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00:06 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like colors
00:17 of the rainbow, we're shining like
00:20 the rainbow. We're Tiny Tots
00:22 around the world, we're
00:24 God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, I'm your Auntie Linda I'm so glad
00:32 that you come to visit me at
00:33 farm today. Georgie, Georgie look
00:37 who is here, the boys and girls
00:39 are here. Can you say hi to the
00:41 boys and girls. Georgie is glad that
00:44 you've come today too. And Kitty
00:46 cat is excited that you are here,
00:48 aren't you Kitty. Yes, you know
00:53 there is someone else that's
00:55 happy that you are here too.
00:56 You made Jesus happy just because
01:00 you came. Jesus loves the children,
01:04 everyone the same, welcome, welcome,
01:08 you are welcome, Jesus knows
01:11 your name, you made Jesus
01:14 happy just because you came.
01:19 That's right, that is Freddy and he
01:22 is just splashing around in his
01:25 fishy house. Hi Freddy, the boys and
01:27 girls are here. Freddy knows that
01:30 means it's timef or him to eat.
01:32 We'll just give him a little bit of food,
01:34 we don't wanna feed him too much,
01:36 just a little bit. Aren't you glad
01:39 that Jesus give us such nice pets.
01:41 I'm glad today, I'm glad today
01:45 for dear Freddy I'm glad
01:49 today, thank you God in heaven.
01:57 I have a phone call boys and girls,
01:59 I wonder who could be calling us today?
02:05 Hello Auntie Linda speaking. Oh hi Papa.
02:10 How are you? Oh it's good to here your
02:13 voice too. Oh that's wonderful.
02:19 Oh that's always exciting to
02:22 talk to Jesus. I'm so happy, yes,
02:25 I will share it. Thank you
02:27 bye, bye I love you.
02:33 That was my daddy, Papa Mitchell
02:36 and he was telling me that his garden
02:40 it hadn't had any rain and his blueberries
02:45 and his vegetables, they just weren't
02:47 growing very well, well he prayed and
02:50 he asked Jesus to send some rain and he
02:53 watered his garden and now he will have lots
02:58 of blueberries and lots of vegetables
03:00 to share with all the neighbors.
03:02 Isn't Jesus wonderful. Oh Georgie we've
03:07 got a visitor, lets see who
03:09 is at the door okay.
03:19 Hi Auntie Linda, hi is that you, good
03:22 Hi Miss Helena you just in time for worship.
03:25 Right, it's so good to see you, well come
03:29 in and sit down okay, that's exciting that
03:32 you could come with us today.
03:34 Oh hello Georgie, how are you?
03:37 Oh Georgie always likes like to have
03:39 visitors he likes sit with them.
03:41 And this is Kitty cat. Oh hello Kitty,
03:45 how are you? She is just reminded us
03:48 that it's time to sing our worship bell
03:50 song, great. Would you like to ring our
03:52 worship bell for us today? Sure.
03:55 Worship bells are sweet calling
03:58 us to me with our best friend Jesus
04:04 come and worship here Jesus will
04:07 be here smiling when he sees us.
04:14 Thank you so much, you're welcome.
04:17 Oh this is the time that Georgie and
04:20 Kitty cat like the best. And the boys
04:23 and girls are gonna get to see too.
04:25 And now you get to see too, great.
04:27 We have a present box and we always
04:29 have something special in it. Okay,
04:31 just wait and I'll show you, oh this is
04:37 something very special. Wow, she's beautiful,
04:46 yes she is and you know she's not just any doll.
04:49 I have a story about this dolly.
04:52 Do you know this dolly is my very
04:54 own dolly when I had, when I was just a
04:57 little girl? Really, yes, I've had it for
05:01 a long time. You know one time my
05:05 mommy and daddy said there is not
05:08 gonna be any Christmas at all.
05:10 Is there some times when you don't
05:13 have anything for Christmas? Do you,
05:16 how about you Miss Helena? Yes,
05:18 there are times I don't have anything
05:20 for Christmas. Well you know we
05:21 can ask Jesus, you can ask Jesus too.
