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Jesus Wants Me To Forgive

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00:06 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:11 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:16 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:24 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda, and this is Georgie.
00:32 He's been waiting for you to come.
00:35 Georgie, can you wave to the boys and girls?
00:37 Good boy, kitty cat is glad that you are here too.
00:42 Kitty cat loves company, you know there is
00:45 someone else that's really glad that you are here.
00:48 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:53 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:58 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:01 Jesus knows your name,
01:04 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:12 That's Freddy, he goes swimming around in
01:14 his fish house and he just makes all kinds
01:17 of little noises and he goes, Freddy likes to
01:23 do that because it's times for him to eat.
01:26 And he just has so much fun here we go Freddy,
01:30 here is some good fishy food for you.
01:33 Yes do you like that? Oh yes you get excited.
01:37 I'm so glad Jesus made Freddy for us.
01:40 I'm glad today, I'm glad today,
01:44 for dear Freddy I'm glad today.
01:48 Thank you God in Heaven.
01:56 Oh I wonder who that can be Georgie?
02:00 Do you know? Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
02:04 Oh, hi Zachary. Oh I bet that did make you feel bad.
02:13 Oh, that's makes Jesus happy when you said
02:18 you would forgive her, yes I love Jesus too.
02:23 You have a good day and thank for calling bye.
02:28 That was Zachary Levinskas. He was in
02:32 his living room and he had a built up his blocks
02:35 and he was making him higher and higher.
02:37 And his little sister came and knock them all down.
02:42 He didn't like that very well, and he said
02:46 something to his sister about it,
02:49 she just started to cry. He felt sorry, he didn't
02:52 want to make her feel bad, and he said that's okay,
02:56 I forgive you, you can come and help me build
02:59 the blocks again. And she did and they were so happy
03:02 and that made Jesus happy too.
03:05 Jesus wants us to forgive doesn't he Georgie?
03:11 Oh thank you kitty cat for reminding me
03:14 that it's time to ring our worship bell.
03:16 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me
03:22 with our best friend Jesus,
03:27 come and worship here Jesus will be
03:31 here smiling when he sees us.
03:38 Are you wondering what's in our worship
03:40 present box today. I know kitty cat and Georgie are,
03:45 let's see what it is. Oh I love bright bows on
03:49 packages don't you? Oh my, this is a big
03:55 present today, let's see we can get it out here.
04:02 Oh this is a nice little house.
04:10 And what else do we have? Oh, we have
04:15 Jimmy and Julie. And Jimmy and Julie were
04:20 having so much fun and Jimmy was playing with
04:24 his little truck. Okay Jimmy, and Julie came
04:30 over and she just grabbed his truck and
04:35 took it and Jimmy said, oh you took my truck.
04:41 The little girl, little Julie looked at Jimmy
04:44 and she said, I'm sorry, I sorry, you can have
04:50 it back. And Jimmy said that's okay I forgive you,
04:54 you wanna play trucks with me? And Julie said yes,
04:58 I would like to play trucks with you.
05:02 Jesus is so happy when we share isn't he?
05:06 Let's thank Jesus for helping little Jimmy
05:11 for sharing his toys and also for Zachary.
05:15 Can you bend your knees?
05:17 I will bend my knees. Can you fold your hands?
05:24 I will fold my hands, Now bow your head.
05:29 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
05:35 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:43 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for helping
05:47 Zachary to be able to forgive when his sister
05:51 knocked the blocks down. And thank you for helping
05:54 Jimmy to forgive his sister too. Help us always to
05:58 be willing to forgive and say we are sorry.
06:01 And help us to be good and kind like
06:03 you are, in Jesus name, amen.
06:09 I'm really excited today boys and girls
06:12 because you know what, there is going to be
06:15 something really special happening at the barn,
06:18 let's go see Farmer Mike.
06:22 Hey kids, let's go the barn.
06:28 Well I'm so glad you brought these guys
06:30 today Auntie Linda to the farm
06:31 because look what we got today, ducks in the farm.
06:34 Well we love coming to your farm.
06:37 And see an all the things that God has made,
06:39 this is really neat. That's call a home made pond,
06:42 it's not here but. But, it's a pond fill.
06:44 Look it is cold. The water is cold you feel that?
06:46 Yeah, but they like it, you know why.
06:47 That water doesn't even bother them.
06:51 The head is moving. Pet that duck like that.
