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00:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:09 girls and boys. We live for him around the world, we
00:14 spread love and joy, we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:19 we're shining like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots
00:23 around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, I am Auntie Linda. I am so glad you've
00:32 come to the farm today. Georgie is glad that
00:35 you're here too, aren't you Georgie?
00:37 He gets so excited when he knows you're coming.
00:40 Kitty cat is glad that you are here too.
00:44 Do you know there is someone
00:46 else is glad you've come?
00:48 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:53 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:58 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:00 Jesus knows your name. You made Jesus
01:04 happy just because you came.
01:11 That is Freddy. He has so much fun
01:13 splashing around in his fishy house.
01:15 It's also time to feed him. We want to take
01:18 good care of him, so we're gonna give him
01:21 some good fishy food, here you go Freddy.
01:25 I'm glad today, I'm glad today, for dear
01:30 Freddy I'm glad today. Thank you God in heaven.
01:39 Oh! Freddy's all full now. Oh! We've got a
01:42 phone call Georgie. I wonder who that can be?
01:48 Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:50 Oh! Hello, Zachariah. You want me to talk
01:54 to your kitty, okay, well, hello Tiger.
02:01 Yes, Kitty cat is doing just fine.
02:04 You would like watching kitty cat,
02:06 okay, well, you have a good day and have
02:10 fun with Zachariah. Goodbye.
02:16 Zachariah Bowman wanted me to talk to
02:18 his kitty cat. He loves Tiger.
02:22 In fact, I've been over to Zachariah's house
02:26 and every morning he runs as fast as he can
02:31 to the little cupboard where the kitty food is kept.
02:33 He is only 2 years old and he knows right
02:36 where it is and he gets the kitty food out and
02:39 he puts a little bit in the dish and his kitty
02:42 just eat it and it's so happy and he lays
02:44 down and he likes to watch his kitty cat eat.
02:47 Do you like to watch your kitty cat eat?
02:49 Zachariah does too. He said, that Jesus
02:53 wanted him to take good care of the kitty cat.
02:58 Oh! Yes, kitty cat we'll take good care
03:01 of you and thank you for reminding me that
03:03 it's time to ring our worship bell.
03:08 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to
03:11 meet with our best friend Jesus.
03:17 Come and worship here, Jesus will be
03:21 near, smiling when he sees us.
03:29 Now it's time, our favorite time of
03:31 worship when we get to see what's in the present box.
03:35 Are you wondering what's in our box today?
03:38 I know kitty cat and Georgie are, okay,
03:41 you will just have to wait.
03:42 Let's see what's in our box.
03:44 Oh! It is such pretty gold paper and it has
03:49 a beautiful green bow and oh!
03:55 It has a little lambie. You know it has,
04:00 this is a special little lambie.
04:03 I like little lambs, don't you?
04:06 Jesus made each one so special you know
04:11 I have been to the barn before when a
04:14 little lambie was born and I got to go and
04:17 hold it and it felt so soft and cuddly.
04:22 I just thought how wonderful for Jesus to
04:26 make such a precious little thing and you
04:29 know Jesus calls each one of us his little
04:32 lambs and he takes care of us just like
04:35 mummy lamb takes care of this lamb,
04:37 get sure that he has lots of good food to
04:40 eat and little lamb wherever mummy goes,
04:44 little lamb goes too. Jesus will always be
04:48 with us too just like he is with a little
04:51 lamb, just like He watches over them.
04:54 Let's thank Jesus for the little lambs and all
04:56 the special pets that He gives us to care for.
05:00 Let's bend our knees okay.
05:03 We will put the lamb over here by Georgie.
05:06 I will bend my knees, like this.
05:11 I will fold my hands. Can you bow your head?
05:16 I will bow my head, And very, very quiet
05:22 be while the prayer is said.
05:27 Thank you Jesus, for all the special pets
05:30 that you've given us, thank you for little
05:33 lamb and for giving Zachariah his little
05:36 kitties and thank you Jesus that you love us
05:40 just like you love the little lambs and all the
05:43 pets, in Jesus name, Amen.
