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Jesus Is Happy When I Obey Pt. 1

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00:06 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:11 We live for him around the world,
00:14 we spread love and joy, like colors of the
00:18 rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi I'm Auntie Linda and this is Georgie.
00:33 Can you say hi Georgie to the boys and girls?
00:35 He is really glad you are here.
00:38 Kitty cat is glad you're here too.
00:41 Kitty cat, yes kitty cat is always gets excited
00:45 when you are coming to the farm.
00:48 But, there is someone else that's
00:49 really glad you are here. You made Jesus
00:53 happy just because you came.
00:57 Jesus loves the children, everyone
01:01 the same, welcome, welcome,
01:04 you are welcome, Jesus knows your name,
01:08 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:16 That is Freddy and he is happy that
01:19 you are here too. He is also hungry,
01:22 we have some good fishy food for Freddy,
01:26 but we don't wanna give him too much
01:29 because that would make him sick.
01:31 So, we just give him a little bit
01:34 of fishy food. I'm glad today, I'm glad today,
01:39 for dear Freddy I'm glad today.
01:43 Thank you, God in Heaven.
01:48 We just set this right back here yes Georgie,
01:53 yes it was fun to feed Freddy.
01:57 Oh! I love phone calls, I wonder
02:00 who could be calling us. Hello, this is
02:07 Auntie Linda. Oh! Hi Kailey,
02:11 how are you today? Oh! You did,
02:15 oh! That made Jesus really happy,
02:20 well you have a good day with mommy. Goodbye.
02:27 That was Kailey Chance. She is so sweet
02:31 she said that her mommy called her
02:34 and said Kailey, Kailey and she went running
02:38 as fast as she could. That makes
02:40 Jesus happy when we obey. It's important
02:44 to obey isn't it Georgie? Oh! I hear
02:48 somebody at the door. Georgie we better see
02:50 who it is? I can hardly wait to see,
02:55 I just love company. Hi Auntie Linda,
03:00 oh! Hi Haley, how are you?
03:03 Fine, my mother wanted to me to
03:08 send this to you. Oh! I love apples can you stay
03:13 for a little while? Of course,
03:15 Oh! Good come on in, it's so good
03:18 to have you. I'm so glad you could come.
03:21 Georgie, Oh! He always gets excited
03:24 when company comes and he likes to sit
03:27 with our company. Georgie, you be a
03:29 really good boy okay. This is Kitty cat,
03:35 Kitty cat is reminding us that it's time
03:38 to ring our worship bell, you're just
03:40 in time for our worship When we ring our bell,
03:43 and we sing our little song and then
03:46 we get to see what's in our special worship
03:49 present box. That will be exciting won't it?
03:54 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet
03:59 with our best friend Jesus, come
04:04 and worship Him Jesus will be here
04:08 smiling when He sees us. Okay, Georgie
04:16 you be really quiet now. We're gonna see
04:19 what's in our worship box. Oh! We do have
04:24 something special in here. We have a
04:28 special book about Jordan. See, Georgie
04:32 this is a picture of Jordan, yes,
04:35 he's got some neat stuffed animals.
04:38 Oh! Our book today is about Jordan Obeys.
04:42 Jordan loves his mommy, do you love
04:45 your mommy Haley? Yes, yes do you
04:48 boys and girls love your mommy?
04:50 I love my mommy too. Some times mommy
04:53 asks Jordan to help her, Jordan obeys
04:56 right away. Then Jordan gets to go do
05:00 fun things like swimming. Georgie loves
05:03 to do fun things too. Oh! Or going to
05:06 the park, that's what Georgie likes to do.
05:11 Jordan loves Jesus too. When Jordan obeys
05:14 his mommy it makes Jesus glad.
05:17 Jordan likes to make Jesus smile,
05:19 don't you? I do too. You can make Jesus smile
05:23 by obeying your mommy and daddy.
05:25 This helps us to obey Jesus also.
05:27 That was such a nice story wasn't it?
05:31 Oh! We have something else in our box.
05:36 I'm gonna sneak this to Haley,
05:38 now don't look boys and girls okay here we go.
05:42 You will get to see in just a minute.
05:46 Oh! We have a mother moose.
05:52 When a mother says come here,
05:56 who comes running, who comes running,
06:01 when a mother says come here,
06:04 little baby moose comes running.
06:10 Oh! Isn't that cute, you know
06:13 that's what Jesus wants us to too.
