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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God girls and boys,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda and this is Georgie,
00:32 Georgie, the boys and girls are here now.
00:34 Can you wave to them?
00:36 Oh Georgie is so glad that you are here.
00:39 Kitty cat is glad that you are here too.
00:41 And you know Jesus is so happy that you are here.
00:46 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:52 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:58 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:00 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus
01:04 happy just because you came.
01:09 This is happy, that was Freddy,
01:13 did you here him splashing around in his fishy house.
01:16 He is hungry, he knows that
01:19 when you come it's time for him to eat,
01:21 we're gonna give him some good fishy food,
01:23 here we go Freddy I'm so glad Jesus give us special pets.
01:28 I'm glad today, I'm glad today for dear Freddy
01:34 I'm glad today, thank you God in heaven.
01:42 We got a phone call what you think Georgie,
01:47 who could it be? Lets see.
01:50 Hello this is Auntie Linda. Oh hi Rachel,
01:55 oh that's a wonderful way to help mommy.
02:01 Oh that's makes Jesus happy when we help our mommies.
02:06 Well you have a good day,
02:08 thank you for calling bye, bye.
02:13 That was Rachel Sealey and she says
02:17 she helps her mommy, she is just a little girl
02:20 about one-and-half. And she helps her mommy
02:24 by giving her big hugs, just like I hug Georgie.
02:29 And she tells her mommy that she loves her.
02:33 And that's a good way to help mommy,
02:35 because mommies need lots of hugs don't they? Yes.
02:40 Oh Georgie someone's at the door we better see who it is?
02:45 I love company, why hello. Hi Auntie Linda,
02:51 oh hi Miss Cinda, how are today?
02:53 Good could you put this in the kitchen for me
02:56 and I'm gonna use it later
02:57 when the kids all come to cook,
02:59 but don't look at it, I have to go run in
03:03 and I will back in time for cooking okay?
03:05 Okay bye, okay. Oh I wonder what it could
03:10 be Georgie, do you think we should just take a look.
03:13 No peeking, okay, that we probably better
03:17 be good helpers and just put the bag away
03:20 and I guess well I have to wait till cooking time
03:23 to we find out what it is? I wonder what it could be.
03:27 Oh Kitty cat thank you for reminding me
03:32 that it is time for ring our worship bell.
03:38 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:42 with our best friend Jesus
03:48 come and worship him
03:50 Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:59 Now this is the time that Kitty cat and Georgie
04:02 like the best. I bet you are wondering too,
04:05 what is in our worship present box.
04:08 Georgie, you can sit right here by Kitty cat today,
04:11 and we're going to see what's in our box,
04:14 I always get excited. Oh I love stories
04:20 it's a special book, let me see what it's about.
04:24 It says that it's a book about helping mommy.
04:28 Do you help your mommy?
04:32 Helping mommy is so much fun.
04:36 Every day I help her a ton.
04:39 When mommy gives me a job to do,
04:43 I gladly do it until it's through.
04:47 Then, when every chore is done.
04:52 There's plenty of time for play and fun.
04:57 See Georgie, it's important to help first
04:59 and then you can play.
05:00 I'll help my mommy and do my part.
05:04 For that puts gladness in Jesus heart.
05:09 Oh I like to put gladness in Jesus heart don't you?
05:15 Lets talk to Jesus right now okay.
05:17 Can you bend your knees, lets bend our knees,
05:21 we can kneel right the side of our couch okay.
05:25 I will bend my knees, fold your hands,
05:30 I will fold my hands, bow your head.
05:35 I will bow my head, close your eyes real tight,
05:39 I will close my eyes and very,
05:44 very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:52 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for loving us,
05:57 you are so good and kind and you always help so much,
06:01 help us to be good helpers for our mommies today.
06:04 We love you, in Jesus name, amen.
06:10 Well we have lots of good things planned
06:14 for you today. We're gonna see
06:16 what the surprise in the bag that Miss Cinda
06:20 gave us. That's later but right now
06:23 we are gonna go to the farm with some friends
06:26 and we're gonna see what Farmer Mike is
06:28 doing at the barn come on lets go.
06:32 Hey kids, lets go the barn.
06:37 Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike,
06:41 who look here, look here.
06:45 We caught you taking a nap.
06:49 Hello Noah, let me hug you,
06:51 I got you take you let me show you
06:55 what I got here. Come here Hannah look here,
06:58 look down in there. There's a frog.
07:01 There is a frog you see him.
07:02 A frog, right you want to touch him?
