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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:16 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:24 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda, I am really glad that
00:32 you came today.
00:33 Georgie is glad that you come too.
00:36 Georgie can you wave to the boys and girls,
00:39 yes Georgie is really glad you're here,
00:42 and Kitty Cat is glad that you are here too.
00:45 Yes, Kitty is always excited.
00:48 Do you know there is someone else that
00:50 you've made really happy that
00:52 you've come to the farm today?
00:54 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:59 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:04 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:07 Jesus knows your name.
01:09 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:18 That is Freddy; he has so much fun.
01:21 He is also glad that you are here too.
01:24 But you know I think he's hungry.
01:26 He has been waiting for us to feed him.
01:29 We like to take good care of him,
01:31 he is a special little baby,
01:33 here we go Freddy, here we are,
01:36 do you like it Freddy?
01:39 Freddy, can you say hi, there we go.
01:43 I'm glad today, I'm glad today,
01:47 for dear Freddy I'm glad today.
01:51 Thank you God in Heaven.
01:57 That was nice wasn't it? Oh we got a phone call;
02:01 I always get excited when we have a phone call.
02:06 Hello this is Auntie Linda. Oh hi Samantha,
02:12 you had a new baby.
02:15 Oh I would love to see it.
02:19 Yes, maybe some time I'll get to meet her.
02:22 Oh yes, yes Jesus does give us special babies.
02:26 Well thank you for calling and telling us,
02:29 have a good day, bye.
02:33 That was Ms. Samantha, she just had a baby girl
02:38 and she named her Faith Ashton Hixon,
02:42 and she said that she doesn't sleep very well
02:45 at night, and you know what she said
02:48 it had didn't really matter because
02:50 she loved her so much and she was a special baby
02:53 and she just loved taking care of her.
02:56 And Jesus is like that with us too,
02:59 he takes good care of us, doesn't he Georgie.
03:03 Oh we would take good care of you too Kitty.
03:06 Oh that's right; Kitty is reminding
03:08 that it's time to ring our worship bell.
03:13 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me
03:18 with our best friend Jesus,
03:23 come and worship him Jesus will be here,
03:28 smiling when he sees us.
03:36 We have something really special today
03:38 in our worship present box.
03:41 What do you think it is Kitty?
03:43 Do you know Georgie? Can you guess
03:46 what's in our box?
03:48 Lets see you can sit right there Georgie,
03:52 so pretty isn't it. We're gonna look inside,
03:56 oh we have two surprises but I'm just
04:01 gonna show you one at a time.
04:04 Oh isn't this cute Jesus made such a special
04:12 little baby horse.
04:16 It loves to be pet it and take care good
04:19 care of it, why? We have lots of special animals
04:25 don't we on the farm,
04:27 I love little baby horses they are so cute.
04:32 We have another special something
04:34 in the worship box. Oh you're gonna
04:39 love this one, this is a little baby raccoon
04:45 it kind of afraid of us, but this little raccoon
04:49 comes to my back door and it gets upon
04:53 its hind legs and its scratches on my door
04:57 and it begs for a peace of bread.
05:01 Bread is really good for us,
05:02 and I think, I think its good for him
05:05 too because I will go to the door
05:07 and I'll put the bread out I just open it
05:09 a little bit and you wouldn't want do that
05:13 unless your mommy was with you,
05:15 because wild ones sometimes bite,
05:18 but I take the bread and I hold it out there
05:20 and it takes it in its hands
05:22 and it just eats it up, it loves that
05:25 it's a special baby.
05:27 I just enjoy all the special babies that
05:30 God has made for us. And do you know
05:33 some day when we get in heaven,
05:35 the little raccoons and the little horses,
05:40 they'll just play right together,
05:42 they will all love each other won't they.
05:45 Well lets thank Jesus for giving a
05:47 special babies okay, can you bend your knees.
05:51 I will bend my knees, fold you hands,
05:57 I will fold my hands, I will bow my head,
06:04 close your eyes, I will close my eyes and
06:09 very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
06:16 Dear Jesus, thank you for the special babies
06:19 that you give us.
06:20 Thank you for Faith Ashton Hixon.
06:24 Thank you for the little horsey,
06:27 thank you for a little raccoon.
06:29 You are so good and kind to us,
06:31 we love you Jesus, amen.
06:37 That was really special to see some of
06:39 Jesus' special babies. Well, we have lots
06:43 of fun things planned for you.
06:46 We're gonna join some friends
06:48 and go on out to the barn now
06:50 because it's time to see Farmer Mike.