06:16 When our mommy's calls us, He wants us to come
06:19 running right away. Do you come running fast
06:22 when your mommy calls? Yes, yes let's ask
06:25 Jesus to help us always obey okay.
06:28 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
06:37 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
06:44 and very, very quiet be while
06:49 our prayer is said. Dear Jesus, Your so
06:55 good and kind, we love You so much help us
06:59 to always obey our mommies right away,
07:02 thank you Jesus, amen. That was a
07:08 good boy Georgie, you were very quiet
07:11 during prayer, you even kept your eyes closed,
07:14 good boy. Well, Georgie did you have fun?
07:20 You did, did you have fun today too?
07:23 Yes, I had fun but I promise my mommy
07:28 that I go after worship. Oh! And it's important
07:35 to obey isn't it? Well Georgie,
07:37 can you give her a hug bye, tell her goodbye.
07:40 You can see her again. Kitty cat you can say
07:43 goodbye too. And Freddy he is just there eating
07:47 his food isn't he? Okay, well Georgie
07:50 wants to walk you to the door.
07:53 He always feels sad when company leaves,
07:55 but you will come back and see us won't you?
07:57 I can't wait, oh good bye-bye, bye.
08:02 Oh! That was so nice for Haley to visit today.
08:06 I'm glad that you're visiting too.
08:09 Let's go see Farmer Mike, he has got
08:13 really something special to
08:15 show us today, I can hardly wait.
08:19 Hey kids, lets go to the barn.
08:23 Hi Farmer Mike, I got you message.
08:25 Oh! Auntie Linda I'm so glad you came out,
08:28 I want you to meet one of my best friends.
08:30 Doesn't get by here very much this is a
08:32 special day. This is Danny,
08:34 I'm glad to meet you. Glad to meet you
08:36 Auntie Linda. And this is his special friend
08:38 Terra and he's got some wonderful
08:40 things to tell us. Well, can I pet Terra?
08:42 Well not really when you pet her
08:45 she gets distracted and forgets
08:46 what her jobs, our job is. Okay, I'll just say
08:50 hi Terra. Well, let's sit down maybe
08:52 she will be okay for we sit down here, yes.
08:55 Well thank you for inviting me.
08:56 Good now, I was just talking to Danny
09:00 before you got here and he was telling me
09:02 I ask if Terra was a seeing eye dog.
09:06 Oh! Terra is seeing eye dog? Well, actually
09:08 he calls her something else.
09:10 Tell her what you tell me Danny. She is a,
09:12 what they call leader dog. She was trained
09:15 at Leader Dog school for the blind in
09:16 Rochester Michigan. There is different
09:19 schools and seeing eye is just another part of
09:24 training another dogs. Now, I'm not supposed
09:26 to pet her now she is acting a little bit,
09:28 she is little bit edgy, you know why?
09:31 Maybe the lights, gets warm too.
09:34 Sunshine makes her look too warm probably.
09:37 Yes. Well and anyway you flew to Rochester
09:39 you were telling me? Yes, they send me
09:41 airline tickets to fly up there
09:43 and put me back home and took care of all
09:45 the expenses, room and board
09:47 and everything is all pray and after the
09:50 training was over the dogs valued at $20000.
09:52 Now I'm thinking about love like God's love
09:58 and the first thing you have to learn about
10:00 loving others, other people, other children,
10:02 other, your mom and your dad is how to get
10:05 along and spend time together.
10:07 And the first thing he told me he did was go
10:09 out there, for like three weeks, yes
10:11 three-and-half weeks. And you guys were
10:12 together pretty much all the time.
10:13 Yes, all the time. So, she can get use to
10:15 you. Yes, how long it take you to love her?
10:18 Oh! I love her immediately,
10:19 this is the person that first got her.
10:22 Now, forgive me I'm not trying be funny
10:24 but, somebody is probably thinking
10:25 love at first sight, but in your case
10:27 she is lot of your sight. Yeah she is,
10:29 yes she is. So, she had to go?
10:32 Yes, she takes me where ever I need to
10:33 go, I will just get a hold of this leash and
10:36 her harness and she just
10:38 leads me wherever I need to go.
10:39 So, she obeys you? Yes, she will obeys,
10:41 but had you teach her to obey like that.
10:45 Because now you're talking about when
10:46 you get out and walk around in traffic and
10:48 all of us know not to walk in front of cars
10:51 and things, in the street how did you train her?
10:53 Okay, now before I got up she went
10:55 through four weeks training with the trainers.
10:59 And they are professionals and they know just
11:02 exactly how to they take her through
11:03 Detroit, the city of Detroit.