06:53 Pet that white duck right, see that
06:55 you know what he don't even feel how cold
06:57 that water is. Put that water on my face,
07:00 right here, put it right here. Oh, that's cold,
07:03 yeah but listen to this now, they don't even
07:05 know it's cold, you now why? 'Cause their
07:07 feathers are woolly and they can't even
07:09 feel the cold. Call have to him say,
07:11 Mr. Ducks, Mr. Ducks watch him what he do?
07:14 Can you call Mr. Ducks? Mr. Ducks.
07:17 Perfect, perfect Hannah. You know why I had
07:20 you do that? Because they are called, call ducks,
07:23 call ducks. That's a funny name.
07:26 Do they call on phone? They call other ducks.
07:30 She said do they call on the phone.
07:31 But they don't use the phone, no, no.
07:32 What they do they sit in a pond years ago,
07:34 long time ago. And the birds, ducks way up in
07:36 the sky they look up and they look and they'll go,
07:39 and those ducks will come flying down and
07:43 land with them in the same pond.
07:45 Oh, you're going off and looking for more ducks.
07:47 I wash my hands. That's a white duck.
07:51 What did they like to eat Farmer Mike?
07:53 Mallard Ducks. Well ducks love to eat bugs, bugs?
07:57 Yeah and they eat corn and they eat some
07:59 good things too. And they earth worms,
08:04 and they eat all kinds of like, you know grass and.
08:08 Well when I was little my daddy let me throw
08:11 bread to the ducks. They will eat bread,
08:14 they've eat bread. I've thrown bread
08:15 to ducks and they like the bread.
08:17 But, these ducks are not very big,
08:21 see they get bigger some ducks get bigger.
08:23 But, these stay about like this and another
08:25 thing they do have, they have, their babies
08:27 are born from eggs. Thank you Ms. Hannah,
08:31 thank you. You know they have their babies,
08:33 they have little eggs, and the mother duck
08:36 sits on them and pretty soon the eggs go crack,
08:39 you ever seen eggs crack? Thank you that feel so
08:41 good thank you. On the farm sometimes
08:44 you get so hot in sunshine it feel so good.
08:46 Okay lets pet the ducks now lets pet the ducks okay.
08:49 I pet the ducks, pet the ducks because
08:51 they like that. What's their names?
08:53 We have named him, but lets name them.
08:57 He get out. Oh, oh that's okay, come here,
09:01 come here lets see what he does, lets see
09:03 what he does, lets see if he fly away,
09:05 because sometime they can fly.
09:07 A little bit, you know they don't fly way up
09:09 there too much on the farm but it's okay.
09:11 He's okay. Oh that feels good,
09:14 I'm gonna put that on your face see how you
09:15 like that. That feel good, that feels good.
09:18 Okay anyway what was I telling you,
09:20 they don't need decoys, no.
09:22 Long time ago they do use these ducks decoys
09:24 anyway lets see now. Aren't they neat.
09:29 Oh I know what I forget to tell you they have
09:32 their babies usually in the spring time.
09:35 Oh I love baby ducks, they're so cute,
09:38 well thank you so much. Did you like the ducks,
09:41 you are welcome. Are we gonna sing our song?
09:43 Oh yes, okay come on stand right here
09:45 sing our song. Okay here we go.
09:48 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
09:53 I like to go to the farm
09:54 where the ducks quack, quack,
09:56 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:00 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:05 Perfect job, well hug Farmer Mike good bye,
10:07 because we have got a lot of things to do
10:09 at the farm. It's time to say goodbye.
10:12 We are trying to put that
10:13 duck back in the water.
10:15 Alright thanks for helping me cool
10:17 off Hannah, thank you come back.
10:19 Come on Noah we have got to go
10:20 we have got come thing to do.
10:22 Come back and see. One last peck and go,
10:25 there he goes. You guys got to go,
10:27 you're gonna have some fun today.
10:28 Yes we are, we are gonna have lots of fun.
10:30 Oh thank you so much, bye, bye see
10:32 you later. Bye, bye come back to the farm.
10:36 Time for our nature walk.
10:42 Noah and Michael and I are on the way to the garden.
10:45 Can you wave to the boys and girls?
10:47 Yes come and join us.
10:51 Shall we go for a walk today,
10:54 a walk today, a walk today.
10:58 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:02 to see what God has given.
11:06 Oh what is that in the ground?
11:08 Right here Noah look. Those are worms,
11:12 they're real worms, yes. Worms are so good
11:17 for our garden. Do you see the worms? Yeah,
11:21 yes. Do you wanna hold one Michael?
11:23 Do you wanna hold a worm, hold your hand,
11:26 yes. I don't know how I like little worms,
11:31 but you know what? You want a worm too,
11:34 hold your hand out, you can hold one too.