05:49 Well, today we're gonna have something
05:52 special at the barn. So, let's go see what
05:55 farmer Mike has for us, okay.
05:59 Hey, kid let's go to the barn.
06:04 Now then, let's go out here.
06:05 Oh! Farmer Mike what do you have?
06:07 Oh! Look at here, oh! Alright, my best
06:10 buddies here's Hannah and Tyler.
06:12 Yes. Come over here I just,
06:14 I'm glad you guys are here today.
06:16 Well, we're not used to sheep are we,
06:19 but we're gonna learn a lot of things about them.
06:21 Come over and you sit real close cause.
06:23 Okay. Bubba would like to meet you?
06:24 Okay, you want to sit over a little bit Tyler.
06:26 Here, let's go here Bubba, just right
06:28 there, okay, that's good. Now see I stand
06:31 right here between him and you, oh! Yes.
06:33 But he likes you guys. I can tell already.
06:36 See him he's looking around at you right there.
06:39 Has he been eating hay or something, he has got
06:41 Well, he likes hay. He does. Yeah, he does.
06:44 And he has some hay, he has
06:45 got even someone one his nose.
06:47 I want you guys to guess what his name is?
06:50 Can you guess his name Tyler?
06:52 His name is Bubba. Bubba! Bubba, isn't
06:57 that a good name? And how old you
07:00 think Bubba is? How old are you Hannah?
07:02 Three. You are 3, that many.
07:04 Tyler, how old are you? Four.
07:09 How old you think Bubba is?
07:11 He is younger than you guys are?
07:13 He is 1 year old. He's just a baby.
07:17 He grew up fast didn't he?
07:19 He is a big baby. Look at that, he has
07:21 pretty color too that white color.
07:23 And let me show you something about him,
07:24 this right here. Look at this,
07:26 look at that, it comes all off.
07:28 Can you feel it? Yeah.
07:29 Let them feel that. He sheds that wool
07:33 and it does it naturally I'm going to try to sit
07:35 down here by you Tyler so he won't,
07:37 there you go, he can feel comfortable
07:38 that way. Look there.
07:40 It's kind of fluffy, isn't it?
07:42 Isn't that neat? That's soft.
07:43 That comes off, he loss almost
07:46 every bit of it naturally. Really? Yeah, he just
07:49 does that on his own. you don't have to,
07:52 do it a lot like that. Don't do too much
07:53 because we don't want him to get cold.
07:55 I have a real soft sweater made out of sheep's wool?
07:59 Well, there is a neat stuff about him.
08:01 He, guess what he does for fun?
08:04 Do you guys have some friends you play with?
08:06 Yes. What kind of games do you play?
08:09 Do you run, hide and seek stuff like that?
08:11 I play hide and seek and I play Candyland.
08:15 Excellent, excellent game, you know what he does?
08:17 You know who his friends are, some dogs.
08:22 And he runs around with the dogs,
08:24 that's what he does for fun and for exercise.
08:27 Now, I bet you wonder what else
08:29 he eats besides hay? He eats hay.
08:33 What else would you guess he eats,
08:34 it's gonna be a surprise. He eats something else but
08:41 You don't know what it is? Grass.
08:44 Does he eat grass? Probably some grass
08:47 too, yeah, but he eats I am talking things
08:49 that are good for mostly like horse
08:51 feed, same thing that horses eat.
08:54 Horse feed? But, in a way you can
08:57 kind of see that 'cause he's got four legs like
08:59 a horse and kind of, he's not a horse but
09:01 you know it kind of looks more like that.
09:04 I feel like coughing. Does he like water?
09:05 Oh! Yeah, yes, he has to have water like all of us.
09:08 He has to have a lot of water, and 'cause he
09:10 runs and plays with dogs and it gets hot
09:12 and stuff and the other thing you can feed him.
09:14 Do you get special treats ever once in a while?
09:17 Yeah. What your special treat like
09:19 when, they bring and give you something
09:20 really that you really like. What's the special
09:23 treat like those little fruit things?
