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00:06 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:11 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:16 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:24 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi I am Auntie Linda, and this is Georgie.
00:32 He is always so excited to see you.
00:34 Wave to the boys and girls Georgie.
00:37 Kitty Cat is glad to see you too.
00:40 She always looks forward to your coming, yes.
00:44 And there is someone else that's
00:45 really happy that you're here today.
00:48 You made Jesus happy just because you came,
00:54 Jesus loves the children every one the same.
00:59 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:02 Jesus knows your name.
01:04 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:12 That is Freddy. He has so much fun just
01:15 splashing around in his fishy house.
01:19 Well hi Freddy, the boys and girls are here
01:22 and you know what that means
01:23 it's time for you to eat.
01:25 We take good care of Freddy,
01:27 yes here we go Freddy, here is
01:29 some good food for you.
01:31 I am so glad Jesus gave us Freddy.
01:35 I am glad today, I am glad today
01:39 for dear Freddy, I am glad today.
01:42 Thank you God in heaven.
01:51 I wonder who that can be Georgie.
01:53 I'm always excited when we have a phone call.
01:58 Hello, this is Auntie Linda. Oh hi Mikaela,
02:03 how are you? Oh your dad. Oh that sounds
02:09 so pretty. Oh yes, I know Jesus gave us
02:16 our mommies and daddies to take care of us,
02:19 didn't he? Well you have a good day, goodbye.
02:24 That was Mikaela from Richmond, Virginia.
02:28 She said that her mommy always takes
02:31 good care of her. She gives her lots of good
02:34 food and tucks her in at night and says her
02:37 prayers with her, like she said yesterday her
02:40 mommy brought her a new dress and it
02:42 had beautiful colors in it. Its fun to get a
02:46 new dress, isn't it? Well Mikaela said it's
02:48 a special dress and she is gonna wear it
02:50 to church. I am so glad that Jesus gave us
02:54 parents that take such a good care of us,
02:56 aren't you. Yes kitty, you are right,
03:01 it's time to ring our worship bell.
03:04 Kitty loves worship time best of all.
03:09 Worship bells are sweet,
03:11 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus.
03:18 Come and worship here,
03:21 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:29 Oh that means that it's time to see
03:33 what's in our worship present box.
03:35 You wonder what's in it? I know Kitty Cat
03:38 and Georgie does. Let's sit right here,
03:41 and we're gonna see what's in our worship box.
03:44 I love to see what's in it. Oh that is so special
03:52 wait till you see it. Oh there is some special
03:58 little birdies, aren't they cute little baby birds.
04:03 There's something else in our box,
04:06 oh there is a mommy robin, and there is
04:14 daddy robin. Both mommy and daddy
04:19 robin work very hard to take care of their babies.
04:22 They get worms and they put them in their mouth
04:26 and then they put them in the babies mouth,
04:29 and that helps them to grow to be big robins.
04:33 They like the little baby worms,
04:35 isn't it special how Jesus takes care of us,
04:39 just like mommy robin takes care of the little
04:43 bird and little daddy robin takes care of
04:46 the little birds. Jesus takes care of us too.
04:50 Let's thank Jesus for taking such good care of us.
04:54 Can you bend your knees with me?
04:56 I will bend my knees, kneel on the floor.
05:02 I will fold my hands, can you bow your head.
05:07 I will bow my head, close your eyes.
05:11 I will close my eyes, and very, very
05:17 quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:22 Thank you dear Jesus, for taking such good
05:27 care of us. Thank you for mommy and daddy robin,
05:31 who takes such good care of their little babies.
05:34 You are so good and kind, we love you Jesus, amen.
05:42 We have lots of fun things planned for you today.
05:46 Right now, let's meet some of our friends
05:49 and see what's happening out in the barn.
05:51 Let's go and see Farmer Mike.
05:56 Hey kids, let's go to the barn.
06:01 We're gonna have so much fun today.
06:03 I love being at the barn don't you?