06:54 Hey kids, let's go to the Barn.
06:59 Hi farmer Mike. Hi Auntie Linda,
07:02 look at here is Hannah, I miss you,
07:04 I am so glad you guys come to see me today
07:07 at the barn. Yes we got our play clothes
07:10 and we're ready for some fun.
07:11 Wait till I tell you and show you
07:13 what we got look, what do you think these are?
07:16 Hamsters. You are exactly right how did you,
07:19 hamster, how did, there is two of you,
07:21 you see this one has brown color.
07:22 And that one's black. This has got more
07:24 black color don't you?
07:25 That's a black. And look at them standing up
07:27 like that. Do you know what,
07:29 do you know what they are doing right there.
07:30 They are getting a kind of a drink
07:32 that has special kind of a fluid in it.
07:35 He is having our food. And there is a food
07:37 down in there, it's got, I will show it to you
07:39 just right here and don't you reach in because
07:41 that will scare him. But let me show
07:42 you right here, here is the food,
07:43 see their food, that's what they eat,
07:45 grains, and thinking of what helps when
07:48 they eat that, you know why that's good for them.
07:51 Because it helps keep their teeth clean
07:53 and when they drink they had to have water
07:56 just like you now let's put the top back on.
07:58 We brush our teeth to keep our teeth clean.
08:00 That is very important every morning
08:03 do you brush your teeth Hannah? good, good.
08:06 I have a pretty toothbrush.
08:08 Excellent now let me tell you why that's good
08:10 and why you like hamsters
08:11 you don't look like a hamster
08:13 but you love hamsters in a way because
08:15 you are prettier then hamster
08:17 but I will show you why,
08:18 hamsters spend a lot of their time,
08:20 I didn't know this until I saw these hamsters
08:23 and learned, they clean themselves all the time,
08:26 they groom themselves.
08:27 Oh they do. Yeah, like you know how you do
08:30 your hair in the morning and you do.
08:32 Take my shower. All that, well they can't get
08:35 in a shower usually but they got their
08:38 own way of taking a shower,
08:39 they clean themselves, and they love to play
08:42 like that but let me tell you what's funny.
08:43 They look like, they like to be together
08:46 but you know the truth about hamsters,
08:49 they like to be alone a lot. Well it's look like
08:53 they are having fun playing. I know
08:55 and sometimes they do that and it's okay because
08:59 God made every animal not only look different
09:03 and even though they're alike in a lot of ways,
09:05 they are all different in some ways
09:07 Like some animals like to be with other animals
09:10 a whole lot and play all the time,
09:12 and then some animals, they're not me shown
09:15 here right now but they don't like to be together
09:18 like some would. But usually they like
09:20 to be alone, they'll come together you know
09:22 and they'll have babies, in fact they have
09:24 more babies than any other animal during
09:26 a year but they like to be alone.
09:28 How many babies? Believe this or not Auntie Linda,
09:31 thousands, wow! Thousands a year
09:34 so if you ever think about getting hamster
09:36 for a pet. I didn't know, that's a lot isn't it.
09:38 You better think twice if you get one for a pet,
09:40 they're great pets but you better be ready
09:42 for a lot of hamsters it sounds like to me.
09:44 But anyway they like to alone and here is the
09:49 funniest things about them,
09:50 I love this when I think about hamsters
09:52 you know how they attract each others
09:55 like boysfriends and girlfriends
09:56 when they first meet you know you see people
09:59 at church and they all kind of be shy
10:02 and all that stuff. What hamsters do,
10:05 the girl hamster sprays this perfume kind
10:09 of smell in the boy hamster's direction
10:12 and he goes that smells good and he goes right
10:14 there and that's how they meet and become friends.
10:18 And then they start running around together,
10:20 hanging out, having families
10:21 and all that stuff. Anyway I was going to show you,
10:23 I hate to bother them, let me pick one up
10:25 if I can really carefully, so you can pet him.
10:28 Oh Hannah, come over here. I won't bring,
10:30 I won't bring it close to you.
10:32 Lets see if one of them will come up here,
10:34 just going crazy on here.
10:35 Oh I see here we don't hurt, oh, oh,
10:38 dropped him a little bit they, it didn't hurt him,
10:40 we're okay. Oh they're really feisty.
10:42 He is just thinking. Look I don't think
10:43 I can get him. Oh I think I have scared
10:47 him too bad, there he is. Oh got him,
10:50 well I almost dropped him, there we got him,
10:52 I won't let him get away. They're real quick,
10:54 real quick just pet him right there.
10:58 Okay, now let's put him back down,
11:00 so we don't scare him to much.
