Mike!
06:26 "Hey kids, let's go to the barn!"
06:31 - Hello, Farmer Mike! - Hey!
06:33 - We brought you Sylvia and Noah!
06:35 - Come here, Sylvia!
06:36 Come here, Noah! You got play clothes on because you've come
06:41 to the Tiny Tot's Farm! - That's right!
06:44 - Whatcha got there? A fishing pole?
06:45 - It's for you! - Aw, he brought you a present!
06:48 - Thank you, I'm gonna keep that.
06:49 Come over here and I want to
06:51 show you guys a present! - What is that?
06:53 - You can't take him home with you, but you can come and
06:55 see him on the farm here. That's called an iguana!
07:00 - Yes! - Can you say that?
07:04 - That's a big word! - Can you say iguana?
07:07 - uhguana! - Good job, good job!
07:10 Now let me tell you something about the iguana, because
07:12 every time you come to my farm we have a different animal
07:16 to show you. What are some things we always tell you?
07:19 What they drink - water. What they eat, and how they
07:24 like to play like you guys, and exercise...
07:27 - Noah, do you want to get up close to the cage to see better?
07:29 - Come on, I'll show you real close.
07:31 Now I'm gonna try something here so let's see if we don't
07:33 scare him. I'm going to hold him up just a bit,
07:36 so you can get really close. - He's moving!
07:40 - Look, look in his eyes! Don't make a noise, now.
07:41 See that? Now what color is he? - Green.
07:46 - Now do you know why that's important?
07:47 - He's green. - God made him green
07:50 for a reason
07:52 He can hide if a big animal is chasing him!
07:55 He can hide in the grass- what color is the grass?
07:59 - Green. - Just like the iguana.
08:03 And let me tell you something else,
08:05 if you ever bought an iguana and went to a pet store
08:09 come here, I wanna show you this if you go buy one of these
08:14 at the pet store, of course you always have to ask your mommy
08:16 and daddy first, look, if that's a real good green,
08:21 it means he's healthy! And if he's not real green,
08:30 Auntie Linda, if he's kinda icky green, it means he's sick.
08:36 - Oh, I don't like to be sick. - He doesn't need to be taken
08:40 home with somebody, if he's sick he needs to go to a veterinarian
08:43 - I found green, too! - You told me this was black!
08:47 This is the cage he comes in, and this is very important.
08:51 He likes to be in a cage where he can get a lot of sunlight,
08:55 - Can you look in there? - Where he feels safe.
08:58 See this glass all around him? Nothing else can get to him.
09:01 - Is it safe to touch him? - Maybe touch him with one
09:04 finger but don't pick him up. You can take one finger
09:09 and touch him. Do you wanna try that? Touch him real easy.
09:12 Okay, he liked that! Now the other thing,
09:17 they like to have water in their cage, and food...
09:19 - I like water, too. - And they like it real handy.
09:22 - I like water, too. - I do, too!
09:23 That's how God made us! We have to have water
09:27 and let me tell you something really important.
09:30 I'm going to put the top back on. You see all that
09:33 green stuff around him? - Yes.
09:34 That makes him feel safe, but the color green's very important
09:39 to the iguana because he likes to eat... green vegetables!
09:47 - I like green vegetables! - And why should we eat
09:53 green vegetables, Auntie Linda? - Because they're good for us!
09:56 - And the iguana eats green vegetables! What else is good
09:59 for us? What's good for us to eat?
10:03 - Um, corn. - Corn! Sometimes.
10:06 And what else? Fruit? - Yes, fruit.
10:13 - What fruit do you like? - Corn.
10:16 - No, that's not a fruit! I'm talking like pears, apples,
10:20 - Bananas... - Do you like bananas?
10:22 - Yes. - I could tell you eat bananas!
10:24 I can tell. The iguana likes the same thing!
10:28 - He eats bananas? - Well, little pieces of
10:29 bananas, little pieces of fruit, he loves all that.
10:32 - There's a frog on it! There's a frog on it, too!
10:37 Well, that does have a frog on there! I don't know what
10:42 that frog's doing on there, because there's also a picture
10:44 of an iguana. Maybe they can be friends.
10:45 I hope so. Well, about all I can tell you about the iguana.
10:50 - Noah, let's sing for Farmer Mike and maybe he
10:55 will sing with us. Let's sing our special song, okay?
10:57 - Now wait, before we sing, that first verse is...
11:00 "I like to go to the barn... " Because I want the children
11:04 to learn it, too! - Now what's on it?