06:06 But where is Farmer Mike. He is in, he is in
06:10 the barn. He is in the barn, we'll call him.
06:13 Farmer Mike, well hi look who's here.
06:20 Noah and Hannah and Sylvia with your play
06:24 clothes on you came to see Farmer Mike at the barn.
06:28 You see what I have today, a brand new
06:32 rooster for our farm. Of course he is not
06:35 brand new, but we just got him.
06:37 We thought we needed one instead of having
06:39 just one chicken. Now we got a rooster.
06:41 He's kind of fancied up isn't he with that hair
06:44 due or that hat, or what is that?
06:46 That's why we liked him because that fancy
06:48 hair due, I just couldn't resist him when I saw him.
06:51 Come over here and I want to tell you some things
06:54 about him. Okay, okay come over here,
06:56 I always like to sit down on these bales of
06:58 hay right here. Oh I do too its fun.
07:00 They are real comfortable,
07:01 you want to sit right there. I like to go on
07:02 hay rides too. Yeah there is room here
07:04 if you want to. You want to sit right here,
07:05 you sit right here. Yeah you can sit right here.
07:07 Sure let me tell me about this rooster.
07:08 Oh we get to sit close to the rooster.
07:09 You want to pet the rooster like that,
07:11 feel his feathers like that. I like that hay,
07:13 no actually it's okay. Can you pet him
07:15 Noah like that? You want to go pet the rooster?
07:18 Yes, pet him right there, don't scare him
07:20 but just pet there, feel his feathers.
07:22 They are so soft, let me take that out of
07:24 my mouth that's a habit I got, sucking on a
07:27 straw like that. Did you see his hair, yes.
07:30 Let me tell you about you know what this is,
07:32 don't you. It's what, a rooster, a rooster,
07:36 a rooster, he's right, that's right.
07:39 How does he feel like? Oh he is soft did you
07:41 touch him Sylvia. Do you know what I feed him,
07:44 you know what he likes to eat.
07:46 He feels really soft. Let me show you
07:49 what he likes to eat, I got something in
07:51 my pocket right here. Maybe he likes to eat
07:52 spaghetti you think so, no, he likes to eat corn.
07:56 You're exactly right Hannah, how did you
07:58 know that? I ate corn on the cob yesterday.
08:02 You had corn on the cob yesterday.
08:04 I like that too, that's good, alright.
08:06 Well look at this corn see this Noah,
08:08 see that Sylvia, and we're gonna feed him,
08:11 we're gonna trying to at him, let's see if
08:12 he will eat it. Oh he is right here.
08:14 He doesn't eat that. Let's see, does he see it,
08:16 does he see the corn? Yeah.
08:19 They usually just eat it right away but I've been
08:21 giving him a lot of corn this morning already,
08:23 so he might, maybe he is full, you think so.
08:25 He might not be hungry, but anyway,
08:27 I was gonna tell you about him, he gets up
08:30 the first animal in the whole farm that wakes
08:34 up is. I know he woke me up bright and early
08:39 this morning, real early, real early.
08:42 That is the rooster, and he gets up and what
08:44 does the rooster do when he gets up?
08:46 Can you croak like the rooster? How does he go?
08:50 Cock-a-doodle-doo. That's exactly right,
08:53 cock-a-doodle-doo. Can you do that Sylvia?
08:55 Can you go cock-a-doodle- doo. cock-a-doodle-doo,
08:59 And he keeps doing that until everybody on
09:03 the farm is up. He is like, he is like an
09:06 alarm clock, you guys have an alarm clock at
09:08 your house that rings and gets you up sometimes.
09:10 Look at him, well that's what he is like and,
09:13 yeah that's nice, they have soft feathers,
09:16 soft feathers. Anyway he keeps croaking
09:18 until everybody gets up and then the other things,
09:20 he's got another job he does, it takes care of
09:23 the hens. Oh, just like I am supposed to provide
09:30 and have to take care of my wife,
09:32 he takes care of the hens, the girl chickens.