09:26 If you eat some of the fruits your mom
09:29 and dad made for you. That's a good thing to do.
09:32 Always eat the fruit that your mommy and
09:34 dad bring to you and that kind of thing,
09:35 then they bring a little treats
09:36 that are healthy for you. Well, he likes dog treats.
09:43 He is like our dog we got here on the farm too.
09:45 He likes dog treats and that works good
09:48 because I can give him dog treats and
09:50 I'm give him all, and here's one more thing
09:52 I want you to know about him.
09:55 Where does he sleep? He sleeps in the barn.
09:59 How did you know that? That is exactly right.
10:02 He sleeps in the barn, and you know why,
10:05 because he feels safe in the barn.
10:07 Have you ever been sleeping in your bed
10:09 and it rains and you can hear it rain and
10:11 you just go to sleep 'cause you feel so safe
10:13 and snugly and everything is okay,
10:16 that's why he likes the barn.
10:17 Is that right Bubba? Bubba, Bubba.
10:20 Well, thank you Farmer Mike.
10:21 This has been really a fun day.
10:23 And I'm glad I got to met Bubba.
10:26 Bubba wanted to meet them too.
10:27 I know, I could tell he was excited when he saw.
10:30 Well, I always like to go to the farm.
10:33 I like to go to the farm where the cow's moo, moo
10:38 I like to go to the farm where
10:39 the duck's quack, quack
10:42 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
10:45 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
10:50 You like that song Bubba. Well, we've got to go.
10:53 Come back so you can stay with me another time.
10:55 We're gonna take this wool with us,
10:57 so that how we can show some other kids.
10:59 That's kind of neat. That's right, bye, bye,
11:01 bye, bye. Hannah come on let's go.
11:03 Did you tell them bye? You did good Bubba.
11:08 Time for our Nature Walk,
11:12 I'm excited that my friends Jasmine and
11:15 Jadis are here to go on a walk with me today.
11:18 I am excited that you are here too.
11:20 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:24 a walk today, a walk today.
11:28 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:31 to see what God has given?
11:35 Look at that beautiful garden.
11:37 I like garden. I love gardens too.
11:40 Do you like gardens? Yeah. Yes, I love gardens.
11:44 There is so many neat things in gardens.
11:47 That's a play ladybug. Oh! Can you come
11:50 over here and fix the dirt for me.
11:52 We've got to take really good care of
11:55 our gardens, don't we? Yeah. Yes,
11:58 oh, look what I have. Oh, a ladybug.
12:03 A ladybug, they help keep the gardens nice too.
12:07 Yes, sometimes they fly away, oh, they
12:11 love to fly. And they love to live in dirt.
12:15 They do, they sometimes like to
12:18 bury underneath too when it's
12:19 cold, don't they? Yeah.
12:22 God made the beautiful ladybugs
12:26 I know, I know God made the
12:31 beautiful ladybugs because He loves me so.
12:42 Story Time.
12:46 It's story time and we have a good story
12:49 for you today, come and join us.
12:52 We have Justin with us and we have
12:54 Hannah with us today and our story today is
12:57 about Jabel the shepherd. I am here.
13:00 Yes, Hannah is here. And Jabel the shepherd
13:04 had lots of sheep, can you find a sheep,
13:06 Justin? Where is his sheep?
13:09 Yes, that's right Hannah and how
13:11 many sheep did he have? Lots.
13:15 Lots he had a 100 sheep and that's lots
13:17 and lots of sheep and he loved his sheep so
13:20 much when he would call they would come,
13:23 and when they needed grass he would go
13:25 hunt for new grass, oh! He loved the little
13:29 lambs so much, see the little lamb, Justin.
13:32 He loved to hold the little lamb and take
13:36 care of the little lamb. Oh! Sometimes there
13:39 was some, what is that, Justine?
13:41 Can you see what that is?
13:44 What is it? A snake. A snake. Would the
13:47 snake hurt the sheep, Hannah?
13:50 Yes, the snake would hurt the sheep,
13:52 so shepherd was very careful to take care of
13:55 them so they wouldn't get hurt.