07:04 Touch him real easy, touch him real easy.
07:09 Now I gonna show you this frog stand right here
07:11 so you can see. Now watch where he goes from me,
07:13 watch where he goes okay. Hold me hand,
07:15 so I won't fall here, because I want to show him
07:17 to you right here, come over here,
07:19 come over here, let me take this,
07:20 you come over here by me
07:22 because I want you to get really a good look.
07:24 Oh this is gonna be good. Okay you guys
07:28 and you can put your foot there and you can see
07:30 can you see around him.
07:31 Can you see? Look there that's the way, Noah.
07:33 What color is he? Green,
07:36 and he has what on him besides the green?
07:38 Spots, he's got spots on him that's right.
07:42 And what do frogs do? Hop.
07:45 Can you hop and show me right there,
07:47 okay that just like a frog.
07:50 Good, good job now you know something else
07:52 about frogs. Frogs are all different colors,
07:55 it red, that one's green but they are red,
07:58 they have one, red one that looks like just a tomato,
08:02 in the garden you ever see tomato growing
08:04 in the garden? Well a tomato is
08:07 red and they call it the Tomato Frog.
08:09 Jesus sure made them in a lot of
08:11 different colors didn't he?
08:13 Yeah yellow, look at this yellow.
08:15 You know what Hannah you got yellow
08:18 one just like I got today.
08:20 You got the same clothes like Farmer Mike's got.
08:23 They put their play clothes on today.
08:25 Oh come over and sit here you can see my,
08:27 see if he's come by and hop to you.
08:28 He's already hopped down to you.
08:31 Look here, lets see I can get him to hop,
08:33 see him hopping hello Mr. Frog.
08:35 Now why did God make frogs
08:37 with so many different colors?
08:39 I want to see. Why, can you see, get up here like this,
08:42 come here, can you see? I can't see either way.
08:46 Alright, now look down in the tank you see,
08:47 you see? There he is see, there he is.
08:51 Oh Hannah you know what, sit right here,
08:54 I bet you can see him real good.
08:55 Now I got ask you a question listen
08:57 to this question. Why did God
09:00 make frogs different colors? Because Jesus loves them.
09:03 That is right Hannah because Jesus loves them.
09:07 He loves us too. Exactly and he loves us
09:10 and that's why he make all the different colors
09:12 so the frog could hide when he needs to
09:15 in the grass or he can hide in the brown fields
09:19 if the harvest is dry on ground, red and green.
09:23 And there is red ones and green ones
09:24 that's exactly right. Well thank you Farmer Mike
09:28 for telling this about the frogs.
09:29 I like coming to the farm,
09:31 Oh thank you for coming.
09:33 I like to go to the farm
09:34 where the cows moo, moo,
09:36 I like to go to the farm
09:38 where the ducks quack, quack,
09:40 I like to go to the farm,
09:42 I like to go to the farm,
09:44 I like to go to the farm,
09:46 And learn of Jesus.
09:50 Well we have to go now,
09:52 thank you for showing us about the frog.
09:54 Thank you well I watching now good bye.
09:58 Thank you and I got some hay on me.
10:00 Come back to farm again.
10:01 Bye, bye, bye we'll see you.
10:03 Good bye thanks for coming.
10:06 Time for our nature walk.
10:10 It's a lovely day for a walk Zoey
10:14 and Yasmin are here, I'm glad you're here too.
10:16 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today,
10:24 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given.
10:32 What a beautiful garden, I love gardens.
10:38 Oh lets see if we can find
10:40 something special in this garden.
10:43 Oh what did you, Oh you found a frog,
10:47 oh what a cute little frog.
10:50 Do you know frogs are good they like to catch bugs,
10:55 can you they stick there tongue can you go like this?
11:00 They do it really fast, their tongue is long
11:03 and sticky and the bugs land on their tongue
11:05 and then they do. The bugs
11:09 and they have such a nice meal then.
11:12 And you know what did they have here,
11:14 what is their feet like? Webs,
11:18 it's webs yeah little webbed feet
11:20 and they like to swim.
11:21 And you know what else froggy's like to do?
11:24 They like to sing and some times you know
11:27 what they sing? Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit
11:31 and they like to jump and go Ribbit, Ribbit.
11:33 God made some really neat creatures
11:36 didn't he for us to enjoy.
11:38 God made the pretty green
11:41 froggy's I know, I know.
11:47 God made the pretty green froggy's
11:51 because he loves me so. Story time.
