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Jesus Takes Care Of Me Pt. 2

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world;
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:11 We live for him around the world,
00:14 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
00:19 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:22 We're Tiny Tots around the world;
00:24 we're God's girls and boys.
00:30 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda and this is Georgie.
00:33 Oh! He is always excited when you come.
00:36 Georgie, can you wave to the boys and girls?
00:40 Good boy. Kitty Cat is glad
00:42 that you're here too,
00:44 aren't you Kitty Cat?
00:49 Jesus is also glad that you're here.
00:53 You made Jesus happy just because you came,
00:58 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:03 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:09 You make Jesus happy just because you came.
01:17 That is Freddy. And Freddy is glad
01:20 that you're here too.
01:23 I think it's time to feed him too.
01:25 We wanna take good care of Freddy.
01:27 So we're gonna give him some good fishy food.
01:30 Okay, here we go.
01:33 We'll just give him a little bit.
01:34 Here we go, here Freddy.
01:37 I'm so glad Jesus gave us Freddy.
01:40 I am glad today. I am glad today,
01:44 for dear Freddy I'm glad today.
01:49 Thank you, God in Heaven.
01:56 We have a phone call.
01:57 Georgie, I wonder who that can be.
02:03 Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
02:06 Oh! I'm sorry, Tyler.
02:09 Are you feeling better now? Oh! I'm glad too.
02:15 Well, you get lots of rest and we'll have prayer for you.
02:19 Okay, bye-bye, thanks for calling.
02:25 That was Tyler Walker.
02:27 He hasn't been feeling very well.
02:29 He said that his mommy and his daddy read him stories
02:35 and they sing to him and they even have
02:38 prayer with him. And his sister,
02:41 little sister gives him big hugs like this
02:45 and then helps him to feel lots better.
02:51 That's right Kitty Cat, it's Worship Time.
02:54 Thank you for reminding me to ring the worship bell.
02:57 Oh! You want to ring it, Georgie?
02:59 Okay, you can ring the bell today.
03:02 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet
03:08 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship Him,
03:15 Jesus will be here, smiling when He sees us.
03:24 Thank you, Georgie.
03:26 I know Georgie and Kitty Cat are always
03:29 excited to see what's in our box.
03:32 Do you want to see what's in the present box too?
03:35 Okay, come on. Sit still Georgie.
03:38 We're gonna see what's in our present box today.
03:42 Oh! We've something really special.
03:49 Oh! My, it's even kind of heavy.
03:52 Oh! Yes, it is very heavy.
03:57 We have a little log cabin.
04:01 Yes, this is where the Mudd family lives.
04:05 Let's see what else we have. We have a mommy and a daddy.
04:09 You see daddy worked very, very hard to build
04:13 this nice house for his family.
04:18 He put all the shingles on by himself and mommy,
04:22 she worked very hard and she had some nice plants
04:27 that she put out to make the house look pretty.
04:33 Isn't it nice that we have mommies and daddies
04:36 to help care for us? Yes.
04:40 Here is mommy and she helps too.
04:44 I'm so glad God gave us
04:45 mommies and daddies to care for us.
04:48 With mommy and daddy in the family,
04:52 happy, happy home, happy, happy home,
04:57 happy, happy home.
05:00 With mommy and daddy in the family
05:03 happy, happy home, happy, happy home.
05:10 There is someone else that lives in this house
05:13 and that's what really makes a happy home.
05:18 Jesus lives in this house.
05:21 With Jesus in the family, happy, happy home,
05:27 happy, happy home, happy, happy home.
05:32 With Jesus in the family, happy, happy home,
05:37 happy, happy home.
05:42 I'm so glad that Jesus lives in our houses with us
05:47 and I'm so glad that He gave us mommies and daddies
05:50 to take care of us just like God gave
05:52 Tyler a mommy and daddy to take care of him.
05:55 Lets ask Jesus to please be with Tyler today
05:59 and to take good care of him. Can you bend your knees?
06:03 I will bend my knees. Fold your hands like this.
06:09 I will fold my hands. Bow your head.
06:14 I will bow my head. And close your eyes.
06:19 I will close my eyes.