05:24 I went in my bed room and I knelt down
05:27 and I said dear Jesus could you
05:30 please send me a dolly and I wanted
05:33 one that could have eyes that could open
05:35 and close and a little mouth that you
05:37 could feed. And I ask Jesus for that and on
05:41 Christmas eve there was a knock
05:44 at the door and there someone came
05:47 to the door and it not only brought
05:49 me a dolly, but my two sisters a dolly
05:51 and I have two brothers and you know
05:55 they brought my brother some trucks.
05:57 And they even brought apples and
05:59 oranges for my mommy and daddy.
06:01 Wow Jesus is so kind, he is so kind and
06:04 good to us Miss Helena. I'm so thankful
06:07 for Jesus and all the answered prayers.
06:10 Would you ask Jesus now right now,
06:14 that he would be with all the boys and girls
06:17 all around the world. Yes, I know he wants
06:21 to answer our prayers doesn't he?
06:23 Yes he does, lets bend our knees.
06:25 I will bend my knees, you do like Miss Helena
06:29 and I. I will fold my hands, I will close
06:36 my eyes and very, very quiet
06:41 be while the prayer is said.
06:46 Dear Jesus I just pray that you be with all
06:49 the little boys and girls. I pray that you
06:53 just answer their prayers and be
06:55 with them. And stay so kind and
06:58 nice and generous. And help to make
07:00 them very, very happy. And for all the
07:03 little boys and girls that don't have toys
07:06 to play with like Auntie Linda I pray
07:09 that you just bring toys their way so
07:11 they can enjoy themselves.
07:13 Thank you and amen. Amen, amen.
07:19 Thank you so much for coming today,
07:21 thank you Auntie Linda, and thank you
07:24 for having me I had such a
07:25 good time in worship today.
07:27 I loved having you. I hope you will come back
07:30 and worship with Georgie and Kitty
07:32 cat and all the boys and girls again.
07:33 I was good to see you and Georgie
07:36 is getting so big. Yes, he is, wow,
07:40 well you know right now it's time for
07:43 us to go see Farmer Mike. Oh you're
07:44 going to the barn? Yes, I will love to go
07:47 and see Farmer Mike some time.
07:49 Well maybe some you can.
07:50 Come on boys and girls it's time
07:53 for us to go to the barn.
07:55 Bye boys and girls.
07:58 Hey kids lets go the barn.
08:03 Farmer Mike, I brought you some friends.
08:06 Oh great Auntie Linda look how
08:08 is here my parakeet, Sylvia and Justin.
08:10 Oh I know Sylvia and Justin and they
08:12 got those beautiful play clothes on again today.
08:14 I'm so glad you guys could.
08:17 Oh have I got a surprise, Justin.
08:20 What you reading? Well I'm reading a new
08:22 book because my wife dont tell
08:25 her if you see her.
08:27 But, tomorrow's her birthday. And I got
08:29 a very special birthday present and
08:32 I'm reading about them. I got her a book,
08:35 well I get her a Parakeet. A parakeet,
08:37 but anybody that ever buys a parakeet
08:39 they say at the pet store should always
08:41 buy books so they know how to take care of them,
08:44 and feed them and you know treat
08:46 them right so they can be strong
08:47 and healthy like we need be.
08:48 That's a good idea to you, do you have
08:51 our gift here I've got it and I will show
08:53 to these guys sit down and I will go and get it.
08:55 Okay lets sit down we're going to
08:56 get to see a parakeet, okay hold my
08:58 book just for a minute if you will, okay.
09:01 I will sit down here, sit down right here yeah
09:03 that's it I will get here is a surprise.
09:04 Now listen okay everybody be real quiet,
09:06 be real quiet. Put your finger like this
09:09 so we don't make noise I will get the
09:12 parakeet okay. So, don't be afraid yeah.