11:37 You know what the worms do?
11:39 They get in the soil and they make little holes
11:42 all over and then when the rains comes it fills
11:46 up the holes and it goes right to the root,
11:48 and they all get water. You wanna hold one too?
11:51 Alright, can you hold it? That tickle.
11:56 That tickles doesn't it? You know who else
11:58 likes the worms? The robins, they will come
12:01 in the garden or somewhere and they'll get a worm.
12:03 And they will take it to the baby birdies
12:05 and you know what their little birdies do?
12:07 They go, and the mommy brings the worm yes.
12:13 And she puts it in the mouth can you eat like
12:17 the little birdies do? This, yes, can you make
12:20 and sound like the birdies? Can you eat like them?
12:23 They think worms tastes good.
12:25 You know God made the wiggly worms.
12:28 God made the wiggly worms I know, I know.
12:36 God made the wiggly worms because he loves me so.
12:48 Story Time.
12:52 It's story time boys and girls.
12:55 And we have got a good story today.
12:57 We have Noah with us and Sylvia.
13:00 And our story is about Joseph and his brothers.
13:05 Look what Joseph has, can you see
13:07 what Joseph has on? He has a pretty coat
13:10 Noah look at his pretty coat.
13:12 Do you think his brothers were happy?
13:15 Yeah, yeah except they weren't,
13:18 they said that's not fair that you get to
13:22 have such a nice coat. Our daddy didn't give
13:25 us a nice coat. They were very angry.
13:29 And when Joseph had dreams about all of his
13:33 brothers bowing down to his,
13:38 his brothers were angry and they said,
13:40 why were never gonna bow down to you?
13:44 One day his brothers had to go, far, far away.
13:49 And they were gone a long time.
13:51 And daddy Jacob was worried about him,
13:53 and what does he have in his sack there,
13:55 do you know what he has in his sack?
13:56 Does he have food? Yeah, yes he has food
14:00 and his father said. You go check on your brothers,
14:03 I wanna make sure they're okay.
14:05 And so he waved good bye to Benjamin
14:09 and he wave good bye to his daddy.
14:13 When he got to his brothers, they were
14:17 so upset what did they do to him.
14:20 Yeah and they throw him down in a hole didn't they?
14:25 And they took his coat and they said, now nothing
14:29 will become of his dreams. And they sat down to eat,
14:33 and Joseph said let me out of the pit.
14:36 But, they wouldn't let him out.
14:38 Then some man that were going to Egypt
14:42 stopped by and his brother sold him,
14:46 what is that in their hand? Money, money
14:51 yes, yeah, money. Money, and they took Joseph far
14:56 away, he was so sad what does he doing Noah?
15:00 Praying. He is praying to Jesus, like this.
15:06 That's right we fold our hands when we pray
15:09 and he was praying to Jesus. I pray.
15:12 Do you pray too Noah, I pray. You pray too,
15:16 I do too, well Joseph was in trouble and
15:18 so he prayed. But, when he got there,
15:22 they made him a servant to a man name Potiphar.
15:27 And they cut his hair, and they put different
15:32 clothes on him. And what does he got here?
15:35 It's a, it's a broom? Yeah, yeah it's a broom
15:42 and he had to sweep the house and make
15:44 everything clean. But, even though they made
15:47 him look a boy from Egypt he would not bow down
15:51 to the idols of wood and stone.
15:54 They worshiped idols, what is he doing again?
15:57 Pray, he is praying to God. He is praying to God.
16:02 That's right he is praying. One day the King had a
16:07 dream and Joseph was able to help him,
16:11 because God told him what the King dreamed.
16:13 And he said you are the wisest man I know,
16:16 I want you to build some store houses and put
16:19 some corn in him. So, he build him all,
16:25 see his fancy horses and then the people
16:29 started to come to buy corn, because there was
16:32 gonna be a time when there was gonna be no food.
16:35 Do you have food in your house Noah?
16:37 But, these people wouldn't have food,
16:39 if they didn't have big sacks.
16:41 I put them in my boot, me too. You too,
16:44 one day somebody bowed down to him.
16:47 Who do you thing that was bow down to him?
16:50 Jesus, that was Joseph and his brothers.
16:55 Yeah, but they didn't know who he was.
16:58 Then Joseph give them corn, that's Joseph
17:03 and they took it back and Joseph said next time
17:07 bring Benjamin. And they brought Benjamin
17:10 and he hugged him and he was so happy.
17:12 And what's he giving all his brothers?