09:35 You want me to pet him, protects them,
09:37 watches over them. Now there is one other thing
09:41 we got to do, we got to, we got to, oh I want
09:44 to tell you about one other thing about him,
09:45 it's really unusual, it's really different right
09:48 here under his throat, can you see under his
09:50 throat right here, can you see here that.
09:51 There is a kind of a sac right there.
09:53 Farmer Mike got one nowadays but anyway
09:56 he is, he has got little stones in it,
09:58 and in case he is out in the wild and not
10:01 where you can feed him not the in the barn,
10:03 he is real soft isn't he? Yeah he is soft,
10:06 but if he is out in the woods or something
10:07 you have to go out in the woods Noah?
10:08 If he is out there and he can't get crack corns
10:11 and we crack these form, we break it all up
10:13 so it makes it easy for him to eat, but out in
10:15 the woods he has got little stones and when
10:17 he eats corn, and it didn't crack those little
10:19 stones help break it all up. Now we got to
10:23 name him, what would you name him Noah?
10:26 Let's give him a name. What do you want to
10:30 call him? Cock-a-doodle- doo. Cock-a-doodle-doo,
10:35 down on all the black and white chicken alright,
10:37 except he is not a chicken, he is a rooster.
10:39 He is. Well I've had fun today have you had fun?
10:43 Let's sing our song, you got a song
10:45 you're gonna sing, can I help you sing it.
10:47 Oh please, yeah that would be fun wouldn't it.
10:49 It's time to go to the barn
10:52 where the cows moo moo,
10:55 It's time to go to the barn
10:56 where the ducks quack quack,
10:59 It's time to go to the barn,
11:01 It's time to go to the barn,
11:03 It's time to go to the barn and learn of Jesus.
11:07 That is a great song. And we had fun today,
11:11 thank you for the fun day.
11:13 Thanks for coming to my barn.
11:14 And you wave goodbye to Farmer Mike,
11:16 goodbye, goodbye, I am not sure
11:18 if he needs some corn.
11:20 Time for our Nature Walk.
11:24 I'm so glad I have my friends with me today.
11:27 I have Zoey yes and you're Elisa,
11:30 and I'm glad that you're here too.
11:32 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:36 a walk today, a walk today.
11:40 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:43 to see what God has given.
11:47 This is a pretty apple tree. Yes, all the apples
11:53 and that's a lot of work to pick all these apples
11:56 isn't it. Oh what else do we have, more apples,
12:01 big basket over there, yes, I see the birdie too.
12:05 Oh look what this is, this is a peacock feather.
12:12 Do you see the peacock feather? Yes,
12:15 isn't it beautiful? See the little eye in it;
12:17 yes, it has a little eye in it. You know what,
12:21 when the daddy peacock wants to get mommy's
12:25 attention he spreads out his feathers and
12:30 he just goes strutting all around and the
12:33 mommy peacock looks at him and she says
12:37 I think he looks pretty good.
12:39 Isn't that neat how Jesus made the peacocks?
12:42 God made the beautiful peacocks,
12:47 I know, I know.
12:51 God made the beautiful peacocks,
12:55 because he loves me so.
13:04 Story time.
13:08 Come on boys and girls it's story time.
13:11 And we have Noah and Hannah with us today,
13:15 and we have a good story. Shall we open
13:17 it up and see. Yes, our story today is about
13:21 Joseph's new coat. What is Joseph holding
13:24 right there. A lamb, a lamb what's lamb saying?
13:28 That's a sheep, yes they're sheep too,
13:32 that's right Noah. And that, well this is Benjamin
13:36 and this is Joseph and you know what they
13:38 help their daddy by taking care of the little lambs.