12:04 It's story time boys and girls,
12:05 come and join Caleb and Hannah and I.
12:08 We have a special story today.
12:10 Our story is about a little maid
12:12 that lived far, far away from home.
12:14 She had to work very hard for captain and lady Naaman.
12:19 She swept the floor, see here dishes Hannah.
12:23 Do you help your mommy do dishes?
12:25 No, no you don't help your mommy?
12:28 No. What is this?
12:30 That was food wasn't it and water jug
12:34 she worked very hard and she did
12:36 everything they told her to do.
12:38 But, you know what she didn't do?
12:41 What? That's an idol,
12:43 she said I will not pray to the idols,
12:46 yes she only prayed to the God in heaven, a king.
12:51 That's an ugly idol yes. Crying, she is crying
12:57 do you know why she is crying?
12:59 Yes one day when little maid came to see lady Naaman
13:03 and she was crying you know why she was crying?
13:05 Why Hannah? Because the captain was sick.
13:10 He was sick, he had big white spots on him
13:13 called leprosy, that's a big word isn't it?
13:17 But, that's an awful disease.
13:19 And he had to stay away from people.
13:22 Look at this all these spots on him, a king.
13:27 That is captain and she said I know someone
13:31 said little maid that can help Captain Naaman,
13:35 and who could help her, prophet who?
13:37 Prophet Elisha and so he hurried and got
13:42 in his horses, look at he's riding really fast.
13:45 Do you like to go fast? I hurt my finger, you did too.
13:50 Jesus cares about those things.
13:53 Yes the horses and they waved goodbye.
13:56 Bye-bye, bye-bye Captain Naaman.
14:00 And when he got to the prophet house,
14:02 the prophet Elisha send someone out to him and said,
14:05 you go wash in the Jordan River seven times
14:09 and then you will be well.
14:11 He was so mad, that was a stinky river.
14:17 And it was muddy and he was not going in there.
14:20 He was gonna go home, and so he got in his chariot
14:24 and he was riding fast and this man caught up to him
14:27 and he said, look the horses, yes and they said
14:30 why don't you just go try it
14:32 just go wash in the river,
14:34 it's just a little thing that he is asking you to do.
14:37 So, Captain Naaman said okay.
14:41 So, he went into the water
14:45 and he had to close how many times?
14:47 Seven times, he went under one time, two, three,
14:56 four, five, six, and the seventh time he came up
15:06 the spots were gone. He was so excited,
15:10 he didn't have leprosy anymore.
15:13 He was so happy he got back in his chariot
15:16 and he raised as fast as he could to the prophet
15:19 and he brought him what's that? Money, and clothes
15:25 and he said money, money and he said here is some
15:29 money that thank you for what you did for me.
15:31 And the prophet said no I can't take the money
15:35 because I didn't not make you well
15:37 it was the God in heaven.
15:40 Oh, Naaman was so happy Captain Naaman was
15:44 he got in his horse and he hurry to home and who was
15:47 waiting for him at the top of the hill?
15:50 Little maid and Mrs. Naaman. And do you think
15:55 they worship the Gods and idols of stone now?
15:58 No, they thank that God in heaven
16:03 for making them well.
16:06 You know boys and girls, Jesus likes
16:09 to hear us say thank you too.
16:11 Maybe you can think somethings to thank Jesus
16:14 for because you know he really does love you.
16:21 Fun in the kitchen.
16:25 I'm so glad that you boys and girls
16:28 have to joined us in the kitchen today.
16:30 What's the surprise?
16:33 Would you like to see what's in the bag now?
16:36 I caught Auntie Linda trying to peek earlier.
16:40 But, I didn't peek Miss Cinda, I didn't peek.
16:44 I know she was a good girl. Hey who is in the bag.
16:49 You want to know what's in the bag?
16:53 Yeah, what's in the bag.
16:56 Okay, I have a surprise for Michael.
17:03 Oh, toss a bone in it. Michael,
17:08 Oh look what I got for Justin.
17:11 Michael, what does the horsey say?
17:12 And let see look what I got for Jadice
17:18 and look what I got for Hannah.
17:24 And I got a sheep and oh look I have a barn in.
17:31 You know we're gonna do today boys and girls?
17:33 Put them on the cake, that's right
17:36 we're gonna decorate a cake.
17:38 Doesn't that sound fun?
17:40 Oh lets give you kid, oh wait,
17:43 we have to frost the cake Michael.
17:45 Michael do you like to frost cake?
17:47 Yes, do you like the frosting? Yes, yes.
