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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God girls and boys,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Hi I'm Aunty Linda and I'm so glad
00:31 you've come to the farm today.
00:33 Georgie is glad, Georgie, where are you?
00:37 The boys and girls are here.
00:38 I know he's happy that you are here.
00:41 He's probably hiding somewhere;
00:42 he will come out in a little bit.
00:44 And this is kitty cat.
00:46 Kitty cat is glad that you are here too.
00:48 You know we're gonna have a lot of fun today,
00:52 Dr. Samuel's even coming to visit.
00:55 I can hardly wait to see Dr. Samuel.
00:57 You've also made someone very happy
01:00 by coming today, and that is Jesus.
01:03 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
01:15 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:17 Jesus knows your name,
01:20 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:28 That is Freddy; he is glad that you're here too.
01:32 He's also hungry. I think we better
01:35 give him some good fishy food.
01:38 We want him to stay healthy.
01:40 It's important to eat good food.
01:42 Here you go Freddy. Here you go.
01:45 Yeah good boy Freddy, there's your food.
01:49 Yes. There's your food.
01:51 I'm glad today I'm glad today
01:54 for dear Freddy, I'm glad today,
01:59 thank you God in heaven.
02:07 Oh I love phone calls,
02:11 don't you? I wonder who could be calling me.
02:15 Hello, this is Aunty Linda.
02:19 Oh hi Caitlin, how are you? Oh I like them too.
02:25 You're right. That will help us grow up
02:29 to be big and strong.
02:30 Well you have a good day today, good bye.
02:36 That was Caitlin Gary and she said that
02:40 she had bananas for breakfast.
02:42 She said that her mommy told her that
02:45 it would make her grow up big and strong.
02:48 Bananas are really good for us
02:50 and it's important to eat good food.
02:53 Well someone's here, may be its Dr. Samuel, let's see.
03:03 Hi Aunty Linda. Hi, it's so good to see you.
03:09 The boys and girls been expecting you.
03:11 Come on in. Well I'm so glad I could join you
03:13 today at worship time.
03:14 Oh yes, we love worship time.
03:18 Kitty cat loves worship too.
03:21 Oh that's good. In fact she likes to sing
03:24 our little worship song. We'll teach it to you.
03:27 Okay. Okay kitty cat.
03:29 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:33 with our best friend Jesus,
03:37 come and worship him Jesus will be here
03:41 smiling when he sees us.
03:47 That's pretty. And then this is the time
03:50 that kitty cat likes the best.
03:52 We have a present box of something special
03:55 Jesus always has put in it. Is that a surprise?
03:57 Yes, it's a surprising. You get to see our surprise.
04:00 Okay. And we, oh that's where Georgie went,
04:07 Georgie, Georgie has been eating bananas.
04:14 Oh my, okay. He loves bananas,
04:17 in fact that was our special present from Jesus
04:20 today was bananas.
04:22 We have bananas and apples, why Georgie.
04:26 Georgie thinks they are good for him.
04:28 What do you think about that Dr. Samuel?
04:30 I think they are good for him and for all of us too.
04:32 Well, could you tell us something about
04:34 how we can eat healthy and be in better health?
04:38 Oh yes, it's very important that we eat the right food,
04:42 so that we can be healthy and strong.
04:44 Now you know, you are talking about bananas
04:47 and Georgie eating bananas you know there
04:50 are three types of food material that we can eat.
04:53 One is food that helps us grow strong,
04:57 and they are called Body Building Foods.
05:01 And then we have foods that help us
05:04 to gain energy to run and play.
05:07 Georgie likes to play. Okay.
05:10 And then there are foods that help us protect
05:13 our bodies from infection and diseases.
05:16 Oh. And bananas and fruits are some of those
05:20 that help protect us from diseases and problems
05:24 that you can get in your health.
05:27 Well Georgie stays pretty well
05:29 and 'cause that he eats lots of bananas.
05:31 Okay. You know what I notice in my practice?
05:34 When I see patients in the clinic,
05:36 most of the kids that come to our clinic,
05:39 when they are sick. The parents tell me that
05:42 they don't eat much fruits and vegetables.
05:44 Oh so that's really important.
05:47 And I think that's one of the reasons,
05:48 yeah that they get sick very often.