09:18 Hello Mr. Parakeet come out here and meet
09:20 some friends of mine. Oh look here,
09:23 oh look at this. I'm gonna sit right here
09:27 between so you both can see.
09:28 A bird, yes that is a parakeet see it?
09:34 Yeah and are some things about the parakeet,
09:36 that are very interesting. Do you
09:39 remember me telling before how God
09:40 makes different animals. And they are
09:42 all very interesting. Don't hit the cage
09:44 because that scares him. One of the things
09:46 about a parakeet is he's gonna get
09:48 that swing I think. They don't like
09:51 to be bored. Don't you hate to
09:53 be bored, don't you like to have fun
09:55 things to do. Sylvia play and
09:57 laugh like that. Well so does
09:59 a parakeet. Look at that and some times
10:02 to keep them from be bored, you know
10:04 what we put in them close to him?
10:06 Right beside their cage we don't
10:08 have one today, but like that you
10:10 put a mirror because they like to
10:12 look at their self. Do you ever look
10:14 at your self in a mirror? And when you
10:16 comb your hair and that kind of staff.
10:18 Parakeet can't comb his hair but
10:20 he likes to look in the mirror.
10:21 He's got a shirt on like you.
10:23 You know we got the same, almost
10:25 the same color shirt.
10:28 And he got a pen like you. I love yellow,
10:32 don't you love yellow on that parakeet? Yeah,
10:34 that's one thing about parakeets I was reading
10:36 in that book they come in such beautiful
10:38 different colors. Blues, and whites and yellows,
10:41 boy God makes the prettiest things
10:43 does he? He does, that one's made
10:45 really special. Now lets see, I'm trying to
10:47 think have we. Did you name him?
10:50 We haven't named him yet, some times
10:52 we name the animals when they come
10:54 because we wait on that. You wanna
10:56 name him? Yeah. What you want
10:58 to call him? 3ABN. You want to call him 3ABN.
11:07 I love to call him 3ABN, the 3ABN
11:10 parakeet. Well that's a good name.
11:12 He's the yellow bird for 3ABN.
11:15 I like that now something else that
11:17 he likes if you talk to him. Can you talk to
11:19 him a little bit Sylvia? Just talk to him
11:21 like he would a good friend or so.
11:23 Hello Mr. Bird. And he like it when
11:26 you whistle. Yeah, Can you say hi
11:28 to him Sylvia? Can you say hi to the
11:31 parakeet? Hi parakeet. Can you talk,
11:33 he's gonna, talk to the parakeet see
11:36 if he'll talk to you. And see that swing,
11:39 he likes to swing. I don't know if
11:41 I can open the door this is all brand
11:43 new you know. Get it for my wife
11:45 Miss Carmel so. I think the door slides
11:48 up we cant let him get up you
11:49 have to be careful. And not let him
11:51 get out but sometimes that'll sit
11:52 on your finger I don't if he will.
11:53 That scared him a little bit and we
11:55 got to go, see he's on a swing see.
11:56 And the other thing about parakeet
11:58 is you just like us. You know how
12:02 we have to eat certain foods that
12:04 a good for you. Apples and orange juice,
12:07 bananas, bananas and fruits
12:10 and vegetables. What's your favorite
12:13 vegetable that's what they have
12:14 to eat too. Can we sing it, can we sing
12:18 our pretty song? He likes to sing too.
12:20 And you have to he has to not only
12:23 they have to feed him right, just like
12:25 God made us. If we don't eat the right
12:27 foods we don't be very healthy.
12:30 We always make sure our parakeet or
12:32 any pet eats the right foods.
12:33 And the other thing that's very important
12:35 look right down there, what's in there Sylvia?
12:37 He's got some water doesn't he Sylvia?
12:40 Every body must have water, yeah
12:42 that's our parakeet don't tell
12:45 Miss Carmel it's special surprise.
12:46 Well I'm so glad we got to come
12:49 to the barn, lets sing our song.
