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00:07 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:09 we're God's girls and boys.
00:12 We live for him around the world,
00:15 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
00:19 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:22 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:25 we're God's girls and boys.
00:31 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda and this is Georgie,
00:35 Georgie can you wave to the boys and girls.
00:38 Yes, you're glad they're here;
00:40 kitty cat is glad that you're here too.
00:44 Can you say hi to boys and girls,
00:48 yes there is someone else that's glad
00:50 that you're here? And that's Jesus.
00:53 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:58 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:04 Welcome, welcome you are
01:05 welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:09 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:17 That's Freddy; he's having a lot of fun today,
01:21 just swimming around in his fishy house.
01:23 And it's time for him to have his food,
01:26 shall we feed Freddy? Hi Freddy,
01:28 can you say hi, yes he loves swimming.
01:32 I'm so glad Jesus gave us special pets
01:35 like Freddy, here you go Freddy.
01:37 I'm glad today, I'm glad today,
01:42 for dear Freddy I'm glad today.
01:46 Thank you God in Heaven.
01:52 That was nice, oh! Georgie,
01:54 we've got a phone call I wonder who that can be,
01:58 we're gonna see. Hello, this is Auntie Linda,
02:04 oh! Hi Steven, how are you?
02:08 Oh! I'm sorry oh! But that was so nice of you,
02:14 that is just what Jesus would do.
02:17 You made Jesus happy, yes, thank you
02:21 for calling bye, bye. That was Steven Kerry,
02:28 his little sister was so sick,
02:31 that mommy put her on the couch and
02:33 she was just laying there and he was
02:36 watching her. And he had his favorite blanket
02:39 with him, he doesn't share that blanket with
02:43 anybody and he looked at his little sister
02:46 and then he went over and he took his
02:47 blanky and he gave it to his little sister.
02:51 And she smiled and I know that made Jesus
02:55 smile too because Steven shared,
02:58 that was so nice of Steven Kerry wasn't it?
03:01 Oh! Kitty cat you're right,
03:04 it's time to ring our worship bell.
03:08 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet
03:12 with our best friend Jesus.
03:17 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
03:22 smiling when he sees us.
03:28 Are you wondering what's in our worship
03:30 box today well kitty cat and Georgie are.
03:34 Okay, Georgie sit right here we're going to
03:36 see what's in our worship box.
03:40 Oh! We have a little piggy bank, isn't he cute?
03:53 Well this is a piggy bank like what Bobby had,
03:57 he had a piggy bank and every time he
04:01 wanted something and he would say mommy
04:04 can I have some candy. And then mommy
04:07 would say well would you rather have some
04:11 candy or would you like to put some pennies
04:13 in your piggy bank. So, you can save it to
04:16 help someone and Bobby said I wanna put it
04:20 in my piggy bank. He would take his pennies
04:23 and he would drop it in the piggy bank.
04:27 And sometimes grandma would come and
04:30 give him some money and he would run up
04:33 stairs and he would put it in his piggy bank.
04:39 And sometimes daddy gave him money for
04:40 doing chores and he would run up and
04:43 he would put it in his piggy bank.
04:48 Well, one day mommy said there are some
04:51 poor little children and they don't have
04:53 enough food. And Bobby went and he picked up
04:57 his piggy bank and he said here mommy
05:00 we'll give them all my money and then they can
05:03 have some food to eat too. And I know that
05:06 made Jesus happy, maybe you can save your
05:10 money and then you can help make somebody
05:13 happy too. Let's ask Jesus to help us to share
05:18 with others okay, can you bend your knees.
05:22 I will bend my knees; fold your hands like this.
05:28 I will fold my hands, bow your head.
05:33 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes.
05:40 And very, very quiet be, while the prayer is said.
05:47 Dear Jesus help us to be good and kind like
05:51 you are and to always share with others,
05:55 we love you Jesus, Amen.