11:01 They are so fast, I don't like to bother him,
11:04 see I told you they like to be alone.
11:05 He is saying hey. Well that's the hamsters,
11:09 I'm so glad you guys could come and see him,
11:11 I named them with Bob and Bill, I don't know
11:13 that's their real names but I name it.
11:15 Bob, which one is Bob. I haven't decided yet,
11:17 but I will decide. Well let's sing our song
11:19 before you guys have to go.
11:20 Yes this has been a fun time.
11:22 You always sang for me remember our song about.
11:24 Yeah, are you gonna help me Hannah.
11:26 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
11:30 I like to go to the barn
11:32 where the ducks quack, quack,
11:34 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
11:38 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
11:43 That's right. Well can you thank Farmer Mike,
11:46 you tell him thank you. Thank you.
11:47 Thank you, thank you guys.
11:49 Okay kids let's go we have got
11:50 some other fun thing to do. We will see you,
11:53 bye, bye, bye, bye. When you come again,
11:54 maybe I will have another animal,
11:55 okay. Hannah come on,
11:56 let's go. Bye, bye, bye, bye.
12:00 Time for our Nature walk.
12:05 Hi boys and girls, Jadis and Jasmine
12:07 and I are on a walk today.
12:09 Can you wave to the boys and girls?
12:11 Yes, can you wave to them, come and join us.
12:14 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:17 a walk today, a walk today.
12:21 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:25 to see what God has given.
12:30 Oh yes he has given us lots of things hasn't he.
12:34 Look what's up there.
12:36 That's a birdie nest, do you know that
12:40 the mothers take very good care of their birds,
12:44 they take. Yes, they take grass and mud,
12:48 and they stick it all together and
12:50 then it's nice and warm for the little babies
12:53 to get in, isn't that nice the way Jesus
12:57 makes all those things first, oh see the apples.
13:02 What was that? Oh a little birdie must have
13:07 fallen from the tree. Yeah.
13:10 Oh my, oh little birdie,
13:13 we're sorry that you fell. We'll put you back
13:16 in your nest. Yes, we'll put you back in your
13:20 nest and then your mommy will come and yes,
13:24 get back in your nest, yes.
13:27 God made the baby robins,
13:32 I know, I know.
13:36 God made the baby robins,
13:41 because he loves me so.
13:50 Story Time.
13:55 Hello boys and girls, its story time
13:58 and we've a got a good story for you today.
14:01 We have Noah with us, and Yasmine,
14:05 and our story is about a very special baby,
14:09 clip, clap, clip, clap with small donkey,
14:13 oh donkey was so tired. Who is this?
14:20 Mary and Joseph right, Joseph,
14:24 that's was Joseph, Mary, and that's Mary,
14:28 and they were hurrying down to the city,
14:30 they have been traveling a long time.
14:32 What's that? Yes, that's their water jug.
14:35 Yes, they got into the city and the inn keeper
14:41 told him what did he say Yasmine.
14:44 There was no room. There was no room,
14:48 oh Mary was so tired and then he looked at
14:53 Mary and he said well you can stay out
14:56 where the animals stay in the stable.
14:59 Oh it was cold out there, little lamb looked up
15:03 and what does the lamb say. He say baa, baa.
15:10 And what's a moo cow say, moo, moo.
15:16 During the night a wonderful thing happened.
15:19 Another cow. There is another cow.
15:21 He say moo. Moo and baby Jesus was born.
15:26 As a baby. Yes, and look at donkey just
15:29 looked and looked and little lambie
15:32 said baa, baa. They were so happy out on the hill
15:38 sides the shepherd were watching their sheep
15:41 when all of a sudden they saw something in the sky.
15:44 Look. Yes, the shepherd were afraid,
15:46 what was in the sky. Angels, angels, angels,
15:51 and the angels were so happy. Look there,
15:55 yes they came to tell him that baby Jesus
15:58 was born. Look two angels.
16:03 Yes, lots and lots of angels.
16:06 They came and they worshiped baby Jesus yes
16:11 and they said oh we're just so happy
16:14 we got to see Jesus. In a far away country,
16:19 a star, they saw a star.
16:21 Who are these men Yasmine?
16:24 They are wise men. They are wise men,
16:25 and they saw a star and the star,
16:28 yes they had all kinds of things that
16:32 they were taking to the baby Jesus,
16:34 there had presents. A banana, yes,
16:36 I love bananas. You love bananas,
16:39 I do too Noah, bananas are good for you.