13:43 Oh look what are they doing with the little lamb
13:45 here Noah. Feeding food, feeding food,
13:51 that's a milk and he puts it on his fingers
13:55 and the little lambie goes and it tastes so good
14:00 and the little lamb is happy and look at Benjamin
14:02 is laughing isn't he. They had so much fun,
14:07 well it got hot and so he took his coat off
14:12 and he had to put it away and the sheep
14:15 started going baa, baa because they were hot
14:19 too and they said we want our coats off,
14:22 and so father Jacob said it's time to take the
14:25 sheep's coat off, we need to take the wool
14:27 and we'll roll it all up in bundles and so they
14:30 cut it all off of the sheep, you see him
14:34 right there. Yeah, then the little lambs
14:38 when they were looking around, they couldn't
14:40 find their mommies because they looked
14:42 so different with their coats off, there he is,
14:45 there he is and they would go baa baa,
14:49 but just as they were running around they
14:53 found their mommies again. Just as Joseph
14:55 and Benjamin knew that they would.
14:59 It begin to get colder as the summer was over
15:04 and Joseph got his coat out and what it was
15:06 too small wasn't it Hannah, see how short it is.
15:10 Benjamin said what will we do, but father Jacob
15:15 knew want to do, he always took good
15:18 care of his boys. He took some of the wool
15:21 and what color is that, red, and that what
15:26 color is that, green, green and what's that,
15:29 blue, blue, yellow, and purple and he made
15:36 he dyed all the wool and then you know what
15:39 he did, they started rolling it and they would go,
15:43 twill, twill, twill, twill, and they would make it
15:47 yarn out of the wool and Benjamin would roll it
15:49 all up into balls and at last father Jacob was
15:54 ready to make the coat. Look at he put all the
15:58 colors together, isn't that pretty, he put it
16:01 on a weaving machine, and he weaved it in
16:06 and out and at last he was all done with the coat,
16:10 did it fit him now? It did didn't it.
16:14 Oh and it was a beautiful, beautiful coat
16:18 and you know what Hannah? And boys and girls,
16:22 just as Joseph's daddy took care of him
16:27 Jesus will take care of you too, and you know
16:31 why, because Jesus really loves you.
16:39 Fun in the kitchen.
16:43 I'm so glad that you've joined us today.
16:45 We're going to make pizza, I love pizza.
16:51 I'm so glad and you know what Miss Cinda's
16:54 made some homemade pizza dough.
16:57 It's good for you. I want to feel it.
17:01 You want to feel it, okay you can feel it.
17:03 I'm gonna feel it, okay would you like to feel it.
17:06 It's cushy. Oh its cushy, Noah, would
17:08 you like to feel it? and do you know what
17:10 Miss Cinda is gonna to do, it's been raising in
17:13 our bowl and I don't know boys and girls
17:16 if you've ever help your mommy or grandma
17:19 or auntie even make bread, but when it
17:22 raises you have to punch it down, would you guys
17:25 like to punch it, yeah take your fist
17:27 and punch it, punch it, yeah punch, punch,
17:32 alright. We punched it down, now let me give
17:37 you some dough and you know what first
17:40 Auntie Linda could you spray our pans.
17:42 We have to spray our pans because the dough
17:44 might stick in our pans. There is one for you.
17:47 Okay, and Auntie Linda could you help Noah,
17:50 and spread his dough out, and let me spray
17:55 some pan for Jadis there you go, take it
18:01 and you can spread this. You can do it all
18:03 by yourself, good girl. Okay, Jasmine,
18:09 let's get you one and I'll just spray yours
18:12 too Hannah, there you go. Okay, now let me get
18:17 you some bread. Being in the kitchen is so much
18:21 fun boys and girls. Okay cut it, cut it all over,
18:24 pull it all over. And with making pizza it's easy
18:27 and you can put your own toppings on it.
18:29 I think I'll make one for Auntie Linda and I.
18:33 Thank you. I want some cheese. Okay, you know
18:37 what you should spread your dough off first.
18:40 Let me show you, well wait we got to spread
18:42 our dough out, let me show you, look go like this,
18:45 Hannah, look go like this, and spread your dough
18:49 out, can you see boys and girls. I'm spreading this
18:51 dough out like this. And you want to go all the
18:56 way around your pan, and if you want a little
18:59 bit of extra crust, oh should press hard look
19:01 what Miss Auntie Cinda is doing.