11:07 - What's that one? I can't tell what that is!
11:10 - It's a spider! - Oooo! Don't touch it!
11:13 - Let's sing our song! - Spiders could be bad.
11:17 "I like to go to the barn
11:18 where the cows moo moo...
11:20 I like to go to the barn where the ducks quack quack...
11:23 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
11:28 I like to go to the barn And learn of Jesus. "
11:33 - Well thank you so much, this was fun!
11:36 - I'm so glad you've come and met my friend - we named him
11:40 Veggie! - Veggie?
11:44 - 'Cause he likes vegetables - Aw, that's a good name.
11:47 - And he eats healthy like we're supposed to,
11:50 and that's how God made us. - Well, we've gotta go, see ya!
11:52 Bye bye! Can you wave bye bye?
11:55 - Come back next time and I'll show you another animal.
11:56 - Come on, let's go! That was fun!
12:00 "Time for our Nature Walk!"
12:06 What a beautiful day for a walk! Yasmine and Lissa and I are out
12:15 having so much fun. I'm glad you came, too!
12:16 "Shall we go for a walk today?
12:19 A walk today, A walk today?
12:23 Shall we go for a walk today To see what God has given?"
12:31 What is that? - A birdy!
12:34 - That's a birdy, and see the pretty flowers?
12:37 Yes, lots of pretty flowers! What colors are they?
12:42 What color is this? - Orange.
12:46 - Orange! And what color is this?
12:47 - Purple.
12:49 - Purple! Do you like to pick flowers and take them to mommy?
12:52 - Yeah. - We have to put them in water,
12:55 don't we? But you know what? When we get to heaven,
12:59 we can pick flowers and carry them around all day long,
13:05 and they will never die! Isn't that wonderful?
13:08 Mmmm. I smell a really pretty flower.
13:12 Let's see, I think it's coming from over there, Yasmine.
13:16 Let's go look! Oh! It's a rose!
13:21 Isn't it pretty? Yes, the roses need watering.
13:24 Do you want to pick a rose? Yes, let's let Yasmine pick it.
13:31 Oh yes, we have lots of water on there. Okay.
13:35 Do you want to pick it? Oh, it smells so good!
13:39 Take a whiff of it. Doesn't that smell good?
13:42 Do you want to smell it? Oh, yes. Do you know what?
13:46 Sometimes flowers have thorns. Do you know why they
13:50 have thorns? Because sometimes there are animals that come and
13:54 try to eat them, and they would eat the rose all up.
13:58 So God put the thorns on them to protect us.
14:02 "God made the beautiful roses, I know, I know.
14:09 God made the beautiful roses Because He loves me so. "
14:19 "Story Time!"
14:25 Hello boys and girls, it's Story Time!
14:28 And we have a good story for you today.
14:32 I have my friend Jadice with me, can you wave to them?
14:35 Our story today is about Esther, the Brave Queen.
14:40 Li'I Hadassah sat on the steps. She was so sad.
14:47 Why was she sad, Jadice? - 'Cause she had nobody
14:50 in her house. - She had nobody.
14:52 Cousin Mordecai heard that she had no one, so he came up and he
14:56 said, "Hadassah, I want you to come and live in my house. "
15:00 She was happy then, wasn't she? She was so happy to be going
15:05 home with cousin Mordecai. They walked down the trail,
15:08 and to the big city. Cousin Mordecai worked for the king.
15:13 Every day Hadassah would come and bring cousin Mordecai
15:20 some food. She brought him bread and honey, and cheese.
15:25 She even gave him some pomegranates.
15:28 Mmmm. That was a good meal, wasn't it?
15:31 - Um-hmmm. - As she got older, she helped
15:35 more and more around the house. One night at supper Mordecai
15:39 pointed out to the sky and he said, "See the twinkling star?"
15:43 He said, "You remind me of that star, shining so brightly.
15:49 I'm going to call you Esther!" "Esther? Esther?" she said.
15:55 "I like that name, bright and shining star!"
15:59 She wanted to shine brightly. One day when Esther was older,
16:05 she went to the palace. The king was looking for a new queen,
16:09 and he had lots and lots of girls coming.
16:13 Who do you think was the prettiest one there?
16:15 Esther, wasn't she? Mordecai thought so, too.
16:21 And when Esther came before the king,
16:23 he looked at her and said, "Oh, she's so pretty.
16:29 I can see that she's a good and kind woman. "
16:33 He took a crown, and placed it on her head, and he said,
16:37 "I make you queen!" Oh, Esther couldn't believe it!