06:22 And very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
06:31 Dear, Jesus. We just wanted to ask you to help
06:35 Tyler to feel better and we want to thank you too
06:38 for giving him such a special mommy and daddy
06:42 to take care of him. And thank you most of all,
06:45 that you're always with us
06:47 and you take good care of us in Jesus name, amen.
06:53 I just love Jesus, don't you?
06:58 Well, today, we've lots of fun things
07:01 planned for you on the barn. But right now,
07:04 let's go to the barn and see Farmer Mike.
07:07 I know, he's got something very special for us.
07:12 Hey, kid. Let's go to the barn.
07:19 I could ever have. You know,
07:20 who is coming today to see me?
07:22 And I can't wait to show them this Pheasant.
07:24 He is so beautiful. Are the kids coming today?
07:26 They're coming today. Oh! My God.
07:28 That would be great. Oh! Look, here they are.
07:30 Hi, guys. Hi, Miss Jennie.
07:32 Hi, how are you? Good to see you.
07:33 It's nice to see you too. Look what we got today?
07:36 I will move ahead you guys can see
07:38 what we brought today. Oh! How exciting?
07:41 Come on Auntie Linda. Come on and sit here.
07:42 Want these guys to see and hear this story
07:46 about this beautiful, beautiful bird
07:48 she has brought. This is a Pheasant.
07:52 He's called a ringneck pheasant. Yeah.
07:55 Because he has a white ring around his neck,
07:58 and he is a boy. Although,
08:00 you see all the pretty colors
08:02 he has kind of a blue green and he has green
08:04 and he has red and his... it's Beautiful.
08:07 His wings are different colors. Wow!
08:09 And even these little feathers here are brown
08:12 with some black on them. He has white on his neck.
08:15 Yes, you're right that that makes him ring neck
08:18 'cause he has a ring all the way around it.
08:20 You're right, it is white. God sure made him pretty.
08:23 Yes, He painted; He used many colors
08:24 when He painted him. Look at his,
08:26 is it his wing beautiful? Oh! Yes.
08:28 Now, what is the female? That's the boy.
08:31 What does the girl look like? In most birds,
08:34 the female is not very pretty
08:36 and the males are the very pretty
08:38 ones and the female one is about,
08:40 is a little bit smaller than him.
08:42 Her body shape is same, but she is all brown.
08:45 Wow! She's kind of this brownie red color.
08:48 Well, more of a dull brown.
08:50 And she doesn't have this little like speeder things
08:54 coming out of the side of his head.
08:55 Isn't that funny how God makes everybody so different?
08:57 Yes. It does look like yours. You're right.
09:00 The males got all the color, the females brown.
09:02 And the boys and girls, like we always have to wear
09:06 these drab colors and the girls get to wear pretty colors.
09:09 Yeah, we kind of changed it around a little bit.
09:11 How you did that? Yeah. I didn't know.
09:12 Yeah, yeah we changed it around.
09:14 Tell us more, tell us more about this Pheasant?
09:15 Umm...He kind of makes a haa... haa noise when he's out.
09:19 Can you do that? Haa... And sometimes, right.
09:22 Here Hannah could do it. Hannah did it very good.
09:24 Caleb could do that.
09:25 And when he is not happy sometimes or he's scared,
09:27 he hisses at you and he kind of sounds like a snake hissing.
09:31 And that's the noise he makes.
09:32 And you know what I do when I am not happy?
09:33 Look at this, Farmer Mike goes...Oh, huh,
09:37 huh... but he don't do that. He does what?
09:39 He makes a hiss. He makes a hissing noise.
09:41 Do you hear that? He goes hisssss...
09:43 If you're hearing hissing. He sounds like a, yeah,
09:45 he sounds like a snake or may be
09:46 if he was scared sometimes he makes that noise. Wow!
09:49 What does he like to eat? He likes to eat corn
09:51 and he eats bugs and berries
09:54 and, at my house he eats corn and drinks a lot of water.