06:01 I'm so glad that we have Jesus,
06:06 that's always good and kind to us.
06:08 Well, you know boys and girls right now
06:12 it's time for us to go see what's happening
06:14 at the barn. I heard that Farmer Mike has
06:17 something really special for us today.
06:20 Come on, let's go.
06:24 Hey kids, let's go to the barn.
06:29 Farmer Mike, oh! Hi, look who's here,
06:32 oh! Noah come here and gives me a hug.
06:35 I just went in the barn to get this,
06:37 I'm gonna show you something in just a minute.
06:38 Well, we're excited they got their play clothes
06:40 on and we were just all ready to come
06:42 to the barn. Well, wonderful clothes
06:44 to have on, well come on over and sit down here
06:46 so I can show you what I got today.
06:48 Oh wow! Somebody sit over here and somebody
06:50 sit there, I'm gonna sit right here in the
06:52 middle okay, let me get right here in the middle
06:54 'cause I'm gonna show you this, a crab,
06:55 yeah that's right, it's a crab, how did you get,
06:58 it's crab how did you know. I wanna show you this,
07:01 but it's a very special kind of crab.
07:03 See him right there, right there okay.
07:08 You know, what that's called the crab?
07:10 There is no frog in there, nope,
07:12 there is no frog in there just a crab,
07:14 you know what this crab's called looked
07:15 at him right there. It's called a Fiddler Crab,
07:21 a fiddler crab. He's coming out;
07:24 oh he won't get out but see him right there,
07:26 now I wonder why they call them a fiddler crab.
07:28 I saw that, he doesn't play the fiddle does he.
07:31 But he does, no he don't play the fiddle
07:33 because see there is something different
07:35 about him he has one claw that's real big
07:39 and one that's real little. Wow, and guess how
07:43 many feet he has? How many feet? Four,
07:49 he won't bite me, four feet, he won't bite
07:51 you how many feet do you think he has?
07:54 Four, four lets see no, he has, looks like
07:56 he has about ten. You're right he has ten feet,
08:01 ten feet, let's count 1 look over here count,
08:05 count how many legs are here look,
08:07 look at them, 1, 2 count with me 3,
08:12 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. All of us together just have
08:21 eight legs and he has ten legs can you see
08:25 the legs right there. Now, you know where
08:27 he lives most of the time, of course we got him
08:30 in this glass cage today so you could see,
08:33 he's going backward over there,
08:35 yep sometimes he likes to walk,
08:36 like we need exercise, he needs exercise.
08:40 And you know where he lives?
08:42 Do you ever go fishing in the creek?
08:44 Yeah, he lives at the creek bank and did
08:47 you ever see those little holes in the creek bank?
08:51 Yeah, yes, he makes those holes and goes
08:52 way down in there to sleep and to be safe.
08:56 What does he like to eat? Let me think now,
08:59 I remember this, he likes to eat of course you
09:04 won't believe it. I was starting to think of him,
09:07 because he don't eat like we do.
09:10 He eats sand, he do, yes and he eats mud,
09:16 lets see if he's been eating mud where is he at,
09:18 you see him down here, has he got mud on him,
09:20 yeah you know what he does and in the middle
09:22 of that mud and that sand he gets,
09:25 I have found him, that's what he does he goes
09:28 on the creek bank he finds something
09:30 not that big, he couldn't eat anything that
09:31 big but he eats mud, come up here and
09:34 I'll show you what he eats and look right here,
09:36 look down in here, look down in here,
09:38 what's down in there? Don't drop it on him,
09:40 that's too big what's down in there you see
09:43 that water yeah that's where he gets water
09:45 to drink. And what he does he swallows
09:47 the mud, he swallows the sand,
09:49 he swallows the water and there's little pieces
09:51 of food in there, little bitty pieces of food
09:53 and I like water. Yeah, all of us have to have
09:56 water, see God knew what he was doing when
09:58 he made all the different animals. He made,
10:00 he made us where we need water,
10:03 he knows where we make food.