17:15 A suit, yes he give him all clothes wasn't that
17:20 good of him. Joseph was kind to his brothers.
17:23 I love clothes. You love clothes, yes I do too.
17:27 Then he said bring back my father and all my
17:30 family so we can be together again.
17:33 He sees him coming in the distance and
17:35 he is getting so happy. Yes he told the horses
17:39 to go faster and faster and faster.
17:41 And the horses with so fast, and look there
17:45 is him daddy. I love fast, you love fast,
17:49 I love that, you do too.
17:53 And Joseph loves his daddy so much and
17:55 he ran and give him a big hug.
17:57 Do you love your daddy too?
17:59 Yeah, I love my daddy too.
18:01 You love your daddy too. I love hugs,
18:05 you love hugs. Well father Jacob
18:08 love Joseph to hug him too. And Jesus loves
18:12 us to give him big hugs too doesn't he?
18:15 He loves us too, you know boys and girls
18:18 just as Jesus took care of Joseph when he was
18:23 all alone in Egypt and without his
18:26 family he will take care of us too.
18:29 Because Jesus loves you and Caleb,
18:35 and Sylvia and me.
18:39 Fun in the kitchen. I love treats,
18:45 do you like treats. Oh yes and do you know
18:49 what they're even better when they're healthy
18:51 for you aren't they? We're gonna make
18:53 a healthy treat today.
18:54 We are gonna make carob granola bars.
18:57 Would you guys like to help me? Okay.
19:01 Ashley I want you take my spoon and you start
19:04 stirring up my peanut butter and carob chips.
19:06 And Justin lets take a little bit, I'm glad that
19:10 you washed your hands, lets take a little bit of
19:13 these and I want you to crumple it up.
19:16 Can you smash it up real good? Yes, lets get
19:20 Auntie Linda to help you. So you just kind of
19:22 smash it up keep. How you doing with the stirring?
19:25 Good, oh yes. I'm so glad you came to help me
19:29 in the kitchen. We have so fun in the kitchen.
19:33 Do you boys and girls like to help your mommies
19:34 and daddies in the kitchen? Yeah, I hope so,
19:37 because it's fun. Do you help your mommy at home?
19:40 You do, Justin you have to, I help my mommy
19:42 make up brownies and cookies.
19:45 Oh, okay now you wanna put that in here.
19:49 You know what, let me help you,
19:51 lets help you stir it up real good.
19:53 Oh goodness because this is thick and
19:56 you got to have a lot of muscles Ashley.
20:00 You know Miss Cinda Zachary Lewinsky's let his
20:02 sister help him build blocks today. He did?
20:06 Yes, he called this morning and he said his
20:09 sister knocked them down and he feel so
20:10 bad and then he said that Jesus helped him for
20:14 forgive his sister and they worked and they
20:17 had fund together, they played blocks.
20:20 Jesus wants us to forgive. Yes, Jesus does want
20:23 us to forgive, Justin you can dump all yours
20:26 into my big pink bowl. Oh, good job, okay lets gets.
20:35 Would you like me to help you? Sure.
20:36 Okay are you doing good you wanna try it a little
20:39 bit Justin? I want to try. Okay you try, oops
20:41 I hold you and you try.
20:43 You stir it up a little bit.
20:45 And while you are doing now if you are gonna
20:48 something like this in home, you will need a
20:50 piece of foil, I just ran out a foil Auntie Linda
20:53 it's good thing you have some more, I do.
20:56 And we'll get Justin a piece, how you doing
20:58 that mixing that Justine? I'm trying to make
21:00 those messages. You are such a big helper.
21:04 All you boys and girls are big helpers too
21:07 aren't you? Oh we have so much fun.
21:10 Oh you know what Ashley I'm so glad can you
21:12 pour that in for me because Miss Cinda
21:14 forget all about that. Can I pour that in?
21:18 Good job, maybe Justin can do the carob chips.
21:21 Justin you wanna pour the carob chips in?
21:24 Yes, okay you pour the carob chips in and
21:26 how about if Miss Cinda stirs this.
21:29 This is getting oh goodness I need some muscles.
21:34 Maybe you better help me Ashley. Oh good job,
21:37 Justin you wanna help me too? Yeah.
21:39 Oh because I need so much help, oh that was hard
21:46 work is good thing you guys helped me.
21:49 Okay we will put a little bit, oops you got a
21:53 bigger piece of foil lets put that there.
21:55 Now you wanna, Auntie Linda do you wanna
21:57 help them shape that into a little bar.