09:59 And when he is out in the wild he just kind of eats whatever
10:01 he can find, if it's bugs,
10:03 he eats, bugs or berries or sometimes,
10:05 if they find a corn field they go in a corn field
10:08 after the farmers gone field after the farmers gone
10:09 in and picked the corn and they eat the corn
10:11 that's laying on the ground and they eat that kind of stuff.
10:14 Is it okay if they pet him real easy and real gentle?
10:18 Sure, yeah, they can pet him real easy.
10:19 You want to pet him Caleb and feel his feathers.
10:20 Pet him real gentle, real gentle, and then come back,
10:23 we'll hear the rest of the story.
10:25 Yeah. Oh! Me pet it. Sure. See feels soft, Hannah.
10:30 I like his tail. What?
10:31 Oh, she stood on your toe.
10:32 Okay, Hannah come here and let's hear
10:33 the rest of the story now.
10:35 Because I know you guys can't stay very long today.
10:37 Now, we want to hear the rest. Yes.
10:39 He has a long tail. He sure does.
10:41 He does have a long tail.
10:42 Oh, by the way do the boys and girls,
10:44 both have long tails too? No, they don't.
10:47 Only the boy has the long tail feathers and the girls don't.
10:50 The girls don't have them. Oh, look how long Hannah.
10:53 And a lot of times... Long time ago
10:54 I don't think they do a quite as much now,
10:56 but they would use these feathers like it took
10:58 for your hat to decorate your hat and different things.
11:01 Oh! Wow! And sometimes, if you have a cowboy
11:04 hat they have a fancy fan like in the front.
11:06 They take some of these feathers from his wings
11:10 and from his back and make that fan.
11:13 That several of those little feathers put together.
11:15 So, there's lot, these feathers are used for quite a few things.
11:19 Some places these birds are hunted guys will,
11:22 will go out and try to find him in the woods and hunt them.
11:26 I wouldn't do that 'cause I think they're too pretty,
11:28 I think so too. I think they're so, so pretty.
11:30 I don't know having for a pet. Oh! Yeah.
11:32 And you live out here on the next farm
11:33 and I'm going to watch and just make sure that some day,
11:37 if, does he fly around? Yes, they love to fly.
11:39 He might fly over my farm. Oh! Yeah,
11:40 he might fly over here and visit you.
11:42 Well, we got a surprise for her.
11:44 Yes, we do. You gave us a great surprise
11:46 and we got to see this beautiful bird.
11:49 Now, we got a surprise for you, you know, what we do?
11:51 You're gonna sing me a song. We're gonna sing a song,
11:53 aren't we Hannah? Good job, I like you when you guys sing.
11:56 I like to go the farm where the cows moo, moo.
12:00 I like to go the farm where the ducks quack, quack.
12:04 I like to go the farm. I like to go the farm.
12:08 I like to go the farm and learn of Jesus.
12:13 I like that very much. Oh! Well, thank you so much
12:15 and we have to go, yes. Bye-bye Caleb, bye-bye
12:20 we've some fun things planned, so we've got to hurry.
12:22 You guys come back now come back okay come back
12:24 and see me okay. It's nice to see you.
12:26 Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Come back soon.
12:31 Bye-bye. The Pheasant liked your song too.
12:39 Time for our Nature walk.
12:44 I'm so glad it stopped raining Hannah.
12:47 I don't like to miss our walks, do you?
12:50 Did you wear your old shoes? You did. Oh! Good.
12:54 Put on your old shoes too 'cause we're going for a walk.
12:58 Shall we go for a walk today? A walk today, a walk today,
13:05 Shall we go for a walk today? To see what God has given.
13:13 Oh! It's so beautiful out here. Oh! Apples, I love apples.
13:20 We have lots of apples on our apple tree,
13:23 don't we? Oh! The sky is so pretty.
13:26 Oh! Hannah, I see something pretty up in the sky,
13:31 do you know what it is? A rainbow. It's a rainbow.
13:38 Hannah, do you know why God put a rainbow in the sky?
13:43 Do you know why he put one in there?
13:46 Why did God put a rainbow in the sky?
13:49 Because there was a flood? There was!
13:53 There was a flood, wasn't there?
13:55 And God said, there's never gonna be a flood
13:59 to cover the whole ground again.
