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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:11 We live for him around the world,
00:14 we spread love and joy, like colors
00:17 of the rainbow, we're shining like
00:20 the rainbow. We're Tiny Tots around
00:23 the world, we're God's girls and boys.
00:30 Hi, I'm Aunty Linda and this is Georgie.
00:33 Georgie, wave to the boys and girls.
00:36 Georgie is really glad that you're here.
00:38 This is kitty cat. Kitty cat is glad
00:42 that you are here too. But there is
00:45 someone else that's really happy
00:47 that you are here. You made Jesus happy
00:52 just because you came. Jesus loves
00:56 the children, everyone the same,
01:00 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:03 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus
01:08 happy just because you came.
01:14 That's Freddy and I think he is hungry.
01:18 It's time to give him some fishy food.
01:22 Oh we tried to take good care of you Freddie.
01:26 Here we go, here's some fishy food for you.
01:29 Do you like that, come on get
01:32 your food, come on Freddy.
01:34 I'm glad today, I'm glad today for
01:39 dear Freddy I'm glad today,
01:42 thank you God in heaven.
01:49 Oh we got a phone call, I wonder who could
01:53 be calling? Hello, this is Aunty Linda.
01:59 Oh I hi Jordan, oh it's so good to hear
02:04 from you. Yes. Oh, well that's wonderful.
02:10 Yes, Jesus does send the angels
02:14 to take care of us. He does care about
02:17 those things, you're right Jordan.
02:19 Oh thank you for calling,
02:21 have a good day, bye. That was my friend
02:27 Jordan Roberts and he told me
02:30 that he had a little stuffed animal
02:33 named Bubba. And he took Bubba
02:36 to Wisconsin camp meeting.
02:38 And when they packed up the car
02:40 and they went home he couldn't find Bubba
02:44 anywhere, he lost Bubba. And he prayed
02:48 and asked the angels to watch over his Bubba
02:51 and he called the camp and Mr. Johnson,
02:56 the camp ranger, he went out and he found
02:59 Bubba on a bench. And Jordan was so happy
03:04 he said that Jesus really cares about
03:07 his stuffed animal. And you know Jesus
03:10 really does care about those things.
03:13 Doesn't he Georgie? Well yes kitty cat,
03:17 thank you for reminding me.
03:19 It's time to ring our worship bell.
03:22 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me
03:27 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship
03:33 him Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:42 Well, this is the time that we like the best;
03:46 I bet you're anxious to see what's in your
03:48 worship present box. And I know kitty cat
03:51 and Georgie are too. You can sit right here
03:53 Georgie. Let's see what's in here today?
03:57 Oh it is something special.
04:00 Oh it's our angel book. Angels really do watch
04:09 over us. Let's see what we have in our
04:13 angel book today. Oh look two angels came
04:21 to Sodom before God burned it down to take
04:25 the Lot's family by the hand and get them
04:28 out of town; the angels saved Lot
04:31 and his family. An angel woke Elijah up
04:35 when he was fast asleep and he could have
04:39 the healthy food the angel fixed for him.
04:44 Oh and that's Daniel in the lions den,
04:47 inside a scary lions den an angel stayed
04:52 all night. So faithful Daniel wouldn't
04:55 get a hungry lions fight. One starry night
05:00 in Bethlehem some angels came to earth
05:03 to sing a special welcome song
05:06 when baby Jesus is born. An angel opened
05:11 prison doors and didn't make a peep;
05:14 he rescued Peter from the jail,
05:17 but put the guards to sleep. When Paul was
05:23 sailing out to sea the ship was tempest-tossed,
05:26 an angel told him not to fear where no one
05:29 would be lost. When children are afraid
05:34 or lost, whenever danger is near,
05:37 the angels come especially close
05:40 to quiet every fear. Wasn't that
05:46 a nice book about angels? Jesus
05:49 sends special angels to watch over us.
05:51 Let's thank him for the angels, okay.
05:54 Can you bend your knees like this?