16:43 The wise men took all their gifts
16:45 and they got on their camels and they went
16:48 traveling to Bethlehem. What did they see
16:50 above Bethlehem? A star. A star, yes,
16:55 a star and what was the star Yasmine,
16:58 was that the angel star. They knocked on the door.
17:02 Can you knock on the door Noah?
17:04 Yes knock on the door yes Jasmine can knock,
17:07 knock, knock. Mary said come in and they came
17:12 in oh there was baby Jesus and they fell down
17:17 and they worshiped the baby. The baby wake up.
17:20 Yeah the baby waked up yes.
17:23 And they were so happy to see the baby.
17:28 During the night he was sleeping and who else
17:32 was sleeping. Mary and baby Jesus that's right,
17:37 baby Jesus. And who is this?
17:40 Angel. An angel said you must get up
17:43 and take the baby and take Mary right away
17:46 and go where its safe. So they put him
17:50 on small donkey, a donkey.
17:51 That's right they put him on donkey
17:53 and they hurried clip, clap, clip, clap out
17:55 of the city. Yes, they took the baby with them.
17:58 What's that? Joseph. Joseph.
18:01 That's Joseph they hurried out of the city,
18:04 then a few years later.
18:08 Jesus was now a baby boy, Jesus now could hold
18:12 Joseph's hand even held small donkey
18:16 and small donkey was happy too.
18:18 What did the donkey say heee, heee because
18:24 he knew he was going home wasn't he.
18:29 When they got to Nazareth and Jesus
18:32 was so happy, he got to see his new room.
18:36 That's green. Yes, he had green on his wall,
18:39 didn't he. Oh and small donkey was happy
18:42 because he was in his stable.
18:46 Yes and his mother told him a night story about
18:50 baby Moses in the basket boat. Yes,
18:54 and when the angel sang the glory song
18:57 and about the wise men following the star
18:59 and worshiping the baby as their King.
19:02 A light. Yes, they had a light in their room,
19:05 didn't they? I love to hear stories about
19:08 Jesus because Jesus really does love us.
19:16 Fun In The Kitchen.
19:21 Today we're gonna make something really great
19:24 for lunch. Yummy burrito, yummy burrito.
19:30 If you're hungry and can't decide what to eat,
19:32 maybe you'd like to make a burrito too.
19:34 You want cheese, this is a special tofu cheese.
19:37 Yes, it's really good for us.
19:40 You don't want the beans, well you can just
19:42 have our cheese because you know what
19:43 this is a tofu cheese so it's healthy for you.
19:45 I like that. You like the beans,
19:48 well then why don't you put some beans let me
19:50 show you how to fold them.
19:52 Auntie Linda maybe you could show Taylor
19:54 how to fold this. I can. Oh you know how to fold
19:56 yours okay. Like this. Oh that's what it's kind
20:00 of like a taco, I'll show you how to
20:01 make a burrito. You got to put some beans
20:03 right down the center. Well, you're going to put
20:06 some beans on, don't you? And you don't
20:09 want beans, you just want cheese that's okay.
20:12 I want cheese. Okay, we're going to put
20:13 the beans down first. I can't do it.
20:16 Oh goodness let me help you here we just got,
20:20 well you could but you can just go like this see.
20:23 You want to put it right down the center
20:26 and we'll fold it. I like beans and cheese.
20:29 Okay, put it right down the center.
20:32 What is this for? Well you could use that
20:34 if you want. You want beans and cheese okay.
20:37 You want any beans on yours?
20:39 No, okay, you can go ahead.
20:41 Boys and girls what Miss Cinda,
20:43 Jesus said that we're like his little lambs.
20:46 We are, what does a lamb say kids?
20:50 Baa, baa doesn't it. We are like little lambs.
20:55 Okay Taylor is finished and he's eating his.
20:58 Oh you guys we got to hurry.
21:00 Now boys and girls you may want more
21:02 stuff on yours, you want some cheese,
21:05 okay. Do you want any beans on yours,
21:06 more cheese, no. Okay you can go ahead.
21:08 Okay now roll it up like. Can you roll it?
21:11 If you want to cut it, you can but don't have
21:12 to cut it, roll it up, and boys and girls
21:15 if you want to put olives on it or tomatoes
21:18 and lettuce, yes and you could even put some
21:22 salsa on it. I am done. Oh you're done too,
21:24 okay. Here is how we roll it up now watch Noah
21:28 you fold it like this. I will do it. Okay,
21:30 fold it like that; now roll it up from this side.
21:32 Can you do it Britney, can you do it roll up
21:35 this way. I want some olives on it.