14:02 I'm gonna put my beautiful rainbow in the sky
14:05 with all the pretty colors in it and that means
14:08 they would never be another flood.
14:11 And God keeps his promises 'cause they'll never be a flood
14:14 to cover the whole earth again.
14:15 Sometimes we have small little floods, don't we?
14:18 Where it rains a lot? Yes. Yes,
14:21 you can eat apples from the apple tree,
14:23 God made those for you.
14:25 I'm so glad He also made the beautiful rainbows.
14:30 God made the beautiful rainbow I know, I know
14:38 God made the beautiful rainbow Because He loves me so.
14:48 Story Time.
14:54 It's Story Time, and we've Hannah here and Noah.
14:59 And we've a good story today.
15:02 Oh! Our story is about a man named Noah.
15:05 In the beginning God made a beautiful world.
15:08 Do you see some of the things God made?
15:10 A birdie. A Birdie,
15:12 did you see some things that He made?
15:14 A birdie. A birdie!
15:16 What is this? I think the birdie.
15:17 Yes, we've two birdies there. And what is this?
15:21 That's a lion. That's a lion.
15:23 Two birdies. There's two birdies,
15:26 and that's a parrot, that's a parrot.
15:29 And everything that God made was very good.
15:32 Oh! But a few years later when God looked at the earth,
15:37 it was not very good and it made him very sad
15:40 because the people were naughty, naughty.
15:42 Yes, and the birdies are flying away
15:44 because they're afraid of the boys and girls.
15:48 Who is this? Noah.
15:52 Noah, and this is Noah and what are they doing?
15:54 This is Noah. They're praying.
15:56 Praying is Noah. Yes, they're praying to God.
16:00 And God told them that there was gonna be a flood.
16:03 Do you know what a flood is?
16:06 It's lots and lots of rain that covers houses
16:09 and it covers the grass and it covers the flowers
16:12 and everything. Covers the flowers.
16:16 Yes, it does. And God said,
16:19 you have to build a big boat so you'll be safe
16:21 until everyone to go on that boat.
16:23 And what are they doing right here?
16:26 Chopping trees to building the boat.
16:28 They built a big boat, is it getting bigger?
16:31 Yes it is. A bigger boat.
16:34 It's a bigger boat and look at Hannah.
16:37 Noah stood up and he said Oh! Come in the Ark,
16:41 there's gonna be a flood
16:42 and it's gonna cover all the ground
16:44 and the people said, ha, ha, ha,
16:47 there is not gonna be a flood, you're a funny man, Noah.
16:51 They laughed at him the at last that was all done
16:55 and Noah and his three sons and their wives
16:58 and Mrs. Noah went into the Ark, and they took their clothes.
17:00 And Noah stood there and he said, come on,
17:03 come into the Arc there's gonna be a flood
17:05 I want you to be safe. But people said, no,
17:08 we're not going in the Ark.
17:12 Then a boy came running and he said, look, look,
17:15 the animals are coming. Sure or not,
17:20 what is this Noah? Elephant! It's elephant
17:24 and what is this Hannah? Horse, horses
17:26 and they were walking up into the Ark.
17:29 It's an elephant. There was two elephants that's right,
17:33 Noah two. And they went into the Arc.
17:35 Giraffe. And there is a giraffe
17:37 and two giraffes, they went into by two.
17:41 Cows, they were two cows what are the cows say, moo,
17:46 that's right the cows say moo!
17:48 At last Noah stood at the door, he said,
17:51 Oh! Please come in, the door is going to shut
17:54 and you won't be safe if you stay out there,
17:56 but the people said, no.
17:58 And some people said, ha, ha, ha.
18:01 He's a funny man. Then Noah went in and waited,
18:05 the animals were happy
18:06 and the little monkeys were happy.
18:08 They were playing with the elephants.
18:11 They all went in their little pins,
18:14 but something happened? Puppy, puppy, puppy.
18:18 That's right, there were two puppies
18:19 and the puppies heard something they went Huf huf,
18:22 because all at once, ducks that's right ducks,
18:26 and they were ducks and they heard something,
18:28 you know, what they heard?
18:29 Parrots. Splash, splash, splash
18:32 now, what he's saying duck, duck duck.