05:57 I will bend my knees, fold your hands,
06:03 I will fold my hands, bow your head,
06:07 I will bow my head, and very, very quiet
06:13 be while the prayer is said.
06:17 Well thank you dear Jesus for sending
06:22 the angels to watch over Jordon's stuffed
06:25 animal Bubba and thank you for the angels
06:29 that you send to watch over us too,
06:31 we love you, in Jesus name, amen.
06:38 Well, I'm really excited today boys and girls,
06:42 because it's time to go see Farmer Mike,
06:45 come on let's go. Hey kids,
06:50 Let's Go To The Barn. Oh there you are Barney,
06:55 there you are up here. I've been looking
06:58 for you. How's the rooster doing
07:00 while over here? Look at that rooster.
07:02 You ever see a rooster up close Barney.
07:04 Look at that rooster, well you think. Okay.
07:09 Well let's go down come on, we got to go
07:11 down because we might be having some friends
07:13 come by today. I hope they come by today.
07:16 Farmer Mike, oh hey Barney we got company
07:21 out here. Oh look who is here?
07:22 Oh give me a hug, give me a hug first
07:25 and then we'll play with the kitty cat.
07:27 Oh here, give me a hug. There we go.
07:29 We're already Farmer Mike; we got our play
07:30 clothes on. Let's go out here,
07:31 let's go out here. Oh, she likes you guys.
07:34 Come on here and I'll show you the kitty cat.
07:36 Guess what his name is? Barney, Wiggles,
07:39 not Wiggles, let's sit over here.
07:42 Barney you stand over there with this,
07:44 okay look at here, he's gonna look at.
07:46 That's Barney, that's Barney. Yeah, that's
07:50 where my horses ate before, that's right.
07:51 But look at Barney right here.
07:53 Can you pet Barney right here, pet Barney.
07:55 Yeah, you know why we named him Barney?
07:58 No. Because he lives in a barn. Oh of course.
08:00 I see kitty cat. That's right; you know where
08:03 he was this morning. I couldn't find him
08:05 runs all over the place, out here at farm,
08:07 and he got up in the loft. So that's why
08:12 you put this leash on him. That's right
08:14 try to keep him right here, so I want these
08:16 guys to get the petty. See those,
08:18 oh yeah those you see right there.
08:20 Yeah he kind of scratched me a bit too.
08:22 I tell what, turn around like this
08:24 and we'll trick him, okay. Turn right here.
08:26 Look he was trying to get away,
08:28 and I'll hold him away so he can't claw you,
08:30 see there. Now sitting right here I'm gonna
08:32 tell you something about him.
08:33 He is one year old. Are you over,
08:36 how old are you now? Three, three.
08:37 He is one year old and guess what he likes
08:40 to play with? Oh he's cute. He likes to play
08:43 with puppies. He is cute. Puppies? Yes,
08:45 he is a cat but he likes puppies.
08:46 He is cute. Yes. He is cute, that's true.
08:50 Jesus made it for us. I'm trying to say.
08:53 Did you know that baby Noah. Is he the cutest,
08:55 or you the cutest, I'm not sure,
08:56 may be you're the cutest. Yeah,
08:58 I don't know, it's hard to tell.
09:00 Anyway he eats. No, I am a boy.
09:03 What do you eat like? He is a boy, he said.
09:06 I'm not baby. No, that's right,
09:09 I forgot you're growing up now real fast.
09:11 What do you like to eat for lunch? Cereal.
09:14 That's good, you know what Barney
09:16 is gonna eat? Yeah. Cat food. Yeah.
09:19 And you buy it at the store and you bring him
09:21 cat food. But he eats something else.
09:24 Listen what else he eats, listen to this.
09:28 He eats mice. Oh. He does. But that keeps
09:33 the mice out of the barn and that helps.
09:35 So he works. You know we all got to do
09:37 our jobs and things like that. Now he plays ball,
09:40 do you guys like to play ball. Sit over here,
09:43 sit over here and he won't pinch you may be.
09:45 Okay. You know I bleed, you did. I hope not.
09:49 Right over here. Its okay, it's okay.