11:05 That's a big city. Through the traffics
11:07 and they got the, what they call the people
11:09 moves, it's kind of like a subway but it's on top.
11:11 So, she's used to being outside,
11:13 yes, and they when you get there,
11:15 show her something like you trained her
11:17 to do, and she will obey you.
11:18 Okay Terra come on, look at up here yeah,
11:23 sit, now sit that's a good girl.
11:29 Lie down, oh she lie down look isn't
11:31 that great. My wife has been trying to
11:35 get me to do that for years to sit.
11:37 That's a good girl. Yeah, lets do again,
11:41 down oh that's a good girl.
11:44 Now there you go. Now you know what
11:48 that makes me think about Auntie Linda
11:50 is how in the Bible, it tells all of us to obey,
11:54 yes, and to love, and like obeying your
11:57 parents you remember the
11:59 commandment that talks about.
12:00 Honor your father and your mother,
12:03 and one of the ways we can honor them,
12:05 is by obeying them, by obeying them, yes.
12:07 And we will obey them even sometimes
12:10 when we don't to, that's right.
12:12 Because they know best, that's right.
12:14 Terra is smart but you know best, yes.
12:17 So, are there times when she doesn't
12:20 wanna obey you? Yes there is, a lot of
12:23 times I have taken her places where
12:25 I've got lost myself. And I couldn't find
12:27 my way around, wow. She knows exactly
12:30 where we're supposed to go and if I gave her
12:32 a command to do something, if it's not
12:33 the right way she won't do it,
12:34 marvelous. She takes me, she knows the
12:36 way to get around and how to get
12:37 out of the situation. Wow! So you guys
12:40 have really developed a bond together a
12:43 love, yes we have yeah. And she obeys,
12:46 yes, you told me, I know this that you
12:52 sing some times? Yes. Do you sing to her sometimes?
12:56 Well sometimes I have, she like to here
12:58 you or not? She put her hands over ears
13:00 or do you know Jesus loves me?
13:02 Yes. Sing that for us, okay.
13:04 Jesus loves me! This I know,
13:08 For the Bible tells me so;
13:13 Little ones to Him belong,
13:18 They are weak but He is strong.
13:21 Thank you, thank you. You are welcome.
13:23 That it was so good, thank you for inviting me.
13:26 Thank you for coming and
13:27 meet my friend Danny and Terra.
13:29 I'm so glad to meet both of you.
13:31 Oh! Thank you. Well, I'm gonna go on back
13:33 now, I have got some things to do,
13:35 but I'm just hope you come and see
13:36 us again sometime. Oh! Anytime Auntie Linda.
13:38 Bye, bye, bye, bye. God bless, God bless you.
13:46 Time for our nature walk.
13:50 Hannah and I are out for a walk.
13:53 Its kind of dark outside, looks like it
13:55 might rain ha. Well we don't mind,
13:58 we brought an umbrella with us.
14:00 We can still have fun in the rain.
14:02 I know why don't you bring your umbrellas
14:06 and come and join Hannah and I?
14:08 Shall we go for a walk today,
14:12 a walk today, a walk today,
14:15 Shall we go for a walk today,
14:19 to see what God has given.
14:23 Oh! It smells so good out here, Hannah,
14:26 it must be those beautiful flowers.
14:30 I bet that's what the smell is.
14:33 Oh! It does smell good. Yes, oh I feel the rain
14:39 drops, can you open it up. Oh! Come over here
14:41 so we won't get wet, those tiny little wet
14:44 rain drops are coming. All we'll have to get
14:47 our thing undone won't we? Oh! Can you get it,
14:50 alright good girl, okay, thank you Hannah.
14:56 That is so nice, you know when I was a
14:59 little girl, it was always so much fun
15:02 when it rained. Daddy would say,
15:04 it's raining, lets go take a ride,
15:07 and momma would pack a lunch and we'd
15:08 get in the car and we would go through all
15:11 the puddles and we would have so much fun.
15:15 You know what else the rain is good for? What?
15:20 Puddles, puddles, I like puddles too.
15:23 But, it makes the green grass grow.
15:26 Makes the flowers grow, it also fills up
15:30 the rivers and the lakes and the oceans.
15:34 And you know what I like to take baths don't you?
15:37 Then we have lots of water to take baths
15:39 and get clean. I'm so thankful
15:42 for the little wet rain drops.
15:46 God made the little wet rain drops,
15:50 I know, I know. God made the little
15:55 wet rain drops because he loves me so.