12:51 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
12:55 I like to go to the barn
12:57 where the ducks quack, quack,
12:59 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
13:03 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
13:08 Thank you, can you say thank you Farmer Mike?
13:11 Thank you Farmer Mike. You're welcome,
13:13 give me a hug, give me a big hug alright
13:15 thank you, thank you come, back
13:17 and see us. We will, bye, bye, bye, bye.
13:25 Time for our nature walk. Hello boys and
13:29 girls Tyler and I are on a walk,
13:31 come and join us. Shall we go for a walk
13:35 today, a walk today, a walk today,
13:39 Shall we go for a walk today,
13:43 to see what God has given.
13:49 Oh Tyler, this is something special
13:52 that Jesus made for us, what is it? A bird,
13:56 a bird that's a hummingbird.
13:58 And he likes to get his drinks out of
14:01 the flowers. Does your mommy fix
14:03 you nice drinks? Yes, it makes you feel
14:07 good when you drink don't you?
14:08 Well so just the hummingbird and
14:10 did you know that even the hummingbird
14:12 loves to sing happy songs about Jesus too.
14:16 What's over there, it's something
14:18 really big. What is that? We better go
14:24 see what this is? Oh wow!
14:28 Have you ever seen one of these before?
14:30 What is it? It's a Watermelon.
14:37 oh do you like to eat
14:38 watermelons? Do they taste good?
14:40 Oh they're nice and juicy, and you know
14:44 what even people like to eat watermelons
14:47 did you know that? People like him,
14:50 mommas and daddies like them. But,
14:52 you know who else likes to eat watermelon?
14:55 Raccoons, they love to eat watermelon.
14:59 I had some raccoons out in my yard
15:02 and we put a watermelon out there,
15:04 and they went their and they just,
15:08 they really enjoyed that is was
15:10 really good. Oh God made so many
15:12 things for us, you want to water him?
15:15 We can water our plants over there.
15:17 Yes, because they need lots of water,
15:21 oh yes they need lots of water.
15:25 Lets see if we can pick one maybe we
15:27 should take one home and have for
15:29 lunch okay. See if we can break it off
15:32 the wine. Oh can you help
15:33 me lift it up? Oh good boy.
15:39 God made the great big
15:41 watermelons I know, I know
15:48 God made the great big watermelons
15:53 because he loves me so.
16:01 Story time.
16:05 Come on boys and girls it's story time.
16:08 And we have a good story today don't
16:11 we Lacy and Caleb. Our story today
16:17 is about a Borrowed Axe, the Boys
16:20 of Prophet Elisha school. Caleb, can you
16:23 see all the boys in the school there
16:25 was so many, there was no place for
16:27 them to sit down. This little boy we're
16:30 gonna call Jared with the red coat.
16:32 Do you see Jared with the red coat?
16:35 The boys all look down by the river
16:37 and they said, there's lots of trees down
16:39 there lets go down and we'll chop some
16:42 tress down and then we can build
16:45 a room so that we call sit in the school
16:48 of the prophet. So, Jared said I don't
16:52 have an axe, and the boy said,
16:55 we'll barrow one. So, Jared went to
16:58 his neighbor, see his neighbors Caleb.
17:01 Caleb what is that right there? Yes,
17:07 that's an axe and he said, can I barrow it?
17:11 And the neighbor said if you take good
17:13 care of it you can borrow it. So, they all
17:16 started down by the river and they
17:19 went to chop they all took their axes
17:22 so they could chop some trees.
17:23 Yes, chop, chop so Jared got down and
17:27 he was chop, chop, chop, chopping
17:28 a tree and he was having so much fun
17:31 and they were thinking about the nice
17:32 room they were helping to prophet
17:35 Elisha make. But all of a once it went
17:38 splash and his axe handle fall out
17:43 and it landed in the water. Oh no,
17:46 where is it? They couldn't see it
17:48 anywhere. Do you see where
17:50 his axe went, can you see it in there?
17:53 I cant see it either because it's all muddy.