09:53 You wanna sit over here; he can't scratch
09:54 you that way. Sit down here and he can't
09:56 scratch you that way because I got to tell
09:57 you something, that's really funny about him.
09:59 Now listen to this, everybody thinks that
10:02 cats drink milk, no. This kitty
10:05 doesn't drink milk? Cats shouldn't drink milk;
10:07 it's bad for their stomachs. Oh really.
10:09 It's better if they drink water.
10:11 Well I like to drink water too,
10:14 because that's best for me too. Water is
10:15 probably the best drink we could every drink
10:16 period. And that's why God gave us water.
10:18 You drink water too Caleb? Look at him
10:21 getting me with them claws now,
10:22 see you try to give a ball. Barney,
10:25 are you trying to get me. Alright. Let's see.
10:27 He's wanting to play. Look here. Okay,
10:29 lets sit you right here. May be he wants to run
10:32 around a little bit. Sometimes he dances
10:35 here at farm that's what he's gonna do.
10:39 See. No, he wants to walk.
10:40 Let me look at something.
10:41 Hold real still and let me look at something,
10:43 hold still because I got to hold him down.
10:44 We wanna look at you, let me show you,
10:46 see your teeth. Now show me your teeth.
10:48 You know what, are those baby teeth,
10:50 are those, he's got. I think he's gonna climb
10:52 around here, yeah its okay he likes
10:53 to climb around. He's got baby teeth.
10:57 You got boy teeth, he's got baby teeth see.
10:59 I got to grow teeth. Do you see his baby teeth?
11:00 Let's see your teeth. I got to grow teeth.
11:02 Let's see your teeth, show me your teeth go,
11:04 show me your teeth. He is got teeth
11:06 and he loses those teeth.
11:08 You do have big teeth. Yes, you do.
11:11 Once he loses his baby teeth then other teeth
11:15 come in and replace them. who does
11:16 that sound like? Well I said us, didn't I,
11:19 does that sound like us, does that
11:22 sound like people. That's right. People.
11:23 And then, see his baby teeth,
11:28 do you want to see those. Let's see
11:30 if we can get him to show him,
11:31 show him your teeth, show him your teeth.
11:32 You have to just watch because sometimes
11:33 he will open his mouth and sometimes he won't.
11:35 See him looking at me. He's getting sleepy.
11:37 But the last thing I want to tell you before
11:39 you have to go cause I know you got a lot of
11:40 other fun things you wanna do today. We have
11:41 lots of fun things planned today.
11:43 He has two sets of vocal cords. Oh my.
11:46 Now vocal cords, vocal cords, you guys probably
11:49 never heard this but that's what
11:51 you use. Bless you. That's what you use
11:52 when you sneeze and when you sing
11:54 and when you speak. Vocal cords,
11:56 I don't know if you use vocal cords
11:57 with the sneeze but anyway one of those
11:59 vocal cords he meows with and one he
12:02 purrs with. Oh! See there's lot of things
12:04 about animals that we're still learning.
12:06 He purrs when we pet him doesn't he?
12:07 Lots of times, see like they're doing here.
12:09 Cute kitty cat. Yeah. How does a kitty cat go.
12:11 Meow, Meow. Yeah. Can you make a sound
12:17 like a kitty cat. Oh yeah, no, that's another
12:19 one of our animals over there. See him,
12:20 wave at him too. Okay. Well listen,
12:22 I think you guys got to head out. We do.
12:24 You stay 'cause you're having fun
12:26 with other things. Noah. Do you wanna sing a song
12:27 with me for us? Can you have me sing the song.
12:29 Yeah. Okay. Help me sing this song.
12:31 I like to go to the farm where the cows
12:33 moo, moo, I like to go to the farm
12:36 where the ducks quack, quack,
12:38 I like to go to the farm,
12:40 I like to go to the farm,
12:42 I like to go to the farm,
12:44 And learn of Jesus. Well thank you farmer Mike,
12:49 this was a fun day. Can you give farmer Mike
12:52 a hug. It's time to go. Alright, thank you love
12:56 you guys. Thanks for kitty cat.