13:57 He loved his sheep. The little lambs they
14:01 would go out to pasture and the
14:02 shepherd would say you stay right close
14:05 by me and I'll take care of you.
14:09 Oh! What's that? That's a snake.
14:12 That's a wolf, isn't it? And the wolf would
14:15 hurt the sheep, and the shepherd
14:17 protected his sheep. And when they would
14:21 go to, that try to chase him, the shepherd
14:23 would take care of them, and the
14:26 shepherd was always good and kind to his
14:29 sheep, and when they would come to the
14:31 water he would find a place for them where
14:35 they would, wouldn't be too deep and they
14:36 could all get a drink, and at night he would
14:41 tuck them all back into their fold and he
14:44 would count them. See what he's putting
14:46 on, Justin. He is putting some
14:47 medicine on. Yeah. Yes, he is taking care
14:51 of that sheep because it had gotten in alley
14:53 during the day and then he held his fire
14:56 up high and he guarded his pins so
14:59 no one could hurt his sheep.
15:02 But when he counted his sheep he was
15:04 counting them and he counted 99 and one
15:07 sheep was missing, oh, where do you
15:10 think that sheep was? He couldn't find his sheep.
15:14 He was so worried, he went out searching for
15:16 his sheep, and there he found him.
15:19 Where is that little lamb at?
15:24 He is caught in a bush, isn't he?
15:26 He was in a pepper bush, and he got all
15:29 scratched up and the shepherd reached
15:31 down and he pulled him out and he took
15:36 him home to safety 'cause he is our good
15:39 shepherd Jesus says, I love my sheep and
15:43 I will take care of you and I will give you
15:46 food and water and I will keep you safe
15:49 because Jesus loves us so much.
15:55 Fun in the Kitchen.
16:00 I'm so glad that you boys and girls have
16:02 joined us in the kitchen today.
16:04 Yummy mashed potatoes. What's in your pot?
16:09 What's in my pot? It's mash potatoes,
16:12 Oh! But it's not mash potatoes, it's potatoes.
16:15 Oh! No, do you know what? I know it's a secret?
16:21 It's a secret, but I am gonna tell you.
16:24 Miss Cinda has boiled some potatoes and I'm
16:28 going to teach you how to make mash potatoes.
16:30 So I've given you each your own pot.
16:33 That's right, and each your own potatoes
16:36 masher and I'm gonna give you some
16:39 potatoes and I'm going to teach you
16:41 how to make mash potatoes.
16:42 Yeah, that looks yummy. Doesn't that look yummy?
16:45 Okay, Jadis, let me have your bowl.
16:49 Now to make mash potatoes, you're gonna
16:51 use your masher, and then Aunt Linda,
16:54 here's a spoon. Could you help them
16:56 put some soy margarine, and
16:59 various, just a minute Noah, I will get to you.
17:03 And we will put a little salt, a little soy
17:06 margarine, a little bit of milk and we're
17:09 using soy milk and then you'll mash it up
17:13 and that's how you get mash it up.
17:15 Mash potatoes, I will do that Noah.
17:18 Okay, Hannah, okay, I am so glad that you
17:24 guys like mash potatoes because
17:27 I just kind of thought they would like that.
17:31 Okay, let's put a little, that's a lot.
17:33 Let's put a little bit of margarine.
17:35 You want some too. Okay, okay, you can
17:38 start mashing. Oh! And all let's put
17:41 a little bit of milk in it. Oh! No your mash it
17:45 with this, see now press down real hard,
17:48 press down, use both hands Noah,
17:51 oh, press, press, Miss Cinda will come and
17:54 help you. Oh! God. You want to put
17:56 a little bit of milk in it because this helps.
17:59 I am doing. Yeah, you are doing it.
18:02 Oh! You are too Hannah. You know Miss Cinda
18:04 we were talking today in our worship about
18:06 how special God made little babies.
18:09 God did make, and you know mash
18:12 potatoes is good food for little babies, yeah.