05:50 They love to eat the same food
05:52 that they like all the time. Oh. You see.
05:55 So some times we have to be careful
05:58 and make sure we eat all different kinds of foods,
06:02 foods that will help us build our bodies,
06:04 foods that will help us to gain energy to run
06:07 and play and foods that will protect us.
06:10 Well, that's important Georgie,
06:13 I'm glad that we learned about that.
06:15 It must be why Georgie doesn't get so many
06:17 colds and stuff 'cause he eats lots of bananas
06:20 and he likes lots of fruits, don't you Georgie.
06:23 Yes, he does. Fruits and nuts
06:24 and vegetables are good for protection
06:27 and prevent diseases. Oh yes.
06:31 Well Dr. Samuel would you ask Jesus
06:34 right now to help us eat right.
06:36 Sure I will, let's pray. Okay let's,
06:38 okay let's kneel down and we'll fold our hands
06:42 and close our eyes Georgie your bananas
06:44 gonna have to go there, we are gonna kneel down now.
06:46 Okay. That is good. You'll be real quiet Georgie
06:49 okay and fold your hands and we'll be quiet.
06:52 Dear Jesus, we thank you for giving us good food,
06:56 we thank you for the trees that provide us
06:59 fruits and we thank you for plants
07:01 that can provide us vegetables
07:03 and we thank you for all the grains and nuts that we have.
07:06 You've created all these things
07:08 for us to eat and be healthy.
07:09 Help us always to do the right things
07:12 and to eat the right foods,
07:14 so that we can be healthy to serve you
07:17 and to serve others and bless others.
07:19 We pray this in Jesus name, amen.
07:24 Well Linda, it's been so nice to stop here
07:28 and visit with you and your friends.
07:30 Now you know what I need to run back to the clinic,
07:32 because there are some folks
07:34 who haven't been eating right
07:36 and they are probably sick because of that.
07:38 So I got to go help them out now, okay.
07:41 Well thank you for coming
07:42 and Georgie always likes to give our guests a big hug.
07:45 Oh thank you, thank you. Georgie was glad
07:48 that you came today. And he'll keep eating
07:51 his bananas, here you go Georgie,
07:53 let's walk Dr. Samuel to the door.
07:55 Thank you. Thank you so much for coming.
07:57 You are welcome. Okay. This was such a special day.
08:00 Come again and see us sometime, okay.
08:03 Sure I will. Thank you, Linda. Okay. Bye, bye. Bye.
08:07 That was so nice to see Dr. Samuel
08:11 and to learn how important it is eat good food.
08:14 Well we have a lot of other things
08:16 that are good for us to do today.
08:18 Lots of fun things. Right now we are going
08:21 to see Farmer Mike at the barn.
08:23 I heard he has something special for us.
08:27 Hey kid, let's go to the barn.
08:31 Look what I, look you what I got right here.
08:34 Caitlin, I'm so glad you guys come to see me.
08:37 That's it. Go over there so you can brush over there,
08:40 'cause I couldn't get over there.
08:41 Can you go over there, now you come here,
08:42 I'm gonna get this brush. Yeah, you can get to brush.
08:44 Look can get to brush, yeah. Oh wow. Look here.
08:47 That's it come on right here. Okay, that's it.
08:49 You brush him right in here. He is pretty farmer Mike.
08:51 Oh he's beautiful, you know what his name is?
08:53 No. You're gonna love his name,
08:55 that's why we got him on the farm.
08:56 Because I love to howler and go Mr. Bo Jingles,
09:00 but we call him Bo for short.
09:03 He, Bo Jingles. Look at this guy,
09:06 did you notice this about him?
09:07 Well he is cute. Look this. See his horns right here.
09:10 See how they're curved. And like that.
09:13 Well he has his best friend who is another goat,
09:17 a girl on our farm and her horns
09:19 are straight up like that.
09:21 Caitlin wants to know about the, if that's,
09:22 what did you want Caitlin.
09:24 I'm sorry, what did you say Caitlin?
09:25 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah now these are the ears these his horns.
09:28 Feel that horn right there Caitlin.
09:29 Feel that right that.
09:31 It's real cold 'cause he's been outside in the barn.
09:34 He's not training, but it's warming up.