12:57 I'll hold on to the kitty cat. Yeah.
13:00 Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
13:03 One last hug for the kitty. Bye, bye.
13:05 You want to go too, aren't you?
13:09 Time for our Nature Walk.
13:13 It's a lovely day for a walk, isn't it?
13:16 Dominic and I are having so much fun.
13:19 I'm glad you come too. Shall we go for a walk
13:23 today, a walk today, a walk today,
13:28 Shall we go for a walk today,
13:31 to see what God has given?
13:36 Oh Dominic, look at that beautiful garden.
13:41 Jesus made so many wonderful things for us.
13:45 There is dirt inside. Yes, there is dirt
13:47 isn't there? Oh it takes lots of good dirt
13:51 to make the lettuce grow. Do you eat lettuce
13:55 at home? Yes, sometimes we put it in a sandwich
14:00 and sometimes we put it in a salad don't we?
14:04 And we put tomatoes in it and sometimes
14:07 cut out some of the other vegetables
14:09 and it tastes so good. And it's so good for us.
14:13 I'm so excited about all the things that
14:15 Jesus made for us to do. But we have to do
14:18 our part and take care of all
14:20 these good things, don't we? Yes,
14:22 we take care of all the weeds. Yes.
14:26 Lots of dirt isn't it? Yes. God made the
14:35 pretty green lettuce I know, I know.
14:42 God made the pretty green lettuce
14:46 because he loves me so.
14:54 Story Time. It's story time boys and girls
15:01 and we have a good story for you today.
15:04 We have Noah with us and Justin with us
15:06 and our story is about Daniel and the lions.
15:09 Yes, and the new King loved Daniel,
15:12 he loved him so much he made him a ruler
15:14 over all the people and the wise men
15:17 and the princes. But the princes were not happy.
15:20 They said, that's not fair, I wanna be
15:24 the ruler and they were so mad, they said
15:27 let's see if we can do something to Daniel
15:29 and get rid of him. Ha, ha, ha I know
15:33 what we'll do; we'll say that anybody
15:35 that praised anybody but the King for 30 days
15:39 will be thrown in the den of lions.
15:41 How would you like to be in the lions,
15:43 that they would, oh that wouldn't be fun.
15:47 So they took it up to the King and they said,
15:49 King, we want only people to worship you
15:52 and the King said oh why, that's so nice.
15:57 He thought that was good, because
15:59 he didn't know that they were bad men.
16:02 Yes. So the King signed the degree
16:04 and they read it. Here ye, here ye,
16:08 anybody who praised anybody except the King
16:11 for 30 days will be thrown in the
16:13 lions' den. Daniel heard what they said.
16:17 The little boys and girls heard what
16:19 they said and the moms and dads heard.
16:21 Justin, look at the princes they're sneaking
16:25 around the buildings see them. They are sneaking,
16:28 and who is that? That's Daniel. That's Daniel,
16:34 he is going up into this house,
16:36 will he pray like he always did
16:39 three times a day. Oh yes.
16:42 He folded his hands and he prayed to Jesus.
16:44 That's Daniel. Look at the wicked men they said
16:49 ha ha, we got him now and they went running
16:53 to the King and said, Daniel prayed
16:55 to this God, he didn't pray to you.
16:57 Oh the King was so sad, he felt so bad,
17:02 he knew they tricked him. He opened up
17:06 the little stone that was in the big hole
17:09 and the soldiers took a hold of Daniel
17:11 and they threw him down in the hole.
17:16 The King was so sad they put the cover on
17:19 and then the King listened but he didn't
17:24 hear anything usually the lions were growling.
17:27 Do you know what lions say, grrrr, brrrr.
17:32 But they were very quiet,
17:34 he didn't hear anything. Look at them, Daniel.
17:37 That's right, that's Daniel and who is this
17:41 Justin? The lion, is that the lions,
17:44 is that the lions, yes. And who is this?
17:48 An angel. The angel and the angel shut
17:53 the lion's mouth. The lions nice.