17:56 Oh no prophet Elisha come quick said Jared.
18:01 I don't know what happened to my
18:02 axe it's gone. So, the prophet came
18:08 and he looked he said, put his hand on
18:11 Jared and he said where did you,
18:14 where did it land and he said it's somewhere
18:17 right over in here. I saw it fall down,
18:20 the prophet took a stick and he prayed
18:23 and threw the stick and it landed right
18:26 there in the spot where Jared had said.
18:30 You know what happen, oh at once the axe
18:34 floated to the top. Jared was so excited
18:37 he reached down and he picked up the axe
18:40 and he said my axe, my axe, my axe
18:42 is found and he was so happy and he put
18:46 it back on and he chop, chop the trees and
18:49 they went and they took the wood up
18:51 and look were building a nice big house
18:54 so that on to the schools so that all the
18:57 boys can sit down in the school now.
19:00 And Prophet Elisha was happy and the boys
19:02 were happy and Jared was happy.
19:05 Because God answers prayers and
19:08 he cares about the little
19:10 things in our lives.
19:15 Fun in the kitchen.
19:17 Do you kids like fruit? Yeah, I'm so
19:22 glad because I'm going to make a big
19:24 fruit salad. And do you know what
19:27 Noah that bowl is so that each
19:29 of you can make your own fruit salad.
19:31 Did you put some grapes in.
19:33 Because I'm gonna cut them for you,
19:35 only let an adult use this knife okay?
19:38 Okay and you know what start taking
19:41 all your favorite fruits. I need strawberry.
19:46 Here's a strawberry and
19:47 I'll cut it for you in just a minute okay?
19:48 And lets cut all the fruits up really nice,
19:52 Justin, you want to start putting
19:54 fruits in yours. Jesus gave us all kinds
19:58 of fresh fruits to eat didn't he? Yes.
20:00 And do you what, we should eat fresh
20:02 fruits every day. Do you know what,
20:04 Miss Cinda? What, that was an answer
20:07 to my daddies prayer. Jesus pray,
20:10 he prayed to Jesus that he would have
20:12 fresh fruit grow in his garden and God
20:14 give him strawberries and blueberries
20:16 and all kinds of fruit. Well I love fresh fruit,
20:20 you like green grapes? I love,
20:22 oh they're yummy? Oh you do, Miss Cinda
20:26 will you pass that oranges? Alright
20:28 you know what lets trade some you want,
20:31 we'll trade like that. Would you like some
20:33 green grapes? I like green grapes.
20:35 Who wants oranges? Me, oh boys and girls,
20:38 I hope you like fruit salad. You can get your
20:42 favorite fruits just like Noah and
20:44 Justin and Hannah are doing.
20:46 And we're having so much fun
20:48 and oh you can try it while you're
20:50 making your fruit salad. Do you want
20:52 some pineapple here Hannah?
20:53 Oh I love pineapple, you know what
20:56 I'm so busy helping you that I'm not
20:58 even get my own salad made I'm.
21:00 Oh you're helping me now, oh what
21:05 a sweet girl thank you. Can I eat?
21:08 Oh sure you can try your fruit salad.
21:10 Auntie Linda do you love fruit salad?
21:13 I love fruit salad it's so good.
21:16 Do you know what boys and girls,
21:18 do you know what. Auntie Linda oh okay.
21:20 Do you know what Aunt Linda likes
21:22 to eat with her fruit salad? Yes, what?
21:24 She likes to eat popcorn with her
21:28 fruit salad. Do you like popcorn with
21:30 your fruit salad? I go to a Ball game,
21:33 and I eat popcorn. You do,
21:35 Oh I love popcorn too. And I love
21:37 to eat it with my fruit salad.
21:39 How about grapes? I think it's so
21:42 special how Jesus made so many
21:44 neat fruits for us eat and lots of good food.
21:46 Yes he did and look how pretty and
21:49 colorful everything is. Doesn't this just
21:53 make you boys and girls wanna go ask
21:55 your mommies to help you make a fruit salad.