21:37 And then keep rolling it like this see keep
21:39 rolling it. Oh good job now you can eat it.
21:42 Well, Miss Cinda didn't bring olives down,
21:45 so from I didn't get them out of my refrigerator,
21:48 so go ahead and just fold it like this
21:50 and roll it. Oh look Miss Cinda can I
21:56 make one for my friend. Yes you may.
21:59 Thank you, and boys and girls, if you want to make
22:02 one at home, make sure you get your
22:04 mommies and daddies to help you because
22:06 it's so much fun to be in the kitchen.
22:11 Sing Time.
22:16 Its sing time boys and girls, yeah, good,
22:20 and we love to sing. We've been talking today
22:24 about special babies and we have some
22:27 special babies with us. I've got Solomon
22:30 with me and he's 3 months old.
22:32 And I have got Levi and how old is he?
22:35 He is only 3 weeks. That why oh just 3 weeks.
22:39 And you know what Rebecca is almost 2
22:43 and Hannah is a big girl now aren't you Hannah
22:46 you're not a baby and Steven's not a baby,
22:48 are you Steven. No, Steven's growing up fast.
22:51 Yes, but you can helps us sing boys and girls,
22:54 He has got the little tiny baby in his hands.
22:58 He's got the little tiny baby, in his hands,
23:03 He's got the little tiny baby, in his hands,
23:07 He's got the little tiny babies, in his hands,
23:12 He's got the whole world, in his hands,
23:16 He's got the whole world, in his hands,
23:21 He's got the whole wide world, in his hands,
23:25 He's got the whole world, in his hands,
23:29 He's got the whole world, in his hands.
23:33 I am so glad that Jesus does take care of us
23:37 and he loves the little babies.
23:38 You know Jesus loves all the babies of the world
23:42 and we're gonna sing a song about that.
23:45 Jesus loves the little babies
23:50 All the babies of the world
23:53 Red and yellow, black and white
23:56 All are precious in His sight
23:58 Jesus loves the little babies of the world
24:03 Let's sing that again, so Solomon
24:05 can hear us singing, okay he likes that.
24:07 Jesus loves the little babies
24:12 All the babies of the world
24:17 Red and yellow, black and white
24:19 All are precious in His sight
24:21 Jesus loves the little babies of the world.
24:27 I love that song, don't you?
24:29 Yes, yes Jesus gave us so many
24:31 wonderful babies.
24:32 Well let's sing a song about Jesus, yes.
24:38 Who is Jesus, who is Jesus, he is God's son,
24:44 He is God's son, born to be our Savior,
24:48 Born to be our Savior, worship him, worship him,
24:54 Let's try that again. Remember in our Bible
24:56 story today, we had our story about
24:59 baby Jesus, we're gonna sing about this.
25:03 Baby Jesus, baby Jesus,
25:08 he is God's son, he is God's son
25:12 Born to be our Savior, born to be our Savior
25:16 worship him, worship him.
25:22 Well you know we wanna worship Jesus,
25:25 don't we. Let's sing Love Him, love Him,
25:28 all you little children, okay.
25:30 God is love God is love, okay.
25:33 Love Him, love Him, all you little children,
25:37 God is love, God is love;
25:42 Love Him, love Him, all you little children,
25:46 God is love, God is love.
25:52 Let's sing Praise Him, praise Him,
25:54 all you little children, okay.
25:56 Praise Him, praise Him, all you little children,
26:00 God is love, God is love;
26:05 Praise Him, praise Him, all you little children,
26:09 God is love, God is love.
26:14 Serve Him, serve Him, all you little children,
26:18 Serve Him, serve Him, all you little children,
26:22 God is love, God is love;
26:27 Serve Him, serve Him, all you little children,
26:31 God is love, God is love.
26:37 And God is love isn't he? Farmer Mike,
26:40 would you have a special prayer for us
26:42 just thanking Jesus for all the special babies.
26:45 Okay, when I see Levi, it's easy to thank
26:48 God for babies. It is. And all the rest of these
26:51 guys too. Okay let's bow over heads now,
26:54 fold your hands. Fold your hands
26:56 and close your eyes. Let's talk to Jesus,
26:58 Dear God, thank you for all your love,
27:01 and thank you for babies. We see you when
27:05 we look at babies, we see your love.
27:08 Thank you for loving everyone of your children,
27:11 amen, amen. Mr. Levi. Oh yes.
27:23 That's Mr. Rooster and he says that's all the time
27:27 we have for today boys and girls,
27:28 come back and see us again.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:10 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:15 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


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