16:42 She was now the queen! She went back to where she
16:47 had her house, where they had a nice little room for her,
16:49 and she studied what the king said in his rules. He had a book
16:53 of rules, and it said, "No one came come in before the king
16:58 unless they are invited!" "Oh," she said, "I will do what
17:04 the king wants. "
17:08 One day a messenger came. The people are crying,
17:12 why are they crying? - 'Cause everyone's gonna die!
17:15 - Yes, the messenger said, "Mordecai said that all God's
17:20 people were going to be killed. And he wants you to go in
17:23 before the king and save your people!"
17:27 But Esther said, "Oh, no! I can't do that!"
17:31 But Mordecai said, "I think that's why God made you a queen!
17:35 So that you could save your people. "
17:39 So she said, "Okay, but we must pray!
17:43 I can't go in before the king until we pray!"
17:46 Do you pray to Jesus? - Yes.
17:48 - All the servants prayed, and Mordecai had all the men pray.
17:52 And all the people were praying that God would please be with
17:58 the queen as she went before the king.
18:00 Then the day came when she was ready to go. She walked
18:05 down the hall. They prayed their last little prayers,
18:07 and all at once the king said, "Who dares to come before me?"
18:11 Oh, the queen, she knew Jesus was with her, so she was just
18:17 brave, and all the soldiers went running to grab her,
18:21 and the king looked up and saw that it was Esther.
18:23 And he smiled!
18:26 Can you smile like the king smiled when he saw Esther?
18:31 Yes, he was so happy. He held out his golden scepter
18:35 to her, and he said, "What is your request, Queen Esther?
18:39 I will give it to you, to the half of my kingdom!
18:42 Then she invited him to a special dinner.
18:46 And at the dinner, she asked the king to save her people.
18:49 And the king said yes. He would put out decrees all over that
18:56 God's people would be safe. Oh, the people were so happy!
19:00 And who else was happy? Queen Esther, wasn't' she?
19:05 Queen Esther was happy, too. Queen Esther was not Hadassah,
19:12 the little orphan girl anymore. She was Esther the shining star!
19:17 You know, God will help us to be shining stars for Him, too.
19:23 "Fun in the Kitchen!"
19:30 I am so glad that you all came to help me today,
19:33 'cause I have so much to do! - What are you doing?
19:38 - I'm making orange juice. See, I've already started!
19:42 Do you know where orange juice comes from?
19:44 - The garden. - The orchard! I took an orange,
19:50 and I'm cutting it in half, and I'll give you each an orange,
19:54 - Wait, give Aunt Linda one.
19:55 - Yes, we'll give Aunt Linda one.
19:56 - Thank you! - And put your orange... oops,
19:59 make sure it doesn't fall off the table...
20:02 Now press down, Justin, press down and squeeze,
20:05 and twist as you're doing that. Look at all the orange juice
20:09 we're getting! Do you know Jesus gave us lots of good
20:12 fruits to eat, didn't He?
20:14 And we should eat fruits every day!
20:17 What other kinds of fruit are there that we should eat?
20:20 - Bananas and oranges, and orange juice.
20:25 - Yeah, do you like orange juice?
20:27 - Yes.
20:28 - I love orange juice. - I do, too.
20:31 - And you know what? I have some glasses here that we can put
20:34 our orange juice in when we're done.
20:35 Justin can you count how many glasses we have?
20:38 - Okay. One, two, three, four, five.
20:40 - Yeah, that's right! - We do, but how many of
20:44 us are here? - Okay, one, two, three, four.
20:52 - That's right! Do I have an extra glass?
20:55 That's just in case we get company, 'cause we always
20:59 love company in Miss Cinda's kitchen, don't we?
21:01 - Yes. - And we might have company.
21:03 And the company would want to have orange juice, too.
21:08 - Oh my, Justin, you're really working that orange, aren't you?
21:12 - Yeah, we're working this orange every day.
21:15 - Do you know that oranges have lots of vitamin C in them?
21:19 Let's not put the used one in the bowl. Put them on this side.
21:25 We can put the used ones on this side, the one's we've
21:29 already squeezed. Then you can get a fresh one.
21:31 - There's two holes. - Look at all the juice
21:34 you're getting! And Justin, look at all the juice you're getting!
21:38 - I've got some, Miss Cinda. - Oh, look at Aunt Linda!