17:50 Alright well you know what let me give you,
17:52 Miss Cinda after we get all the animals on the cake
17:56 could we give it to Farmer Mike.
17:58 Oh I think that would be fun
18:00 would you kids like to do that?
18:02 I think Farmer Mike would like it.
18:04 Okay, lets set all this aside.
18:07 Okay Michael could you help decorate the cake,
18:10 lets put some frosting on it first.
18:13 Okay, let me give you each a knife
18:15 and do some frosting.
18:16 Can we use a knife I want orange.
18:18 Oh you may have orange Justin
18:20 it matches your shirt, okay.
18:22 Here Hannah and Jadis. What color is this Michael?
18:25 Lets decorate your cake, but first
18:27 we are gonna put some frosting on it.
18:29 Put some frosting on here, isn't this fun
18:32 boys and girls you can help decorate our cake like
18:35 this at home too and it makes it really easy yes.
18:38 Spread all over, spread it real good,
18:40 oh have to get a whole lot of frosting
18:42 get a whole bunch on our knife,
18:45 yeah there you go, get a whole bunch,
18:49 good job Michael. You kids are doing just what
18:53 Auntie Linda talked about in worship.
18:56 What did you talk about Auntie Linda?
18:58 I talked about how it's good to help Jesus.
19:01 Yes it is, and when we help others
19:04 we're helping Jesus.
19:05 Michael do you like to help Jesus?
19:06 Yeah, you do, and how do you help your mommy?
19:10 Do you like to help your mommy?
19:13 Justin do you like to help your mommy? Yes.
19:15 What do you do to help your mommy.. Cake.
19:19 You help her decorate cakes.
19:21 Hannah what do you do to help your mommy?
19:24 I listen to her when she asks,
19:26 and what do you do Jadice to help your mommy?
19:31 Well I help her, learn how to read stories.
19:36 You do and does anyone help
19:38 your mommy clean the house?
19:40 I do, and you pick up your toys?
19:44 Do you pick up your toys Michael? Yeah.
19:49 What else do you do to help your mommy,
19:51 I clean up my mess, you clean up your mess?
20:00 Yeah, oh! Good, oh! you know that make Jesus
20:04 happy when we help we should always help
20:07 boys and girls, and you know what we don't,
20:09 we can help other people too. We don't have to,
20:11 I guess you help your mommies.
20:14 Can I look to fork this?
20:15 No we you probably shouldn't lick it,
20:17 because you could hurt someone like,
20:19 yeah we don't want at Hannah because that would,
20:21 that would hurt us, but you know what let me help you,
20:23 you wanna put a little bit more. Let's see
20:24 I am gonna put whole lot of frosting, lets do this.
20:27 Here we spread all around there we go.
20:29 Here we go, Now spread that around, now spread that,
20:31 Hannah I don't know if I can, I
20:34 will get a different type, a spoon I have in my
20:38 drawer is this but you can probably use that.
20:41 Spread this around first than we can look at that,
20:44 Hey my tree oh that's okay Ms. Cinda
20:46 will get that for you, There you go.
20:49 Spread that around, good job,
20:51 you even got some on Auntie Linda.
20:53 Here Michael do you want me to help you
20:55 just like you help your mommy. I can help Michael.
20:58 Look is that good? This is,
21:01 oh! This is not only fun, it taste good too.
21:05 Doesn't it? oh! You know what I think
21:08 Farmer Mike is gonna like his cake.
21:10 Well, I think he is gonna love it.
21:12 What you boys and girls think?
21:13 You think might Farmer Mike is gonna like this cake
21:15 we will surprise Farmer Mike.
21:17 Do you know when we were at the barn today
21:19 he showed us the frogs.
21:21 We have to share, oh! Yes. We have to share.
21:24 Oh! That would be so nice Hannah.
21:26 You know Ms. Cinda, we saw a frog today at the barn.
21:31 Do you kids like frogs.
21:32 I love all the animals Jesus made.
21:35 There was one of the spots on it.
21:37 They have spots. Do we lick this off
21:39 no we probably better not lick it that
21:42 because we might wanna use it again
21:43 and shouldn't put, put it in your, here Michael,
21:46 you shouldn't put it in your mouth
21:48 if you gonna use it again because
21:50 that just wouldn't be very good.
21:52 You kids all like to share too?
21:56 Yes, you do. Michael do you share?
21:58 Michael can you share your toys?
22:01 Yes. Justin, you share your toys? Yes.
22:04 Oh! That's so nice do you girls share? Yeah.