09:36 Both horns are warming enough,
09:37 because the blood runs through
09:39 there and warms them up.
09:40 And then look at this, look at this.
09:41 You're gonna love this. Look at these whiskers.
09:44 See his whiskers. Isn't that cute?
09:47 I was just brushing those whiskers when you guys
09:49 were walking up. Now let me tell you
09:52 couple things about him. Do you wanna trade.
09:55 Yeah. His best friend, Caleb, his best friend is named Be.
09:59 Oh and it's nice to share.
10:00 So its be and Bo. Be and Bo.
10:02 You got a best friend Aunty Linda.
10:04 Oh Jesus is my best friend.
10:06 My best friend too. You know who made Bo?
10:09 Jesus. That's right. Jesus is exactly right.
10:13 Jesus made Bo. And it's amazing
10:16 to me how he makes every animal a little bit different
10:19 but each one is so unique. That's right.
10:22 And everything works just right for him.
10:23 And he makes keeps one of us special.
10:25 He made me too. Yes. Jesus did. He did.
10:29 You know what he does when he's playing.
10:30 He likes to lower his head and he will kind of
10:34 butch you like this. But he's just playing
10:36 when he does that. Yeah. They're eyes.
10:39 Yeah that's his eyes, see how pretty his eyes are.
10:41 Noah was noticing colors, he said that
10:43 was red and brown. What color is Mr. Bo Jingle?
10:46 Mr. Bo, yeah Bo Jingle, Mr. Bo Jingle
10:49 what color is he? Black and white.
10:53 Black and white. That's right.
10:55 Now do his hair right here too.
10:57 Noah, do his hair 'cause he likes that right there.
10:58 That feels good. And you know it's like
11:00 when somebody's doing your hair like that.
11:01 That's what, do his hair right there.
11:02 Well thank you farmer Mike.
11:04 This was nice to see another one of God's creatures.
11:07 Well I'm glad you guys came back.
11:09 I just like coming to the farm.
11:11 I like to keep brushing. It's so much fun.
11:12 You can brush him but we got to let him go in the barn
11:14 because when it gets late in the day like
11:16 that he goes in there just so he can get some food.
11:18 You know how you go home and eat?
11:19 He wants to brush him on the side Caleb.
11:21 He goes back home and eats. Okay.
11:22 Well let's say, we've got a song we like to sing
11:24 at the barn. Oh that's right.
11:25 Are you guys gonna sing with me.
11:27 Yes. Didn't mean to scare you Bo,
11:28 didn't mean to scare you, you gonna sing with me.
11:30 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:34 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
11:38 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:42 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:46 You did a good job meeting our new friends Bo.
11:49 Yes thank you for sharing your friend with us.
11:51 Well bye, bye Caleb. I have to keep brushing.
11:52 You have to keep brushing, but we have
11:54 go because there is other fun things for us to do.
11:57 Right. We got a bunch of more you get to do today.
11:59 Come on Caleb, can you give farmer Mike a hug.
12:01 Bye, bye. Give me a hug, oh thank you.
12:03 Yes, give him a hug goodbye.
12:05 Thank you Caleb, bye, bye.
12:07 Time for our nature walk.
12:11 Noah and I here on a walk.
12:13 I'm glad you've come too.
12:15 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today,
12:22 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given.
12:30 What did you find. An apple. You've found an apple.
12:35 I'm gonna sit down. You're gonna sit down,
12:36 but let me show you something in the tree first.
12:39 Okay. Can you look up here? Yeah?
12:40 What do you see. An apple.
12:43 Yes and there is a robin isn't there,
12:45 he's sitting on the nest. Yes.
12:47 Oh apples are so good for us Noah.
12:50 Yes, they are. Yes. Can you sit down?
12:54 You can have one of these apples.
12:55 Did you know that these apples,
12:57 do you wanna sit down or you wanna stand up?
12:59 Okay. I'm gonna sit down. Yes.
13:03 God made the apples for us
13:05 and they're good for us to eat.
13:09 See what colors they are. Some apples are yellow,
13:12 some apples are green. What color is this?
13:17 It's red. This is a nice red apple.
13:21 And it tastes so good. I love it.
13:23 Do you wanna take a bite of one? Yes.
13:26 Do you wanna take a bite and see if they're good.