19:03 You take your fingers and spread all around.
19:04 Look, and spread all round, good job you're
19:07 doing it, see how I am pressing down
19:08 with my fingers, I'll come and help you in
19:11 just a minute. I am doing it, but you're doing good,
19:13 I am doing it. Oh you are doing a good job Jasmine,
19:17 I did. Do you want some olives? Keep going,
19:18 look how Miss Cinda's got hers.
19:19 And if you want a little crust then you can
19:23 just kind of push it up on the sides like this see.
19:27 Oh and this tastes so good because you can make
19:31 it exactly like you like with just the toppings
19:34 that you like. I don't like a big one like we got.
19:38 You don't want a big pizza, that's why we're
19:40 make little pizzas, yes. I'm doing it.
19:43 You are doing it aren't you.
19:46 We'll show your mommy afterwards.
19:48 See look Jasmine, you get it all the way up,
19:50 keep going. You want to put some sauce down first,
19:53 me too, little bit, no, okay. See keep pressing
19:56 jasmine, you're doing it. Oh this is so, yes,
19:59 you're such a big cook. You can put it down,
20:04 spread all around. You're gonna be a good cook
20:06 when you grow up aren't you, because you can
20:08 be a good cook now when you're little.
20:10 Hannah that's good, Jadis is doing a very good job.
20:14 Can you spread yours out just a little bit more.
20:17 I want some olives. Sure, you can, No wait,
20:21 you gotta put sauce first. I think Jasmine
20:24 like olives so much she just like hers just
20:26 to be olives. Would you like some sauce on yours
20:29 Jasmine? I'll put it up. Would you like some
20:32 sauce on yours Hannah? You want sauce okay
20:35 put some sauce on. Well, this is so much fun,
20:39 Miss Cinda, yes, Jadis has a mommy did helps
20:42 her cook; you do, yes and then okay,
20:45 I'll put it right here and you and Jasmine have.
20:47 Thank you, you know we're gonna save some
20:50 for Hannah, yes, you can spread these around.
20:53 I don't want those. Oh you don't want olives
20:56 oh okay. Spread it around. I want some cheese.
20:59 You want some cheese and you know what this
21:01 cheese is a lot better for you because we're
21:03 using soy cheese. You know don't you want
21:06 any sauce on yours, you don't want any
21:08 red sauce on yours, you don't okay.
21:12 No, we share won't we. We don't, we share.
21:16 Jesus wants us to eat healthy.
21:18 Yes, he wants us to be strong, that's right.
21:22 I need some, and how do we get healthy and
21:24 strong Hannah? We grow but we eat good foods
21:28 don't we? And if we eat good foods boys
21:31 and girls then we can be healthy and strong
21:33 like Jesus wants us to be. Noah, isn't that right?
21:37 I don't want a sauce on it. You don't want sauce,
21:40 do you like to be healthy and strong,
21:42 yeah, and so you eat good, I know you do
21:46 and me too. You want to see what your pizza's
21:48 gonna look like Miss Cinda is already baked one
21:50 so you could see what it looks like.
21:51 Oh doesn't that look yummy, would anyone
21:55 like a piece. Well I need the one, alright.
21:58 Would you like a piece, okay? I want a piece,
22:01 sure Jadis, Noah would you like a piece?
22:05 Yes, of our pizza, yeah, alright what do you
22:08 think, Noah is make a big pizza here.
22:10 Oh, boys and girls I hope that you help
22:15 your mommies and daddies in the kitchen,
22:16 because cooking in the kitchen is fun.
22:22 Its Sing time boys and girls.
22:27 It's sing time boys and girls.
22:28 Yeah, and we love sing time.
22:33 We have some special songs today.
22:35 We've been singing about how Jesus takes
22:38 care of us and we've been talking about it today.
22:42 So let's sing with Jesus in the family happy, happy
22:44 home with mommy in the family and daddy.