10:08 You know what when you came here today
10:09 to the farm house I thought he's got on
10:10 overalls like it got on and turn around here,
10:14 turn around come over here, I want to see this,
10:15 okay see that cage, let me see that,
10:17 oh that's the most pretty flower right there
10:19 pink and green. But anyway the last thing
10:22 I want to tell you when they swallow all
10:24 that mud and that sand. Is he swallowing?
10:27 Is he swallowing, when they swallow that,
10:29 let's get him move over here watch this,
10:30 watch this, watch this and you'll see him
10:32 right here, when he swallows all that guess
10:36 what, he eats food out of it and the rest of it,
10:39 it doesn't bother him, the sand and the mud.
10:42 Well, that's the story of the Fiddler Crab,
10:44 well Jesus sure made him special.
10:47 Every animal is different, every animal
10:49 different colors. I just love coming to the farm,
10:52 thank you so much, thank you. Bye,
10:55 we've a song we would like to sing for you.
10:58 Oh! Good. We'll sing look he's backward,
11:01 he's backwards, you're gonna help me
11:02 sing this son, yep alright here we go.
11:03 I like to go to the farm where the cow's moo, moo
11:07 I like to go to the farm where
11:09 the duck's quack, quack
11:11 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
11:15 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
11:19 Perfect, we had fun today, that was great,
11:22 well we've got a lot of things to do so
11:24 we'll tell you good bye, bye, bye,
11:27 I was hopping you guys would come by today,
11:29 good bye, she's gonna give you a hug.
11:30 Thank you, hugs, good bye, bye, bye, good bye,
11:34 come on Noah bye, bye, bye comeback sometime.
11:40 Time for our Nature Walk.
11:44 It's a lovely day for a walk my friends Jasmine
11:47 and Jadis are here, can you wave to everybody?
11:50 Can you wave, we're so happy today and
11:54 we're glad you've come on the walk too.
11:57 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:00 a walk today, a walk today.
12:04 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:07 to see what God has given?
12:11 Look at this beautiful carrot? Oh!
12:14 They are wonderful, I'm gonna pick one out
12:15 of for my mom. Do you like carrots Jadis?
12:19 Yeah, does your mommy fix them for you to eat?
12:22 Yeah, oh! Do you like to eat them raw or cooked,
12:26 what? Do you like them when you just eat them
12:29 out of the garden or do you like to cook them?
12:31 Cook them, you like them cooked, I like them both
12:34 ways don't you? I'm so glad God made these carrots,
12:38 do you like carrots Jasmine I want to see
12:41 what's in this oh! They're hard, aren't they?
12:43 Do you like carrots? Yeah, yes does mommy give
12:46 you good carrots to eat? Yeah,
12:48 because they will make you go big and strong.
12:51 I'm so glad God made the tasty orange carrots.
12:55 God made the tasty orange carrots.
13:00 I'm glad, I'm glad God made the tasty orange carrots.
13:07 Because he loves me so.
13:14 Story Time. Come on boys and girls,
13:19 it's story time and we have a good story
13:23 for you today. We have Tyler with us
13:25 and Hannah with us today and our story
13:28 is about a lady who loved company.
13:32 Everyday she would look out in the path
13:34 and she would see who was coming to her house.
13:38 One day she saw that the Prophet Elisha and
13:41 his helper were coming, she had them come in
13:45 and she fixed them a good meal.
13:47 But when they were done they walked away
13:50 because down the road, because she didn't
13:52 have any room for them to stay.
13:54 And so she said husband, can we build a home
14:00 for up on top just an extra room on top of our
14:03 home for the Prophet Elisha to stay and his
14:06 helper when they come. What are they doing here?
14:09 They're building a house, see how
14:11 they're building a room so that the Prophet
14:15 and his helper would have a place to stay.