13:28 Yeah. Okay. Wow. Are they good? You like them.
13:38 God made the red juicy apples,
13:42 I know, I know. God made the red juicy apples,
13:50 because we love them so.
13:57 Story Time. Hello boys and girls it's story time
14:03 and we have a good story for you today.
14:06 We had Yasmin with us.
14:08 Can you wave to the boys and girls?
14:09 Yes .And we have Lester, can you wave to the
14:11 boys and girls. Read our story today,
14:14 it's about Daniel and his friends.
14:16 Daniel and his friends loved the city they lived in,
14:20 Jerusalem. And they loved their temple
14:22 and after school as they were walking
14:25 back they would hear tee, tee.
14:31 Oh that's the sound for prayers
14:33 and they would run as fast they could to the temple.
14:36 And there was the priest. Do you see the priest,
14:38 and he was blowing his trumpet and then
14:42 they would bow their heads and they would pray to Jesus.
14:45 Can you pray to Jesus, Yasmin?
14:47 Yes. Do you pray to Jesus? I do too.
14:50 They love Jesus and afterwards they went home
14:54 and mother fixed them good food.
14:56 She had beans and rice and barley loaves
15:00 and what else is on the table? Vegetables.
15:04 Vegetables, and is this fruit.
15:06 Bananas and grapes, all kinds of good food.
15:11 They ate lots of good foods so they
15:13 would be healthy and strong,
15:16 in their city there was a soldier.
15:18 See him standing up there.
15:20 And every so often he would walk around
15:22 and he'd look out to make sure everything was okay.
15:24 And he'd go first watch, all is well,
15:29 then he'd go second watch all is well.
15:33 Then he'd walk over and then he would say
15:35 third watch all is well but one day all was not well.
15:42 Oh enemy approaches, enemy approaches.
15:45 Quickly soldiers started running up
15:47 as fast as they could to the wall.
15:49 Sure enough there was an army coming
15:51 see the scrolls of dust. They look like bugs.
15:56 They look like bugs because they are small
15:58 but they could tell when there was somebody coming.
16:01 Quickly they barred the gates and sure enough
16:06 the came up there and they started trying to knock down
16:10 the walls and they put a hole in the wall
16:12 and the hole got bigger and all at once they made
16:15 a big, big whole, big enough for them to come
16:18 running into their city. Then the soldiers
16:22 they grabbed Daniel and his three friends
16:25 and lots of people and see how they tied them all up
16:29 and they even went into their temple
16:31 and see what they took out of their temple.
16:34 They took the golden vessels and they started
16:37 the long march to Babylon.
16:40 Look at all the people, they were so sad
16:43 to leave their home. Then they took,
16:48 when they got to Babylon they took them before
16:50 the great mighty King of Babylon.
16:52 And they were all in chains and he looked to Daniel
16:55 and his three friends and he said.
16:57 I like these boys I want you to send them to my school
17:01 and they're to eat food from my table.
17:05 Oh. What would the King have for them to eat?
17:09 Daniel and his friends watched
17:11 as they took the meat,
17:13 the animals and they offered them to the idols.
17:16 Then they had rich food, lots of rich food
17:19 and they had wine. Oh Daniel said,
17:24 we can't eat this food. What we will do?
17:27 And the other friends said we can't eat this food either.
17:31 And they said well let's talk to the one
17:32 in-charge Melzar and we will ask him.
17:35 If we can have some vegetables and fruits
17:37 like mother made us. But Melzar said no,
17:41 you will get skinny and then the King will get mad at me.
17:44 No you will have to eat what I put before you.
17:48 You will have to eat the King's food.
17:50 Oh no please Melzar. Please just let us
17:55 try it for ten days and if we're not better then
17:59 the other boys and stronger,
18:01 then you can do what you want with us.
18:03 Hmm said Melzar. Okay, but only for ten days.
18:09 Daniel, what did he go and do. He prayed,
18:14 I would pray too. He prayed and he asked God
18:19 to help them be strong and healthy
18:22 and to take care of them.
18:24 But he also wanted to set a good example
18:26 for all the people in that land,
18:28 because they didn't know
18:29 about the great God in heaven.