21:59 Sure, you mean like that you have over in the
22:02 counter Miss Cinda? Oh Auntie Linda's
22:05 been peeking again. She saw, like do you
22:11 have some already made up. And we're going
22:14 to enjoy these. It will look like that.
22:16 See we wanna make it look like this. More wrap it in
22:19 foil and you can put it in Refrigerator or you
22:22 can put it in freezer and little harder can
22:24 you shape into. Yes, roll it up like this.
22:30 This sounds you know what, can I eat yours?
22:34 No, no. Can I eat yours? Sure. Can we make
22:38 another one Miss Cinda because
22:39 where is ours is done, okay. And boys and girls,
22:43 I hope you have fun helping in the kitchen too
22:45 just like Ashley and Justin are.
22:50 It's sing time boys and girls. It's sing time
22:56 boys and girls, oh yeah. I were happy today.
23:02 I clap it my hand. You did, you clap your hands.
23:07 What have you got Auntie Linda?
23:08 We've got sunbeams, alright we're gonna shine
23:11 for Jesus and we are gonna sing Jesus wants
23:13 me for sunbeam. That's means he wants us to
23:16 smile okay, we'll give Georgie one.
23:21 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,
23:25 To shine for Him each day;
23:30 In every way try to please Him,
23:35 At home, at school, at play.
23:39 A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
23:45 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam;
23:49 A sunbeam, a sunbeam, I'll be a sunbeam for Him.
23:59 And you can be a sunbeam for Jesus too.
24:02 Just by putting on your smiles with mommy
24:05 and daddy or wherever you are.
24:08 That's right, you're gonna have happy feet.
24:11 You are gonna have really happy feet.
24:14 Well we have another song, we have been talking
24:16 today about how Jesus wants us to forgive
24:18 when others are mean to us. And we are gonna
24:21 sing a song about everybody ought to
24:24 love Jesus because he forgives us.
24:26 I have to do that, okay can you help us sing?
24:29 Yes we will have Georgie sing too.
24:32 Everybody ought to love Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
24:40 He died on the cross to forgive all our sins
24:45 Everybody ought to love Jesus And you know
24:50 Miss Cinda there is a song that we use to sing
24:53 when we were let all and it's called when
24:56 I remember that Jesus died for me.
24:58 Oh this is one of my favorite song
25:01 you are gonna love it too boys and girls.
25:05 When I remember Jesus died for me.
25:09 I'll never go back anymore.
25:12 Hallelujah to You.
25:14 When I remember Jesus died for me.
25:18 I'll never go back anymore.
25:21 Okay watch, ready. No, no, never, never
25:25 uh, uh no way I'll never go back anymore.
25:30 Hallelujah to You.
25:31 No, no, never, never uh, uh no way
25:36 I'll never go back anymore.
25:40 I didn't know that song and I don't know if
25:42 everybody knew that but can we do it
25:44 one more time so we can learn it, lets do it.
25:46 Yeah, and you learning, and I'm gonna
25:48 ask Zachary too, its okay, our main carpet gets
25:51 little confusing, it does for me too.
25:54 Okay you ready?
25:56 When I remember Jesus died for me.
26:01 I'll never go back anymore.
26:04 Hallelujah to You.
26:06 When I remember Jesus died for me.
26:10 I'll never go back anymore.
26:13 Okay get ready, clap your hands.
26:15 No, no, never, never uh, uh no way
26:19 I'll never go back anymore.
26:22 Hallelujah to You.
26:24 No, no, never, never uh, uh no way
26:28 I'll never go back anymore.
26:32 I like that song, me too. Well we will have to sing
26:40 that one again some time too wont we?
26:43 Do you know boys and girls,
26:44 we wanna thank you Jesus forgiving such a
26:47 fun day on a farm today, yes.
26:49 And Farmer Mike would you just thank Jesus?
26:52 Oh I be glad too. We have a special prayer for us.
26:54 Let's put our hands and we are going to pray
26:55 and talk to Jesus, pray with us now.
26:58 Dear Jesus thank you for all that you give us.
27:01 And a wonderful day we have today, and the days
27:05 that you give us one after the other as we
27:07 keep you first in our hearts, amen, amen.
27:16 I think Becky's had lots of fun today.
27:18 Have you boys had fun today? Yeah.
27:23 That's Mr. Rooster and he says that's all
27:26 the time we have for today boys and girls
27:28 but you all come back and see us okay.
27:38 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:44 Goodbye, goodbye remember God loves you.
27:51 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:06 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:09 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him
28:13 around the world, we spread love and joy,
28:16 like colors of the rainbow,
28:19 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:22 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:25 we're God's girls and boys.


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