17:58 The lions will be nice. Yes. The next morning
18:04 the King looked down he took the hole up,
18:06 where the hole was, and he looked down
18:08 and he said oh Daniel, was your God able
18:12 to save you from the lions. And Daniel said,
18:15 oh yes King. My God shut the lions mouth
18:20 and they didn't bite me. Wasn't that good?
18:24 God took care of him. They pulled him out
18:28 of the pit, can you see Justin how they pulled
18:31 him out of the pit, look at the soldiers
18:33 hanging onto, can you find the soldiers.
18:34 Yes, they're right here, they pulled him
18:38 out of the pit and the King was so happy,
18:41 he would just said yes, yes, your God saved you.
18:44 You know that even God as took care of Daniel
18:52 and shut the lion's mouth so they did not
18:55 hurt him God will take care of you too.
19:00 Fun In The Kitchen. I am so glad that you
19:06 boys and girls have joined us
19:07 in the kitchen today. Yeah, I love fruits.
19:12 Well I'm glad you love fruit because today
19:16 we're making fruit parfaits. Oh do you guys
19:20 know what a fruit parfait is.
19:22 Janis did it. Janis has done it.
19:27 Well we're going to take some non-dairy whip
19:30 topping and you put that in your cups
19:32 and then you can put your favorite fruits in
19:34 and some homemade granola and then
19:36 we'll get to eat it. Doesn't that sound
19:39 yummy? Okay, you don't have to,
19:42 you can just start with your favorite fruits,
19:44 okay. Yes. Michael, do you like strawberries?
19:47 Okay. This is so fun. Put some strawberries
19:50 in yours. Jasmine, do you like strawberries?
19:52 Okay. Do you know Miss Cinda,
19:56 we had fun all day. I need a spoon.
19:57 Oh yeah you need a spoon. We've had fun
19:59 all day, haven't we? It's been fun today
20:02 at the farm. Oh did you guys,
20:04 I think Aunty Linda. And you know what
20:08 I think Aunty Linda talked about something
20:10 very special this morning in her worship.
20:12 Yes, we did. I talked about angels that Jesus
20:15 gives us angels to watch over us. Jesus does.
20:18 And then Farmer Mike showed us a pet,
20:21 a really sweet kitty. Do you all have pets?
20:24 I don't, you don't. Do you have a pet? Yeah.
20:29 What's your pet Jasmine? My mommy is gonna get
20:31 me school then we'll get pets,
20:34 then we will get a pet when my mommy's done
20:37 this. Oh that's okay; let me get a towel
20:44 for you. Well we talked about some pets
20:47 that really weren't pets today
20:49 in our Bible story. We talked about Daniel
20:51 in the lions den. Oh and angels were watching
20:55 over Daniel 'cause the lions didn't hurt him.
20:58 Michael, do you have a pet,
21:00 do you want strawberries honey. Do you want
21:02 some more strawberries in it, Jasmine,
21:04 do you what more? I have a lion.
21:08 Do you have a pet bunny? Oh you're talking about,
21:16 I got the bunny. Oh you're talking about
21:19 the bunny. That's right, you've a bunny.
21:23 Michael has a bunny named Oreo Cookie.
21:26 And do you like to take care of your bunny?
21:35 You do. And you give him food and water,
21:38 don't you? And angels even watch over
21:41 Oreo Cookie your bunny. Do you take care
21:43 of your kitty? Yeah. Do you feed it? Yeah.
21:50 She has pets at his daddy's house.
21:54 Oh does your kitty bandit,
21:57 does it let you pet him. No, he runs away.
22:01 Oh well. Maybe your daddy can hold him,
22:07 so you can pet him. Hannah,
22:08 do you have a pet. Yes. And it's a real kitty.
22:12 Oh that's so special. And Jasmine,
22:16 some day you'll get a pet, what kind of pet
22:19 would you like to get. A kitty.
22:21 You'd like to get a kitty too.
22:23 Yeah I like too. What would you name it
22:25 when you get it? What will you name it?
22:26 I will name it, I don't know yet.