16:03 Story time.
16:06 Hello boys and girls, it's story time and we
16:10 have Sylvia with us and Caleb with us today.
16:14 And we have a story about wicked King Ahab.
16:17 He made all the people bow down to
16:20 what is that Sylvia? What is that?
16:24 Is that a idol? Yes, that's a idol and made
16:28 them all bow down to the idol.
16:31 Elijah felt very sad that he made them
16:33 bow down to the idol. God told him to go
16:38 tell the King, that there was not gonna
16:40 be any rain for three whole years.
16:45 That's a long time isn't it?
16:47 Oh! What's that, Caleb? King, yes that's a
16:51 King and this is a soldier isn't it?
16:53 Yes, yes a King. That's the King Ahab,
16:58 a King. Ha-ha and there is King Ahab
17:01 and he is angry. A King, a King.
17:03 He is the King that's right, that's his
17:07 soldiers, and you know what he said?
17:09 That's right, where is Elijah, that's right,
17:16 where was Elijah? That's right.
17:19 Where was Elijah? Oh! Can you find him?
17:22 Right there, that's he is right there.
17:24 And he was right by a little brook where he
17:27 could drink water and what was bringing him food?
17:32 A birdie, a birdie was bringing him food.
17:37 So, he didn't go hungry but, oh no
17:40 the water dried up because there was no rain.
17:44 Oh! What is he gonna do? God told him to go
17:48 visit a widow lady and her boy.
17:51 And they picking up the, yes and they're
17:53 picking up the sticks so they can make a
17:55 fire to make their last little loaf of bread
17:59 because they had no had no more food,
18:02 no more food. But, Elijah said make me
18:05 some food first and then God will make
18:07 lots of flour in our barrel and lots of oil
18:11 in your jug. Sylvia look at, the little
18:15 boy is so excited because after she
18:17 made Elijah something to eat the little boy said
18:20 look, look Elijah we have more oil,
18:23 we can more food that was exciting.
18:29 Then, God said to go show himself to who is this?
18:34 King, that's the King, and the King said you
18:37 are the one the troubles Israel.
18:39 Look horsy, And that's right and he
18:40 was on a horsy wasn't he?
18:44 Yes and that was Elijah and Elijah said
18:46 I want you to meet me on top of Mount Carmel.
18:50 Yes, was King, that's a King and all the
18:54 people because we're gonna see who
18:56 the true God is? And they had all the
18:59 priests of Baal and they bowed down and
19:01 you know what they said? O Baal, hear us;
19:06 O Baal hear us, and water. Could their God of
19:10 idols hear them? No, that's right Elijah
19:15 got some water and he poured it over his
19:18 sacrifice and he said. Oh! God, please let
19:22 the people know that you are the only true God.
19:26 God is the only true God isn't he Caleb?
19:29 Yeah, yes look at what happen Sylvia?
19:34 What is that? Fire, came down and it
19:38 burned everything up, even the water.
19:42 And you know what, the people said, the
19:45 Lord He is God. Yes, the water, it even
19:50 burned the water up, the fire did.
19:53 God is a great God, yes even the water
19:59 burned up. God loves us so much,
20:02 that's why He doesn't want us to worship
20:04 idols right. Yes, because idols
20:07 can't see, and they can't here, only the
20:11 God of heaven can see and hear us.
20:14 And He wants us to worship him because
20:16 He loves us so much doesn't He?
20:21 Fun in the kitchen.
20:25 Do you sometimes get hungry in the middle
20:27 of the day? Yeah. And you want a just
20:29 a tasty little snack? Yeah, would you
20:31 know what? Haley brought Auntie Linda
20:34 some apples and Auntie Linda brought
20:36 them to my kitchen. You want that apple
20:40 and do you know what we are gonna do today?
20:41 Can I cut it, okay we will get Auntie Linda
20:43 to cut it for it us. Because I would like
20:45 you and Brittney and Noah to help me,
20:47 we're gonna make a peanut butter dip for apple.
20:50 Yeah, yeah and that will make a really
20:53 healthy treat won't it? Just kind of a snack
20:56 when we're you know, this my plate.
20:57 That's your plate, what color is that plate?
21:00 Orange, very good. You have a plate too
21:02 Brittney? What's color is your plate?
21:05 I don't know what color it is.
21:07 How about pink? Yeah, just like Auntie
21:09 Linda's top. Yes, well you know Miss Cinda
21:12 when Haley brought the apples pie she said.