14:18 When it was all done what did they put
14:20 in the room? What's that Tyler? Candle,
14:25 that's a bed and what's that? A basket,
14:29 a basket and what's this? That's a candle,
14:33 a candle and they made it so nice and
14:37 when the Prophet came they showed him
14:39 his room and he was so happy.
14:43 He wanted to do something for the lady
14:45 of Shunem and he said can I do some kindness for you.
14:49 And she said no I don't need anything and
14:52 then he said I've noticed that you do not
14:55 have any children so this time next year God
14:59 is going to send you a baby.
15:01 And what do you think she got a baby?
15:04 Oh! Look at do you have a little baby
15:08 in your home, you do too Tyler, I don't,
15:11 you don't, isn't it cute? And they were so happy
15:15 and the boy got so big and now he would
15:18 run out and get the Prophet Elisha and
15:20 take him up to his room. One day the little boy
15:23 was working out in the field, oh!
15:27 Oh! My head hurts, oh! He didn't feel good
15:32 and so the father said take him to his mommy,
15:35 do mommies know what to do when we don't feel
15:36 good Tyler? Yes, well momma tried to help him
15:42 feel better but he didn't kept better and
15:45 he even stopped breathing so she took him
15:47 up and she put him on the Prophet's bed
15:51 then she got on her donkey,
15:54 are they going fast? You see the scrolls of
15:58 smoke, they were riding as fast as they could,
16:00 why? Because they wanted to find Prophet
16:04 Elisha to see if he could come and help,
16:08 are they going up that way, they are gonna
16:10 try and help them. When the Prophet Elisha
16:13 came he saw the little boy and he went
16:17 in and he prayed to Jesus and he ask him
16:20 to make the little boy well. And you know what
16:23 happened, the little boy he set up in bed
16:26 and he sneezed seven times,
16:28 he went achoo, achoo, achoo and he did it
16:31 seven times and then he opened his eyes.
16:35 And then Prophet Elisha smiled at him
16:39 and he took him and he put him in his arms
16:41 of his mommy, do you think his mommy was
16:43 happy Tyler? Yes, what about you,
16:45 was he better? He was all better and they put
16:49 him in the arms of his mommy.
16:52 And he was now, not only prayed for a boy
16:56 because she had wanted a boy for so long,
16:58 he was now made well. For Jesus always
17:04 takes care of us and he loves us so much so
17:08 if we have problems we can just ask Jesus
17:11 to help us can't we Tyler and Hannah.
17:14 Thank you for coming to our Story Time.
17:18 Fun in the Kitchen. We're gonna have
17:23 so much fun today, Britney and Noah
17:26 are with me and Auntie Linda,
17:27 what are we gonna do today? Bake cookies,
17:30 yeah, do you like cookies? Oh!
17:34 Yes, cookies are a treat and you know
17:36 what we're gonna make this treat even
17:38 a little bit healthy, because you know why?
17:42 We're not gonna put any dairy products in it,
17:44 we're not gonna put any eggs and we're
17:46 gonna soy milk, isn't that a good thing.
17:49 Do we need our mittens Miss Cinda?
17:50 Oh! We don't need these yet,
17:52 oh! We can take them up. Right we'll only need
17:54 this we put our cookies in the oven.
17:56 Alright, I'd measured some of the stuff for you?
17:59 Sorry. Sorry, that's okay so I'm gonna let
18:05 you put everything in the bowl for me so
18:07 you can start by putting in our soy milk
18:10 and you can start by putting in our canola oil,
18:12 Britney, you can pour, pour this in and Noah,
18:15 you pour the canola oil in. Aunt Linda you wanna
18:19 put our egg replacer in, oh! Yeah, just
18:21 pour right in Britney, alright and then put
18:24 it in back in your tray, get the vanilla and you
18:27 put the vanilla and Noah you put the baking soda in,
18:31 good job. You put the vanilla in alright,
18:34 Noah you're gonna put the salt in for me yeah
18:38 alright let's get all that baking soda in and
18:41 then you take and put in some flour and while
18:46 I'm doing that you put in three cups of oats.