18:31 After ten days Melzar looked at Daniel,
18:36 then he looked at his friend,
18:37 he looked at his other friend,
18:38 he looked at his other friend
18:39 'cause he had three friends remember.
18:41 And he said wow! You look stronger
18:46 and bigger and better than all the other boys
18:50 and they didn't, they look like they
18:52 weren't really too well, did they.
18:54 And he said wow, oh okay your God is a powerful God,
18:59 well you can have vegetables and fruits and beans
19:03 and lots of good food. After three years
19:08 they stood before the great King of Babylon.
19:11 Would you be afraid if you had to stand before the King?
19:15 You wouldn't be afraid. Huh.
19:16 Well they weren't afraid either because they
19:19 knew that God was with them and as they stood
19:22 there the King looked at them and he gave them
19:24 a test and he said they are fair and better
19:30 and stronger than any other boys I'd ever seen.
19:34 And you know boys and girls God blessed them
19:39 because they were true with their God
19:41 and when they were in trouble they prayed to God
19:43 and he helped them and God will help you too,
19:46 if you pray to him.
19:49 Fun in the Kitchen.
19:51 We are gonna have fun in the kitchen today.
19:56 We're gonna make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
19:59 I love peanut butter and sandwiches. Alright.
20:04 And you know what, it's gonna be special about this,
20:06 we're gonna not only get to make the sandwiches
20:09 but we're gonna use animal cookie cutters.
20:11 And we're gonna, I even have a duck.
20:14 Alright. What you have Britney, a doggy.
20:19 What you have Ashley. A horse.
20:21 And what you have Tyler, what is it? Fish. Alright.
20:26 What Britney? This is not a, dog. No.
20:30 Oh she's right, it's a goat. Just like farmer Mike
20:36 showed us at the farm today isn't it? Yes, yes.
20:39 Okay let, you know what? Miss Cinda just made
20:43 some homemade bread. He show us the duck too,
20:44 yes he did. And they were wild, they were wild.
20:51 Let's put some peanut butter and jelly on your bread.
20:55 There's your peanut butter and jelly.
20:57 Here's your Aunty Linda can you help Hannah
21:00 and Britney? Sure. Here's some bread for Hannah.
21:03 Okay. I'll help you, okay, okay. You know Miss Cinda
21:07 what's special about the way you cook is that you
21:09 have peanut butter and jelly
21:11 that doesn't have sugar in it. That's right.
21:13 That's healthy just like our Bible story with Daniel
21:15 and his three friends. That's right.
21:18 Do you all remember Daniel and with his three friends.
21:21 I need some more. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
21:24 See if you can spread all around, okay.
21:25 Do you remember them? You've got a fork.
21:29 And they ate good food and they got healthier
21:32 and stronger than any of the other boys
21:36 that ate at the King's table. I need a knife.
21:37 I'll see if I can find one. Okay Tyler,
21:39 are you gonna do yours.
21:41 Oh we need some jelly don't we? Let's use this spoon.
21:44 I hope you kids like to make peanut butter and jelly
21:49 sandwiches and you can have fun with it too,
21:51 just like our kids here are in this Miss Cinda's kitchen.
21:54 We're gonna get our, you can get your
21:57 favorite cookie cutter too. Can I do this at our home.
22:02 Yes, you can do this at home. All you have to do
22:05 is tell your mommy all that we did okay.
22:08 And next time with you boys and girls.
22:10 Ask your mommies and daddies if you could
22:12 help in the kitchen 'cause it's fun to help
22:15 in the kitchen isn't it? Yes. Okay take this
22:19 and press down real hard. Can you press that down?
22:23 Oh good. Let me get you a knife
22:25 and you know what I got, let's just go,
22:28 and we'll cut around it, all the way around like this.
22:30 I already have a knife, oh Ashley's gonna have a horsy.
22:35 Do you want me to help you Tyler when I'm done.
22:37 Okay. Look at this. This is fun Miss Cinda.
22:43 Oh! I'm so glad you guys came today.
22:46 I like the peanut butter and jelly. Oh I do too.
22:49 It's yummy. Look at this. I have a horsy too.
22:53 And I also had, do you know what I have?
22:55 I can see you, I can see you. That's mine.
23:00 Bet you can eat that too.