21:15 I have to hurry right away because my
21:17 mommy told me to come right back and
21:19 I would like to obey my mommy.
21:21 You know Haley is very good obeying
21:23 her mommy, she is. I hope you two are very
21:25 good obeying your mommies?
21:26 Yeah, yeah and that makes Jesus happy
21:29 when we obey. Do you know you want
21:32 on putting in here, we got yummy peanut
21:35 butter and this is a tofu cream cheese
21:39 because that's a lot better. That's yummy,
21:41 that is yummy isn't it? I need that red apple.
21:44 And that's a lot better for you well would
21:46 you like to stir this up for me?
21:48 Okay, and Brittney, would you like to
21:50 pour our, oops. Our Florida sugar crystals
21:54 in for me? Just go ahead and pour them
21:57 all in. Good job, oh Noah use some of
22:00 those muscles, stir. Here Miss Cinda
22:04 some apple, yes you can put them all in.
22:08 Oh! Good job, oops, that's okay.
22:13 Maybe I need to stir it with this one,
22:15 okay maybe so. You're good helper,
22:18 you are a very good helper.
22:20 And Brittney's a good helper too.
22:22 And you know what, you boys and girls
22:24 can help your mommies make yummy snacks too
22:27 just like Brittney and Noah are helping me.
22:30 Okay you know what Noah, can you get
22:32 your measuring cup for me?
22:35 It is a apple, that's for Noah, okay Noah can
22:39 you get your measuring cup and lets put in
22:41 soy milk, I got it. Okay, lets put it over
22:44 the bowl Noah and lets pour our soy milk
22:47 in, okay pour it into it, good job.
22:50 Brittney, you want to hand me that bowl
22:51 there and let's stir it up. Are you guys ready
22:55 for a tasty treat? Yeah. I'll bet you
22:59 boys and girls are ready for a nice treat too.
23:01 And a healthy one, because we wanna
23:03 remember to always eat healthy.
23:05 So, you guys get an apple too and enjoy
23:08 that, while we're enjoying our apples.
23:13 Its sing time boys and girls.
23:17 Hello boys and girls, it's sing time.
23:20 Alright, oh I love sing time.
23:23 I love sing time too. We have a special
23:26 song today we're gonna sing a song
23:28 about our eyes and our ears and our
23:31 hands and our feet. So, let's sing with us
23:35 Oh be careful little eyes, what you see.
23:40 Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
23:46 Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
23:51 For the Father up above,
23:54 he is looking down in love,
23:56 Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
24:02 Oh, be careful little ears what you hear
24:08 Oh, be careful little ears what you hear
24:14 For the Father up above,
24:16 he is looking down in love,
24:19 Oh, be careful little ears what you hear
24:25 Oh, be careful little lips what you say,
24:31 Oh, be careful little lips what you say,
24:36 For the Father up above,
24:39 he is looking down in love,
24:42 Oh, be careful little lips what you say,
24:48 Oh, be careful little hands, what you do,
24:54 Oh, be careful little hands, what you do,
25:00 For the Father up above,
25:02 he is looking down in love,
25:05 Oh, be careful little hands, what you do,
25:11 Oh, be careful little feet, where you go,
25:17 Oh, be careful little feet, where you go,
25:23 For the Father up above,
25:25 he is looking down in love,
25:28 Oh, be careful little feet, where you go,
25:34 That was a fun song wasn't it?
25:37 We like that song, do you like that song.
25:40 Well you know I love Jesus,
25:43 do you love Jesus Farmer Mike?
25:44 I do love Jesus. Let's sing a song
25:47 about Jesus loves me, this I know,
25:49 and you can all sing with us okay.
25:52 We know that don't we Zachary? Yes, yes.
25:54 Jesus loves me, this I know,
25:59 For the Bible tells me so.
26:04 Little ones to Him belong,
26:09 They are weak but He is strong.
26:14 Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me,
26:23 did you know that Yes, Jesus loves me,
26:29 The Bible tells me so. Your good, let's sing
26:36 that just one more time okay, ready.
26:41 Jesus loves me, this I know,
26:46 For the Bible tells me so.
26:51 Little ones to Him belong,
26:56 They are weak but He is strong.
27:01 Yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me,
27:11 Yes, Jesus loves me, The Bible tells me so.
27:23 That's Mr. Rooster and he says that's all
27:26 the time we have for today boys and girls,
27:28 come back and see us again.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:10 we live for him around the world,
28:13 we spread love and joy,
28:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


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