22:08 And I hope you boys and girls share too. Yeah.
22:12 And you know what? We must share with everybody,
22:14 I also hope that when your mommy is in the kitchen
22:17 you go and help her because she has got
22:20 lot of I mean there doesn't it, cooking is fun.
22:24 It's singing time boys and girls.
22:29 It's singing time boys and girls.
22:33 Right, we love singing time.
22:36 Oh! Did I miss sing time, I have seen Ms. Cinda.
22:38 You just in time. I have so much to do in the kitchen.
22:40 Oh! I will sit by you, Hannah, banana.
22:43 Oh! We're glad that you've made it.
22:49 We will be right back I forget something
22:51 I am so sorry let's go Hannah.
22:56 Auntie Linda what's going on,
22:58 we are getting ready to sing.
22:59 You know don't you boys and girls,
23:01 don't tell Farmer Mike.
23:04 What is going around here today?
23:06 Happy Birthday to you, oh! Wow!
23:10 Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Farmer Mike
23:18 Happy birthday to you.
23:22 What a surprise, what a good surprise,
23:26 who made that cake?
23:28 Tell him, I made it, you made that, Hannah,
23:32 come here I may give you a bit
23:34 and Justin helped her, and Justin did too.
23:37 Thank you Justin. That is great,
23:41 Thank you boys and girls for keeping it surprise.
23:45 It's, oh! So pretty and it smells good
23:48 and they decorated it all by themselves Farmer Mike.
23:51 May I know what who put the geese on that
23:54 and look there are some of favorite animals
23:57 there is a horse, there is a cow, see that Justin
24:00 and over here is some there are rabbits, that's right.
24:05 This is one of the best surprises I have ever had.
24:08 You know what Farmer Mike the kids
24:11 wanted to share with you, your special day
24:13 and I will set it right here and I think
24:15 Auntie Linda has a song about sharing Jesus love.
24:18 Wow what a day. Now, we actually
24:20 we don't have the candles on the cake
24:23 because we're gonna make our little candles
24:25 and we gonna sing about the lights.
24:27 That's a good idea.
24:28 This little light of mine I am gonna let it shine.
24:30 Can you hold your finger up like a candle Justin.
24:32 You can too boys and girls.
24:33 Get your candle. Here we go.
24:35 This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.
24:41 This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine,
24:47 let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
24:52 Hide it under a bushel - No!
24:56 I'm gonna let it shine.
24:59 Hide it under a bushel - no!
25:02 I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine,
25:06 let it shine, let it shine.
25:11 Don't let Satan it out! I'm going to let it shine,.
25:18 Don't let Satan it out! I'm going to let it shine,.
25:24 let it shine, let it shine, let it shine,
25:29 let it shine till Jesus comes.
25:31 Let it shine till Jesus comes, I'm gonna let it shine,
25:38 Let it shine till Jesus comes, I'm gonna let it shine,
25:44 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
25:50 And we wanna keep our light
25:53 shinning for Jesus. Don't we?
25:54 We do, you know I think I like that better
25:57 then blowing candles out on the cake.
25:58 Well, it was suppose to be something special for you.
26:02 Well, it sure surprised me.
26:03 Are we got anymore songs today,
26:05 we're gonna sing a song about two little hands
26:08 go clap, clap, clap alright.
26:10 Okay, get our hands ready then, okay.
26:14 Two little hands go clap, clap, clap.
26:17 Two little feet go tap, tap, tap;
26:21 One little head goes nod, nod, nod,
26:26 yes so yes so, I am child of God.
26:30 We'll try one more time that was fun,
26:33 Georgie liked that one. I'm gonna see
26:35 if Justin can do it, just right. Okay, Justin.
26:39 Two little hands go clap, clap, clap.
26:43 Two little feet go tap, tap, tap;
26:47 One little head goes nod, nod, nod,
26:50 yes so yes so, I am child of God.
26:55 You did perfect Justin, now we wanna,
26:58 he did, we wanna thank Jesus right now,
27:01 just for this fun day and for Farmer Mike.
27:03 Let's bow our heads, close our eyes
27:07 and fold our hands. Dear Jesus, thank you so much
27:14 for everything you do for us,
27:15 thank you for Farmer Mike
27:17 and for giving him another birthday.
27:20 Thank you, and you are so good and kind to us
27:23 Jesus we love you. Amen.
27:28 Well, that's all the time we have for today
27:30 boys and girls but do come back and see us again.
27:40 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:46 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:53 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.


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