21:41 - You're being full, Aunt Linda! - She's doing well, wait Hannah,
21:46 look, you can squeeze that a whole lot more.
21:50 - I just want this one. - Okay, you can have that one.
21:52 Boys and girls, you could help your mommies and daddies in
21:55 the kitchen just like Hannah and Justin are helping me!
21:58 Kids, is it fun to work in the kitchen?
22:03 - Yes! - Yes it is, isn't it?
22:05 It's a lot of fun. So whenever your mommy's cooking, or your
22:10 daddy's cooking, or your grandma or your auntie, you can go in
22:12 and help them cook! Just go in and say, "Can I help you cook?"
22:16 'Cause there are lots of things you can do. And you could learn
22:19 how to make orange juice, just like Hannah and Justin are.
22:23 We've got a lot of orange juice to make, don't we?
22:27 - I have a lot of them. - Would you like to taste your
22:30 orange juice? - Yes.
22:32 - I'm not done with mine. - Would you like the one glass?
22:35 - I want the four glass. - You want the four? Okay!
22:38 - I want the three glass. - Oh, you want the three.
22:41 Shall we give Aunt Linda the one glass?
22:42 - Thank you! - Let's pour your juice
22:44 into your glass. Oh wow! Okay, do you want to taste it?
22:50 - Yes. - Alright! Let's taste that.
22:52 Maybe I'll have glass two. Go ahead, you can taste it.
22:56 Taste it. Taste your juice and see if you like it!
23:06 We have lots more juice to make. And I just want you to remember
23:11 to go help your mommies in the kitchen, 'cause it's fun to
23:15 be in the kitchen!
23:18 "It's Sing Time, boys and girls!"
23:25 - Do you like to sing? - I like to sing, too, and we
23:29 have a special song about a wise man that built his house
23:33 upon a rock. And a foolish man that built his house upon sand!
23:38 - Oh boy. - Speaking of foolish,
23:42 Justin, why are you wearing a hat?
23:44 - I'm in big trouble. - You're in big trouble!
23:50 You cut your hair, you found scissors and cut you're own hair
23:54 didn't you? Can you tell all the boys and girls that's not
23:59 a smart thing to do? - Um, I'll put my hat on.
24:05 - That's right. Put it back on. Boys and girls, don't ever cut
24:08 you're hair like Justin did. - We don't want to be like the
24:11 foolish man that built his house upon the sand. We want to be
24:14 like the wise man, too. So let's sing about that.
24:16 "The wise man built his house upon the rock.
24:23 The wise man built his house upon the rock.
24:27 The wise man built his house upon the rock,
24:31 And the rains came tumbling down.
24:36 The rains came down and the floods came up.
24:44 The rains came down and the floods came up,
24:48 And the house on the rock stood firm. "
24:53 - But the foolish man, he built his on the sand!
24:58 "The foolish man built his house upon the sand.
25:02 The foolish man built his house upon the sand.
25:06 The foolish man built his house upon the sand,
25:10 And the rains came tumbling down.
25:15 The rains came down and the floods came up.
25:23 The rains came down and the floods came up,
25:27 And the house on the sand went flat!"
25:34 - Oh boy! - That was really good.
25:37 But you know, Jesus loves us so much,
25:40 and He loves the little ones and the big ones,
25:43 We're going to sing "Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like You and Me,
25:46 and Jesus Loves the Older Folks Like You, You, You!"
25:52 Okay, sing with us!
25:54 "Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
26:01 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
26:06 Little ones like me Sat upon His knee,
26:11 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
26:16 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you.
26:26 Older folks like you, Jesus loves you, too,
26:31 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you. "
26:36 You know, Jesus does love us so much. We've had so much fun
26:40 today on the farm. - Yes, it's been a lot of fun!
26:42 Let's just bow our heads and close our eyes,
26:46 and let's thank Jesus for the fun we've had today.
26:49 Can you close your eyes? Yes, close them tightly.
26:54 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for being with us today.
26:59 You're so good and kind. Help us Jesus, not to be foolish
27:04 like that foolish man, but help us, Lord, to be wise.
27:08 We love You, in Jesus' name, Amen.
27:14 - Amen. Good. - And you know what, Jesus loves
27:17 you, even though you made a mistake, doesn't He?
27:20 Yes!
27:21 That's Mr. Rooster, and he says that's all the time we have
27:26 today, boys and girls. But you come back and see us again!
27:36 "Our time together is over, So we will have to go.
27:42 Good bye, good bye, Remember God loves you.
27:58 Good bye!


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