18:51 Here is your cup, what color is that? Blue.
18:53 Let's get that, let' get a lot, make sure we
18:54 get that even. Now boys and girls you can
18:56 help your mommies in the kitchen too,
18:59 okay you do the oats and use your levels
19:02 take it like this and use your level and
19:04 you can level it off and that way you know you
19:06 get just enough flour. You put the flour in,
19:08 oh! Get in a little more here we go alright okay,
19:12 okay and lets put in some more flour, we need
19:15 a half cup of flour so put a little bit more
19:17 flour you will still need your spatula.
19:20 Oh! Good job Britney, would you like cooking
19:23 in the kitchen? We got to do plenty more, you do,
19:28 you cook with your granny. Alright,
19:31 do you cook Noah? Yeah, you do alright.
19:35 Okay Britney, let's put in a little bit of the,
19:37 okay this is pure Florida Crystal,
19:42 so it's the healthier kind of sugar,
19:44 okay put that in oh sure, a little bit extra
19:47 that will be alright don't you think? Yeah,
19:49 you wanna put in, fill this cup up with the pecans
19:53 and Noah, you fill this cup up right here with
19:55 Auntie Linda and you fill that with that with
19:58 coconut and I will start stirring it up.
20:03 Oh! This looks so good, and you know what's
20:06 really special, you know what's really special,
20:09 do you like the smell of cookies baking?
20:12 Oh! I love the smell of cookies baking,
20:14 there we go oh! Thank you Noah,
20:17 do you wanna start stirring now? Yeah,
20:19 okay you start, okay Britney, you wanna start
20:21 stirring? I can take this, you know I hope you
20:31 boys and girls like cooking in the kitchen
20:33 like Britney and Noah do. It's a lot of fun isn't?
20:37 Now I need something else,
20:39 you need something else, yeah,
20:40 hey Noah would you like to, do you like to eat
20:43 cookies, or do you like to make cookies?
20:46 What you like to do better eat cookies
20:47 or make cookies? Make cookies,
20:50 you like to make cookies, well Miss Cinda,
20:52 we're gonna have to hurry because we have
20:54 lot's of stuff planned up today.
20:57 I forgot something, would you like to taste
20:59 a cookie because Miss Cinda I made some
21:02 cookies ahead of time would like to taste them?
21:05 Yeah, alright I've got lots of cookies to make
21:09 so I've already made some.
21:13 Is it good Noah, is it good, is it good? Alright,
21:19 boys and girls, don't forget to help your
21:21 mommies and daddies in the kitchen.
21:25 Sing Time.
21:30 It's Sing Time boys and girls, alright yeah
21:34 and you know we have Farmer Mike
21:35 and little Farmer Mike overalls, yellow shirt
21:40 and ready to sing, that's right we have a little
21:42 mini Farmer Mike and you kind of look like
21:45 Farmer Mike too, overalls yes, look at that and
21:48 we have Sylvia and Solomon and who
21:51 do you have? I have Zachariah,
21:52 Zachariah and all the boys and girls that
21:56 are watching. That's right, well we're gonna
21:58 sing if you're happy and you know it clap
22:01 your hands, okay, if you're happy and you
22:03 know it okay can you clap your hands,
22:05 okay let's do it, claps your hands.
22:08 If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands.
22:12 If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands.
22:15 Good job, If you're happy and you know it
22:18 then your life will surely show it
22:20 If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands.
22:24 If you're happy and you know it, Stomp your feet.
22:29 If you're happy and you know it, Stomp your feet.
22:33 If you're happy and you know it
22:35 then your life will surely show it
22:37 If you're happy and you know it,
22:39 Stomp your feet. Good job.