22:31 You don't know. Do you know Jesus likes.
22:37 Jesus loves us so much he gives us pets,
22:39 and he gives us angels to watch over us
22:41 and he gives us lots of good fruit.
22:43 And isn't it fun to help in the kitchen
22:48 and make our fruit parfaits and then we'll
22:52 have fun eating it. Boys and girls,
22:55 I hope that you have fun helping your mommies
22:58 and daddies in the kitchen because
22:59 helping in the kitchen is so much fun.
23:04 It's sing time boys and girls.
23:11 It's sing time boys and girls, yeah, yeah.
23:14 And we love to sing. We've been talking about
23:17 angels today. And Aunty Linda speaking
23:20 of angels, look at this angel. Oh.
23:23 This is Solomon, Well hi Solomon.
23:26 He might help us sing. You can help us sing
23:29 and I have Jamie with me and I have Zechariah,
23:32 alright. And we're gonna sing a song
23:34 about angels are watching over me.
23:37 Here we go. Angels are watching over me,
23:42 I'm glad, I'm glad. Angels are watching
23:49 over me, thank God for angels' pride.
23:54 Let's sing that again. Angels are watching
23:59 over me, I'm glad, I'm glad.
24:05 Angels are watching over me,
24:09 thank God for angels' pride.
24:14 Well Farmer Mike do you know a song
24:16 about angels? I do, I like this song,
24:19 it goes like this. All night, all day angels
24:26 watching over me my Lord.
24:29 All night, all day angels watching over me.
24:37 Angels are watching over you Jamie.
24:38 Let's sing that again.
24:41 Do you like that song? Aunty Linda and I start
24:42 singing that again. It's just such an
24:44 easy song to sing. I thought who is gonna
24:46 sing now, we'll sing that again. We'll sing
24:48 that again. Okay, here we go.
24:50 All night, all day angels watching
24:56 over me my Lord. All night, all day angels
25:04 watching over me. You know Jesus has the
25:10 whole world in his hands. He loves
25:12 everybody we are gonna sing a song about that.
25:15 He's got the whole world in his hands,
25:21 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:25 He's got the whole world in his hands,
25:30 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:33 You know what Aunty Linda, I think
25:35 there is another verse that fits here because
25:38 it says he's got the little tiny baby
25:40 in his hands and look what farmer Mike has.
25:42 Okay, he is. He look at so much. Let's sing
25:45 a little tiny baby Jamie. Look at Solomon.
25:48 He's got the little tiny baby in his arms,
25:53 He's got the little tiny baby in his arms.
25:58 He's got the little tiny baby in his arms,
26:02 He's got the whole world in his hands.
26:07 He's got the whole world in his hands,
26:13 He's got the whole world in his hands.
26:17 He's got the whole world in his hands,
26:21 He's got the whole world in his hands.
26:25 Can we sing that just one last time,
26:27 'cause those children that are watching
26:29 at home, I think they will be able to tell
26:31 he is watching them if we sing it
26:33 one more time. Okay we'll do that, okay.
26:34 He's got the whole world in his hands,
26:39 He's got the whole world in his hands.
26:44 He's got the whole world in his hands,
26:48 He's got the whole world in his hands.
26:52 He does. Farmer Mike. Would you have a prayer
26:56 for us? Yes, I will. Just thanking Jesus,
26:58 let's fold our hands, can you fold your hands
27:01 and close your eyes. Be quiet.
27:03 Thank you Jesus that your Bible says
27:05 there are angels that watch over
27:08 each one of us. Amen. And thank you that
27:10 you have the whole world in your hands.
27:13 Amen, amen. I'm so glad. Oh that's Mr. Rooster
27:22 and he says that's all the time
27:24 we have for today boys and girls.
27:26 But you come back again
27:27 and see us on the farm okay.
27:35 Our time together is over,
27:39 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:46 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world we're
28:08 God's girls and boys. We live for him
28:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
28:15 like colors of the rainbow, we're shining
28:18 like the rainbow. We're Tiny Tots around
28:22 the world we're God's girls and boys.


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