18:36 That's right, splash, splash and it begin to rain
18:38 and look at they covered the ground and everything.
18:40 And the little boat was rocking on the water.
18:44 Who was watching over the little boat?
18:46 Angels. Angels were watching over the little boat.
18:50 Inside they were feeding the animals
18:52 because they were hungry.
18:54 Giraffe. There are giraffe,
18:56 two giraffes and two elephants,
18:58 monkey, monkey, that's right, they're monkeys
19:01 and they fed them monkey.
19:02 At last, they didn't hear anymore rain.
19:06 So, they send a big black bird called a raven out,
19:09 but he came back because he couldn't find anything.
19:12 Yes, then they send a white dove and that's right,
19:15 Noah and he had. And he has a leaf in his mouth.
19:19 That's right, Hannah. Noah, Noah.
19:21 That's Noah, and he was so excited
19:24 because now there was no more rain
19:27 and the day came when the angel opened up the door
19:31 and the animals came running out.
19:33 Look, how happy the dogs are? They're just saying,
19:36 I'm so glad that I can be free again
19:39 and look at the horses. Woof. Woof.
19:41 That's right, the doggies said woof, woof.
19:44 And at last, Noah got to come out
19:46 and they knelt down and thanked God. Fire.
19:49 That's fire, they need a sacrifice
19:51 and what did God send in the sky?
19:54 A rainbow! A rainbow!
19:56 Because God always keeps His promises because He loves us.
20:03 Fun In The Kitchen.
20:08 Today, boys and girls
20:09 we're gonna make rice krispie treats.
20:11 I love treats. Michael, do you like treats.
20:20 You have treats at your house? Yeah.
20:24 Noah has treats at his house. You've treats at your house now?
20:27 Yeah. Well, boys and girls,
20:28 I bet you have treats too, but today
20:31 I'm gonna show you something that, okay,
20:34 really yummy treat and it's good for you too. Alright,
20:38 and you get pink and Ashley you get green,
20:42 hey Michael, would you like the blue one?
20:45 Oh! You dropped your mitt, well you know what,
20:47 we don't need the oven mitts anyways.
20:49 We're just put that right here. Yes.
20:52 Do you know what? I took some peanut butter
20:54 and I put it in the bottom of each of your bowls
20:57 and then we put some carob chips inside there.
21:00 And Michael, can you tip your bowl
21:01 and show the kid, show the kids, wow!
21:03 What it looks like? Oh! That's what it looks like.
21:06 This looks good Miss Cinda. Oh! Now, take your spoon
21:09 and stir it up real good. Oh! Yeah.
21:13 Oh! Hannah, you're doing perfect.
21:17 Noah, just. Wow! Noah, you just have to stir it up.
21:19 Stir it all up. Oh! Ashley,
21:22 you're doing such a good job. Can you stir yours, Michael?
21:26 Oh! Good boy.
21:28 Do you like to help your mommy cook?
21:30 I am. Or do you help your grandma cook?
21:32 Yes. My mommy to. You do? Good boy.
21:40 Okay, now when you get it all mixed up,
21:43 Auntie Linda, can you help them
21:45 put some rice krispies in there
21:47 and you know Michael and Ashley, you can get a pot
21:50 and put some rice krispies in there.
21:52 Stir it all up. And we're, good, up boys and girls
21:55 and we'll make some rice krispie treats.
21:57 Here are some treats for you. Isn't that sound yummy?
21:59 Yes, that sounds good. Oh! And you know,
22:01 if you want, go ahead Michael. Just help it in, there you go.
22:07 Miss Cinda, we had a treat when we went to the barn today.
22:09 You did, what did you do?
22:11 A beautiful pheasant with so many pretty colors.
22:14 I petted a bunny rabbit. I know, you did.
22:18 You know, and Jesus takes such good care of us
22:21 and He was taking, He takes good care of the animals too
22:23 and the birds. Jesus does.
22:25 And Jesus gives us lots of good food to eat,
22:28 doesn't He? Put it in your bowl Michael.
22:30 Okay, I've got a.