23:02 But you wanna show everybody your horsy,
23:04 there you go. It's peaking. Look, oh its okay.
23:12 She can peak through your bread,
23:13 oh she broke your bread,
23:15 she can't peak through your bread.
23:16 Tyler, you want to get yours made,
23:18 look how pretty Ashley's horsy is.
23:20 There's you go. Isn't that pretty?
23:23 You can eat it now Ashley.
23:24 You like some jam. Yes. You can do that too,
23:29 Tyler do you want me to put jelly down on yours.
23:31 Okay. Well boys and girls remember to ask your mommies
23:35 and daddies if you can help out in the kitchen
23:37 'cause being in the kitchen and cooking is lots of fun.
23:43 It's sing time boys and girls.
23:47 It's sing time boys and girls.
23:52 And we're gonna sing a song about when we eat
23:55 our fruits and our vegetables everyday
23:58 we do what Farmer Mike. We grow. We grow so.
24:01 You can get down like we are,
24:02 we are gonna pretend that we are gonna grow.
24:04 Okay, let's pretend right there, lets sing a song.
24:06 Eat your vegetables and fruits everyday.
24:08 There we go. Eat your vegetables
24:11 and fruits everyday, fruits everyday, fruits everyday.
24:17 Eat your vegetables and fruits everyday
24:21 and you will grow, oh grow, grow.
24:24 We are getting bigger and you'll grow, grow, grow
24:29 and you'll grow, grow, grow.
24:33 Eat your vegetables and fruits everyday
24:37 and you'll grow, grow, grow.
24:41 Oh Chelsea wants to get big too. Uh. Amen.
24:45 He grew really big. He did. Yes.
24:49 Oh come over here with me now.
24:52 Well Janie, oh Janie's at the kitty.
24:54 Well we can leave the kitty down there.
24:56 Come on we're gonna sing some more songs.
24:57 Alright. Do you know any songs about trees,
25:02 I like songs about trees. Yes. We have picked,
25:04 I have some leaves here we're gonna sing the trees
25:06 are gently swaying, The Leaves on the Tree sure.
25:08 Look at, yeah there is one out there.
25:10 Now we're gonna sway them.
25:12 You watch, you watch Miss Cinda and Farmer Mike
25:15 too and they will show you if you don't have a leaf,
25:18 you can still be a tree. Right.
25:20 The trees are gently swaying, swaying, swaying.
25:30 The trees are gently swaying, showing God's great love.
25:39 That was fun. You know what likes to live in trees.
25:45 Do you Miss Cinda. I know.
25:46 Oh no, give me that leaf but someone's ready,
25:49 a birdie. What is this, what is this, a birdie.
25:53 This one for you. He has a bird one for you.
25:55 We're gonna sing the birds are swiftly flying
25:58 and these are little humming birds and
25:59 they do fly really fast. They do.
26:02 The birds are swiftly flying, flying, flying.
26:11 The birds are swiftly flying, showing God's great love.
26:19 We will try that one more time,
26:20 and let's see if we can make them fly real fast okay.
26:22 See that bird really fast. Hang on to it.
26:24 The birds are swiftly flying, flying, flying
26:33 The birds are swiftly flying, showing God's great love.
26:41 That was a good song, they are pretty little birds.
26:44 We'll just stick our little birds over here.
26:46 You know let's thank Jesus for giving us such special
26:49 little birds and for the trees
26:52 and our fruits and vegetables.
26:53 Let's bow our heads and close our eyes,
26:56 and let's talk to Jesus.
26:59 Dear Jesus, you are so good and kind to us.
27:02 Thank you for our fruits and our vegetables for the trees,
27:06 thank you Jesus, and the birdies and all
27:07 the things you give us. We love you Jesus.
27:10 Amen, amen, amen. And we're smiling.
27:15 Yeah, we're smiling 'cause Jesus gives us
27:17 so many wonderful things to enjoy, doesn't he.
27:21 What was that? That's Mr. Rooster.
27:23 That's right and he says that's all the time
27:26 we have for today boys and girls
27:27 but you come back and see us on the farm again.
27:37 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:51 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world,
28:09 we're God's girls and boys.
28:11 We live for him around the world,
28:13 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
28:19 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world,
28:24 we're God's girls and boys.


Revised 2014-12-17