22:43 If you're happy and you know it,
22:45 say amen, okay, okay.
22:48 If you're happy and you know it, say amen, amen
22:53 If you're happy and you know it, say amen, amen
22:57 If you're happy and you know it
22:59 then your life will surely show it
23:01 If you're happy and you know it say Amen, Amen
23:06 What a time and not be happy,
23:08 we were singing if you're happy you know it
23:10 and he went and then he got happy again.
23:13 Farmer Mike, I think we better start singing again,
23:17 oh! Yeah, we will we're gonna talk about
23:18 some things that God made. He made some
23:20 pretty flowers for us; there is one for you
23:24 Zachariah and one for you Sylvia yes,
23:28 look at that yes this is a pretty flower,
23:30 lets show Solomon our flower.
23:32 Solomon, look at the pretty flower yeah,
23:36 look at the pretty flower, this
23:37 world is full of pretty flowers. God made it so.
23:41 This world is full of pretty flowers,
23:45 Pretty flowers, pretty flowers.
23:48 This world is full of pretty flowers,
23:51 God made it so, God made it so, and God made it so.
24:02 This world is full of pretty flowers, God made it so.
24:09 He's also given us something else, thank you,
24:12 good job kids, this world is full of singing birds,
24:16 singing birds, wow you have red bird,
24:18 you have a green bird we've got one for you too.
24:22 Okay, okay this world is full of singing birds,
24:26 God made it so, yes you can put your hand,
24:29 can you put your hand in it,
24:31 yeah like that okay there you go. This world
24:34 is full of singing birds, singing birds,
24:39 singing birds This world is full of singing birds,
24:44 God made it so. God made it so, God made it so
24:55 This world full of singing birds, God made it so.
25:02 Let's do the one about the singing birds again okay,
25:04 I think Solomon likes that one, he does.
25:08 This world is full of singing birds,
25:11 singing birds, singing birds
25:14 This world full of singing birds, God made it so.
25:21 God made it so, God made it so
25:28 This world full of singing birds, God made it so.
25:36 That was a good job thank you.
25:39 I think Solomon wants to keep his birdie
25:40 he might he sure got attached to that birdie
25:43 I tell you. Well, we have something else that
25:44 Jesus does, he shares his food with us.
25:49 Yes these are apples, he shares his food with us.
25:53 Do you know what color apple yours is?
25:55 Red, red that's red and Auntie Linda, Sylvia,
25:59 what color apple does Auntie Linda have?
26:03 Oh! Oh! You dropped yours, I'll get that yours,
26:05 I have a yellow apple and a red apple,
26:08 can you tell me in Spanish what color yellow is?
26:14 No, we'll sing about our apples, well I can't
26:18 either, Jesus shares his food with us.
26:21 Jesus shares his food with us,
26:25 food with us, food with us.
26:28 Jesus shares his food with us, thank you Jesus.
26:35 Let's sing that one more time.
26:37 Jesus shares his food with us,
26:40 food with us, food with us.
26:43 Jesus shares his food with us, thank you Jesus.
26:51 Well, you know let's thank Jesus for all
26:53 these things can we, now give me your apples
26:56 and then we're gonna fold our hands and
26:59 close our eyes and we're gonna talk to Jesus.
27:05 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for the singing
27:09 birds and the flowers, thank you for the
27:12 good food you give us you're so good and
27:14 kind to us Jesus, we love you and we just
27:18 wanna thank you, in Jesus name Amen.
27:26 That's Mr. Rooster and he says that's all
27:29 the time we have for today boys and girls
27:31 but you come back and see us again,
27:32 that's all the time we have.
27:41 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye remember God loves you.
27:55 Goodbye, goodbye, remember
27:59 God loves you. Goodbye.
28:10 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:12 we're God's girls and boys.
28:15 We live for him around the world,
28:18 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
28:23 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:26 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:28 we're God's girls and boys.


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