18:15 Yes, you did. There we go. And you know
18:17 what Noah let me give you some, a little
18:20 bit soy milk. Can you do it?
18:21 Would you like me to help you Noah?
18:22 That you need more milk then I'll get more
18:26 milk for you. You need little more
18:27 milk Jadis? Yeah. Oh! You got a press hard,
18:29 help me, help me Noah, oh! Help me,
18:33 oh, goodness, oh! Look at how we are
18:36 getting there. And would you like a little
18:39 sprinkle of salt. Yeah. Just a little bit,
18:43 keep mashing and then you can go like
18:45 this and shake it off and start smashing all
18:48 over again, and I'll get you just a little bit,
18:49 how are you doing Hannah? Noah, let me get you
18:52 just a little bit of salt. You boys and girls
18:55 can do this at home. You can get your
18:57 mommies to help you. Are you kids having
19:00 fun making mash potatoes? Yeah, I did.
19:05 I still could stretch a while.
19:06 Oh, you did, let's do a little bit
19:09 more milk for you. Oh! Do you know,
19:14 do you know that mash potatoes is one
19:17 of my favorite things. Jadis said, she likes to
19:21 sing when she is cooking. Well, Jadis, you can
19:23 sing if you want. I want everybody
19:25 to sing with me. You want everybody
19:28 to sing. I don't want any help.
19:30 Oh, you don't need any help, okay, push
19:32 that you got to mash that potato over and
19:34 hold your bowl while you're doing it?
19:36 Doesn't it actually, what Ashley?
19:38 I did it. You are doing it too.
19:40 Would you like to taste it Noah?
19:45 Okay, okay, are you read to taste yours?
19:48 This looks so good, okay, let's get
19:52 this out. Well, boys and girls this is the
19:54 fun that you will make it you need to taste it.
19:58 What color is this Noah? Green. Okay, what
20:01 color would you like? pink, where orange,
20:07 yes, you may it. How is it Noah?
20:09 Does it taste good. Is it yummy?
20:13 Okay, there we go. Oh! That's, I eat this
20:17 at restaurant. You did. But now you don't
20:20 have to. You can tell your mummy and
20:22 daddy that you know how to make it at home.
20:24 Doesn't that look easy boys and girls?
20:26 And remember that always when your
20:28 mummy and daddy were in the kitchen
20:30 cooking, to run and say can I help you
20:33 because you know what boys and girls
20:35 cooking is a lots of fun. Yes.
20:41 Sing Time.
20:46 It's Sing Time boys and girls, yeah,
20:49 but where is Farmer Mike?
20:53 Where is Farmer Mike? Where is farmer Mike?
20:55 Oh! Solomon is even wondering where he is?
20:59 I don't know. Oh! he is sneak in,
21:03 there he is. I am sorry, I am sorry, one of my
21:06 sheep was lost and I had to go find it.
21:09 Yes. Oh! Look at the little sheep.
21:12 That's what our Bible story was about today.
21:15 About lost sheep. Yes, the good
21:17 shepherd found him. Well, that just like me today.
21:20 yes, well, you know what let's pretend
21:22 where little sheep, okay. Okay.
21:25 Let's pretend where little sheep munching
21:28 on the grass, can you do munch, munch,
21:29 munch. Munch, munch, munch,
21:33 Can you do that? Okay, let's try that
21:35 again and see if we can get it. Let's do.
21:37 Lets pretend we're little sheep munching
21:41 on our grass, can you go munch, munch,
21:43 munch, munch, munch, munch, munch.
21:46 Let's raise our head and say me-e-e-e-e
21:51 Let's knod our heads and say God loves you.
21:54 God loves you. And he does love us.
22:00 Miss Cinda, you know a song about sheep?
22:02 I do. We get our hand like this.
22:05 Get your hands like this ready.
22:09 I just want to be a sheep, baa, baa, baa, baa
22:13 I just want to be a sheep, baa, baa, baa, baa
22:17 I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
22:21 I just want to be a sheep, baa, baa, baa.
22:25 He likes to do? Doesn't that we
22:27 should sing it again. He likes it. Okay.