22:31 You've got to make rice krispie treat,
22:32 oh! How does it taste, Ashley? Look, boys and girls,
22:35 Ashley is first. She likes it.
22:38 Oh! Look, you want to put some more rice krispie treats in it.
22:42 It's very good. Sure, you can use,
22:45 use your measuring cup, use your. Good girl.
22:48 We can do it. Okay,
22:49 oh, boys and girls, do you have your mommies in the kitchen,
22:53 it's fun to help mommy in the kitchen.
22:55 You don't wanna show you before we go.
22:58 I wanna show you that Miss Cinda has already made some
23:01 ahead of time, look, don't those looks yummy kids?
23:04 Would you like to taste one of mine
23:06 that I made ahead of time? Oh! Would you like to taste one?
23:09 Is it good? Got two. Oh! That's right
23:13 Auntie Linda needs one, Hannah, you always watch out for other.
23:17 You're always thinking about others.
23:20 Oh! Are they good? Is it good?
23:23 Yeah. Oh! Good, boys and girls remember to help
23:27 your mommy in the kitchen, because cooking is fun.
23:33 It's Sing Time, boys and girls. It's Sing Time, boys and girls.
23:40 Yes, what are we gonna sing today.
23:44 Well, Miss Cinda is gonna teach us a song today.
23:47 Alright. Today, we're gonna sing a song about Noah
23:50 and the Ark. So, stand up, boys and girls. Okay.
23:55 The animals came a walking, a walking, a walking.
24:01 The animals came a walking into the Ark that Noah build.
24:07 That was fun Miss Cinda. Yeah, he really got into that.
24:10 Shall we do it one more time? Okay, let's do it one more time.
24:14 The animals came a walking, a walking, a walking.
24:20 The animals came a walking into the Ark that Noah build.
24:25 Alright, I want shoes right here
24:28 Yes, and once they got into the ark,
24:30 you know, what happened? The rain came.
24:33 Listen to me, listen to me.
24:35 Lets make our rain drops. Yes. Can you get your rain drops?
24:38 The raindrops fall with a pitter, patter, pit,
24:43 a pitter, patter, pit, a pitter, patter, pit.
24:47 The raindrops fall with a pitter, patter, pit,
24:51 showing God's great love. His love. I like that.
24:56 And you know, what happened?
24:58 After that and the flood was over.
25:01 I've got a surprise for you. A beautiful rainbow came out.
25:06 Okay. We're gonna sing a song about a rainbow.
25:10 And those are beautiful. Rainbows are so beautiful.
25:14 Yes, we even have one for Georgie.
25:18 Okay, let's sing about the rainbow.
25:22 God made the beautiful rainbow, I know, I know
25:31 God made the beautiful rainbow because He loves me so
25:41 Let's sing it one more time.
25:43 God made the beautiful rainbow, I know, I know
25:53 God made the beautiful rainbow because He loves us so.
26:03 That's the truth, isn't it? It is the truth.
26:06 He loves us so much. You know,
26:09 let's sing that little song Jesus loves
26:11 the little ones like me, me, me. Can I have a ribbon?
26:14 Yeah, give Auntie Linda your rainbows. Yeah, okay.
26:18 Can you do that one? Alright.
26:20 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
26:25 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
26:29 Little ones like me, sat upon His knee
26:33 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
26:38 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you. Okay.
26:43 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you
26:47 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you
26:51 Older folks like you, Jesus loves you too
26:56 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you.
27:00 Farmer Mike, would you just have a special prayer
27:03 thanking Jesus for this day? Alright.
27:06 Let's bow our heads and close our eyes and talk to Jesus.
27:11 Jesus it's always so good to talk to you.
27:15 And thank you for this beautiful day at the farm.
27:18 Thank you for the beautiful days you give us wherever we go,
27:22 and thank you that you love us, amen. Amen.
27:27 That's the Rooster, he says,
27:28 that's all the time we have for today,
27:30 boys and girls. You come back and see us again.
27:40 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:54 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:09 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:12 we're God's girls and boys.
28:14 We live for him around the world,
28:17 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
28:22 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:25 We're Tiny Tots around the world;
28:27 we're God's girls and boys.


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