21:58 Well maybe we're gonna keep making our
22:00 fruit salad and you can ask your
22:02 mommies to help you make a fruit salad.
22:06 It's sing time boys and girls.
22:11 It's sing time boys and girls.
22:12 Yeah. And Miss Cinda has a
22:18 special song to teach us today.
22:20 That's right boys and girls, we're gonna
22:22 sing a song about our great, big,
22:24 awesome God. Okay kids crouch down,
22:27 okay get down, get down way low, ready.
22:31 My God is so big, so strong and so mighty,
22:37 there's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
22:41 My God is so big, so strong and so mighty,
22:47 there's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
22:51 The mountains are his, the rivers are his,
22:56 the stars are His
22:58 handiwork, too, get down.
23:02 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty,
23:07 there's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
23:13 Shall we do that one more time? Yeah,
23:15 I love that one, okay get down,
23:18 get down boys and girls ready?
23:20 My God is so big, so strong and so mighty,
23:26 there's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
23:31 Get down. My God is so big, so strong and
23:35 so mighty, there's nothing my
23:37 God cannot do, for you! The mountains are his,
23:43 the rivers are his, the stars are His
23:49 handiwork, too, get down.
23:52 My God is so big, so strong and
23:57 so mighty, there's nothing my
24:00 God cannot do, for you! That was a fun one,
24:06 Okay come sit down boys, I think Auntie
24:08 Linda is got another song for us, yes.
24:10 Another fun song, yes. With Jesus in
24:14 our homes it's a happy, happy home.
24:17 You are right Auntie Linda it is a
24:19 happy home when Jesus is there.
24:21 We're gonna sing a gong with Jesus
24:23 in the family happy, happy,
24:24 home, can we clap. When Jesus in the
24:29 family, happy, happy, home,
24:31 happy, happy, home, happy, happy, home.
24:36 When Jesus in the family, happy, happy, home,
24:40 happy, happy, home. Now that you know the song,
24:46 we're gonna to say it again. So you can
24:48 learn it even more with us, Okay let's sing it.
24:51 When Jesus in the family, happy, happy, home,
24:56 happy, happy, home, happy, happy, home.
25:00 When Jesus in the family, happy, happy, home,
25:05 happy, happy, home.
25:09 And it always is a happy home
25:11 with Jesus in the family.
25:12 I love Jesus don't you Steven? Yes,
25:15 we're gonna sing Jesus loves me this I know,
25:18 I know you know that one lets sing okay.
25:21 We all know that one Jesus loves me!
25:25 this I know, For the Bible tells me so.
25:32 Little ones to Him belong;
25:37 they are weak but He is strong.
25:42 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
25:53 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
26:02 You know Jesus is so good and kind to us.
26:05 Lets sing a song about that. God is so good,
26:10 he is so good to me and then we are
26:12 gonna sing God answers prayers is
26:13 with that song too okay, okay.
26:16 God is so good God is so good
26:26 God is so good He's so good to me
26:38 God answers prayers, God answers prayers,
26:47 God answers prayers He's so good to me.
26:59 Farmer Mike, will you thank Jesus for being
27:01 so good to us, lets all close our eyes
27:04 and bow our heads and be real quiet,
27:07 we're gonna let Farmer Mike right now okay.
27:09 Dear Jesus, thank you for your Bible,
27:14 that tells us that you love us and
27:18 you are good to us Lord and we want
27:21 to be good for you, amen, amen.
27:26 That's Mr. Rooster, and he says that's
27:28 all the time we have for today boys
27:30 and girls come and see us again.
27:40 Our time together is over,
27:43 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:50 Remember God loves you. Goodbye,
27:55 goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:08 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:11 we're God's girls and boys.
28:14 We live for him around the world,
28:16 we spread love and joy,
28:19 like colors of the rainbow,
28:22 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:24 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:27 we're God's girls and boys.


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