22:47 So we'll start out with singing Jesus 'cause
22:49 that's really important to
22:51 have Jesus in our family, right.
22:53 With Jesus in the family happy
22:56 happy home, happy, happy home,
23:00 I hold that you can clap. Happy, happy home.
23:02 With Jesus in the family happy
23:05 happy home, happy, happy home.
23:10 With mommy, lets sing with mommy.
23:12 With mommy in the family happy, happy home,
23:15 Happy, happy home, Happy, happy home.
23:19 With mommy in the family happy
23:22 happy home, happy, happy home.
23:27 Daddy too, daddy too, that's right with
23:30 daddy in the family, it's a happy home..
23:33 With daddy in the family Happy, happy home,
23:37 Happy, happy home, Happy, happy home.
23:41 With daddy in the family happy
23:44 happy home, happy, happy home.
23:51 Who else in the family, who else do we need
23:53 in the family? Who do you want to sing about?
23:56 Grandpa, or Jesus. You want to sing Jesus again?
24:00 Okay let's sing Jesus. We'll do Jesus again ready.
24:03 With Jesus in the family Happy, happy home,
24:08 Happy, happy home, Happy, happy home.
24:12 With Jesus in the family happy
24:15 happy home, happy, happy home.
24:20 It does make a happy home. Let's sing
24:23 I love mommy yes I do, yes I do, okay.
24:29 I love mommy yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.
24:37 I love mommy yes I do, she takes care of me.
24:45 Do again, do again. Okay, we will sing I love daddy.
24:50 I love daddy yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.
24:59 I love daddy yes I do, he takes care of me.
25:06 And Steven too, yes and Steven too.
25:11 Daddy too his cares Steven too.
25:12 Well you know Jesus takes cares of us too.
25:15 Let's sing about Jesus okay, alright.
25:18 I love Jesus yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.
25:26 I love Jesus yes I do, He takes care of me.
25:33 And he takes care of Steven, Rebecca,
25:36 and Hannah, and all you boys and girls
25:39 what you know we can have Jesus living
25:43 right in our hearts, and Miss Cinda you know
25:46 a song about flag flying higher over
25:48 the castle of our heart. Oh teach it to us,
25:50 teach it to us. Okay, we act like we're
25:53 waving a flag, wave over, okay can you
25:55 wave your flag, and they can to,
25:58 and you kids can too, you can wave too, ready.
26:01 There is a flag flying high
26:04 over the castle of my heart,
26:06 over the castle of my heart,
26:08 over the castle of my heart.
26:10 There is a flag flying high
26:13 over the castle of my heart,
26:15 For the King is in residence there.
26:19 So let it fly in the sky, let the whole world know,
26:24 let the whole world know, let the whole world know,
26:28 So let it fly in the sky, let the whole world
26:32 know that the King is in residence there.
26:36 You know what next time I see a parade
26:38 they always have a flag in a parade
26:40 I am gonna think about that song and how
26:42 Jesus wants to live in our heart.
26:44 That's a good idea. Any time is see the flag.
26:47 That's a good idea isn't Rebecca.
26:49 Do you got any more songs so we can learn?
26:51 Yes. We're gonna sing praise the
26:53 Lord Hallelujah, I love singing time.
26:55 Let's, why don't we clap like this,
26:58 that's a good idea. so it's kind of hard to
27:00 stand up, Georgie wants to clap too,
27:01 we're ready. Let's clap and then we can go
27:02 praise you the Lord and then Halleluiah.
27:04 Okay, okay you are ready.
27:06 Praise ye the Lord Halleluiah,
27:11 Praise ye the Lord Halleluiah,
27:14 Praise ye the Lord Halleluiah,
27:18 Praise ye the Lord. Oh that is rooster,
27:22 that was a rooster. And Mr. Rooster
27:24 says that it's all the time we have
27:25 for today boys and girls.
27:26 But you come back and see us again.
27:35 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him
28:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
28:15 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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