22:30 I just want to be a sheep, baa, baa, baa
22:34 I just want to be a sheep, baa, baa, baa
22:38 I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
22:43 I just want to be a sheep, baa, baa, baa
22:47 I've never heard that song but I like this song.
22:51 Do you like that song too?
22:53 Well, you know when the sheep are out in
22:55 the pastures they are sometimes
22:58 a little busy buzzy bees Oh! Woh!
23:02 There are are buzzing everywhere and we're
23:04 gonna sing a song about the busy buzzy bees.
23:08 This one for you Farmer Mike.
23:10 Thank you my own bee.
23:12 And boys and girls you can just pretend
23:14 you have a bee on your finger.
23:16 Yes. That's what I'll do. Okay.
23:19 The bees are busy buzzy, buzzy, buzzy
23:28 The bees are busy buzzy
23:33 Showing God's great love.
23:37 Let's say that one again. Okay.
23:39 The bees are busy buzzy buzzy, buzzy
23:48 The bees are busy buzzy
23:53 Showing God's great love.
23:56 Look at there bees are even kissing each other.
24:00 They're showing God's love.
24:01 Well, you know, sometimes when the
24:03 little lambs go by the river to get drink this
24:05 little fishies in the river.
24:07 Oh! Let's sing fishies now.
24:09 We're gonna sing the fishies
24:13 are flashing and swimming, okay.
24:17 The fishies are flashing and
24:20 swimming, swimming, swimming.
24:27 The fishies are flashing and swimming,
24:32 Showing God's great love.
24:36 Okay, let's see if we can flash
24:37 and swim again, okay.
24:40 The fishies are flashing and
24:42 swimming, swimming, swimming.
24:49 The fishies are flashing and swimming,
24:53 Showing God' great love.
24:57 And you know we have something else
25:00 that sometimes the sheep see in the
25:02 pasture and that is flowers.
25:05 Look at the pretty flowers.
25:07 Would you like a flower? Can I have that yellow
25:09 one to go with my shirts? Sure.
25:11 Thank you. That goes down with my shirt.
25:13 Flowers our gently nodding, okay, ready.
25:16 The flowers are gently
25:19 nodding, nodding, nodding.
25:25 The flowers are gently nodding,
25:30 Showing God's great love.
25:33 You know what Auntie Linda,
25:34 I just thought about these flowers you see
25:37 them sometimes they are all closed up
25:38 like that like, like they're sleep.
25:41 Yes, and then it comes sun shine
25:44 which could be like Jesus, yes, and they
25:46 open up like that and then we can nod like
25:50 that again, and then when it start, they go some
25:53 of them, go right back to sleep again just like we do.
25:57 Jesus even cares about the little flowers.
25:59 Can you sing that one more time? Okay.
26:03 The flowers are gently nodding,
26:07 nodding, nodding.
26:11 The flowers are gently nodding,
26:15 Showing God's great love.
26:20 Well, I am so thankful Jesus gave us the
26:22 flowers he love us so much do you know
26:25 that he loves the little ones
26:27 just like me, me, me. Let's sing that song.
26:31 Jesus loves the little ones like
26:34 me, me, me Jesus loves the little ones like
26:39 me, me, me Little ones like me
26:43 Sat upon His knee Jesus loves the little ones like
26:48 me, me, me. Well, Miss Cinda
26:52 would you think Jesus probably the
26:53 wonderful things He does for us.
26:56 I would. Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
27:01 Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, thank you so
27:04 much, thank you so much, for all the
27:06 things you made for us, for all the things
27:11 you made for us, I love you Jesus,
27:14 I love you Jesus, in Jesus name,
27:17 in Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
27:23 Mr. Rooster. Yes. That's right.
27:26 And he's says that's all the time we have
27:28 for today boys and girls that you've come
27:29 back and see us again on the farm.
27:40 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:54 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:57 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:09 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:11 we're God's girls and boys.
28:14 we live for him around the world,
28:17 we spread love and joy,
28:19 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:22 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:25 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:27 we're God's girls and boys.


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